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Tuesday, 20 March


Fast-moving wildfire wipes out 69 homes in Tathra, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A fast-moving wildfire engulfed Tathra, a small seaside town with a population of 1 622 located on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, Australia late March 18, 2018, destroying at least 69 homes and damaging 39. According to NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), the fire...... Read more

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Monday, 19 March


How The FDA Plan To Take Nicotine Out Of Cigarettes Will Fuel Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, has announced plans to reduce to non-addictive levels the level of nicotine in cigarettes sold in the United States. The hope is that without the chemical that produces the pleasure of smoking, these cigarettes will appeal to fewer people, and therefore fewer people will smoke.

It is a terrible idea for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it deprives adults of the choice to use tobacco as they see fit. But there are other unintended consequences to this policy that must be seriously considered, perhaps most importantly the effect on cigarette smuggling in the United Sates.

By making all sales of effective cigarettes with normal nicotine levels illegal, the FDA will be opening a huge illegal cigarette market in this country that has barely existed before. Among the prominent groups profiting off global illicit cigarette trade are Islamic terror organizations.

Cigarette Smuggling Today Is Domestic

There is a vibrant illegal cigarette smuggling market in the United Sates, but it is almost entirely domestic. The market is driven by the disparity in taxation from state to state. A typical operation would be for someone to buy cartons of cigarettes in Virginia for $5-$6 a pack and sell them in New York City for $8-$10 a pack, which is $5 less than they cost legally under New Yorks tax regime. As long as the gap in taxation is wide enough, there is always room for the supplier to make a profit and the buyer to save money.

According to Eric Proshansky of the New York City Law Department, who has prosecuted illicit tobacco cases, illegal tobacco sales are not a major priority for law enforcement. One can see why: it is a relatively harmless crime, and though there are sometimes ties to organized crime, and even allegedly domestic terror cells, overall domestic smuggling doesnt create any major immediate threats.

But another thing domestic smuggling operations do is close the market off to foreign competition. So long as actual brand-name cigarettes are available in some states at low prices, there is no practical reason to engage in international smuggling. If the FDA plan to render cigarettes ineffective goes through, all of that changes.

Although its extreme proposal of rendering legal cigarettes useless has never been tried, as the FDA admits, we can look to Australia to see what happens when a government makes the purchase of legal effective cigarettes next to impossible. The land down under taxes so heavily that a pack of cigarettes costs nearly $40. Australias first round of aggressive taxation passed in May 2016. By December 2016, the Australia Border Force was calling the illegal tobacco trade a national security risk that had ties to international terror.

The Dangers...


Vaccination Panic In Australia With Brian Martin "IndyWatch Feed World"

Brian Martin is an emeritus professor at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and vice president of Whistleblowers Australia. He is the author of 17 books and hundreds of articles on dissent, scientific controversies, nonviolence, democracy, education and other topics. Read More


PERTH Man charged after tourist bashed in Perth CrimeView

snip .

Man charged after tourist bashed in Perth .

March 19, 2018 at 10:33AM .

lying unconscious on the pavement. He is currently in a serious but stable condition. A Nolamara man was arrested in the city about half an hour later and has since been charged with one count of acting unlawfully with intent to harm. He is due to appear in Perths Magistrates Court later on Monday. .




PERTH Man charged after serious assault in Perth on Sunday CrimeView

snip .

Man charged after serious assault in Perth on Sunday .

March 19, 2018 at 09:26AM .

POLICE have charged a 26-year-old man after an alleged assault in Perth on Sunday morning, which left another man with serious head and facial injuries. Police received a call at around 3am that a man in his 30s had been assaulted on Adelaide Terrace and was unconscious on the footpath. .




George Pell committal: Complainant came forward after seeing cardinal on TV donaldelley

ABC News Australia

George Pell committal: Complainant came forward after seeing cardinal on TV

19 March 2018

One of Cardinal George Pells alleged victims came forward after seeing allegations against Australias most senior Catholic cleric air on television, a Melbourne court has been told.

At the start of the third week of a hearing to determine whether the 76-year-old should stand trial, a solicitor told the Melbourne Magistrates Court one of the complainants made a historical allegation against Cardinal Pell in November 2016.

Simon Acott, from Melbourne-based law firm Waller Legal, said the man told him that he was abused by Cardinal Pell at a swimming pool in country Victoria.

The court was told the law firm specialises in clerical sexual abuse compensation claims.

The men were having a meeting to discuss whether the man could apply for compensation over abuse hed suffered at the hands of another priest, when the allegation against Cardinal Pell was raised, the court heard.

Lots of stuff came back to me when I saw the TV special on George Pell, the man allegedly told Mr Acott.

Defence barrister Ruth Shann grilled Mr Acott on whether he had first asked about Cardinal Pell or if the name had been volunteered by the man.

Mr Acott replied that it wasnt asked for, it was volunteered.

But he was not able to recollect how it had come up during their meeting.

Ms Shann also asked Mr Acott if he was aware that the law firms principal, Dr Vivian Waller, had had public stoushes with Cardinal Pell, including making allegations about him in 2014 that were later proven to be impossible.

Prosecutor Mark Gibson SC objected to the question, telling the court it was an attack on Dr Wallers credibility.

Ms Shann instead asked if Dr Waller had expressed enthusiasm about referring allegations against Cardinal Pell to police.

Mr Acott said that she had recently asked to have any mentions of Cardinal Pell b...


Yassmin Abdel-Mageid wins Liberty Victoria's Young Voltaire free speech award Michael Smith News

Previous winners of the Voltaire Award include former human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs, commentator Waleed Aly, journalists including David Marr activists and critics. Apparently of us. The Young Voltaire Award has been awarded to mechanical engineer, award-winning social advocate, author and broadcaster, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, whose February 2017 appearance on the...


Ban fracking in the Northern Territory The Pen

21 March  2018 at 12pm 1pm
Meet at Hindmarsh Square


The post Ban fracking in the Northern Territory appeared first on The Pen.


Battery Makers Descend on Australia, Canada Cobalt Developers "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Reuters: Nervous Asian battery makers are turning to early-stage cobalt projects in Australia and Canada to lock in supplies of the critical battery ingredient ahead of expected shortages as demand for electric vehicles revs up. Mine developers say interest from Japanese and Korean firms is particularly strong as they compete with rivals from China, []


Do It Yourself homemade pipe shot gun. Gun Control??? Anti Gun Lobby/Government Ignorance. Australian Survival and Preppers..

I am posting this video to show the anti gun lobby just how ignorant they are & how pointless gun control is when targeting law abiding licenced gun owners. This video shows how to make a 12 gauge shotgun with only simple workshop tools & no special skills required. This gun is called a Pipe Shotgun" & it is simply made from two pieces of pipe, a nut & bolt & a screw on end cap.
Now ask yourself this, how will gun control stop ANYONE from making a gun like this? How does stopping me from using a primitive antique muzzle-loading gun stop any criminal from making this gun? What is to stop any crazed person from making this gun & walking into a school & shooting lots of people? Remember, this is a shotgun. Loaded with buckshot it will kill multiple people with just one shot, & this gun is quickly & easily reloaded!


I, Algorithm: on AI imitating art Overland literary journal

Yet the ability to mass-process information is not indicative of imagination. Even if lexes are computer generated, they can only be supplementary to creative thought. Wordsmith can produce statistically correct, data-heavy articles, but its prose is not inspired


Australia's dodgy laws 101 - White Australia policy Corporate Australia

 Migrants pointing to a painted kangaroo on a train, Ludwigsburg. An inscription on the reverse reads: painted picture of / kangaroo on our / train in Ludwigsburg / November 1948 / Alex Nypl / (Newman). Alex Nypl was a Czechoslovakian migrant who arrived in Melbourne on PROTEA, 23 December 1948. (Source: Australian National Maritime Museum Flickr photostream.)

This relentlessly dodgy machine called the Australian Government enacts many 'dodgy' laws.

As if that's not dodgy enough what the people in government do is enact some more dodgy laws while the peasants are distracted.

A recent example of the above is, while the plebs were celebrating Valentine's Day the MPs were celebrating the bank "bail in law" (called the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution) Bill 2017) put into action on the 14th of February to help their brethren in the banking business.

Another well advertised example of late last year was the "gay marriage" law being put into circulation before the year's end, while no one in government advertised anything about the dodgy "National Security" laws which encompass a wide range changes across Acts.

As a result of federation, Australia as a country was able to create laws from the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, which took effect from the 1st of January 1901.

One of the first laws that was created was the "White Australia" policy which obtained the more politically correct legal name as the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 (see illustration below).

As a result of this Act the people in government screwed over an immigrant, Egon Kisch, where they arrested and incarcerated him to six months hard labour for allegedly failing a dictation test in Scottish Gaelic. Kisch an intelligent man sp...


Book Review of Elias Davidssons The Yellow Bus (At the Berlin Christmas Market) Gumshoe News

The yellow bus behind the truck at the Berlin Market

by Felicity Hingston

In his book The Yellow Bus, Elias Davidsson bars no holds to shed some true light on Berlin Christmas Market incident. A truck drove into some shoppers in Breitscheid Square, Berlin, on December 19, 2016. The book is written in German; there is as yet no English translation.

Despite hyped media coverage at the time, there are in fact few people prepared to discuss the event, and there are copious amounts of contradictions about what actually took place: basics like how many people were killed or injured and indeed whom, how fast the truck was travellin...


I Was Afraid to Have Sex on an American College Campus Global Hobo

Im gonna fuck so many Fratties on exchange, read the caption of my Instagram update.

It was the night of my going away. I was set for a semester abroad in the rural precinct of the Southern Bible Belt of western North Carolina, USA. Id heard about all the sex you have on exchange. Those of my mates who had gone away to study always returned with exceptionally crazy and liberating sexual experiences. As a person whos very open with their sexuality and eagerness to explore the domain of casual sex, I accepted my fate of the ultimate fuck fest.

A week before our semester began, the other international girls and I were pumping ourselves up for the babin jocks wed soon encounter. The hype was real. Frat boys, geeks, rock-climbing enthusiasts nothing was off-limits. Finally, classes began. The information gathering commenced. Who was who and who to screw?

And then our research was stunted. Our inhibitions materialised when we became aware of the unfortunate truths of our surroundings. Rape culture.

Within our first week, two claims of sexual assault came from the freshman dormitories. We were all notified through the security alert messages, a protocol following all claims of assault. This happened a lot, particularly within the freshman dorms. 17-year-olds resided in the freshman dorms.

As days passed, we learned of the female student bodys number one fashion accessory: pepper spray. Everybody had one; youd be a fool not to. Rape culture was barely even hidden under the surface. One recently dissolved fraternity chapter even had a room nicknamed, The Rape Room.

My first interaction with some of the local boys was a day at the lake. The internationals were being inducted into the Alpha Sig crew. We were in our bikinis playing frisbee in the water. We were made to run, stretch and reach for the frisbee while we were unknowingly being photographed. I caught a camera snapping at me before being ushered over by a curly-headed guy kneeling on the sand, playing with angles, clearly an amateur photographer.

You look so good here. Ill send it to you and you can make it your DP.
Send it to me, I said.

He never did send it to me directly. Instead, an album of the entire days semi-nude and suggestive photographs were disseminated through a private Group-Me chat made up of 80 strangers. I wasnt in the group.

For the first time, I realised while I was here I wouldnt have complete control over my body. 80 people had now conjured a first impression of me leaping around in a bikini. They didnt know my name, they knew my body. This was the first time Id ever fel...


A fair alternative to both Trump and free trade ideologues AFTINET

March 19, 2018: Jim Stanford from the Australia Institute writes in The Guardian that Trumps unilateral and xenophobic approach to trade policy is dangerous and could lead to trade conflict. He argues we need an alternative to both Trumps unilateralism and to corporate-dominated trade deals like the TPP.

Stanford sets out key principles for fairer trade, which include:

  • trade deals should not prevent governments from regulating markets and businesses in the public interest
  • trade deals should not give extra rights to foreign corporations to sue governments (ISDS) and should not strengthen monopolies for drug companies
  • governments should retain the right to regulate foreign investment and speculative capital flows
  • trade deals should have enforceable commitments to international labour rights and environmental standards
  • a progressive trade policy must recognise there are winners and losers from trade, and must  include  high standards of social protection inclusion and job creation



Dont Be a (Big) Dick Global Hobo

It was any other Saturday night. I was at a gay bar, drinking too many vodka redbulls and losing my mind over Britney song after GaGa song, having a good time with my friends. I was wearing new clothes and I felt like I looked good, a confidence that helps in environments like gay bars.

I have a small bladder, so I told my friends Id be right back and was just going to the bathroom. I peed, completely unaware of who was around me, and as I went to do my pants back up at the urinal, the 40-something-year-old man next to me told me that I shouldnt bother doing them back up. He then proceeded to force his hand down my pants and grab my dick through my underwear.

I slapped his hand away, asked him what the fuck was wrong with him and told him he was a pervert. I washed my hands and went back to my friends. I was furious, yet my friends were not surprised common practice in a gay bar.

Youre gorgeous, you can hardly blame him, one of them told me, wrapping a compliment around an excuse for the man who had just assaulted me.

I didnt do anything. I didnt tell security, I didnt leave and I didnt find him and punch him in the dick as hard as I could (as much as I mightve wanted to); I just tried to forget about it and still have a good night. I didnt do anything because, as sad as it is, it happens all the time and it is only one in a long list of stories that I could tell about sexual assault. Long since, Ive been scared of confrontation.

I am learning what it is to be a gay man in an environment where we only view each other as bodies, or dicks, or holes, and what we want to do with that object.

Things you know about me so far then are that Im gay, Im subjectively good looking, I like vodka redbulls and I have been sexually assaulted more than once. Other things you should know are that Im tall, close to two metres; I like fashion (original, I know); I work in retail fashion and I have a dick that is above average size (bear with me).

I could talk a lot about having a large dick. It is desired, but can also be really fucking annoying. I know it isnt something I should complain about, and so many people see having a big dick as amazing, but anyone who has to hold their genitalia when they sit down in a public bathroom lest it touch the bowl or toilet paper or god knows what else knows that it isnt always sexy.

Dont get me wrong Ive had plenty of good times with my dick too. But while men using my height to hit on me is an eye-roll-and-a-half, men asking if the rest of me is proportional is downright not okay. Sexual harassment is still sexual harassment; I dont care...


NewsCorp had a major influence in South Australia and Batman election results The Pen

Contributed as a collective article

Melbournes Batman by-election saw Labor retain the federal seat from a strong challenge by the Greens. Labor lost in the South Australia election and there will be a new Coalition government.

Many factors explain these results. This attempt at some form of analysis does not go into all of them and concentrates on one  very important matter. Australia is seeing the rise of misinformation being used by a media monopoly to achieve its own will.

The outgoing Labor government in South Australia was undermined by a concerted campaign over time, to discredit its policy towards renewables as the states energy source. Every evil was blamed on it. Accusations were built on distortions and outright lies. Leading the charge was Murdochs media stable, with its penchant for never letting the facts get in the way of the story and reliance on tabloid style reporting.

This is not surprising, Newscorps support for the mining industry and opposition to any restrictions on it is legendary,  and played a big part in undermining the Rudd government over the Carbon emissions levy of carbon production. This was falsely presented as a tax, instead of a charge to help clean up  pollution caused. One of companys major shareholders is oil rich Saudi Royal family member Al-Weheed Talai. This should not be overlooked.

There is more to it as well. In recent times, NewsCorp has been spearheading a brand of politics characterised by bigoted view of the world,  much more in common with the politics and economics of the Industrial revolution than anything else. It created the Pauline Hanson personality, lifted Tony Abbott and maintains the Turnbull government, at the price of not straying too far from what Murdoch wants.

What happened in South Australia is coloured by this. It may not be the only factor. But it is important. Labor got the treatment and so did Xenophons SA Best.

Turn to Melbourne. Labor chose a good candidate with a track record that appeals to working families. Ged Kearney, a former nurse and leader of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), has credibility. This was always going to be a challenge for the Greens.

But this does not deny the truth that NewsCorp was up to its neck meddling here too. The strategy was to undermine the Greens. The means, ongoing denigration and playing up internal differences out of all proportion. The candidate, Alex Bhathal, was continually smeared and never given a fair hearing.

The truth is that NewsCorp has declared all-out war against the Greens and made a strategic move to help a Labor victory. Thereasons for this are, opposition to the Greens harder stance on global warming related issues, and even more importantly, the maintenance of a the two party system as the mainstay of the Australian political scene. This is not the fault of Ged Kearney and those who supported her. But it is important...


Tathra bushfire shows RFS volunteers useless The Habitat Advocate

On Sunday 18th March 2018, the weather in Bega and nearby coastal Tathra was forecast to be a very hot 38 degrees Celsius, low humidity and high westerly gusting winds.  So a Total Fire Ban was appropriately declared the afternoon prior by New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.  The Fire Danger Rating []


Sydney, Australia: Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

received on 18.03.18

In response to a solidarity appeal from comrades in Russia, on the 18th of March, the day of the Russian elections, a group of anarchists in Sydney, gathered at the Russian consulate. We distributed leaflets about the situation of imprisoned Russian anarchists and antifascists and chanted soligans against police, prisons and the Putin regime.

in portuguese


Part Two on Slater and Gordon's efforts to remove or silence AWU whistleblowers who reported financial mismanagement Michael Smith News

Part One of this story (covering June/July 1993, the 9 member staff delegation who wanted Ralph Blewitt removed as WA State Secretary, allegations of financial mismanagement and the Slater and Gordon directed sackings of staff members who raised concerns about Blewitt's role) is here. Bruce Wilson was back in Perth...


SOTT FOCUS: Jordan Peterson Takes Australia by Storm: Brings Psychological Knowledge and a Message of Hope to the Multitudes "GroovUs Feed Npodcasts"

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year and a half, you've probably heard of Dr. Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada. Described as a "rockstar psychologist" by some in the mainstream media, the good professor has been on a whirlwind tour in recent weeks, bringing knowledge to the masses via a series of public lectures and Q&A sessions in support of his new book, 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos. With a massive online presence via websites, podcast interviews, social media, videos and discussion groups, Dr. Peterson has attracted even the unwilling attention of the mainstream media due to the sheer force of his reasoning. His now-famous interview with Cathy Newman on the UK's Channel 4 TV expanded his audience into the millions, and forged his reputation both as an intellectual powerhouse and a man of the people who can explain almost impossibly-difficult concepts in straightforward terms. Among its many virtues, 12 Rules For Life provides specific psychological knowledge to counteract the nihilistic ideologies of "radical Left" thought. Polish psychologist and critic of the Soviet regime Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski describes such ideology as an "oversimplified pattern of ideas, devoid of psychological color and based on easily available data". In other words, intellectually barren, psychologically naive, and supported only by cherry-picked data interpreted at the lowest resolution. At present, these features of the radical Left narratives (feminism, Marxism, postmodernism, identity politics, etc.) are becoming plainly apparent to the general public, thanks in part to the work of Dr. Peterson and others who have been pointing them out.


Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 12:00 GMT on 18 March. - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thomson Reuters FoundationTropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 12:00 GMT on 18 March.Thomson Reuters Foundation... * Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 12:00 GMT on 18 March. Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Center ...and more 


Greens members on notice over Batman loss National News Echonetdaily

The Australian Greens plan to track down members who sabotaged the partys campaign for the federal Melbourne seat of Batman and expel them.

Leader Richard Di Natale says the small group of people who ruined the partys chances at Saturdays by-election should be kicked out.

They had a very deliberate agenda and decided to leak a number of things to the media in an effort to undermine us they set us an impossible task. I think thats grounds for expulsion, he told ABC TV on Sunday night.

The people responsible for this have no place in our party. They should be expelled.

The Greens unexpectedly lost the seat to Labors Ged Kearney.

Mr Di Natale said members needed to support each other not leak and sabotage.

He said the party would meet to put processes in place to make sure it never happened again.

The post Greens members on notice over Batman loss appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Refugee groups condemn race card favouring white South African farmers The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

Its no wonder refugee agencies have condemned Immigration minister Peter Duttons plan to fast-track white South African farmers as acceptable refugees into Australia. Thousands of others, who are genuine refugees, languish in little more than concentrations camps, and face daily cruel treatment at the hands of the Australian authorities. Such a double standard is bound to cause an uproar.

Dutton floated his plan on the back of reports that suggested that many have been harassed, assaulted, raped and killed in recent times. What he chooses to bury is that the claims have not been backed up by hard evidence. They are made even more doubtful, when they originate from sources identified with groups identifying with the old Apartheid era of white privilege and rule. On top of this, the story is being peddled globally by every race hate group in existence.

Even so, it remains possible that some of these farmers are getting a hard time. There has been some agitation on the ground, and mainly at the local level, from black communities feeling that their own claims to land are not being met. But this is a far cry from the claims that are being made.

The change has been that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) towards the end of last year, voted to start a process of land redistribution. They also agreed that the big white farmers should not be compensated for the land taken from them. This process has not taken place yet, because the government needs to first go about making a change to the countrys constitution. What is certain is that land will eventually be redistributed. It is this prospect that is causing the heat.

Peter Dutton is readily prepared to swallow the line, despite the fact, that South African farming sources are denying the claims. He has caused a diplomatic storm that has resulted in a demand that b the South African government that he retract his public statements, and the Australian High Commissioner to South Africa has been called in for a talking to.

According to the South African government, the problem is that 80 percent of the population still own only own 6 percent of the land,  in a context where one third of the population dependent on subsistence farming. Without land redistribution, the problem of poverty cannot be tackled successfully. The target of the post-Apartheid era had been to achieve 30 percent black ownership by 2014.the process has failed and the government is faced with no other choice but to step up and  do something about it.

No ne is being left without. All that is earmarked for taking is land that is not being worked. That which is being properly used for farming is not at risk.

The problem is that for hard-line Afrikaners is that control over the land, is an important part of their self image as pioneers taming the wild. Their control over vast tracts of land land is the image of white superiority...


Confusion the enemy of sun-smart message National News Echonetdaily

Australians are unknowingly increasing their risk of skin cancer because they dont know when they need sun protection the most, the findings of a national survey suggests.

The latest National Sun Protection Survey, released by Cancer Council Australia, found fewer than one in 10 adults understood that sun protection is required when UV levels are 3 or above.

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) is a major cause of melanoma the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Australia and levels can remain high during autumn despite the temperature drop.

The survey also suggests Australians remain confused about weather factors and sunburn.

In summer 2016-17, 24 per cent of those surveyed incorrectly believed that sunburn risk was related to temperature, while 23 per cent incorrectly cited conditions such as cloud cover, wind or humidity.

Heather Walker, chair of Cancer Council Australias National Skin Cancer Committee, says the knowledge gap is concerning and it is time for the federal government to step up and invest in a new national sun protection campaign.

This new research shows that Australians are still very confused about what causes sunburn, which means people arent protected when they need to be, said Ms Walker.

Melanoma rates have dropped in the under 40s age group due to the success of past slip, slop, slap campaigns.

But the sun protection message needs to be continually reinforced, says Ms Walker.

If its not, then younger generations will continue to be affected by the deadly skin cancer because the suns not going anywhere, the UV levels in Australia are always going to be high, she warned.

Ms Walker says the last federal government-funded sun protection campaign was nearly a decade ago.

I think its a really important time for the federal government to step up and contribute to a national campaign, she told AAP.

Some of the countrys experts in the field will meet at the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Centre in Brisbane on Monday in the hope of developing new educational strategies .

Professor David Whiteman, head of the Cancer Cancer Control group at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, says one particular focus will be the role of sunscreen.

It seems many Australians still appear to be confused about when they ought to be wearing sunscreen and it seems levels of use in some sectors of the population are less than we would like, said Prof Whiteman.

He says even if there are new emerging and effective treatments for melanoma prevention is always better than cure.

The post Confusion the enemy of sun-smart message appeared first on Echonetdaily...


Australian wildfires destroy homes, kill cattle as hundreds of people flee - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Australian wildfires destroy homes, kill cattle as hundreds of people fleeThomson Reuters FoundationSYDNEY, March 19 (Reuters) - Australian authorities urged people to remain alert on Monday as wildfires that have destroyed dozens of homes, killed cattle and forced hundreds of residents to flee continued to burn out of control in the southeast of the ...and more 


70 homes lost in NSW coastal town bushfire National News Echonetdaily

Up to 70 homes and other buildings have been destroyed in a ferocious fast-moving bushfire that ripped through a picturesque seaside town on the NSW far south coast.

The 1000-hectare blaze around Tathra, east of Bega, started on Sunday and was fanned by very strong winds and high temperatures in the states east.

It burned through several kilometres of bushland and crossed a river before it reached the township and is still out of control.

As the sun rose on Monday, authorities have begun to assess the area.

Our early indications are that the number of buildings impacted is likely to climb above 70, but we will confirm that with the work of the building impact assessment teams this morning, RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons told Network Seven on Monday.

We have this awful situation throughout the community of Tathra, where we have damaged buildings, damaged homes, and infrastructure, he said.

Hundreds of residents in the town, with a population of about 1600, slept in an evacuation centre in Bega.

Communication was affected after a mobile phone tower collapsed, making it difficult to determine how many people remained in the town.

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State targets make energy plan immaterial National News Echonetdaily

State governments are already driving enough investment in solar and wind power to cut the electricity sectors emissions by more than the Turnbull government wants, rendering its new energy policy near-useless.

Energy analysts RepuTex say the effect of state renewable energy targets, especially in Victoria and Queensland, means the proposed national energy guarantee will have a negligible impact on the market.

It says the do nothing scenario modelled for the Commonwealth understates the investment in renewables because it doesnt take into account state government targets despite assurances they will remain.

Queensland is aiming for 50 per cent renewables by 2030 while Victoria has legislated to reach 40 per cent by 2025 and South Australia has already nearly met its 50 per cent target.

This means the modelling from the governments advisory Energy Security Board starts with a higher baseline of emissions against which to measure the impact of the national energy guarantee.

Australia has committed under the Paris Agreement to cut its overall emissions by 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, and the federal government has anticipated applying this cut equally across all sectors.

The boards model predicts the electricity sector will cut its emissions by 19 per cent by 2030 without the new national energy guarantee.

But RepuTexs own modelling, released on Monday, says once you incorporate existing state renewable energy targets, emissions from the electricity sector will actually drop 29 per cent.

It says this renders the national energy guarantee, details of which are due to be finalised by energy ministers in April, immaterial to the market.

Unless the target is more ambitious than where emissions are projected to be without the NEG, there is little need for the administrative complexity of the scheme, RepuTex associate research director Bret Harper said.

Already, state targets have driven investment in renewables fast enough that three times more new generation will join the system by mid-2018 than the ESB predicted.

The arms race between the states for renewable investment is well under way, with or without the NEG, Mr Harper said.

And state targets will stay the dominant signal for new generation unless the emissions cuts under the NEG is lifted.

Many say electricity generation should bear a heavier load of reducing Australias emissions because its one of the easiest areas to make changes and it can drive faster cuts in other sectors, such as transport, once they become more reliant on electrical power.

The post State targets make energy plan immaterial appeared first on Echonetdaily.


March 19 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

1790 - HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Sirius was popping over to Norfolk Island with a bite to eat when it had a nasty mischief on a reef and went belly up.

1803 - Laurence Dempsey was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill.

1836 - Marvellous, wonderful and simply splendid David Scott Mitchell was pupped today. Mitchell spent most of his life and a small fortune collecting Australiana, which he donated to the NSW State Library on his death. Old Four Hours was the nickname the hansom cab drivers gave him due to his habit of spending 4 hours every Monday searching through second hand book shops.

1839 - Land prices plummeted and the locals upped sticks and decamped... settlement began at Port Lincoln.

1839 - Honey bees were landed upon Kiwi soil for the first time.

1840 - Thomas Whitton was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of John Hawker and arson at Oak Park, Crookwell. Whitton had earlier murdered John Kennedy Hume, brother of the explorer Hamilton Hume.

1849 - George Waters Ward was Hanged at Maitland for the murder of Richard Connolly (or King) at Muswellbrook.

1852 - Adelaide was rolling in it after the first gold escort rocked into town from the Mount Alexander goldfields with over 5,000 oz of the glittery stuff.

1856 - The very first secret ballot in the whole wide world happened in Victoria because the pollies had Secret Mens Business to deal with.

1856 - The Victorian Railways Department was created as part of and by the Victorian Government...and no, they weren't crocheting sardine cans with shoe-horns, why do you ask?

1858 - The Newcastle Branch Railway Line (NSW) was thrown open for the shunting business of train travel.

1858 - Edward Cardana (alias John Nelson alias Michael Ferrara) was Hanged for the murder of John Armstrong at Long Gully.

1866 - At the ripe old age of 20 years John Dunn danced his way into the great wide beyond at the end of a rope for taking up bushranging with Ben Hall as a career move.

1866 - James Jones was Hanged at Ballarat for the murder of Dr Julius Saenger, committed at Scarsdale.

1894 - Ernest Knox was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Isaac Crawcour whilst in the act of burglary at Williamstown.

1904 - The inaugural Henley-on-Yarra boating race was held in Melbourne, what-oh, to be won by the august Ballarat team.

1907 - At Bonnievale in Westralia miner Modesto Vareschetti was trapped in a flooded mine for 9 days. He was eventually rescued by Frank Hughes who had repeatedly brought him food in a diving suit.

1913 - The recently departed original singing cowboy Smokey Dawson was born today. A friend of Ned Kelly's family and a resident of St Vincent's Boys' Home in Sth Melbourne, Herbert Hen...


The Great Aussie Beer Bash Sparking An Ongoing #ChangeTheDate Conversation New Matilda

New Matilda, in partnership with the Sparkke Change Beverage Company, has launched the first in a series of major public awareness campaigns aimed at keeping #ChangeTheDate on the national agenda.

The Great Aussie Beer Bash, on May 23, will see every federal politician in the country receive a carton or two of Change The Date Pilsner, Sparkkes premium beer with a serious message.

For $20, Aussies can shout a politician a beer via New Matildas latest Pozible campaign. And if that leaves a sour taste, for $5 more they can shout a politician an empty (well mail them empty cans of Change The Date instead, so they just get to read the message and not enjoy the beer).

Readers can also contribute more and send specific politicians a beer (or empty) along with a pointed, hand-written message. Spend $500 on The Rare Shout and you can shoot straight for the big players choose between Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Cory Bernardi, Pauline Hanson, Peter Dutton, Bill Shorten and Mark Latham (our fondly dubbed Salty Seven).

On May 23, all federal politicians will receive their cartons of Change The Date Pilsner (and empties), along with a party box which contains trinkets, badges, and information about the importance of finding a national day that doesnt coincide with the theft, slaughter and dispossession of another people.

The Great Aussie Beer Bash at Parliament House, Canberra will coincide with Shout Out events in pubs and clubs around the nation. This is the first campaign in a series New Matilda will be running throughout 2018, focused on #ChangeTheDate.

New Matilda publisher/editor and Sparkke director, Chris Graham says the campaign is being launched now, to spark an ongoing conversation.

The movement behind Change the Date built a lot of momentum this year more than 100,000 people turned out to protest marches around the nation on January 26, Mr Graham said.

But if were to build on that momentum, we need to be talking about #ChangeTheDate all year round. Its not a conversation that will lead to real change if we only have it once a year, for a few days either side of January 26.



MACKAY Mackay supreme court list CrimeView

MACKAY March 18, 2018 at 05:17PM ,

Mackay supreme court list

March 18, 2018 at 05:17PM ,

6 days ago MACKAY March 12, 2018 at 02:06AM , Mackay supreme court list March 12, 2018 at 02:06AM , Every effort has been made to comply with non-publication Oct 18, 2013 For those persons interested in viewing the list of defendants appearing before the Mackay Magistrates Court each day, the

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,



Heavy dust storm hits Canberra, leaves thousands without power "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A severe dust storm caused by high northwestern wind engulfed the Australian capital Canberra on Sunday, March 18, 2018, leaving thousands of people without power. Wind gusts up to 82 km/h (51 mph) brought powerlines down, uprooted trees and caused panic among the...... Read more

Major wildfires rage in Australia, killing cattle and destroying homes "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Bush and grass fires rage in Australia's state of Victoria on Sunday, March 18, 2018, as hot and blustery conditions continue affecting the region. The fires are expected to get larger in size before firefighters place them under control. Dozens of fires in...... Read more


Africa's White Farmers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Of all the people of Africa, there is no question that Western governments and media are obsessed with the White Farmers in the continents.  They only seem to care about them.


Hottest autumn day in 78 years hits Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sydney has sweltered through its hottest autumn day in 78 years, with temperatures soaring past 40C on Sunday. The mercury hit 40.5C at Sydney Airport in the city's inner-south, a staggering 16C higher than the average March temperature of 24C. Even the eastern beaches saw temperatures as high as 39C as north-westerly winds counteracted any sea breeze. Weatherzone meteorologist Graeme Brittain told Daily Mail Australia the scorching temperatures were 'highly unusual'. Mr Brittain said wind gusts in excess of 90km tore through the New South Wales coastline, but brought little reprieve from the heat. He warned temperatures would likely remain high overnight. Sunbathers flocked to Sydney's beaches on Sunday amid the sweltering autumn heatwave. Bondi beach was packed with revellers in search of some relief from the scorching hot temperatures.


Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 06:00 GMT on 18 March. - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thomson Reuters FoundationTropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 06:00 GMT on 18 March.Thomson Reuters Foundation... * Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 06:00 GMT on 18 March. Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Center ...and more 


Devastated Horse Owners Launch $53 Million Lawsuit Against Vaccine Maker "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Horse owners in Australia are coming to terms with the loss or injuries of their horses. But those terms have resulted in a $53 million dollar lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant, Zoetis Australia. The horse owners claim...

The post Devastated Horse Owners Launch $53 Million Lawsuit Against Vaccine Maker appeared first on Vaxxter.


Racial Preferences: Peter Dutton and White South African Farmers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It has been the great misfit Australian policy since the 1990s: a refugee and immigration policy that shows itself to be scrupulously fair, calculable and clean.  Nothing shall be permitted to sully this presumption.  Even as refugees and asylum seekers gather dampness, decay and depression in Pacific camps, the Australian immigration policy shall remain, like Caesars wife, above reproach.

The comments of Australias Peter Dutton who resembles, with each passing day, a plumed and emboldened commissar, have given political figures pause for thought.  Openly, and without reservation, the Home Affairs Minister decided to bank for a particular racial group in the immigration stakes, namely those poor oppressed white farmers of South Africa.

This goes against the policy of ethnic caution and racial neutrality, albeit ensconced behind the customary prejudices typical of all stances on immigration.  Here was the most direct expression of race and culture as twin categories.

Dutton preferred the language of special attention for specifically white South African farmers suffering what he deemed to be horrific circumstances.  He spoke of damning footage and lurid stories.  They, he explained, needed protection from a civilised country.  South African farmers would be a good fit in Australia, integrating (note the stab against certain refugees) and avoiding the welfare rolls.  Perversely enough, the mantle of guardianship that of Afrikaners overseeing the civilising mission in South Africa seemed to have moved to the confused Dutton.

As a key proponent of apartheid, the South African prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, would enunciate in February 1960, it was the white men who were the people who brought civilisation here, who made possible the present development of black nationalisation by bringing the natives education, by showing them the Western way of life, by bringing Africa industry and development, by inspiring them with the ideals which Western civilisation has developed for itself.

Duttons remarks fell on the ears of the furious.  Ian Rijsdijk of the University of Cape Towns Media Studies Centre found the remarks incredibly retrograde.  The majority African population regard a reference to civilisation, piped South African advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, as an insult.

Spokesman for South Africas Foreign Ministry, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, claimed in a statement that, There was no reason for any Government anywhere in the world to suspect that any South African is in danger from their own democratically elected Government......


Convenient excuse: May promises to ditch Russian gas "because Novichok" "IndyWatch Feed World"

The UK-Russian relations have quickly deteriorated over the past week after the UK said that a former double agent and his daughter were poisoned in England by a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia. The spy poisoning scandal turned into a diplomatic row and now threatens to spill into energy issues, after UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that Britain was looking "to other countries" for its gas supplies. The UK has gas supply contracts with Russia's gas giant Gazprom, and although the British dependence on Russian gas supply is not as high as that of other European countries, the UK still relies on some Russian gas for its energy needs. The UK has also imported a liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from Russia's newly started Yamal project, and re-exported another LNG cargo originating from Yamal. For now, UK gas traders remain unconcerned that the UK could run short of nat gas supplies, even shrugging off Prime Minister May's comments that the UK would be looking for other gas suppliers. During question time in Parliament on Wednesday, May said that "I can reassure ... that in looking at our gas supplies we are indeed looking to other countries." May was replying to a question by Conservative lawmaker Stephen Crabb who said that "One way Russia seeks to extend its influence in Europe is by building relationships of energy dependence. Is she [Mrs May] aware that Britain has recently started to receive shipments of liquefied natural gas, and does she agree that Britain should not provide a market for Russian gas? If we need to bring in extra LNG imports, we have allies such as Qatar, Malaysia and Australia who are more than willing to sell it to us." Comment: Yep, the sure sign of an evil nation: one with many friends. It's amazing how backward the Brits can be. Russia makes deals because it likes having good relations with other nations. That benefits Russia and Russia's business partners. Everyone wins. But that "extended influence" is actually a sign of evil, according to the likes of Crabb. And with a name like that, maybe it's no surprise.

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Sunday, 18 March


Three police officers who kicked a woman to the ground and punched a man 20 times face investigation Australian Police News

Three West Australian police officers have been put under investigation after a disturbing video of an arrest was played in court.

The officers, known as Hitchen, Richardson and Thompson, originally claimed a woman grabbed one of their guns during the confrontation.

However, shocking footage captured by a witness shows otherwise, with the officers seen kicking the woman to the ground and unleashing more than 20 punches on another man.

Jacqueline Briffa faced three charges of assaulting a police officer and attempting to possess a firearm, with all thrown out in court after the video was played, The West Australian reports.

The incident occurred in Hamilton Hill, south west of Perth, and was filmed by witness Elise Svanberg, who described the scene as 'awful'.

The magistrate called the allegations Ms Briffa had tried to remove one of the guns as 'frankly nonsense' before throwing the charges out.

Meanwhile, the man who was punched multiple times walked away with a $100 fine after being charged with obstructing police.

The officers pictured in the video have been placed under review, but have been allowed to remain on full duties.

<a href="">SOURCE</a>


Thug cops still working in NSW police Australian Police News

A toy dinosaur could end up costing NSW about $500,000 after police settled a claim they had bashed two men in Queanbeyan in 2013.

The two officers have been promoted, one having made detective, and remain on the force after NSW settled the claim without admission of liability in August.

Court-tendered documents alleged Rickey Caton and Adam Antram were beaten by then-senior constable Todd Finnigan and then-constable Patrick Hicks in December, 2013 after Mr Caton pointed a toy dinosaur at senior constable Finnigan.

According to the claim, the two officers then charged Mr Caton and Mr Antram with numerous offences, including assaulting an officer, in what is now known as "the dinosaur incident".

The case went ahead until a third officer who was present, constable Lucie Litchfield, testified in court to the contrary.

In total, the incident could cost NSW about $500,000. After police dropped the criminal charges against Mr Caton and Mr Antram in October 2015, they paid their $110,00 legal costs.

Their lawyer, Peter Bevan, expects the NSW government to pay over $300,000 in legal costs after a civil claim lodged by the men saw the police settle for $45,000 apiece with the two men in August this year.

An internal police investigation into the officers' actions that night concluded in June this year they had not acted improperly and no disciplinary action was taken.

The two officers have been promoted. According to unrelated court documents from September this year, Finnigan has been promoted to detective; another unrelated document from May shows Hicks is now a senior constable.

"Those two officers remain in the workplace with the full confidence of the commander," a NSW police spokeswoman said.

Ms Litchfield resigned from the force in 2015, then telling Fairfax Media she had been driven out. Ms Litchfield was contacted for comment for this article.

Mr Bevan has lodged a complaint to the NSW police watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, regarding the investigation's outcome.

A commission spokeswoman said they were reviewing the internal report. "Once the LECC has completed this review, further information will be sent directly to the complainant about the matter," the spokeswoman said.

Speaking for the first time since the settlement, ?Mr Caton and Mr Antram expressed frustration the two officers remained employed.  "It wasn't even about the money for me, I would have rather seen them lose their jobs," Mr Caton said.  "If it wasn't for Lucie we probably would be in jail."

According to court documents from the settled civil claim on December 21, 2013, police stopped Mr Caton, Mr Antram and two other friends on Morella Avenue in Jerrabomberra.

They'd mistaken their car for one associated with a nearby violent home invasion when the men were in fact heading to...


Milo Yiannopoulos promoters won't pay $50,000 Victoria Police bill Australian Police News

<i>I can hardly believe how far left Victoria is veering: State police charging a conservative to protect him from Leftists. Charging protection money is what criminals do. The next step is refusing protection and letting harm happen. 

The whole rationale for government is that there are some things that should not be user-pays, but which the State should pay, like roads and infrastructure, defence, police, search and rescue, and emergency services, certain amenities ... etc. If the police don't think it is part of their job to prevent criminal assault, what are they good for?

The only consolation is that this is probably a try-on</i>

THE ORGANISER behind controversial Milo Yiannopoulos' Melbourne event is refusing to cough up $50,000 to cover the cost of police after a violent protest broke out.

Penthouse publisher Damien Costas, the man who organised Milo Yiannopoulos's tour, told 3AW he had no intention of paying the five-figure bill from Victoria Police, following the Kensington clash.

I can't imagine we would (pay the larger bill)," he said. In Melbourne they were talking about a user pays model but a particular sergeant at our head of security we were dealing with said We'd like you to pay for the barriers, bollards etc'."

I think the entire thing was about five or $6000." I paid what I was asked to pay. Anything over and above that we can determine." This is actually asking the victim to pay the bill."

He said user-pay models were discussed in every state and he'd paid about $9000 for police in the Gold Coast and nothing in New South Wales.

Supporters of the far-Right figure were involved in violent clashes with left-wing protesters on Monday night in Kensington.
Hundreds of police were called in with some using capsicum spray to subdue rioters.

Mr Costas said the 3000 attendees didn't do anything wrong rather those uninvited threw rocks.

Police Minister Lisa Neville told the radio station on Wednesday the event's promoters would have to foot the bill, which would be at least $50,000. She said billing event organisers for police resources was commonplace.

For these sort of rallies, but also for the AFL and those big events there is an agreement around the costs," she said. Ms Neville said she was confident Mr Yiannopoulos would cough up.
(It's a) big call to say you're going to ignore a bill from Victoria Police," she said.

Mr Costas said the police presence was executed with military precision" and there were also 70 security guards at the event.

<a href="">SOURCE</a>


Hefty Yiannopoulos bill shows Victoria Police has taken sides with the Left Australian Police News

THE last group you'd expect to indulge in victim-blaming is Victoria Police. Our police force is meant to protect and serve, not fine victims of lawlessness for needing police protection.

That is essentially what happened last week when police command decided to send a hefty bill of at least $50,000 to the organisers of the Milo Yiannopoulos tour.

Not only does the decision set a dangerous precedent for free speech in Victoria, but it also reveals a perverse lack of fairness.

The enormous bill reflects the significant police resources that were needed last Monday night when feral mobs rioted for five hours in the streets of Kensington while trying to stop ticketholders from entering the Australian Pavilion.

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane first threatened to fine the venue before it was determined that the organisers would foot the bill. Police Minister Lisa Neville said: For these sort of rallies, but also for the AFL and those big events, there is an agreement around the costs."

This attempt by the minister to compare the charges to what sporting bodies routinely pay is disingenuous nonsense.

A law-abiding crowd of 3000 attending a ticketed event would not require 300 police officers, including dozens in riot gear.

That came about purely because violent far-Left activists converged on the venue to try to shut down the event an all-too-regular occurrence in Victoria.  Not satisfied with hurling vile abuse, the protesters also threw rocks, sticks, bottles, and even street signs.

If it were the ticketholders rampaging, then I'd have no qualms about saddling the organisers with the bill.

However, the small number of police that would normally be needed, and paid for by organisers, at an event of this size ballooned to something entirely different thanks to the actions of extreme Left agitators.

Anyone who has seen footage of the mayhem would be surprised to learn that police arrested only two people that night.

Victoria Police may have created a rod for its own back by punishing the injured party and effectively rewarding the thuggish louts who want to use violence and intimidation to shut down events, meetings and rallies of their ideological opponents.

Today, the event organiser, Penthouse publisher and free speech advocate Damien Costas, spoke of his dismay over political grandstanding" in Victoria.

Our attendees did nothing wrong. They lined up quietly and looked on as the protesters that weren't invited and, frankly, weren't welcome, threw rocks and bottles at police," Costas told the Herald Sun.

We negotiated in good faith with the Victorian police and we reached an agreement as to what was required and what we needed to pay for." Mr Costas also revealed that he was yet to receive the bill, and would refuse to pay it if it did arrive.

This is nothing m...


Police face charges for 'leaving an overdosed teenager to die' - and he would have survived if they'd taken him to hospital Australian Police News

<a href=""><i>The Gold Coast cops have a very bad reputation</i></a>

The death of a Gold Coast teenager from a drug overdose in 2015 could lead to charges against police officers who attended the scene.

Coroner Terry Ryan delivered his findings at Southport Courthouse on Thursday into the death of 19-year-old Charlie Robertson at his Miami apartment in June.

Mr Ryan found Mr Robertson's death was preventable and said police had 'acted inappropriately and incompetently' in their care for the young man.

Mr Robertson was unconscious in his bedroom when seven officers from the Gold Coast's Rapid Action Patrol raided the property, looking for one of his flatmates.

Despite being unable to wake Mr Robertson, the officers left without providing him with medical assistance despite the presence of paramedics at the property, the inquest heard.

The inquest found Mr Roberston would 'very likely' have survived had he received treatment.

'I consider that the attending police officers who witnessed Charlie's condition acted inappropriately and incompetently with respect to his presentation,' Mr Ryan said.

Mr Ryan added evidence given at the inquest that officers lifting a mattress the unconscious Mr Robertson was lying on was 'inappropriate' while laughter heard from officers when Mr Robertson fell from the mattress reflected 'very poorly' on the officers involved.

Mr Ryan said he will refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, meaning the officers could be potentially be charged for their actions.

Charlie's father Graham Robertson told reporters outside court the inquest had shown his son would be '100 per cent alive today' had police acted 'accordingly'.

The inquest heard at the time of Mr Robertson's death, frontline officers had not been trained in recognising signs of drug overdose but that this training has since taken place.

<a href="">SOURCE</a>


Another disgraceful Sydney cop Australian Police News

An off-duty Sydney police sergeant who was found guilty of using her rank and authority to avoid being randomly breath tested by a junior colleague has been jailed in a Sydney court.

Sarah Louise Johnston, 50, drove away from the RBT site without having been tested after a short conversation with the rookie officer at North Sydney on January 8, 2016.

She wept in the dock on Friday as Judge Christopher Hoy sentenced her to 16 months in jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.

'I consider the offender's conduct was disgraceful,' he said at the Downing Centre District Court.

The trial heard Johnston drank at least one schooner of beer while celebrating the new year with colleagues from North Sydney Police Station at two nearby pubs.

She was driving home to the Central Coast when she was pulled over at a random breath testing site on the Pacific Highway at Crows Nest.

Two junior officers conducting the RBTs - Constable Cameron Brooks and Constable Tugcan Sackesen - immediately recognised her.

Const Sackesen gave evidence at the trial that Johnston first pulled her car up alongside Const Brooks but rolled forward towards him before Const Brooks could breath test her.

'Hi sergeant, you've just been stopped for a random breath test,' Const Sackesen told her. He said she replied: 'You're not going to breath test me are you?' 'Yes sergeant I am,' he said.

She allegedly said: 'No because that would be a conflict of interest.' 'Imagine if I blew over, which I won't, because I'm not.' He said she told him it would put him in an 'awkward situation'.

On Friday Judge Hoy said the experienced and well regarded supervisor set a 'disgraceful example' that night. He said she 'brought shame upon herself... and to all honest members of the police force'.

'This is misconduct the community would expect honest and upstanding members of the police force... to abhor, resist and report,' he said.

Judge Hoy commended the two junior officers for courageously reporting her misconduct. Johnston will be eligible for release in December 2018.

<a href="">SOURCE</a>


Politically correct Victoria Police insist they DON'T have an African gang problem despite the blight of Apex, an officer being kicked in the face and 100 'South Sudanese' youths trashing an AirBnB Australian Police News

Victoria Police insist they don't have an African gang problem in Melbourne after an officer was kicked in the face at a shopping mall and 100 youths of Sudanese appearance trashed an AirBnB house.

The comments from Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald came after a boy kicked a police officer in the head as he crouched down attempting to arrest a 16-year-old youth for alleged shoplifting on Boxing Day.

The scuffle at Highpoint Shopping Centre, at Maribyrnong in Melbourne's west, was caught on CCTV on Tuesday afternoon.

However, Superintendent Fitzgerald said this latest incident involving African youths was not a sign there was an ethnically-related gang problem, amid a spate of crime linked to Apex gangs.

'We have problems with youth crime across the state and it's not a particular group of youths we are looking into. It's all youths. It's youth crime,' she told reporters.

Superintendent said 'youth crime in general' was to blame - a week after police were pelted with rocks after being called to an AirBnB house at Werribee, in Melbourne's west.

Officers were forced to retreat from the house, trashed inside by a party, when more than 100 youths of primarily South Sudanese appearance turned on them.

Photos taken from inside the house show walls kicked and punched in, mattresses thrown on top of furniture and pepper spray splattered across bedroom curtains.

Neighbours say they were left terrified when youths from the house started roaming the streets, throwing rocks and smashing cars.

Less than a week later, a police officer was kicked in the face as he crouched down trying to arrest a 16-year-old boy for alleged shoplifting at Highpoint Shopping Centre.

The scuffle, which was captured on CCTV, unfolded in front of shocked Boxing Day shoppers before the assailant ran from the centre into the car park.

The senior constable sustained non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital as the youth who assaulted him remained at large. 'It could have been a lot worse and I'm pleased to report he's returned to work today,' Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald told reporters on Wednesday. 'He's got bruising to his eye but is in very good spirits.'

A 16-year-old Flemington boy was arrested over the alleged theft but he was released pending further inquiries.

Police are wanting to speak to a teen who is described as African in appearance and was wearing a white top and black bandana.

In June, at nearby Footscray, a man was struck in the head with a tomahawk as a gang of 15 African youths burst into a barber shop and began rioting.

In April, a gang of five Sudanese teenagers allegedly bashed their autistic classmate, in a horrific attack on a bus at Tarneit, in Melbourne's west.

The 17-year-old student was travelling alone to the city centre, when five boys approached him an...


Shock union claims: detective breaks silence on fraud scandal Australian Police News

The retired detective who led the police investigation into the Australian Workers Union fraud scandal has broken his silence, calling for a fresh probe into an alleged conspiracy between former union officials and executives from construction giant Thiess that he claims extended to Julia Gillards old law firm.

In an extraordinary development in the long-running affair, former West Australian major fraud squad officer David McAlpine claims his investigation into the AWU slush fund 20 years ago was subverted due to political interference.

He said that in August 1998 the WA Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had abruptly ordered him to remain in Perth as he was preparing to fly to Melbourne to execute search warrants on key players, including Ms Gillards then employer, law firm Slater & Gordon.

Mr McAlpine said he had retained key documents including letters, memos and telephone notes from his two-year investigation and he was willing to swear an affidavit and give evidence in any court about his knowledge of the $400,000-plus fraud. The fact that I was lied to and this investigation was subverted and people appear to have given false evidence at a royal commission, it needs to be reinvestigated because the simple fact is the Australian people need to know the truth, he said.

Mr McAlpine retired from WA Police in October 2016 after 42 years of service and is now living in Thailand.

In a written statement and audio recording sent to The Australian, Mr McAlpine claimed former Thiess senior executives might have misled the trade union royal commission in 2014 about alleged secret commissions paid to AWU officials Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt.

Mr Wilson has admitted to extracting large sums of money from Thiess for a slush fund he set up in the early 1990s with legal assistance from Ms Gillard, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Money from the AWU Workplace Reform Association was used to partly fund the purchase of a house in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy in 1993. The association was supposed to promote training and safety on construction sites.

Royal commissioner Dyson Heydon recommended in 2015 that Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt face prosecution for fraud-related offences connected to the fund.

Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied knowing the fund was to be used in a fraud.

The royal commission found that she had been casual and haphazard in her work at Slater & Gordon but had not committed offences, and was not aware of Mr Wilsons conduct.

Mr Heydon rejected Ms Gillards denials that she was the beneficiary of cash sums from Mr Wilson for house renovations. The commission found that the builder, Athol James, who recalled the wads of cash, and a union staffer, Wayne Hem, who said he had deposited $5000 at Mr Wilsons request into her account, were telling the truth.

The fo...


Former police officer found not guilty of misconduct after leaking footage Australian Police News

The vindictive prosecution of a whistleblower who should in fact have been praised casts a dark shadow over the reputation of the QPS.  It shows the police as having no morality at all.  They were furious that Flori revealed the ugly truth about them and desperately wanted to get back at him.

Now that their prosecution has failed, it is surely time to ask some very challenging questions of Ian Stewart, the Queensland police chief.

The prosecution was undoubtedly stressful for Flori -- as would have been intended -- but there was a silver lining to his dark cloud. After her own victory over a crooked cop and his QPS defenders, Renee Eaves has done a lot to help other innocent victims of the police. So she flew to Fiori's side when his prosecution was announced and has given him support ever since. And as well as a her strength of character and iron will, Renee is absolutely gorgeous. A former bikini beauty, she is a dream walking. Having her nearby would soothe most troubled male souls.

You see her walking beside Fiori below.  I had the great privilege to help her once when she badly needed it</i>

A FORMER Queensland police sergeant who leaked footage of officers bashing a handcuffed man in a Gold Coast station basement has been found not guilty of misconduct.

Rick Flori, 47, was acquitted of the charge by a majority 11-1 verdict by a jury on Wednesday following a six-day trial at the Southport District Court.

Flori, who has since resigned from the Queensland Police Service, says he released the footage of the January 2012 arrest to cast a spotlight on illegal practices within the force.

Flori released footage of police at the Surfers Paradise station bashing a handcuffed man, Noa Begic, in a basement car park in January 2012.

Once the footage was run by The Courier-Mail, an internal investigation lead to a search of Floris home where the footage was located on an SD card.

Flori told investigators hed acquired the footage for training purposes and denied knowing anything about the email address used to arrange the leak with a journalist.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said Flori was upset at being overlooked for a promotion to senior sergeant in 2011.

Once he realised the footage included the man who had been given the promotion at his expense, Senior Sergeant David Joachim, hed set about leaking it to discredit his rival, Mr Fuller argued.

Mr Fuller said in the email sent to the journalist, Flori failed to mention any of the other officers involved except for Sen Sgt Joachim, despite Senior Constable Ben Lamb being the man who kneed and punched Mr Begic.

The email doesnt even mention Constable Lamb, Mr Fuller said. His attack is on David Joachim. Rank. Name. Positio...


Victoria police 'caught using and trafficking meth and ecstasy - as two officers joke over texts about going to work after a cocaine bender' Australian Police News

<i>No wonder they cannot control the African teenagers who aree running riot</i>

Police partying on ice, cocaine and ecstasy would meet up with known traffickers, peddle drugs themselves and return positive tests, says an Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission special report.

The report takes in three investigations into claims of drug possession, trafficking and use by police since 2014 and says allegations against eight officers have been substantiated.

Operation Apsley revealed a group of police were using drugs regularly in their social lives - including one who used cocaine 'most days' for four months last year.

The officer, known as Senior Constable A, and a friend, Senior Constable B, used and trafficked drugs and were 'cavalier about the safety risks', the report says.

Both told IBAC they would not work if affected by drugs, but messages between them refuted these claims, including this exchange after a night out using cocaine:

Senior Constable A: 'Feeling slightly average but okay. Gonna be a long shift. Rad night.'

Senior Constable B: 'Kill me, I wanna lay down.'

Another senior constable messaged a civilian associate about putting MDMA powder into capsules - 'Now that you run a sophisticated drug syndicate you will be... essstremely bizzy' was the reply.

Two other IBAC operations also exposed regular drug use with one that focused on a constable leading to that officer's brother being arrested by federal and interstate police on drug offences.

While IBAC says allegations against eight were substantiated it says they were likely just 'snapshots of a more widespread and serious problem for Victoria Police'.

Of those eight officers, two were charged with giving false evidence, misleading or attempting to mislead IBAC, and inciting a witness to mislead IBAC, and one was charged with criminal drug offences.

One has been dismissed, three have resigned, three are suspended and one returned to work after an admonishment notice.

There are systemic deficiencies in Victoria Police's illicit drug prevention and detection, IBAC concludes.

'Police officers cannot be selective in choosing which criminal laws they will obey,' IBAC Commissioner Stephen O'Bryan QC said in a statement.

'While most of the police officers investigated were aware they were engaging in illegal conduct, they rationalised their off-duty criminality as being separate to their obligations as police officers.'

Victoria Police's alcohol and drugs policy says illicit drug use is not tolerated but there is ambiguity about the consequences, IBAC says.

Police have accepted the recommendations and are reviewing their practices and policies, a Victoria Police spokesman said in a statement.

A progress report is due on June 30 and Victoria Police must provide...


#Sydney, #Australia: Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed War"

Images of a solidarity action in front of the Russian consulate in Sydney, Australia.

Submitted toEnough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Sydney, Australia: Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Prisoners

In response to a solidarity appeal from comrades in Russia, on the 18th of March, the day of the Russian elections, a group of anarchists in Sydney, gathered at the Russian consulate.

We distributed leaflets about the situation of imprisoned Russian anarchists and antifascists and chanted soligans against police, prisons and the Putin regime.



Malaysias Najib Says Rohingya Crisis Raises Regional Terror Threat "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a break from convention, prime minister criticizes a fellow Asean member at a summit

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, left, with Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi at a reception on Friday as part of the Asean summit in Sydney.
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, left, with Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi at a reception on Friday as part of the Asean summit in Sydney. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

SYDNEYMalaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak identified the Rohingya crisis as a major security threat to Southeast Asia, a rare criticism of a neighboring nation at a conference meant to engender better cooperation on security in the region.

Speaking at a counterterrorism conference in Sydney ahead of a special summit of regional leaders with Australia, Prime Minister Najib Razak broke with Association of Southeast Asian Nations convention to avert internal criticisms, warning bluntly that the humanitarian crisi...


Myanmars Suu Kyi pressed on Rohingya crisis at ASEAN summit "IndyWatch Feed War"

Malcolm Turnbull and Aung San Suu Kyi

 Malcolm Turnbull and Aung San Suu Kyi. The Australian prime minister says everyone seeks to end the suffering in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Photograph: David Gray/Reuters

SYDNEY (AFP)  Myanmars de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi was pressed about the Rohingya crisis at an ASEAN summit in Sydney Sunday, but the regional bloc stressed it could not intervene and force an outcome.

Suu Kyi has been under intense global criticism for her public silence amid a brutal military crackdown that has forced nearly 700,000 of the Muslim-minority Rohingya to flee Myanmars Rakhine state for Bangladesh.

The humanitarian crisis was one of the key topics at a three-day special summit between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Australia.

We discussed the situation in Rakhine state at considerable length today, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said at the closing press conference.

Image result for Myanmar, Australia, ASEAN, Photos

Aung San Suu Kyi addressed the matter comprehensively, at some considerable length herself.

Its certainly an issue that has been discussed and it is fair to say very constructively, in our meeting.

Singapores Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is this years ASEAN chair, said Myanmars neighbours were concerned about the ongoing situation but could not force an outcome.

It is of concern for all ASEAN countries, and yet ASEAN is not able to intervene and to force an outcome, Lee said alongside Turnbull.

Image result for Myanmar, Australia, ASEAN, Photos

Both leaders said they would back efforts to reach a long-term solution to end the crisis, and were supporting humanitarian efforts to help those displaced.

The 10-nation ASEAN prides itself on consensus diplomacy and non-interference in each others affairs.

But the exodus has sparked rare tension within the association, and Muslim-majority Malaysia has called for an independent ASEAN-led investigation into allega...


Stephen Dziedzic // ASEAN: Malaysian PM condemns inaction of Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya 'suffering' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

ASEAN: Malaysian PM condemns inaction of Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya 'suffering' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): The Malaysian Prime Minister's criticisms drew even more attention because Southeast Asian leaders typically avoid contentious subjects at ASEAN summits, in order to stop the group from fracturing.

Rohingya Muslims joined protests in Sydney yesterday to demand that Australia and ASEAN strongly condemn the violence in Rakhine state.

But most observers still expect ASEAN to avoid directly criticising Myanmar about the plight of the minority group.


Tropical Cyclone "Marcus" hits Darwin as Category 2 system "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Cyclone "Marcus" formed March 16, 2018 as the 8th named storm of the 2017/18 Australian region tropical cyclone season. Marcus passed over Darwin as a Category 2 system on the Australian tropical cyclone intensity scale with sustained winds near...... Read more


President Putin An Enigma that Leaves Western Politicians Envious and Baffled Gumshoe News

Boris Johnson with a present From Russia with Love (by gumshoenews)

by Dee Mclachlan

The 2018 Russian presidential election will take place today 18 March 2018.

Vladimir Putin is sure to be elected, again. And the West is confused, and seething. Almost every politician in the UK, US, and Australia are Putin-bashing and calling him dangerous. It is obvious they are following a script.

G5 wrote to me the other day saying:

Russia has been a fixation for a long time. Putin was brought to power by the Rothschilds through Yeltsin. Putin is a his...


March 18 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

1804 - Jervis Bay Aborigines visited Sydney.

1816 - Macquarie advises Lord Bathurst in London: It is my Intention, as soon as I shall have Ascertained What Tribes Committed the late Murders and Depredations, to send a strong Detachment of Troops to drive them to a Distance from the Settlements of the White Men.

1820 - Macquarie scribbled in his journal on this day;
"I returned early this morning to Parramatta, accompanied by Commodore Vassilieff, and Lieut. Aveenoff in my own Carriage, and by Capt. Schessmareff, Lieut. Hall, and Lieut. Ignatieff, of the Russian Squadron. After Breakfast I walked all over the Town of Parramatta with these Gentlemen. Colonel Erskine came up from Sydney to dine with us, and Lieut. King R. Navy also made one of our Dinner Party. Capt. Piper kindly lent me his Carriage for 3 of the Russian Officers."

1825 - Helping Or-stray-lia feel more like Old Blighty the Sydney Turf Club was hatched.

1833 - Joseph Coleman was Hanged at Old Banks, Paterson Plains for the attempted murder of Edward Cory.

1834 - In England, six English agricultural laborers , the so-called Tolpuddle Martyrs ,were sentenced to seven years of banishment to Australias New South Wales penal colony for their trade union activities.

1840 - Talk about bringing down the house...the Royal Hotel and theatre were destroyed by fire but, fear not! Tales continue to be woven on the same spot in the guise of Dymock's book store in George St, Sydney.

1844 - St Patricks Church, Church Hill, designed by JF Hilly and built by Andrew Ross & Co, was ready for use. The parish priest was John McEncroe, an Irishman, which further cemented the church in the Irish community.

1850 - A red Letter day in some people's diaries - the birth of James Toohey in Melb, founder of Toohey's Brewery.

1863 - Alexander Ross, Bushranger. Hanged at Darlinghurst for highway robbery and the attempted murder of Harry Stephens at Caloola, near Blayney.

1863 - Charles Ross, Bushranger. Hanged at Darlinghurst for highway robbery and the attempted murder of Harry Stephens at Caloola, near Blayney.

1867 - William Henry Scott was Hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Anne Ramsden (Scott) in Sussex St.

1877 - Constable Thomas Collins, Victoria Police, was on patrol in the Wangaratta area when he fell from his horse. He received internal injuries and died on the 23rd March 1877, at the Wangaratta Hospital.

1878 - The famous Queen Victoria Market was flung open for business in Melbourne; from whence one can acquire fresh fruit, vegies, meat, seafood and cheap souvenirs whilst walking all over the 9,000 dead bodies still interred down below.

1887 - Excitement squirrel gripped the public when the Heyfield to Maffra (Vic) railway line was flung open.

1888 - Due to the not-so-sweet aromas wafti...


'Little tiger': Vietnam's cat meat trade exposed "IndyWatch Feed World"

A local cat rescuer, who wanted to be named only as Quyen, took the video in Ho Chi Minh City last month in a quest to raise awareness about the cruel trade. Known as "little tiger", cat meat is considered lucky and a source of strength and feline-like agility in the south-east Asian country. Some of the cats are wearing collars, suggesting they could have been snatched from loving homes before awaiting their fate of being killed, cooked and sold. One of the pictures shows the tragic animals being drowned in a cage which is submerged in water. Australian Michele Brown, the CEO of Fight Dog Meat charity, has now released the shocking pictures in a bid to raise awareness of the little-known cat meat trade.


Podcast IWD BNE Clusterfuck, Kurdish Women Unite, ACAB "GroovUs Feed Nradio"

Download from Radio4all

International Womens Day in Brisbane by all reports was an absolute clusterfuck. It is disappointing that so much effort has been put into building up the event, but the organisers chose to ignore the feelings of a section of the community.

Women who do not recognise the existence of transgender women (trans exclusionary radical feminists) were welcomed and even invited to the event.

This caused conflict during the event which could have been avoided by ensuring all women were comfortable at the event.

Some chose to protest the event, some chose to try to find a peaceful resolution by mediating between the two groups.

There has been some unfortunate targeting of individuals since the event which I have been thinking about a lot and even since this show show recorded my thoughts have changed a bit.

Now thinking about it I think the clashes here are partly due to a difference in tactics. The main conflict has been between people who dont want TERFs involved but chose different actions on the day.

I read a beautiful statement from Kurdish women to the world.

Let us turn the 21st century into the era of womens freedom!

From the mountains of Kurdistan, in the lands where society developed with the leadership of women, we salute you with our great freedom, passion, ambition, and unbreakable struggle. From Rojavas neighborhoods to South Americas forests, from Europes streets to Africas plains, from the Middle Easts valleys to North Americas plazas, from Asias mountains to Australias plateaus; with our love which knows no borders and with our most revolutionary feelings, we embrace all women who intensify the struggle for freedom and equality.

And in Bad Cop No Donut the police have been pretty busy fucking things up this w...


Trees roll down streets, powerlines explode and roofs are ripped off buildings as Tropical Cyclone Marcus smashes Darwin, Australia (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Darwin has been battered by 130km/h winds as Tropical Cyclone Marcus sent trees flying through the streets and brought down powerlines, prompting the rescue of people from a sinking boat near the city. The eye of the category two storm has now moved past the city but emergency services say it's still not safe to go outside. Marcus is now headed towards the Timor Sea and is expected to hit Western Australia's Kimberley Coast on Sunday, bringing wind gusts of up to 150km/h. The storm brought down hundreds of powerlines and trees and damaged property across Darwin and also affected the city's drinking supply. Residents have been told to boil drinking water as a precaution until further notice. Meanwhile, water police were called out to rescue two people from two boats that collided after one of them slipped its moorings in Sangove Creek as the storm struck.


Terrorists Digital Messages Target of ASEAN, Australia, pact "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Bloomberg) Terrorists operating in Southeast Asia will be targeted in a pan-regional pact designed to enhance intelligence sharing and disrupt potential attackers ability to communicate through digital messaging.

Terrorism is a truly global threat, as digital as it is dangerous, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Saturday at the signing of a counter-terrorism memorandum of understanding at his countrys special summit with Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders in Sydney. The use of social media and encrypted messaging applications is a challenge for us all, and one we must tackle together.

Image result for digital, messaging, photos

The nations committed to improve legislative and enforcement tools to combat the cross-border movement of extremists, including obtaining and using electronic communications evidence for prosecutions. They also pledged to increase legislative efforts to boost counter-terrorism financing and information-sharing between members.

Read more on whats next for ISIS

The move comes as concern in Southeast Asia grows about the influence of ISIS-inspired terrorists returning from the Middle East, with Indonesia and Philippines seen by some experts as vulnerable to further attacks. Australia,...


Around 31 grassfires sweep across Victoria, Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Residents near raging fires west of Melbourne have been told it's not safe to leave their homes and to take shelter immediately. A warning has been issued by the Country Fire Authority said people should stay within their homes as it is 'not safe for you to leave'. Dramatic video footage shows massive flames and explosions emerging from a substation in Terang, while a grassfire burns out of control in Boorcan, 199km west of Melbourne. Nearby resident Brett Gasper told the Herald Sun the scene of the fire caused a 'red sky and smell of smoke' which was 'daunting'. A CFA spokesperson said people had been evacuated from nearby homes.


South Africas White Farmers Reportedly Being Murdered & Tortured Off Their Land "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Violent attacks against South Africas white farmers are on the rise, according to Paul Toohey, a reporter from Australias Daily Telegraph, who traveled to the country. Last month, South Africas parliament voted to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. That followed South Africas new President Cyril Ramaphosas pledge to return the lands owned by white []


Human Rights Protests Surround ASEAN Summit in Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Demonstrators have rallied against Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and Cambodias Hun Sen. The protests have overshadowed a regional agreement targeting terror groups use of encrypted platforms.

Members of the Rohingya community gather in Hyde park to protest against Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who is attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, special summit, in Sydney

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Sydney on Saturday to protest Southeast Asian leaders gathering in the Australian city for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

We are here today in solidarity among the communities from Southeast Asia who are facing dictatorship and genocide, of course particularly in the Rohingya community, said Shawfikul Islam from the Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization.

Read more: Myanmars Rohingya: A history of forced exoduses

Banners carried by protesters showed images of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi with a stylized moustache reminiscent of Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler, calling for her to return the esteemed prize. She has had several awards revoked over the military campaign.

Suu Kyi has been accused by Western governments and human rights groups of doing nothing to stop the Burmese military from implementing a brutal crackdown against the Muslim-minority Rohingya in western Myanmar. Many have called it a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Protesters rallying against Cambodia's Hun SenProtesters have...

Saturday, 17 March


Australian minister wants to help oppressed White South African farmers by bringing them to a civilized country - Australia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Australia's Home Affairs Minister is investigating how to bring white South African farmers to Australia on humanitarian grounds. White farmers facing violence in South Africa "deserve special attention" from Australia, Peter Dutton said. He said he had watched television footage and read articles that convinced him the farmers needed help, and had ordered his department to investigate how to bring the farmers to Australia. He had "hope" some of the farmers could be settled in Australia, declaring: "We have the potential to help some of these people that are being persecuted." Violence on South African farms is a racially charged political issue. Afriforum, a rights group that mainly represents the views of the white Afrikaner minority, says white farmers are murdered at four times the rate of other citizens, but these figures cannot be independently verified and have been challenged. Mr Dutton said he wanted to explore whether the farmers could access visas or humanitarian programs. "People do need help and they need help from a civilised country like ours," Mr Dutton told News Corp.


Debate: Russia-UK poisoning row "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tired of the finger-pointing that the corporate media and the Australian government endorse as rational comment on the retired Russian spy poisoning affair? Worried that our leaders seem to think grandstanding on a pile of nuclear weapons is some kind of sport?
English language Press tv Iran conducts unusually frank and well-informed debates on international affairs all over the world, and this one is no exception. See how the non-Anglosphere perceives the UK poisoning affair. In this episode of The Debate, are James Jatras, a former US diplomat from Washington, and Jonathan Fryer, a writer and lecturer from London, to discuss London's claim about a Russian poisoning attack in the UK.

Attachment Size
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Letter to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists "IndyWatch Feed Health"

March 16th: A group of eminent doctors and psychiatrists write to the President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) in response to a press release issued by the Royal College.

Dr Kym Jenkins
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

cc Mr Andrew Peters
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

16 March 2018
Dear Dr Jenkins

Reply to the College

We refer to the press release issued by the RANZCP on March 6th 2018, relating to recent press reports in New Zealand regarding the risks of antidepressants. The College has stated that questioning the efficacy of psychiatric medication is stigmatising of people who have been prescribed them, and that drugs are only ever prescribed in partnership with the patient and after due consideration of the risks and benefits.

We believe there are difficulties with this view and that a more nuanced statement by the College would have been more helpful. The profession of psychiatry has an overarching duty to keep the community informed. The community is entitled to know that there is a large body of evidence that raises complex issues regarding the efficacy and the safety of psychotropic medications. The College statement appears to caution against open discussion of these issues, in part to avoid stigmatising those with mental health problems.

We are not aware of any evidence that informing the public would be stigmatising. We have not always been right about stigma. It was once held that the concept of mental illness as brain disorder was less stigmatising. In fact the reverse has been shown to be true: the brain disorder approach increases rather than decreases stigma.


SKRIPAL AFFAIR: The Chilly Climate Change of a New Cold War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tony Kevin
21st Century Wire

Introduction by David Macilwain: Former Australian diplomat and recent author of Return to Moscow Tony Kevin, submitted the article below to a mainstream Australian newspaper on Friday, following discussions with the opinion editor. As he described it after detailed discussion with her of its proposed themes and conclusions before writing it, they said fine, it is an opinion piece, we have discretion to publish well-argued contrarian views. But then, in what he sees as chilling Orwellian censorship, the paper found a chemist who fact-checked the article and found it lacked a strong foundation.

Tony Kevin then sent the article to John Menadue for publication on his blog Pearls and Irritations to which he has contributed for many years, until recently when his pro-Russian views seem unacceptable even there. Menadue obligingly published my recent article calling for Australia to disengage from the US in Syria, but perhaps that was the limit; I also submitted an article for Pearls and Irritations yesterday, covering some similar ground to Tonys, but was declined on the basis that some of the language and claims seem a bit over the top and without hard evidence.

I think we could say that about HMG in the UK, though more convincingly some of their language and claims are extreme and highly disturbing, and lacking in any substantial evidence whatsoever. But as Tony says: This is the climate of renewed Cold War in which we now live. It is very worrying.

Skripal investigation. Salisbury, UK. (Photo: Twitter)

Article by Tony Kevin:

Skripal Affair: Western allies line up...


Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 00:00 GMT on 17 March. - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thomson Reuters FoundationTropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 00:00 GMT on 17 March.Thomson Reuters Foundation... * Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Tropical storm Marcus struck Australia at about 00:00 GMT on 17 March. Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Center ...and more 

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