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Wednesday, 19 December


Alan Clements Uncensored Spiritually Incorrect Relationship Incorrect The Great Reckoning Byron Bay Blog

In a night of spiritual-political satire and activist entertainment, Alan Clements ignites conscience by celebrating freedom of expression and the power of the human heart. A former director of Amnesty International called Clements one of the most compelling voices of our times. Critics have described Alans spoken word performances as existentially cathartic, enthralling and hallucinogenic, a brilliant deconstruction of spiritual and cultural propaganda that addresses head-on the insanity of war, climate change and the commercialisation of consciousness.

As a former Buddhist monk in dictatorship-ravaged-Burma and a journalist in areas of extreme conflict, including the former Yugoslavia, Clements riffs on issues of violence and nonviolence, compassion and greed, servitude and freedom, meditation and indoctrination, from his personal experience and a rare satirical humour, while giving audiences a captivating expression on how WE the PEOPLE can safeguard ourselves from spiritual and political propaganda. And in so doing, relearn active citizenry by liberating our own minds from fear, apathy, and cynicism.

Alan has gone far beyond the spiritual in his show to include the topic everyone is yearning to understand the longing for love, being unmet time and again, loss, grief, dishonesty, being misled, accountability, and the breathtaking epic beauty of true love and romance (even if it does not last because one or the other or both gets spooked and scapegoats the other) and how these human needs get shafted by spiritual propaganda so often found within meditation, yoga, and mindfulness circles or cults, depending on where the money flows.

What does it mean to be spiritually incorrect? Do you think all the great spiritual leaders probably would be deemed incorrect?

Alan Clements: To me, spiritual incorrectness is not a dogma a thing. Its a way of being, free a courageous act of conscience, a liberated personal choice of shameless authenticity. Its also having the bravery to resist servitude, conformity, and collusion and all manner of numbing down. Why contort ourselves into an image of Anything God, Yoga, Oprah? Why subjugate our voice to sing in...


Parklands application still doesnt satisfy councillors Local News Echonetdaily

With North Byron Parklands (NBP) in Yelgun seeking residency approval and an increase to 55,000 patrons for their flagship festival event, Byron Shire councillors have raised concerns with a notice of motion at last Thursdays ordinary meeting.

NBP is home to Splendour in The Grass and Falls festivals.

Mayor Simon Richardsons motion was supported by a majority of councillors (Cr Hunter against) which says, Council does not currently support the proposal including the increase in attendance numbers, event types, and event days on the North Byron Parklands site beyond what has already been approved until its concerns as raised within its submission are satisfied.

Additionally, Council is unsupportive of the planning departments recommendation that Parklands self-monitor its compliance and, that any consideration of ongoing events must include an independent monitoring process, with the involvement of Council.

Councils costs for monitoring should be funded

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Affordable housing trust launched Local News Echonetdaily

ALP Byron Shire councillor Paul Spooner. Photo Eve Jeffery

A new governance model to deliver affordable housing in the Shire was launched last Tuesday by Cr Paul Spooner.

He addressed the first Byron Community Land Limited AGM at the Community Centre and said a subsidy of roughly 33 per cent is needed to make housing affordable in the Byron Shire.

No current government is willing to commit to that level of ongoing subsidy, he said.

We need to create a different market one that doesnt monopolise property, but rather frees it up for community members to build or rent houses to live in. The aim of the Community Land Trust, he says, is to acquire land and hold it in trusteeship as a common heritage, not as an individual possession.

Land is put to use in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and leased long term to individuals for housing, production of food and the development of enterprises or activities that support community life.

The lease agreement (up to 99 years) becomes the specific, flexible, legal means by which the interests of the community and the individual leaseholder are explicitly described and protected in accordance with the policies of the trust.

Three types of members are proposed, says Cr Spooner: general, resident and foundation members.

As for governance, the board would comprise at least nine directors, including three public directors.

For more info visit

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Have you seen Aiden? Local News Echonetdaily

Aiden Olivieri has been missing since Tuesday (December 18). Photo supplied

Police are seeking community assistance to locate 16-year-old Aiden Olivieri from Cedar Point, who has been reported as missing.

He was last seen at 10:30pm on Tuesday night (December 18) and was wearing a red shirt, blue shorts and no shoes.

Its believed Aiden may be in the Kyogle area.

If you can help us please call Casino Police on 6662 0099 Police reference is E69959519

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Eco Village proposal back on council agenda Local News Echonetdaily

Area 17 on Saddle Road. While the plan to rezone the entire area was canned by council, it is now looking at other ways to allow an eco village to develop. Image supplied

An eco-village proposal near the Brunswick Heads highway interchange at Saddle Road is back on the table after councillors voted last Thursday to include it within the Rural Land Use Strategy.

The Brunswick Eco Village (BEV) proposal was initially pegged on land owned by Kelvin Daly, but later, plans were expanded to include surrounding lands and a commitment for 20 per cent affordable housing.

Yet the proposal appears to have landowners on the ridgeline divided, and Council eventually rejected the larger proposal.    

Last Thursdays lastminute inclusion was headed by Cr Paul Spooner (Labor).

He told The Echo the resolution removed the BEV proposal from consideration within the draft Residential Strategy.

This was undertaken following advice from the Department of Planning that it would not be supported as it was not in an urban area.

To maintain it there would have effectively stopped it from being considered. A very poor outcome for our community.

The decision on Thursday proposes an amendment within the Rural Land Use Strategy to allow the land to be considered as an intentional eco-community providing at least 80 per cent affordable housing.

This supports Councils strategic planning. It allows the provision of affordable housing where there is none. It supports the intention of responding to the housing needs of residents and workers.

A very big win for our community.

What has been agreed to on Thursday opens up a clear planning pathway but does not ensure the proposal will succeed.

This will be determined when a planning proposal is submitted by the applicant and assessed by Council according to the Rural Land Use Strategy that requires it be amended and supported by the Department of Planning.



Man killed in accident with truck on M1 Local News Echonetdaily

Traffic queue on the M1 (Pacific Highway) south of Brunswick Heads following a fatal accident on Wednesday (December 19). Photo Eve Jeffery

A man has died after being hit by a truck near Brunswick Heads this morning on the M1 (Pacific Highway) near the Brunswick Heads interchange.

About 6am (Wednesday December 19), the man walked onto the motorway near the Brunswick Heads interchange.

His was hit by an oncoming truck. The man, who is yet to be identified, died at the scene.

The truck driver stopped after the crash and was taken to Byron Central Hospital for further medical testing and checks.


Emergency services staff on the M1 (Pacific Highway) south of Brunswick Heads following a fatal accident on Wednesday (December 19). Photo Eve Jeffery

Highway reopened

The northbound lanes have reopened but traffic is reportedly heavily backed up.

Northbound traffic was being diverted off the motorway at Ocean Shores exit/Riverside Cres to Yelgun before rejoining the motorway.

For the latest on road conditions, drivers should check

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or


New lead in missing painting case Local News Echonetdaily

Paul Bibby

Somewhere in the Northern Rivers lies a beautiful, untitled painting of a woman without a face.

Its a stylish work that is striking enough to catch any art lovers eye.

But this meticulously crafted piece isnt where its supposed to be.

On December 5 it fell off the back of local artist Toni Clarkes ute on Main Arm Road, and is now believed to be in the hands of a passer-by.

Local artist Toni Clarkes missing painting. Supplied

I was taking it and some other pieces into the Byron School of Art [BSA] for my graduation, Ms Clarke says.

I didnt notice that the rope had snapped and the painting had flown off until I got to Mullum.

A painstaking search ensued, with Ms Clarkes teachers and husband all involved, but to no avail.

Now, a new lead has emerged in the case.

I got a message from a woman saying I know something about the painting, Ms Clarke says.

The woman had been at a garage sale where, earlier that day, a woman in her 20s had shown up with a bubble-wrapped painting in the back of her ute.

The owners of the house hosting the sale had looked at the painting and seen Ms Clarkes name written on the back along side the $1600 price tag.

The hosts didnt get the womans name, but apparently she said Ill try and find the owner, Ms Clarke relates.

Apparently she was from Uki and she was driving a white ute.

Yet, despite the painting now seemingly in safe hands, Ms Clarke heard nothing.

Im of the belief that the person who found it may not actually want to find me, she says.

If I found someones painting who lived in the Northern Rivers I reckon Id be able to find them in 24 hours.

Its great that they seem to like the painting but I really need it back.

Ms Clarke says she bears has no hard feelings toward the woman, and is happy for the painting to be dropped off anonymously at BSA or Sunshine Traders in Mullumbimby with no questions asked.

Id be more than happy to give her another painting from my collection as a reward, she says.

But that particular painting had hung in my studio for three months. Every week Id just do a tiny bit more because I didnt want to overwork it.

I put my soul into these paintings. I dance with them, I sing to them theyre like my children. I need to have it back to have closure o...


Bus stop will result in reduced amenity: residents Local News Echonetdaily

The proposed bus interchange is pegged for the rail corridor. Indicative plans are available at Councils Mullum office. Image supplied

Transport for NSW have declined to provide any details on the recent announcement of a proposed Byron bus station within the rail corridor and proposed Butler Street bypass.

The announcement was part of the NSW governments $9.5m bypass funding, which Council staff say is the amount needed to complete the long-awaited project.

But according to Butler Street resident and president of the Butler Street Network, Paul Jones, despite formal requests, there has been no consultation with locals on the bus interchange.

Jones told councillors last Thursday in morning public access that there will be adverse impacts on amenity given the size and scale of this proposal. He also refuted the mayors response concerning legal intimidation launched by former GM Ken Gainger:

The following questions were put to Transport for NSW but there was no reply:

Who did Transport for NSW consult with apart from Council staff in the lead up to this decision? Who made this decision, and What is the expected cost of this project and is there any documentation available?

A Transport for NSW spokesperson only answered the question: Will Transport for NSW be consulting with residents on these plans?

They said, The Byron Bay community will soon be able to provide feedback to the proposed transport interchange on the NSW Environment and Heritage website when it goes on public display.

Plans for the proposal will be held at the Byron Shire Council office, and available to view the same day comments are [accepted] by NSW Heritage.

The Echo asked Nationals MLC Ben Franklin, who made the interchange announcement, why wasnt there any consultation...


Third day of searching for man missing from North Coast beach Local News Echonetdaily

The search is about to resume for a man swept out to sea, at Moonee Beach, on Monday (December 17).

Two men, aged 35 and 45, died after a group of six people got into difficulties in the surf at Moonee Beach, 23km north of Coffs Harbour, about 6pm.

Two girls, aged 15 and 17, and a 15-year-old boy, were rescued; however, a third man, aged 28, could not be found.

A search operation continued yesterday until it was suspended due to fading light.

Todays search resumed at 7am (Wednesday December 19), and involves officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District, NSWPF Marine Area Command and Marine Rescue.

The Westpac and Polair helicopters will also re-join the search this morning.

All six people are believed to be from Sydney.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or


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Christmas gets a touch of Mullumbimby magic Local News Echonetdaily

Paul Bibby

Its six days before santas scheduled arrival and the Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre is in a state of controlled Christmas chaos.

As the regular Wednesday jam group belts out John Lennons And so this is Christmas, about 40 locals sit on the grass enjoying a free festive lunch, while another 20 patiently wait to be served.

On the street out front, staff and volunteers are helping to unload a ute-load of goodies from an anonymous donor.

As Centre coordinator Leseera Kai takes a quick break in the relative calm of her office she reflects on the incredible collection of donations that have poured in over the past few weeks.

This community is amazing I tear up when I think about how generous they are, she says.

People really want to give, they just need a vehicle to do it through, to help make it happen.

Among the many acts of generosity this year is the donation of $3,000 worth of gift cards from a grassroots community drive organised by a local school teacher.

She basically took it upon herself to create a gift card drive, Ms Kai says of the teacher, Amanda Webber.

Ms Webber set up donation points at her home and Brunswick Heads cafe Jones & Co and then used Facebook to spread the word.

The idea caught fire, with scores of cards pouring in from across the local area and as far afield as Israel and Canada.

Weve never had such a generous donation of gift cards, people really got behind the cause, Ms Kai says.

Gift cards are brilliant because they give people that dignity to choose what they want.

People who are vulnerable or marginalised often have a feeling of not being in control of their lives. A gift card gives them the power to get the toy their child has been asking for all year, or just to eat what they want on Christmas Day.



Free Speech, One Each In That Howling Infinite

At the root of all this is freedom of speech. If we wish to preserve and extend our liberties or maintain our democracies, we need to understand this. We must equip ourselves to practice it well, educate our young to understand how unusual such liberty has been in human history and how difficult it is to maintain.  Paul Monk

Every once in a while, The Australian commissions an articulate and respected conservative commentator to pen a piece on a topic dear to its editorial heart. He (these worthy souls are invariably old, white blokes) duly oblige, for kudos or cash or both, and yet are careful not to become ensnared in the NewsCorp echo-chamber that houses the more virulent and predictable of its opinionistas. Historian Geoffrey Blainey recently managed such as arabesque when writing about the controversial Ramsay Centre (see The Ozs Lonely Crusade). Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson did likewise in a tribute to Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn (see Ghosts of the Gulag).

Australian author Paul Monk has done likewise when invited to ruminate on free speech in western universities. Instead of laying into left-wing uni students and the so-called Green Left, the btes noir of columnists like Chris Kenny, Gerard Henderson and Janet Albrechtsen, Monk refused to sing their song. Instead, he reminds us of our history and of our responsibility as democrats and reasonable folk to maintain dialogue with and endeavour to understand the reasoning (or its dearth) of our ideological opponents. History has shown us that once the shouting stops, the shooting often starts.

Often, I am disappointed, saddened even, by the ignorance, naivety, and self-absorption of electorates, left and right: their lack of historical knowledge and of curiosity, an unhealthy and self-defeating habit of accepting facts, narratives and theories based upon their preconceptions and prejudices.

Nowadays, it often seems as if the reasonable middle has been excised from political discourse, drained out by the shrill voices of the extremes with their identity politics, virtue signalling, and vested interests. Social media has exacerbated the situation as folk lock themselves into their own echo chambers, listening only to those with whom they agree, ignoring or even avoiding contrary opinions and perspectives. It is a self-defeating, delusional, zero-sum form of groupthink that erodes trust and goodwill and pr...


Summer shark safety campaign launched Local News Echonetdaily

Smart drum lines deployed off the coast of Ballina. (Picture DPI)

Two additional drones will complement the NSW governments shark-mitigation measures, which will roll out for summer. Existing measures include helicopters, drones, 35 SMART drumlines and VR4G listening stations, shark alarms, PA systems, megaphones and lifesaving heavy-duty trauma kits.

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair (Nationals) made the announcement on Monday.

The drone trial will be at nine beaches, including Kingscliff, Main Beach Byron Bay, The Pass, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Sharpes Beach, Shelly Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Evans Head.

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Santa coming to collect Byron councils bins Local News Echonetdaily

Call it Byron Shire Councils present to residents and ratepayers.

There will be extra urban and rural residential bin collections over the Christmas period from Monday December 24 till Friday January 4, 2019, to help residents manage extra waste and recycling during the festive season.

During this time, residents can place all of their bins at the kerbside on their normal collection day. This includes red, yellow and green bins for urban residential households, and red and yellow bins for rural residential households.

Recent changes

Also there have been recent changes to what can be recycled. Council only accepts hard plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminium cans, paper and cardboard.

Recycling bins should not contain any soft plastics, including any type of plastic bags. Rinse any excess food and drink from all bottles, containers and tins. Additionally dont bag, box or contain recyclable items for the recycling bins. Other non-organic items should go in the red bin.

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Carols bring community together Local News Echonetdaily

Photo Jeff Dawson

Youngsters Allarahj and Matayo took part of the large turn-out for Carols by the seaside, held at Main Beach in Byron Bay on Friday.

Photo Jeff Dawson

Mullum residents held their Christmas Carols on Sunday at the High School auditorium owing to inclement weather. 

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Serious truck and pedestrian crash at Oceans Shores Local News Echonetdaily

The M1 Pacific Motorway is blocked northbound approaching Orana Road and the Brunswick River in Ocean Shores on the NSW Far North Coast following a serious truck and pedestrian crash.

Diversions are available via the Ocean Shores Exit, Riverside Crescent, Brunswick Valley Way to Yelgun and then rejoin the motorway.

Southbound lanes remain open and are not impacted by the crash.

The motorway may remain closed northbound for several hours as investigations take place into the crash.

Motorists are urged to drive with caution, and factor in additional travel time.

For information regarding this crash and others on the NSW Road Network visit

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Climate Change: the power of one, the power of many North Coast Voices

By 2012 over half the world's population was estimated to be under thirty years of age, with around 16 per cent being under 15 years old.

All around the world those who govern are considerably older on average.

Yet it is thee yound people who willl be forced to endure the worst impacts - the life changing, life threatening impacts - of climate change.

The young have begun to speak up in defence of their future.

This is Greta, she is fifteen years old...........

TRANSCRIPT: Greta Thunbergs Speech to COP24 UN Climate Summit, Katowice, Poland, December 2018

GRETA THUNBERG: My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old, and Im from Sweden. I speak on behalf of Climate Justice Now!



Facebook Inc still getting caught out spreading fake news and breaching users' privacy North Coast Voices

The Guardian, 13 December 2018:

Journalists working as factcheckers for Facebook have pushed to end a controversial media partnership with the social network, saying the company has ignored their concerns and failed to use their expertise to combat misinformation.
Current and former Facebook factcheckers told the Guardian that the tech platforms collaboration with outside reporters has produced minimal results and that theyve lost trust in Facebook, which has repeatedly refused to release meaningful data about the impacts of their work. Some said Facebooks hiring of a PR firm that used an antisemitic narrative to discredit critics fueling the same kind of propaganda factcheckers regularly debunk should be a deal-breaker.

Theyve essentially used us for crisis PR, said Brooke Binkowski, former managing editor of Snopes, a factchecking site that has partnered with Facebook for two years. Theyre not taking anything seriously. They are more interested in making themselves look good and passing the buck They clearly dont care..


Tuesday, 18 December



Get set for set times! You can now view who, when and where each artist will be playing at Falls Byron this year and grab yourself a 3-day or 1-day ticket! Anderson.Paak and The Free Nationals will ring in the New Year on the main stage and Toto will bless the rains down in Africa with a sunset set on the last day so start setting your planners in the official Falls app for your daze and nights. Not long now, Falls kicks off in just over one week! Download for iPhone and Android now.

Check out Falls Byron set times here
Purchase tickets here

Local artist Amac has lovingly curated an arts and culture extravaganza for Falls Byron this year. At La Henge arts precinct a cavalcade of delights awaits, including cardboard battlefields created by Boxwars, a rip snorting punk showcase of 10 local bands programmed by local DIY legends Howl & Moan Records, the inclusive dance stylings of Bring A Plate and daily comedy and workshops curated by the infamous troublemaker Mandy Nolan.

Jack Daniels will be hosting an intimate lineup at their purpose-built Barrelhouse venue onsite at Falls Byron! Get yourself front row with the likes of The Vaccines and Cub Sport, Hockey Dad (DJ set), West Thebarton, Tia Gostelow and heaps more!




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Last girder laid on Richmond River bridge Local News Echonetdaily

The final girder is installed on the Richmond River bridge at Broadwater, part of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. Image supplied

The last girder has been installed on a new bridge over the Richmond River at Broadwater, part of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade.

But if you are getting excited about the prospect of driving over it any time soon, you will need to cool it: The new bridge will not open to traffic until 2020, weather permitting.

Federal Page MP Kevin Hogan (Nationals) said the new bridge, which is the second-longest of 170 bridges on the Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade, provides a critical link for the 155 kilometres of new dual carriageway and I am glad to see it getting closer to completion.

This is the first time a bridge this wide has been built in Australia with a single precast headstock, meaning that there is a shell for each column to support the load of the girders, he said.

This has reduced the need for temporary construction work, eliminating 20,000 hours of working, which has not only saved time but also improved safety for workers.

NSW roads minister Melinda Pavey (Nationals), said the

project team had made impressive progress to successfully install all 234 girders, weighing 80 tonnes each.

This included safely installing nine girders above the existing Pacific Highway at night and installing 81 girders from a barge in the river, Mrs Pavey said.

Deputy PM Michael McCormack (Nationals) said the installation represented a momentous achievement.

The placement of the final girder is a significant and positive milestone to end the year on, he said.

National Party Ballina candidate Ben Franklin said the project team would be using 43,000 tonnes of concrete, 3,500 tonnes of asphalt and 2,500 tonnes of steel to build the bridge.

Piling work was completed earlier this year and the bridge deck is already more than 70 per cent complete, Mr Franklin said.

The bridge will be a unique visual landmark, creating a new connection between the Richmond Valley and Ballina Shire council areas.

The $4.3 billion Pac...


LECC recommends cop who hit teen in Byron lane be charged Local News Echonetdaily

A screen grab of the A Current Affair footage, which was taken by Byron locals who witnessed the incident. (Channel Nine)

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) has recommended that the police officer at the centre of an investigation into police use of force against a naked 16-year-old boy in a Byron Bay lane in January be charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

It ruled that Officer E, as he has been identified, used undue force against the teenager, who was naked and disorientated when approached by police in Lateen Lane, outside Nomads Backpackers in the early hours of January 11.

The LECC found Officer E used a baton to strike the teen some 19 times, constituting an inappropriate use of excessive force.

The LECC issued its ruling in September, following its Operation Tambora investigation. It has now delivered a Brief of Evidence to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions together with its recommendation to press charges.

It is now up to the DPP to determine whether to proceed.

The senior constable was one of five officers involved in the youths arrest.

No charges were recommended against any of the other officers.

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Bruns hit with illegal campers Local News Echonetdaily

Illegal camping in Brunswick Heads

A spike in illegal camping in the nature reserve next to Brunswick Heads Surf Club is taking a toll on native plants and animals there, with some campers bringing cars, dogs and petrol-powered generators into the pristine spot.

Despite Council attempts to block vehicle access to the sprawling reserve, multiple campsites remain, with some campers driving over native plants and shrubs to enter the area.

Rohan Stewart from the Brunswick Bush School said that in the four-and-a-half years he had been coming to the reserve he had never seen so much illegal camping.

Theres always been a few long-term campers in there, but in the past six months its gone crazy, Mr Stewart said.

Its not just people at the low end of the income spectrum.

It looks like word has gotten around that theres this great spot here where you can camp next to the beach and the river, with public toilets nearby and free meals at the community centre.

Mr Stewart supplied The Echo with pictures of two large and elaborate campsites in the reserve that included generators, fires and dogs.

Once you get people driving in theyre able to bring in a whole lot more gear, he said.

Youre getting cars driving over plants that took quite a while to grow, people cutting off branches for firewood or access.

Bollards needed

This is an area where youve got swamp wallabies, echidnas, goannas.

This would definitely be having an impact on the native wildlife.

He said a couple of well-placed bollards in the carpark would make it much harder for people to get their cars in.

Nadia de Souza Pietramale, who has spent nearly nin...


Airbnb attacks mooted NSW holiday-let controls Local News Echonetdaily

ALP candidate for the state seat of Ballina, Asren Pugh. Photo supplied

From its Ireland headquarters, Airbnb has launched a campaign to stop NSW councils from taking control of short-term holiday-let policy, as advocated by Labor and the Greens.

Ballina Labor candidate Asren Pugh has slammed the Airbnb campaign, saying his partys plan would bring short-term holiday letting in Byron Shire under control.

Mr Pugh added that if we are elected next year we will govern in the interests of every person in NSW, not a $40 billion multinational corporation.

Shadow minister for better regulation, Yasmin Catley, recently met with local businesses in Byron Bay to confirm Labors policy on short term holiday letting. This policy includes:

  • Local councils being best placed to determine the cap on the number of nights a property can be let short term
  • A register of short term holiday let properties so we can get rid of the destructive party houses
  • The freedom for those who live in their house to rent out a spare room or the whole house

Over the weekend Airbnb launched a campaign that included emailing their property hosts across NSW. The campaign specifically attacks Labor support for a registration system and Labors position that councils are best placed to determine annual caps.

The email from Air BnB is signed off Sent with love from Airbnb Ireland.

Airbnbs campaign letter against Labors planned holiday-let controls.

I have advocated strongly for our community and we now have a policy that allows flexibility for local councils to deal with short term holiday letting properly. I will not be bullied by a massive corporation sending emails from Ireland. Mr Pugh said.

I am asking for the communitys support to push back against this campaign by Airbnb.

I have already been contacted by a number of people who received this email from Airbnb. But ra...


Grays Lane access to Pacific Highway to be closed Local News Echonetdaily

Traffic will no longer be able to directly access Grays Lane from the Pacific Highway as of Thursday, December 20, 2018. Image RMS

Tyagarahs Grays Lane will no longer be directly accessible to vehicles from the Pacific Highway from this Thursday (December 20) outside of festival times.

Yarun Road will remain open (except during events held at the Bluesfest site) and access to the Pacific Highway will be via the Gulgan Road interchange.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to Grays Lane will be provided via a self-closing gate to one side of the koala grid.

The closure is the result of a 2015 Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) investigation which examined crash history between Ewingsdale and Tyagarah and projections for 10-year growth in traffic volumes.

The investigation recommended a series of safety improvements, such as the closure of direct access to the Pacific Highway from a number of local roads, including Grays Lane.

The turn into Grays Lane from the northbound lanes of the highway has been blocked off for several years. Now direct southbound entry and exit will also be terminated.

Access gates will be installed at the end of Grays Lane and Yarun Road.

Changed conditions

The gate at Grays Lane will be closed at all times, except during events held at the Bluesfest site. Access will be via the Gulgun Road interchange.

During these events, however, the gate at Grays Lane will be opened to allow local residents to access their properties directly from the Pacific Highway as they currently do.

The gate at Yarun Road will only be closed during events held at the Bluesfest site to stop event traffic accessing Grays Lane.

Residents are advised to contact their local public transport provider for information about changes to pick up / drop off locations for Grays Lane.

Installation of the gates will take place on Thursday (December 20) between 7am and 6pm, weather permitting. The access closure will be effective immediately.

Traffic control and a reduced speed limit will be in place while the work is carried out to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and other road users.

Electronic messagin...


Two dead, one missing on North Coast beach Local News Echonetdaily

Two men have drowned and one remains missing at a North Coast beach during heavy weather on Monday night (December 17).

At about 6.15pm, a group of six people, including three teenagers, got into trouble in the surf at Moonee Beach, north of Coffs Harbour.

The group of swimmers got into trouble some 300 metres from shore at the southern end of Moonee Beach.

Off-duty Coffs Harbour Lifeguards responded promptly along with the Surf Life Saving North Coast Duty Officer and Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.

Lifeguards identified six people in the water as they conducted the mass rescue with rescue boards.All six are from Sydney and are known to each other.

Two men, aged 35 and 45, were rescued from the water but were unable to be resuscitated. A third man, aged 28, remains missing.

Two girls, aged 15 and 17, and a 15-year-old boy, were rescued from the water and taken to Coffs Harbour Hospital, where they remain in a serious condition.

An air and water search was then conducted and continued until dark.

Police Marine Area Command along with Surf Life Saving assets including jetskis, IRBs and the SLSNW UAV team commenced a search for the missing person again at 7am on Tuesday morning.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the family of the victims and to the brave lifeguards that responded and tried valiantly to save everyone, said SLSNSW CEO Steven Pearce.

This terrible tragedy highlights the importance of swimming at patrolled locations and understanding how to identify rips and the dangers they present. An event like this unfolding so close to the festive season only magnifies the grief and devastation.

Officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District are investigating the incident and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or


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Morrison's election campaign battle plan 2019 North Coast Voices

Apparently Australia's interim prime minister, Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison has a prepared 'battle' plan for the May 2019.

* Ministers need to portray gravitas and confidence.

*Don't let backbench MPs open their mouths without a central office minder. 

*Give prepared statements and don't answer journalists questions about said statements.

*Freeze out mainstream news outlets other than News Corp, Sky News, 2GB Radio and its Macquarie Media stablemates.

* Stay on message and repeat, repeat, repeat - Liberal Good, Labor Bad!

* Praise Supreme Leader Scott Morrison.

The Plan...........



Scott Morrison's secretive new public sector corruption division with no teeth - not even a set of badly fitting dentures North Coast Voices

Alan Moir Cartoon

A federal statutory body, the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) has been in existence since December 2006 and is headed by the Integrity Commissioner. The current Integrity Commissioner is Michael Griffin AM.

There is also a Parliamentary Joint Committee on the ACLEI.

The Morrison plan for a new Commonwealth Integrity Commission (CIC) intends to retain the ACLEI as one of two divisions within the CIC and expand the number of government agencies within this first divisions jurisdiction from twelve (12) to sixteen (16) otherwise it is business as usual for the multi-agency ACLEI.

At the same time the Morrison Government intends the over-arching CIC to have a second division the Public Sector Division - without the full powers of statutory anti-corruption commissions.

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