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Sunday, 20 August


This isn't the first time Coalition MPs have lied about costings North Coast Voices

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's populist "tax grabs" would cost Australians an eye-watering $150 billion over 10 years, the Federal Government will reveal todayIndependent modelling by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) and Treasury shows that under a Shorten government small business, mum and dad investors, older Australians and higher-income earners would be slapped with higher taxes. [The Northern Star, 14 August 2017]

The Parliamentary Budget Office exposes the lie

This is not the first time a Coalition MP has uttered political lies about costings. Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb became rather famous for it.



Millionaire mining magnate Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest's cashless welfare card adopted by the Turnbull Coalition Government is not the answer North Coast Voices

NITV, 14 August 2017:

The income management trial was set up in the east Kimberley in April 2016 to help curb problem drinking, gambling and domestic violence - elements that were present in the lives of 13 young Indigenous people who killed themselves over a three-and-a-half year period.

University of Melbourne development studies lecturer, Dr Elise Klein is researching the policy and told the inquest the compulsory program was rolled out without proper community consultation, silencing many Aboriginal voices and causing tension and frustration amongst a diverse population.

Dr Klein told the inquest via video link from Melbourne the scheme represents neo-colonialism and government overreach.

"It's explained as the 'white card'," she said.

"The card has been a symbol of disempowerment, a symbol of state intervention, punitive intervention over someone's life."

Dr Klein said the system was chaotically introduced with design flaws, including a balance-checking mobile app for people who "didn't know how to use the internet let alone own a mobile phone"

Many of the children who claimed their own lives were inadequately fed, but Dr Klein said it was "naive at best" to think controlling parents' consumption would effectively combat this, insisting the card made money management "much harder" for people already living below the poverty line.


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Saturday, 19 August


Bellingen Youth Orchestra Bellingen Music Festival nellibellingen

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra (BYO) was formed after a visit from Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra in 2007 and has continued its relationship with the ACO since then. The BYO is a unique group, whose significant achievements can be attributed to the work of Bellingens outstanding music teachers, whose enthusiasm continue to make this highly popular orchestra possible.The Bellingen Youth Orchestras varied repertoire includes standard orchestral pieces and popular film music scores. Some of the highlights have been their performances of Griegs Piano Concerto, George Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue, The Warsaw Concerto with local pianist David Helfgott and last years world premiere performance of Wuuban Barri, a work by local composer Paul Jarman, specially commissioned by the Bellingen Music Festival as part of the Music- By-Youth project.

Source: Bellingen Youth Orchestra Bellingen Music Festival

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Bella Vista Bellingen Accomodation | BOOK DIRECT NOW nellibellingen

Comfortable, Private and Self-Contained Accommodation with Pool Sleeps 1 9  (Extra mattresses can be added to accommodate up to 12)Bella Vista is situated just up the hill from beautiful Bellingen amongst lush rainforest gardens.  The house is available as a four, three, two or one bedroom private home, without the need to share your living space with strangers.Fully self-contained and eco-friendlyPeaceful and quiet location on the edge of townAir-conditioned queen bedrooms with full sized ensuites & flat screen TVsComplimentary breakfastLarge balcony with outdoor dining areaMountain viewsAmazing bird life with special feeding platformRelaxing spa bathBook the whole house for large family gatherings or weekend workshopsA short walk to 15 cafes, award winning restaurants, boutiques, markets, art galleries and craft shopsShort drive to beach, mountains and riversHandicapped accommodation available

Source: Bella Vista Bellingen Accomodation | BOOK DIRECT NOW



Quotes of the Week North Coast Voices

I am the worlds greatest person
[US President Donald J. Trump28 January 2017]

Common sense tells you that when you have an industry that pays less than others, employs more young people than others, and has a much higher level of underemployment than others, it is not really in need of policy that will have 10,000 young people working for less than the minimum wage and for which the employer will not only not have to pay them, but will be given $1,000 from the government.  [Greg Jericho writing in The Guardian, 6 August 2017]

That the era of deregulation is exhausted should no longer be an issue. Free market fundamentalists rebounded from the global financial crisis with a remarkable ease, treating it like a mere flesh wound. But almost a decade later, the game is up. The twin business strategies of suppressing wages and side-stepping taxation obligations to benefit those at the top of the wealth distribution curve is no longer acceptable. The economic and political damage is too great. The other 90% are joining the dots. They are many and they are angry. [Lawyer Josh Bornstein writing in The Guardian, 27 July 2017]

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Friday, 18 August


Tweeds river festival and home expo to be merged Local News Echonetdaily

The Tweed River Festival's lantern parade last year. Photo Tweed Shire Council

The Tweed River Festivals lantern parade last year. Photo Tweed Shire Council

By Luis Feliu

Two annual council-run events in Tweed shire are set to be merged, with the savings aimed at attracting families to the one festival and boosting environmental education.

Tweed councillors last night approved combining the budgets for Tweed River Festival and the 2017 Living for the Future Home Expo.

Staff said the merger would provide a good opportunity to attract a bigger audience to the Home Expo, and reinvigorate the environmental engagement and education outcomes of the Tweed River Festival.

The Home Expo will return to Seagulls club this year from Saturday 16 September.

The Tweed River Festival currently operates on a budget of $41,000, with $9,000 of that for the lantern parades, while the Home Expos budget is $6,000, with an extra $4,000 in stallholder fees and sponsorship.

Staff say efficiencies gained in merging the two events would also enable the reallocation of $10,000 towards implementation of the Tweed Coast Koala Plan of Management

The Tweed River Festival (TRF) has been held annually since 2002, attracting thousands of people each year for an afternoon of entertainment at a key riverside location, culminating in a night time lantern parade led by children from local schools.

Staff say that since 2013, the annual Home Expo event has provided information and inspiration for local residents about how to improve the cost, comfort and environmental impacts of their homes and lifestyles.

The event has grown from 350 visitors in 2013, to more than a 1,000 visitors in 2016, with 70 per cent of visitors new to the event each year.

The staff report says the river festival is the only festival run by council, using predominantly staff resources, and established to promote awareness on the importance of the Tweed River to locals lives.

While the festival has become a reasonably important community social event, the value of this event in providing environmental benefit has never been quantified, the report said.

It is time to reconsider the use of the Tweed River Festival budget which may be better used for direct education and awaren...


Evans group blasts airport development approval Local News Echonetdaily

The proposed development near the airport at Evans Head.

The proposed development near the airport at Evans Head.

An Evans Head group has blasted the approval of a 199-lot manufactured homes estate adjacent to runways at the Evans Head Memorial Airport.

Dr Richard Gates, president of the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Committee, said the state governments Northern Regional Planning Panel chaired by Garry West yesterday approved the development despite serious concerns raised by the committee.

The JRPP was just ticking the box for public consultation and in my view gave no real attention to the very serious concerns raised in our objections, Dr Gates said.

In particular they gave no attention whatsoever to the public safety issue created by putting a very dense residential development so close to active runways, a classic land use planning conflict.

My Committees comment to the community about this development is Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.  There is no defined public safety zone between the active airfield and this development and in our view the public is potentially being put at risk.

While they had no current legal obligation to do so, they had a clear moral obligation to do so because the public is put at risk and the State government knows that there is a  problem with development being too close to active airfields.

Dr Gates accused the state government of catering to greedy developers who couldnt care less about public safety.

The State government has been dragging its feet about Public Safety Zones as it panders to the big developer lobby and our airfield infrastructure is being chewed up by greedy developers who could care less about public safety.

The Federal and State governments are particularly keen to avoid public safety zones because of the implications they would have for the Badgerys Creek Airport.

He also accused the Richmond Valley Council of going out of its way to ensure that information about the development was kept from the public.

Council had no notices about the JRPP hearing on its website, and its DA tracker not only hadnt been updated for months but had no information at all about important matters relating to the development, he said.

We were kept in the dark and it is our view that this was deliberate.  It seems to us that council is failing in its duty to keep us informed about things which matter.

Any trust we had in this council and its proce...


Lismore flood review describes response as chaotic and grossly negligent Local News Echonetdaily

A flooded Lismore received a drenching from the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

A flooded Lismore received a drenching from the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

A South Lismore trucking business  lost three fully loaded trucks during the March flood because a policeman refused to remove a barrier blocking their escape from rising flood-waters, despite the road to higher ground being clear.

The drivers of the three trucks had earlier spent hours on the Thursday helping various businesses move their stock and equipment out of the flood waters to safety, at no cost.

Their story is highlighted in a review of the flood response prepared by Lismore citizens, including former mayor Ros Irwin, Keith Alcock, who headed the SES during the 1974 flood, Tony Madden, a former regional emergency welfare coordinator, Peter Thorpe, an engineer who constructed sections of the Lismore levee and Beth Trevan, a South Lismore business woman.

The story of the trucking firm recounts how as evening approached the truck drivers returned to their own business and loaded the three trucks with produce and equipment and proceeded to drive the trucks out of their South Lismore premises to higher ground.

But with the road to Caniaba blocked, they tried to escape over the Ballina Street bridge to higher ground through the CBD.

Their escape was blocked by a barrier, and a police officer told them they would be fined if they parked the trucks on the bridge.

Meanwhile, SES and police were still patrolling the CBD in vehicles, and it was hours before the levee was overtopped.

The drivers were forced to park their trucks near Heritage Park where there was no water at the time.

It was around midnight and SES personnel were still patrolling the CBD in vehicles at that time and it was more than three hours before the levee overtopped and still possible to safely exit to higher ground via Molesworth, Conway, Keen, Orion and Leycester Streets.

Presumably the policeman drove from the bridge to safety that way, the report says.

All that was required was for the barrier to be moved aside whilst the trucks moved through and replaced again .. but as the water rose the parked fully loaded trucks all went under at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the...


Push for electric-vehicle fast-charge stations in region Local News Echonetdaily

Coming to a place near you: fast-charge stations for electric vehicles. Image iStock

Coming to a place near you: fast-charge stations for electric vehicles. Image iStock

By Luis Feliu

Tweed and Byron shires are set to pave the way for the future of electric vehicles in the region, looking into ways of facilitating them by setting up a regional network of fast-charge stations.

Tweed councillors last night accepted a staff report recommending partnering with Byron Shire Council in a strategy to explore opportunities to support low-emissions vehicle use in the region.

The Power Up Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Strategy recommends establishing a network of publicly available fast-charge stations in the region to enable electric vehicle (EV) drivers full access throughout the region.

The plan is a guide to help attract more fast-charge stations in the northern rivers and guide future advocacy, policy and operational opportunities for the fast-growing electric-vehicle EV market.

Tweed council will also look the feasibility of adding electric vehicles to its fleet once existing flood response demands have been met.

Staff say the strategy outlines options for government and business to encourage EV use as part of a sustainable transport future, and is not a detailed analysis of the business case for EVs or EV charge stations for council.

In their report staff gave an overview of the impact of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion vehicles, which make up more than half of all transport greenhouse gas emissions.

Opportunities to reduce the carbon-intensity of transport in our region will help tackle a significant source of emissions, reduce our contribution to climate change and protect our natural, human and business communities from the impacts of climate change, the report says.

Sustainability staff from both Tweed and Byron shire councils compiled the Power Up strategy to help businesses, our communities and councils consider the emergence of EVs in Australia and implications for the region.

Renewable energy-powered EVs are considered the best low-impact form of motorised passenger vehicle available. Green power would cos...


Police allege Casino business involved in car rebirthing Local News Echonetdaily

Police have applied to the court to have a business near Casino which they allege is involved in car rebirthing and stolen property shut down.

In November 2016, State Crime Command Property Squad officers and Richmond Target Action Group police conducted a business inspection of a Leeville property, south-west of Casino, under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Dealers and Repairers Act.

During the inspection, owner Jerome Burston said he was aware of new laws under the Scrap Metal Industry Act that would come into effect on March 1, 2017, court documents stated.

Strike Force Coquette was formed in January 2017 to investigate stolen property and motor vehicle rebirthing offences at a Clearfield property, south-west of Casino, owned by Mr Burston.

Jim Williams was identified as a business partner of Mr Burston during the investigation in which police used covert methods to obtain evidence, before Mr Burston was charged with serious property offences including knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime and facilitating car rebirthing on an organised basis.

Mr Burston was released on conditional bail not to attend the Clearfield property.

Richmond Target Action Group officers inspected the Clearfield property on July 20, under the provisions of the Scrap Metal Industry Act of 2016 and spoke to an excavator driver.

While police were at the property, Mr Williams arrived wanting to know why officers were there.

Officers requested Mr Williams supply a copy of his scrap metal licence and he allegedly stated that he applied for one , then shortly after he disclosed he had not applied for any licence.

Checks by police via the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate showed Mr Burston and Mr Williams had not applied for, or were issued, any licences required by the act.

Mr Williams was issued with an infringement notice by police for deal in scrap metal business not registered.

Police then applied for and were granted an interim closure order under section 17(1) of the Scrap Metal Industry Act of 2016, which was in place for 72 hours.

Police are of the belief that Burston and Williams are profiting from the sale of scrap metal, namely scrapped motor vehicles, without any licence or business registration, court documents said.

Police respectively request a long-term closure order for the property.

On Monday at Lismore Local Court, Magistrate R Dene adjourned the matters until September 18.

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Grants for the northern rivers opening soon Local News Echonetdaily

Migrant refugee swimming program in Lismore. Photo supplied.

Migrant refugee swimming program in Lismore. Photo supplied.

Its time for not-for-profit organisations to get their applications ready for the 2018 Small Grants Program with Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF). One of the big winners last year was Byron Bay Nursery who received the big amount of $25K last year. From Grafton through to Tweed Heads, passionate groups and organisations striving to improve their communities are encouraged to apply.

Applications open on Tuesday August 22 and close on or before September 19.

We are looking for organisations who are making a difference in their communities said NRCF Chair John Callanan.

Last years program awarded grants from $1,000 upwards with an average of $6,000 per grant, and attracted an extraordinary variety of wonderful people striving to aid their communities.

In its thirteen year history, NRCF has distributed over $1.1 million to 227 projects & 87 organisations.

Each year there is a major grant of $25,000  last year that was awarded  to the Katia Native Bee Youth Employment Project from the Byron Bay Herb Nursery. Katia has established a native bee keeping business that provides employment opportunities for local indigenous youth and youth at disadvantage. 

Applicants must be registered charitable organisations in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, with Item 1 DGR status. Groups may also apply provided they have an auspicing arrangement with an eligible organisation.

For further information click here or phone 0414250790. 

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Pictures that tell 1,000 Words - Part Four North Coast Voices

On the day Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party of Australia, Barnaby Joyce (seated at right rear), informed the House of Representatives that he holds dual Australian & New Zealand citizenship in contravention of s44 of the Australian Constitution

Photograph: Alex Ellinghausen

And the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the motion for the second reading the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Amendment Bill 2017 by 69 votes to 61 - stating the federal government is failing to protect the Great Barrier Reef, failing to act on climate change, winding back the protection of Australian ocean waters and supporting the Queensland LNP blocking reef protections.


The art of Lennox: Have your say Local News Echonetdaily

ShakShuka performing at the Park Lane Launch in 2016. Photo supplied.

ShakShuka performing at the Park Lane Launch in 2016. Photo supplied.

What events would you like to see happening in the community? Everyone will have their own set of ideas and right now the Lennox Head cultural and community centre wants to know what you want.

Over the last twelve months the Park Lane Theatre in Lennox Head has hosted a series of successful events, receiving widespread positive community response. The selection of events and activities has been primarily based on community consultation undertaken a year ago, which gathered information from local residents to guide programmers on what is most desired in terms of local arts and cultural programming.

It is important that we provide a varied and high-quality program which seeks to meet diverse interests in our community, said Kate McBride, Ballina shire councils acting community facilities team leader.

We want to build our profile as a premier entertainment venue in the Northern Rivers, but to do this we need to know what interests our community.

The types of things we want to hear about include musical tastes, hobbies and issues of importance. We also ask for general ideas in narrative form about what the ideal local entertainment programme would look like, so through this survey, we really give people the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way, Ms McBride said.

Let them know what you want here.

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Laugh your way to a better life Local News Echonetdaily

Time for a laugh... Photo supplied.

Time for a laugh Photo supplied.

What better way to face down your troubles than having a good old laugh? On Saturday September 2 between 89am you can join in a laughter yoga session to raise awareness and funds for the 48,000 homeless Australian women.

Meredith Yardley from LaughterWorx in Ballina is raising money to support for the non profit organisation, Share the Dignity, that assists Australian women gain access personal care products.

I cant imagine how awful it must be to be homeless. And to make it worse, not being able to afford to buy sanitary items, shampoo, even a toothbrush, must just be soul destroying, said Meredith.

If I can create an opportunity for our community to help make a difference for these women, well, I just cant go past it.

It couldnt be simpler, all you have to do is turn up and give a gold coin donation and if you have any personal care items you would like to donate then you can add them to the care basket.

One person can make a small difference, says Meredith.

But by all getting together, we can make a huge difference to our less fortunate sisters. So come along and have a laugh its for a serious cause.

Head down to St Marys Anglican Church Administration Hall, corner Norton and Burnet Streets, Ballina, entry from Burnet St.

For more information, contact Meredith on 0434 076 183, or check out her website here.

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The Charlottesville incidents to which US President Donald J. Trump gives tacit support - WARNING: violent and disturbing images North Coast Voices

He [President Trump] argued that both sides had been guilty of violence, he noted that the white supremacists indeed had a permit to protest, but the "other group" did not. He insisted that both sides had "bad people" and "very fine people" and he drew an equivalency between George Washington, who help create the United States after the American Revolutionary War that ended in 1783, and General Robert E. Lee, who led the secessionist armies that killed more American troops than any other foe in the defence of slavery nearly a century later.

The political and media response afterwards was immediate and shocked. Again Republican leaders were forced to come out to rebuke and distance themselves from their ostensible leader. In a long Twitter statement Marco Rubio declared, "Mr President, you can't allow #WhiteSupremacists to share only part of blame. They support idea which cost nation & world so much pain."



Members and Senators of the Australian Parliament: you had one job to do....... North Coast Voices



                   Any person who:

                      (i)  is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

                     (ii)  is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer; or

                    (iii)  is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent; or...

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Thursday, 17 August


The remarkable Patersons New England, Australia

On 12 July, my post From Armidale to Bega: sharing the remarkable Hinton art collection included a reproduction of an Esther Paterson (1896-1971) painting, The Yellow Gloves, also known as Portrait of Betty Paterson.

I knew nothing about Esther or Betty Paterson so did some digging around. I found they were part of a rather remarkable Melbourne artistic family whose story I briefly outlined in my Armidale Express column subsequently re-posted on my New England History blog, The Patersons and their artistic legacy 



Gold Coast Airport (GCA) will be an Official Airport of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018), recognising its position as the gateway to the region hosting the largest multi-sport event to be held in Australia this decade.

GCA has today announced its partnership with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) as an Official Supplier and Official Airport.

To celebrate the announcement, GC2018 mascot, Borobi, was welcomed with an honorary water canon salute on the airport tarmac before officially opening the GC2018s first merchandise store.

Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Commonwealth Games, Kate Jones, today welcomed Gold Coast Airport into the Games Family.

Its so exciting that the Gold Coast Airport will become an official gateway to the Games. It will be a game changer and our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase all that is great about the Gold Coast, Minister Jones said.

As a result of the Games, close to $3 billion in projects are in the pipeline new hotels, resorts and tourist attractions that will transform the Gold Coast into a truly global city long after the Games.

All of this world-class infrastructure will achieve a lasting legacy with better transport links and worldclass sporting venues for future generations.

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC said all Games partners were focused on delivering a great Games experience, and this starts on arrival to the Gold Coast.

Our partnership with GCA allows us to work closely with the airport so it is in the best position to deal with the inevitable spike in traffic leading up to, during and after the Games, Mr Beattie said.

GCA have been a strong supporter of the Games since the bid phase and in addition to becoming a member of the GC2018 Sponsor Family, today weve opened the first official GC2018 store in the main terminal.

This is the first time a Commonwealth Games store has been located at an airport and will be the first of 30 locations to open ahead of the Games. I couldnt think of a better location for visitors to the Gold Coast to grab a Borobi soft toy or other merchandise to share the dream with friends and family.

GCA Chief Executive Officer Chris Mills said the operational impacts of the Games had long been on GCAs radar, but the partnership with GOLDOC underlined the importance of GC2018 to the airport and the city.

Customer experience is at the forefront of our operations and in partnering with GOLDOC we can ensure the experience for Games family and spectators is a positive one, Mr Mills said.

We will provide that all important first and last impression for thousands of athletes, officials and spectators.

Our sponsorship of the event is also about celebrating the impact the Games will have on the Gold Coast.

As a major airport servicing the Gold Coast and northern New...


Police investigate grave on Nth Lismore Plateau Local News Echonetdaily

A view of the North Lismore Plateau. (Darren Coyne)

A view of the North Lismore Plateau. (Darren Coyne)

A site visit this weekend to the North Lismore Plateau by Lismore City councillors, developers and Aboriginal representatives has been postponed to allow police to investigate a grave believed to contain two bodies.

Echonetdaily reported recently that a report by Georadar Pty Ltd for the Everick Heritage Consultants, who are acting for the developers, presented the results of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey performed on 18 January 2017 at the Winten Property Group Site on the North Lismore Plateau.

Bundjalung elder Mickey Ryan, an opponent of the development, has been pushing for the investigation into the gravesite as part of his opposition to a proposed housing estate on the plateau that would cater to 3600 people.

Lismore City Council yesterday confirmed that the proposed site visit this weekend had now been cancelled to allow police to carry out their investigations.

Mr Ryan, who has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission about his treatment by the council and developers, said the gravesite should have been reported when it was first discovered.

The council and the developers consultant failed to report, as is required the discovery of human remains. That burial could be a crime scene, an Aboriginal burial or as is being put by the developer without forensic evidence, the graves of European settlers.

This shows the lack of respect that council and the developer have for even their own heritage.

A Lismore City Council spokesperson said police had not informed the council when the investigation would be completed.

She said the outcome of the investigation would inform the development of the Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Winten Group site on the Plateau.

The impact of the police investigations on the timing of the development will not be clear until after the police have completed their investigations, she said.



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Local Aborigines invited to discuss dam-raising project Local News Echonetdaily

Mt Warning from Clarrie Hall Dam in the Tweed Valley.

Mt Warning from Clarrie Hall Dam in the Tweed Valley.

Tweed council is inviting local Aborigines with cultural knowledge of the Doon Doon and Commissioners Creek areas, particularly around Clarrie Hall Dam, to help undertake the cultural heritage assessment required to raise the wall of the dam.

In December 2015, Council resolved to begin planning for and buying the land needed to raise the wall of the dam. Its decision followed an extensive assessment of the options available to increase the capacity of the Tweed district water supply.

The cultural heritage assessment is one of the early investigations required in the planning phase of the project and Canberra-based navin officer heritage consultants have been engaged to investigate the potential impact of the proposed dam-raising on local Aboriginal cultural heritage values. 

The consultants are inviting local Aboriginal people to register their interest in attending a workshop to discuss their proposed methodology for conducting the cultural heritage assessment, including an archaeological ground survey, of the Clarrie Hall Dam area.

The workshop is scheduled to be held on Thursday September 7. Interested parties will be given more details when they register. 

The workshop will cover the proposed ground survey strategy, the recording of cultural heritage sites during the survey and the logistics of the survey program.

The workshop aims to give the Aboriginal community information about the proposed project, to start to involve the Aboriginal community in the decision-making process for the project and to start to gather from the Aboriginal community any information regarding the cultural significance of the project area, principal archaeologist navin officer heritage consultants Nicola Hayes said.

The workshop is being undertaken as part of the New South Wales Office of En...


Page MP says he will hold his own Aust Day ceremony Local News Echonetdaily

Page MP Kevin Hogan (Nationals). Photo Tree Faerie

Page MP Kevin Hogan (Nationals). Photo Tree Faerie

Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan said he would hold his own Australia Day Citizenship and Awards Ceremony in Lismore if the Lismore City Council council scraps Australia Day celebrations on January 26.

At its last meeting, the council passed a motion from Greens councillor Vanessa Ekins to lobby the Federal Government and local members to change the date of Australia Day. The motion passed 7-3, with Crs Greg Bennett, Nancy Casson, and Gianpiero Battista voting against.

Cr Ekins also wanted the council to identify more appropriate dates for citizenship ceremonies, and to work toward culturally inclusive Australia Day celebrations.

Although Australia Day marks the anniversary of the 1788 first fleets arrival in Botany Bay this date is known to many Australians as Invasion Day and Survival Day, Cr Ekins argues.

The 26 January only became a national holiday in 1994 (younger than the hottest 100) and changing the date will be a significant symbolic act.

If Australia Day is a day for all Australians, lets choose a day when all Australians can celebrate.

She  suggested May 8. To find out why, watch

But Mr Hogan has issued a statement saying I dont support changing the date for Australia Day..

I will hold my own Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony on the 26th of January if Lismore City Council changes the date.

Australia Day is a wonderful day of celebration for our country. It is a day we acknowledge the First Australians and their wonderful history and spiritual connection to our land. It is also a day we celebrate the successful multicultural society we are.

Wrongs have been done, but the day is a celebration of all that we have to be grateful for.



Lismore council to remove dead tree on new gallery site Local News Echonetdaily

A large eucalypt at the new Lismore Regional Gallery has died and will be removed. Photo supplied.

A large eucalypt at the new Lismore Regional Gallery has died and will be removed. Photo supplied.

Lismore City Council will remove a dead eucalypt tree at the front of the new Lismore Regional Gallery site next week.

Lismore City Council will remove a dead eucalypt tree at the front of the new Lismore Regional Gallery site next week.

The Gympie messmate began looking unwell following the March flood, and a specialist was brought in to try and save the grand old eucalypt.

Testing was unable to determine if the cause of death was flood distress, a white ant treatment earlier this year, extended periods of hot weather, gallery construction work or simply old age.

It is a great shame that we couldnt save the tree as it provides beauty and shade in that space, but we tried everything we could. It may well be that it was just its time, Councils Manager of Major Recreation and Cultural Facilities Tony Duffy said.

Its not the outcome we had hoped for but we will plant something new that will flourish in that space.

Council staff will choose a mature replacement tree, and are currently conducting soil testing to determine the most appropriate replacement species for the site.

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Stop logging Gladstone SF Media releases - North East Forest Alliance

The North East Forest Alliance have renewed their call for the environment Minister. Gabrielle Upton, to intervene to protect Koalas after the discovery of a Koala high use tree and numerous breaches within logged areas of Gladstone State Forest, 6km south-west of Bellingen.

A NEFA audit of 7 hectares of logging in compartment 231 of Gladstone State Forest on Sunday afternoon located 20 Koala scats under a tree on the boundary of the logging area, intensive logging of Koala feed trees, logging within a Great Barred Frog exclusion area, 31 breaches of habitat tree selection and protection requirements affecting 20 habitat trees, and a logging intensity well in excess of that allowed.

Photo of logged koala habitat at Gladstone SF.


Potting about for a worthy cause Local News Echonetdaily

Richard Jones in his Possum Creek pottery paradise. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Richard Jones in his Possum Creek pottery paradise. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Possum Creek politician turned potter Richard Jones is opening his studio with others on the North Coast Mud Trail this weekend.

He donates part of the proceeds  to Rainforest Trust to conserve rainforest worldwide, including the Daintree.

Last years Mud Trail donation was enough to conserve 2,000 acres in Peru, he said.

This year hes aiming for 1,000 acres in Nepal to help create the vast Lumbasumba corridor to protect the Snow Leopard and other endangered species.

All of the funds donated go to the projects and are matched by an anonymous donor.

Twenty studios

Twenty local studios are opening their doors on the Mud Trail this year with an enormous variety of new work on display.

Ceramics are making a big comeback, said Richard.

People are supporting local potters and craftspeople as never before. They are now preferring individually handmade pieces with character to mass-produced identical imports. Its very encouraging.

Richard will have more than 1,200 pieces for sale at his studio, number 15 on the Mud Trail, at Possum Creek, mostly plates, bowls and cups, hand carved and painted with trees and birds. Hundreds of these will be on sale at ten dollars.

The northern rivers is fast becoming known around Australia as a centre for ceramic art.

The quality of work on show in studios this year will likely cement that reputation.

For more info visit

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Byrons newest cultural hotspot Local News Echonetdaily

Encounter Byron director Adam Collett. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Encounter Byron director Adam Collett. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Its about culture, its about creative and it is about caring for your community.

The Encounter Byron project, based in the Byron Arts and Industry Estate, is building on the foundations of the Kulchajam space to be a showcase of the emerging culture of Byron, according to director Adam Collett.

It is about maintaining the heart of the creative culture while also integrating fresh ideas and fresh people, he says.

Care Box program

Creating a space for music, dance, workshops and more, Adam also sees the future of Encounter Byron as an opportunity to help those in need, through their Care Box program. He says its a way of connecting and providing opportunities to the youth of the Shire, as well as being a small business incubator and shop collective.

We have this incredible resource and we want to make it as accessible and used by the community as much as possible, continued Adam.

The Care Box program has been set up to reach out to people who are in need, unseen or unheard.

If you know someone who is struggling and needs a hand you can nominate them to receive a Care Box.

Inside, there are things they might need, from food to messages of love and support.

We want to be a bridge, Adam said, highlighting that it is about both support and getting those in need connected to the community and the right people who can help them. Encounter is also working on an Indigenous outreach program, and have partnered with local groups including One Vision with the aim of supporting young people in the region.

Culture showcase

A series of summer street markets is also being planned that will showcase the emerging culture of Byron from youth hip-hop to eco-markets, local food and businesses that call this place home.

We are looking to...


Calls to focus on future proofing against flood Local News Echonetdaily

The slip on Hogans Road photographed immediately after the March floods and once protected by traffic lights. Photo supplied.

The slip on Hogans Road photographed immediately after the March floods and once protected by traffic lights. Photo supplied.

With welcome news that Byron Shire Council have received much-needed state government funds for a North Byron Floodplain Risk Management Study, questions have been raised as to whether preventive disaster preparation should be the focus of governments rather than simply disaster relief.

Parliamentary secretary for the northern NSW, Ben Franklin MLC (Nationals) announced the $130,000 funding grant for Council last week.

Yet as The Echo went to print, the state government Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) were yet to reply as to why the funding for the flood plain management study had taken since June 2016 to approve.

Tweed Shire Council senior staff member David Oxenham, who is chair of the infrastructure, waste and environment sub-committee of the regional flood committee, said that for every $10 they [the government] spend on recovery and restoration for flood events, they are spending $1 on flood management and mitigation.

Oxenham pointed to the need for both state and federal governments to fund the essential work needed to make roads and other assets able to withstand the effects of disasters, rather than to just bring them back to the previous condition.

He told The Echo, It is about making the assets more resilient. So far, the state and federal governments have said No. We would like them to put their minds to making assets more resilient rather than just replacement, he continued.

Its a position supported by local civil engineer and former Greens councillor Duncan Dey.

Policy entrenched in failure

He told The Echo, In Australia...


The NSW Northern Rivers have been asking for a fair go for decades North Coast Voices

To be filed under The more thing change the more things stay the same.

Saturday, 7 March 1931

Trove, retrieved 13 August 2017


And so the vileness begins North Coast Voices

HuffPost, 10 August 2017:

"In less than 48 hours the Prime Minister has gone from promising to call out extreme voices to guaranteeing their view. He calls that strong leadership. Strong leaders do not need to say I am a strong leader. They prove it with their actions."
Shorten's stunning rebuke of the Government's policy comes after reports the postal vote may be susceptible to voter fraud and that people living overseas or in rural or remote areas may find it difficult to get their vote counted.
Labor and the Greens have been leading the charge against the plebiscite in the parliament, and the day after his senior colleague Penny Wong delivered a scathing rebuke to the voluntary postal vote, Shorten himself rose in the House of Representatives to deal a stinging speech of his own.
Shorten directed his anger squarely at the PM during an impassioned plea for Australians to vote "yes".
While Turnbull has repeatedly said he is a supporter of marriage equality, he's also repeatedly stuck with his predecessor Tony Abbott's policy of a plebiscite on the reform....

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Wednesday, 16 August


Byron council clarifies waste management Local News Echonetdaily

Byron Council has sought to clarify its waste management in light of the ABC Four Corners allegations last week.

The public broadcaster alleged that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of glass in NSW are being stockpiled and dumped as landfill instead of being recycled.

Byron Shire Councils team leader Resource and Recovery Lloyd Isaacson said, Recycled materials from Byron Shire Councils kerbside collection service are sent to a regional recycling hub at Lismore where the glass is collected, crushed and used in road making or as pipe bedding.

Like several other councils in the northern rivers area, Byron Shire Council transports its kerbside waste to southeast QLD for disposal, with 10,875 tonnes being diverted from our local landfill in 2016/17, he said.

Mr Isaacson says the material is sent via subcontractor to the TiTree Bioreactor facility and the New Chum inert landfill facility near Ipswich.

Owing to the large scale of these QLD facilities, the technology they use is extremely sophisticated and allows for the capture of landfill gases that are then converted to electricity to power homes.

Modelling undertaken by Byron Shire Council has found that the transport and disposal of landfill waste to QLD results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved environmental outcomes compared to the technology that is viably available for landfill management  in the Byron Shire, Mr Isaacson said.

It is estimated this has also saved Byron Shire Council approximately $850,000 in landfill levies and has prolonged the life of the Myocum landfill.

Byron Shire Council is permitted to transport solid waste to QLD under the protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 and each month we provide a report to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) outlining the volumes of waste that have been sent.

He added Byron Shire Council is currently revising its Integrated Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy, which includes the assessment of innovative options for the medium-to long-term processing of waste.

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Falwasser Crispbread has expanded its range with the release of the Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread. Known for their wafer thin yet strong crisp texture, Falwasser crispbread is the cracker of choice for foodie entertainers and cheese connoisseurs.

Paired perfectly with soft cheese, and strong enough for dips and tapenades, the latest addition to the Falwasser family is packed with an activated coconut charcoal agent giving it a striking, matte black appearance and smoky flavour that will elevate the look and taste of any cheese platter.


Trending within the beauty, food and beverage industries, activated charcoal is known to purify and detoxify amongst other health benefits.

We wanted to tap into the latest ingredients trends and create something that would be both flavourful and visually striking, explains Emilie Emond, Marketing Manager of Falwasser Crispbread.

The bold, matte black crispbread is the perfect choice for an entertainer wishing to make a statement on their spread and impress their guests.

The Activated Charcoal Crispbread complements the multi award-winning range of Gluten Free Falwasser Crispbreads which features Rosemary & Sea Salt and Natural flavour profiles. The range also includes non gluten free varieties like Pepper and Chives and Sesame. Produced by the Byron Bay Cookie Company, this Australian owned & baked range continues to be a favourite amongst Independent delis and fine cheese merchants throughout Australia.

Falwasser Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread will be available in David Jones from 1 July 2017 with a RRP of $6.95. The Falwasser range is also available online at

Mention ByronBay.Com in store to receive a FREE White Choc Macadamia Gift Box when you spend $10 in o...


VIEW raises the roof for childrens charity Local News Echonetdaily

The cast, director Lorraine Siddell of the Brunswick Valley VIEW celebrating 32 years with their annual show at Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club. Photo Aslan Shand.

The cast, director Lorraine Siddell of the Brunswick Valley VIEW celebrating 32 years with their annual show at Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club. Photo Aslan Shand.

Lorraine Siddell directed her final performance for the 32nd birthday celebration of the Brunswick Valley VIEW club to great applause at the Mullumbimby RSL last Thursday.

Having been director of the last five shows, she said it is time to hand on her mantle.

Voice, Interests and Education of Women or VIEW for short was formed in the 1960s as a chance for women to get together, form friendships and help disadvantaged children across Australia through the childrens charity The Smith Family.

Birthday show

We support seven disadvantaged Australian children, said local VIEW president Brenda Caligeros.

It is through our annual birthday show and our trading tables at our meetings and friendship mornings that we raise the funds to support our children.

The local VIEW club meets every second Thursday of the month rotating between the Brunswick Heads Bowling Club, Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club and the Ocean Shores Country Club.

To find out about the next meeting keep an eye on the On The Horizon section on the inside back page of The Echo.

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Annas life story now in its second print run Local News Echonetdaily

Anna Middleton with her memoir. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Anna Middleton with her memoir. Photo Jeff Dawson.

It may have started as a way of recording the early life story and romance of her and husband Jim for her children, but it quickly turned into something far more.

From whirlwind romance and European travel to living in grass huts in Papua New Guinea, the life story of long-time local and fashion boutique owner Anna Middleton has been captured in her recent memoir, Anna.

Launched last July, it has already sold out its first run but the second run has been printed and is now available.

The story charts how she and Jim met and lived their lives of adventure after starting a coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea.

Anna arrived in PNG to find Jim in a grass hut with no running water, sanitation or other modern conveniences, and the story charts the twenty years they spent there together before moving to Byron Bay.

Annas book is available online here or in the Collins Booksellers in Byron Bay.

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Nationals still under fire over alleged Murray-Darling Plan corruption Local News Echonetdaily

The Murray-Darling Basin. Image: Department of the Environment and Geoscience Australia.

The Murray-Darling Basin. Image: Department of the Environment and Geoscience Australia.

Reverberations continue over the ABC Four Corners TV report alleging corruption and mismanagement of the Murray-Darling river.

At a cost of around $13 billion, the Murray-Darling Plan aims to provide an equitable and sustainable management of the sensitive river system, which traverses four eastern states and the ACT.

As a result of the ABC TV investigation, the state government launched an independent inquiry, while the states most senior water bureaucrat Gavin Hanlon referred himself to the states anti-corruption watchdog ICAC after a recording of him offering to share confidential government information with irrigation lobbyists was made public. 

Sydney rally held

Last Thursday, a rally was held outside NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

Rally organisers the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and the Inland Rivers Network are calling for a full judicial review, which would look at the entire river system.

They also want the water portfolio to be taken away from the National Party, and the government instead to appoint a Liberal minister to oversee implementation of the NSW elements of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. 

Nature Conservation Councils James Tremain told The Echo, The rally had a good turnout, with Labor MPs even joining in solidarity with farmers who a...


Recalling Bob Bellear, a man of firsts Local News Echonetdaily

Australias first Indigenous judge to be appointed to the District Court of NSW grew up in Billinudgel. Image of Bobs portrait by Leo Fuller Quin supplied.

Australias first Indigenous judge to be appointed to the District Court of NSW grew up in Billinudgel.
Image of Bobs portrait by Leo Fuller Quin supplied.

Aslan Shand

With suggestions now being taken for renaming the North Ocean Shores sports field, The Echo profiles a Billinudgel lad who became Australias first Indigenous judge to be appointed to the District Court of NSW.

Robert Bob Bellear was a keen sportsman, according to his friend Brian Walker.

Brian wrote an extensive application to Byron Shire Council outlining why the new sportsground should be named after Bellear. As a champion Rugby Union player, Brian says Bellear, went on to represent the Navy against the Army and Air Force.

Bob and Brian grew up in Billinudgel and New Brighton together, where they wore corn sacks as guernseys and bare feet for boots representing Billinudgel Public School in rugby league.

The submission reads: During his time at New Brighton, he would swim in the local pool, the north arm of the Brunswick River, and kick a football in the open area across the road from the present New Brighton shop.

He would collect pipis from New Brighton beach, which he used as bait to catch fish in the local area, says Brian.


After leaving Mullumbimby High School, Bob found he was unable to get work but joined the navy, where he trained to be a stoker and studied mechanical engineering. Bellear was the first Indigenous person to attain the rank of Petty Officer.

Marrying Kaye in 1966, he left the navy in 1968 and both he and Kaye began working in Redfern. It was here that Bob and Kaye came into their stride.

Witnessing the frequent racial discrim...


Three more Nimbin Lane Boys sentenced Local News Echonetdaily

The Hemp Embassy's Big Joint outside the Lismore courthouse.

The Hemp Embassys Big Joint outside the Lismore courthouse.

Three more of the Nimbin Lane Boys who were part of 31 men arrested by Strike Force Cuppa last June have been sentenced one to jail, and the other two received  suspended jail terms.

Rye Lewis Levy, Joseph Walkenshaw Hunter and Jake Dillon Carl Stanton had their matters adjourned at Lismore Local Court on July 27, when many of their co-accused were sentenced.

Levy had pleaded guilty to taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug.

Magistrate R Denes indicated Levy would be sentenced to seven months in jail but requested Levy be assessed for home detention, with the court making a final ruling on September 25.

The men were caught as a result of video surveillance that was conducted on Nimbins Rainbow Lane between January 31 and June 28, the day the arrests were made.

Once the men were charged, court documents revealed police applied for a Supreme Court Warrant to covertly film the activities in the lane.

Mr Hunter was charged with dealing with suspected proceeds of crime and knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug.

When he was arrested, police found he was carrying $1150 in cash.

Surveillance showed Mr Hunter was involved in the supply of cannabis between March 31 and April 14.

He pleaded guilty to knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug and breaching a good behaviour bond.

Magistrate R Denes ordered Mr Hunter to serve a seven month suspended jail sentence.

Facing the same charges, Mr Stanton was found with $2265 when he was arrested on June 28, 2016.

Police said Mr Stanton was involved in the supply of cannabis in Rainbow Lane between February 8 and April 18.

Also on a good behaviour bond, Mr Stanton pleaded guilty to knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug.

He was ordered to serve a nine month suspended jail sentence and was placed on a 12 month good behaviour bond by Magistrate Denes.

Six remaining men are still awaiting sentencing over their role in the supply of cannabis in Nimbins Rainbow Lane.

They are all scheduled to hear their fate on August 31 in Lismore Local Court.

The post Three more Nimbin ...


North Lismore man jailed over serious assaults on grandfather and granddaughter Local News Echonetdaily

A North Lismore man has been jailed. (file pic)

A North Lismore man has been jailed. (file pic)

A North Lismore man who punching a friend in the head then bit his granddaughters thumb till it bled after he was told he was no longer welcome to sleep on their couch has been jailed for 12 months.

Jordan Cheteucuti appeared before Magistrate R Denes at Lismore Local Court on Monday.

The 19-year-old, who was on an 18 month good behaviour bond after being convicted for breaking into the Billlen Cliffs Community Centre on July 2 last year, was charged with two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possessing a prohibited drug.

When Mr Cheteucuti was with a group of people at 11.30pm in Lismore, on May 12, when questioned, he told police he was carrying cannabis down his pants which was for personal use.

He was arrested and taken to Lismore police station where he was charged with possessing 24 grams of cannabis and issued court attendance notice.

Then on June 30, when Mr Cheteucuti was staying on the couch at a friends North Lismore home and he was told he was no longer welcome, he got angry.

He started yelling at his friend before he punched him in the head five to eight times, police facts stated.

The man suffered broken skin above his right eye, bleeding, swelling and bruising from the attack.

When the mans grand daughter saw the assault she tried to stop Mr Cheteucuti, but he bit her left thumb, causing it to bleed.

He was arrested that day after fleeing the scene and taken to Lismore police station where he was charged and granted conditional bail.

Magistrate David Heilpern issued a section 25(2) warrant for Mr Cheteucuti to be arrested and brought before the court to be sentenced when he failed to appear at Lismore Local Court on July 17.

On Monday, Magistrate Denes sentenced Mr Cheteucuti to 12 months jail with a non-parole period of six months on the two charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was also jailed for six months for breaching a good behaviour bond.

With good behaviour, he will be eligible for parole on January 30, 2018.

Once released, Ms Denes ordered Mr Cheteucuti to be supervised by the probation and parole service.

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Man jailed over assaults at Lismore hotel Local News Echonetdaily

Assaulting and stalking a Lismore hotel director and one of his employees in June has resulted in a man being jailed for 12 months.

Marcus Glynn Davis appeared via videolink in Lismore Local Court on Monday and was represented by solicitor Ms Millard.

The 46-year-old was charged with two counts of common assault, two counts of stalking and intimidation, intentionally destroying or damaging property, resisting arrest and failing to leave a licensed premises.

Mr Davis pleaded guilty to all charges which stemmed from an incident at the New Tattersalls Hotel on Keen Street, Lismore.

According to police, on June 15, at 4.54 pm, Mr Davis assaulted both the director of the hotel and a male employee.

During the incident, Mr Davis also damaged several tables and chairs of the hotel, the court heard.

Police were called and when they arrived Mr Davis resisted a male constable who tried to arrest him.

He was taken to Lismore police station and charged with seven offences and refused bail.

When he appeared in Lismore Local Court on June 16, Magistrate David Heilpern convicted Mr Davis of failing to leave a licensed premises when requested and he was granted a section 10a, meaning the conviction wasnt recorded.

On Monday, Mr Davis appeared for sentence on the remaining charges at Lismore Local Court before Magistrate R Denes.

Ms Denes imposed an aggregate sentence of 12 months on all charges except the offence of failing to leave a licensed premises when requested.

She ordered Mr Davis to serve a non-parole period of six months.

Given time already spent in custody, Mr Davis will be eligible for release on December 15.

Upon his release, Ms Denes ordered him to be supervised by the Probation and Parole service.

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Fostering community through food security Local News Echonetdaily

President of Mullum SEED Joel Orchard. Photo Jeff Be Folate Dawson.

President of Mullum SEED Joel Orchard. Photo Jeff Be Folate Dawson.

Growing out of the award-winning Mullumbimby Community Gardens, the Mullum Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development (aka Mullum SEED) is encouraging members of the community, thats right you, to join up and get involved.

Mullum SEED is bringing together a wide range of community organisations that have core environmental and sustainability principles to share their expertise with  the broader community.

President Joel Orchard said Mullum SEED is creating partnerships with groups like COREM (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby), while other groups like Future Feeders, Mullum Cares and Plastic Free Byron are under the same organisational umbrella.

Thats so they can assist with the provision of insurance, and allow financial donors to make tax-deductible donations through their Deductible Gift Recipient status.

The gardens occupy five acres within walking distance of Mullums CBD, providing a childrens garden, allotments and dedicated food for all gardens where you can volunteer and take produce home.

Mens shed

Mullums mens shed has just signed a lease for an area in the gardens and are applying to build a structure where they will build nest boxes, bee boxes and possibly even have a repair shop, said Joel with enthusiasm.

SEED are currently developing an aquaponics setup and have received $8,000 from the Santos staff charity fund to pay for the solar panels that will provide the energy to run the project.

Develop and learn skills

The Future Feeders project that Mullum SEED auspices provides an opportunity for young farmers to develop and learn skills.



Lismore woman charged with attempting to smuggle tobacco and drugs into jail Local News Echonetdaily

The old Grafton Jail. Photo

The old Grafton Jail. Photo

A Lismore woman could find herself behind bars for up to two years after being charged with attempting to smuggle drugs and tobacco into Grafton jail.

Christine Weston appeared in Lismore Local Court on Monday and was represented by solicitor Ms Millard.

The 39-year-old is charged with possessing a prohibited drug, possessing a prescribed restricted substance, attempting to introduce a small quantity of a prohibited drug into a detention centre and attempting to bring an object into a place of detention without lawful authority.

On June 4, Ms Weston went to visit a friend in Grafton jail between 1.20 pm and 1.45 pm and the contraband was allegedly found.

Ms Weston has pleaded guilty to trying to get cannabis, tobacco and buprenorphine (opioid addiction treatment) into the jail and possessing the two drugs.

At her last court appearance Magistrate David Heilpern requested a full pre-sentence report be completed on Ms Weston by Community Corrections.

A pre-sentence report in prepared following an interview where questions about family history, living circumstances, employment history, relationship history, criminal history and health/mental health issues are asked.

The report is added to police information and may also include recommended sentences available based on the offences for the court to consider.

Treatment options for addiction or mental health issues can also be recommended to the court.

The maximum penalty for attempting to bring a prohibited drug into a detention centre in NSW is two years jail.

On Monday, Magistrate R Denes confirmed Ms Westons pleas and adjourned her matter until August 21.

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Farewell to Byron identity Malcolm Dadd Byron Bay Echonetdaily

Malcolm Dadd. Photo supplied

Malcolm Dadd. Photo supplied

Much-loved Byron identity Malcolm Dadd died last week.

Known for his patisserie Jenny Cake, its origins began with his baby son Marlo playing around his and his then- partners Jenny Abrahams feet and baking cakes in their Byron Bay home.

That led to distributing them to local restaurants, peoples homes and businesses.

It want long before this evolved into the renowned patisserie Jenny Cake in the centre of town, located under the balcony on the Lawson Street roundabout.

Health issues meant that Malcom had to retire early in 2004 and focus on his health.

After a 12-month wait he received a liver transplant and had the opportunity for another ten years.

Recognising that life is for the living, when his son Marlo turned 18, he and his China Plate mate, partner Jenny Laws, embarked on nine months travel skiing in Canada and visiting his favourite surf spots along the coast Spain, Portugal and France.

Those extra ten years gave him not only the chance to see his own son grown but to meet and know his two beautiful grandchildren.

His time ran out last weekend, said partner Jenny Laws.

He ran out of steam after a short illness. With the amazing support of Silver Chain palliative care and the dedication of his longtime GP Dr Jim Hounslow, Mal was able to pass away peacefully at home.

Suffolk Park Hotel wake

Not one for funerals or any fuss, Mal requested a private cremation but has asked that all his friends and family come and celebrate his life and theirs at his local Suffolk Park Hotel Friday August 18 from 3pm onwards.

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Are voters really going to trust the Australian Bureau of Statistics with the same-sex marriage plebiscite? North Coast Voices

Well here we are. With a federal government so afraid of exercising its constitutional responsibility to make laws concerning marriage and fearful that the High Court might block any move to conduct a compulsory plebiscite without the parliaments consent.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann confirmed the government would "ask the Senate to reconsider" the compulsory plebiscite, which was "clearly our preference".

But "if that were to fail, the government believes we have a legal and constitutional way forward" to commission a non-legislated, voluntary postal vote, he said.

And who is going to conduct this voluntary postal vote?

Why that national statistical agency which is intent on collecting, matching and monetising every piece of data it can on each and every Australian. The very agency which gave the nation #CensusFAIL in 2016.

Ask the Australian Bureau of Statistics when it knew about its role in the postal plebiscite, ask if it knew at all, ask whether it has the capacity to conduct the plebiscite, and you'll be told it's saying nothing. It's referring all such questions to Prime Minister Ma...

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Tuesday, 15 August


Freedom at Midnight (2) the legacy of partition In That Howling Infinite

Seventy years ago India and Pakistan came into being, the first of the tumbling dice that were the longtime colonies of European nations. Over the next two decades, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Belgium would retreat from their possessions in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. The importance August 15th 1947 cannot be understated, and its echoes reverberate still.

In an earlier post, Freedom at Midnight (1) the birth of India and Pakistan, I discussed the process by which this came about. Below are links to two articles published today which examine the legacy of partition, a legacy that, as these pieces demonstrate, it still subject to much debate.

Writing in the New York Times, Pankaj Mishra deconstructs Jawahawal Nehrus famous declaration of independence on 15th August 1947: one can, of course, mourn this August 15 as marking the end of Indias tryst with destiny or, more accurately, the collapse of our exalted ideas about ourselves. But a sober reckoning with the deep malaise in India can be bracing, too. For it confirms that the world as we have known it, molded by the beneficiaries of both Western imperialism and anti-imperialist nationalism, is crumbling, and that in the East as well as the West, all of us are now called to fresh struggles for freedom, equality and dignity.

Anil Dharker, writing in The Independent, paints a rosier picture. India emerged from the trauma of partition and proposed. prospered. Seventy years on, thats something to be proud of. Even more is the fact that the idea of India as one country has survived, in spite of the countrys huge diversity and population, which makes it akin to a continent. Numbers confirm this amazing story: Indias population is now over 1.2 billion, spread over 29 states and seven union territories. There are 22 official languages and very many more dialects. Each state has its own language, culture and cuisine.

And yet, he concludes, India has not yet realized the ecumenical promise of Nehrus famous tryst with destiny: Not even the most flag-waving Indian however, will claim that everything is perfect. The caste system refuses to die out; Dalits (the term used for untouchables) still face upper-caste persecution; they and minorities (...


Why am I so angry about this postal vote in Australia to decide on marriage equality? North Coast Voices

This following was tweeted by @liamesler within days of the Turnbull Governments announcement that is has asked the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct a voluntary non-binding, national postal survey (not federal parliament authorised plebiscite) of citizens 18 years of age or older on the question Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry?"


Trump fighting back against widening FBI investigation North Coast Voices

As reports of widening FBI investigations and a grand jury surface......

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Monday, 14 August


WATER ISSUES AND THE NSW GOVERNMENT Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition

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Digital Transformation Agency: of all the stupid ideas..... North Coast Voices

Of all the stupid ideas this has to be one of the worst.

The Courier Mail, 5 August 2017:

ONE super ID logon that will allow Australians to interact with Medicare, pay their car registration, help switch banks and buy groceries and clothes online is being developed by the Turnbull Government.

In a bid to stop identity fraud and increase competition, Digital Transformation Assistant Minister Angus Taylor revealed the blueprint centred on one user name and one password for government and private use.

Within five years, Australians may be able to order a pair of jeans online or update their address for Centrelink, their bank or energy providers by using the streamlining technology provided by the government.

The opt-in plan will give people the ability to have one logon and password, which will not be stored centrally to ensure security.

It will likely have a twostep verification process, including a text of a code being sent to a mobile phone.

He said the first step was a logon for all government agencies, which could happen reasonably quickly, and then expanding it to the private sector.

Mr Taylor said conversations were being held with states and territories and some significant private companies.



More bad news for NSW coastal forests North Coast Voices

A draft bill to revamp regulations for native forestry in NSW was slammed as "overly complex" and inequitable, and it failed to address "an inherent conflict of interest" in the oversight of state-owned Forestry Corp.

Documents obtained by Fairfax Media show the NSW Environment Protection Authority found the government's draft native forestry bill unfairly favoured Forestry Corp by remove licensing requirements for the corporation while maintaining them for landholders or industry seeking private native forestry.

It would also leave the corporation with powers unmatched for a state agency, including its protection from third-party challenges such as from environmental groups. 

"The inherent conflict of interest for a corporation in having a concurrency role for negotiating, revoking or changing the terms of their licence ... and the removal of third party legal rights, exists nowhere else in NSW legislation or regulation," the EPA's leaked assessment made last December shows.

Fairfax Media understands the EPA also sought legal advice on how to restrict "very intense" harvesting that the Forestry Corp had conducted for years in areas such as the blackbutt-dominant forests of the NSW mid-north coast.

The Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOAs) that permitted the logging were, however, found to be poorly worded, curbing the watchdog's ability to take legal action.


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Sunday, 13 August


Channon Public School P&C Association The Channon Craft Market

Located in The Channon Village, The Channon Public School is set high on the hill, overlooking a picturesque valley and the Nightcap Ranges. The school works with the community to provide relevant educational experiences aimed at developing each child intellectually, physically, socially, culturally and emotionally. The parents & citizens association (P&C) plays a vital role, bringing the school community together. Parents, teachers and community members can help meet the needs of the school community and contribute to decisions about the school.

The P&C also raises funds that help finance improvements to our school and provide additional resources.


Smokestack Lightnin The Channon Craft Market

Local country blues powerhouse Smokestack Lightnin are sure to get you up and dancing.  Their high energy flavour of blues is enjoyed by fans across the globe.  Formed in the early nineties and played the Byron bay pub scene with Timmy Burrell on percussion, Kev Newton on  guitar  and vocals, Mike Hunt on contra bass, Pete Segrave also on Guitar and Vocals. The band has performed at a number of blues festivals including Broadbeach and Nambour.  

All members are songwriters and arrangers and have airplay on radio in one hundred and twenty countries.  Musical influences are sourced  from Texas, Chicago, Louisiana and the fringes of jazz. Its gonna rock cause thats what they do!


Sunday, 13 August 2017 - 7:08pm

This week, I have been mostly reading:


The United States of America under Trump - the ugly picture. Part Two North Coast Voices

The Time

The 203rd to 206th day of the Trump Regime

The Place

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

The Events

White supremacists rallies with unarmed counter protesters on the sidelines

The Images


Byron Bay Tango Festival 2017 Byron Bay Blog

The iconic Byron Bay Community Centre will again be our festival home. A wonderful venue staffed by volunteers and professionals who embody the embracing character of Byron Bay.

The unbelievably charming and dynamic Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli will weave their magic in the master-class and on the dance floor. I am so looking forward to their arrival!

I am unashamedly promising you an extraordinary musical experience. The uncanny talent of Sydney DJ Mo and the warm sound of Gustavos vinyls will woo you at the major milongas. And a band of local and national DJs will ensure maximum dancing pleasure at the popular daily practicas.

However the musical highlight and delight will be the Mendoza Tango Quartet the latest phenomenon to hit the Australian tango scene. At the Welcome Milonga (Friday night) their cyclonic versions of familiar tunes will blow you irresistibly onto the dance floor. You simply must be there!

For the weekend program, click here

For Registrations, click here

Learn more at and

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The United States of America under Trump - the ugly picture in two tweets North Coast Voices


Depending on the source the number of people shot and killed by U.S. police range between 575 and 700 in 2017.


United Nations mixed response to Australia's human rights record North Coast Voices

Attacks against the Australian Human Rights Commission

60. The Special Rapporteur was informed about the attacks made by some politicians against the Australian Human Rights Commission and, in particular, its President, Gillian Triggs, which are particularly troubling given the prestige and respectability this Commission enjoys internationally. Following the Commissions inquiry into the harm caused by the detention of migrant children, its President has faced public intimidation, questioning her integrity, impartiality and judgment. On several occasions in the recent past, efforts to weaken the financial resources and capacity of the Commission have resulted in budget cuts, which have been amplified by the additional functions assigned to it.

61.For the Special Rapporteur, this situation is even more unacceptable given the fact that Australia sponsored Human Rights Council resolution 27/18 on national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights, in which the Council states, in paragraph 9, that national human rights institutions and their respective members and staff should not face any form of reprisal or intimidation, including political pressure, physical intimidation, harassment or unjustifiable budgetary limitations, as a result of activities undertaken in accordance with their respective mandates, including when taking up individual cases or when reporting on serious or systematic violations in their countries.

62.The fact that the Commission handles more than 20,000 inquiries and 2,000 complaints each year, the vast majority of which are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, confirms its exemplary work, particularly with respect to racism and racial discrimination. It should be held up by politicians, as well as journalists, as a good example of the functioning of democratic institutions in Australia.


Saturday, 12 August


The Strange Death of Sam Cooke In That Howling Infinite

Listening to my good friend Demitri and his King Street Blues combo inspired me to revisit the early soul standards of the late fifties and early sixties. Inevitably the journey took me to Sam Cooke.

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke (January 22, 1931 December 11, 1964), born Samuel Cook, was an African-American recording artist, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. He is commonly known as the King of Soul for his distinctive vocal abilities and influence on the modern world of music. His pioneering contributions to soul music led to the rise of Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Billy Preston and popularized the likes of Otis Redding and James Brown.

Cooke had 30 U.S. top 40 hits between 1957 and 1964, and a further three after his death. Major hits included You Send Me, A Change Is Gonna Come, Cupid, Chain Gang,  and Twistin the Night Away. And few remember that Hermans Hermits Wonderful World was written and first recorded by Cooke.

He was also among the first modern black performers and composers to attend to the business side of his musical career. He founded both a record label and a publishing company as an extension of his careers as a singer and composer. He also took an active part in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.



Fathers Day at The Byron at Byron Byron Bay Blog

Join us for Fathers Day this year for a family affair
with live music by Tim Stokes

Sunday 3rd September
$60 per person
Two course menu and Stone & Wood beer on arrival

Bookings Essential
Call The Restaurant on 6639 2111

Learn more at

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Just because it is beautiful........(31) North Coast Voices

The International Space Station moves across the face of the Earth's natural satellite, the Moon, photographed in broad daylight by Dani Caxete, BBC News, 2 August 2017


Tweet of the Week North Coast Voices

Climate change denialist, anti-science and all round conspiracy theorist, discredited One Nation Senator Malcolm Ieuan Roberts gets disinvited.

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