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Tuesday, 11 December


MACKAY Busker fined for his ill-fated charter to St Bees Island CrimeView

MACKAY December 11, 2018 at 05:52PM ,

Busker fined for his ill-fated charter to St Bees Island

December 11, 2018 at 05:52PM ,

The events of July 4-5 drew the attention of Mackay police, who breath tested Kay hours later, Mackay Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


PERTH Ben Cousins charged with new drug offences CrimeView

snip .

Ben Cousins charged with new drug offences .

December 11, 2018 at 06:00PM .

October, as his family watched on. He is scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on December 19 on the remaining 16 charges. AAP 2018. .



PERTH Christ Church Grammar School psychologist slapped, threw water on child with autism CrimeView

snip .

Christ Church Grammar School psychologist slapped, threw water on child with autism .

December 11, 2018 at 03:03PM .

Dr Agni Angelkovska, 50, is on trial in Perth Magistrates Court, accused of slapping the 12-year-old boy in the face with his own hand and throwing a .



Milo Yiannopoulos (Penthouse Florida) ~versus~ Damien Costas (Penthouse Australia) slackbastard

Oh dear. The last week has been a Bad one for the former billionaires sockpuppet Milo Hanrahan (AKA Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Andreas Wagner). After the collapse and implosion of his tour Down Under with fellow right-wing blabbermouth Ann Coulter, Continue reading


Australia passes controversial anti-encryption laws Real News Australia

Originally posted on TOTT News:
The Australian government is one step closer to cracking encryption. Photo: TechNews The Australian government has passed anti-encryption legislation compelling companies to grant authorities access to encrypted information, in a move analysts say will have vast implications for digital privacy. The new law, which passed the Senate 44-12 this week,


Frank Houston Founder of Hillsong Sir Francis Rock Spider speaks from Hades donaldelley

Frank Houston Founder of Hillsong


I wrote this article in 2015 after the Australian Royal Commission into institutional child sex abuse.

I was thinking if it was possible Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong in Sydney, Australia in 1977, a lifelong self-confessed secret child rapist, could possibly be in Heaven.

Thinking about what Jesus said would happen to those who harm little children, I decided Frank Houston is in Hades.

Rock spider is a Western Australian slang name for pedophiles. If you want to know why, then google Rock spider pedophile Urban Dictionary. The meaning is very dark.

Pedophiles are the lowest of the low in society, in jail and in Hades.


Blog article 2015



PERTH Worker fined for Karratha crane collapse which seriously injured colleague CrimeView

snip .

Worker fined for Karratha crane collapse which seriously injured colleague .

December 11, 2018 at 01:00PM .

Robert Anthony Hoekzema pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable care to avoid adversely affecting another person in Perth Magistrates Court on .



PERTH Crane operator fined over 2015 collapse which seriously injured another worker CrimeView

snip .

Crane operator fined over 2015 collapse which seriously injured another worker .

December 11, 2018 at 01:11PM .

On Friday Mr Hoekzema pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court to failing to take reasonable care to avoid adversely affecting another person. .



Increase in women imprisonment more than double the rate of men new stats reveal News | Human Rights Law Centre

New data shows that state and territory governments are imprisoning women at an alarmingly and rapidly increasing rate more than double the rate of men.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released data last week that shows governments across Australia are now forcing more than 3,600 women into prisons. This marks an increase of 10 per cent from the previous year - more than double the rate of mens, which increased by four per cent.

Ruth Barson, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said the human and social toll of state and territory governments funneling thousands of women into prisons is devastating.

Most women behind bars are mothers and survivors of violence. They are being separated from their families and communities. We need a new approach to justice one that prioritises supporting people, rather than dumping them into the quicksand of the prison system, said Ms Barson.

This is the seventh consecutive year in which the number of people in prison has risen. NSW and Victoria have had the highest overall growth, while the Northern Territory Government continues to have the highest imprisonment rate in the country.

The data shows that around 43,000 individuals in Australia will be held behind bars. Ms Barson said the data paints a picture of governments mindlessly hurtling towards a mass-imprisonment crisis.

Our justice system is failing it is rife with unfairness and inequality. Women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and people falling on tough times are hit hardest by politicians peddling punitive, lock-em-up laws, said Ms Barson.

Governments should be working towards reducing the number of people forced into prisons. There are straight forward reforms like raising the age of criminal responsibility at which children can be sent to prison, ending mandatory sentencing, and decriminalising minor offences like public drunkenness that governments could implement today that would make a huge difference, said Ms Barson.

The data also shows that one in every three people are in prison on remand being held without conviction while their charges are processed. This is an increase of seven per cent over a 12 month period. In Victoria, the number of people on remand increased by an astonishing 22 percent meaning there were almost an additional 500 people who had their liberty removed without being convicted.

Ms Barson said that fixing over the top bail laws is a key transformation needed to make our justice system fair and equitable.

Thousands of people in prison in Australia are there not because theyve been convicted, but because our bail laws are overly punitive and treat poverty as a crime. Nobody should be in prison simply because they dont have a home, are struggling with addiction or becaus...


From Trainwreck to LA Babe in Three Hours Global Hobo

The twist? No car and no housing expenses.

One day before stepping out onto the City of Angels glittery soil, we had no accommodation lined up and zero leads. But through the magic of Couchsurfing, a guy from Israel contacted us and said we could stay with him and his two mates in West Hollywood. Overwhelmed with relief, we gladly accepted this kind offer.

As soon as we were breathing LA air, we messaged Ali to inform him that we were on our way to his house. He was happy that we had arrived safely and only had one follow-up question for us to answer: Do you guys wanna go to a pool party?

Our tired but 21-year-old hearts skipped a beat. We couldnt wait to get sucked into whatever scene LA had to offer. We were here.

After putting down our bags in Alis humble Hollywood home, we grabbed our bikinis and headed out to some exotic location with an exclusive guest list. Prior to this, the only guest lists wed ever been on were the ones you stressfully sign yourself up to on the same night of the party in order to save yourself 15 precious dollars in the Stockholm club jungle.

We jumped into a messy van with a few guys we had known for approximately 15 minutes, and we were off. The car ride was spent getting to know each other, and Sofie and I were shocked to hear stories about their mandatory two-year military duty, how they had all turned into officers to serve their country and now, almost as young as us, had decided to leave their home to live a little.

Feeling as privileged as ever for having lived a life only for ourselves, we indulged in deep conversations and absorbed new knowledge from both ends. The van was heavy with information and contrasts of way of life when we arrived at the entrance of a sparkly hotel.

We jump out of the van only to face a crew of high heeled, beach-wave-haired, blonde babes I had only seen before with a TV screen separating our worlds. Once inside, I gave myself one of those up-and-down looks in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. I was wearing my favourite beige cotton t-shirt, denim shorts and my not-so-summery Dr. Martin boots, coupled with a very functional sporty cap that covered my bleached hair and red, shiny nose. Comparing yourself to others is the poison of this social media-powered, never-good-enough world, sure,...


In the grip of Melbourne: revisiting Monkey Grip Overland literary journal

Texts new edition of Helen Garners 1977 novel Monkey Grip is an opportunity to revisit the books influence on Melbourne. In addition to being widely considered a classic of Australian fiction, Monkey Grip is frequently referred to as an iconic Melbourne novel. Certainly, it is a novel absolutely grounded in and shaped by place. For Nora, the narrator and protagonist, it is the locus of the social encounter and emotional intensity on which the books narrative depends.


Experts launch public call for NSW abortion reform News | Human Rights Law Centre

Doctors, lawyers, healthcare groups and domestic violence services joined community organisations today to deliver an open letter calling for the NSW Parliament to recognise the right to safe and legal abortion access in the state.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Australian College of Nursing, Public Health Association of Australia and Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia are just some of the organisations that have signed on to the call for reform to the NSW abortion laws.

The signatories to the letter call the current NSW abortion laws archaic, cruel and degrading, and point to the distress, delay and financial burden they create, particularly for women in rural and remote areas.

The criminalisation of abortion leads to negative health outcomes for women and significantly reduces their autonomy over their reproductive health said Terry Slevin, CEO of Public Health Association of Australia.

We need to decriminalise abortion so that health professionals can provide patients with the best care possible, without fear of criminal prosecution. It's ridiculous that laws from 1900 are restricting the ability of doctors and nurses to provide care in 2018," she added.

These laws restrict doctors from providing a full range of reproductive health services and make it difficult for women to access the care they need. Modern healthcare best practice makes women feel safe and in control of their bodies. In contrast, these laws are harmful, outdated and put real constraints around womens reproductive choices, said Dr Deborah Bateson at Family Planning NSW

The action comes just a day after the South Australian parliament introduced legislation to decriminalise abortion.

Its ridiculous that in this day and age a woman in NSW is denied the legal right to make decisions about what is best for her health, her body and her family, said Renee Carr, Executive Director of Fair Agenda. This week South Australia has initiated the second reform of its abortion laws. Yet access to this healthcare in NSW is still limited by laws written in 1900.

NSW is the only state where abortion laws are stuck in an era when women were considered incapable of making decisions about their own bodies. Abortion is the only medical procedure that is criminalised. added Wendy McCarthy, Womens Electoral Lobby Decriminalisation Roundtable Chair.

NSW stands shamefully alone in failing to reform its abortion laws for over 100 years. Every day, women in NSW are treated as second class citizens when it comes to accessing healthcare because of the criminalisation of abortion, said Adrianne Walters, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre.

For media interviews, please contact Renee Carr, Fair Agenda, 0435 597 976

(Photo credit: GetUp)

Available for comment:

  • Terry Slevin...


Union leaders Setka and Reardon to sue Boral for malicious misrepresentation The Pen

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Victorian Construction Forestry Mining Maritime and Energy Union (CFMMEU) leaders John Setka and Shaun Reardon, are suing major concrete maker Boral.

This is the company behind the charges that the two faced, and which were used in the federal governments vendetta to get at the union and its officials.  Government representatives made no secret of this, and claimed that charges showed that the accused were not fit to hold office in a union.

Forgotten was the little fact that the circumstances of the charges were suspect and the two had not appeared before a court and been found guilty yet. The intention was always trial by media and the hope that ther outcome before the court would be assured.

But in May, prosecutors dropped the case, because they could not present the evidence needed to secure a guilty verdict.

For Setka and Reardon, this was an immense relief.  It also proved how flimsy the case was all along. In the light of this setback, the federal government has been unusually quiet for a change.

A bonus from the defendants and the unions point of view, is that documents have come to light, which show that false statements were made. The accused also have good reason to want their names cleared.

 They were charged with blackmail over a heated exchange with representative of the company at a caf in April 2013. There was a dispute over health and safety with developer Grocon, and Boral had been asked not to supply concrete to the site in question. The threat bit is, that the company representatives held that they were threatened with industrial action if they didnt comply.

To most people this is a normal part of industrial relations negotiation. Both sides suggest something will happen, if the other does not go along with what is being put forward. Even this could not be substantiated. a key company document states in black and white, that the accused did not threaten.or otherwise make any unwarranted demand with menaces. This contradicts public statements made.

Setka and Reardon said in their statement, in initiating and maintaining criminal proceedings, the company representatives acted maliciously.

This case and a number of others of a similar nature have far reaching implications. They mark a turn towards less reliance on industrial law and more on the use of criminal law to impose government anti-union agenda and outlaw normal union activity.

Also revealed, is how far the federal government is prepared to go to manufacture trumped up charges against those it sees as its political enemies.

Successfully suing Boral will make it a bit harder to do this in the future.

The post Union leaders Setka and Reardon to sue Boral for malicious misrepresentation appeared fi...


What Is More Important To You, Your Present Lifestyle, or Your Life? Australian Survival and Preppers..

Frankly I can't think of any image or words that will convince the world of people that Climate Change is now an immediate threat to our lives on this planet. Only a minority of people give a damn, the majority either do not believe, or they assume someone else will save them, or they consider their present lifestyle more important than life itself! None of this makes any sense to me. The latest chart on Global Warming should be enough to shake everyone to the soles of their feet! By my estimation we may only have 30 years before the point of no return.

We can not as far as I can see turn the clock back, that in itself is bad enough. City dwellers may not realise how bad Climate Change is effecting us already, but those of us who live in the countryside are feeling & seeing these effects. If we do not take positive immediate action right now in 2019, then our chance of beating the deadline is most unlikely. Understand this, THIS IS AN END OF THE WORLD EVENT!  this is not fantasy, this is not bullshit. 

How many people are now thinking "if this threat was an actual fact, our government would tell us & would be taking measures to save this planet"?  Understand this: The Australian government & probably many other world governments are not focused on the future, their concern is today & how much money they can make personally. Your welfare, your well being, your lives do NOT matter to them. These politicians don't even care about their own families, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, their survival is of no concern to them, so why do you think they give a damn about you?



They Are Doing Everything They Can To Shut Me Up About My Family Being Involved With Child Trafficking

This situation with my dogs is but one example.
When I bought this house in Earling, it was in order to get away from the targeting in Seattle.
This bogus protection order taken out on me in the Kent, WA court had about 15 videos listed on it but NONE had to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves.  
Both he and his cult group has sent me constant threatening emails.
It also said I threatened Algona, WA police but this was a complete lie as NO charges were leveled at me for doing such a thing.
Later- another filing in Pacific, WA transpired accusing me of violating the protection order- with a different judge- all the while Mesner was sending me emails telling me they were going to have me murdered in jail.
The Satanic Temple has a consistent history of using the courts in order to attack those they believe are vulnerable or who have money.  The latest was Netflix.
I decided the best decision was to move back home to Iowa and away from Algona WA.
While trying to sell my house- they broke in and disconnected wires, knocking out 1/4 of my houses electricity- which I had to pay a 1000 dollars to an electrician to come in and fix.
All the while I was getting emails telling me to say goodbye to my house .
When I moved to Earling, IA- the town council had to approve of my dogs- as they are pits- which they did.
After arriving here- I was still getting emails from Mesner- informing me that he had already enlisted someone to help him attack me in the small town. 
I was experiencing break ins repeatedly- someone tried to poison my dogs twice- and all of this was precipitated by emails from Doug- who was telling me it was going to happen before it occured.
However- the city clerk in town here had befriended me before I even left Seattle and had keys to my house.  So she is the logical suspect to the break Ins as police couldnt figure out who was doing it.
She blamed the break Ins on my neighbor- telling me my neighbor was being investigated for manufacturing meth in her basement- and even gave me a photocopy of my neighbors check my neighbor had written to the city for her water bill.
At the time I thought it was weird but now I realize she (and Doug) were hoping I would publish it on my blog- which would have been a crime.  
In fact the IA Shelby County Sheriff had me in for an hour and a half recorded interview discussing everything that was happening, as they realize what is happening is nefarious. 
I made a complaint to the city council eight months after arriving- making a complaint about the city clerk- and directly after- a day and a half later- a deputy came to my house telling me I had 10 days to get rid of my dogs.
This went to court where they tried to charge me with a crime for having them- despite approving them 8 months before.
This is...


What is Frances Yellow Vest rebellion? The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

 It is often not easy to know what is happening on the other side of the the world, especially when volumes of misinformation are involved. The present unrest in France is a good example.

Big media has concentrated on creating a picture of trouble makers attacking the police, putting up roadblocks and attacking the police. There are those who suggest that on the one hand that the political right is behind it. Others that it is Antifa causing trouble.

All of this evades what is going on. Frustration and danger have been growing in French society for some time. Emmanuel Macron won an election, not because the electorate was excited by the policies he offered, but because they were so thoroughly disgusted with the usual brand of politicians. He won by default, because fewer hated him than they did the others. Only the National Front (Now called National Rally) on one side and the Jean Luc Melenchon led Unbowed France on the other, gained  genuine bases of support.

Discontent is not unique to France. Its the situation across Europe and further afield. Even in countries as far away as Australia.

Once in office, Macron went about the business of carrying on the same old neoliberal type cuts and restrictions on the population. A few months ago, attempts to cut working conditions and government benefits and welfare met with rebellion in the streets. The introduction of compulsory military service at 16 and cuts to education opportunities angered the young. This is see nas a government for the rich and it is not going down well at all.

The difference in France is that Macron began with a considerable organised movement prepared to defy him, and there is along French history of getting rid of rulers they find beyond the pale. Uprisings and revolutions are a tradition.

Seething discontent was already on the boil, waiting for a spark that would light it. This came in the shape of two truckies and a woman who started a online petition, teamed together and the Yellow Vests came into existence. Peop...

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Monday, 10 December


Experts warn India must keep agriculture out of RCEP trade deal AFTINET

10 December 2018: Food and agriculture specialist Devinder Sharma warns in The Tribune last week that the Indian Government must keep agriculture out of RCEP trade deal.

The RCEP trade deal currently being negotiated between 16 countries including India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the ten ASEAN south East Asian countries, covers half of the worlds population. It has faced significant resistance from public health groups, unions, other public advocacy groups, and even domestic industry in India, where the government last week announced a study to analyse the impacts of the RCEP.

Sharma warns that the RCEP deal will lead to a flood of cheaper food imports to India, and is particularly risky at a time when Indian agriculture is in crisis.

While large companies from wealthier countries can  profit from such agreements, studies show that they turn a majority of developing countries into net food importers, destroying in the process millions of farm livelihoods, writes Sharma. He asserts that the RCEP stands to have huge impacts on Indias dairy farming, food sovereignty, farming interests and levels of unemployment.

Tell the Australian trade Minister your concersn about the RCEP here.


The classic Canberra Airport sighting of 1965 - UFO or Venus? Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

Barry Greenwood

I am continuing my examination of the scanned copies of material, arising from Boston, USA, researcher Barry Greenwood's recent visit to the archives of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago.

Classic 1965 case

One Australian case from 1965, which features time and time again in the UFO literature, happened on 15 July 1965, where a number of staff at the Canberra Airport reported watching an unidentified light in the sky during broad daylight.

In a series of blog posts dated 29 September 2011; 11 December 2011; 9 January 2013; and 15 December 2013, I reported on the information on this sighting gathered from a number of sources; both from Australian government files and newspapers.

Sydney Morning Herald article

Within Barry's CUFOS material I located items which I had not seen before. Firstly, there was a Sydney Morning Herald article dated 18 July 1965 and titled "I talk with the men who saw "that thing," by reporter Graham Gambie. I will quote from this article:

"Everyone I spoke to here said they were certain that flying saucers don't exist, but they would sleep a little more easily at night if someone could prove what "the thing" was."

"The officer-in-charge of Civil Aviation in Canberra, Mr A B Lindeman, said: 'I wish Mt Stromlo would tell us it was a planet. I don't like something in the back of my mind I can't understand.'"

"Dr D B E Westerlund of Mt Stromlo's observatory said that if the light was coming from the north-east it would almost certainly be the planet Venus."

"Mr Lindsay said: 'I've been in the job for two and a half years and I've never seen anything like it before...It wasn't Venus as has been suggested. I'm sure of that from the position..."

Global newspapers


Christmas in Australia is about Corporate Australia

Let's start of this little skit with a tune from Australia's favourite children's show host Humphrey B. Bear, with a slight change of the words which go like this:

What a funny ol' colony is Australia,
It gets in all manner of strife
It leads a very colonial life
and Human Rights isn't its favourite fare.

and now a word from our sponsors oops sorry administration:

You see, Christmas in Australia is not about a child being born somewhere in Israel, to an apparent virgin mother with no man officially claiming to seed her (out of wedlock - a huge no-no for the place and time), but rather a non material deity.

Christmas in Australia is not about family unity or values and respecting each other.

Your success, worth or value is judged by what sort or present you put under the Christmas tree.

In this country the administration tells you that you must be a 'better' consumer.

You must purchase more junk the corporations produce and import into this country to satisfy the balance sheet, run by ex bankers in charge of the country like Malcolm Turnbull, who was replaced by the now head of this 'business' called Australia, Mr. Scott Morrison.

You will notice how much emphasis the news media will put on how much people spent during Christmas.

The problem with the people in government wanting the tax slaves to be 'better' consumers is that the people in government are implementing austerity on the serf population.

This is done via a number of methods which take away the tool (cash) needed for people to sustain themselves, and hence less disposable income (whatever that is the tax department defines as) to spend on cheap Chinese junk, or espionage electronics supplied by Huawei or ZTE et al.

This Christmas, think about the last twelve months, how the people in government have locked down Australia's general population with law that restricts the people's movements, communications and so called rights, putting aside any official pretexts.

Say goodbye to those 'privileges' you had in 2018, because most of you chose to ignore the actions of people i...


Where is the radical queer imagination? On Going Postal Overland literary journal

Collective outrage was growing in August 2017, when Australias mandatory detention regime killed another asylum seeker, Hamed Shamshiripour, on Manus Island. As argued by Maddee Clark at Deakins Gender and Sexuality Studies seminar series, the Australian parliament sought to distract the public from the asylum seeker issue, and so a two-month long postal survey emerged on marriage equality.


The Curious Case of the White Mans Dick Global Hobo

My capsule hotel had bigger beds and cheaper rates than anything else in the area, but it didnt have walls around its showers. So as I stood in the steam of the sento the communal bath shared by guests realising what the next week would have in store, I started to believe that all the woke white girls were right.

On my left was a row of naked Japanese men, their skin left pale by the suits that never leave their bodies, scrubbing themselves clean within exposed shower blocks. On my right were more bare bodies, sitting over tiny wooden stools with their legs opened to the wall, lathering their skin and pouring buckets of steaming water onto their heads to rinse it all away.

I had entered the room with my soap bottles covering my crotch, recoiling from the water that splattered off the wet, hairy bodies around me. But soon enough, I let my toiletries slide to my sides.

Maybe it was because no one was looking anywhere but at the walls before them, or because the steam in the air created a cloud that just slightly skewed our vision, or because these were total strangers whose knowledge of my body, and mine of theirs, meant nothing at the end of the day but I had no problem being naked here.

Bodies are bodies, pubes are pubes, dicks are dicks. As that thought came into my head, it struck me as one of the most liberating things a man can think at any point in his life. Night after night, I went back to shower in the basement of my capsule hotel, and my clothes would come off a little more comfortably.

And then, one day, a white man walked in.

I had just pulled my face away from the water when I saw him, a body with paler skin and more hair than the average Id come to know.

In my mind, he had walked in with a bravado that only a man with a presumption of having the biggest dick in the room would carry. I imagined the conversations he would have when he went home, when someone would bring up the topic of dating an Asian man and the presumption of his small dick arose, and the stories he might tell where the punchline would be, Its true!

Ive had to get my dick out for doctors a couple times in my life, and never had an issue doing it. The idea of being naked more publicly, though, has always terrified me, because Ive always been wary of the Asian dick myth.

I know that Im a grower, not a shower, with experience enough to also know its not a practical issue. But unless Im 100 per cent erect, you could be forgiven for believing the stereotype at the sight of my naked body. That means that when a 21st birthday party gets out of hand and skinny dipping com...


MACKAY A man has held up a supermarket with a fork CrimeView

MACKAY December 10, 2018 at 09:26AM ,

A man has held up a supermarket with a fork

December 10, 2018 at 09:26AM ,

An RBT has led to drug charges in Mackay. Around 4 Thursday afternoon a car was pulled over on Harbour Road. While Police did the RBT they say

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Burning Down The House: Fighting Climate Action From The Centre Will Leave Us In Ashes New Matilda

As the globe and the political climate aimed at saving it heats up, we need a different politics to tackle an entrenched problem, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Sensible centrism will doom us all.

Take Emmanuel Macron, once hailed everywhere as the savior of liberalism.

Macron, explained Politico in April this year, has stepped audaciously into the vacuum created by Trumps abdication of Americas historic role as keeper of the liberal democratic flame.

Nor was this an anomalous view in the English-speaking world.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid expressed the perspective of many American Democrats, when she quipped that Macron should be running Washington.

In Britain, he generated the same kind of excitement among the same kind of people, with Labourite opponents of Jeremy Corbyn enthusing over the new Tony Blair, even as a new Macron-inspired centrist party called Renew came into being.

French President Emmanuel Macron, pictured in 2018. (IMAGE: Mike Bloomberg, Flickr)

One doubts that the Boy Wonder will feature much in Renews further history (if indeed it has one), given that recent opinion polls, conducted in the wake of the heroic Yellow Vest rebellion revealed him to be the most unpopular leader in recent times. With riots, blockades and protests spreading across the country, the demand for Macrons resignation provided a central slogan uniting an often fractious movement.

But his failure represents something more than the misfire of an overhyped media personality. I...


Strike One: Its Time To Heat Things Up A Little On Climate Change Action New Matilda

Weve done a lot of talking about action on climate change. But governments still arent listening. A general strikle is a pretty simple way to make them take notice, writes Jonathan Sri.

Lets start with some hard truths. With a few notable exceptions, the Australian movement for action on climate change has struggled to achieve big tangible wins in recent years. Weve had a few isolated victories, but even if Labor wins the next federal election and the Liberal Partys position reverts closer to where it was under John Howard, the likely policy shifts arent going to come close to whats needed unless theres a strong push from civil society.

Here in Queensland, a Labor state government (where Labors left faction already controls more votes than the right faction) is still allowing the Adani coal mine to proceed, potentially opening the door to further new coal mines in the Galilee basin. If these mines go ahead, the burning of the coal they produce will lead to the flooding of coastal cities around the world, the desertification of thousands of hectares of farmland and forest, and more intense bushfires and cyclones.

In defiance of public opinion and basic common sense, the Queensland Labor government is prioritising the financial interests of the mining industry ahead of the safety and security of literally billions of people around the globe. The various forms of pressure that environmentalists have been applying to Labor (both through internal and external channels) dont appear to have had much impact.

So for those of us who dont want our grandchildren growing up in some kind of dystopian combination of Water World and Mad Max: Fury Road, what effective courses of action are left available to us?

Here in Queensland, anti-coal campaigners have used a variety of tactics to apply pressure on the political establishment, from peaceful public rallies to locking on to mining equipment. But even a rally of several thousand people isnt enough to counteract the undemocratic influence that mining lobbyists are exerting over senior Labor ministers.

While non-disruptive rallies and marches can help energise and inspire campaigners and draw attention to an issue, they do not directly challenge the underlying logic of capitalism, and are too easy for politicians to ignore. Even the protests against the Iraq War, which saw around six hundred thousand Australians take to the streets, didnt change John Howards mind (if the following Monday, all those people had refused to show up for work, it might have been another matter).

Lock-ons and other arrestable actions do directly hurt the profits of the target companies, but when only a very small proportion of the community are willing to risk arrest, such tactics cant easily be scaled up to have a big enough impact on political decision-makers, and the costs of fines and legal fees start to take their toll on a movement over time.



Filipino and Australian communities observe Human Rights Day in Melbourne The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

Members of the Filipino and Australian communities gathered in Melbournes west on sunday 9 December, to observe Human Rights Day and celebrate the heroic grassroots efforts of many, to turn around the ongoing attacks by government, mining companies and other corporations, which are making life more difficult and sometimes.

The event was held at the Seddon Scout Hall in Footscray.  

Guest speaker, former member of parliament for Northcote and First Nations leader, Lydia Thorpe, spoke about the worsening position of her people in Australia, under ever more reactionary government and the failure to progress on a proper reconciliation of past wrongs through a negotiated. Although some progress has been made in Victoria, there is still a battle to ensure that all First Nations are involved and the final result matches their aspirations.

Lydia also stressed the importance of all Australians being in involved, and all parts of Australian society having their concerns addressed in the treaty process and its outcome.

One thing was made clear, the First Nations of this country have not been defeated. They have survived, are here today and will keep on fighting until their rights has been won and future secured.

The Second gust speaker, Sister Patricia Fox, an Australian missionary, who has been in the Philippines for 27 years and has recently been expelled, under orders of President Duterte, for her human rights work.

She has been involved in advocating for the poor and is an elected member of the National Council of Kataparan (an alliance of human rights organisations)

Earlier this year, Sister Pat had taken part in a fact-finding mission to Mindanao, where many cases of serious human rights violations were witnessed. She spoke of the plight of farmers losing their land to mining companies and plantation owners, and the taking away of their right to grow food where they had always done so, about the increasing use of military action, incarceration and murder as means of imposing the political will of the Duterte administration. There is an increasing use of trumped up charges to convict and jail individuals seen as political opponents of serious charges, like attempted murder, kidnapping and terrorism. The Philippines is heading towards a new period of martial law.

Weeks before her detention, she had given public support for for striking Coca Cola workers fighting terrible wages and conditions.

Although the situations are very different in each country, there are nevertheless some worrying similarities. In both, the political elite has moved in the direction of degrading human rights, linked to policies designed to enrich the richest few at the top. In both, government resorts to scapegoating of sections of the population.

This means th...


Preventing abuses in detention Optional Protocol, Convention against Torture The Stringer

Steven Caruana writes on the prevention of abuses in detention through the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. Today, December 10, is International Human Rights Day. The infamous Don Dale Youth Detention Centre has in recent times come back into the public spotlight with the anniversary of the Royal Commissions findings and an unfortunate []


Getting a Judge, Part 8: Sherman Skolnicks Contempt of Court Gumshoe News

Dissident books by Skolnick: Ahead of the Parade, and The Overthrow of the Republic

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

It makes me so sad that our institutions have gone bad. Being a reasonable person I like to think that when I hit an interpersonal problem I can show the way out by reasoning.

In regard to what we have been covering at Gumshoe about Family Law, one can easily identify two areas in which ones normal human reactions have to be restrained.

One is the threat of being held in contempt of court if you to explain reasonably whats going on.

The other is dealing with police who have now been trained to see citizens as the enemy. So if you stand up to them they can find a way to charge you with unruly behavior, resisting arrest, or whatever. Having committed no crime you now commit the crime of reasoning. All very frightening!

Sherman Skolnick

The late Sherman Skolnick...

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Sunday, 09 December


This is a Des Moines Register Article Regarding Earling IA Attorney Who Tried to Charge Me With a Crime Concerning My Dogs 8 Months AFTER Approving Them

Readers Watchdog: City managers side work raises questions

So according to the Des Moines Register article- this guy loves money and will do anything he can to obtain as much as he is able.

This is the thing- those who are attacking me simply pay others to attack me.

So like everything else- one only has to follow the money to find the truth.

Im not saying for certain this is the case- but it certainly warrants investigation.

With concerns to everyone who is attacking me and trying to set me up.

And trying to charge me with a crime for simply having certain dogs 8 months after approving them is an obvious set up as well as not allowing me to register them- which will also be called a crime probably.

And out of three dogs- one of them is a black lab.

Just saying.


PERTH Magistrates court listings CrimeView

snip .

Magistrates court listings .

December 09, 2018 at 10:08PM .

Perth Magistrates Court, Perth, Western Australia. In addition, if a family member is intimidated, bullied, dominated, or they fearful for their safety, that is .



Hillsong founder Frank Houston boy sex abuse victim SA1 testimony boy sex abuse at Assembly of God youth camp in Australia donaldelley


child abuse r5


Boy victim SA1 details the sexual abuse of him at age 11 by the pedophile Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church:

The abuse by Frank occurred during one week I was at the Klemzig AOG camp. It would have been in the summer of 1973 or 1974.

I was about 11. I hadnt reached puberty yet

I remember Frank being around the shower block quite a lot, seemed to bump into him there.

One time I was going in and he was coming out and as I went in I saw another boy a few years older standing there with an erection. My mate, David Haig also noticed it because I remember talking about it after, as boys would.

The first time Frank touched me was in a shower. I was showering and he pushed aside the flimsy curtain and stepped in and fondled me.

The second time was in the dorm. My bed was close to the back end on the bottom. He came to the bunk, sat down and masturbated me and had me touch him over his clothes.


On 18 November 2012 boy victim SA1 comments on this my blog site:

On 18 November 2012 a boy victim that nobody had previously heard of wrote the following comment on this my blog site:

Sadly, there were more than six kids, Frank was a regular at youth and family camps in the early/mid 70s at Cudlee Creek, SA ( the church camp) That is where I had my expe...


The 1969 Devon Park - photographs - additional information Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

The Devon Park photographs

Since the late 1960's I have been aware of a series of four UFO photographs (three of which I have images of) said to have been taken in Adelaide in 1969. I also recall seeing a completed UFO report form, compiled by the photographer; in  the collection of the now defunct Australian Flying Saucer Research Society, although a search of my computer files failed to find a copy of this form.

Imagine my surprise upon going through copies of documents scanned by US researcher Barry Greenwood, to find a copy of the original report form, from Barry's recent visit to the archives of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago.

On the form, the photographer David Bryant,  gave his age as "21;" his occupation as "butcher;" and his then address as "5 Alan Avenue, Campbelltown" in Adelaide, South Australia. However, he stated that the place of the sighting was "Devon Park, Western part of Adelaide." Weather conditions at the time were given as "misty cloud." The date of the sighting is given as "Early June 1969" and time as "6 to 7am."

The object was first seen at an angular elevation of 35 degrees. It's light attracted his attention;  as well as its movement. The object appeared as a "solid object - glowing as a series of light bulbs." It was in view for three minutes. Asked for an "opinion on propulsion,"  he wrote, "No idea but lights revolving very fast." To "Details of structure and shape" he wrote "A mass of spinning lights."



They Are Doing Everything They Can To Shut Me Up About My Family Being Involved With Child Trafficking

This situation with my dogs is but one example.

When I bought this house in Earling, it was in order to get away from the targeting in Seattle.

This bogus protection order taken out on me in the Kent, WA court had about 15 videos listed on it but NONE had to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves.

Both he and his cult group has sent me constant threatening emails.

It also said I threatened Algona, WA police but this was a complete lie as NO charges were leveled at me for doing such a thing.

Later- another filing in Pacific, WA transpired accusing me of violating the protection order- with a different judge- all the while Mesner was sending me emails telling me they were going to have me murdered in jail.

The Satanic Temple has a consistent history of using the courts in order to attack those they believe are vulnerable or who have money. The latest was Netflix.

I decided the best decision was to move back home to Iowa and away from Algona WA.

While trying to sell my house- they broke in and disconnected wires, knocking out 1/4 of my houses electricity- which I had to pay a 1000 dollars to an electrician to come in and fix.

All the while I was getting emails telling me to say goodbye to my house .

When I moved to Earling, IA- the town council had to approve of my dogs- as they are pits- which they did.

After arriving here- I was still getting emails from Mesner- informing me that he had already enlisted someone to help him attack me in the small town.

I was experiencing break ins repeatedly- someone tried to poison my dogs twice- and all of this was precipitated by emails from Doug- who was telling me it was going to happen before it occured.

However- the city clerk in town here had befriended me before I even left Seattle and had keys to my house. So she is the logical suspect to the break Ins as police couldnt figure out who was doing it.

She blamed the break Ins on my neighbor- telling me my neighbor was being investigated for manufacturing meth in her basement- and even gave me a photocopy of my neighbors check my neighbor had written to the city for her water bill.

At the time I thought it was weird but now I realize she (and Doug) were hoping I would publish it on my blog- which would have been a crime.

In fact the IA Shelby County Sheriff had me in for an hour and a half recorded interview discussing everything that was happening, as they realize what is happening is nefarious.

I made a complaint to the city council eight months after arriving- making a complaint about the city clerk- and directly after- a day and a half later- a deputy came to my house telling me I had 10 days to get rid of my dogs.

This went to court where they tried to charge me with a crime for having them- despite approving...


Lawyer X or Informer 3838, defence barrister Nicola Gobbo? Corporate Australia

(Image: Source supplied)

Crooked cops and lawyers are rife in the colony called Australia, where the judiciary supports their actions.

With the matter of 'Lawyer X' (or Informer 3838), in the public spotlight now, it seems that the bent barrister's actions were documented by the Fairfax publication in 2010, under the subtle headline;
Lawyer 'demanded $20m' in the following article:

The High Court of Australia lifted suppression orders to reveal the barrister, 'who cannot be identified' represented Mockbel and other underworld figures while informing against her clients between 2005-2009.

See also article from 8 Dec 2018 by of the headline:
Victoria Police's legal fight to keep Lawyer X gangland informer secret cost $4.52 million at:$4.5m/10596904


Tingha Cemetery Burials and the AUS-KOORI Mailing List Aboriginal Genealogy Australia

Back in November 2003 I added the following entry to correspondence referring to Tingha burials on the AUS-KOORI mailing list

"Tingha Cemetery Burials by Paul Mackett
Burials at the Tingha Cemetery, New South Wales are listed at the following site
Some or all of the following are recorded for each burial Section, Row, Lot, Surname, Christian Name, Age,  Burial Number, Date of Death. The date range is approximately
1886 to 1999.

There are 1537 burials recorded as follows

Section , My interpretation , Graves
Ang/SA , Anglican/Salvation Army , 340
Old Ang, Old Anglican , 155
Cath , Catholic , 108
Old Cath , Old Catholic , 70
Uniting , Uniting  , 47
New Gen , New General , 227
O Abor , Old Aboriginal , 171
N Abor ,  New Aboriginal , 90
Unsect ,  , 328
No Section ,  , 1

The document can be downloaded from the above site as a Word document."

As this URL no longer exists you can access the document here .

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Saturday, 08 December


UFO photographs from a B-52 aircraft over Australia Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

Barry Greenwood

Boston researcher Barry Greenwood recently returned from a two week visit to the archives of the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, in the USA. Barry kindly forwarded copies of scans of documents relating to Australia, to both myself and also to Melbourne researcher Paul Dean. Paul and I are spending time looking through all of these documents to determine if there is previously unknown material in them. I wish to thank Barry for his untiring efforts in the preservation of these invaluable historical records.

B-52 aircraft case

Looking through the contents of one file folder I noticed an uncited Newsletter article, titled "Photographs taken of an unusual object over Australia." Handwritten above the typed text, were the words "Australia," "NL'" and "Spring 1965." I have never come across this sighting. A search via the Internet and also a search of the NICAP 1965 chronologies failed to find anything about this sighting.  So if any blog readers can add further details I would be most appreciative. The text of the article reads as follows:

"A very good friend in Sedalia informed me last November (1968) that his uncle had taken photographs of an unusual object during the spring of 1965. The observer was flying in a converted B-52 aircraft on an international aerial mapping project. The aircraft was flying over Australia. The aircraft was flying at a slow rate of speed and the bomb-bay doors and the side doors were open.

There were cameras mounted in the bomb-bay section to photograph the terrain below. The observer saw the object approach the B-52 from slightly behind. It appeared less than a mile away and started pacing the aircraft. It did so for about 2 minutes.

During this time the observer snapped 3 photographs with a small camera he had to hand. At least one other crew member saw the object also. The object disappeared at a high rate of speed.

My friend, mentioned above, saw the photographs about 4 years ago, just after they were taken.

On 4 inch by 5 inch prints, the object appeared to be a disc, white in color, not...


Indigenous astronomy to revitalise the Australian curriculum IndigenousX

Krystal De Napoli is a Gomeroi woman and astrophysics student at Monash University.


MACKAY Argument escalates to guilty plea for serious assault CrimeView

MACKAY December 08, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

Argument escalates to guilty plea for serious assault

December 08, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

A DISPUTE between a landlord and his tenant escalated into shoving and eventually a charge of serious assault. Peter James Cameron was forced to

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Text message to remind people to appear in court CrimeView

MACKAY December 07, 2018 at 04:00PM ,

Text message to remind people to appear in court

December 07, 2018 at 04:00PM ,

The pilot program started in the Mackay Magistrates Court in June 2016 and was evaluated by the University of Queensland. The results of the pilot,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY PCYC bus driver granted work licence after drink driving CrimeView

MACKAY December 07, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

PCYC bus driver granted work licence after drink driving

December 07, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

Kylie Renae James-Kippen fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday. The 30-year-old woman from Beaconsfield pleaded guilty to driving a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Vehicle intercept leads to drug arrests, Mackay CrimeView

MACKAY December 07, 2018 at 10:00AM ,

Vehicle intercept leads to drug arrests, Mackay

December 07, 2018 at 10:00AM ,

As a result, a 28-year-old South Mackay man and a 34-year-old Mackay Northern Beaches man, will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Court date text reminders for Queensland CrimeView

MACKAY December 07, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

Court date text reminders for Queensland

December 07, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

The pilot started at Mackay Magistrates Court to try to reduce the number of Fail to Appear warrants, which are often issued as soon as someone fails

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


A Woodsrunner's Diary: Gun Cleaning. A personal Point Of View. Australian Survival and Preppers..

A Woodsrunner's Diary: Gun Cleaning. A personal Point Of View.: This post has been prompted by several posts on forums concerning the problems people are having with gun cleaning. Principally the cleaning...

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Friday, 07 December


A Slovakian Homebodys Opinion on Migration: US and UK Owe Reparations Gumshoe News

(L) BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, (R) Bombing Iraq again

by Ivan Heko

I am Slovakian. The predecessor nation-state was Czcheoslovakia, now two republics, the Czech Republick and Slovakia.  This article is about the UN Migration Pact which our Foreign Minister is hoping to wish upon us.

First I have to explain the position of Slovakia in relation to the UN Migration Pact.  Today I was listening, in my car radio, to our Foreign Minister Mr. Lajk.  He signed under the Pact, and he threatens to abdicate if Slovakia is against the Pact and Slovakia IS against the Pact.

The public radio-station is financed by the citizens. The shows topics were Mr. Laj...


Me-ism and The Left : A response to Joshua Dabelstein slackbastard

[This post is in response to Me-Ism Is Undoing The Left, Joshua Dabelstein, New Matilda, December 4, 2018 (A feelpinion has no place in a contest of ideas, writes Joshua Dabelstein).] In responding to Joshua Dabelsteins article its a bit Continue reading


Change worth fighting for News | Human Rights Law Centre

This week, you can double your human rights impact.

Donations to our Human Rights Week Appeal will be matched - dollar for dollar - by our appeal sponsors.

With your help, we need to raise $200,000 in one week to power the changes we will fight for in 2019.

Click here to make a matched donation now.


We need your support to stop abuses of power and achieve a fairer society where the fundamental rights that belong to every one of us are understood, upheld and protected.

Whether its finally freeing the men, women and children who our government has held in offshore camps for five long years; changing laws that send 10 year old kids to jail; or continuing to drag archaic abortion laws into the 21 century we need your help.

Donate now and make change happen.

Thank you and happy Human Rights Week.

Hugh de Kretser
Executive Director
Human Rights Law Centre

Thank you to our appeal sponsors who are generously matching all donations dollar-for-dollar.



MACKAY Escape accused pleads guilty to 17 charges CrimeView

MACKAY December 06, 2018 at 10:45PM ,

Escape accused pleads guilty to 17 charges

December 06, 2018 at 10:45PM ,

However, 14 other charges including arson levelled against Levi James Brown were struck out in Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, when the

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


WORLD FIRST George H W Bush Executed by Military Tribunal (?) Gumshoe News

The flag-draped casket of former President George H.W. Bush passes through Magnolia (ABC News)

by Dee McLachlan [Information from G5]

We heard the reports that Senator John McCain was executed by Military Tribunal.

On 9 October, 2018, G5 wrote, McCain was questioned by the Military. He lived up to his codename of Songbird. But had nothing to offer beyond what was already known. He was subsequently executed  (The Espionage Act, Military Tribunal) by lethal injection. Well hidden by the issue of age and illness. [and chemotherapy]

G5 has called me an hour ago, informing me that George H W Bush was also executed by Military Tribunal. His CIA code-name was Timber Wolf (derived from mongrel dog), and also called Poppy (for saving the poppy fields in Afghanistan)I asked about his source. He indicated that it was direct from the original. He is g...



Sarah Hanson Young, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Fair Dinkum Power Michael Smith News

Thanks to Tim Andrews for the tip on this. This is not a joke - it's fair dinkum. Literally. I give you the Australian Senate Select Committee enquiring into Fair Dinkum Power - chaired by Sarah Hanson Young. We have lost the plot. Fair Dinkum Power On 28 November 2018...


Kooriculum: Beyond Terra Nullius IndigenousX

Aboriginal Stories of Country welcome all visitors, ask people to listen and learn from them, to respect their country and in particular respect their sacred sites


My best friends wedding Overland literary journal

By the time I was thirty, Id been married twice, once to a woman, once to a man, both times for love and both times because of borders. Despite thinking I would never get married, to date I have flipped the saying and been always the bride and never the bridesmaid. In the last year, Ive been invited to no less than seven weddings by feminist friends on the radical left and my Facebook newsfeed has been clogged with many more. None of these have been visa weddings.


Dying With Dignity Versus The Metastases Of Our Religious Heritage New Matilda

Why do we let religion rule our lives, but in particular our deaths? Geoff Russell takes a look at the power of Churches to prevent people from making the most intimate of choices.

The fingers that once skipped around the frets and strings of her guitar made hard work of rolling the little plastic wheel. But as it finally moved into place, the process began: drip, drip, drip. Clear sodium pentobarbital moved into the plastic intravenous line. In a vet surgery the fluid would be green and most likely just injected. Straight into the heart or perhaps the peritoneal cavity.

But we arent at a vets.

A single finger moved over an iPad, hunting down letters. The iPad spoke what she typed: I cant feel anything.

A voice somewhere close to my shoulder replied: In about 30 seconds you will start to feel tired.

The illness had long since robbed her eyes of animation and silenced her voice. But earlier that morning the iPad had revealed an intact sense of humour: Please drive carefully, I dont want to die in a crash.

And then, pretty much on schedule, the barely visible spark in her eyes began its final fade.

The breathing that had been laboured for months began to slow, just a little. The lifting chest lifted a little less on each breath. And then there was one large breath, a slight heave, and then silence.

We have many euphemisms for dying. We say someone has gone when we mean dead. Its a little softer and implies the possibility of return. But there is none. Dead is dead. But there are many worse things than dying, especially if the dying has been well organised.

Peggy, about to roll the wheel during her assisted death in Switzerland earlier this year. (IMAGE: Supplied)

The death of David Goodall in Switzerland...


Removing asylum seekers from offshore detention supported by Law Council of Australia National News Echonetdaily

A private members bill by Kerryn Phelps MP, and a separate attempt to amend a migration bill before the Senate, aim to ensure urgent medical treatment is provided to children and adult asylum seekers who are in grave need.

While noting the Law Council of Australia has strong and longstanding concerns about offshore detention arrangements in general, Law Council of Australia supports efforts by parliamentarians to address the alarming mental and physical health of children and adult asylum seekers held in offshore detention.

With respect to children, one child on Nauru is one too many. Australia is internationally committed to the principle of acting in the best of the child as a primary consideration, Law Council of Australia President, Morry Bailes said.

Removing all remaining asylum seeker children on Nauru to Australia for medical and psychiatric treatment is not just medically necessary, but necessary if Australia is to abide by our international obligations.

Australia also has obligations to ensure the health and safety of adult asylum seekers in regional processing centres. This includes appropriate access to key health services and acting to address the risks of suicide and self-harm by detained asylum seekers.

The abundant evidence regarding the health and wellbeing of many adult asylum seekers is grim. It is essential that Australia acts with respect to adult asylum seekers, Mr Bailes said.

The Law Council supports ensuring that asylum seeker families are kept together under temporary transfer arrangements, given Australias family reunification obligations.

For children and families, this measure will minimise the risk of further dislocation and trauma, Mr Bailes said.

Transfers being proposed are temporary, so key questions remain about the longer-term situation of these asylum seekers.

The Law Council would urge the Australian Government to develop a long term, durable response to irregular migration and solutions for all refugees and asylum seekers who are currently in offshore detention conditions.

This new response should accord with Australias international obligations, Mr Bailes said.

The post Removing asylum seekers from offshore detention supported by Law Council of Australia appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Professor Stuart Rees Honoured With Inaugural Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize New Matilda

He normally goes about his work very quietly, very humbly. And as the founder of the Sydney Peace Prize, hes normally in the background promoting other peoples work. But last week Emeritus Professor Stuart Rees couldnt help but be at the centre of attention after he was awarded the inaugural Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize, at a ceremony at state parliament in Victoria.

The award was in recognition of his Professor Rees persistent and courageous advocacy for the human rights of all Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, the refugee camps and the Palestinian diaspora generally.

Professor Rees delivered the first Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize lecture as part of the ceremony, and his award was presented by former Foreign Minister and NSW State Premier the Hon Bob Carr on November 29, to coincide with the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Nasser Mashni, chair of Australians for Palestine (AfP) and a Board Member of the Australia-Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN), said the choice of Professor Rees would help to highlight strong global support for a just outcome for Palestinians, felt by millions around the world.

For all his inspirational work on Palestine nothing reveals more about Stuart Rees humanity than his belief in a simple anecdote about a Palestinian refugee who wanted to discuss with Israeli students his right to return, only to be told you want to kick us out. No, the Palestinian replied, I simply want to live with you, Mr Mashni said.

Mr Mashni said Professor Rees numerous books, anthologies of poetry, and his willingness to write and speak publicly on social justice issues, have seen him described as one of the most humane voices in Australia today.

Those issues have driven his indomitable quest to find out what it really means to be human and to alert us all to our common humanity, said Mr Mashni.

Professor Rees said he felt very honoured to be recognised from amongst the many long-committed voices for Palestine in Australia.

This award comes at a time when Jerusalem is facing great challenges from influential global powers to its UN-protected international status, UN Security Council resolutions, international law and majority consensus. We cannot allow antagonistic voices to weaken the hopes of so many for a peaceful and sustainable solution, he said.

Jerusalems spiritual, cultural and legal character are under serious threat and only a concerted effort of advocacy and activism by people everywhere, can Palestinians possibly hope to see an end to their displacement, eviction and expulsion.

The Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize will now be awarded annually by Australians for Palestine and the Australia-Palestine Advocacy Network.

The post Professor...


Facebook denies UK allegations after Six4Three document dump Corporate Australia

Social media giant maintains it has 'never sold people's data'

In context: The Six4Three files are a compilation of Facebook internal emails and memos that were recently released by the UK parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. The documents outline various discussion within the company regarding monetizing user data particularly surrounding the 3.0 platform changes in 2015. Facebook denies all allegations made by the committee.
Facebook has seen almost no end to public scrutiny since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It comes as no surprise that revelations and criticisms leveled at the social media titan in recent weeks have spun the company into turmoil and had the denial machine working overtime.

On Wednesday, a British parliamentary committee made public numerous damaging internal emails and documents showing that the company allowed special access to users data to partner companies like Lyft and Netflix while denying access to competitors such as Vine.

Facebook have clearly entered into whitelisting agreements with certain companies, which meant that after the platform changes in 2014/15 they maintained full access to friends data [sic], stated Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee Chairman Damian Collins in his summary of the document dump known as the Six4Three files. He adds, It is not clear that there was any user consent for this, nor how Facebook decided which companies should be whitelisted or not.

"The documents were selectively leaked to publish some, but not all, of the internal discussions at Facebook at the time of our platform changes. But the facts are clear: weve never sold peoples data."

Facebook quickly responded to the Six4Three files with a rebuttal saying they were cherry-picked and taken out of context.

We changed our platform policies in 2014/15 to prevent apps from requesting permis...


Grace appeals for help to save Great Australian Bight from oil deep sea oil drilling The Pen

The following was sent to The Pen by contributor Ugly, and it is about 16 year old Grace Gardiners appeal to support the effort to stop deep sea oil drilling near Apollo Bay in Victoria. Grace is involved with Greenpeace, which has taken on protection of the  Great Australian Bight as one of its important environment protection projects. This is what she has to say.

 My name is Grace, Im 16 years old and last week I organised a flotilla a floating protest against deep sea oil drilling in my home of Apollo Bay, Victoria.

Thats me in the middle there, with my friends Eleni on the left and Hannah on the right

Apollo Bay is a small, beautiful town on the Great Ocean Road, located just by the sea. Ive lived here my whole life. When I was much younger, I was kayaking with a mate in the local harbour when a pod of three dolphins swam up beside us and jumped around for a while, so close I could reach out and touch them. It was the most exhilarating and beautiful experience from the ocean.

For us, the ocean is more than just a beautiful view. Its the lifeblood of our community, with tourism and fishing supporting so many families here in Apollo Bay.

But big oil companies are planning to drill for oil off our coast, risking our pristine environment and our way of life.

One thing I love about my community is that we come together to do incredible things like standing up to those greedy oil companies.

One little community can do big things! It got me thinking about what we could achieve if everyone in Australia said no to deep sea oil drilling.

But we need as many people on board as possible.

As a young person, I care deeply about climate change. My generation will have to deal with the consequences of the decisions being made by big fossil fuel companies trashing the environment. I may not be able to vote yet, but I know that Governments have a responsibility to do the right thing by the people they represent.

If enough people no matter their age are talking about protecting the Bight from oil drilling, our politicians will have to listen.

Apollo Bay has a population of just 1500 but on the day of our flotilla, 350 people were out there on the water and on land to protect the oceans we love from oil drilling despite the wind and rai...


Peak attention seeker in city full of attention seekers riding on Tony Abbott's coat tails Michael Smith News

Why do we have an SBS? The quotes from Jane Caro in this story are the greatest load of gobbledygook you'll read in a very long time. Media commentator Jane Caro was considering running against Tony Abbott in Warringah, but she's now leaning more towards supporting another candidate. Prominent media...


Schwarzenegger wishes he could travel back in time to stop fossil fuels being used Michael Smith News

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he wishes he could travel back in time like "The Terminator" so he could stop fossil fuels from being used. So no steel. No heating from coal. No electric lights. No railways. The dark age. And the UN lapped it up.


Bank penalties disguised as charitable donations The Pen

Michael West describes the failure of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to deal with bad behaviour of the banks, when it provided them with a way out from prosecution, by allowing them to make charitable donations, which could them be claimed back as tax deductions.

Here is a troubling fact that has largely escaped scrutiny during the banking royal commission: for the past 10 years, rather than being penalised for breaches, it appears the banks have been receiving tax deductions for their crimes and misdemeanours. Instead of paying fines, they have been making donations to charities a no fault solution to dealing with financial offences. And in more than 70 per cent of cases, there is no record of where this money has gone.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC) decade of deals with the banks began in March 2009 when its then chairman, Tony DAloisio, struck an enforceable undertaking (EU) agreement with ANZ Banking Group.

ANZ had been a key player in the spectacular collapse of the financier Opes Prime, which went into receivership in March 2008 with an estimated $1 billion of debt. Instead of dragging the bank into court at great cost, DAloisio did a no blame deal with ANZ bosses, who agreed to complete a program to remedy deficiencies in operational procedures.

During the past 10 years, the corporate regulator has ramped up these no fault arrangements with the banks. Rather than prosecute them, ASIC agrees not to sue, and the banks agree to an enforceable undertaking in which they recognise ASICs concerns about their behaviour and make a community benefit payment.

Community benefit payments are often mistaken for penalties or fines. In reality, they are charitable payments. It appears that, for 10 years, the banks have enjoyed associated tax deductions for what should be punishments.

It also appears the banks play a role in determining who receives their community benefit payments.

An investigation of the EUs by and The Saturday Paper has found that of the $88.1 million in community benefits payments made by the banks over the past 10 years as part of EU agreements, $68.5 million has gone to unspecified parties.

Another $16.6 million has been paid to a company named Financial Literacy Australia Limited, $2 million to the Smith Family, and $500,000 to The Ethics Centre.

Since DAloisios ANZ deal, the regulator has struck a further 27 EUs with the banks. All the major banks ANZ, Westpac, National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank have agreed to EUs. As have Macquarie Bank and a slew of foreign banks, including J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and UBS.

Community benefit payments are often mistaken for penalties In reality, they are charitable payments. it appears that, for 10 years, the banks have enjoyed associ...


PERTH Detectives charge man over death of Sam Riley CrimeView

snip .

Detectives charge man over death of Sam Riley .

December 06, 2018 at 05:41PM .

Geographe resident Benjamin John Elliott appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday, December 6 for the alleged murder of 31-year old .



PERTH Man makes first appearance in court over West Busselton murder of Sam Riley, 31 CrimeView

snip .

Man makes first appearance in court over West Busselton murder of Sam Riley, 31 .

December 06, 2018 at 04:56PM .

Geographe man Benjamin John Elliott faced Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody to appear in Stirling Gardens .



PERTH Self-confessed hard-arsed businessman barred from Aboriginal trusts CrimeView

snip .

Self-confessed hard-arsed businessman barred from Aboriginal trusts .

December 06, 2018 at 10:56PM .

But she has faced allegations about her management of that company and is fighting stealing as a servant charges in the Perth Magistrates Court next .



PERTH Man in Perth court over Busselton murder CrimeView

snip .

Man in Perth court over Busselton murder .

December 06, 2018 at 04:00PM .

Benjamin John Elliott faced Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody to appear in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on .


PERTH Man charged over Perth murder CrimeView

snip .

Man charged over Perth murder .

December 06, 2018 at 08:41AM .

Mr Riley was found dead in his home on October 30, with the man charged over his death to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday. .


PERTH Man charged over West Busselton murder CrimeView

snip .

Man charged over West Busselton murder .

December 05, 2018 at 07:22PM .

The man has been charged with one count of Murder and will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on 6 December 2018. Samuel was .


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Thursday, 06 December


Tony Abbott and the White Mans Burden IndigenousX

After his latest 6 month trip around remote communities, the Prime Ministers Special Envoy on Indigenous affairs has handed down his recommendations.


Cheap Power: A Whole Lot Of Energy For A Whole Lot Of Nothing New Matilda

Despite the obvious disappointment of the Morrison Government, the nation can build an energy network reliant on renewables, while lowering prices. Martin Zavan explains.

Never letting the truth get in the way of a good yarn is an understandable approach when the Prime Minister is talking about his exploits on the footy field back in the day. But when hes being asked to lead a fossil fuel dependent nation through the transition to renewables, its not only dishonest, but dangerous.

Politicians demand proof, but many seem to have little to no desire to follow through and obtain the answers they claim to seek. It occurs too often to keep track of, but something happened in Question Time yesterday that made me take special note.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten essentially asked the PM why he couldnt get behind what he called the most widely endorsed energy policy of recent years, the National Energy Guarantee. Not to mention it was the Libs own policy just a few months back.

Theres never been a national energy policy that has had more universal support than the National Energy Guarantee. And why wont the Prime Minister implement a National Energy Guarantee with his own energy targets? Shorten mischievously asked.

Morrison responded with his typical bluster, but lets pause for a moment to examine what he actually said, rather than the confected outrage that characterised his reply.

Labor have not demonstrated that their 45 percent emissions reduction target will not push up prices.

Labor have not, and they cannot, demonstrate that their reckless 45 percent economy-wrecking as the Business Council has said emissions reduction target of 45 percent will not increase power prices because of course it will increase power prices.

The comments may have fired up the frontbench but they were less eagerly embraced by those with even a passing appreciation for the facts.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

During the heated days of the NEG debate we at Greenpeace also wondered what effect this political compromise would have on power prices. We sought to find out, and commissioned the same people who the federal government turns to on such matt...


A Courageous Australian Passes Wendy Scurr Gumshoe News

Today Australians have lost a brave, patriotic lady, Mrs Wendy Scurr. We repost Mals article from The Great Australians: Wendy Scurr in 2016.

by Malcolm R Hughes (4 December, 2016)

This great Australian, Wendy Scurr, became an unplanned heroine during and after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.  For those who have not previously seen the purposely lost word heroine, the meaning is female hero.

Wendy is happily married to Graeme Scurr and they reside on the mainland of Australia. Why the mainland? Because they were driven out of their home state of Tasmania. Why driven out ? For doing the right thing. You know how it goes these days but Wendy was ahead of her time, having stuck up for the truth about Port Arthur 20 years ago.

The Port Arthur Massacre was a Federal and Tasmanian government-planned event whereby several people...


SACOSS welcomes SA Parliament Committee support for unemployed SACOSS - Justice, Opportunity and Shared Wealth for all South Australians

Thursday, 6 December 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service has welcomed the release of the interim report of the Parliament Select Committee on Poverty in South Australia. The Committee made six recommendations to alleviate poverty in South Australia, with the first being a call on the Federal Government to make a meaningful increase to the rate of the Newstart Allowance (and other base allowances) as a matter of urgency.


Healing my spirit by helping others IndigenousX

Corey Aden Tutt, an Indigenous man from NSW, shares his personal journey to healing through caring for animals.


MACKAY Bucasia labourer struck police officer on the backside CrimeView

MACKAY December 06, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Bucasia labourer struck police officer on the backside

December 06, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Bucasia man Jye William Russell fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer. The 20-year-old

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Young father accused of Paget shooting CrimeView

MACKAY December 06, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Young father accused of Paget shooting

December 06, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Jayden Nicholas Finney, 19, appeared briefly in Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday over videolink from prison. Finney faces 15 charges,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Escape accused pleads guilty to 17 charges, but 14 dropped CrimeView

MACKAY December 05, 2018 at 06:03PM ,

Escape accused pleads guilty to 17 charges, but 14 dropped

December 05, 2018 at 06:03PM ,

However, 14 charges which were levelled against Levi James Brown were struck out in Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, including arson,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Informant 3838, GILLARD and Bernard MURPHY Michael Smith News

The Gillard proxy MTDA wasted no time in jumping on the Victoria Police Informant 3838 issue: Thank you for that comment - you've prompted me to write a fairly rare response to you. Gillard and Murphy weren't Wilson's defense (sic) lawyer. Gillard and Murphy were lawyers for the AWU. They...


So You Are in Prison Or Are a Minor and Someone Experiments on You. So What? Sue Gumshoe News

(L) Vacaville prison, California, well-known for experimentation, (R) Montreal-based psychiatrist Dr. Ewan Cameron. (photo from conspiracy queen)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

I recently made a video about suing the CIA and the hospitals and universities involved in MK-Ultra. A few minutes ago I decided to see how many hits it has had on Youtube, so I googled Lawsuits for MK-Ultra.

To my surprise, up came a 1982 article from the Washington Post. Author: Jack Anderson.  He was a pre-Gumshoe Gumshoe. Or so it was believed.  Let me quote from his article.

CIA confessions were extracted in writing by Atlanta attor...


Extradition to NSW for man charged over Lynette Dawsons alleged murder National News Echonetdaily

Lynette Joy Dawson. Police file photo.

Homicide Squad detectives have extradited a man to NSW and laid a charge over the disappearance of Northern Beaches wife and mother, Lynette Joy Dawson.

Lyn Dawson, a 33-year-old mother-of-two, went missing on or around Saturday 9 January 1982.

She was officially reported missing on 18 February 1982, and despite investigations at the time and over the years, she has never been located.

In 2015, detectives from the Homicide Squads Unsolved Homicide Unit established Strike Force Scriven to re-investigate the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and suspected murder.

Following extensive investigations, Strike Force Scriven detectives requested the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) review their brief of evidence in April 2018.

Earlier this week, the ODPP provided advice to police, and following further inquiries, detectives applied for an arrest warrant before travelling to Queensland.

A 70-year-old Coolum man was arrested by detectives from the Queensland Police Services Homicide Squad in the presence of Strive Force Scriven investigators at a home at Biggera Waters, Queensland, yesterday (Wednesday 5 December 2018).

The man appeared at Southport Magistrates Court on a NSW arrest warrant, where NSW Police detectives applied for and were granted his extradition to NSW.

Strike Force Scriven investigators escorted the man on a flight to Sydney today (Thursday 6 December 2018), before taking him to Surry Hills Police Station.

The man has been charged with murder and refused bail to appear at Central Local Court today.

The post Extradition to NSW for man charged over Lynette Dawsons alleged murder appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Video: students and other activists in the parliament building demanding talk over global warming The Pen

Students, First Nations people, Pacific Islanders and young people are gathered in Parliament House Canberra to demand climate justice.

Video from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition


LIVE: Students, First Nations people, Pacific Islanders and young people are gathered in Parliament House Canberra to demand climate justice! #fight4future #stopadani #auspol

Posted by Australian Youth Climate Coalition on Tuesday, December 4, 2018



The post Video: students and other activists in the parliament building demanding talk over global warming appeared first on The Pen.


Love in a Time of Colombia Global Hobo

During Brazils World Cup, the Colombian football team won the adoration of la copa with their little goal boogie that featured every game they played. They scored? They danced.

The two actions are inextricably linked. In Colombia, you dance? You score.

Colombia is where South American culture meets the Caribbean coastline, and generally, the country boasts more sex appeal than it does cocaine. The fact that everyone can salsa and speak Spanish just adds to either your inferiority complex, or the feeling youve just arrived in your wildest dream.

Either way, these Latinos can dance. If youre going to turn your bailando into a rumba of a different kind, you need this fool proof way to looking less like a fool on a Colombian dance floor:

1. Try to copy
Youre in a market and you dont know what to taste test? Have an, Ill have what shes having. Ditto for the dirty dance floors of Colombia. While Im not really an advocate for comparing yourself to other people, you wont really be having what shes having unless you move the way shes moving. Leave your inhibitions in that last glass of aguardiente and focus your but on your butt.

2. Be Shakira, your hips dont lie
Nothing suggests square like square dancing on a Colombian dance floor. As such, think anything round: circles, figure 8s, another round of drinks Channel these thoughts to your waistline.

3. Change speed every so often to keep your partner engaged
By this, once again, were talking about the hips. Always about the hips. It also will distract from the fact you have no idea what youre doing with your feet.

4. If in doubt, decorate it.
By this, jazz hands are an option, not as dorky or out of place as youd imagine. A twirl is also always good. Maintaining an intense eye contact at this point in time will allow your decorations to shimmer in the peripheral vision of your partner. Its cheaper than buying them another drink.

5. Ask nicely, Quieres hacer sexo conmigo? (Wanna have sex with me?)
This is the blunt, last resort, drunken falling over your own feet option. If you have to make it this far down the list, youd better hope your local lover says no, because your hobo coordination will not be up to the standards required by Colombias second favourite type of rumba.

Finally, I guess if all else f...


Australia no longer trusts what passes for democracy here The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

The Museum of Australian Democracy and the Institute for Governance and Policy analysis at the University of Canberra have just released their findings from joint research. It tells us what everybody knows already, that Australia does not trust politicians and the existing political institutions.

Central to the research, is a national survey called Trust and Democracy in Australia. Its importance is that it provides evidence that there has been a major shift in opinion. A high 86 percent of respondents in 2007 said that they were satisfied with Australias Democracy, and this dropped to 72 percent by 2010 and now stands at a low 43 percent. If the trend continues, it is projected that trust in politicians and political institutions will fall below 10 percent by 2025.

A strength of this survey is that it examines the shift over a decade, and eliminates short term distortions. Because it does this, it provides a fairly accurate pointer, towards where Australia is going. This is mitigated to an extent, by the fact that it relies on a fairly small sample of 1021 respondents. A much bigger sample would likely shift the figures, a little, but not enough to shift the numbers by much, or deny the revealed trend.

It is about an alienation form what is currently being called democracy in Australia.

Contrasting the falling trust in politicians and political institutions is the level of support for democratic reform, boiling down to cutting the connection between big donators and the political process and raising the power of citizens to make decisions.

Also revealed in the survey, is the existence of considerable fear of political instability, which would lower the economic wellbeing of the respondent. Because of this fear, the report suggests, the disillusionment has not led widespread engagement in bringing about change, but to the rise of cynicism and disengagement.

Despite this, the report says: Most Australians are clear that they do not like the character of contemporary politics on display in the federal government and democratic renewal is required to address the democratic pressures that are threatening to undermine our democratic values.

In response to the findings, the Museum of Democracy, says it is launching an initiative to rebuild trust. It is called Democracy 2025.

The response is flawed, because it starts and ends with the assumption that democratic values are tied up with what is, and that the voters must be drawn back into the fold. The implication is that the fault does not really lie with politicians behaving badly and a political system that is not working as its supposed to. This leads to a second assumption. The problem is mostly about the mistaken perceptions  of Australian citizens.

There is another interpretation. Many of our politicians do break promises with clockwork regularity, big money buys favours, corruption...


UN General Secretary takes this kid seriously on climate science Michael Smith News

This is embarrassing to watch. Why not engage her for her expert views on brain surgery, cancer cures or global derivatives trading?


PERTH Charges laid over Busselton homicide CrimeView

snip .

Charges laid over Busselton homicide .

December 05, 2018 at 06:48PM .

The man will appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow charged with one count of murder. In a statement, Mr Rileys family remembered him as a .



PERTH Dozens of shocking sex charges before Mandurah Magistrates Court CrimeView

snip .

Dozens of shocking sex charges before Mandurah Magistrates Court .

December 05, 2018 at 11:41AM .

Figures: Data the Mandurah Mail collated from September shows 28 sex assault charges went before the Mandurah Magistrates Court including .


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Wednesday, 05 December


Jeffery Epstein Gets Off Again

There are people who are going on and on about this Qanon- who is supposedly combating this problem with pedophilia.

Qanon keeps saying trust the plan but the only thing that is happening is that survivors and advocates keep getting picked off and pedophiles like Jeffery Epstein keep getting off.

So obviously this plan is to protect and support child trafficking.

It is my opinion that children dont deserve to be sold, raped, and murdered and they CERTAINLY deserve more than a bunch of empty promises.

But unfortunately I seem to stand alone in this. Not to mention believing that it is time mankind takes some REAL action regarding this.


The Fake JFK Jr. Photograph Gumshoe News

(L) JFK Jrs IMDB profile picture, (R) manipulated picture doing the rounds

By Dee McLachlan

Still wearing the same tie.

A photo of a 58-year-old JFK Jr. is floating on the internet. Phil forwarded me the photo on the right with big question marks????

A quick search and I matched up JFK Jrs IMDB picture (above). Almost anything is possible these days.

It landed up on Tom Winters Twitter feed (a NBC News Investigations reporter based in New York). The message was from DeanChristianBradley, and was a link on Q Anon post 2548.

A Washington Post (5 August, 2018) wrote an article entitled, &#822...


MACKAY Woman arrested for using fraudulent ID to try withdraw cash CrimeView

MACKAY December 05, 2018 at 08:52AM ,

Woman arrested for using fraudulent ID to try withdraw cash

December 05, 2018 at 08:52AM ,

Police will allege the 31-year-old South Mackay woman went to a financial institution in Mackay city with an identity document she claimed was hers.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Charges linked to identity crime, Mackay CrimeView

MACKAY December 05, 2018 at 08:30AM ,

Charges linked to identity crime, Mackay

December 05, 2018 at 08:30AM ,

She will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on January 8 to have the charges heard. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Labor, Libs Finally Agree On Something: Stopping A Conversation About Changing The Date New Matilda

ANALYSIS: On any given day they appear to be in furious, bitter, toxic, disagreement on just about everything. But today, the Labor Party and the Liberal-Nationals finally found some common ground opposition to a national conversation about the appropriateness of changing the date of Australia Day.

Note the national conversation part. Labor and the Libs didnt just join forces to oppose changing the date itself, they joined forces to oppose even having a discussion about it, or, God forbid, consulting with Indigenous Australians on the issue.

Earlier today in the Senate, Greens spokesperson on Indigenous affairs, Rachel Siewert, put forward the motion calling on the federal Senate to support all Australians respectfully engaging in conversations around finding a more suitable date for our national day. The motion also called on the Federal Government to engage and consult with First Nations peoples about changing the date of Australia Day so that all Australians can participate in celebrating this national day.

Suffice to say, the motion won just 10 votes nine of them were from the Greens members, with South Australian independent Senator Tim Storer (former Xenophon Team member) joining the ayes.

Everyone else in the Senate either didnt show up (there were just 51 votes cast out of a possible 76) or voted against it, including the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, and Labor left warriors Doug Cameron and Kim Carr, himself a former opposition spokesperson on Indigenous affairs. Senators Derryn Hinch and David Leyonhjelm also voted against the discussion.

Indigenous affairs minister Senator Nigel Scullion.

Notable absences from the chamber were the extreme right fringes of our parliament One Nations Pauline Hanson, former One Nation Senator Fraser Anning, and arch conservative Cory Bernardi.

Senator Siewert said she was disappointed at the outcome.

We have seen some exciting developments this year with more local councils and community leaders working for justice in their communities, she said.

Its disappointing that after the strong community support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the tabling of the report on Constitutional Recognition just last week that the major parties wont even commit to this small step.



TRUE OPINION: Police investigating police investigating police True Crime News Weekly

TRUE OPINION: Recent scandals in Victoria have highlighted the need for reforms in the way complaints against police are looked at. True Crime News Weekly's Melbourne correspondent, Gary Johnston, explains why it's finally time for police accountability to go further than officers simply investigating their colleagues. [READ MORE]


Morrison Bill leaves LGBT students at risk of discrimination News | Human Rights Law Centre

The Morrison Government has proposed a Bill which legal experts and LGBTI groups say would entrench unfair and outdated discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi and trans students, resulting in a stalemate with Labor and the Greens.

One of the amendments would allow religious schools to continue to engage in direct or indirect discrimination against students because of their sexuality, gender identity, or a range of other grounds. 

Anna Brown, Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign and Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said the Prime Minister should honour his commitment to remove discrimination, not entrench new discrimination in the law.

"Students and all Australians have every right to be deeply frustrated and heartbroken that our Parliament has failed to deliver on what should be a straightforward reform. Prime Minister Morrison has broken his commitment to introduce and pass legislation to protect students in school as soon as practicable. That commitment was made in October, the changes are very simple and now in the final days of Parliament we are mired in a ridiculous debate instead of giving families certainty before the new school year," said Anna Brown.

"Its outrageous that children can still be discriminated against by religious schools because of their sexuality or gender identity. The Morrison Bill would entrench unacceptable forms of discrimination against LGBT students. We commend the ALP and Greens for standing up for LGBT young people today and objecting to amendments that would entrench discrimination," added Anna Brown.

Karyn Walker, spokesperson for Parents of Gender Diverse Children, who support 500 families with transgender children across the country, welcomed the support from Labor and the Greens but remained concerned about the impact of discrimination.

"We remain extremely concerned for the welfare of all of our students currently attending faith based schools. We strongly believe that all children are equal and that Australian law should reflect that," said Karyn Walker.

Lee Carnie, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the amendment would allow a broad range of discrimination against students because of their sexuality or gender identity. 

"The amendment is incredibly broad  it applies to any instruction inside or outside the classroom. It would allow a teacher to treat a student differently because of their sexuality, to exclude that student from classroom activities, or to discipline them for being transgender," said Lee Carnie.

"It has been less than a year since the Australian Parliament voted down hostile amendments to the marriage equality bill. We call on parliamentarians to vote out any forms of discrimination against LGBT kids in schools this year," added Lee Carnie. 

For interviews call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Right...


Subjects of the imagination: on dropping the settler pen Overland literary journal

In 1857, English journalist and author Frank Fowler visited the colony of NSW and wrote with much excitement that our fictionists have fallen upon the soil of Australia, like so many industrious diggers and though merely scratching and fossicking the surface have turned up much precious and malleable stuff. Fowlers brief nineteenth-century summation of the Australian literary landscape still resonates today.


NT Richard Witham gets 30 months CrimeView

[6] Richard Witham pleaded guilty to one count on the first indictment (21543274) namely, being in possession of a traffickable quantity of cannabis. The amount of cannabis was 80.05 grams. The date of the offending was 02.Sep.2015. In brief, Richard Witham was found in possession of the cannabis in a hotel room in Katherine. He gave evidence to attempt to rebut the presumption of intention to supply in s37(6)(a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act. His account was rejected by the sentencing judge. He was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment for that count.

[7] The second indictment (21556216) contained three counts for offending that took place in Gapuwiyak between 07.Nov.2015 and 13 November 2015. Although very late in the overall proceedings, after a voir dire was conducted, Richard Witham pleaded guilty to all three counts on that indictment. Those counts were one of possess a traffickable quantity of cannabis, namely 224 grams, one of supply cannabis with the aggravating circumstance that it was supplied in an Indigenous community and one of possessing property, namely $24,000 in cash, obtained from taking part in the supply of dangerous drugs. At the time of the offending on the second indictment, Richard Witham was on bail for the charge on the first indictment. For the offending on the second indictment, he was sentenced to an aggregate of three years imprisonment, cumulative as to eight months on the sentence for the offending on the first indictment.

[8] The total effective sentence was three years and eight months imprisonment. A non-parole period of two years and six months was set.

Search CrimeView For Richard.Witham


Time for South Australian MPs to show that they respect womens health and equality News | Human Rights Law Centre

A bill tabled in the South Australian Parliament today would promote the right of all South Australians to control their bodies by removing abortion from the states criminal statute books.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre said:

"Every single one of us should have the freedom to control our bodies and decide what is right for our lives. It is time for South Australian politicians to demonstrate their respect for womens health and equality and support the decriminalisation of abortion."

"Its outrageous that in 2018, a woman seeking access to a safe medical procedure in South Australia still has the spectre of the criminal law hanging over her head. As the recent modernisation of Queenslands abortion laws show, South Australia is out-of-step with modern community values and medical practice," said Walters.

The Bill would also create 150 metre safe access zones around hospitals and the Pregnancy Advisory Centre, which would prohibit the intimidation and harassment of women trying to access reproductive health services. Safe access zones are in place in every other jurisdiction in Australia apart from Western Australia.

"Around Australia, sensible and proportionate safe access zones have been critical to stopping the harassment, intimidation and abuse of women seeking healthcare. No person should have to run a gauntlet of abuse to see their doctor," said Walters. 

(Photo credit: Sharise Birse)

For interviews call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


The Australians Green Light For Misreporting And Pushback In The #metoo Era New Matilda

As a journalist, there are few areas that require more serious investigation, and more careful reporting, than stories on sexual violence against women. Thats always been the rule, but not the case. But in the wake of the #metoo movement, youd think journalists would be paying special attention.

Someone should probably let Chip Le Grand and The Australian newspaper know, because last week, theyve perpetrated what could be one of the most inaccurate and irresponsible pieces of #metoo reporting weve seen so far this year.

For the uninitiated, Le Grand generally reports on sport. Somehow, he got assigned to #metoo.

In a retrospective piece noting that its not just the Liberals who are imploding its also the Greens (a fair point, actually) Le Grand turns his attention to the recent furore in NSW surrounding Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, and the allegations that he sexually assaulted former Greens staffer Ella Buckland.

Except that thats not really what Le Grand reported. Instead, he characterised the alleged assault as nothing more than an unwanted peck on the neck. Well get to that shortly, because it was preceded by other significant errors.

How can an untested allegation of serious sexual assault become the daily fodder of a state political campaign? Le Grand asked. For the Greens, the origins can be found early in the #MeToo movement, when factional rivals of NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham helped facilitate the airing of a seven-year-old sexual harassment complaint against him by Ella Buckland, a former Greens research assistant.

Former NSW Greens staffer, Ella Buckland, who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham in 2011. (IMAGE: Supplied)

Firstly, the complaint by Ms Buckland is not seven years old. The alleged assault is. The complaint was made early this year, in April 2018.

Secondly, I dont know the inner workings of the Greens any better than I know the inner workings of the Liberals. But I do know that Ella Buckland has stated publicly, multiple times, that no-one helped facilitate her complaint. She has noted that David Shoebridge a Greens NSW MP with no love lost for Buckingham referred her to Greens hierarchy after she approached him, having seen a public social media post Shoebridge wrote in support of other alleged vict...


Want To Know Why The Far Right Is Rising? Look To Canberra. New Matilda

Anyone confused about why the far right in Australia feels emboldened should probably tune into our federal parliament some time, writes Joshua Badge.

There have always been those who are made profoundly uneasy by ethnic and cultural diversity in this country, but as White Australia began to recede in the latter half of the 20th century those most intolerant of difference found themselves on the fringes of acceptable society.

The 1960s saw the rise of the Nationalist Socialist Party of Australia, but the explicit link to Nazism proved unpopular and the party dissolved before the end of the decade. Next came the Australian National Front which campaigned for warm relations with Britain and deporting non-white immigrants, but similarly fizzled out.

By the 1980s the militant National Action supplanted these groups. Notably, a splinter group of National Action engaged in a spate of assaults and firebombing which a judge memorably called a months-long terrorist campaign. With striking candour, ASIOs 89-90 annual report concluded that the only discernible threat of politically motivated violence comes from the racist right.

Abandoning White Australia meant deserting such illiberal groups, and the public traditionally shunned far-right activity of this kind. Politicians, for their part, refused to engage with them or appeal to their sensibilities. In recent years, however, this is proving not to be the case.

At the forefront of this movement was Reclaim Australia, a protest group which held nation-wide anti-Islam demonstrations around 2015, and loosely associated with hate groups. Other organisations such as Party for Freedom claimed fame by posing for anti-Islam photo stunts and bearing signs which read multiculturalism is genocide.

Extremist groups swiftly followed, such as the neo-Nazi Antipodean Resistance which hosts radicalisation camps where members pose in front of swastikas and pledge allegiance to Hitler. Another group, the United Patriots Front, claims solidarity with...


Charter of Rights for Children in Care, and Kids Privacy in the Cases of Verizon and Princess Caroline Gumshoe News

1958, Princess Grace and Prince Rainier with newborn Albert, and Caroline (

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

In March 2018, when we did the Fringe play My Best False Memories, we had yet to learn about the sad dealings at the Family Court.  The play was about MK-Ultra and I had in mind children in Australia like Fiona Barnett (years ago) who might not know that a good life was available.

Someone gave me the Charter of Rights for Children in Care, so we printed it as part of the Fringe program. I just came across it again and read it with new eyes (ahem, ahem).

The South Australia Guardianship Office says:

The Charter is us...


Adani self-financing coal mine is far from the end of the story The Pen

Contributed from Queensland

Australia does not want Adani to operate a coal mine in Australia and the Australian and Queensland governments have an obligation to respect this. The longer they continue to deny this, the lower the standing these governments will have among Australians.

It looks like they are so mesmerised by Adanis checkbook, and too bound up with protecting a dirty industry, that they cannot see past this.

Adani is an old hand, experienced in the use of bribery to obtain sweet deals. There have been allegations and more, that this card has been used in Australia. So far, what has come out is the used of gifts to politicians and junkets to India for those whose favours have been sought. If there have been more substantial brown bags under the table type corruption, we dont know, except that it has happened in other places. It its happened here too, it will come out in time.

Whatever the details, Adani has such a bad name in Australia now, that he has not even been able to get finance from the banks, which fear, that being linked to this tycoon is bad for business.

Now it seems like the same governments are falling in backward to accommodate the project. Its not good enough. The whole operation must be stopped. Campaigners against Adani agree, and they are picking up their activity.

The Australian Conservation Foundation is launching a legal challenge over the allocation of water to the mine and the waiver of full environmental assessment, given by Environment Minister Melissa Price.

Video from The Australian Conservation Foundation

This will hold things up for a while. But this is only a small part of the campaign at this point. The greatest effort will continue to be to maintain a presence on the ground and to keep on building public opinion.

Being Labor, the Queensland government is a significant problem for the party nationally. Many, and this includes the partys own base, want it and its leader Bill Shorten to come out clearly and sate a position that supports the public sentiment to stop Adani.

What the Queenslan...


Community still fighting gas expansion in Narrabri National News Echonetdaily

Pilliga protestors. Photo supplied.

Even though almost all of the 23,000 submissions in response to the the Santos Narrabri Project were against Pilliga CSG mining going ahead, locals a still fighting to have their voice heard.

Determined to forgive ahead, Santos are laying kilometres of new pipeline to get more gas from exploration wells, royalty free, to use at the Wilga Park power station and the The North West Alliance group want to draw attention to the current gas expansion happening in Narrabri and the Pilliga State forest.

For over 10 years gas form exploration wells has been generating income for the gas company, while not paying a cent in royalties to NSW. It has been estimated millions of dollars has been missed from going towards essential areas such as hospitals and schools, all because of a legal loophole being exploited.

Just recently Santos asked the NSW Coalition Government for an extra 1000 days to prove the viability of the Pilliga Gas resource, which was granted.

The Berejiklian government went against their own departments advice to exempt the royalties.

This exploration has continued to be an open ended invitation to conduct production under the guise of exploration.

Considering the current scandals plaguing the NSW Dept of Planning, with whistleblowers leaking information on controversial mining decisions and links to alleged corruption, the North West Alliance believes that this current expansion to the Narrabri Gas project should be put on hold until an ICAC can conduct a full investigation. The integrity of the whole system is under question.


Airbnb Delists Illegal Homes In Israeli-Occupied West Bank; Holds Out New Matilda

A major American corporation with annual revenue of nearly $3 billion has pulled out of illegal Israeli settlements in Palestines West Bank, marking a major shift in global corporate politics around the Palestine/Israel dispute.

Airbnb, which enables ordinary homeowners to rent their houses or even just single rooms to travellers, made the announcement earlier this month. While it will continue to list properties in Israel-proper, illegal settlements on Palestinian land will no longer be available to customers.

The decision is expected to affect around 200 listings on the home-sharing website.

Israeli human rights organisation BTselem estimates there are more thasn 200 illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, home to more than 600,000 people. Israel has long-claimed the settlements are legal, however international law is clear on the issue under the Fourth Geneva convention, an occupying power is prohibited from transferring their population to occupied land.

The announcement by Airbnb came one day before Human Rights Watch a Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation was due to release a report, entitled Bed and Breakfast on Stolen Land: Tourist Rental Listings in West Bank Settlements.

It targeted both Airbnb, and, a major travel fare aggregator company headquartered in Amsterdam.

Settlements are unlawful under international humanitarian law; the transfer of civilians of the occupying power into the occupied territory is a war crime under the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court (ICC), and Palestinian residents of the West Bank enjoy legal protections against forced displacement, the report noted.

The business activity that Airbnb and conduct helps make West Bank settlements more profitable and therefore sustainable, thus facilitating Israels unlawful transfer of its citizens to the settlements. In many cases, the companies list the properties as being located inside Israel, thereby misleading guests about where they will be staying and obscuring the fact that their payments are benefitting the settlement enterprise. Guests using Airbnb and to book accommodations in Israel, thus may find themselves vacationing in an unlawful Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

Airbnbs decision has been widely condemned in Israel, and the US Government has also attacked the California-based company, with US vice president Mike Pence, saying that boycotts of Israel had no place in American commerce.



Tuesday, 04 December


PERTH Serious allegations for Aboriginal trust CrimeView

snip .

Serious allegations for Aboriginal trust .

December 04, 2018 at 07:00PM .

Separately, she is fighting five charges of stealing as a servant and is next due to face Perth Magistrates Court on February 11. Due to the legal .


PERTH Police charge 43yo man with armed robbery at a Subiaco chemist CrimeView

snip .

Police charge 43yo man with armed robbery at a Subiaco chemist .

December 03, 2018 at 04:11PM .

on foot, and was arrested by police a short time later. He was charged with armed robbery and is set to appear at Perth Magistrates Court today. .



No Jab, No Job: The next step of the vaccination debate? | Opinion Real News Australia

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Industries in Australia now require vaccination as a condition of employment. Photo: Earlier this year, the Australian government released a directive requiring all staff in Shigh-risk workplaces to provide information on their flu vaccination status, including restricting access to work in certain areas for those who refuse to comply.


Craig Kelly issue is part of the battle for the Liberals future direction The Pen

Contributed by Ben Wilson

I didnt think Id ever be saying that Malcolm Turnbulls made a good point.  But he has, by saying that the shifty game played by Scott Morrison to keep Craig Kelly on board, a capitulation to the reactionary faction and a weak response, to the threat to a threat to move to the backbench, if he is not preselected to stand for the Liberals.

Craig Kelly does not have the support of the local Liberal Party to be endorsed to stand for the safe seat of Hughes in Sydney. I thought this might have something to do with inner party democracy. It is now clear that such feely warmy stuff is not so precious, and expendable when it no longer suits.

Scott Morrison has changed the rule, using a provision for emergency powers, so that inconvenient decisions by the member of the party that threaten the position of a sitting member can now be overturned by the leader.

Turnbull tried to get the small l Liberals to resist, but it all came to nothing. In a sense, it might be because Turnbull himself as a prisoner and weak in the face of the same people, when he was leader and prime minister.

The main reason, however, is a sense of panic has set in. With Craig Kelly on the crossbench there would be no majority, and many of them might fall down the precipice of a sudden and unwinnable election. None of them want to go out looking for another job and  personal interest triumphed over principle. This is opportunism plain and simple.

Turnbull has no reason to be fond of Kelly, who played a prominant role in his downfall, and represents the faction of Abbott, Dutton and company. Now he can call out enemies with no threat to himself. This should not stop us from recognising the truth of what he says. It is foolish not to. After all, when he is hitting out as his enemies, he is damaging those who most of us would like to see the end of.

It is certain that this game of Morrisons will have repercussions in the Liberal Parry, not only because it strengthens the hand of the most odious section within it and will anger their opponents within. The shift to top down control over preselection is not only about one seat. A precedent has been set to make it easily apply it to other seats. This has created a new battleground that will soon play out.

The fight over the Kelly preselection is intimately tied up with the war over the future political direction of the Liberal Party,  being fought from the grass roots up.

It is a sign of the disarray of a party in a political crisis, where every step it takes gets it deeper into a quagmire it finds impossible to escape. The Liberal Party is in terminal decline, at least in the sense of staying on as the government.

The point is that the longer it stays, the greater the disrepute and disillusionment of Australia, and this builds internal pressure and a series of breaches in unity.

Those of us outside should take si...


Of radicals and rebels: a response to Why the Greens will continue to fail Overland literary journal

The switch from the Greens to the Victorian Socialists represents an encouraging materialist turn. But there remain reasons to be critical of the new party. In part, my scepticism stems from the same source as Tollers optimism: many people involved with the new political party are people who were convinced of the Greens a few years ago.

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