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Wednesday, 20 February


Country Court of Victoria, abuse of process, vexatious litigation? Corporate Australia

Is this is an example of something what is called an 'abuse of process'?

A person by the name of Blair Cottrell allegedly wrote on social media:

"Multiculturalism is no failure, since it's purpose from the beginning was to turn great nations into rabble of goyim, I would say it's been a great success"

as seen below:

Since the Jewish people use the word goyim, why exclude them from the lawsuit?

Let's add Buddhists, Tao monks, Hindus and let's not forget those Christians (in parliament, apparently they're a big no no).

(Hindu deity Ganesha, a human body genetically modified to accept an elephant's head)

For the record, Victorian law has been scoured through to find this criminal act to "incite serious ridicule of Muslim people" and to surprise everyone no such criminal action could be found:

See documentary honest government ad on Australia being the Police State:

What is...


OH&S gurus ban Aussie firefighters from climbing ladders & using power saws Michael Smith News

Sorry Peppa! Our limit is 2 metres. This has to be read (and when I get the video from the Senate seen) to be believed! Firefighters at Australias airports have been banned from climbing ladders more than 2-metres high in training because of the risk of falling. In a Senate...


Frydenberg's doing a good job on the editorials Michael Smith News

His usefulness as Treasurer is yet to be proven but he or his team write a great editorial. There's a lot of Tony Abbott in this!


Poor old Bernie Sanders says "Elect me in 2020, I'll put foreigners first!" Michael Smith News

Should we tell him? Foreigners don't get to vote Bernie love! Good luck with this platform old mate. "I'm running for president because we need to end the demonization of undocumented immigrants." Sen. Sanders says he will run for president again in 2020 The Hill (@thehill) February...


Nancy Pelosi says she has equal power to Donald Trump in meeting with EU leaders Michael Smith News

Forget all the Leader of the Free World stuff. Forget the Commander in Chief claptrap. Forget The White House and Air Force One. Nancy's told Europe she has equal billing to The Don! While visiting Brussels this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told European leaders that President Donald Trump does...


Adanis new law firm put forward trained attack dog strategy for waging legal war The Pen

This article by Josh Robertson (ABC 19 February 2019), shows how far Adani is prepared to go, to force through his unpopular Carmichael coal mine project, and his has found a legal firm willing to use what some might consider unethical means to wage a war against opponents. This does not mean that the opposition will fade away. There is little chance of this. But it does suggest that the battle has entered a new and desperate phase.

The draft copy of Adanis new law firms aggressive strategy to bring the Carmichael mine to life is labelled Taking the Gloves Off and outlines a commercial proposal by AJ & Co to win a multi-million-dollar legal contract with the Indian mining giant.

In the document, the Brisbane firm promised to be Adanis trained attack dog.

The strategy recommended bankrupting individuals who unsuccessfully challenge Adani in court, using lawsuits to pressure the Queensland Government and social media bias as a tool to discredit decisionmakers.

In a section called Play the Man, it recommended where activists and commentators spread untruths, use the legal system to silence them.

It also urged Adani to hire private investigators to target activists and work with police and a criminal lawyer to ensure appropriate police action is taken against protesters.

Law firm AJ & Cos draft strategy document for Adani

Like a well-trained police dog, our litigations know when to sit and shake, and when it is time to bite, the law firm promised.

To achieve its commercial goal, Adani needs to accept it is involved in a war.

The AJ & Co plan pledged to assess each battle as part of the overall war and to know when to negotiate and known when all out attack is required.

An Adani spokeswoman said we wont apologise for pursuing our legal rights.

Like many organisations, we have a panel of law firms that service our business on a wide range of matters to ensure we are compl...


UK Home Secretary strips Islamic State wife Shamima Begum of citizenship Michael Smith News

Britain's ITV News has obtained a copy of the letter from the UK Home Office to Begum's mother served yesterday, along with papers formally revoking her citizenship and appeal material. ITV reports: Islamic State schoolgirl Shamima Begum has had her British citizenship revoked, her family has been told in a...


People pitch in to cover ABCC fine imposed on union organiser The Pen

Contributed by Ugly

Joe Myles was given a personal $44,000 fine by the by the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). The reason is that he intervened on a health and safety issue on a building site. Hes a union organiser. Thats his job.

Joe had been asked by workers on the site, through a health and safety representative, to come over and help make it a safer workplace.

In the eyes of the Commissioners, this is intimidating an employer. Its their job and they are paid well to carry it out. This reveal the clear class divide embedded in an authority, deliberately created as an attack dog against construction unions and those working on building sites.

It shows the mindset of a government bent on the eventual destruction of unions. Without them, wages and conditions would soon fall through the floor.

But for the first time, an individual has been targeted and a ruling made that the union is not allowed to pay the fine. It is the highest personal fine ever imposed. This is a shift, which marks a turning of the ABCC towards a strategy relying more on intimidating individuals.

A fine of this size would ruin just about anyone. Joe was given until 6 March to pay, or face going to jail.

A Megaphone appeal to raise the money was launched. People responded quickly, donated their $20, and within days, $47,485 was raised.

This is an important win. Joe has the burden lifted off his shoulders and a blow against an unjust law has been delivered. It shows that if a community can stand together, it cam overcome the obstacles that are put in the way. Now that a precedent has been set, it can be repeated every time the ABCC hands down un unjust fine on an individual.

Unfortunately, this alone will not put an end to the ABCC.  It must go. The only way to ensure that this happens, is to maintain the ongoing industrial and political campaign and the support of the wider community.

The post People pitch in to cover ABCC fine imposed on union organiser appeared first on The Pen.


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Tuesday, 19 February


Supporting the #ClimateStrike CounterAct

CounterAct has been supporting student activists since we established in 2013. We are thrilled to see the leadership emerging from young people as part of the worldwide #ClimateStrike protests.

Students and young people have played a critical role in social movements for decades, and training has been a part of that. From the civil rights movement (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) to the Vietnam War protests, to the people powered uprising led by Otpur students, that defeated dictator Slobadan Milosevic in Yugoslavia, to protection of our environment and forests young people have been at the forefront. And its hardly new. You can read more about a childrens strike in the early 1900s here.

Its a testament to our education system that such young children are educated about the risks of climate change, have an understanding of civic responsibility, and are taking charge, in the face of government inaction that impacts their future gravely.

Our training in Perth will consist of nonviolent strategy and successful case studies of youth leadership in civil resistance movements around the world; understanding their legal rights; how to maintain peaceful and safe protests, and practical skills to share their stories.

CounterAct is only one of thousands of organisations and individuals who are inspired by, and supporting these young people. We are providing training that they have requested, and would suggest you listen directly to the kids. Find out more here.

We would strongly prefer you speak with the students directly, however if you want to attribute any of the above, this statement was written by Nicola Paris.

The post Supporting the #ClimateStrike appeared first on CounterAct.


Peter Dutton smashes Ten News out of the park Michael Smith News

Here's a still from Hugh Riminton's news story. You can watch the video here - Good on Peter Dutton for hitting back so hard and quickly. How will the Canberra Press Gallery respond to Peter Dutton's takedown of Hugh Riminton? Will they: A - Accuse Dutton of bullying brave...


GetUP chief grilled over Zali Steggall links - looks & sounds a tad uncomfortable Michael Smith News

Associated? With Zali Steggall? Us? No, my voice always breaks like that! Meanwhile in the real world - this from the Daily Telegraph 11 February 2019. ACTIVIST group GetUp is sending strategic advice to a key adviser to Warringah independent candidate Zali Steggall in a bid to oust Tony Abbott....


Senator Barry O'Sullivan used the word "Chinaman" - cue ethnic council outrage Michael Smith News

These people are like a mob of Meerkats - constantly monitoring the Australian landscape for the slightest scent of something to get outraged about. The Federation of Ethnic Councils has launched into print today because Senator Barry O'Sullivan used the word "Chinaman". Fair dinkum! Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of...


MACKAY Secret weapon in jocks CrimeView

MACKAY February 19, 2019 at 04:00AM ,

Secret weapon in jocks

February 19, 2019 at 04:00AM ,

But a disability pensioner partying at Cartel nightclub learnt this the hard way. Dustan Gordon Engel, 49, faced the Mackay Magistrates Court

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Multiple charges following traffic crash, Eaglemount Heights CrimeView

MACKAY February 19, 2019 at 09:03AM ,

Multiple charges following traffic crash, Eaglemount Heights

February 19, 2019 at 09:03AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court to have the charges heard on March 11. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell fails in court slackbastard

The former leader of the now-defunct United Patriots Front turned The Lads Society organiser, Blair Cottrell, was in court again today Far-right leader Blair Cottrell fails in High Court bid AAP February 19, 2019 Far-right activist Blair Cottrell has Continue reading


Ladies and Llamas on the Inca Trail Global Hobo

Enormous clouds cling to the peaks of snow-capped mountains. Winking prickly pears and violet wildflowers greet us on either side of a path that looks as if it were opened up by the gods. Its early afternoon, the sun is low in the sky, and our bellies are full to the brim with Peruvian avocados, potatoes and rice, ready for the four days ahead.

The hike on the Inca Trail is more luxurious than I expected. We are half a day in and I feel like royalty. Our tour leader Rudi and his team of cooks, porters and guides have thought of everything, from scrumptious food made from local ingredients to bowls of hot water and face cloths after the end of each days walk.

Along the way, Rudi enlightens us about the hikes history, ecology, flora, fauna, language and ancient mythology. He explains that the Incas lived in harmony with pachamama (Mother Earth) as they constructed an awe-inspiring empire spanning the Andes mountains. The Incas built hillside terraces, palaces of stone jigsaw and structures to capture the natural beauty of the sun. The roads that connected these sites, known today as the Inca Trail, were uncovered in 1911 by American academic Hiram Bingham after being left untouched for almost 500 years.

Today, the Inca Trail is not only for history buffs though. Travellers are here for many different reasons the physical challenge, the beautiful mountains, the hawks and hummingbirds, the llamas and alpacas and the lovely local people. Some even come in search of spiritual awakening.



Theres No Future In Coal. But Disaster Recovery Is Booming New Matilda

If there was a union or lobby group for serial killers, then youd expect them to push pretty hard for better conditions for stone cold murderers.

The Australian Government has been ignoring the needs of serial killers for decades. Legislation specifically targeting our members is having a serious impact on their ability to kill.  Said no media release ever, although hold that thought.

Introducing the Coal Council of Australia, which earlier today pumped out a media statement demanding that its industry which kills about a million people a year according to the World Health Organisation be treated more fairly. Politically speaking.

The Queensland government must draw a close to the stalling tactics and unequivocally back the development of the Adani Carmichael project in the Galilee Basin, Coal Council CEO Greg Evans (presumably not the Greg Evans of Perfect Match fame) thundered this morning amidst months of record temperatures and natural disasters.

Federal Labor also needs to stand squarely behind the project and recognise the contribution of coal to the national economy.

The project has satisfied every legitimate environmental and technical requirement, and there is little doubt amongst mainstream Queenslanders it has been held up for political reasons and by the pressure applied by green activists.

Except thats not really accurate, Greg. Firstly, its also been held up because Adani doesnt have an agreement with the real Traditional Owners of the land Adani hopes to tear up. It hasnt just been Green activists leading this fight.

Secondly, its not political to oppose coal mining for the sake of saving the planet from catastrophic human-made climate change. Environmentalism is not a political agenda. Its called common sense.

Thirdly, the Adani project has failed to satisfy all sorts of environmental and technical requirements, not least of all the one that ensures the mining wont harm the broader Australian community.

Anyway back to the Coal Councils propaganda.

The case couldnt be clearer. The project and further development in the basin will provide jobs and a much-needed boost to the regional economies of central and north Queensland.

Right. It is true, more or less, that Adani would provide jobs, although nothing like what Adani has claimed. And it is true, in one sense at least, that it would boost the economy.

Theres the initial boost for construction jobs. And then theres the jobs at the mine themselves. Theres also the significant boost to the jobs economy that will be brought about by an increased need for emergency services, and stimulus...


Warragamba doubling exploits Climate Change The Habitat Advocate

  Climate Change orthodoxy a red herring of floodplain developers   When in doubt and keen to push ones unjustifiable case, resort to the excuse of notional esoteric climate change theory.   Its the contemporary dominant creed and orthodoxy, as if invoking Gods presence.  Ones stance instantly becomes sacrosanct and any challenge to it is instantly []


Part 58j: Australias irrelevant Crimes against Humanity. How the South Australian Police missed the boat when Centrelink admitted that 2,030 of its Robo-Debt victims were dead Ronald's space

Australias Appropriate Compliance Measures are very real, as  a Triple Js Hack posting about 2,030 Robo-Debt deaths has just revealed.

NOTE: The short link to this posting is:

Check this link:

Finally, after 15 years of lobbying and hunting for the truth, including 9 years writing this blog, Centrelinks murderous secret is out.

This link reveals a small slice of a 30-year-long secret, 2,030...


The Stench of Totalitarianism, No Matter How Perfumed Gumshoe News

Missing trillions and the Pentagon 11 September 2001

by G5

As I recently wrote, Huawei is under attack by the US to protect Apple.

The song of High Tech infers an unassailable position, almost monopolistic. It is where the US Aspergers and Game Players gravitated, to manage, government assisted stolen IP. (Huawei is about to bomb the market with effectively, the next generation mobile (cell phone). Apple has lived on the ol...


Amazing skills - she'll need an agent after this. Michael Smith News

Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity isnt Akin Sawyerr (@AkinSawyerr) February 16, 2019 360,000+ likes, including this very significant one. TV networks will be falling over themselves - and good luck to her.


Shorten's "fine" with sending Manus/Nauru detainees to Christmas Is for treatment Michael Smith News

There are significantly greater medical resources in the sovereign nation of Nauru than on Christmas Island, and Port Moresby is home to the private Pacific International Hospital. But that hasn't stopped Bill Shorten. After the reaction to his border-weakening deal with Dr Phelps, Shorten's now "fine" with flying detainees to...


February 19 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History Our Great Southern Land

1810 - Edward Luttrell Jnr, a ships officer and son of Surgeon Edward Luttrell, shot Pemulwuys son Tidbury (Tedbury or Tjedboro) in the face during an argument at Parramatta. [1]

1836 - British Parliament officially proclaimed the colony of South Australia and formally defined its boundaries.
King William IV recognised the continued rights to land for Aboriginal people in South Australia's founding document, the Letters Patent. It was the first ever recognition of Aboriginal rights granted in Australia's colonial history. But the promise of legal entitlement to the land was never kept. [2]

1856 - Exotic dancer Lola Montez - who was neither Spanish nor a trained dancer -was greatly displeased with a bad review written by the editor of the Ballarat Times, [3] Henry Seekamp (who was the only man to serve a prison term as a result of the Eureka Stockade for printing seditious libel [4]), about her.
So she took to him with a horse whip.
Totally justified, Your Honour...!

1892 - Eileen O'Connor, the next possible Aussie saint, was delivered by the stork [5] in Richmond (colloquially known as Struggletown, but originally known as Quo-yung [6]), Melbourne.
She was yet another ballsy gal who took on Rome to establish Our Lady's Nurses For The Poor.

1894 - The Sydney Anarchy Trial found several well-known chappies were a bit naughty for flogging editions of the anarchist newspaper Hard Cash that cast aspersions upon trustees of the Savings Bank of NSW. 
Tsk tsk tsk. 
Because banks are always so trust-worthy during a depression... aren't they?
Of course two chappies in particular were let off the hook...future NSW Premier Jack Lang and future Prime Minister Billy Hughes. [7]

1913 - Today Henry Leo Crawford aka Eugenia Falleni went through a marriage ceremony with Annie Birkett (Henry's future murder victim) at the Methodist Parsonage, Balmain South. [8]
1942 - Darwin was bombed twice  on this day with deaths far exceeding the originally quoted 15 and the later revised 243. [9]

1942 - A Japanese Zero crash-landed on Melville Island to Darwins north, and its pilot was captured by a local  Tiwi Islander man named Matthias Ulungura snuck up behind the Japanese pilot with a tomahawk and said,
 'Stick 'em up!' the first prisoner of war taken on Australian soil. [10]

1942 - During the Bombing of Darwin the first wave of 188 Japanese planes was spotted by Father John McGrath, a Catholic priest at the mission station on Bathurst Island. Father McGrath sent a message on the radio saying,
 "An unusually large air formation bearing down on us from the northwest". Nearly everyone ignored this, though it was on th...


Robo-debt: A tale of two time machines Overland literary journal

In the era of robo-debt, the social welfare state has been so eviscerated that there is nothing left to strip, so corporate tax cuts must be funded by stealing welfare from the past. Think of it as the Coalition Governments austerity time machine.


The Psychology Of Getting Julian Assange, Part 1: Whats Torture Got To Do With It? New Matilda

In the first part of a special New Matilda investigative series, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson exposes the science behind the hunt for Julian Assange, and the tactics those in power use to keep you in the dark.

Next month rallies will be held in Sydney and Melbourne in defence of Julian Assange. Protesters will call upon the Australian government to uphold its obligations to its citizens and secure freedom for Assange, whose health is failing is in his ninth year of UN-declared arbitrary detention.

Assange faces extradition to the United States and secret charges for his publishing activities should he step outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This cross-border, extraterritorial persecution threatens not only Assanges health, and possibly his life according to a recent UN statement, but poses grave legal risks both to journalism and dissent.

Among the speakers at the Sydney rally will be renowned journalist and film maker John Pilger, who will address protesters in the Amphitheatre at Martin Place on Sunday, March 3rd, from 2pm. The Melbourne rally will be held at the State Library on Sunday March 10th, from 1pm.

The Australian rallies join a growing international chorus of organisations and individuals sounding increasingly urgent alarms over Julian Assanges plight, and its implications for freedom of speech and democratic rights.

Late last year, as secret US charges against Julian Assange surfaced, and the threat of his imminent extradition to the US loomed, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) issued a strongly worded statement to the UK Government, having previously ruled twice that Assange is being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

In its statement, the UNWGAD demanded that the UK abide by its binding legal obligations and immediately secure freedom for Julian Assange. The UN reminded the UK Government that human rights treaty law is binding law, it is not discretionary law. It is not some passing fancy.

The same fears prompted 33 EU parliamentarians to write a similarl...


Bill Gates - let's stop jerking around with batteries & solar panels for climate change Michael Smith News

This is Bill Gates at Stanford University with Arun Majumdar, the director of the University's Energy Institute. Gates says we're "jerking around" with the idea that batteries and so called renewables will easily solve climate change. Do you guys on Wall Street have something in your desks that makes steel?...


Video: Yellow Vest movement is still going strong after 14 weeks The Pen

The weekly protests to bring down the Macron government and bring about significant change to Frances economy and politics show no sign of dying out. For the fourteenth week a huge number turned out in the streets of Paris and other centres.

So far, Macron has conceded by cancelling fuel price hikes and increasing wages. But it is proving to be far too little. The movment wants far more sweeping changes.

Government sources estimate that just over 50,000 people took part. It goes without saying that it is in the governments interests to underestimate this by a long way.

Meanwhile in Australia, like in some other countries, there has been an almost complete media backout, which is made possible by the almost total monopoly control over print and electronic media in the hands of Rupert Murdochs empire and a few lesser rivals.

This is a good reason why it is important that the story of real social movements gets out by every means possible. Those who try to stop us from finding out have very good reason to fear. We might be inspired and turn our attention on them.

Together, we must break the media blackout.

W have a right to know.

Video from Ruptly

Once again, the police are sent in to break up the protest. It fails and the governments authority continues to fall.

Video from VOA News

Government once again retaliates by sending in the police



Their ABC crosses to Manus detainee to review security/accommodation contract Michael Smith News

Abdul Aziz Muhamat distinguishes himself in this ABC news item by dropping the F bomb - which the ABC allowed to go to air (you've been warned!). He makes the fascinating claims that we are using him, that zero services are provided to detainees and that he's the victim of...


Community groups say no mandate for RCEP corporate rights agenda as secret trade deal talks resume AFTINET

February 19, 2019: Secret talks for a mega-trade deal between Australia and 15 Asia-Pacific countries that will cover half the worlds population will resume this week in Bali. While global corporations dominate the agenda, civil society groups and parliaments have been marginalized. The public and parliament will not see the text until after the deal has been signed, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) talks include India, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and the 10 ASEAN countries, began in 2012 and are aiming to finish by the end of 2019.

Leaked documents have revealed that the RCEP has an agenda for increasing global corporate rights at the expense of peoples rights, said Dr Ranald. With an election looming, the Australian government has no mandate for this agenda. The agenda includes:

          special rights for global corporations to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals if they can argue that a change in law or policy would harm their investment, known as ISDS.

          stronger monopoly rights for pharmaceutical companies to charge higher prices for medicines, which would delay the availability of cheaper versions of those medicines; and

          increased numbers of temporary migrant workers, who are vulnerable to exploitation, as shown by recent research and media reports, without testing if local workers are available.

The government should not agree to these proposals. Labor adopted policy at its national conference and in a draft Bill that rejects them. We call on both the Government and the Opposition to reject such proposals and support instead fairer trade deals based on human rights, labour rights and environmental standards, said Dr Ranald.

Download PDF of the Media Release here.


Dear ABC - independent investigation of Covington boys finds no evidence of racist or offensive comments Michael Smith News

Dear ABC News Breakfast & Michael Rowland in particular, You gave quite a bit of time and passion to your false report about the boys from Covington Catholic School. Shortly after you and others broadcast highly prejudicial stories about the boys, the Diocese of Covington instructed the law firm Dressman,...


More than 2000 deaths are linked to the Centrelink system and Robo-Debt The Pen

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert asked for some information from the Department of Human Services, and found that at least 2030 Centrelink recipients died between July 2016 and October 2018, the time over which the Robo-Debt system has been operating.

This does not include deaths of those on the Age pension.

Although it is impossible to tell how many were directly linked to experiences in dealing with Centrelink, the number of cases is significant enough to assume that there is some connection.

In addition, because the Department does not put a high priority on collecting data relevant to this, what is shown is highly likely to be an under estimation of the full extent of the problem.

More than 500 of those who died were on Newstart and 520 on Disability Support. Of the total, 429 were under 35.

In comparison with the 3139 of the same age group total Australian population between who died in 2016, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number is significant.

It tells us that the failure to properly monitor the relationship between being a Centrelink recipient and death requires much closer monitoring and more extensive research.

Most importantly, it requires measures to cut down the death toll.

Although the Department fails to collect sufficient data on cause of death, it is known that about a third, 663 individuals, were classified as vulnerable, meaning that they had complex needs like mental illness, drug use problems or were victims of domestic violence.

A system designed to stigmatise a group of people, which has hurdles built into it, treats applicants for payments as culprits, until they can prove their innocence, and then issues unmerited debts, is bound to bring a lot of anguish to those affected.

For someone who is already vulnerable, this could be enough to push them over the edge, bring a deterioration in their health and even cause some to take their own lives.

This is backed by evidence form a Senate inquiry that found getting a debt notice from Centrelink when youve done nothing wrong can bring...


Greens intro bill for immediate phase-out of burning, mining or exporting coal Michael Smith News

Magnificent work from the braindead Bandt. Got some basket-weaving gigs lined up for the people you'll put out of jobs? And coal is our number one export earner, worth $61 billion to the economy this year. Money the boy-genius reckons we can do without. (Source:Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)...


PERTH Man charged with murder over death of younger man in Mandurah CrimeView

snip .

Man charged with murder over death of younger man in Mandurah .

February 18, 2019 at 11:12AM .

David Morris Best faced Perth Magistrates Court on Monday charged over the death of a 23-year-old man who was found in the rear shed of a property .


Monday, 18 February


Fmr CFMEU chief Dave Hanna pleads not guilty to rape - victim texted "save me" Michael Smith News

The court has heard some truly horrible evidence against former CFMEU and Vice President of the Labor Party David Hanna - pictured here with Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. This report from Nine Media makes for truly disturbing reading. I must live on another planet - what sort of bloke acts...


AEC finds insufficient evidence to conclude GetUp is a politically associated entity Michael Smith News

Here's the AEC's finding: The AEC is of the view that the definition of associated entity contains ambiguity and there is little guidance to be taken from the legislation and case law in this matter. However, the standard of proof required beyond reasonable doubt sets a high standard....


What did the people who worked at Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies do? Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

The role of individual BAASS members

I have been asked the above question, a number of times recently, in response to my series of articles about AATIP/AAWSAP and MUFON/BAASS. From my research using the LinkedIn website, I produced the following list of self-identified roles by people, who state that they worked at BAASS. I located 20 such individuals. I provide the dates they were employed; their BAASS job title, and their description of what they did there. For some I have added comments of my own.

The list

Individual 1: Dates employed: June 2009 - October 2009. Law Enforcement Professional. "Conducted classified investigations."

2. Dates employed: April 2009 - May 2010. Investigator. "Unable to reveal."

3. Dates employed: July 2009 - June 2010. Research scientist. "Classified research."

4. Dates employed: August 2009 - June 2010. Research Engineer.

"Worked in an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, studying advanced aerospace weapon system applications including lift, propulsion, control, power generation, signature reductions, materials and armament. Further task included:

* Develop company research topics requiring AMSYS FEA calculation and carry out research within the fields of aerodynamics, heat transfer, stress analysis, and chemical reaction

* Perform field measurements collecting data regarding ionizing radiation as well as performing chemical/metal/soil and spectrum analysis across the United States in accordance with the code of federal regulations, ANSI, IEEE and ASTM standards and EPA, USGS, DOE  and DoD procedures

* Responsible for training engineering/scientist team on proper use of equipment safety/procedure guidelines

* Responsible for compiling, formatting and ensuring technical accuracy of completed scientific analysis reports."

My comments:

1. Here we have a reference to the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program (AAWSAP.) As we now know this was the name of the program for which the Defense Intelligence Agency put out a solicitation in August 2008.

2. The job description includes conducting field measurements and chemical/metal and soil analysis.

5. Dates employed: January 2009 - May 2010. Field investigator. "Classified investigations."

My comment:

The MUFON STAR team ran from February 2009 - January 2010. We know, courtesy of Richard Lang formerly of MUFON that he was feeding reports to BAASS during this period.

6. Dates employed: November 2008 - July 2010. Inv...


PERTH Identity of man charged with Cooper Street murder revealed in court CrimeView

snip .

Identity of man charged with Cooper Street murder revealed in court .

February 18, 2019 at 03:56PM .

David Best appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday, was remanded in custody and will reappear at Stirling Gardens on February 27. .


PERTH Man charged over death of 23-year-old in Mandurah CrimeView

snip .

Man charged over death of 23-year-old in Mandurah .

February 18, 2019 at 11:18AM .

A MAN has been charged with murder over the death of a 23-year-old man in Mandurah last week. The 23-year-old victims body was located in a rear .



PERTH Murder charge after man found in WA shed CrimeView

snip .

Murder charge after man found in WA shed .

February 18, 2019 at 05:30PM .

David Morris Best faced Perth Magistrates Court on Monday and was remanded in custody until his appearance in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court .



Who says "This is MAGA country?" Good question Jussie. Michael Smith News

Heres Jussie Smollett blaming @realDonaldTrump supporters directly during his GMA interview. Vince Coglianese (@TheDCVince) February 18, 2019 And as The American Conservative website discovered, you are not allowed to say it was a hoax created by Smollett!


I Used Incontinence as Self Defence in Bali Global Hobo

When I boarded my flight to Bali as a nave, 19-year-old solo traveller, the last thing my mum said to me was always wear a helmet and please, just dont do mushies.

The world of party drugs was entirely new to me, and the thought of them kind of scared me. My first overseas trip alone didnt seem like the right time to start experimenting. Mum had nothing to worry about: I was well-versed in the art of drinking to the point of blacking out, and knew Bintangs cheaper than water was all I needed for a good time.

As my days of living the island dream ticked over, I got closer to making it home fully intact and drug-free. To celebrate surviving more than a month abroad with minimal cases of Bali Belly, only a few scooter-related injuries and no major disasters, my new friends and I decided to go large on our last night together. We planned to hit up one of our favourite bars for the last hoorah, play some beer pong, win a bottle of tequila and see where the night would take us.

It was then that one of the guys suggested taking a trip into Denpasar to pick up some magic mushrooms.

After almost five weeks of being with the same group of people, I felt comfortable enough with them and the situation to be tempted.

Fuck it, I thought. Its my last night; Im in a safe environment what could go wrong?

I agreed to buy in, disappoint my mother and lose my hallucinogenic virginity all in the space of five minutes.

The taste like dried up lumps of dirt was nothing to write home about, and not gagging as we ate them was an achievement in itself. After about 20 minutes, they started to kick in. I lay on a bean bag, listened to the waves crashing and the sound of my friends laughing, and a feeling of contentment took over my body. Fireworks shot across the sky like big colourful planes going in every direction possible. I never wanted this feeling to end.

After what felt like an eternity, we decided to head back to our hostel to make a big pot of mie goreng. Amidst deciding who was the least fucked and most capable of taking passengers on the back of their scooters, I offered to wait for someone to come back and collect me on a second trip.

It was at that exact moment that Rodrigo pulled up on his scooter and instructed me to hop on.

Ill take you home, he offered.

Rodrigo was the manager of one of our favourite bars, and although he was a little creepy and a lot sleazy, in my altered state of mind, I latched onto him and trusted he would do as hed said. I had no bag, no walle...


Washington falsely presents itself as defender of democracy in Venezuela The Pen

Contributed from Victoria

In a speech two days ago at the Munich Security Conference, Donald Trumps right-hand man, Vice US president Mike Pence, told the European nations represented there to recognise the American puppet Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

In doing so, he positioned himself and Washington as the defenders of democracy. But one may ask, why are such staunch defenders of democracy involved in pressurising other countries into what the US wants them to do? Some might suggest that respect for democracy involves accepting the right of other nations to make up their own mind, without having pressure exerted on them.

Secondly, Guaido was never elected by the Venezuelan people. An effort has been made to impose him on them. Contrast this with villainised Nicolas Maduro. He actually won two elections, which major teams of international observers reported to be fair and above board. the second time, which was last year, he gor more than 65 percent of the vote, and even though many didnt vote, the result was good enough to be the envy of many other heads of state.

Given this , the people of Venezuela had their say. So where does imposing an unelected individual as the ruler equate with defending democracy?

It is said that Maduro is a dictator representing an undemocratic government which wont allow proper elections. As said already, this is not the verdict of international observers who have been on the scene. It is only the claim of those who have lost.

Secondly, over the last 20 years, the governments under Chavez and Maduro has gone to the ballot box a total of 26 times. This must be something of a world record.

The next accusation is that Maduro had tried to circumvent the parliament by establishing a new body. What actually happened is that a convention was established not to replace the parliament, but to come up with an agreed recommendation for a new constitution. The rider was that this was not to be a body of political parties and politicians, but of ordinary people like workers, peasants, women indigenous people, business owners, students and others elected by their own peers. The recommendation would them go to the parliamen...


Apartheid Fun Park: How We Remember Official Segregation In Australia #NMFHPOTAE New Matilda

In the third in his series The Fantastical Historical Political Outback Tour Aboriginal Edition New Matilda editor Chris Graham visits Moree, a cattle and cotton farming town in the north west of NSW. Its a community renowned for its shocking history of racism. But enough about that, have you seen their new fun park?

The local swimming pool at Moree has come a long way from the heady days of officially gazetted Australian Apartheid.

Thats right, I said it. Apartheid. The other A word. The devil is in the detail, which Ill get to shortly, but first the brief history.

Most people associate the policy with white South Africa, but in fact Apartheid had been in place in Australia for decades before it was officially co-opted then adopted by the Afrikaners in 1948.

By 1963, alarm was growing around the globe at South Africas brutal oppression of blacks and coloureds. The United Nations met and passed a resolution condemning the policy, and 96 nations voted in favour of it. Unsurprisingly, Australia the original architect of Apartheid along with Belgium, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, the United Kingdom and the United States, abstained from voting.

Even so, United Nations Resolution 1761 sent shockwaves around the world, and was the start of the boycott movement against South Africa which eventually brought down the Apartheid regime (Israel, Eurovision and SBS television take note).

Today, South Africa acknowledges its dark past in its Constitution, and with institutions such as the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. The entrance has two doors one for whites, one for non-whites.

The entrance to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, south Africa.

So how does all this relate to Moree?

In 1955, the Moree Shire Council passed a by-law which banned Aboriginal people from the swimming pool. In case you missed it, the word by-law has the word law in it, precisely...


The Greens new magic-based electricity revolution. Nut cases. Michael Smith News

PowerNSW: Greens announce ambitious statewide energy plan to rewire the future The Greens have announced their ambitious plan for a publicly-owned 100% renewable energy supplier and retailer, PowerNSW, and the creation of regional renewable energy hubs across the state to tackle climate change and electricity prices. PowerNSW will fundamentally change...


PM Morrison statement to Parliament on foreign cyber attack Michael Smith News

E&OE PRIME MINISTER: Australias democratic process is our greatest asset: our most critical piece of national infrastructure. Public confidence in the integrity of our democratic processes is an essential element of Australian sovereignty and governance. While we will vigorously argue over many issues in this place, we are all united...


Spooky Premonitions (Satire): Theatre Review of Crikey! Australian Conspiracy Theories Gumshoe News

(L) St Patrick , (R) Prime Minister Harry Holt

by Gumshoes Opinion Editor

[Editors note: This review of a stage play was written in advance of the facts it purports to report.]

At the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, a new play Crikey! Australian Conspiracies, was presented by a writer from the Melbourne indy media Gumshoe News Doctor Mary W Maxwell. The performance took place on Sunday, March 17, the final day of the Fringe season.

Mary herself was unable to attend the performance, as she was in the watch house, having been arrested in early March upon her return from overseas. It seems that while in the US she had gone into a sort of 1960s civil-rights trance, thinking she had unlimited First Am...


February 18 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History Our Great Southern Land

1883 - Jessie Litchfield, a fantastically inspirational woman, was found in the tulip patch. She was an author, poet, Aussie and international journalist and editor of a NT newspaper, who helped push tourism in the Top End.

1965 - The Freedom Ride reached Tenterfield home of the Marbal people;

There we heard from Bob Brown that they day after we left Moree (yesterday) about 60 aboriginal children tried to get in the pool after school. Up to 5.30 about 30 were allowed in, some with Bob Brown, others not. At 5.30 pm the manager refused to allow any more aborigines in and at 6pm the baths were closed (usually they stay open till 8pm). The baths opened again at 7pm and soon after this the mayor stated that the segregationalist statute of June 6th 1955 would be enforced. - Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides.

We decided, after much heated discussion, to go straight to Inverell, thus leaving out Tabulam... From there we would go straight to Moree and take strong action of some kind, such as a 24hr picket or something. The decision was unanimous. - Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides.

1966 - The Canberra Times reported that Charles Perkins, in his role as Manager of the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, had stated that unless funds were donated the foundation would be forced to close within three months.

1989 - The Oh So Fabulously Wonderfully Out There Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras was celebrated with an estimated 200,000 peeps whilst the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence carried forth a platter on which the head of raging right-wing fundamentalist bible thumping God botherer Fred Nile lounged.

1992 - The Aboriginal Childrens Kindergarten opened in Hobart.

1999 -  A native title agreement was signed by members of the Analway, Dthungutti and Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Nations, and Hillgrove Mining.

1999 - Three young Indigenous Queenslanders were awarded $5,000 scholarships from the Queensland Department of Main Roads.

 2003 - Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Judy Spence approved $10,000 funding to support an exhibition of the Indigenous art of Cape York.

2006 - The Pride History Group launched its new comprehensive history web site.



Being houso Overland literary journal

Years later, Ana would confide that when she got lifts home, shed ask her friends to drop her off around the block so no one would know she was houso.


Manus Island, Paladin contract a normal corrupt tender process in Australia Corporate Australia

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THE DARK KNIGHTS OF PALADIN! Mercenaries, Missing Millions, Money Laundering & the Minister responsible for one of Australias biggest scandals True Crime News Weekly

EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars missing. Bribes. Money Laundering. Mercenaries, Military, Militias. Gina Rinehart's dead family bodyguard. Swiss bank accounts. Senior politicians and officials in both Australia and PNG involved, or turning a blind eye for years. While one thousand refugees remain trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare. That's the cost of doing business on Manus Island. Thanks to this terminal Federal Government and Peter Dutton's shady Paladin.


How to Reach Enlightenment With the Help of a Jack Russell Global Hobo

Its six females lined up like ducks along the brim of a rice-paddy. Squatting in a row with eyes screwed shut and milk-white bums bared at the Himalayas. No one is game enough to break the silence and everyone is laughing over our military style piss procession, and how it feels to have frost snatch at your arse.

The rice-paddy flags the base of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, where a group of sprightly solo hikers and three local guides are standing ankle-deep in mud. For up to 20 days, the circuit will twist and climb through mountains, rural farmlands, and glacial waterways. Either you or the mountain will give in.

Its fondly branded as the apple pie circuit for all the baked goods offered to hikers along the way. Not so sugar-coated is the circuits disturbing fatality rate. The sweet side of this mountain conceals beneath dusted snowcaps the bodies of many who have frozen to death in snowstorms and avalanches.

In 2014, 384 hikers were rescued during an avalanche that left 39 dead and many survivors with frostbite and amputated limbs. One year later, the Gorkha earthquake struck, triggering another avalanche that left a further 21 hikers dead and 250 missing.

Its now November 2015. My best friend and would-be-hiking-partner has bailed on our mollycoddled dream of backpacking through India and Nepal in lieu of the earthquake and so I, 18 years old and hotheaded with stubbornness, take the passive-aggressive trail and go alone.

Ive justified my choice with many insulating layers of inflexibility, arrogance, and subtle touches of resentment.

  1. The airfare is non-refundable.
  2. The Nepalese economy surely pleads for my small injection of money now more than ever. Ill be a real asshole not to go.
  3. The trail, only being reopened a few months ago, will either be entirely serene or entirely dystopian.
  4. Ive read in a PDF hiking brochure that Tendai Buddhists achieve enlightenment through an ascetic practice called Kaihgy (circling the mountain). This involves mountain trekking for a thousand days. I have therefore concluded I can also get closer to enlightenment through physical endurance. Note, my religious practice will be efficiently streamlined from a thousand days to five.
  5. The crux of it is, Im freshly 18 and have just read four of Jack Keouracs novels in a row. You can therefore sympathise with how unfortunately pigheaded I have become in trying to be the adolescent, white-privileged embodiment of the modern dharma bum.
  6. Im sorry Mum, but Im hiking the fucking Annapurna.

The first kilometre is giddy with the thrill of how this will be the modern retrea...


University of Sydneys sacking of Tim Anderson linked to emerging role as mouthpiece for pro- US politics The Pen

Contributed from New South Wales

University of Sydneys sacking of Dr Tim Anderson has been rightly condemned as an attack on academic freedom and therefore an infringement of democratic rights.

This is the reason why more than thirty academics at the university put their names to a letter opposing the action on the University.

Andersons crime is, that in material distributed to students, there was criticism of the policy and actions of the Israeli government towards the Palestinians. There was a critical piece that had a Nazi Swastika imposed over the Israeli flag, which was part on the argument that the collective treatment meted out to the Palestinian population has some similarities with what happened to Jews during the Third Reich.

Elements who have long been wanting Dr Tim Anderson dealt with for some time, jumped on this to cry antisemitism. Any criticism of Israeli government actions carries this accusation.

Bowing to the Zionist lobby and figures closely connected to the Coalition government and those supporting the American led policy of stepped up confrontation, as the strategy for maintaining the world order of American dominance, the University acted as it did.

Leading the charge was the university Provost Stephen Garton, who accused Anderson of offensive conduct. A panel was set up to hear the case, made up of Janice McLeay, a former industrial relations commissioner, and dispute management specialist Professor Philippa Pattison, the universitys vice-chancellor of education.  They both voted against Anderson, despite Gartons track roecord of public political hostility to Anderson.

Not mentioned, is the universitys shift towards compromising itself, by shifting towards accepting the penetration by think tanks, partial to a particular point of view. The most important one is the US Studies Center founded in 2006, which channels US and Australian government funding to the university.  The university administration has sold itself for a fistful of dollars.

This is seeing a transformation away from real academic research and scholarship, towards becoming a political propaganda tool. Inherent in this, is the need to silence other voices.

The action taken against Dr Tim Anderson is part of this silencing.

Dissenting third panelist, Dr Neil Anderson, called out the decision made by the other two for what it is. The senior lecturer at the university, warned of the implications for academic freedom and the managements use of minimalist criteria, based on vague claims of offensive and inappropriate, to sack an academic.

Anderson warned: This censorial abuse will send a cold chill through the University of Sydney. Other academics will worry that they might be expelled if a manager considers something they say as inappropriate or offensive...

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