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Thursday, 19 October


Reflecting on Streams Thoughts are like fishes///

One of the highlights of opening the Crossing Streams exhibition was learning a new word.

Ekphrasis is a Greek term for a literal description, particularly in poetry, of the narrative in visual art. So Id guess that the responses to haiku describing scenes local to Narrandera, that were then interpreted with photography and music is a kind of inverted ekphrasis.

This was part of the writing workshop led by Dr Greg Pritchard, who had contributed to both Crossing Streams and the exhibition Slow Book Haiku that his collaborator Kelly Leonard had brought down from her home Mudgee after the works had been part of the Bring To Light Projects show in Dubbo.

I really appreciated Leonards interest in exhibiting in Narrandera as the Arts and Community Centre is a large venue with two rooms. There had been times when I doubted whether the exhibition Id been asked by Western Riverina Arts to curate would manifest.

However, the exhibition slowly snowballed from unattended workshops, to around one and half dozen haiku, to over 70 tracks from musicians around the world that provided over five hours of music. For this I am grateful for the support of Marco from Naviar Records and also Marc from the blog, whose Junto joined the fifth poem as one of their weekly projects.

Five hours is an almost perfect amount of soundtrack as the thats how long the exhibition is open each day until 29 October, ensuring most tracks will be heard daily. The music contributed is being played in the gallery and also available for perusal on an iPad with headphones.

Another highlight of the opening was hearing Lizzie Walsh and Mary Sutcliffe performing composer Fiona Caldarevics 'The River's Edge,' a response to a haiku by Sue Killham. Caldarevic contributed musical responses to each of the five poems shared by Naviar Records and they were all of a high quality and distinct among the mostly electronic contributions.

The process of curating an exhibition was one that required me to rethink previous approaches. In my previous exhibitions the focus had been on my role as photographer. While I contributed photography, as well as video and haiku, the idea of being a curator seemed to be one that needed an outward and collaborative focus.

While we were installing, Kelly had mentioned that this would be the first time Greg saw their work. It...


Chet Raymo, New Philosophy "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Philosophy
by Chet Raymo

"It is one of Albert Einstein's most-often quoted quotes: "The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible." Is the world comprehensible? Apparently at least partially so. Consider the NASA solar eclipse atlas I referenced the other day. It is possible to calculate the precise locations and times for solar eclipses thousands of years into the future and past. That's comprehensibility for you.

Of course, there are still things we do not comprehend, such as consciousness or the development of organisms, but there is no good reason to suppose those things are intrinsically beyond human understanding. The whole of modern technological civilization and medicine is a monument to comprehensibility.

Why? Why this strange consonance between the world and the human mind? For centuries the answer was simple. God created a world of space and time, a finite mirror, so to speak, of his own intelligence. He created humans in his own likeness. Human intelligence partook of the intelligibility of God. Everything in the closed, human-centered cosmos was ordered in his likeness. The world was comprehensible because it was made that way - for us to comprehend.

Then, in the 16th and 17th centuries, came the great disruption, which Alexandre Kory described in his seminal 1957 book "From the Closed World To the Infinite Universe." Daring thinkers resurrected the Greek idea that the universe might be infinite in extent and eternal in duration - no boundaries in space, no beginning or end in time. It was a radical thought, heretical really, but it meshed well with what the astronomers and physicists were learning about the world we live in. As the poet John Donne wrote:
    "And new philosophy calls all in doubt,
    The element of fire is...


The Universe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Believe me, I know all about it. I know the stress. I know the frustration. I know the temptations of time and space. We worked this out ahead of time. They're part of the plan. We knew this stuff might happen. Actually, you insisted they be triggered whenever you were ready to begin thinking thoughts you've never thought before. New thinking is always the answer.
Good on you,
    The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!


Police restrict medics ahead of Richard Spencer protest at University of Florida "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mike Isaacson

Embed from Getty Images

Student organizers at the University of Florida have worked with local organizations to provide a team of street medics for an October 19 protest of Richard Spencer, but the uniformed command the many law enforcement officials coordinating to provide security says the medics cant bring any supplies.

On a website set up specifically to answer questions about the accommodations and restrictions for the speech, the university listed several prohibited items including water bottles and bags of any kind. A student representative for No Nazis at UF, a student-led coalition of local and national organizations founded when Spencers speech was first announced in August, called the policy ridiculous, and lamented that medics cant even carry supplies in order to help anyone.

Street medics who wear the red cross on a shirt, armband or backpack train regularly to carry injured protesters away from danger and administer first aid for ailments ranging from broken bones to heat exhaustion. One medic, who asked to be referred to as Jane, completed the initial 20-hour street medic training in August only to treat head wounds in Charlottesville later that month. I cant imagine Charlottesville without medics, Jane said. Whether were dealing with injuries, chemical agents, or just making sure people stay hydrated, theres always something to do.

Another medic, who asked to be referred to as Bo, said he has mostly seen cuts, burns and concussions over the past year of helping out in the streets. Bo has been an EMT for the past eight years and used his training to treat these injuries, as well as diabetic emergencies, heat stroke, and penetrating trauma caused by stabs and gunshot wounds.

To prepare for a protest, street medics need to be able to carry equipment to treat injured protesters. Jane packs what is needed for any given protest, ranging from some snacks, gauze, tape, gloves and salts for peaceful rallies to flashlights, fold-up splints, hot and cold packs, and menstrual pads for more intense protests.

At the top of the priority list for Gainesville is water and cold packs. Floridas hot and people are at...


Switching Coffee for Chamomile Tea Helps You Care Even Less About Work "GroovUs Feed Anews"


A new study has shown that switching your morning coffee to chamomile tea decreases your motivation dramatically and helps you cruise through the work day easier.

One advertising account manager said she felt the benefits instantly.

I used to reach for a coffee first thing in the morning to help shake off the existential dread I felt about going to work, but I had it all wrong, she said. By switching to chamomile tea my care factor remains low and I can have a successful day being unproductive. Yesterday I had a snooze in the disabled dunny.

Another worker who had also made the switch said it helps him prioritise whats important in life.

Stuff being wide awake on works time, the surgeon said. Now I have a coffee at about 5pm and by the time I get home Im ready to play PUBG all night. My kill-death ratio has gone way up on both fronts.

Local pubs are cashing in on the trend to stay demotivated during work hours by moving their happy hours to the morning.


U.S. Troop Deaths in Niger: AFRICOMs Chickens Come Home to Roost "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Mark P. Fancher | Black Agenda Report | October 18, 2017 From the outset, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has incorrectly presumed the stupidity of Africans and others who are concerned about the continent. To answer accusations that the U.S. uses its military to ensure continuing imperialist domination of Africa, AFRICOM has stubbornly insisted []


This 5-Year-Old Genius Is Very Passionate About Breathing "IndyWatch Feed National"

You do it every minute of every day, but do you ever really give much thought to the act of breathing?

Five-year-old boy genius Anson Wong has devoted a lot of his time to learning about this important function in the human body and shared what he learned in his series, Ansons Answers.

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The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds its 19th National Congress: President Xi's battle against corruption "IndyWatch Feed National"

Foreign analysts and media look to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for clues about China's future. It is no secret that President Xi Jinping, during his almost five years as China's senior-most leader, has strengthened the Party's role in governing China - and foreigners have questions. I'm asked these questions by foreign media and I think it useful to state and examine them. What is it about the Party, the CPC, and its governing philosophy, that makes Xi so committed to enhancing the Party's governing power? What are the Party's positions and policies, organization and governance, vision and challenges? Why has China opted for perpetual CPC leadership? What innovations has Xi brought to the Party's leadership role in the economy and society? Why has Xi elevated "strict discipline of the Party" to the highest level of national importance, the fourth of his "Four Comprehensives" for governing China? Why is his anti-corruption campaign so relentless? Answers to these questions lead to a more basic question: How has the Party led China to its remarkable development and modernization? How has the Party adapted to changing conditions, kept up with the times? What can we learn from the Party's history, its triumphs and tragedies? What is it about the Party's recent past that it must now be rejuvenated? But can a system with a perpetually ruling party discipline itself, itself establish credible checks-and-balances?


Tucker on Vegas Mysteries, 1844 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Good morning, Im still reporting on: Tucker on Vegas Mysteries, 1844 Synopsis: Dont hold out hopes that there will be any real investigation, or any turnaround in the current investigation. The Las Vegas mafia has this mass assassination of Trump supporters locked down and put to bed unless Congress mounts a real investigation. Tammy Bruce, an excellent reporter herself, and Tucker summarize the many things we dont know and likely will never know. [insert]b Interesting, I wonder how they are then going to explain it if the guy just never turns up at all? [insert] Tucker, we dont care what his motive was. That is THE most irrelevant question of them all. There are still HUGE questions if he was even alive when the shooting started. Lets figure that out first. Were there explosive traces on his body and clothing consistent with the firing of those weapons? Thats #1 Question #2, where is the security camera footage. The Mandalay Bay is loaded with cameras. Having the casino try to argue that they cant hand those over to law enforcement because they will be inevitably involved in lawsuits doesnt cut it! The public has a right to know what happened and let the chips fall where they may on the Mandalay Bay. [insert] Conspiracy theories??? At this point, even the wildest conspiracy theory is an order of magnitude more plausible than the last the 3rd revised timeline offered by the FBI through the NVPD. Quit trying to immunize yourself from the establishment who all too frequently uses the term conspiracy theory to silence anyone who would question the states answers which are obviously attempting to obscure the truth, not expose it. [insert] Yes, the shooter shot at him with a gun that fires about 11 rounds per second, and only hits him once and then so insignificantly that he hangs around for how long to assist the cops? Then, doesnt go to the Urgent Care for days, is it? Or does he go at all? No one has found the Urgent Care he supposedly went to? Oh, but thats another conspiracy theory, eh? Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: https://pl........


Home-shaking, loud boom heard around Southport, Oak Island, North Carolina "GroovUs Feed Anews"

People in and around Southport and Oak Island heard and felt a boom Tuesday night that some said shook their homes. Calls and emails started pouring into WECT's offices after the loud noise, which happened around 8:15 p.m. One Brunswick County official said in a text message it was probably the Seneca Guns, but officials at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point advised Brunswick County dispatch, which received numerous calls about the boom, that they were holding a training exercise Tuesday evening.


5-Year-Old Empties Piggy Bank To Buy Milk For Classmate, Goes On To Raise Over $8,000 "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Kids are taught from a young age that milk is a necessary and nutritious addition to any meal. (Note: this has since been debunked. Read more here). As a result, 5-year-old Sunshine Oelfeke couldnt help but notice that one of her classmates didnt have milk during their daily snack time. Rather than embarrass her friend or ask an adult for clarification, Sunshine decided to take matters into her own hands.

Approximately two weeks ago, the young girls grandmother, Jackie Sue, spotted Sunshine emptying her piggy bank and counting the coins. After tallying up the total, she dumped all of the change into a plastic bag and tucked it into her backpack. Understandably, Jackie Sue was confused as to what the kindergartner had planned, as Sunshine had been saving up for a snowmobile for years. She soon learned, however, and the answer blew her away.

Credit: GoFundMe

When asked why she was taking the coins to school, Sunshine responded:

Im going to take it for milk money. Im taking it for my friend Layla. She doesnt get milk her mom doesnt have milk money and I do.

Because of the compassionate intent, Sunshine was allowed to do with the money as she pleased. When Sunshine went to school the next day, she gave the coins to her kindergarten teacher. Reportedly, it totaled $30 after buying Laylas milk. When Sunshine didnt know until later is that there are 20 students in her class at Birchview Elementary School, located in Michigan. And, half of them cannot afford to buy $0.45 milk for snack time every day. The cost of ensuring every kid has milk at snack time is $180 per month. Thus, Sunshine hatched a new plan.

With the help of Jackie Sue, Sunshine started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the rest of the school year. News of Sunshines generosity has quickly spread, and now the campaign has generated more than $8,000! Said Jackie Sue:

Sunshine is 5 and doesnt grasp the concept of the HUGE impact she is maki...


NASA Admits that Conspiracy Theorists Have Been Right All Along About Planet X Existing "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Conspiracy theorists are always labeled as nut-jobs until something they claimed actually ends up being truthful and evidence based. Once they are proven to be right, its as if they never said anything in the first place. Well, congrats theorists because we were right once again.

Not that conspiracy theorists are always right, because they definitely arent. Honestly, the term conspiracy theorists is extremely wide and inaccurate. A conspiracy theorist was originally defined by the act of questioning the truth, and theorizing from their own original thoughts which is crucial to do, especially in todays society. These days the word conspiracy theorist has gained a rather negative connotation. When people hear the word they automatically envision some person claiming outrageous things and wearing a tin foil hat. But in all reality, a conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the truth and finds answers for themselves.

Original thought is crucial to the fate of humanity and always has been. People are corrupt and leadership roles are taken advantage of more often than not, especially these days. There have been many instances in which conspiracy theorists were found to be not so nutty. In fact, a lot of the time they are proven to be right. For example, theorists have gone on and on about the existence of a gigantic planet in the darkest corners of our solar system heading directly towards us. This planet is referred to as Planet X and NASA just confirmed that it may indeed be a viable concern.

Planet X first began gaining attention in 2012, when theorists declared Nibiru, or Planet X, was going to collide with the Earth and bring humanity to a gruesome end. Although 2012 was just a scare, NASA scientists are stating that Planet X might not be so much of a myth. According to theorists, the planet is either going to obliterate us on its astronomical expedition through space, or itll graze right past us.

Conspiracy theorist David Meade defends his prediction based on passages from Revelations, stating, The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light.


Scientists Solve Mystery Of Whether Shark Or Alligator Would Win A Fight "IndyWatch Feed"

Throughout the ages humanity has debated who would win a fight between an alligator and a shark, and now U.S. researchers have finally provided an answer to the question that has fascinated people from all [...]


Jesus Camp, the Harbinger "IndyWatch Feed National"

I re-watched the 2006 documentary, Jesus Camp the other day. It predicted Trump; not the who of Donald Trump, but the what of an evangelical-favored president. The fact that he is irreligious has no relevance to them. They indoctrinated their children into being voters for a Trump-like leader and it worked. They got what they asked for, emotionalism, nationalism and speaking/texting-in-tongues nonsense.

By the way, this is not what I meant by negative capability, which respects and honors reason and logic in collaborative harmony. This is intentional random illogic and unreasonable faith in anti-intellectualism with a nod to Evangelical Christian religiosity. The Kids On Fire summer campers of the film were old enough to vote in this past election. Like the students from any madrassa, they presumably did what they were taught to do.

From the distant devastation of my twice hurricane-struck island I am glad to be here, not there. With my brief internet connections, I feel like I am glimpsing an episode of the 1960s TV show Batman; an episode where all the colorful criminals, the jokers, penguins and cat persons have taken over the city while each of them makes up their own set of nonsensical rules and chaos prevails. Our democracy is now a failed camp farce. Will a bat-costumed billionaire save the day?

The teacher has left this USA classroom alone for far too long. Where....


'Pulling a pig': The cruel new dating trend "GroovUs Feed Anews"

It is one thing being rejected or ignored by your holiday romance. It is another thing entirely to fly out to see him in Amsterdam, after weeks of messaging, only to be stood up in the airport with nothing but a text saying the entire affair was a cruel joke and calling you a 'fat ugly pig.' But this horrific scenario is exactly what 24-year-old Sophie Stevenson says happened to her after she met Dutchman Jesse Mateman, 21, on holiday in Barcelona. She claims the pair slept together, had a "proper romance" and then spoke regularly when she was back home in Stoke. A month later Mateman convinced her to fly out to visit him in Amsterdam for the weekend. "We were talking up until I got on the plane," Stevenson told the Mail. "But when I arrived, he wasn't there to pick me up. I called him a bunch of times, and he didn't answer. I waited at the airport for two hours and I hadn't heard anything, I was really starting to panic about being abandoned." Six hours later, she says he messaged her saying 'you were pigged, it was all a joke.'


Thousands in Somali capital march in defiance after attack "GroovUs Feed Anews"


Mohamed Abdiwahad, AFP | Demonstrators in Mogadishu on 15 October.


Latest update : 2017-10-18

Thousands of people took to the streets of Somalias capital Wednesday in a show of defiance after the countrys deadliest attack.

Officials shared a detailed account of how Saturdays truck bombing that killed more than 300 was carried out. They said that two people have been arrested.

Wearing red headbands, the crowd of mostly young men and women marched through Mogadishu amid tight security. They answered a call to unity by Mayor Thabit Abdi, who said we must liberate this city which is awash with graves.

Some in Somalia have called the bombing their 9/11, while asking why one of the worlds deadliest attacks in years hasnt drawn the kind of global attention given to extremist assaults elsewhere.

Another nearly 400 were wounded. Scores remain missing.

You can kill us, but not our spirit and desire for peace, said high school teacher Zainab Muse. May Allah punish those who massacred our people, said university student Mohamed Salad.

Not at all peaceful

It was not all peaceful. At least three people, including a pregnant woman, were injured after security forces opened fire while trying to disperse protesters marching toward the attack site, said police Capt. Mohammed Hussein. Both Somali police and African Union soldiers were at the scene and opened fire, he said.

Somalias government has blamed Saturdays attack on the al-Shabab extremist group, which often targets Mogadishu but has not commented. Analysts have suggested that al-Shabab, an al-Qaida ally, may have avoided taking responsibility because it did not want to be blamed for the deaths of so many civilians.

A detailed description of the attack....


Insider Reveals How the Opioid Crime Network Operates "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Jon Rappoport, Guest
Waking Times

PBS Frontline (2/23/2016):

The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American historywith overdoses from heroin and other opioids now killing more than 27,000 people a year (Note: prescription opioids are now a very significant gateway-drug leading addicts into heroin.)

CBS News (8/1/2017):

Nearly 92 million U.S. adults, or about 38 percent of the population, took a legitimately prescribed opioid like OxyContin or Percocet in 2015, according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question to him was prompted by the current Washington Post series on collusion between members of Congress and the drug industry. The collusion has produced a new law that makes it much harder for the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to shut down major opioid traffickers. (That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.)

My question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; patients are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them righ...

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Wednesday, 18 October


FBI Wipes Phones & Laptops of Vegas Eyewitnesses "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean.

According to a Las Vegas resident who posted a status update on Facebook, A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?

A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing, the woman later comments.

Later in the thread, a Route 91 worker confirms the story, commenting, Of course. Its an active federal crime scene. They can wipe it . I was the beverage manager for the entire event. My laptop is wiped .

Infowars was separately contacted by another individual who told us the same story. Both individuals asked that their names not be revealed.

The fact that all the information relating to the massacre has been deleted is sure to prompt further claims of a cover-up.

While some assert that the feds wiping data is a routine part of their investigation procedure, if authorities want to stop the many conspiracy theories circulating about the attack, theyre not doing a very good job of it.

As Ann Coulter notes, the medias treatment of the story and the constantly changing official narrative is only serving to make people more suspicious.

I dont know what happened and, apparently, neither do the cops but its kind of odd that we keep being told things that arent true about the Las Vegas massacre, from the basic timeline to this weird insistence that Paddock made a good living at gambling, writes Coulter.

She points to many questions that remain unanswered about the attack, including why Paddock checked in to the hotel days earlier than authorities first said he did, why he was wearing gloves if he planned to commit suicide and why Paddock chose to unload 200 rounds into the hallway at a security guard who was checking on someone elses room before beginning his massacre.




Escarpment tracks need funding "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Sublime Point walking track, Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area

Sublime Point Walking Track. Photo: National Parks & Wildlife.

Funding cuts to National Parks have become so extreme that they are starting to have an impact on residents of the northern Illawarra, according to Wollongongs Greens councillors.

A rally will be held outside the NSW Government Offices, 84 Crown Street Wollongong, to push for an increase in funding on Thursday at midday.

Wollongong War One Greens Councillor Mithra Cox said residents of Austinmer are being parked out because of the huge volume of walkers using the Sublime Point track.

There are so many other amazing bushwalks in the Illawarra escarpment, but there are no maps, no signposts and the tracks are not properly maintained, Ms Cox said.

We could connect up the walking trails between the Royal National Park, the Illawarra Escarpment and Morton National Park for a world...


No, Saving A Child Instead Of Embryos In A Burning Building Does Not Negate The Pro-Life Position "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Any argument in favor of killing innocent people tends to be, you know, kind of hard to swallow, but some arguments are more compelling and clever than others. They make you at least able to see why certain people are pro-choice.

Then there are the deeply, viciously stupid pro-abortion arguments, the ones so profoundly inept, vapid, and useless that they make you question the base mental competency of the people who advance them. Such is the case with a recent highly viral tweetstorm by author Patrick Tomlinson, whose Twitter thread on the topic is worth quoting in full (presented here in a more easy-to-comprehend format):

Whenever abortion comes up, I have a question Ive been asking for ten years now of the Life begins at Conception crowd. In ten years, no one has EVER answered it honestly. Its a simple scenario with two outcomes. No one ever wants to pick one, because the correct answer destroys their argument. And there IS a correct answer, which is why the pro-life crowd hates the question.

Here it is. Youre in a fertility clinic. Why isnt important. The fire alarm goes off. You run for the exit. As you run down this hallway, you hear a child screaming from behind a door. You throw open the door and find a five-year-old child crying for help. Theyre in one corner of the room. In the other corner, you spot a frozen container labeled 1000 Viable Human Embryos.

The smoke is rising. You start to choke. You know you can grab one or the other, but not both before you succumb to smoke inhalation and die, saving no one. Do you A) save the child, or B) save the thousand embryos? There is no C. C means you all die.

In a decade of arguing with anti-abortion people about the definition of human life, I have never gotten a single straight A or B answer to this question. And I never will. They will never answer honestly, because we all instinctively understand the right answer is A.

A human child is worth more than a thousand embryos. Or ten thousand. Or a million. Because they are not the same, not morally, not ethically, not biologically. This question absolutely evicerates [sic] their arguments, and their refusal to answer confirms that they know it to be true.

No one, anywhere, actually believes an embryo is equivalent to a child. That person does not exist. They are lying to you. They are lying to you to try and evoke an emotional response, a paternal response, using false-equivalency.

No one believes life begins at conception. No one believes embryos are babies, or children. Those who cliam [sic] to are trying to manipulate you so they can control women. Dont let them. Use this question to call them out. Reveal them f...


Why The White Helmets Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize "IndyWatch Feed"

The worlds highest humanitarian honor, the Nobel Peace Prize, went this year to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Considering what weve seen in the news about North Korea, that sounds like a good choice. Theres just one problem: The organization hasnt done anything, and theres a more deserving candidate.

ICAN is a Geneva-based coalition of hundreds of non-governmental organizations whose contribution to the safety and security of the world consists of promoting a United Nations treaty against nuclear weapons. A piece of paper combatting nuclear warfare is flimsy enough, but theres another hiccup: None of the worlds nine nuclear powers including the United States, China, Russia, and North Korea have signed it.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee could have instead taken the opportunity to celebrate a group that, rather than promoting an impractical ideal of world peace, has saved thousands of lives in a country ravaged by civil war. The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize shouldve gone to the White Helmets. The organization, also called the Syrian Civil Defense, sends emergency first-responders into dangerous territory to save innocents trapped between belligerents in Syrias civil war.

Hundreds of bombs barrage Syria each day, while President Bashar al-Assad and his government combat opposition forces. ISIS, which quickly joined the rebellion, now controls much of Eastern and Central Syria. This war has stretched on for six years and has resulted in almost 500,000 deaths. It generated the refugee crisis that has engulfed the region and spilled into Europe. It has also raised questions in the United States about how many refugees the government should accept.

During that time, the White Helmets have rescued 90,000 souls. Launching unarmed into rebel-held areas, the rescuers save the injured and unaided. They are not soldiers, but civilians. Some 3,000 White Helmets paramedics served the country, and the White Helmets was the only rescue group still entering Aleppo, Syrias largest city, according to a Wall Street Journal report last year.

If that name sounds familiar, you may remember when Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson infamously asked an MSNBC reporter last fall, Whats Aleppo? The answer, according to the reporter, was the epicenter of the refugee crisis.

The White Helmets, a film on the group, won Best Short Documentary in the Oscars this year. One scene reveals a rescuer pulling a wailing infant from fallen blocks of cement. He raises the child to the camera as voices around him cheer.

For two years the White Helmets have received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Its a shame that a group that sends rescuers into perilous situations and provides peace to thousands of victims of war lost to a committee of bureaucrats..........


Austi war memorial work The Bulli Times

austinmer war memorial site

The Austinmer War Memorial. Photo: Google Streetview

HAND dug trenches around the Norfolk Island Pine trees near Austinmer war memorial will be part of future works to upgrade the cenotaphs surrounds.

Wollongong City Council staff, supervised by an arborist, will be mapping the roots of the iconic trees on Tuesday to determine their location, size and extent.

The digging will take place in select locations near the trees and Council says will have no adverse impact on the trees. Its estimated the work will take one day and barriers and pedestrian control will be in place. Rectification works will be completed after the digging is finished.

The root mapping will help inform Council designs to improve access and safety around the war memorial.

Council said environmental issues have been considered with the preparation of a Review of Environmental Factors. Although Council does not consider the area to be part of an Aboriginal heritage site, a due diligence process, has been undertaken as part of the environmental re...


One Poem by Molly Brodak "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Olafur Eliasson, Beauty (1993), at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Sydney, Australia (photo via Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr)


The Cipher


A nonbeliever accepts
a kind of fog around facts

believers demand meaning.

Beloved fog forms a tissue between them, like love.
Burns off in bald light, like love.

Nonbelievers just put on their war wigs
and their war gloves
and pick

from a fanned deck of brute facts.
To prove nothingness exists

youd need just one thing that was not itself,
one x that did not equal x.

One copse of alders in one dim dusk
that was none of the above.
Souls are made up
of such obstacles.

And a nonbeliever accepts
that God is very, very likely.

nothingness is just not
how brute facts work.

A rainstorm, brute fact, shuttles brainlessly towards us,

and our evening is overtaken in rain,
rain and fog, infinity, the opposite of engineering.

I listened to some invisible bird
rattling off the facts of consciousness.

He used that exact word,


*   *   *

Molly Brodak is the author of A Little Middle of the Night (University of Iowa Press, 2010) and Bandit: A Daughters Memoir (Grove Atlantic, 2016) along with three chapbooks of poetry.


Readers are encouraged to submit 35 poems as a PDF to Wendy Xu for consideration at

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Iran supreme leader dismisses Trumps rants and whoppers "IndyWatch Feed National"


Iranian Supreme Leaders Website/AFP | Irans supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who on Wednesday dismissed US President Donald Trumps wants and whoppers

TEHRAN (AFP)  Irans supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed US President Donald Trumps aggressive criticism as the rants and whoppers of a brute, in a speech on Wednesday.I dont want to waste my time on answering the rants and whoppers of the brute US president, Khamenei said in a speech to students in Tehran, published on his Telegram channel.

It was his first response to Trumps bellicose speech last Friday in which he called for tougher sanctions to curb Irans destabilising activities in the Middle East.

They are angry as today the Islamic republic of Iran has disrupted their plans in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, Khamenei said.

Everyone be assured that this time, too, America will be slapped and defeated by the nation of Iran.


These Four Speaking Habits Are Ruining Your Authenticity "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Dont flash too many smilesits unnerving and makes you seem insincere.

A few years ago I was coaching a telecom companys new president, who wanted to project a more personal, caring demeanor. I watched him speak at one of his companys town hall meetings, where a woman asked him a question. Before responding, the president asked her for her name. Bonnie, she said. Then he addressed Bonnie by name while answering her questionso far so good.

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things I love about public education Practising Simplicity

coffeeessential for all school parents

It seems that were bombarded with bad stories about public education, doesnt it? Naplan, bullying, dissatisfied teachers, unmotivated studentsand the list goes on.

Right now, across Australia, there are thousands of parents readying their kids for school, attending kindergarten orientation and standing at the very beginning of a 13 year journey. Ive had a few emails lately from mums worried about sending their little ones into the public school system and Ive bumped into friends who are angst-ridden about what school to choose.

And because Ive been there I know this: at the very heart of this dilemma is a simple yet heart-wrenching fact regardless of what school you choose, youre sending your child further into the world and cutting the metaphorical cord once again. Its not so much about the school but about the growing up and letting go.

Its daunting, anxiety-inducing heart stuff. And as far as parenting goes, its just the beginning of the daunting, anxiety-inducing heart stuff.

My kids attended the local Montessori where they spent a few years in a delightful bubble of gardening and paints and imaginative play. When it came time to send them off to school, the local public school was the best option for us, despite my palpable angst.

Perhaps youve got a similar story. For whatever reason location, finances, family circumstances a small, independent or alternative school isnt an option for you and therefore youre about to enter the public school system. Everything is unknown and youre worried. Youre worried that there wont be enough art classes (their probably wont be), youre anxious about your little one finding his way around the somewhat enormous school and youre concerned that all the rules will take the fun out of learning.

But what if the school you become a part of is actually quite beautiful?

A few things Ive learnt as a public school mum:

  • kindergarten is a very gentle transition : I have the upmost respect for kindergarten teachers and the way they gently guide our little ones into school life. The first year of school is all about fostering independence, encouraging socialisation and learning to read and write in the funnest way possible.
  • school magnifies the haves and have nots : school is the perfect introduction to the bigger, wider world complete with confrontation and challenge. Your child may be confronted by what other kids have and subsequently theyll challenging your parenting choices.
  • life lessons abound : your child doesnt like their teacher? Welcome to real life youre not going to get along with every single person yo...


Balgownie assault The Bulli Times

wp-image-1561516819POLICE are seeking public assistance following a crash at Balgownie today.
Just before 8am police and emergency services responded to reports of a two-car crash at Hunter and Napier Streets.

Officers were told a man driving a reported stolen Ford utility allegedly assaulted a 55-year-old woman driving the other vehicle after the crash.

The woman suffered facial injuries and was taken to Wollongong Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The man left the scene prior to police arriving after allegedly stealing another vehicle taken from a witness at the scene.

Investigating police are now seeking assistance to locate James Uhr, 27, who is wanted on warrants. He may be driving a stolen white 2003 Hyundai Elantra sedan with NSW registration AKB38X.

Police are urging the public not to approach James Uhr or the vehicle, but to contact triple zero (000) if sighted.


Nonlinear Complexity Too Much for Most People to Comprehend "GroovUs Feed Anews"

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Martin Armstrong.

Good day to you Martin. I know you are a very busy man, but I still like to send you emails time to time, hoping that you may read my email and respond to me. In regards to your recent post about the theory of Non-linear intervention, I was quietly amazed at the fact that I recently had the same idea as yours.

In my math class, my teacher taught us a different way to solve quadratic equations, and it was completely done by original algebra rules, not with the formulas we used to be given in high school. My math teacher said that most teachers do not use this method other than using special case formulas because its non-linear solution and that messes up peoples brain.

Also in my Economics class, we are learning about the basics of supply and demand and here we again use the straight linear method, such as ceteris paribus. I was sincerely curious to know if that is true for everything we do.

You have shown me a clear path in every aspect of this world. But I have a question about the Euro, I too have lost so much money by just looking at the fundamentals and execute trades and now I have learned that the fundamentals do not matter the most to move the market unless its very significant incident. (is that correct?) For instance, the Euro rallied whenever there was a chance to go up, and as a person who was only looking at the fundamental side, it was very odd and frustrating for me to watch it go up, but on the other hand, the technical communities were chanting a song that EUR/USD will spike to 1.2000 and so it did. I am still a fool who cannot read the market.

Mr. Martin, can you tell me where you first looked to find answers from the market? Did you study the technical first or the history? Do you think the current Catalonian independence is a contagious incident for Europe?

I thank you for teaching us great deals all the time. It is such a headache for me to collide real knowledge from you and inexperienced knowledge from school lectures, but I live my days with such joys to tell all these stories to my parents.

Best regards.




What You Need to Know About the Nazis Coming to Gainesville "IndyWatch Feed"

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On Thursday, October 19th, neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer, one of the main organizers of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, will speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Along side Richard Spencer will also be two other white supremacists, Mike Enoch Peinovich of The Right Stuff podcast network, and Eli Mosley, leader of the group Identity Evropa.

Several neo-Nazi groups that attended Unite the Right have also recently been tapped to provide the security, and the university is allowing Spencer to give them free reign. While the university is not sponsoring Richard Spencers event, they are paying upwards of half a million dollars in order to provide him extra security, allowing Spencer to control who gets tickets in order to keep out potential protesters, and also are strictly regulating (and shutting down entire sections of) both the campus as well as items that people can have on their person. Furthermore, a state of emergency has been declared, which will make it easier for police from across the region to come to the campus and help facilitate a large neo-Nazi event.

At a time when poor and working-class communities across Florida are still rebuilding from hurricane Irma, one has to ask: how can the State and the university go to such lengths to facilitate an event by known neo-Nazis? Why are they marshaling so much money and resources to stop possible resistance to fascists and racists but couldnt help people in the middle of a disaster? The answer is clear: the State is not neutral. The State is more concerned about putting down resistance from below than with the violence that grows out of the Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and white nationalist groups that has risen up under the Trump administration. In short, the government is more concerned with people fighting white supremacy than it is with white supremacy, just as it was more focused on protecting private property during the hurricane than in saving the lives of everyday people.

Richard Spencer, his neo-Nazi followers, and his legal team which threatened to sue the University of Florida (which put up no fight) in order to gain access to the campu...


Outside the Window, the Beat Within "GroovUs Feed Anews"

About the festive pulse of a city, and unspoken celebrations of the heart.

Capturing the city. Credit: Edward John Pritchard/Flickr CC 2.0

Capturing the city. Credit: Edward John Pritchard/Flickr CC 2.0

Note: This piece was originally published on October 30, 2016.

Lata is late again.  I scramble around in panic, throwing towels over books, dragging buckets and pans under ever-multiplying leaks in the ceiling. Rain hammers down with the roar of ten thousand drums.  Where could she be?  I cant be late for this meeting Plus its visarjan.  Traffic mayhem.  I shut my laptop down and cram it into my bag.

Lata breezes in fragrantly, three bedraggled champas in hand.  Like her, theyre soaked and a little muddy.  To my horror, she puts them in her hair.
Where did you find those?  I bark out in shock.

On the street, where else?  Latas answers are always questions.

Sundari, they are dirty, I plead, using my nickname for her.

Why?  The rain gave them a proper dholai, no?  Lata giggles.  Yes its muddy, but its lovely outsi...


Nixons Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted at TomDispatch. It took 14 years, but now we have an answer. It was March 2003, the invasion of Iraq was underway, and Major General David Petraeus was in command of the 101st Airborne Division heading for the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.  Rick Atkinson, Washington Post journalist and military historian, was accompanying him.  Six Continue reading "Nixons Children"

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New FB page- a place to discuss criminology & open data "GroovUs Feed Anews"

You may have noticed I missed my recent weekend deadline for a blog post. Over the weekend was deeply embroiled in working out how to chart and visualise victim data provided by QPS for my open data project.

This project has swiftly become quite intriguing for what it is teaching me about what crime rates can and can not explain. Understanding this is important because crime rates are the focus of a lot of social policy not the least of which is the introduction of mandatory blanket income quarantining. But the project is fascinating for many other reasons as well, as it provides the public with direct access to historical crime, victim & offender data (the latter still to come) so people can do their own investigating rather than rely on the annual reports from QPS.

I have received calls to increase the scope to other jurisdictions, which of course I would like to do as time and data availability permits. There is quite a list of crime related open datasets available however each jurisdiction records and reports this data according to their own laws and practices, covers different time periods and differing administrative boundaries. My first step toward adding other jurisdictions will simply be to evaluate the scope and limits of available data.

I expect the project to morph and change in response to working in new data and functionality and I have set up a Facebook page to allow people to share with me (and others) the kinds of questions they want open crime data to answer. I expect Ill end up creating a report to feed back to government (possibly through the OGPNAu which I may re-join or else just informally share my work) on the scope, limitations and potential of open crime data.

I hope the page will serve as a forum for people to share information, ideas, feature requests, techniques, bugs etc, but also provide a space to initiate discussions about how the media deals with crime and victim r...


No More Fake News Exclusive: Insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates! by Jon Rappoport "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Opioid drugs: morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, naloxone, Percocet, etc.

October 17, 2017

PBS Frontline (2/23/2016): The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American historywith overdoses from heroin and other opioids now killing more than 27,000 people a year (Note: prescription opioids are now a very significant gateway-drug leading addicts into heroin.)

CBS News (8/1/2017): Nearly 92 million U.S. adults, or about 38 percent of the population, took a legitimately prescribed opioid like OxyContin or Percocet in 2015, according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question to him was prompted by the current Washington Post series on collusion between members of Congress and the drug industry. The collusion has produced a new law that makes it much harder for the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to shut down major opioid traffickers. (That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.)

My question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; patients are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small clinics and pharmacies obtain the huge number of opioid pills? From distributors. These are legitimate companies. They may distribute all sorts of medicines. Its their...


The Coming Gold Breakout "IndyWatch Feed"

Gold could be in a long-term trend right now that spells dramatically higher prices in the years ahead.

To understand why, lets first look at the long decline in gold prices from 2011 to 2015

The best explanation Ive heard came from legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers. He personally believes that gold will end up in the $10,000 per ounce range, which I have also predicted.

But Rogers makes the point that no commodity ever goes from a secular bottom to top without a 50% retracement along the way.

Gold bottomed at $255 per ounce in August 1999. From there, it turned decisively higher and rose 650% until it peaked near $1,900 in September 2011.

So gold rose $1,643 per ounce from August 1999 to September 2011.

A 50% retracement of that rally would take $821 per ounce off the price, putting gold at $1,077 when the retracement finished.

Thats almost exactly where gold ended up on 27 November 2015 ($1,058 per ounce).

This means the 50% retracement is behind us and gold is set for new all-time highs in the years ahead.

Why should investors believe gold wont just get slammed again?

The answer is that theres an important distinction between the 2011-15 price action and whats going on now.

The four-year decline exhibited a pattern called lower highs and lower lows.

While gold rallied and fell back, each peak was lower than the one before and each valley was lower than the one before also.

Since December 2016, it appears that this bear market pattern has reversed. We now see higher highs and higher lows as part of an overall uptrend.

The 24 February 2017 high of $1,256 per ounce was higher than the prior 23 January 2017 high of $1,217 per ounce.

The 10 May low of $1,218 per ounce was higher than the prior 14 March low of $1,198 per ounce.

The 7 September high of $1,353 was higher than the 6 June high of $1,296.

And the 5 October low of $1,271 was higher than the 7 July low of $1,212.

Of course, this new trend is less than a year old and is not deterministic.

Still, it is an encouraging sign when considered alongside other bullish factors for gold.

Question is

Where does the gold market go from here?

Were seeing a persistent excess of demand over new supply. China and Russia alone are buying more than 100% of annual output...


Does Trump dare to withdraw from the nuclear understanding? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Does Trump dare to withdraw from the nuclear understanding? 17, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, Many people avoid answering this question lest the developments do not reflect their expectations, or make them lose some of the credibility and confidence which they accumulated among the readers and observers, especially in the light of the escalating []


From #TheEmptyChair to #MeToo How Many More Will it Take? "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Content Warning: discussion of rape culture, reporting, sexual harassment/assault, and rape.

I will never forget back in 2015 when the NY Times covered the Bill Cosby allegations. Their cover photo for the July 27 Aug 9, 2015 issue was 35 women and an empty chair. Some people, including Elon James White, took note of that empty chair, and began a Twitter hashtag: #TheEmptyChair

Under it, Elon James White shared hundreds of anonymous stories of sexual assault and rape, with other women coming forward publicly on their own, as well as men, and many more noting their solidarity.

News coverage was widespread as a conversation happened.

And then it died.

Fast forward to more recently.

Harvey Weinstein now has tons of allegations against him. So do Ben and Casey Affleck. As well as Louis CK. And so many other powerful men.

And now now, we have #MeToo.

I asked, on Twitter, how many more its going to take. How many more women, and men, have to come forward about how they were harassed, assaulted, and raped before we realize that theres a major problem, here? How many times do these hashtags have to trend before people start becoming aware?

And why do people, especially men, have such a hard time recognizing this reality and fighting to fix it?

Sadly, we already know the answer, and Elon gets it just right


No More Fake News Exclusive: insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates! "GroovUs Feed Anews"

No More Fake News Exclusive: insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates!

Opioid drugs: morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, naloxone, Percocet, etc.

by Jon Rappoport

October 17, 2017

PBS Frontline (2/23/2016): The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American historywith overdoses from heroin and other opioids now killing more than 27,000 people a year (Note: prescription opioids are now a very significant gateway-drug leading addicts into heroin.)

CBS News (8/1/2017): Nearly 92 million U.S. adults, or about 38 percent of the population, took a legitimately prescribed opioid like OxyContin or Percocet in 2015, according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question to him was prompted by the current Washington Post series on collusion between members of Congress and the drug industry. The collusion has produced a new law that makes it much harder for the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to shut down major opioid traffickers. (That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.)

My question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; patients are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small....


Government ignores advice of expert group on business and human rights "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has come under strong criticism from members of an advisory group that the Minister established just this year. Members of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group on the Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights were disappointed that their recommendations have been dismissed outright by the Foreign Minister. 

After extensive engagement, the group (which includes representatives from business, academia and civil society) recommended unanimously in July that Australia should develop a National Action Plan (NAP) on Business and Human Rights, in line with many of its international peers. 

The Plan would have set out a range of policy reforms to implement Australias international law obligations in this area and enhance protections for those harmed by Australian business activities. Australia has been criticised by the United Nations for its inadequate regulation in this area and for failing to properly investigate or address serious human rights abuses by Australian companies, including by contractors running its offshore detention centres.

The Advisory Group received a letter from the Foreign Minister late last week advising them that the government was not proceeding with a [NAP] at this time. 

Dr David Cooke, Chair and Managing Director, Konica Minolta Australia:

"I would like to applaud the Government on its recent decision to pursue legislation on Modern Slavery in Supply Chains. In light of this it is particularly disappointing, and seemingly inconsistent, that the Government will not proceed with the recommendation of a National Action Plan. Businesses across Australia are looking to the Government for leadership, direction and a framework through which to move forward on honouring their human rights commitments."

Professor Paul Redmond, a corporations law and corporate governance expert from the University of Technology Sydney:

"A NAP is simply a policy document setting out a governments approach to business and human rights issues, and its expectations of business. Adopting a NAP would give sorely needed guidance to Australian businesses in this key area of corporate sustainability, and place them on an equal footing with competitors in international markets."

Keren Adams, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre:

"It is astonishing that only one day into its term on the Human Rights Council, the Australian Government is already walking away from the advice of its own Advisory Group on business and human rights. If it is to have credibility on the Council, the Government needs to lift its ga...


To See An Atom: Psychosis and Ecology "GroovUs Feed Anews"

I left the American South with a Jesus on my shoulder. My new world, a leftist college out West, did not take so kindly. Beliefs that earned me friends and community at home now left me terribly alone. School did not help. Liberal arts classes exposed histories I could not reconcile with Christian legitimacy. For the first time, I doubted my religion, yet relinquishing Jesus meant betrayalrisking Hellso I languished instead in a freeze. To think freely, or obey.

For six months I despaired in suicidal bewilderment. I kept it all secret. Then one night I ate mushrooms. Having ingested psychoactive plants plenty before, I knew the lay of the land, but this trip came on unusually strong. After listening to the mandatory Dark Side of the Moon, I lay down.

Moments later, a flood of dreams overcame me, dreams I had long forgotten. Each one I inhabited with all my senses, re-experiencing how I originally felt. Previously indecipherable, they were here linked together, and as a whole made sense. Just as I grasped their significance, I entered outer space. Floating, I saw Earth, a perfect sphere spinning. All my anxieties dissipated, replaced with ethereal lightness, and for a blessed few seconds, I understood.

Upon reentering my body, the first thing I noticed was an alarm clock. I said out loud, heresy, Thats God. Same to the poster, to the concrete wall, to the bedframe.

The next morning I threw away my statue of Jesus.

A week later, hungover with guilt, I worried whether my experience was real or a drug-induced stupor. I approached my Philosophy of Religion professor, who had just lectured on mystical experiences. Asking his judgment, I handed him great power. His answer:

Sometimes you need a microscope to see an atom.

His validation, even trust, legitimized my experience, casting it from purgatory into meaningful narrative. I told no one else, took no pride. I thought no more on it; thoughts were useless explorers of such terrain. But in having shaken loose my worldview, I became someone else, someone freer.


Now imagine if I had first told this experience to a typical psychiatrist. Perhaps an assessment of my drug use would have followed (heavy); perhaps an analysis of sleep patterns, family history of mental illness, and previous experiences of altered states (all abnormal). Surely if I had revealed that my grandiose vision happened after six months of suicidal obsessiona phase endured twice beforethey would have worried, maybe diagnosed. I know this: there would have been no talk of seeing atoms. Maybe serotonin though.....


Fusion GPS co-founders refuse to comply with Congressional subpoena - BuzzFeed refuses to disclose who gave them the infamous dossier "IndyWatch Feed National"

The three co-founders of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm responsible for overseeing the creation of the infamous "Trump dossier", will refuse to comply with a subpoena ordered by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, according to a letter from their attorneys originally obtained by Business Insider. But experts say the argument their lawyers are using to ask that they be excused relies on shaky legal grounds, and is unlikely to hold. Attorneys from Cunningham, Levy & Muse said in a letter that, if called to testify, their clients planned to invoke their first amendment rights to exempt them from answering questions. The move - which has all the hallmarks of a stalling tactic - is the latest attempt by the firm's founders, who reportedly were aware that not all of the allegations contained in the dossier were credible before turning it over to the FBI, to forestall delivering public testimony. Glenn Simpson, a former WSJ investigative reporter and one of the firm's three founders, met privately with the Senate Judiciary Committee for ten hours over the summer. Afterwards, a group of senators, including Democrat Richard Blumenthal, pushed for Simpson's testimony to be made public, and the committee is reportedly still mulling whether to release it.


Steadier-as-she-goes "IndyWatch Feed"

Rental price growth to stabilise

One of several contributors to weak inflation in Australia in recent times has been the soft growth in rents, driven by a combination of record apartment building, a surfeit of rental accommodation in some pockets, and fading demand in the resources capitals.

However, the latest vacancy rate release from SQM Research suggests that the peak of the disinflationary impact may now have passed.

In other words, rental price growth has probably stabilised nationally. 

In fact, SQM now records very strong growth in asking rents for houses in Hobart and Canberra - there are very, very few homes advertised for rent in Hobart, where the vacancy rate is just 0.4 per cent - while Adelaide's rental market appears to have been steadily tightening. 

Adelaide's vacancy rate of 1.6 per cent in September was well down from 2 per cent a year earlier. 

While vacancy rates are still elevated in the resources capitals, it looks as though Perth and Darwin landlords might be through the worst now, at least as measured by vacancy rates. 

September's vacancy rates in Sydney (2.1 per cent) and Melbourne (1.9 per cent) suggested markets close to relative equilibrium, reflected in moderately rising asking rents year-on-year in those cities, both for houses and apartments. 



Hollywoods Other Open Secret Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys "GroovUs Feed Anews"

This is a place where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world, claimed former child actor Corey Feldman.

By Ira Madison

Last week, former child actor Corey Feldman (Stand by Me, The Goonies) tweeted that hed been asked for a statement about Harvey Weinsteins sexual-harassment and rape allegations. It makes sense, since he has spent years speaking out about sexual abuse in Hollywoodnot of women, but of young men. He has long alleged that pedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood and that its in part responsible for his best friend Corey Haims eventual death by drug overdose.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Feldman said: [Haim] had more direct abuse than I did. With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now, and I cant even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being. As I look at my son, a sweet, innocent, 11-year-old boy and then try to put him in Corey Haims shoes, I go, Oh my Godwell of course he was erratic and not well-behaved on sets and things like that. What more could we expect of him really?

He continued, Everybody deals with things differently. Im not able to name names. People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening, and they want answersand they turn to me and they say, Why dont you be a man and stand up and name names and stop hiding and being a coward? I have to deal with that, which is not pleasant, especially given the fact that I would love to name names. Id love to be the first to do it. But unfortunately California conveniently enough has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening. Because if I were to go and mention anybodys name, I would be the one that would b...


Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims can beat wives in a way that doesnt turn the skin red or dark "IndyWatch Feed National"

Islamic apologists in the West routinely claim that Islam doesnt condone wife-beating. Yet here is a Muslim cleric who didnt get the memo. Beat her in a way that doesnt turn her skin red: Visiting Islamic preacher from Iran tells Sydney mosque audience its OK for a husband to bash his wife, by Stephen Johnson, []


#Catalonia: Welcome to Europe A Critique "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tomorrow some of the Enough team will travel to Catalonia again. They will produce independent on the ground reports about the situation in Catalonia. Last night 2 key figures of the pro-independence movement were imprisoned by the Spanish state, answered with massive protests across Catalonia. On Thursday another ultimatum by the Spanish state will end and could heat up the growing tensions between the cenral government in Madrid and the independentistas in Catalonia. A critique about a video that went viral.


Image: Massive demonstration Barcelona tonight. Protesters are demanding the release of imprisoned key figures of the idependence movement that were imprisoned by the Spanish state yesterday. Image by Twitter account @asj_dasilva.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and...


Certain faiths are more likely to turn to religion for answers to scientific questions "IndyWatch Feed National"

When it comes to seeking answers to questions about science, evangelical and black Protestants and Mormons are more likely than the general population to turn to religion, according to a new study by researchers from Rice University's Religion and Public Life Program, the University of Nevada-Reno and West Virginia University. The study, which is slated to appear in an upcoming edition of the journal Public Understanding of Science, is the first to measure whether people would actively consult a religious authority or source of information with a question about science, said lead researcher Elaine Howard Ecklund, the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences, a professor of sociology at Rice and director of Rice's Religion and Public Life Program. "Our findings suggest that religion does not necessarily push individuals away from science sources, but religion might lead people to turn to religious sources in addition to scientific sources," Ecklund said. The study, "Scientists and Religious Leaders Compete for Cultural Authority of Science," is based on a survey of 10,241 Americans who provided information about their confidence and interest in science, their religious characteristics and their political ideology. The sample included a wide range of people, including all religious groups as well as the nonreligious.


Officials Reveal Vegas Gunman Was Given Access To Service Elevator At Mandalay Bay "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the most asked questions about the massacre in Las Vegas was, How did Stephen Paddock get hundreds of pounds of ammo and nearly two dozen assault rifles into his suite on the 32 floor of Mandalay Bay without anyone noticing? Thanks to a new report, we may now have that answerhe was allowed []


7 Major Questions From The Las Vegas Shooting That Need To Be Addressed Right Now "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nearly 2 weeks after the Las Vegas Shooting, which has been called the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, there are still a number of unanswered questions, and the answers law enforcement have provided have only served to complicate the situation and add new conflict to the narrative. Here are 7 major questions from []


Word Salad Wisdom. "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Bill Day.

James Robison is one of the Tiny Tyrants key spiritual advisors.  While shilling his new book all about Jehovah and Trump, he gushed all over the place about the amazing wisdom of the Tiny Tyrant, which showed throughTwitter.

Robison revealed that he had urged Trump not to try to speak in religious terms but to simply let his personal growth reveal to the world the way in which his faith in Christ has changed his heart, insisting that the nation is witnessing this spiritual growth in the increase maturity of Trumps tweets and his treatment of women.

Increased maturity? Lets keep in mind that the man is in his 70s, might be a tad on the late side for blooming. Lets look at some of that astonishing maturity:

With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!

Mmmm. Im reminded of Phil Hartmans Frankenstein sketches.

I have been with him in so many settings, Robison said, with so many different people, including on the plane and in the car, watching how he treats everybody. It is absolutely one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. He is so respectful and then hell get up and be like [Muhammad] Ali, punching everybody out, knocking them out and theyll think, well, he doesnt have love. Well, did you ever think maybe love knocks out the enemy that is hurting all the people that need that love? So thats what he is doing, so yes, what he is accomplishing and what must be accomplished is an answer to peoples prayers.

Uh, so now its Trump who is answering prayers? What did he do, knock god off his perch? Generally speaking, people who get punched, in any sense of the word, arent feeling loved.

He just needs to keep doing what he is doing, Robison continued. He is just getting wiser every day, his twee...


The Las Vegas Killer's Motive: Sometimes the answer is.... "IndyWatch Feed National"

While all sources claim to still not know what caused Mr. Paddock to behave in such a manner we sometimes forget the obvious link and look for any exotic possibility for relief. From ISIS to gambling and everything in between has been suggested. How about this one:


Jim Bakker Says "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Dont mock Jim Bakker! Why? Oh, Jehovah will get you if you do, because thats Jims best buddy.

Saying that he is sick of people mocking him because some of his prophetic warnings have not yet come true, Bakker bellowed that when God says something to you, you dont always know the exact time its going to happen. [So] stop beating up the prophets because God says, Woe unto you when you beat up on the prophets.

When anyone can declare themselves a prophet, pull shit out of their arse, and make their best guess, theres isnt much else to do but make a mockery of it all.

God is speaking to his people, he continued. The only ones who probably arent talking to God these days are mean people in America, people who just are anti-Christ.

Oh. Well, put me down as an anti-Christ meanie. If that god of yours is talking to most everyone, doesnt that put you self-styled prophets on the cheap side? Dime a dozen and all that?

If you dont want to hear it, just shut me off, Baker said. Especially you folks that monitor me every day to try to destroy me. Just go away. You dont have to be there, you dont have to hear it. But one day, youre going to shake your fist in Gods face and youre going to say, God, why didnt you warn me? And Hes going say, You sat there and you made fun of Jim Bakker all those years. I warned you but you didnt listen.

Perhaps, given your sensitivity, you should send up a shout to Jehovah to harden your heart, Jim. That godmonster of yours is good at that one. Perhaps you could teach it how to thicken your skin. Seems to me youre being terribly self-centered, and dont you christians love claiming persecution? I wont be shaking my fist in Jehovahs face, Jim, because it doesnt exist. If it did exist, Im pretty sure made fun of Jim Bakker wouldnt even make the cut for the sin list. I just know you cry frustrated tears over not having a god that would send bears along to eat up all us anti-Christ meanies. Perhaps thats your ticket, Jim get people to make fun of your bald head, [2 Kings 2:23-34] and maybe Jehovah will come through with the bears. Or something.

Theres video at RWW.


Spain says Catalonia's stance on independence not valid, gives new deadline to clarify "IndyWatch Feed National"

Catalonia has failed to clarify its stance on independence in Monday's letter from the region's leader Carles Puigdemont to Spainish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, according to Spain's Justice Minister Rafael Catala. Just hours before the deadline to clearly define the region's position on its bid for independence, Puigdemont sent a letter to Rajoy which contained no clarification regarding the issue. However, the response was described as "not valid" by Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala, local media reports. Madrid wanted to receive a simple "yes" or "no" answer, but the Catalan leader failed to give it, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria stated on Monday.

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Tuesday, 17 October


Adanis Australia Story: Whats the Fuss All About? "GroovUs Feed Anews"

A massive $16.4 billion proposed coal mine has sparked protests and a heated debate. As the Adani project becomes a symbol of Australias future, The Wire examines the issues at stake.

Stop Adani billboard in Brisbane. Credit: Kabir Agarwal

Note: This is the first in a three-part series that will examine how the Adani and Carmichael coal mine has divided the Australian public and in the process, sparked fierce debate on issues such as coal-based energy, energy financing, jobs and the rights of indigenous people.

On October 7, 2017, an estimated 16,000 people at 45 different locations across Australia came together to stage the biggest protest yet against the Carmichael coal mine.

The protesters, who had gathered at several strategic locations around Australia, such as the iconic Bondi beach in Sydney, organised into formations to spell out their demand, literally STOP ADANI.

The Carmichael coal mine, proposed by the multi-billion-dollar Adani group, has seen protests across Australia for the last few years. The protests particularly gathering momentum in the last one year. Most of the...


Your power in a decaying world "IndyWatch Feed National"

Your power in a decaying world

by Jon Rappoport

October 17, 2017

These are notes from an ongoing project, The Underground:

Solutions to private problems and public problems require the ability to think things through, logically, and to reject what is unworkable or biasedbut above and beyond that, a person needs to be able to imagine solutions that havent been tried before. He cant keep asking other people to invent solutions for him. This is the hardest lesson. The habit of demanding that others come up with answers, that others find a way out of the tunnelthis habit is based on the assumption that ones own power of imagination is grossly limited, which is a lie. You might say it is the central lie.

The world says defect from your own power. Never find out what it is. Assume it isnt there. The world says all life is about the species, not about the individual.

When propagandists find a good thing, a message that works, they pound on it, they keep hammering away. Family, group, family, group, community. On and on. They never promote the message called The Individual with the same intensity. That would be counter-productive to what they are trying to accomplish: group identity; and amnesia about being an individual.

Civilization continues to erode and decay, as individual power is put on the back burner. But that doesnt give the individual a license to surrender. If others want to give up, thats their business. The individual, instead, finds new frontiers for his power, for his capacity to invent reality.

A confession of helplessness doesnt earn you a gold star on the blackboard. There is no gold star or blackboard. There is you, there is your own power. And what is that power? It comes in two forms or venues. First, there is the ability to apply logic to events and information; to think rationally from A to B to C; to analyze. And second, there is imagination, the capacity to conceive and then invent realities that would never otherwise exist in the world.

Individual power doesnt need to make rigid distinctions between what is done for self vs. what is done for others. Social engineers and propagandists make those separations. You exercise your creative power to fulfill what you deeply desire; and that process will, in fact, spill over and affect others in a positive way. It will lift them up. It will remind them that they, too, have power.

Logic and analysis keeps you from being sent down wrong roads, keeps you from buying official reality. Logic also reminds you that you have a mind. Logic is a road that can take you deeper and deeper into more basic fallacies that under...


Sydney Ideas talk on Israel/Palestine and realities in the West Bank and Gaza "GroovUs Feed Anews"

In September, I spoke at Sydney University alongside US academic Mark LeVine and Palestinian academic Lana Tatour on the realities in todays Palestine/Israel. Many interesting comments and my thoughts (after living in East Jerusalem for the last 1.5 years) start at 1:00:26:


The United States World Cup Failure: Victims Of Our Own Success "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Theories abound as to why the United States failed to reach its eighth consecutive World Cup. Among them are poor coaching, poor players, the wrong players, Sunil Gulati, Major League Soccer, a pay-to-play development system, the lack of promotion and relegation, the best athletes playing elsewhere, the collegiate system, and presumably Torsten Frings handball. These reasons had or have a part to play. Ive said as much about a few of them.

But I wonder if the answer for the immediate problem isnt a bit simpler, if more existential. And our fiercest soccer rival can help explain it.

Several years ago I read an article about the rivalry between the United States and Mexico. For decades, Mexico dominated the United States. The tide began to turn in the 1990s and the United States took control in the 2000s, most famously in a 2-0 win to knock Mexico out of the 2002 World Cup. During the aughts this already fierce rivalry took an even more rancorous turn. This often involved some Marquez-related shenanigans, but included a bizarre slap and that famous stare-down (Mexico fans also chanted Osama during a 2004 Olympic qualifier). The games seemed to get dirtier, especially once Mexico fell behind.

The premise of the article was that Mexicos veterans simply could not accept nor cope with a superior U.S. side. They had grown soft mentally, lulled by a generation or more of a one-sided rivalry. The rivalry has found more balance this decade, in part because a new generation of Mexican players grew up watching a more competitive, talented U.S. team. These younger players respected their rival and could still function if things didnt go their way initially.

I think something similar has happened to the United States. I wonder if this team failed because no one on this team knew how to handle failure. Of course, the current crop has dealt with some sort of professional failure or even missing out on international youth tournaments. But few have experienced a national embarrassment like in 1998. Few even existed the last time the country failed to make a World Cup. All theyve known is a dominant United States in the region and World Cup qualifying certainty.

Over the last three or four decades, the U.S. national team has typically been greater than the sum of its parts. Its a team so often defined by grit and dogged determination...


Airbus Sends a Thank You Card to Donald Trump "GroovUs Feed Anews"


By Chris Bryant


Theres chutzpah and then theres the deal that Airbus SE just struck with Bombardier Inc. By acquiring a 50 percent stake in Bombardiers struggling C Series commercial jet program for free Airbus has handed Boeing Co., its U.S. nemesis, a whopping black eye.

Fearing the C Series could let Bombardier become another Airbus, Boeing successfully persuaded the Trump administration to slap massive duties on the aircraft, even though it doesnt really offer a similar product. But if Boeing thought Bombardier was going to fall on its sword, boy was it wrong.

Image result for news for airbus, c series, photos

Airbus can now bring to bear the full weight of its international sales, supply chain and maintenance capabilities to the C Series. And by adding a final assembly for the aircraft in Alabama, Airbus might make the Americans think twice about those punitive tariffs (jobs for U.S. workers!).

For the European aerospace giant, this deal feels like a slam dunk. Unlike two years ago, when it first toyed with making a C Series investment, the aircraft is now a much less risky proposition. Its been certified by regulators and the first customers seem very pleased with it. True, the programs still consuming cash, but Bombardier is promising to absorb another $700 million in losses after closing.

Airbus cant really lose here. Indeed, by acquiring warrants over 5 percent of Bombardiers stock at the current price, theres potential for considerable upside. Bombardier has lost two-thirds of its value since 2011 amid fears over the future of the C Series.

Its sad that after taking a big risk and sinking $6 billion into an innovative new plane, Bombardier wasnt ultimately able to deliver it on its own. It has about 350 orders for the C Series, but thinks the market could have appetite for 6,000 small planes of its ilk over 20 years.

But Bombardier chief executive Alain Bellemare had a simple question to answer: Is it better to own a larger majority stake in an aircraft program valued at just $2 billion, which hasnt secured a major order for 18 months; or a minority stake in one with much better prospects? After closing, Bombardier will own 31 percent of the C Series partnership, while Quebec....


Kennedy Assassination: Evidence Seen by JFKs Doctor Suppressed "GroovUs Feed Anews"

The highly anticipated release of long-withheld US government documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is scheduled for October 26. In the runup to this event, the media have devoted more attention to this history-altering political murder than at any time since the Oliver Stone film JFK came out in 1991.

As one of the outlets digging deep into the tragedy, WhoWhatWhy has pointed out that many questions remain unanswered and many key issues are yet unresolved. Accordingly, we are dedicating more articles to the topic leading up to the highly-anticipated data dump , and we are putting together a crack team to analyze the documents once they are released.

WhoWhatWhy Staff

The story of Captain James Young, a Navy doctor who said he found a bullet in President John F. Kennedys limousine on the day of his assassination, could have been corroborated by the presidents own physician. However, for unknown reasons, JFKs doctor Rear Admiral George G. Burkley, who was present in the trauma room in Dallas, and also at Kennedys autopsy never got a chance to talk about the events of that day.

Below is proof that Burkley wanted to testify, and that what he had to say was suppressed at several levels. What survives is a memo concerning Burkleys belief that other people participated in Kennedys assassination. Whether this opinion is based on the discovery of the bullet described in our earlier story, or something else, we will never know.

Although Kennedy was shot in the back, indicating the presence of a shooter behind him, there was also a suggestion of a shooter in front, according to some of the doctors at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, including the chief of Neurosurgery: Because of the condition of the skull and brain, he had the impression JFK was struck from the front or from the side, as opposed to the official conclusion of all shots from behind. Did Burkley have the same impression?



The year of the Warren Commission hearings. Thousands of people were called to testify, but Burkley was not.




Mr. T.M. found this one, and it raises more questions than it answers about the recent incident of the ramming of the USS Fitzgerald

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The River's Edge Thoughts are like fishes///

A highlight of the opening of the Crossing Streams exhibition was this performance of 'The River's Edge,' which was Fiona Caldarevic's musical response to a haiku by Sue Killham.


Study: Some faiths may turn to religion for science answers "IndyWatch Feed National"

From RICE UNIVERSITY Some faiths more likely to turn to religion for answers to science When it comes to seeking answers to questions about science, evangelical and black Protestants and Mormons are more likely than the general population to turn to religion, according to a new study by researchers from Rice Universitys Religion and Public


Freedman Jazz Fellowship Concert 2017 "GroovUs Feed Anews"

A landmark event in the Australian music calendar, the Freedman Jazz Fellowship Concert presents jazz luminaries performing competitively in this thrilling showcase that decides the 2017 Freedman Jazz Fellow.

Freedman Fellowships are for established artists at the top of their profession. The Fellowship assists them in the next step of their career.The 2017 finalists are trumpeter Nick Garbett, trumpeter, composer Ellen Kirkwood and  pianist, composer Emma Stephenson. Each performs a set of music to contend for the prestigious $20,000 award.

Past winners read like a Whos Who of Australian jazz guitarists Ben Hauptmann, saxophonists Julien Wilson, Andrew Robson and Matt Keegan, pianists Andrea Keller, Matt McMahon and Tal Cohen, trumpeter Phil Slater, bassist Christopher Hale and vocalist Kristin Berardi.

The judges, distinguished jazz musician/composers Stu Hunter, pianist, Mike Nock ONZM pianist, composer and educator and Dr Phillip Johnston, saxophonist, selected the three finalists from a group of 16 national candidates nominated by outstanding musicians around Australia.  The finalists were judged in part on their proposed career enhancing project for which the prize money would be used.


The Proposals


Nick Garbett plans to co-ordinate a European tour in October 2018 with Sydney based group The Vampires and West African born, now Europe-based guitarist Lionel Loueke. Nick would take this opportunity to compose new music for the tour. This tour would involve and feature all four regular members of The Vampires: Jeremy Rose, Alex Masso, Alex Boneham and Nick.
Since completing his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium in 2005, Nick Garbett has gone on to build a diverse and exciting career as a jazz and contemporary trumpet player, composer and band leader in Australia. Nick is a founding member, co-leader and composer for Sydney based groups The Vampires and The Strides along with his own groups Garfish and the Nick Garbett Quartet. He was also a long time member of Colombian roots band Watussi.
Over the years performing, composing for, and co-leading these original groups he a has also co-produced 10 albums and toured both nationally and internationally to countries including Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Borneo, USA, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Alongside his performance and recording career Nick has also been highly committed to music education, teaching trumpet and Jazz improvisation at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music since 2005 and at several schools in the greater Sydney and Illawarra regions............


Facebook buys anonymous teen compliment app tbh "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Facebook has scooped up the popular app after it saw 5 million downloads and 2.5 million active daily users in just nine weeks, reports TechCrunch. The app allows users to receive poll results as compliments based on questions their friends have answered about them. The social media giant reportedly paid less than $100 million for

Facebook has scooped up the popular app after it saw 5 million downloads and 2.5 million active daily users in just nine weeks, reports TechCrunch. The app allows users to receive poll results as compliments based on questions their friends have answered about them. The social media giant reportedly paid less than $100 million for tbh and the deal will see its four founders become direct Facebook employees despite the fact that Facebook will let the tbh app operate as its own brand for the foreseeable future. In a note to users on its website, tbh wrote:

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Lifestyle and Womens Expo Hosted By Rotary Club of Sydney Inner West "GroovUs Feed Anews"

On Sunday, October 22, join the Rotary Club of Sydney Inner West at Canterbury Hurlstone Park for an uplifting girls day out celebrating womens health and well-being. The club will be putting on a fundraiser for The Sydney Survivorship Center at Concord Cancer Center, and they have many exciting plans for the day!



Dame Marie Bashir, the second-longest serving governor of New South Wales, will open the day. Michelle Mutyora from The Voice will be among the musicians performing, along with belly dancers and other performers. You can make your mark by joining in the creation of a community artwork. Bargain-priced pampering will be offered: nails, reflexology, make-up, henna tattoos, and more! Loads of plants will be up for sale, alongside stalls selling items such as jewelry, crafts, festive puddings, fragrant candles, and designer leggings. There will also be give-aways and prizes, so dont miss out on the fun for a good cause!

We have all been affected by cancer in one way or another, so this day is a win-win. A fun day for you will benefit cancer patients and survivors!

WHAT: Lifestyle and Womens Expo

WHERE: Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

WHEN: Sunday, October 22 from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


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Europes Economic Death Spiral "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you said when you were here in Berlin that the EU Commission is about as incompetent as the US Congress. You also said Macron is trying to federalize Europe as the solution Could you elaborate on that comment?

ANSWER: The EU Commission at present is composed of 28 Commissioners, who must always ensure that they are dependent on the nomination from the home country mush as American congressmen who are supposed to represent their state. Every member of the Commission, therefore, has a personal self-interest in staying in office. The complexity of regulations and initiatives often have hidden agendas that are far too difficult to identify. One of the proposals of Macron is to reduce the Commission to just 15 eliminating state representation and the priority would then, in theory, be given to the professional competence of the candidates rather than representing member states. This would be the FEDERALIZATION of Europe and totally eliminate and democratic process. The people would have no say in changing the direction of Europe.

Macron is proposing to create European politicians. To deal with the end of a democratic process, he has suggested that these 15 commissioners be elected by all EU citizens in the longer term. He has said that with BREXIT, the British vacancies should be the first to be open to elections of all remaining Europeans in the EU. When commissioners are elected by their own politicians, then Macron argues they are not being elected by a European choice of citizens.



The GDP Decline Post-2015.75 "GroovUs Feed Anews"

The economic decline that we are now in moving into about 2036, is significantly different than pre-2015.75. The confidence shifted and 2015.75 was the peak in confidence in government. This is the rising discontent which produced Trump, BREXIT, and the rising separatist movements around the globe. The old way of running the economy is what has been declining and even when the GDP growth rate is being reported as up, the levels of growth are substantially in a bear market.

Likewise, unemployment has declined the the USA while rising outside, but even this is misleading. The quality of jobs has declined and much of the rise is attributed to part-time employment while more than 60% of college graduates cannot find employment in the field in which they paid a lot of money for. The student loans imposed upon them by the Clintons saddle the youth with such burdens for worthless degrees they are forced to live at home with their parents into their 30s. It has been the drop-outs who are the real innovators. Ernst & Young has been one of the top graduate recruiters in the UK and USA. They have announced the firm will be removing the degree classification from its entry criteria, saying there is no evidence that success at university correlates with achievement in later life. The best education has ALWAYS been an apprenticeship not some university course taught by someone who has never practiced what they teach.


A Billion Beats Benefit Concert "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Brought to you by Send it Pink, A Billion Beats and Fastway, A Billion Beats Benefit Concert is a unique uplifting fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Showcasing the incredible talents of Maz Mazak, No Qualms, Amanda Easton, Tansy Mayhew, Sally London and the Soul Messengers, these musicians will entertain you for a worthy cause, and all profits will go to the wonderful charity, The McGrath Foundation.
Maz Mazak is known for her signature smooth soulful vocals over electronic beats. Her first recording, Soul Tripping, was inspired after a writing trip to the US in Detroit, where she recorded in the late R&B singer Aaliyahs old family home. Her debut single, Where Ya Hidin, was played on Rage and spun on radio stations across Australia and the US.
No Qualms has been DJing around Sydney for the past 10 years. He loves to spin Hip-Hop, R&B and the many faces of Modern Funk and House. But he doesnt just live underground, understanding the power of Pop he regularly drops Top 40 hits to keep the dance floors jumping.

Alongside this he is a Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Song Writer and Performing Artist. He has had songs released by artists the likes of D.I.G (Directions In Groove) (AUS) & The Wu Tang Clan (USA). He has also done remixes for E40, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Styles P, Xzibit, B-Real, Takuya Kuroda, Hopsin, Jessi Malay, Umphreys McGee & Foster The People.

With influences ranging from the sequinned splendour of the 70s, through the moody dance grooves of the 90s to the sexy beats of trip hop, Amanda Easton creates a post modern discoteque experience with her well-crafted pop tunes and soaring voice. Shes released two albums and two EPS and 2 of her singles appearing in the top 10 of the independent Aussie charts. Her music videos and live performances have graced Aussie television screens including MTV.
Soulful, powerful, with an echo of jazz, Tansy has been singing since she could blink & writing songs since she was 8. Her blue eyed soul has wowed audiences at festivals like the Blues & Roots Festival, Mardi Gras Fair Day and the Food &...


Fish Depression No Joke Dolphins Gossip, Whales Talk In Dialects "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fish Depression No Joke 
Dolphins Gossip, Whales Talk In Dialects
by IWB 

"Can a fish be depressed? This question has been floating around my head ever since I spent a night in a hotel across from an excruciatingly sad-looking Siamese fighting fish. His name was Bruce Lee, according to a sign beneath his little bowl. There we were trying to enjoy a complimentary bloody mary on the last day of our honeymoon and there was Bruce Lee, totally still, his lower fin grazing the clear faux rocks on the bottom of his home. When he did finally move, just slightly, I got the sense that he would prefer to be dead. The pleasant woman at the front desk assured me that he was well taken care of. Was I simply anthropomorphizing Bruce Lee, incorrectly assuming his lethargy was a sign of mental distress?

When I sought answers from scientists, I assumed that they would find the question preposterous. But they did not. Not at all. It turns out that not only can our gilled friends become depressed, but some scientists consider fish to be a promising animal model for developing anti-depressants. New research, I would learn, has been radically shifting the way that scientists think about fish cognition, building a case that pet and owner are not nearly as different as many assume. ...


Pan-African News Wire "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Iraq Army in 'Full Control' of Central Kirkuk: Government
Iraqi army's Joint Operations Command says it has established 'total control' over Kirkuk city center

Anadolu News Agency

Iraqi government forces have assumed "full control" over Kirkuk's city center, according to a statement issued late Monday by the army's Joint Operations Command.

The statement listed facilities in Kirkuk that the army had appropriated from Kurdish Peshmerga forces (loyal to northern Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government), who reportedly withdrew from the city and its outskirts before the Iraqi army advance.

These facilities include Kirkuk's main airport, the Northern Petroleum Company, the K1 military base, the Mulla Abdullah oil refinery and the Tikrit Bridge, among others.

Earlier Monday, Iraqi forces reportedly assumed control over central Kirkuk's main government headquarters, according to a local police source.

"A large contingent of Iraqi Federal Police has entered the government headquarters [in Kirkuk] over which they have raised the Iraqi flag," Kirkuk Police Captain Hamed al-Obaidi told Anadolu Agency.

The Iraqi authorities have also reportedly imposed a citywide curfew in Kirkuk, set to expire at 7.00 a.m. (0400GMT) Tuesday morning.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, meanwhile, has also ordered Iraqi security forces to secure the majority-Turkmen district of Tuz Khurmatu in Iraq's Saladin province north of Baghdad, according to a statement released by al-Abadis office.

Late Sunday, Iraqi forces -- including army troops, Federal Police units and Hashd al-Shaabi fighters -- began their advance towards ethnically-diverse Kirkuk with a view to seizing strategic sites and facilities.

Since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, oil-rich Kirkuk has remained the subject of dispute between the central government in Baghdad and the Erbil-based Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

Answerable to KRG President Masoud Barzani, the Peshmerga took control of Kirkuk after the Iraqi army fled before the Daesh terrorist groups onslaught in 2014.

Tension has mounted steadily between Baghdad and the KRG since S...


Google And Levis Stitch Up A Connected Jacket "GroovUs Feed Anews"

The new Commuter Trucker denim jacket, powered by Googles smart textiles, can answer your phone and turn up your music.

Aside from a couple of visual tellssubtle patches of raised stitches and a plastic button on its cuffthe Levis Commuter Trucker looks exactly like what youd expect from the 144-year-old brand: a timeless jean jacket that keeps you warm while looking cool. But appearances deceive. The jacket is actually an interface between you and your phone. Brush, tap, or cover the right spot and you can answer or ignore calls, switch up your music, or get travel-time updates, all without looking at a screen.

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No coronial recommendations over North Coast PTSD officers death "IndyWatch Feed National"

Detective Sergent Ashley Bryant (pictured here in 2007) wanted his death investigated, a coronial inquiry has heard.. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Detective Sergent Ashley Bryant (pictured here in 2007) wanted his death investigated, a coronial inquiry has heard.. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)


The wife of a former police officer who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he took his own life is dismayed the NSW coroner hasnt made any recommendations following an inquest into his death.

Ashley Bryant, 44, made a triple-zero call requesting an inquest before he fell to his death at Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park in December 2013 after battling for several years with a multitude of mental health problems brought on by exposure to traumatic events at work.

Magistrate Michael Barnes said in his inquest findings there was a causal connection between Mr Bryants psychological disorders and his service in the police force.

He found NSW Police Force (NSWPF) is actively and effectively engaging with the issues brought into focus by the death of Ashley Bryant, he said on Tuesday.

More still needs to be done but I accept the NSWPF has identified the difficulties in ensuring the psychological safety of officers and is committed to addressing them.

For that reason, he didnt make redundant or duplicative recommendations.

Mr Bryant had suffered from PTSD, alcoholism and anxiety for several years and was medically discharged from the police in 2012.

His condition was managed by the NSWPF Death and Disability Scheme, with insurers making entitlement determinations based on their investigations.

Mr Bryant had to repeatedly recall incidents that exacerbated his PTSD, and his willingness to undertake study was misconstrued as a capacity for work, Magistrate Barnes said.

These processes added to the stress Ashley was already undergoing, he said.

He acknowledged the difficulties the scheme caused Mr Bryant and his famil...


Florida of the Day: Congressional candidate says shes been on an alien spaceship "GroovUs Feed Anews"

In any sane time and place, it would be political suicide for a candidate to ever claim that theyve had an encounter with aliens. But hey, this is the age of Orange Julius Caesar and were in Florida!

And so Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a Republican (why am I not surprised?) is running for Congress to replace outgoing Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) despite having said in a TV interview that she was brought aboard an alien spaceship.

In that interview, she reported that the aliens told her many things, including:

  • There are 30,000 skulls different from humans in a cave in the Mediterranean island of Malta.
  • The worlds energy center is in Africa.
  • The Coral Castle, a limestone tourist attraction South Miami-Dade, is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.
  • God is a universal energy.

Heres the TV interview, which is in Spanish:

The Miami Herald asked her about her reported alien experiences, and her answer which includes one of the more out-of-place invocations of being a God-fearing Christian Ive heard might just be enough for Floridian voters to give her a chance:

For years people, including Presidents like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and astronauts have publicly claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects and scientists like Stephen Hawking and institutions like the Vatican have stated that there are billions of galaxies in the universe and we are probably not alone, she said. I personally am a Christian and have a strong belief in God, I join the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies in the un...


New winners for Korea, Nigeria quiz competition "IndyWatch Feed National"

In its effort to motivate Nigerian students to aspire for greater heights educationally, South Korea, in collaboration with the Nigerian government, just concluded a quiz competition for students within Abuja. REGINA OTOKPA reports It was a lively atmosphere at the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria (KCCN), as students from seven secondary schools within Abuja battled intellectually to win the grand prize at the final round of the 7th Korea/Nigeria quiz competition. After three rounds of 21 questions answered within 20 seconds, School for the Gifted, Gwagwalada, emerged winners of the competition...

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SWAT Team Raids Autonomous Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post SWAT Team Raids Autonomous Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico appeared first on It's Going Down.

Several police vehicles, an armored tactical vehicle, and law enforcement personnel including swat team pointed their guns at relief workers while surrounding and then entering our base of operations in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico in the early hours before dawn of October 16th, 2017. Law enforcement communicated that they were acting from a call that Mutual Aid Disaster Relief volunteers were engaged in kidnapping. After checking everybodys belongings without consent, they forced volunteers out of what was the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Puerto Rico hub at gunpoint and the threat of arrest.

Law enforcement intimidation also included aggressive questioning of our purpose there and whether or not we were protestors or Antifa, had we ever used the raised fist, if we were distributing propaganda, and if we were planning to overthrow the government.


The state used similar intimidation and disruption tactics against revolutionary disaster relief workers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Brandon Darby being just one example.

We know that repression from the state intensifies when our organizing is perceived by those in power as effective. Rather than be intimidated into silence and passivity, this just furthers our resolve to continue organizing from below to support peoples survival and self-determination.

And to answer the question, no. We are not planning on seizing state power and overthrowing the government. W...


Jos Gonzlez Announces Bluesfest Sideshows "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Image Courtesy of Jos Gonzlez Swedish indie-folk singer-songwriter Jos Gonzlez has this week announced headline shows when hes in Australia for Bluesfest next year. Along with his Bluesfest appearance Gonzlez has also added shows in Canberra, Sydney and two in Melbourne. The full list of dates are below: Thursday 29th March Canberra Theatre, Canberra, []


BATR: The Creed of Sleaze has a Warm Spot in Hell "GroovUs Feed Anews"

The Creed of Sleaze has a Warm Spot in Hell

In today's popular culture, there is no hell. Well; by most historic standards, the dread of eternal punishment was a modifier for eons. Now, the aspiration for reaching a cosmic consciousness, among the empyrean utopians seeks a merger of their personality, experiences and identity into an artificial intelligence that will liberate the constraints of the mortal body. Death would be conquered. Without the fear of oblivion, there could be no condemnation into the bowels of Hades. As the predator ethos expands into every corner and crevice of society, the pervaders of filth dominate the mentally disturbed minds that have emerged as the new measure of public amorality. The easiest way to destroy a country is to eliminate the moral fiber of her people. With the absence of afterlife agony, the hell that remains is the hip lifestyle that idolizes degenerates and denounces the remnant of traditional values.

David J. Stewart argues in Hollywood's Evil Agenda, the following.

"It is clear to me from the type of movies that Hollywood has produced over the past couple decades that increasingly they are pushing agendas, and they have agendas which are evil to the core. It is no secret that Hollywood is Jewish owned and controlled. Hollywood is very much Jewish, which is why hundreds of Jewish actors have changed their names. Most Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. Do a web search under Jewish actor's real names in Hollywood and you'll be surprised to learn how Jewish Hollywood really is. Don't get angry at me, I'm just telling you the truth. It's the Jewish Talmud that promotes child molesting."

Now for all those who admonish that EVERYONE should never mention the unmentionable, answer the question. When will the "PC" matrix allow a serious and constructive dialogue about the role played by the most disgusting pedophiles, which promote and perpetuate sodomy against the most innocent of future generations? There are no consenting adults in these practices. Only abuse and permanent damage of emotional stability comes from ignoring this curse upon decency and propriety.



First Aid Kit Announce Bluesfest Sideshows "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Image Courtesy of First Aid Kit Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit are returning to Australia next year for Bluesfest, and now it looks like were getting a couple of headline shows as well. Sydney and Melbourne will be lucky enough to host First Aid Kit at the beginning of April. The full list of []


The Black Seeds To Play Manning House "GroovUs Feed Anews"

In September of this year New Zealands The Black Seeds released their highly anticipated sixth studio album Fabric. The album reached #3 on the US Billboard Reggae Charts, #3 on the ARIA Jazz & Blues Charts and #4 on New Zealands Album Charts drawing acclaim from critics and fans around the globe.


The South Pacific reggae-soul legends have shared the length and breadth of their luscious and diverse new album including the anthemic summer tune Better Days, the dance heavy Freakin and their brand new track Back To You with sold-out appearances across their homeland over  the past month.

While firmly based in the island grooves that inspired the birth of the band nearly two decades ago, The Black Seeds sound casts a wide net, layering funk, soul, Afrobeat, and other eclectic elements over their dub/reggae foundations. Guitarist/vocalist Barnaby Weir describes their sound as contemporary groove music with influences from soul and funk and reggae rhythms.


Australian audiences get the chance to offer another warm welcome to the band when they return for a series of shows in November, taking in The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Brunswick Heads, Sydney, Long Jetty and Melbourne before the final shows in Margaret River and Fremantle.  With long, hot Summer nights just around the corner, theres no better way to relax into the groove than with the sweet soul filled reggae stylings of The Black Seeds.

WHO: The Black Seeds

WHEN: Saturday, 04 November from 8:00 P.M.

WHERE: Manning House Level Two, Manning Rd, University of Sydney



Hillary Clintons attack on Assange is to cover up what she really stands for "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Contributed by Joe Montero

In an exclusive interview with Four Corners, Hilary Clinton continued her relentless and vicious attack on Julian Assange, the founder and public face of WikiLeaks.

She accuses him of being a tool of the Russians, of colluding with an intelligence operation to disrupt the 2016 US election and damage her candidacy for president.

Assange has become a kind of nihilistic opportunist who does the bidding of a dictator, she said and added that WikiLeaks is unfortunately now practically a fully owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence.

Julian Assange has hit back on Twitter by suggesting that Theres something wrong with Hillary Clinton .

It is not just her constant lying. It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement. Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen, he pointed out.

The bottom line is that Clinton has relied on claims an innuendo and has not presented a shred of evidence to back her claim. Why not?  The simple answer is that there isnt any.

WikiLeaks revelations had an impact, because they were primary sources, much of it in the form of emails, that showed conclusively that Hilary Clinton was lying and continued to lie about key issues. If not for this, the impact would have been minimal.

Even now, she fails to own up to what cannot be denied and this means that she needs to put up a screen between the events of the past and now. Raising the Russian bogeyman does the trick.

Not only was Hilarys dishonesty paraded for everyone to see, the exposures brought out that she was the Darling of Wall Street big money. This is a bad look for a candidate that was supposed to stand for the Democrats. And lets not forget the shameful treatment of contender Bernie Sanders by her camp and the disenfranchisement of the grass roots during the primaries. Blaming the Russians is a way to re-write history.

Hilary Clinton did not win the election, because she was a rotten candidate full stop. A candidate who turned out to be even more unpopular than Donald Trump. And that took some doing.

In both words and action, Hilary Clinton showed little fundamental difference to Trump. Both represented big money. Both backed economic policies that hurt those in the weakest position and favoured those with wealth and privilege. Both played out the politics of division. Both stood for aggressive foreign policy, based on the notion of American superiority and dominance of world affairs.

So long as the Clinton camp and the leadership of the Democrats fail to deal with these issues and provide credible alternatives, they will continue to suffer the consequences.



Is the Fall of Kirkuk Irans Answer to Trump? "GroovUs Feed Anews"

In a lightning advance, Iraqi forces captured the oil-rich city of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces on Monday, sending thousands of civilians fleeing.

The fighting between two US-trained and -equipped forces that have been central to the war against the Islamic State was a slap in the face to US foreign policy.

We are very concerned by reports of violence in Kirkuk and deplore any loss of life, the US embassy in Baghdad said in a statement. ISIS remains the true enemy of Iraq, and we urge all parties to remain focused on finishing the liberation of their country from this menace.

The attack came weeks after Kurdish-controlled territories in northern Iraq voted to break off from Iraqs central government. This infuriated Baghdad, as well as neighbors Iran and Turkey, both of which have restive Kurdish minorities. The referendum included Kirkuk, which is not officially part of the autonomous Kurdish administration, but which the Kurds captured in 2014 after Islamic State routed the government army nearby.

Some observers immediately saw the offensive as Irans answer to President Donald Trumps decision last week to decertify Tehrans compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. This view was partially backed by reports that the Iraqi government offensive was spearheaded by Iranian-backed militias. Indeed, it seems that Iran, alongside the US, now enjoys a strong influence in Baghdad.


Spain Ramps Up Tensions With Catalonia by Jailing Two Pro-Independence Leaders "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Spains government just tightened the screw on the countrys richest region, Catalonia. After Catalonias President Carles Puigdemont refused to clarify whether his speech last Tuesday represented a genuine declaration of independence or not, Madrid has hit back in time-honoured fashion, by having the two leaders of the two main civic organisations behind Catalonias (so far) non-violent independence movement, the fittingly named ANC and mnium Cultura, arrested and imprisoned without bail.

Heres more from El Diario (translated from Spanish):

National Court Judge Carmen Lamela has agreed to send the leaders of the ANC, Jordi Snchez, and mnium Cultura, Jordi Cuixart, to prison, without bail, according to Spains prosecution service. Snchez has only answered questions from his lawyer, while Cuixart, who has already denied the courts jurisdiction to try him for sedition, refused to speak.

Lamela gave Snchez and Cuixart an essential role in sedition. She accused them of collaborating in a complex strategy that sought the execution of the road map designed to achieve the independence of Catalonia. Both, said Lamela, are part of a strategic committee with specific functions to execute.

Forty-two years after Francisco Francos death, Spain has prominent political prisoners back in its jails. Their crime is sedition. They helped mobilise up to half the population of a region of 7.5 million behind a completely peaceful (at least for now) movement for national independence. Their imprisonment sends a clear signal to Catalonias two main political leaders, President Carles Puigdemont and Vice President Oriol Junqueras: if they refuse to submit to Madrid by 10 a.m. Thursday and return within the folds of Spanish law, they, too, will be behind bars very shortly. Even if they do surrender, there are no guarantees that they will not go to jail.

Madrids latest proportional act should also serve as a message to all Europeans or at least all Europeans living in countries belonging to the EU: democracy is a fragile thing in todays united Europe. Everything Madrid has done so far, it has done with Brussels tacit and at times explicit blessing.

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Illegal Military Research and Development in Antarctica "GroovUs Feed Anews"

By Michael Salla, Ph.D. and Corey Goode

The U.S. military industrial complex has been conducting military research and development in Antarctica that grossly violates the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, according to secret space program insider Corey Goode. In previous updates he has described his two visits to Antarctica and the secret excavations occurring with an ancient civilization buried under the ice sheets.

Recently, scientists have confirmed the existence of networks of thermally heated caverns under the West Antarctic ice sheets and have speculated on the kind of life that could be supported there. These scientific announcements help corroborate Coreys claims of extensive underground facilities that contain space ports, and are conducting military research and development there.

In this latest series of questions and answers, Corey describes the history of these Antarctica Treaty violations and how it began with a merging of the US military industrial complex with a German secret space program established in Antarctica during WWII.

Significantly, he refers for the first time to secret space ports and elite facilities built in Argentina and Brazil, which were first established as part of the German space program. These are now part of a corporate run space program he describes as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

Most disturbing is Coreys reference to the human rights abuses occurring in Antarctica under the illegal military research and development there by the U.S. military industrial complex, which is controlled by the ICC. He identifies Argentina and Mexico as additional locations where such abuses are occurring.


MS Michael Salla

CG Corey Goode

Questions for Corey Goode on Antarctica

MS You say that Project Iceworm was a means for the US military to secretly place weapons systems in Antarctica. Were nuclear weapons included among the weapons eventually taken to Antarctica?

CG Project Iceworm was originally developed to house ICBM bases in strategic regions across the Arctic and Antarctic. This project was also coopted to build research and development bases in the Antarctic for both military and military in...


Experts say some Dead Sea Scrolls displayed at DC Museum of the Bible are fakes "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Are the Dead Sea Scrolls historical documents or collectible items? How you answer that question may determine how you feel about new revelations that fragments of scrolls in private collections that their owners have paid millions for are probably fakes ... well-made forgeries, but fakes nonetheless. One of the victims of these frauds is the Museum of the Bible, which is scheduled to open in Washington DC in November 2017. In a new article in Dead Sea Discoveries by paleographer and Dead Sea Scrolls expert, Dr. Kipp Davis, many of the "scrolls" to be displayed in that facility are questionable at best, fakes at worst. Forgeries have been a problem with the Dead Sea Scrolls since the first ones were found in 1947 by Bedouin shepherds in a cave near what is now known as the Qumran site. Eventually, 11 (some say 12) caves were found housing some 900 manuscripts and up to 50,000 fragments in forms ranging from full scrolls to minute pieces. As they contain the contents of the Hebrew Bible, competition between scholars and collectors to possess the scrolls was immediately fierce, costly and fraught with frauds. Eventually, carbon dating of the leather they were written on eliminated fakes that weren't around 2,000 years old.


What Caused the Measles Outbreak? "GroovUs Feed Anews"

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) claims to have the answers, but the analysis is deceptive.

From The Washington Post:

People who dont get vaccinated are the most likely reason for the steady increase in the rate of measles and major outbreaks in the United States, according to an analysis released Tuesday.

The findings, published in JAMA, add to the body of evidence linking failure to vaccinate with the spread of the highly infectious and potentially fatal disease. Once common in the United States, measles was eliminated nationally in 2000 but has made a return in recent years largely because of people who reject vaccinating their children, experts say.

Comment: This is the same propaganda we heard as the outbreak was happening. It was wrong then, and its wrong now. The study looked at 1,789 measles cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 2001 and 2015, reporting that 70% were unvaccinatedbut the authors admit that there was lack of verifiable immunization on nearly half of the adult cases. Even if we accept the studys numbers at face value, it means that 30% of measles cases occurred in those who were vaccinated. An earlier JAMA study estimated that the vaccination rate among individuals that were exposed to measles during the 2015 outbreak at Disneyland was as high as 86%. There have even been cases where measles was transmitted in a school with a documented immunization level of 100%. What this tells us is that vaccination is not as effective at preventing disease as the public is often led to believe.

The study, and the media eagerly reporting on it, also fail to point out the fact that multiple studies have shown that vaccinated kids, especially those recently vaccinated, ca...

Monday, 16 October


Win: Breakfast of Champions for ten people at bills "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Start your day with something a bit more special than soggy weet-bix.

Were giving away a Breakfast of Champions to one new supporter and 9 of their best mates. Yours to use on any weekday thanks to the legendary bills in Darlinghurst.

Become a supporter before October 27 and you could be feasting at the winners buffet on Bill Grangers classic dishes.

Sign up as an FBi Radio Supporter


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Beyond Plastic Pollution: Pathways to Cleaner Oceans "GroovUs Feed Anews"

OCEANA/Carlos Minguell

Australias first Conference focused on reducing Marine Plastic Pollution in the Asia-Pacific region will take place at Darling Harbour in Sydney from October 31st to November 1st 2017.

Bringing together business, government, science, academia and community, Beyond Plastic Pollution will seek to find pathways to cleaner oceans learning about the latest research, testing the best solutions and encouraging diverse interests to work together.

Ruth Hessey spoke with Jayne Paramour about the upcoming event.

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