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Tuesday, 09 October


Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong sisters Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw comment on this my blog-site "IndyWatch Feed National"

The writer Donald Elley

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

The following comments were made by Beverly Houston and Maureen Bradshaw, Brian Houston the current head pastor of Hillsongs sisters, on this, my personal blog site, on 18 and 19 September 2014.

These comments were made just prior to Brian Houston and other Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches (ACC) leaders appearing at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney Australia in October 2014.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) was called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) until 2007, when Brian Houston renamed and reincorporated it. The Royal Commission accused Brian of doing this to try to evade paying any compensation to the boy sex abuse victims of his father Frank Houston, the lifelong secret pedophile founder of Hillsong.

Maureen Bradshaws comment on 18 September 2014 about my article, R...

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Monday, 08 October


October 6, 2018 : International Freedom of Speech Day : LOLWUT "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blink and you might have missed it, but Saturday, October 6 was International Freedom of Speech Day, with International having the operative meaning of Wiley Park in Sydney and Docklands in Melbourne and Freedom of Speech whining about Facebook and Continue reading


Australian Communications Minister describes further government regulation of the internet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has flagged further government regulation of the internet, declaring we are at a turning point and that the online realm can no longer be seen as separate to the physical world.

Image result for Mitch Fifield, photos

Laying out an agenda that involved cracking down on fake news and misuse of personal data, Mr Fifield said the government would be guided by the world first inquiry into digital platforms being undertaken by the consumer watchdog.

We are at a turning point. There is global recognition that the internet cannot be that other place where community standards and the rule of law do not apply, he told a Sydney Institute event on Monday evening.

We will seek to regulate only when necessary. But we will make further interventions where significant problems exist.

Mr Fifield noted a number of issues had been raised in submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry, including the disruption to traditional media companies and the problem of algorithms creating echo chambers and filter bubbles.

The minister said his response would be guided by the need to ensure responsibility, respect and trust proliferated in the online world.

Australians should be able to control their online footprints and their personal data. They should be able to have a degree of trust and confidence in online news sources, Mr Fifield said.

But when these things dont happen, we will look at the range of options available to support them [Australians].

There is global recognition that the internet cannot be that other place where community standards and the rule of law do not apply.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield

Mr Fifield also flagged concerns about the dominance of particular market players and publishers such as Google and Facebook, stating: There are few examples in history where the dominance of single firms has been positive for society.

The ACCC inquiry, commissioned by Prime Minister Scott Morrison late last year when he was still Treasurer, is examining the effects of digital search engines, social media and other digital content aggregation platforms on media and advertising markets.

It has been directed to pay special attention to the impact of digital platforms on news journalism.......



Pip Permaculture Podcast #15: Milkwood Permaculture "IndyWatch Feed National"

Were up to our fifteenth Pip Permaculture Podcast, and this episode features Pip Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt in conversation with Kirsten Bradley of Milkwood Permaculture.

Milkwood Permaculture was founded 10 years ago, in Mudgee NSW. In the podcast Kirsten talks in depth about her new book Milkwood: Real Skills For Down to Earth Living. She covers the chapter on tomatoes and her passion for this fruit! Kirsten shares some great tips for growing tomatoes as well as preserving them for year-round eating.

We also learn about her familys journey to David Holmgrens Melliodora property and their life there. Kirsten also shares the motivations behind this journey, and her mission to inspire others to live a better life.

She also shares the process of creating the book, and future plans for a whole series.

We hope you enjoy!

To read more from Kirsten on tomatoes check out Issue 12 of Pip Magazine, due out mid-October.

Kirsten and Nicks book Milkwood: Real Skills For Down to Earth Living is available from the Pip Shop now.

The post Pip Permaculture Podcast #15: Milkwood Permaculture appeared first on Pip Magazine - Australian Permaculture.


Anti-Abortionists Head To High Court For Right To Harass, Abuse Patients and Staff "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the weekend, conservatives in America appointed a judge accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court. Chief on their hit-list is overturning legal precedents like Roe vs Wade, which enshrines the right of women to have access to safe abortions. Meanwhile, in Australia, our anti-abortionists are trying their own legal manoeuvres launching a High Court bid to overturn laws which restrict their ability to abuse and harass women seeking the procedure.

The High Court will tomorrow hear three days of arguments over Victorias safe access zone laws, which were introduced following a Supreme Court challenge by the East Melbourne-based Fertility Control Clinic (FCC) to end decades of harassment by anti-abortionists outside the Melbourne clinic.

That harassment included the murder of security guard Steven Rogers in 2001 by Peter James Knight, who arrived with a high powered rifle to the clinic, intending to massacre the 15 staff and 26 patients. Knight a Christian extremist who was ultimately sentenced to life in prison was disarmed by two bystanders after shooting Rogers in the chest.

The anti-abortionist behind the High Court challenge Melbourne resident and mum of 13, Kathleen Clubb was convicted in 2016 for communicating about abortion to a couple in a manner reasonably likely to cause distress or anxiety outside the Fertility Control Clinic. She was fined $5000. The full bench of the High Court will also consider the case of John Graham Preston, who breached similar laws in Tasmania.

Clubb and Prestons convictions followed the introduction of laws which made it an offence to harass, film or intimidate patients or staff within 150 metres of an abortion clinic. The High Court has been asked to determine whether one part of the laws, which prohibits communications reasonably likely to cause distress or anxiety, is constitutional.

The Fertility Control Clinic, represented pro bono by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and the Human Rights Law Centre, have both intervened in the case to defend laws that ensure women and staff can access reproductive health services free from abuse. Currently, NSW, the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania and Victoria have safe access zone laws. A Bill is currently before the Queensland Parliament to achieve the same laws.

Dr Susie Allanson, who worked as a clinical psychologist at the clinic for 26 years, said the laws had ended decades of harmful abuse and intimidation directed at women and staff outside the clinic.

Before safe access zones, our patients and staff would have to run a gauntlet of anti-abortionists to enter the clinic. Women would turn up scared and noticeably shaken. In some cases, they were too intimidated to attend their follow-up appointments, which had dangerous implications for their health, Dr Allanso...


Glove Box Guide to Mental Health 2018. Western NSW & Far West Health Libraries Blog

The Land and the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) have launched the 7th edition of the Glove Box Guide to Mental Health this morning, encouraging rural communities to work together and support each other during tough times.

This year the theme is Let's Work Together and the centre is inviting members of the Orange community to participate in a joint activity showcasing how they work together with their communities to build good mental wellbeing.

RAMHP program manager Tessa Caton said that one of the key aims of the launch is to demonstrate collaboration and lift the community spirit during tough times.

"Community members will have the chance to share their ideas on a large banner about how they work together with their community to build good mental wellbeing," she said. "Following on from the launch, the banner will be displayed in the Orange City Library during Mental Health Month as a reminder to the community about the good things people are doing to support each other and how they intend to support each other in the future."

This year's Guide provides practical information and education including online therapies and information on mental well-being tools and apps, as well as tips and strategies on how to stay mentally healthy. Readers can also find relevant stories and information on topics relating to youth, workplaces and communities.Personal stories throughout the Guide touch on what it feels like to struggle with a mental illness and why seeking help is so important.

Glove-Box guide to Mental Health launches today (The Land)

Launch Press Release


EXPLAINER: What The Kavanaugh Confirmation Means For Womens Health In Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

With the confirmation over the weekend of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, abortion is now back on the agenda in the United States. And with abortion still illegal in NSW and Queensland, and an emboldened religious right in Australia, Dr Danielle Fitzpatrick wonders what that might mean for womens health closer to home.

On Friday, the US Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favour of appointing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, ending a tumultuous few weeks of speculation amidst sexual assault allegations and growing partisan divisions.

Judge Kavanaugh, a 53-year-old conservative from the US Court of Appeals, will replace Judge Kennedy who announced his retirement from 30 years of service earlier this year.

As the dust settles on one of the most controversial and divisive confirmation proceedings in US history, many are worried that Kavanaughs confirmation will disrupt the long-held equilibrium in jurisprudential views within the Supreme Court towards a new, more conservative stance, giving way for re-opened debate on issues long-established as settled law?

Most controversial is the case of Roe vs Wade which established the right for women to seek safe abortion in the US. Here, I examine what the events in the US could be saying about womens rights, and public health more broadly, and how we can buffer our health system to protect against changing political tides.

Understanding this controversy and what it could mean for Australia, requires a brief review of US legal history. In 1973, the US Supreme Court, in a landmark decision on the case of Roe vs Wade, established the legality of a womans right to have an abortion by establishing that it was encompassed under the Fourteenth Amendments declaration of the right to privacy.

This overruled state-based legislation, including a Texan law which prohibited abortion except to save the life of a woman, and be...

Sunday, 07 October


Australian cyberbullies and online trolls face up to five years in jail under law change "IndyWatch Feed National"

Laws will be strengthened to protect people from cyberbullying and online trolling and keep up with changes to technology, the New South Wales Government has announced. The changes aim to address an emerging trend of offenders threatening and harassing victims online through social media.


In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver "IndyWatch Feed"

In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver from GATA By Angela East, Sydney, Australia Friday, October 5, 2018 PERTH, Australia Eric Sprott knows just a bit about how to make money in mining,...

The post In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver appeared first on The Daily Coin.


New car sales slowing in Sydney (good!) "IndyWatch Feed"

New car sales slowing

Over the years I've dutifully reported the monthly new motor vehicle sales figures here, including the super-boom in New South Wales, where last year new motor sales were tracking at a rolling annual total of about 400,000 (up from about 300,000 a decade earlier).

That couldn't last...and nor should it.

The car yards are now reporting slower sales in New South Wales, widely - and I think correctly - assumed to be related to the cooling housing market.

That's one likely cause.

Another is that almost anyone and everyone in New South Wales who could've wanted a new car has already bought one.

The number of vehicles on the NSW register exploded by another 400,000 over the 5 years to the 2018 motor vehicle Census to 4.28 million. 

Gas-guzzling US aside, very few countries have more vehicles per 1,000 of population than New Zealand and Australia.

The Australian 2018 Motor Vehicle Census reported 776 motor vehicles per 1,000 persons, compared to an equivalent figure of 469 in the United Kingdom, for example.

Yes, we're a highly urbanised country.

But with public transport usage now on the rise as Sydney and Melbourne mature as capital cities the ratio should ideally be declining. 

And yet throughout the period from 2013 to 2018 the ratio in New South Wales inc...


Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Part One. Pastor Mark Johnson. Fake pastor. No Holy Spirit Anointing. Arrogant. Dysfunctional. Lust Problems with Young Ladies of The Church. Plays Patronage and Nepotism Games. A Control Freak. Has Marriage Problems. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pastor Mark Johnson. Not to be trusted or believed. No Holy Spirit. No love or empathy. A control freak. Has marital issues. No filter between his brain and his mouth like a lot of Australians. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Crucifying Jesus daily, and every time he opens his mouth.


Pastor Mark Johnson of Harbour Church Coffs Harbour is a fake pastor. Mark Johnson has no Holy Spirit Anointing, is arrogant, totally dysfunctional, has lust problems with Young Ladies of the church, plays patronage and nepotism games like his boss Head Pastor Phil Campbell, is a control freak and intimidating in a passive-aggressive way and has unresolved marriage problems with his gentle and sweet wife Mimi. One might say, no wonder....


Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Part 5. Rev Clark Taylor and the corrupt origins of Harbour Church Coffs Harbour. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rev Clark Taylor founder of the COC Movement which Harbour Church belongs to- serial adulterer and imposter. The COC movement has changed its name.

This is part 5 in a series on Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, Mid-Coast New South Wales, Australia, 45 minutes from where I live.

In this series, Im explaining how Harbour Church has gone off the rails. Im not sure that it was ever on the rails.

The founder of the movement Harbour Church belongs to was Clark Taylor.

Clark Taylor, like Frank Houston the pedophile founder of Hillsong, came to prominence in Australia in the 1980s, after the finish of the Charismatic Movement and Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Clark Taylor, who I never heard operate and have never watched a video of, claimed he performed healing miracles, as did the secret lifelong pedophile Frank Houston. Clark Taylor is another charlatan who got caught out having three marital affairs. These are the marital affairs he got caught out with. There may have, and probably were, many more. This is always the case with these types of charlatans.

So these are the roots of Harbour Church.

Like Hillsong, the movement Harbour Church belongs to, has changed its name, to try to wash away the stains and its links to Clark Taylor.

These corrupt spiritual and moral roots of Harbour Church may explain many of the defects an...

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