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Monday, 18 February


Former SAS trooper John Anon on the threat from illegal people-smuggler boats "IndyWatch Feed National"

(Former SAS operator John Anon boarding an Indonesian vessel at sea) Our parliamentarians don't understand the threat posed by boats John Anon Just observing the political fiasco going on in Australia over illegal boat arrivals recently makes my blood boil, and I have great fears that our UN-proxy parliamentarians have...


Guess that big empty bus and other faux election campaign antics werent as effective as Scott Morrison had hoped "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Channel 9 News, 16 February 2019:

The Morrison Government is losing support in Queensland in the latest spell of bad news for the Prime Minister.

The latest YouGov Galaxy poll shows that the Prime Minister has lost crucial support in the Sunshine State, often seen as a key election battleground.

The slump comes despite Mr Morrison visiting farmers devastated by the recent floods, promising to rebuild the cattle industry..

There are only four more sitting days remain until the budget is handed down, and just seven more until the most likely date when the election will be called.

Galaxy poll published 16 February 2019:


So why is the Morrison Government and Australian mainstream media shouting about asylum seekers? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Home Affairs Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Bill 2018 colloquially known as the Medivac Bill was passed by both Houses of the Australian Parliament on 13 February 2019.

Labor, the Greens and a cluster from cross benches successfully voted to significantly amend this bill by adding clauses so that persons held in off-shore detention at Manus Island and Nauru could more easily be transferred to Australia for medical treatment in a hospital or as an out-patient while being held in an on-shore detention facility.

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Sunday, 17 February


Sunday, 17 February 2019 - 11:42pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I don't eat jam. My wife doesn't eat jam. Kitty doesn't eat jam. The dog doesn't eat jam. Despite that there is always a jar of jam in the fridge, but I have never seen jam go mouldy. Tomato paste, my heavens yes, as soon as you take your eyes off it. Jam never.


Hammer time "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sentiment picks up

The highest preliminary auction clearance rate for 9 months in Sydney, according to CoreLogic, being the provider the most comprehensive results.

I saw higher results elsewhere, but I'd trust CoreLogic more, tbh:

Source: CoreLogic

A change in interest rate expectations is one possible factor.

It can't be stressed enough that these numbers should be taken with caution, as while some parts of the Sydney market have picked up - such as in some parts of the eastern suburbs - others really have not.

I haven't looked at the sub-regional figures, but just from browsing the results it's quite clear what's selling and what's not.  

Another thing: there were only 521 auctions in Sydney this week, and there'll be more next week.

The AFR lead article ran with 'Huge sentiment shift', which itself probably adds to the feedback loop.

A missing piece of the housing market puzzle is banks that will actually write timely loans, but that might fall into place as 2019 rolls on.



Al Capone was done for tax evasion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

It now looks possible that the fate of the Adani Carmichael mine will be sealed by an adverse assessment of the mines impact on the black-throated finch.

Thats a far less satisfactory outcome than if the Queensland Land and Environment Court had accepted, as its NSW counterpart has done, that the climate (and health) damage from burning the coal produced by the mine was relevant in assessing the costs and benefits. That reasoning leads to the conclusion that no new mines should be started, let alone marginal projects like Carmichael.

But even disregarding the main issue, the Galilee Basin has all the problems associated with large mining projects, and on a huge scale: disturbance of a large land area, heavy demands for water use, and the problems of shipping through the Great Barrier Reef, and conflict with indigenous owners. Even if these arent the biggest reason to reject a project that would open the entire Basin to mining, they are big enough.

This is, of course, a fairly common pattern in political and legal decisionmaking. It may be impossible, for procedural reasons, to reach a determination on the central issues that are at stake, so some less central but more definite point ends up getting to the necessary outcome.

Adanis site is home to one of the biggest remaining populations of the finch. The company didnt help their cause by offering, as an offset, pastoral land they owned nearby. So nearby, it turned out, that it was sitting on top of another proposed coal mine (Clive Palmers Waratah Coal).

At this point, it appears that both sides are digging in for a long fight. Adani and the current Federal government have denounced the whole process as a sham. The Queensland government is going ahead without them.

Doubtless, if the project were both highly profitable and perceived as socially beneficial, some alternative would have been found. But the Carmichael project is economically unsound and environmentally disastrous.

Adani has clearly been playing for time, hoping for an explicitly political decision that would enable them to extract compensation. Having bought in at the top of the market in 2010, the company has shown no sign of willingness to spend its own money lately. Its unlikely to commit to an expensive program to protect a bird.

On the other side, Labor has been waiting for the project to collapse under its own weight, so that they dont expose themselves to political costs or claims for compensation. Adani hasnt obligingly withdrawn, but the current dispute takes the issue of the table for a while.

There will doubtless be quite a few moves to come, and its hard to say who will come out ahead on issues like compensation. The likelihood that the project...


February 17 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1803 - Matthew Flinders met up with some Malay Praus (ships) from Macassar near Cape Arnhem and discovered that there were 60 ships trading with the Aboriginal people as they fished for trepang and that this was a very long established practice. [1]

1805 - Thomas Brown, a free settler, was sent to the Parramatta gaol for striking an Aborigine [sic]. [2]

1815 - Thomas Hassall reported that the Cundorah (Gundungurra) had attacked Macarthurs farm at Camden. [3]

1816 - The Sydney Gazette shared on its front page that the first Ceylonese family banished to Australia had arrived on board HM Kangaroo. [4]

1846 - The free Aborigines on Flinders Island in Bass Strait wrote a petition addressed to Queen Victoria concerning the mistreatment of indigenous people. [5]

1848 - The magnificent Mater of Henry Lawson, Louisa Lawson, was pupped today. [6]

1873 - There was Russian-phobia running amok in both Oz and NZ, but the editor of the Daily Southern Cross newspaper used his imagination to cook a hoax about the supposed Russian invasion of Auckland from the ship Kaskowiski (cask of whisky) who nabbed the gold and the Mayor. [7]

1881 - The Taranaki Herald was being very diplomatic when it quietly announced that the Aussies had been knocked over after a pitiful 154 runs (and no sandpaper in sight!). [8]

1885 - Author of a somewhat dubious tome about Aboriginal people Daisy Bates was a little absent-minded today when she got legally hitched to John Bates, a drover.
I say absent-minded as she seems to have forgotten that she was already married to Breaker Morant.
S'ok, she had another brain fart 4 months later and got married for a 3rd time. [9]

1942 - Margaret Lilian Jeffrey, NSW Policewoman, was commended by Police Commissioner William MacKay for the capable and tactful manner with which she had treated a woman who was assaulted on the North Coast mail train in the previous September. [10]

1958 - At a meeting in Adelaide, activists from all mainland states formed a national pressure group: the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement (FCAA). Its goal was the achievement of 'equal citizens' rights' for Aboriginal Australians. The first two goals of this new body were:

1. Repeal of all legislation, federal and state, which discriminated against the Aborigines.
2. Amendment to the Commonwealth Constitution to give the Commonwealth government power to legislate for Aborigines as with all other citizens. [11]

1965 - The Freedom Rides reached Boggabilla, on the border between the homes of the Bigambul and Gamilaraay people.


Who is the prime minister? "IndyWatch Feed National"

This isn't a scientific study, but it rings true as reflecting the studied indifference of a large slab of our population about politics. Who is the Prime Minister of Australia? I asked some people no wonder they don't use this as a first aid question anymore. #Auspol #turnbull #paladin...


Labor on boat turnbacks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Great to hear from Stu of NT with these reminders!


The dangers of smart phone 'computing' "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the best self sponsored surveillance devices is the mobile phone.

Previously your location via tower triangulation was contained within the telecommunications company where at least officially a warrant was needed for other government actors to access this information.

With the advent of smart phones a new level of surveillance and location accuracy can be obtained with the addition of cameras and GPS chips and other sensors within the consumer grade device.

This data has now become easily harvested from the device with the help of apps or programs.

The respective app stores by Apple and Google have been around for over a decade, where programs contain 'malicious' code detrimental to the user's privacy and security, but only just recently this is being addressed.

Governments are promoting their services via Android / Google app only choices therefore putting the user's privacy / security at risk, where the more cost effective solution would be a device independent browser based service.

Since the agenda of governments is to monitor and control the movements of the serf population, more data can be easily harvested by a government controlled app, like the whereabouts of a Centrelink 'customer' claiming unemployment benefits from a holiday resort via their smartphone app, than from a more secure platform on a personal computer, with anonymising software and no inserted GPS chip.

An example...


Byron beaches closed after dawn shark attack "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Westpac Helicopter making its way to Belongil Beach this morning to transport a man to the Gold Coast after a shark attack. Photo supplied.

A 41 year-old male has been flown to Gold Coast University Hospital after a Shark at Byron Bay early this morning.

The patient, a Suffolk Park resident, has a large injury to his left leg. Paramedics and helicopters clinical team treated the patient on scene. He was also given blood that is carried on board the Helicopter.

Emergency services, including the Westpac Helicopter, were called to Manfred Street at about 6.40am today (Sunday 17 February 2019), after reports a man was surfing near Belongil Beach when he bitten on the leg by a shark.

The man returned to shore on his board and alerted other surfers.

Belongil and Byron Main Beach have been closed until tomorrow. Photo Rosie Lee.

He was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics, before being air-lifted to Gold Coast University Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Belongil Beach and Main Beach have been closed for 24-hours.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Police District will liaise with Department of Primary Industry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Beachgoers are urged to follow safety advice from Surf Life Saving NSW and by visiting the Department of Primary Industrys website and the SharkSmart app.


President Trump on borders "IndyWatch Feed National" Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 16, 2019


Will the House and the Senate manage to roll back that infamous $487 million grant to a greenwashing charity, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Last year mainstream media reported that Australian Prime Minister & Liberal MP for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull (former director Goldman Sachs), Minister for Environment and Energy & Liberal MP for Kooyong Josh Frydenberg (former director Deutsche Bank Australia) and Chair of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation & Member of the Business Council of Australia John Schubert (former chair Commonwealth Bank) met on 9 April 2018 to discuss the allocation of a grant valued at in excess of AU$487.6 million to the foundation.

The grant had not been advertised or put to tender.

It was further reported that Great Barrier Reef scientists were told they would need to make trade-offs to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, including focusing on projects that would look good for the government and encourage more corporate donations, emails tabled in the Senate reveal.

A Senate report of the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program has just been published here...

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Saturday, 16 February


Prime Minister Scott Morrison, his best mate David Gazard and the $50 billion submarine scam "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime Minister Scott Morrisons best mate and closest political advisor, David Gazard, is profiting $millions from the $50 billion submarine contract Australia finalised this week with the French state-owned shipbuilder Naval Group. Naval Group is still under investigation for bribing Malaysias former leader Najib Razak US$128 million. What is becoming clear is that the $50 billion submarine []


On Troll Hunting (Ginger Gorman) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Troll Hunting by Australian journalist Ginger Gorman is a new book which examines the world of online hate and its human fallout. Along with interviews with a small number of trolls and general reflections upon this hateful world, Gormans book Continue reading


Swimmer still missing from Ballina "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lighthouse Beach. Photo supplied.

A full scale search has been underway at Ballinas Lighthouse Beach today for a man in his 60s who went missing while swimming shortly before 9am this morning.

On the water and in the air the local SLSC and the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter over the beach at Ballina. Photo supplied.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked around 10.30am to search for the missing swimmer. Police Marine Area Command are coordinating the search, including jet boat, SLSA personal, police and ambulance.

About 10.15am this morning, emergency services were called to Lighthouse Beach at Ballina, after reports of a missing swimmer. The helicopter searched for a period of time with nothing found, then returned to base.

Witnesses have told police a 69-year-old entered the water earlier and had not been seen since.

Officers from Richmond Police District attended and commenced a search for the man, assisted by the Marine Area Command, State Emergency Service (SES), NSW Ambulance, Surf Lifesavers, Marine Rescue and the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.

The missing swimmer is a patrolling member of the Ballina Lighthouse and Lismore SLSC and was last seen going for his regular swim before commencing patrol duties for the day.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter returned to bass after searching extensively for the missing swimmer. Photo supplied.

Far North Coast Duty Officer Jimmy Keough says this has hit the club hard a...


Barrie Cassidy goes in to bat for Labor - no ads on the ABC? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bias what bias? #THEIRABC really are off the leash. Barrie Cassidy is making advertisments for the Labor / Greens Party on our $'s.@PeterDutton_MP is SPOT ON. Maybe Barrie never stopped working for Bob Hawke? This alone should be reason enough to shut the ABC behemoth down. Jill (@1Swinging_Voter)...


Trump trolling the dems "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night President Trump announced his plans to circumvent Democrats who're holding up his southern border wall. Shortly after he followed up with this gem! Can't say the guy doesn't have a sense of humour. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 15, 2019 And true to form, shortly after...


The Weekend Quiz February 16-17, 2019 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

Which scenario represents a more expansionary outcome:

(a) A fiscal deficit equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP (including the impact of automatic stabilisers equivalent to 1 per cent of GDP).

(b) A fiscal deficit equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP completely structural in nature.

(c) A fiscal deficit of equivalent to 3 per cent completely cyclical in nature.

(d) You cannot tell because of the different cyclical and structural components in the previous options.

The answer is Option (c).

The question probes an understanding of the forces (components) that drive the fiscal balance that is reported by government agencies at various points in time and how to correctly interpret a fiscal balance.

In outright terms, a fiscal deficit that is equivalent to 3 per cent of GDP is more expansionary than a fiscal deficit outcome that is equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP irrespective of the cyclical and structural components.

In that sense, the question lured you into thinking that only the discretionary component (the actual policy settings) were of interest. In that context, Option (b) would have been the correct answer.

To see the why Option (c) is the best answer we have to explore the issue of decomposing the observed fiscal balance into the discretionary (now called structural) and cyclical components. The latter component is driven by the automatic stabilisers that are in-built into the fiscal process.

The federal (or national) government fiscal balance is the difference between total federal revenue and total federal outlays. So if total revenue is greater than outlays, the fiscal position is in surplus and vice versa. It is a simple matter of accounting with no theory involved. However, the fiscal balance is used by all and sundry to indicate the fiscal stance of the government.

So if the fiscal position is in surplus it is often concluded that the fiscal impact of government is contractionary (withdrawing net spending) and if the fiscal position is in deficit we say the fiscal impact expansionary (adding net spending).

Further, a ris...


Rob Messenger highlighting some important and worrying concerns about ASIO "IndyWatch Feed National"

I can understand why we need laws to protect sensitive security intelligence organisations like ASIO- but Rob Messenger raises concerns that go much further than that. Rob's involved in a workplace related court case. During the course of the matter he met with ASIO (the workplace issue included death threats...


Full judgement in the "Australian Muslims v Sonia Kruger" case "IndyWatch Feed National"

No vilification because Muslim/Islam is not a race - but a frightening insight into how much legal drama one person can kick up over the public discussion of ideas. Muslims living in Australia... by on Scribd


Nimbin Roots Fest 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

$80 3 day festival passes ending soon! unlimited camping at the showground for only $10 a night. Great facilities, no booking for camping just pay at the gate. No better time to commit to that Hippy road trip than now!!

Book here

The post Nimbin Roots Fest 2019 appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Brainwashed Iranian kids "IndyWatch Feed National"

Iranian Children at Revolution Anniversary Rallies: "Death to America;" We Stand Behind Khamenei, Willing to Pay With Our Lives MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) February 13, 2019


Malcolm Turnbull's memoir "to be published globally" if he's not distracted with other matters "IndyWatch Feed National"

How many employees do you reckon work for Hardie Grant books? Hope they have more luck than last time Chairman Mal was in a manuscript mood - from "Rise of the Ruddbot" by Annabel Crabb.


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP "IndyWatch Feed National"

Despite our bullish assertions, odds are we might see confirmations of last week bears especially if key support lines fail to hold. For Bitcoin (BTC)-as an influential and most valuable coin, $6,000 is a vital support line. That"s our trading []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and IOTA "IndyWatch Feed National"

The influence of Bitcoin (BTC) cannot be understated. So far it is down eight percent week over week but stable in the last day. Encouragingly though, our bullish stand is still valid. On the other hand, we shall quickly shift []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and IOTA appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP "IndyWatch Feed National"

What"s important is that Bitcoin (BTC) is trading above $8,000 and June highs. If BTC adds to their gains and cue in with last week"s trend, then we might see Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash following suit. Remember, most of []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and IOTA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Encouragingly, trade volumes are back signaling an easing, risk off environment where traders are willing to execute at market rates. It might be because Bitcoin (BTC) is trading above $8,000 for the first time in two months easing investors who []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and IOTA appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP "IndyWatch Feed National"

The crypto market is recovering and we can have a better picture if we take a top-down approach especially from the weekly chart. Overly, Bitcoin (BTC) is towing other altcoins as NEO, ETH, and BCH simply because of the existing []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and IOTA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Is it time to make a toast and celebrate a crypto recovery? I don"t think we are quite there yet. Even as Bitcoin spearheads this resurgence, clearing key buy triggers and resistance lines, some as Ethereum, EOS, and IOTA are []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and IOTA appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP "IndyWatch Feed National"

The crypto market is back to green after months of registering reds, dipping from their all-time highs. In reality, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple did register decent register gains over the weekend. NEO also inched higher despite not getting []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, IOTA, and EOS "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are many angles to view the market despite this relentless sell pressure. First, news of regulations is obviously positive and could open the door for institutional investors to channels their trillions. Secondly, there is widespread cryptocurrency adoption and that []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, IOTA, and EOS appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and NEO "IndyWatch Feed National"

From our technical charts, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are in the green. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the top performer in the top 10 chart gaining six percent in the last 24 hours. As it []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and NEO appeared first on The Global Mail.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, and EOS "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the face of bears, buyers are struggling to judge from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin prices behavior in the last couple of days. They have been stagnant, to say the least with Litecoin especially stuck in some sort of consolidation []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, and EOS appeared first on The Global Mail.


Douglas S Kurth; and the BAASS/MUFON relationship "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paco Chierici - 2015

On 14 March 2015, aviator Paco Chierici, wrote an article, "There I was: The X-files edition," about the November 2004, USS Nimitz encounters, on the Fighter Sweep website. In that piece, there is a mention of an individual named Lieutenant-Colonel Kurth (callsign "Cheeks.") In writing about Kurth he said:


"At the same time FASTEAGLE flight was wrapping up its scheduled training, the CO of Marine Hornet squadron VMFA-232 Lieutenant-Colonel "Cheeks" Kurth, was completing a post maintenance check flight not too far away. He was the first fast mover contacted by Princeton. The communication was strange and intriguing. He was asked to investigate an unidentified airborne contact. This wasn't a terribly unusual request while a Strike Group was in transit or deployed far away from home waters, but it was more than a little strange practically in sight of the San Diego homeport. To add to the unusual communication, he was queried as to what ordinance he had on board.


While Princeton was communicating with Cheeks, they were also attempting to hand off the AAV [Anomalous Aerial Vehicle - KB] contact to the Air Wing's E-2C Hawkeye.

As Cheeks approached the spot he was being vectored to, Princeton advised him to stay above 10K as the section of Super Hornets were approaching the target. His radar picked up the FASTEAGLE set-up but no other contacts. A moment later Princeton directed him to "skip it" and return to the ship. Since he was so close, he decided to fly over the action , and sneak a peek.

The sea was calm, almost glassy smooth and it was late morning on a beautiful Socal day. Perfect conditions. As Cheeks flew over the spot he saw a disturbance on the surface of the ocean. A round section of turbulent water about 50-100 metres in diameter. It was the only area and type of what he called "white water" describing that it looked as if there was something below the surface like a shoal or what he'd heard a sh...


It's taken their ABC 5 months++ to get the ball rolling for a new managing director "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 24 September last year the ABC Board released this statement on sacking Michelle Guthrie as managing director. The Board said: The decision follows discussions over several months that concluded when directors resolved that it was not in the best interests of the ABC for Ms Guthrie to continue to...


February 16 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1856 - Infamous Lola Montez opened at Ballarat in a series of sketches; greeted by packed houses she invited miners to shower nuggets at her feet as she danced. [1]

1881 - (Lady) Alice Maud Sewell was born; was the first woman to win the Wyselaskie scholarship in classical and comparative philology and logic. With Ethel Osborne, she was a founder of the Lyceum Club, Melbourne. Active in the Country Women's Association, she chaired the handicrafts and home industries committee in 1937-40, and was appointed a member of honour. She was also a member of the Victoria League and the Ormond Women's Association. In 1937 she was awarded the Coronation medal. [2]

1952 - Former Police Tracker Sergeant Isaac Grovenor, 52 year veteran of the NSW Police and recipient of the Imperial Service Medal passed. As a token of respect the Commissioner of Police, Mr. J. F. Scott, provided a mounted police escort to lead the funeral cortege from the funeral parlours in Crown Street along a portion of the route to the cemetery. Mrs. Grovenor and family expressed their deep thanks for the Commissioners kindness in providing the mounted escort and those of us who were so closely associated with Ike at the Police Depot and elsewhere know how the kindly old gentleman would have appreciated such a tribute from the Department to which he rendered such valuable and lengthy service. [3]

1965 - The Freedom Rides reached Moree home of the Gamilaraay people.
The mission had much better housing etc. than we'd seen anywhere, but there was a manager in control who was apparently very disliked and seemed rather unpleasant.

Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides

We did the picket, but nobody much came around, and we all boiled, it was very hot. Then we went to the swimming pool. The manager refused to let the six aboriginals in and so we held up our posters and signs. After about 25 mins they let the boys in. Then Charlie arrived with a bus load of 21 aboriginal boys and they had to be all let in.
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides

We went back to the hall, had tea, and then went off to the Memorial Hall for the public meeting we'd arranged. There were over 200 people there and at first the atmosphere was very hostile, with lots of jeering and interjection."
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides

Jim Spigelman spoke first, about who we were and how we came to be there. Then John Powles, on the survey. Then Charlie. The questions were sometimes antagonistic but there were some very sympathetic ones too. Then a Mr Kelly got up and moved that the clause in the statute books about segregation in the swimming pool be removed. This was seconded by Bob Brown, and accepted 88 v...


The Bellinger River Snapping Turtles dj vu "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Bellinger River Snapping Turtles were almost wiped out in 2015. What is the state of health of their home catchment today ?

"Water quality testing on the Bellinger, Kalang and Never Never Rivers earlier in January found elevated phosphate and low levels of dissolved oxygen at 9 out of 15 sites.

A combination of low rainfall, hot weather and nutrient run-off from fertilizers and animal waste (including humans).

The Australian standard is for available phosphate levels to be under 0.06mg/L but water testing near Gleniffer Hall on Tuesday revealed current levels are 0.37mg/L, which is six times higher." (Post-holiday season 'tourist drive' without toilets?)

Riverwatch testing finds high phosphate levels, The Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun, 14.02.2019
Bellinger Landcare Inc

Adolf Von Hildebrand, Boy drinking, 1870/1873


The Crime of Judicial Kidnap Can Accessories Be Punished? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

There can be no doubt that judges in various countries are feeding children to the pedophiles.  In Australia they can do it by writing orders, under the Family Law Act, to place the child in the care of a bad person. We have now heard of many cases that fit a pattern. (Of course I dont mean to include instance where the removal of the child from a parent is truly warranted.)

I call this the crime of judicial kidnap, but on the books it is just the crime of kidnap. I am very interested in seeing how the law can crack down on any judge who commits this crime. But a separate matter to consider is the punishment of various other persons that help the crime.

Clearly a judge could not carry off the whole deal without assistance. Below I will suggest that some of the occupational groups on which we find potential helpers are: police, lawyers, psychologists, and social workers.

Note: It does not matter that the judge wasnt physically present at the crime scene. You can commit a crime by ordering it. This is...


The Reason Why I Am Being Threatened and Attacked "IndyWatch Feed National"

For those of you who wonder why I am being threatened and attacked- here is what started it all

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

My family was involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s at a time this was reported in the national news as engulfing the Republican party going all the way up to the George Bush Sr/Ronald Reagan White House.

They are trying to shut both my sister and myself up to prevent what we know from ever coming out.

And as hard as we have tried- no one in authority has been willing to help investigate anything.


Saturday, 16 February 2019 - 3:04am "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As I am pushing, or perhaps being shoved towards, fifty years of age, I find myself becoming compulsively autobiographic because I am starting to properly appreciate the sweep of history in those fifty years, and perhaps more so in the fifty previous years.


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

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Friday, 15 February


PERTH Woman charged with manslaughter over death of motorcyclist in Welshpool crash "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman charged with manslaughter over death of motorcyclist in Welshpool crash .

February 15, 2019 at 08:30PM .

She has been refused bail and is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday. Police first attempted to stop the car the woman was allegedly .



The east stirs... "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Old news?

There was some interesting and welcome debate today as to whether housing finance figures from last year can predict what happens to housing prices this year. 

Housing finance figures and the trends buried within them from months ago are both interesting and relevant, even if they are not timely.

But in my experience there are more pressing indicators of sentiment.

After all, if there are only crickets turning up at open homes then sellers can be quite quickly inclined to drop the asking price.

On the other hand, if opens are busy then vendor expectations are lifted accordingly, even if a sale isn't immediate.

That's just the way it works, and agents for good quality homes are reporting busier open homes now, although some of that may be a seasonal impact.

That's also why I don't think housing credit or even loan approvals are a great leading indicator

In fact, Domain ran a piece last week showing that the best time to buy Sydney property in the past 15 years was in February 2008 during the financial crisis, when credit growth had tanked and sentiment was at scary lows.

I bought several Sydney properties for myself around that time, which I still own today, and three things I can clearly recall.

Firstly, it was very nerve-wracking - you had to be able to hold your nose and act regardless of the conventional wisdom - but on the plus side you could make low-ball offers and have your offer taken seriously.

Secondly, unless my memory is playing tricks nobody was using a 'credit pulse' or a 'second derivative household debt accelerator index' (or whatever) to try to pi...


How Washington has created chaos in Honduras "IndyWatch Feed National"

Honduras is a key nation in the US-backed war on drugs. I visited there to report on what this meant for civilians, many of whom flee in fear to the US.

Heres my story in the new US outlet, Filter, covering drugs domestically and globally, on the grin reality in Honduras and why so many of its citizens are leaving in despair:

Trump Should Know How US Drug Policy Drives Migration From Honduras



The Nation interview on Afghan resources and peace prospects "IndyWatch Feed National"

US magazine The Nation recently published my investigation into the Afghan mining industry. I was interviewed about the story, and the ongoing peace talks between the US and Taliban, on the popular Nation podcast, Start Making Sense:


Reveille - August 31, 1931 - AIF Aborigines : How Many? "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was going through some Reveille magazines that were inherited when my grandmother died years ago. The article titled A.I.F Aborigines : How Many appeared in the issue of August 31, 1931. A link to a copy of the article is here.

A second article titled Lever on Britain : Prisioners Suffer appeared in the December 31, 1931 issue of Reveille and refers to Douglas Grant. The article is available here.


MACKAY Drive without due care and threatening violence, Dysart "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 15, 2019 at 08:52AM ,

Drive without due care and threatening violence, Dysart

February 15, 2019 at 08:52AM ,

As a result, a 34-year-old Townsville man was issued with a notice to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on March 13 for drive without due care

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Man allegedly makes threat with hammer "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 15, 2019 at 09:03AM ,

Man allegedly makes threat with hammer

February 15, 2019 at 09:03AM ,

A Townsville man, 34, was issued with a notice to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on March 13 for drive without due care, attention and

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Lawyer X / Informer 3838 where the others include "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recent publicly exposed scandal of 'Lawyer X / Informer 3838' shows the general population the dodgy state of the police force as well as the legal profession, not limited within the state of Victoria but rather in Australia as a whole.

Without any elaboration with regards to the corruption of Australia's judicature in cahoots with the police force, we'll get straight into the 'others' but not necessarily the only ones, who are involved in the current scandal that has made its way into the public's eye.

A source has named the following people, excluding Nicola Gobbo;

  • Altman, Marita
  • Brand, Anthony
  • Casey, Scott
  • Challinger, Michael
  • Peady, Eleanor
  • Perry, Kate

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...


The Weekend Quiz February 16-17, 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blog posts that I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. Which scenario represents a more expansionary outcome:
  • (a) A fiscal deficit equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP (including the impact of automatic stabilisers equivalent to 1 per cent of GDP).
  • (b) A fiscal deficit equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP completely 'structural' in nature.
  • (c) A fiscal deficit of equivalent to 3 per cent completely 'cyclical' in nature.
  • (d) You cannot tell because of the different cyclical and structural components in the previous options.

2. If net exports are running at 2 per cent of GDP, and the private domestic sector overall is saving an equivalent of 3 per cent of GDP, the government must be running a surplus equal to 1 per cent of GDP.



Byron Bay Surf Festivals Music Line-Up "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The 2019 Byron Bay Surf Festival is kicking off Wednesday 20th February, chock full of sustainability, music, art, surf and culture. Wow. Say hello to annual favourites including the Surf Art Markets, Surf Legends Lounge, live music at the Beach Hotel and Freestyle & Stoke Surf Sessions at Wategos Beach. Meet this years epic line up of special guests including surfing World Champions, female leaders, inspiring musicians, photographers and artists.

Byron Bay Surf Festivals Music Line-Up

Friday 22nd February

9pm 12am Beach Hotel

Invite your pals, enjoy a cold Stone & Wood Pacific Ale for a funky Friday at the Beachy. Catch the head nodding goodness of local legends Drop Legs and soulful beats of solo loop artist from Victoria Tones & I.

Saturday 23rd February

9am 4pm The Surf Art Markets
Take a break from the markets and relax as Queenslands Tay Oskee performs a stunning acoustic set, complimented by performances from Byrons own Nick Cunningham and Sophie Ozard.

9pm 12am Beach Hotel

A big Saturday night, grab your crew, plan your outfit...


Debunking: You cant talk about violence in Aboriginal communities "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this week the PM made reference to the abuse of Aboriginal children and immediately followed it up by saying were told we shouldnt talk about it. More accurately though, were told that were told that we shouldnt talk about it, but no one is actually saying we shouldnt talk about it. We are told that any non-Indigenous person who ...


A river of people moving north: sketches from the migrant caravan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Walk and wait, wait and walk. They only have one purpose on this trip and its to reach the United States. Their life, for the time being, centres on migration.


Prime Minister's 2019 Statement on Closing the Gap "IndyWatch Feed National"

The long and short of the PM's Closing the Gap Report and speech this morning is that we have gone backwards on closing the gap in the last 12 months. One year ago, as a nation, we were on track in 3 out of the 7 targets.

This year the PM announced in his annual report to Parliament that there are now only 2 targets that can be considered on track - efforts to close the gap in early childhood education and Year 12 attainment seem to be on track but sadly, child mortality has once again slipped.

Beyond the bland (and depressing) reporting on such limited success, the PM spoke about the current and hopefully game-changing efforts to form a genuine partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to determine how to fix this national strategy.

Now, as much as ever, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends, family, colleagues and fellow citizens need us to be standing with them to call on our governments to make fundamental changes.

I'll be saying more on all of this in the coming days and weeks.

For more Close the Gap campaign background and resources visit on our website.

Support Close the Gap: Take Action


To mark the start of our campaign for National Close the Gap Day 2019 we've started a new blog. ANTaR President Dr Peter Lewis, Former President Janet Hunt and I have brought together a range of perspectives on the status of Close the Gap and where the focus should be in 2019.

Enjoy the further reading and please do send any thoughts, comments and feedback my way, I'd love to hear from you.

Where are we at with Closing the Gap? - Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

A Reminder of Unfinished Busines...


Mardigan People Native Title Authorisation Meeting "IndyWatch Feed National"

The claim area is roughly centred around Quilpie, Queensland.

The Mardigan People who are members of the native title claim group for the Application are currently described as the biological descendants of the following people:

Charlie Zouch;
Mother of Fred Collins, Jesse Dixon, Jack Dixon, Nancy Colin and Tom Napoleon
Charlotte Wandilla
Mary Darrie
Henry Clive (also known as Harry Clive)
Mary Rebel
Judie and Tinker Wells
Paddy Murphy
Tommy Conbar
Henry Goodyenee Tilbooroo
Nellie Ardock

The purpose of Authorisation Meeting #1 is to:
(1) Consider anthropological materials and legal advice relating to an individual described as Jenny, mother of James Pegler and her descendants;
(2) Subject to (1) above, authorise the amendment of the claim group description for the Application to include the descendants of Jenny, mother of James Pegler.
Appeared in the Koori Mail dated February13, 2019


Nancy Pegler H/C was residing in Cunnamulla with her husband James Pegler H/C, Station worker, and two children in 1941.

Nita Pegler died at Tinapagie Stn, N.S.W. on 27. 7.1935 

Ward, Mayneside - Letter (21.12.1911) to Mr J Payne, MLA regarding working conditions, agreements and wages of Aboriginals which he notes 'is little better than slavery'.
Attached to this letter are two lists, one being a List of Halfcastes. Among the Names mentioned is Jimmy Pegler (of Thargomindah).


The Rock of Ages "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Rock of Ages

By Steven & Evan Strong

Special Thanks to Rocks Previous Guardian

The Smithsonian Institute has conceded that Ros" Rock 1 is unique and of great significance, as have many academics and researchers. Even so, in many respects, this most recent arrival surpasses the credentials of Ros" Rock 1. We are of the opinion that this rock is even more sensational in the implications involved and revisions demanded. Irrespective of our flights of fancy, what cannot be disputed is that this rock is utterly unique, there is nothing like it here or anywhere else on this planet. That much is certain but with one caveat, that it is the genuine article.

And that is the only elephant in the room." It has to be a fake; that is the only respite remaining in these turbulent seas. Otherwise nearly everything assumed to be factual when it comes to the evolution of humanity and literally, all that followed up to the most recent surge in technology, has to be wrong at almost every level. This engraved rock has to be inspired by mischief, motivated by duplicitous intent or idle hands. If it is genuine, then that contains an obligatory admission that the sophisticated technology on display is only available to specialists today, but was also being used in Australia in pre-Cook times.

The engraved SChuringa Stone was collected," along with some associated Original artefacts of highest quality and power, in the 1860s kept in a cave located in the dry centre of this continent, at a time before any substantial mining enterprise or reason to establish commercial farming, very few non-Original people were living in the area. Every day was difficult and an eternal drain and strain on people unfamiliar with the land. Staying alive, eking out an existence, was the only imperative, anything else was a luxury and creating such an elaborate exact testimony with no financial gain is pointless and illogical.

Even if we mistakenly dismiss these reali...


PERTH Mid West company convicted for illegal feedlot "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Mid West company convicted for illegal feedlot .

February 15, 2019 at 08:30AM .

Kalimpa Park Pty Ltd was convicted in the Perth Magistrates Court of causing a premises to become prescribed without approval under section 52 of .



Being a Lismore thespian just got cooler "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore Theatre Company President Sharon Brodie, Vice President/Artistic Director Jennie Hicks and Secretary Elyse Knowles can now use the theatre in summer thanks to the Annual Community Grants Scheme and a welcome pair of air conditioners. Photo supplied.

We all know that being a thespian is cool, but things just got cooler for the Rochdale Theatre.
The Lismore Theatre Company members and guests will experience a cool change this year thanks to Lismore City Councils Annual Community Grants Scheme.

The group received a $9700 community grant last August to purchase two large air conditioners for the auditorium. The cast can now rehearse and perform all year round and theatre goers can watch the shows in comfort.

Lismore Theatre Company President Sharon Brodie says the company do a Christmas panto but would leave the theatre vacant after that until March because of the heat. It would get up to 42 degrees in the theatre and the conditions were horrendous, she said from the cool of the new space. Wed decided not to put on a Christmas panto in 2018 if we didnt get the grant.

People have had to leave the show in the past it was simply too hot for the actors, the families and children, and the guys in the sound and lighting box.

These air conditioners have made such a difference the Christmas panto last year was a wonderful success and no-one was fainting in the aisles!

We are really excited that we have a summer show this year and it can be enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort.

The Lismore Theatre Companys current show Breast Wishes runs until March 3. It is an uplifting musical featuring a series of touching, personal and funny vignettes about breasts. It was developed by Anne Looby and written by an impressive array of Aussie writers including Wendy Harmer and Richard Glover.

The theatre company will donate 10% of all proceeds to Jodies Inspiration, a local charity that supports the families of those experiencing breast cancer.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available through the Annual Community Grants Scheme and 2019 applications open on 1 April.

There is a Community Information Session for interested people on Wednesday, 20 March at the Lismore Council Chambers and representatives from local community groups and associations are invited to come along, find out more information and ask questions.



Closing the Gap Report 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Prime Minister has  tabled the 11th Closing the Gap Report in Parliament.


There are currently seven Closing the Gap targets. Two targets, early childhood education and Year 12 attainment, are on track to be met.1

  1. The target to halve the gap in child mortality rates by 2018 is not on track. Since the target baseline (2008) Indigenous child mortality rates have declined by 10 per cent (not statistically significant) but the gap has not narrowed as the non-Indigenous rate has declined at a faster rate.
  2. The target to have 95 per cent of Indigenous four year olds enrolled in early childhood education by 2025 is on track. In 2017, 95 per cent of Indigenous four year olds were enrolled in early childhood education.
  3. The target to close the gap in school attendance by 2018 is not on track. Attendance rates for Indigenous students have not improved between 2014 and 2018 (around 82 per cent in 2018) and remain below the rate for non-Indigenous students (around 93 per cent).
  4. The target to ...


February 15 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1795 - HMS Reliance and HMS Supply set sail from Portmouth for Sydney. On board were Capt John Hunter to take up his appointment as Governor of NSW, Master's Mate Matthew Flinders, Surgeon George Bass, with his boat, Tom Thumb, and Bennelong. [1]

1796 - John "Black" Caesar, the first bushranger and escaped convict, was shot by a settler at Liberty Plains (Strathfield). [2]

1802 - Twenty crew of the brig Lady Nelson, the first ship to enter Port Phillip Bay, met five Boon wurrung men on the beach near Arthurs Seat. They exchanged greetings and danced, but that afternoon violence erupted and contacts ceased. [3]

1822 - Elizabeth Henrietta Macquarie sailed forth into the sunset aboard the ship Surrey towards home in England. She managed to drag her little-known hubby, some bloke calling himself Gov Lachlan Macquarie, back home with her. [4]

1898 - Kathleen Margaret Maria Sherrard, geologist, was born today at North Carlton, Melbourne. After passing the senior public examination in December 1914, Kathleen entered the University of Melbourne (B.Sc., 1918; M.Sc., 1921), graduated with honours, and won Kernot and Caroline Kay research scholarships.
Her colleagues named Monograptus sherrardae in honour of her pioneering work in the study of graptolites. [5]

1930 - Dr Masako Izumin was born today at Sendai, Japan. Masako for some years was senior research fellow at the ANU in the Department of Mathematics, Research School of Physical Sciences. After due examination of her published work in the theory of Fourier Series and their summablility, she was admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Science in April 1976. [6]

1933 - A Torres Strait Islander was lucky to reach hospital after 2 days of travel after having been attacked by a shark whilst diving for Trochus at Barrow Point, 161 kms north of Cooktown. [7]

1934 Gra Gra aka Graham Kennedy was dropped off, not according to rumour by the White Crow but the stork.  [8]

1965 - The Freedom Riders protested outside the Walgett RSL Club because they had been told the club was not permitting entry for Indigenous ex-servicemen. They held signs that read: "Good enough for Tobruk - why not Walgett RSL?" and protested a womenswear store forbidding Indigenous women from trying on dresses.
Their presence was felt by the community and attempts were made to run the bus off the road as they left Walgett. [9]

1974 - The National Aboriginal Consultative Committee called for the Minster for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, to be replaced. The...


Video: Australias summer heat records keep piling up "IndyWatch Feed National"

Climate change is influencing extreme weather, globally and locally. Devastating droughts and floods; severe heatwaves; earlier, hotter and more dangerous bushfire seasons the list goes on.

And this summer is shaping up to be one of Australias angriest yet, with cities and towns across the country smashing countless temperature records during December and January. News just in confirms January 2019 as our hottest month on record, directly after our hottest December on record.

Overall, 2018 was the worlds fourth hottest year on record for surface temperature (Australias third hottest (2)), and the hottest on record for the worlds oceans. It was a year in which several Australian states endured relentless drought, while others copped a drenching, and unprecedented bushfires.

And its people on the frontline of climate change, like Jim McDonald, who are being left exposed to its ever more damaging effects.

Jim, a fourth-generation farmer and Governor Member of Farmers for Climate Action, wants the Federal Government to start taking climate action seriously.

Hes joining the rallying call for a credible climate policy that cuts to the core of whats exacerbating this increasingly weird, wild weather: climate change, driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas. Hear what Jim has to say.

Video from The Climate Council

Farmers on the Frontline

"Stop talking about a drought policy. We need a climate policy." Temperatures nudging 50 degrees and crippling droughts- this is the new normal for Australia and its being driven by climate change. Get the latest on the effects of climate change on extreme weather in Australia here:

Posted by The Climate Council on Monday, February 4, 2019

The post...


Friendly for fishes upstream on the Bruns "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Durrumbul causeway. Photo supplied.

In a win for local finned earthlings, work has started on the installation of a new bridge to replace the Durrumbul causeway adjacent to Settlement Rd at Main Arm.

The installation of the new bridge is one of two causeway upgrades that are jointly funded by the NSW DPI Flagship Fish Habitats Grants Program ($274,600) and Byron Shire Council ($274,600) as part of the Bringing Back the Brunswick project.

Bringing Back the Brunswick aims to reinstate fish passage in the Brunswick River by removing fish barriers to open upstream habitat.

James Flockton, Byron Shire Councils Drainage/Flood Engineer, says the replacement of the Durrumbul causeway is the first stage of the project, which will not only see two causeways upgraded, but three other fish barriers removed.

These structures stop fish from moving upstream, said Mr Flockton. They can currently only migrate to the upper reaches of the Brunswick River around 10 days a year when the river is flooding.

Bringing Back the Brunswick will open up seven kilometres of upstream habitat and allow 27.4km of fish passage right down to the estuary mouth which will benefit all native fish species, particularly the Australian Bass, he said.

Byron Shire Councils Works Coordinator, Hank Spangler, said the new bridge replacing the old, concrete causeway will be the same height as the current crossing, but will go over the Brunswick River instead of through it as is the case at the moment.

This means that fish will be able to move freely under the bridge and its also good news for residents because the bridge will not be as susceptible to flooding, said Mr Spangler.

The installation of the new bridge and removal of the causeway is expected to take approximately two months.

The other causeway earmarked for replacement is on Johnsons Lane at Durrumbul with work to get underway later this year.

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The long road back to progressive politics: on Jeff Sparrows Trigger Warnings "IndyWatch Feed National"

Trigger Warnings is a brave book, best read as a call for the left to re-examine its strategies during a period of immense danger, to take stock of its key resources and to align itself with the experience of ordinary people without lessening its focus on sexism, racism or homophobia.


SLSC upgrade open next week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The upgrade at Shelley Beach will be unveiled on Monday 18 February.

The final stage of the Shelly Beach SLSC upgrade is complete and the facility will officially open next week.

President Wilson Cregan on behalf of Surf Life Saving Far North Coast (SLSFNC) is inviting surf lifesavers and members of the public to the opening of the club on Monday 18th February 2019.

The facility upgrade has been made possible by a NSW Government Grant of $108,000 and the Honourable Troy Grant, Minister for Police and Emergency Services will be opening the upgrade.

According to SLSFNC, the Shelly Beach facility is an essential part of their long term plan to provide continued support operations as well as an education and training centre for the community and local surf life saving clubs on the Far North Coast.

The ground floor has additional space for mobile rescue equipment, ATV and Rescue Craft, a new First Aid area as well as an area in which to store drones and associated equipment.

SLSFNC provides services, training and programs for volunteer surf lifesavers to ensure safe beaches for locals and visitors, and to carry out emergency rescue operations as required. This upgrade also allows for the use of the facility by many community groups.

SLSFNC has 7,000 volunteers, and last year conducted about 130 rescues, took more than 6,000 preventative actions, performed 100 search and rescue operations and attended more than 80 after hours search and rescue call-outs.

Organisers look forward to seeing everyone at the ceremony to help them thank all those involved.

The event commences at 9.30am at 11 Shelly Beach Road, East Ballina.

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Water the all important resource now and in the future "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed Greens candidate Bill Fenelon at a recent protest in Uki. Photo supplied

Recent rains have done nothing to change the view that Australians should expect to face future crises in water supply. The mayors of several western NSW councils who face current water supply crises have asked the state government to stop water allocated for irrigation from being pumped out of the upper reaches of the Darling river system, and water supply shortages can be expected in many parts of Australia in the future.

Residents of the Tweed Shire have called for a halt to new water mining approvals in the shire, and that result appears to be a step closer after Councillors Milne, Cherry, Cooper and Byrnes voted to forward a planning proposal to remove water extraction for commercial water bottling from the Local Environmental Plan to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment at the February Council meeting.

Greens candidate for Tweed Bill Fenelon says the recent death of 1 million fish in the Darling River near Menindee Lakes is yet another wake-up call of the consequences from over-using and abusing our water systems.

According to an Environmental Defenders Office report, a river is like a piggy bank, if you keep taking money out without saving for the future you end up bankrupt, he said. The causes of this devastating fish kill include extracting too much water from the river, failing to set limits on extraction that take into account climate change, and prolonged periods without rainfall.

Fenelon says that similar principles apply to water mining.

You just cant keep taking water out of our aquifers without a risk of them drying up. Eventually the piggy bank will be empty.

Our aquifers are our buffer against the increasing threat of climate change and ongoing drought, he said. As our rivers and creeks dry up, we will be more reliant on our underground water supplies for domestic and agricultural use.



Forestry Corporation says no fines issued at Gibberagee "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dawn Walker at Gibberagee State Forest yesterday. One onlooker suggested that the harvest manager wasnt asking for Ms Walkers autograph. Photo supplied.

Yesterday Echonetdaily reported that NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker had been fined for protesting against a logging operation that has been caught out destroying koala habitat in Gibberagee State Forest.

In response to that story, the Forestry Corporation of NSW has contacted Echonetdaily saying no fines were issued.

The Forestry Corporation has not issued any penalties or fines at Giberagee State Forest, said a spokesperson for Forestry Corporation of NSW.

Yesterday, (Wednesday, 13 February), community members entered a worksite that was closed to the public for safety reasons and our staff informed them they were in a closed area and asked them to move to a safer area.

Gibberagee State Forest is a regrowth forest with a long history of timber production. There are tight regulations around timber harvesting that ensure it is sustainable, that native flora and fauna are protected and that all harvested areas regrow into thriving, diverse, natural forests, and Forestry Corporation continues to operate in line with these regulations.

Recent changes to forest regulations use new, rigorous scientific mapping of potential koala habitat to ensure sufficient koala feed trees are retained even if koalas are not actually sighted, which only strengthens koala protections.

The new regulations have also increased long-term monitoring to ensure the rules in place are delivering the best environmental outcomes.

Harvesting Manager demanded name and home address

Echonetdaily contacted Ms Walker to clarify details of the protest.


Like in the 1920s the rich get richer and the rest of us get left worse off "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

After reading Andrew Keshners article (Barons 12 February 2019) titled, Americas one percent hasnt had this much wealth since just before the Great Depression, I was motivated to rite this response.

Keshners article points out some glaring truths, which draw parallels between what occurred in the 1920S and what is happening now. It boils down to two things. The economy is over dependent on speculative bubbles and the gap between the top one percent and everyone else shot through the roof.

Although much of it is about the United States, the same can be said on a global scale and economies like Australias

There is a very worrying implication. In 1929, it led to the Wall Street crash. Are we headed down the same road again?

Keshner could have made some more comparisons outside the realm of economics. Back then was a time when people were beginning to lose patience with the political system, seen as corrupt and filled with politicians lining their own pockets. Ditto today. There was a growing craving for new answers, as the middle began to fall away, the idea of building a fairer society rose. So did fascism, as states began to corrode rights and the politics of hate were fanned. Sounds familiar?

We all know where it ended then.

Perhaps a lesson is that a sick economy and a trend towards the loss of our rights are two sides of the same coin.

The article is based on a paper from Gabriel Zucman, an economics professor at the University of California, and distributed by the National bureau of Economic Research.

Here are some of the points made.

In 1929, just before the crash, the richest 0.1 percent of adults owned 25 percent of the wealth. Today it is hitting almost 20 percent, which is an under estimation, with the rise of offshore tax havens and money laundering, making it very difficult to properly calculate the top ends share.



Collaborators shoot to save magpie "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This little maggie hung upside-down for several hours before being rescued. Photo Supplied.

The need to dispose of rubbish carefully has been highlighted recently with a young bird hanging for several hours entangled in twine.

Even small pieces of rubbish can cause untold suffering, according to WIRES this juvenile magpie had its leg entangled in twine and wire which then became snared in a branch high in a tree in Casino. In its panic to escape, the young bird ended up helplessly hanging upside down, flapping desperately.

The poor maggie hung suspended by one leg for at least 18 hours until a solution could be found. All the while a distressed adult magpie was worriedly keeping a close eye on the fledgling. WIRES bird specialist, Melanie, had grave fears that the magpie would suffer severe injuries to its leg.

The magpie was approximately two stories high in the tree, way too high to reach. After cherry picker options proved unavailable, WIRES made contact with Alistair from the RSPCA, who fortunately came to the rescue.

RSPCAs Alistair to the rescue. Photo supplied.

As a licensed shooter, Alistair carefully assessed the situation and decided it might be possible to bring down both the branch and the bird with a shot. It took incredible skill and three shots to get through the branch, before both the limb and magpie tumbled to the ground.

There was a moment of panic when the magpie became free while still attached to the rubbish and flew off, but it was caught again by Melanie.

Elizabeth at Central Vet Care Clinic, Casino, conducted an examination and fortunately there were no fractures to the magpies leg. It appeared to have a normal range of movement, despite being extremely sore.

After receiving some subcutaneous fluids to rehydrate, the magpie is now slowly recovering in WIRES care.

Where there is a will there is a way, and rescues such as this illustrate how important collaboration is in solving complicate...


Battle for West Byron returning to court "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Paul Bibby

The battle over West Byron will return to the Land and Environment Court next week after a compulsory conciliation meeting between the developer and Byron Council failed to bear fruit.

The developers responsible for one of two major proposals for the site, the R&D Group, took Council to court over its deemed refusal of their development application.

The court required the two parties to take part in a conciliation meeting on Monday to see if they could reach an agreement over R&Ds plans for a $40m 163-lot mega development.

Not surprisingly given Councils strong expressed opposition to the plan, the two sides were unable to agree, with a difference of opinion over expert evidence bringing the meeting to an early end.

The matter now looks set for a lengthy hearing in the Land and Environment Court, that could take months and cost both sides hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is scheduled to return to the court on Tuesday for mention before Registrar Sarah Froh, at which point the applicants (R&D) will indicate whether they want an extension of time to respond to the legal arguments made by council during the recent conciliation meeting.

Stay tuned to Echonetdaily for updates!

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Art in the Heart helps you love Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Celebrating the success of Christmas Art in the Heart: Sprung artist Zac Mifsud, LightnUp Artistic Director Jyllie Jackson, Lismore City Council Manager of Economic Development Tina Irish, Christmas Art in the Heart Project Manager Sunita Bala from RealArtworks, and Sprung artist Katie Cooper-Wares. Photo supplied.

You might have noticed even more love in Lismore over the holidays thanks to the Christmas Art in the Heart project.

In this exciting concept that activated the Lismore CBD during the holiday season, Lismore City Council partnered with RealArtworks and Creative Lismore to enhance vacant shopfronts in the CBD and bring them to life.

The Christmas Art in the Heart project provided emerging and professional artists with a platform to showcase their art through installations, projections and window graphics.

Residents and visitors were bombarded with art in the CBD, from life-sized cut-outs of dancers from Sprung frolicking in a summer Christmas installation, to a community mural engaging pedestrians in Magellan Street and an Australian bush scene made with LightnUp lanterns.

The project attracted considerable interest outside of the Far North Coast with Accessible Arts viewing some of the art installations during a recent trip to Lismore. They are now keen to duplicate the project in other regional cities.

We are pleased that the feedback from Lismore CBD patrons and businesses has been really positive, said Sunita Bala from RealArtworks.

The CBD is a great place to work, socialise and relax. Working with empty shop spaces has seen some of these spaces now being commercially tenanted and thats a win for everyone.

The Art in the Heart concept also provides emerging and professional creatives with an opportunity to raise their profile and secure more opportunities to work with local businesses.

The project has continued to evolve with local businesses now keen to support a CBD empty shop installation for the Lismore Lantern Parade in June.

Local businesses have also pledged support for RealArtworks next creative endeavour, The (Un)usual, which is a Regional Arts NSW-funded trail of interactive art, live performance and installations linking The Quad through the CBD to the river.

The post...


Bob and Wendy farewell the Cape after 22 years "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bob and Wendy Levett will be missed at the Cape and the Byron Lighthouse after donating 22 volunteer years as conservationists and guides. Photo supplied.

There are as many reasons as there are people when it comes to volunteering your time to a good cause.

Byron Bay locals, Bob and Wendy Levett have spent 22 really good years giving their time and knowledge to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), as guides at their much loved Cape Byron Lighthouse.

The work of these active members of the community will leave a strong legacy when they move to Sydney to be closer to family. Along with getting involved in NPWS conservation work, the retired teachers greet visitors at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, sharing their passion for history.

We love working for the Byron community, says Mr Levett. We are going to miss all the wonderful friends we have made along with meeting people from across the globe and learning about their cultures.

The lighthouse gained a special place in the hearts of the Levetts when they started travelling to Byron with their children for annual camping trips.

As we got closer, we would be waiting for our first sight of the lighthouse. It was like a sentinel, letting us know we had almost arrived.

The children would slide down the hill from the lighthouse on big pieces of cardboard as the local goats watched on.

Bob and Wendy are role models

NPWS Education Officer, Delta Kay says the Levetts have been role models for all the new volunteers who have joined the program in the Tweed Byron area over the years.

Bob and Wendy are engaging, kind, and they share their wealth of knowledge in a passionate way to enhance the experience for our visitors to Cape Byron Lighthouse.

They have been wonderful advocates for the volunteer program and our local community.

NPWS runs a state-wide volunteer program which allows people to embrace their passion for nature and make a positive difference to our environment and heritage.

Ms Kay and the rest of the Tweed Byron NPWS team are keen to hear from dedicated people, like the Levetts, who are interested in volunteering their time to support conservation in the region.



Australian cosmetic animal test ban bill passes Senate "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a move that will see thousands of animals a year saved from the pain and suffering of animal testing, the Australian Senate has passed the Governments Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017, including measures to prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australia for use as ingredients in cosmetics.

Passage of the bill passed yesterday in Canberra, was made possible thanks to an agreement reached with Humane Society International (HSI) this week, which saw the Government commit to 11 substantial reinforcing measures to ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban, together with funding to support the development and uptake of modern non-animal test methods.

HSI, together with its #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign partner Humane Research Australia, have welcomed the essential commitments which will ensure the implementation of a robust ban on cruel cosmetics in Australia.

HSI are pleased to welcome milestone

Hannah Stuart, HSI Campaign Manager for #BeCrueltyFree Australia, said they are pleased to welcome this milestone in moving to end reliance on cruel and outdated cosmetic animal testing in Australia. This weeks commitments by the Government to further restrict the use of new animal test data for cosmetic uses, and to reduce reliance on animal testing more broadly as well, come as a product of nearly three years of intensive negotiations with Humane Society International.

Paired with the Governments additional commitments to HSI, this ban reflects both the global trend to end cosmetics cruelty, and the will of the Australian public which opposes using animals in the development of cosmetics.

We thank the Government for showing leadership on this important issue, and HSI will continue to work with them to implement the commitments and enforce a robust ban.

This is a huge win for animals, consumers and science.

Stuart also said thay negotiations between HSI and the Government to secure the essential commitments and passage of the bill were made possible through overwhelming public and cross-party support of #BeCrueltyFree Australias campaign for a robust national ban on cruel cosmetics, and in particular through the support of key Coalition MPs Jason Wood and Steve Irons, as well as the crucial backing of Senate amendment and motion co-sponsors Labor, the Greens, Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff, Senator Derryn Hinch, and Senator Tim Storer.

The Governments additional commitments to HSI and #BeCrueltyFree Australia include:

Further crucial provisions in the Ministerial Rules that accompany the bill which will prohibit...


Adani in hot water over wetland breach "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Adani Group are in hot water again after news that they have had their second licence breach in two years.

The breach saw coal-contaminated water overflow from their port at Abbot Point into the Caley Valley Wetlands during last weeks heavy rainfall in Queensland.

Adani is currently being prosecuted by the Queensland government for a previous pollution breach, when it spilt more than 800% of the allowable level of coal-laden water into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

On Tuesday, Adani admitted it had again exceeded its licence to pollute by almost double, releasing 58 mg total suspended solids (TSS) into the sensitive wetlands Adani is licensed to release a maximum of 30 mgs per litre of TSS.

A statement from Adani

In a statement from Abbot Point Operations Adani said: Abbot Point Operations today reconfirmed that flood waters moving across the site last week did not enter the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

However, flood water did enter the Caley Valley Wetlands via an authorized release point, as well as from the wetlands broader catchment area.

Flood water entering the wetlands from Abbot Point Operations authorized release point was sent for analysis to an accredited third-party, confirming the total suspended solids, or volume of other debris materials (like soil, plant material, dust and other particulate material) within the flood water, was 58 mg/L.

CEO of Abbot Point Operations, Mr Dwayne Freeman, said the flood water was not coal-laden sludge.

This is a very minor elevation in total suspended solids, following an extraordinary weather event that caused flooding and damage to much of North Queensland including many homes, businesses, and farms, said Mr Freeman said.

These preliminary test results are a testament to the infrastructure upgrade program and the tireless work of our dedicated employees. We are confident there will be no environmental impacts to the wetlands area, despite this unprecedented weather event.

Mr Freeman said that Abbot Point Operations is working closely with officials from the Queensland Governments Department of Environment and Science in relation to the flood waters entering the wetlands.

Once we found the flood waters had moved across the site and into the wetlands, we notified the Depart...


Minor parties mix it up over mobile phone after miners parliamentary dinner "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast" - Senator Brian Burston (right) and One Nation adviser James Ashby. 
Picture: The AustralianSource:Supplied

Pauline Hansons One Nation (PHON) senior staffer and United Australia Party (UAP formerly PUP) senator were involved in an altercation near the Great Hall of Parliament House after a Minerals Council of Australia Parliamentary Dinner on the evening of 12 February 2019.

The senator was formerly a member of PHON who split from Pauline Hanson in 2018.



Clarence Valley 2019: keeping the Clarence River Estuary healthy for future generations "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

like other heavy fabricating sectors shipbuilding involves the use of materials and manufacturing practices that can impact on the environment, can contribute to climate change[OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6), November 2010]

Shipyards are dangerous construction zones with many worker hazards. Shipbuilding, repair, cleaning, and coating use toxic chemicals and hazardous or flammable materials. These activities also can pollute water directly or through runoff. Repairs may require emptying dirty water from a ships ballast and bilge tanks into the surrounding waters.. Shipbuilding and ship repair use toxic chemicals that include chromium, copper, lead,and nickel. Ship cleaning activities use chemicals that include copper, hazardous or flammable materials, heavy metals, and solvents. They release lead, particulate mattervolatile organic compounds, zinc, and other air pollutants....

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Thursday, 14 February


SBS And The Eurovision Song Contest: Sugar Coated Indifference To Human Rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

The nations multicultural broadcaster could choose to show leadership on a human rights issue that concerns many of its viewers. So far, its chosen another course, writes Professor Stuart Rees.

The brutal occupation of Palestinian lands has been under way for 70 years. The siege of Gaza is into its 13th year. Over five million Palestinian refugees live wretched lives in refugee camps. In the last eight months, 300 hundred Gazans, mostly youth, have been killed by Israeli sniper fire at the Gaza border fence and an estimated 20,000 have been maimed, many for life.


Sugar Coated Appeals

In apparent ignorance, or indifference to the rights of Palestinians, within Israel, in the West Bank and Gaza and in numerous refugee camps, SBS Television has been sugar coating appeals to the Australian public to support the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv in May. Each appeal has been delivered with dollops of treacle, as sickening as if the same ingredient had been poured by an ill discerning chef on any dish.

Accompanied by pictures of a goofy, smiling couple in shiny suits, invitations to vote on a likely Australian singer included the instruction, Australia Its In Your Hands and then the crescendo like statement, Australia Decides.

The sugar coating had not quite ended. Thick icing was on hand. The choice of an Australian singer to go to Israel represented, Australias bid for global glory. Who wrote that? Have they no shame? A parochial nationalism has gone mad.

The same use of treacle as concealment takes place outside the Arts Centre in Tel Aviv where flags advertising the Eurovision Song Contest say, Dare To Dream. Dream of what? Of the same rights and freedoms for Palestinians and Israelis? Dream of an end to Israeli governments overwhelming use of a brutal force in their response to Palestinians demand for their rights to self-determination?

The popular Australian actor Colin Friels has linked the Eurovision Song Contest and Israeli cruelty. Given the siege of Gaza and the slaughter of Palestinians, he says, the televising of the Eurovision Song Contest must not be allowed to artwash Israeli brutalities. I strongly support the boycott of this event and urge others to do the same.

In similar vein, in the UK, 50 artists have written to the BBC saying that Eurovision might be light entertainment, but it is not exempt from consideration of human rights. They have called for artists and broadcasters not to go to Tel Aviv and have asked that the contest to be relocated to another country. Signatories to the petition included Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Julie Christie, Miriam Margolies, Mike Leigh and the fashion de...


Reform: Tell the truth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Truth and Treaty are the theme of the second piece in the Reform series where you are asked to consider the possibilities of a better Australia but that does require you to confront your way of thinking. Part one of the Reform series ripped the Band-Aid off and discussed what no privileged person wants to discuss reparations ...


Abdul Aziz Muhamat wins human rights award "IndyWatch Feed National"

Abdul Aziz Muhamat, a refugee and human rights defender, who has spent nearly six years detained by the Australian Government on Manus Island, was overnight awarded the prestigious Martin Ennals Award.

The Award is an annual prize for human rights advocates given by a jury of 10 of the world's leading human rights NGOs.

"This award sheds light on the very cruel refugee policy of the Australian Government. It also brings international attention to the dangers and ill-treatment faced by refugees all over the world, including in countries that claim they uphold the Refugee Convention," said Abdul Aziz Muhamat.

Previous laureates include, Harry Wu, a Chinese political prisoner, Asma Jahangir, a lawyer and human rights defender from Pakistan, and Akbar Ganji, an Iranian journalist.

Abdul Aziz Muhamats recognition marks the first time in the Awards history that the human rights defender is someone who is advocating against violations perpetrated by a western developed country and who is at risk because of that state.

"This award is a historic and significant recognition of the courage and endurance of Aziz, who has tirelessly advocated for the rights of refugees held in cruel and inhumane conditions for nearly six years," said Katie Robertson, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre.

"It also shines a powerful light on the Australian Governments harmful policy of detaining men women and children in offshore camps. This is a powerful reminder that the world is watching."

For interviews call:

Alycia Gawthorne, Communications Officer, Human Rights Law Centre, 0425 016


Court judgment a precedent for climate to weigh more than coal business in legal cases? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Landmark Rocky Hill ruling could pave the way for more courts to choose climate over coal, ABC, The Conversation By Justine Bell-James, 12 Feb 19, On Friday, Chief Judge Brian Preston of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court handed down a landmark judgementconfirming...


Sales brochure for people smugglers - courtesy Phelps & friends "IndyWatch Feed National"

Right now thousands of $10,000 per trip asylum seekers will be perusing this article - courtesy of people smugglers and their Australian enablers, Bandt, Hinch, Phelps, Shorten and co. CANBERRAAustralias parliament narrowly approved legislation to allow asylum seekers held in detention centers on Pacific islands to be brought to the...


The beginning of 2019s One Billion Rising "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Zenith: organiser and motivator of V-Day Byron style.

One of the first groups of dancers on the planet to add their presence the 2019 One Billion Rising event were hundreds of women and children and men who were not deterred by a few drops of rain at the annual V-Day dawn event on Main Beach at Byron this morning Thursday 14 February.

Calling on all women everywhere to dance and rise during the V-Day activism event to end violence against women and girls, those gathered learned a dance to the song Break the Chain.

One Billion Rising is a worldwide movement against domestic violence and sexual assault against women and children.

Photos Jeff V-Guy Dawson


The post The beginning of...


Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The 2019 Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic will be held on Sunday 5th May 2019, check-in at 7am at the surf club.

This is our 32nd Classic and our 12th Mini Swim.

Donations from 2018 swim were $76,000 to 21 various charitable organisations. Total money raised is now $901,000 since our original swim.

The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic is approximately 2.2 from Wategos Beach to Main Beach, Byron Bay. The Classic is a buoyed course from the start area, around The Pass and across the Bay to Main Beach.

The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim, is designed for those who can competently swim approximately 800m from Clarkes Beach to Main Beach. It is to encourage participants to put a toe in the water (so to speak) and draw in more swimmers who may not be as experienced or as confident as the Classic swimmers.

The Programme for Race Day, Sunday, 5th May 2019
7:00am Check-in and issue of timing bracelet, swim cap, event T-shirt or baseball cap at the Surf Club, Byron Bay on Sunday May 5th from 7am.
8:00am The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim check-in must be completed in time to allow entrants to wa...


Three Seedsavers properties for sale in Bellingen area "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Three properties from members who have made major contributions to Bellingen Seed Savers are currently up for sale. All three properties are stunning and worth perusing the Real Estate pages for dream inspiration value alone.


NNTT Kabi Kabi First Nation Traditional Owners Native Title Claim Group "IndyWatch Feed National"

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2018/007available here entered on the Register 08/02/2019.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment B - Map showing External Boundary Description here
Attachment C - Map of the Application Area here

The claim area is roughly bounded by Childers, Kilkivan, Nanango, Caboolture, Noosa Heads and Maryborough.

The Kabi Kabi First Nation Traditional Owners are those people:

(a) Who are descendants of the following apical ancestors:
1 . Maggie Cadenti/Cadente/Cantidi: Maggie
2.  George Parson
3.  Albert Williams
4.  Ngimburum
5.  Kaloma-kuta/Galmaguda/Haloma-kuta/Kal-ma-kuta
6.  Mother of Albert Smith and Peter Graham
7.  Willie Kina
8.  Susan Andy
9.  Jacky Ball (or Baul)
10. Maggie Cain/Caine
11. James Crow/Crowe
12. Maggie Palmer
13. Emma Dunne
14. William/Billy Glenbar
15. Annie Laurie
16. May Burnett
17. Tuppernywoe/King Tommy of Noosa
18. Dundalli
19. Cob
20. Sarah Di:naba Moreton
21. Marian/Mary Ann Thompson
22. Dil:l
23. Edward Ross
24. Menvil Wanmuarn/Jackie Delaney

(b) Who identify as and are recognised as members of the Kabi Kabi First Nation Traditional Owners in accordance with the system of traditional laws and customs.


Victoria Police clear Andrews/CFMMEU Labor MPs over red shirt rorts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Remember this? Well the best Police Commissioner Labor could find has found in favour of his masters! It was all apparently some sort of mixup. Contrary to the findings of the ombudsman, it was actually all OK for the Labor MPs to use taxpayer money to fund their electioneering with...


Trump doesnt back down; he doubles down "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Agora Financial Cup is still in safekeeping in my house. Its up for grabs again when I visit!

That was Jim Rickards sneaky little PS note in one of our personal emails on Tuesday.

Jim and I had just wrapped up an hour-long Skype interview. The interview was all business, of course

but then Jim had to remind me that he outplayed me at pool, two to one.

This Agora Financial Cup all started over margaritas and local Nicaraguan beers a few years ago.

We were at a conference in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua. The business part of the day was done. The 20 or so of us who work with Jim were keen to wind down. The pool table was free.

I relayed a story to Jim about how my old man used to hustle at pool while at art school. I think Jim mistakenly took me to be a pool shark. The balls were set upand somehow I won with a lucky side pocket eight-ball shot.

At the end of that match, and gracious in defeat, Jim created the Agora Financial Cup challenge.

So far, weve played pool on three different continents.

And every single time we have been in the same city, we make sure we have a rematch.

People often ask me what sort of guy Jim is. My answer is always the same.

When youre hanging out with Jim over the clacking of balls and a whiskey of your choice, its easy to forget he is one of the most eminent contrarian economists of our time

Forcing China to talk

As I said, the day Jim sent that email through secretly taunting me about losing the pool game! wed just finished an hour-long Skype interview.

On Tuesday this week, Jim and I arranged an exclusive interview for subscribers of Strategic Intelligence Australia.

And in this interview, we left no stone unturned. We talked trade wars, currency wars, financial warfare, secret happenings in the gold marketand how the Reserve Bank of Australia is the most confused central bank in the world.

One of the key topics we focused on was the Chinese trade war. As Jim pointed out, while it will have some effect on the US, any fallout will have a much bigger impact on Australia.

And the trade war isnt abo...


February 14 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1779 Jimmy Cook aka Captain Cook met a sticky end at the end of a sharp stick aka spear on the Sandwich Islands aka Hawaii. [1]

1792 - Ann Brookes was sentenced to 14 years transportation for receiving stolen goods from her daughter. She arrived in Sydney on this day in the same ship as her daughter, the Pitt. She died a few weeks later and was buried on 3 March 1792. Her date of death is not known. [2]

1831 - Dr Elyard of Avondale Farm, Woollongong,  noted that Bob, Ned and Johnny (Dharawal men) accompanied Arthur Elyard on a shooting expedition to Lake Illawarra that netted 15 ducks . On the same day, Dr Elyard asked other Aboriginal people to cut bark but they went off hunting possums instead. He observed them smoking possums out of a hollow in a blue gum tree. [3]

1900 I hear pan for the hills, Miranda ! According to the fictional book Picnic at Hanging Rock 3 fictional girls went missing during a fictional outing from their fictional snooty private girls school near factual Woodend. Just don't ask about that missing chapter that explains everything.... [4]

1910 - Valentine Bynoe McGinness, rights activist for Aboriginal people of mixed ancestry, musician and songwriter, was born today at the Lucy tin mine, Bynoe Harbour, west of Darwin. [5]

1922 - Tasmanian women became eligible to stand for State Parliament. [6]

1942 - The Vyner Brooke, carrying 65 Australian nurses and other refugees from Singapore, was sunk by Japanese aircraft one day after leaving the island. The survivors made their way to Banka Island where one group of nurses were massacred by their Japanese captors. 
Only Sister Vivian Bullwinkel survived the massacre. [7]

1958 - The Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines was founded on 13th February, with the first conference held in Adelaide from 14th - 16th February . [8]

1965 - The Freedom Ride Sunday Gulargambone.

Up at 6.30. Left at 9.15. Heard some radio publicity about us. Arrived in Gulargambone about 11.30. Very small. Told that only certain aborigines allowed in pub, and aborigines not served in the cafe (the only one). Got permission to go on the reserve (for 1 hour only), Everyone very pleased with the interviews. The people better off than at Wellington, but not much. Reserve closer in, seemed healthier. Spoke to Mr and Mrs Baxter - very old and very interesting. Apparently town jobs for aborigines impossible to get, shearing jobs pay well but are uncertain and seasonal. Welfare board and police very much disliked. Housing very po...


Does policy framework discriminate against home birth? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore midwife Heather Dunn says that the government has made this a human rights issue and a womens rights issue. Photo Tree Faerie.

As home birth reverts to becoming a more common way to deliver a baby, particularly on the far north coast, the question of insurance for midwives is an issue that needs to be highlighted.

Greens candidate for Lismore, Ms Sue Higginson is deeply concerned about what appears to be a state Government prohibition on midwives practising home births.

I have been speaking to registered midwives here in our region, and I am concerned about what this will mean for women, babies and midwives, said Ms Higginson. 

A recently introduced Australian law requires midwives to have Professional Indemnity insurance to assist at home births, but no such insurance product currently exists.

The government has exempted registered midwives from the obligation to hold such insurance until the end of this year, after which they will not be able to legally practise home birthing, unless this exemption is extended or an insurance product is made available.

This  perverse outcome is part of an ongoing policy framework that discriminates against home birthing, said Ms Higginson. 

The NSW government has pursued a systemic approach that denies womens right to choose home births and access to a registered midwife to assist in their choice. Yet meanwhile in our public hospitals,  midwives are telling us we do not have safe midwife-to-patient ratios and we dont even count babies in calculating the ratio.

This problem is significant in regional and rural NSW, said Ms Higginson. I know this first hand. I was very fortunate to have the option of having a registered midwife and a home birth. Without them, in my circumstances I would have been in a high risk category, I lived too far from a hospital with a suitable birthing facility and had...


A Reminder of Unfinished Business "IndyWatch Feed National"

As we turn our minds to another February Closing the Gap speech from the Australian Prime Minister, a practice begun by Kevin Rudd in 2010, we hold in our minds a quiet fear that all this ritual, all these numbers, belie the nagging feeling that we are getting no-where in our attempts as a nation to redress Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage. 

To my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters I just want to say, ala George in Seinfeld, its not you its me.  Or more to the point, the failure to close the gap is the failure of non-Indigenous governments, institutions and people to close the most important gap - that of our relationship to each other. 

The central fault is our failing to respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples agency, culture and right to self-determination.

After all, our relationship began poorly, Lieutenant Cook (his actual rank) failed to seek the consent of the natives, Governor Phillip tried but failed to create a positive relationship and Governor Macquarie wanted to bring terror to the survivors, not to mention the bringing of disease. 

The lands and waters we now call Australia were possessed by a violent process of gradual eviction and degradation of the environment, something that continues to occur to this day (particularly if mining or potential fracking is involved). 

There has been no consent given and no treaty made.

The failure to treat has meant that our treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has created all these gaps, which we belatedly seek to close.  And we keep getting it wrong.  The COAG Closing the Gap policy begun by Prime Minister Rudd was tainted by the continuation of the Northern Territory Emergence Intervention.  The promise of Mabo and the dismissing of the myth of terra nullius was made conditional by the Native Title Act and then tortuous by John Howards Ten Point Plan. 

More recently, after years of discussion and consultation, recognition of the legal status and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia, culminating in the gracious Statement from the Heart, was summarily dismissed by the Turnbull Government. 

Each positive step is met and checkmated by non-Indigenous fear to commit. 

We are a nation with arrested development and historical amnesia. To think that the 26th of January could ever be a day of unity for the n...


Video: Australians join battle to stop brutal dolphin slaughter in Japan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dolphin protectors came to the cove in Taiji, to expose the brutal killing the mammals. People from various countries, including Australia, joined protectors from Japan.

It is full hunting season and Japans law protecting mammals does not cover dolphins, since they are characterised as fish.

Opponents of the slaughter are taking the local governor to court over this wrong interpretation.

They also say that under Japanese law, no person shall kill, injure, or inflict cruelty on animals without reason, and that this is being violated.

Every year 20,000 dolphins and small whales are killed.

International pressure is still needed to put an end to the cruelty.

Viewers are warned that the scenes below can be distressing.

video from Guardian News

Sign the petition at the International Marine Mammal Project

The post Video: Australians join battle to stop brutal dolphin slaughter in Japan appeared first on The Pen.


PERTH WA Police officer filmed repeatedly punching man in head had previous assault conviction "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

WA Police officer filmed repeatedly punching man in head had previous assault conviction .

February 14, 2019 at 07:37AM .

Sergeant Trenberth told the Perth Magistrates Court in 2006, he was not aiming for the mans head and was using restraint tactics which he was taught .



The 14 rules For Eternal Fascism: Jordan Peterson and the far right "IndyWatch Feed National"

The extent to which Petersons Weltanschauung generally, and his bestselling self-help book 12 Rules for Life specifically, answers to Ecos features of fascism is striking.


Rights of Parents and Children: In-house Direction by Australias Office of Attorney General "IndyWatch Feed National"

Norman Rockwells mosiac, The Golden Rule hangs in the UN Head Quarters in New York

[Editors Note: Thanks to the great interest by readers of our various articles on Family Law, we print this item (verbatim, slightly abridged, bolding added) from the website of Australias Attorney General,]

This material is provided to persons who have a role in Commonwealth legislation, policy and programs as general guidance only and is not to be relied upon as legal advice.

What are the rights of parents and children?

In addition to the rights enjoyed by all persons under human rights treaties, parents and children enjoy special rights, particular to their status. The rights cover:

  •     best interests of the child
  • ...


Expect delays during Walker Street culvert replacement at Helensburgh "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

road works sign 1WORK on upgrading an ageing and broken culvert in Walker Street Helensburgh for environmental and safety reasons is about to get underway.

During the Wollongong City Council works Walker Street will be partially closed to ensure the works are completed as quickly as possible. Traffic will be maintained under temporary traffic signals for a majority of the project. Walker Street will be closed for about one week while the new culverts are being placed.

Work is expected to take eight weeks, weather permitting. Access to Lawrence Hargrave Drive can still be obtained through road links at Parkes Street via the Princes Highway and Otford Road.

A Council spokesperson said the ageing 10m culvert is in poor condition, with the steel cell heavily degraded.

The culvert is located on an unnamed small tributary that runs into Gills Gully which flows into the Hacking River.

Work will be undertaken with environmental safeguards to prevent erosion and degradation of the bed and bank of the creek.

Prior to any works on the culvert an existing water main will be moved and a sewer main protected at the site.

For more information contact the Council on (02) 4227 7111.



Implant to be analysed by the To The Stars Academy "IndyWatch Feed National"

The A.D.A.M. Project

On 26 July 2018, the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) announced the commencement of their A.D.A.M. Project (short for Acquisition & Data Analysis of materials.) This project was stated to be an Academic Research Program Focused on Exotic Materials for Technology Innovation.

EarthTech International

On 16 August 2018, a contract was established between TTSA and EarthTech International Incorporated, regarding the analysis of such exotic materials. This contract was set out in the TTSA semi-annual report for the period ended 30 June 2018, under the title Material Study-Set A (MSSA.) The purpose of the contract was to outsourceall analysis and experiments for the Materials Analysis-Set A (MSSA.) The program funding was capped at US$35,000.

Luis Elizondo

On 27 October 2018, Luis Elizondo of the TTSA, gave a talk in Rome. One of the slides he used to illustrate the talk, was titled What is happening now with TTSA? and showed a composite image of 12 sub-images of what appear to be physical samplesof some kind. Elizondo stated These are actual photographs of material in our possession. It was rumoured at that time, that one of the physical samples which had been collected under the A.D.A.M. program, was in fact an implant. However, nothing further came to light about this implant.

Chase Kloetzke



Hal Puthoff talked about AATIP at MIT on 23 January 2019 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nick Cook

Reddit user mr-knowsitall  alerted us yesterday, to an instagram post by user iamnickcook, who advised that they (Cook) was:

"Excited to be in Cambridge, MA, where I'll be presenting a symposium today on advanced energy and propulsion at #MIT led by Charles Chase..."

According to Nick Cook's website:

"Nick is a best selling author of fifteen fiction and non-fiction titles in the US and the UK,...He is well known for his ground-breaking, best-selling non fiction work, "The Hunt for Zero Point." The book, published in 2002, reported on Cook's efforts to find out about the use of "anti-gravity" for propulsion. He interviewed a number of researchers in this field, as he travelled across the globe investigating the subject. It touched upon the UFO phenomenon. My co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, reported on the book, and Nick Cook in a 2010 post, which may be viewed here. 

Source: Amazon Books


According to the MIT website:

"The Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special term at MIT that runs from early January until the end of the month. IAP 2018 will run from January 7, through February 1, 2019. IAP provides members of the MIT community (students, faculty, staff and alums) with a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including hot-to-sessions, forums, athletic endeavours, lecture series, films, tours, recital and contests."

One of the activities available is shown as "Advanced Propulsion."  The website advises that:

"The session will be led by Charles Chase, who recently retired from Lockheed Martin Skunk Wo...


"Implants" which have been analysed. "IndyWatch Feed National"


The possibility of finding an implant in the human body, which turns out to be of alien origin, has fascinated a number of researchers for years. This preliminary catalogue brings together a number of instances where an analysis of some sort was conducted on what was believed to be such an implant. It is a far from complete collection, merely a starting point to engage other researchers in contributing other such accounts. I welcome additional accounts via

Source: Pritchard, Andrea, David E. Pritchard, John E. Mack, Pam Kasey & Claudia Yapp (Eds.) Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference held at M.I.T. Cambridge, Mass.: North Cambridge Press, 280-295.

Date: 1990.
Location: ...


Was there a US$5 million AATIP style Department of Defense study group between 1983-1985? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Well, yes there was, according to journalist Howard Blum, a former New York Times reporter, writing in his 1990 book "Out There" (Simon and Schuster, New York.) The book is regarded as telling the story of a study group which was later revealed to have been John B Alexander's "Advanced Theoretical Physics" study group.

Image courtesy of Amazon Books
After almost 30 years I returned the other day to re-read this classic book, hoping I might see something in hindsight which I had missed when the book was first published. Indeed, I did find something I'd clearly forgotten. Here, appears a story about a joint UFO research project by the United States Air Force, the US Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. This investigation was headed by then 52 year old, Major General James C Pfautz, Chief of Air Force Intelligence.


The story according to Blum

The story is told by Howard Blum on pages 50-54 and 68-71. Here are the highlights.

"In 1983, six months after taking command of Air Force Intelligence he decided to investigate the heavens. To Pfautz's way of thinking, t...


Lt Colonel Ronald F Blackburn USAF (Rtd) - a member of John B Alexander's Advanced Theoretical Physics project "IndyWatch Feed National"

Howard Blum's book "Out There."

In my last blog post, I reported on the possible existence of a United States Air Force UFO project, reported by journalist Howard Blum, to have operated between 1983-1985. I am in the process of learning more about this project; as there is some doubt about whether or not, it really existed. I will post my further findings about this, in due course. However, in the meantime, I wondered, if the project were real, if I could locate any individuals who might have served on the project staff?

Dr Ronald F Blackburn

After some time searching on the Internet, I did come across one individual. A report on the 2005 UFO crash retrieval conference, held at Las Vegas, in the USA, mentions one Dr Ron Blackburn. It states, in part "Dr Ron Blackburn was a Lt Colonel in the US Air Force, and he has investigated UFOs for the Air Force and for Military contractors." A photograph of him on that website, revealed he might fit the profile of people I was looking for.

Who was Dr Ron Blackburn?

His name rang a bell in my brain and I turned to my copy of Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science: Volume Three." I found five references to Blackburn.

On page 257 there is a diary entry dated Sunday 17 August 1986:

"I had a long conversation with Hal [Puthoff - KB] ...Hal told me many stories he brought back from a visit to Colonel Stevens...Ron Blackburn, a retired Air Force Colonel, was along for the trip..."

Later, in the book on pages 380-381 in an entry dated Friday 21 April 1989:

"Now a truckdriver has seen several discs and a blue sphere on the ground at Deep Springs Ranch (Rout...


A Deer Ate My Lunch and Broke My Heart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whoa, hey, no! I said. Dont eat the plastic! Nah, nah!

I managed to pry the deers jaws off the plastic, holding it up in the air. She sniffed around my bag that was on the ground. I think I had an apple in there, but I was hoping to save that for later.

I had just walked down Mount Misen on Miyajima Island and managed to score a stone bench by the water as the tide was coming in, overlooking at the orange and black Shinto floating Torri gateway. I tried to ignore the goo-goo eyed couple that had sat down on the bench the same time as me, as they cooed sweet Japanese nothings into each others ears, choosing to focus on my food instead.

I had finished a date with my mystery sandwich (it was butter chicken curry, who knew!), my mandarin, and juice box when I bit into my carrot and I saw something move over my shoulder. My first thought was that it was someone violating my personal space to get a better shot of the Torri for their gram. When I turned my head to look at the movement, it was actually a teenage doe, eagerly trying to chomp down on my plastic rubbish, and now she was sniffing around for more.

Nah, mate, nah, I said, pulling her head back up. Look, if youre gonna eat anything, you should probably eat this.

I offered her my carrot and she quickly chomped down on it, completely removing it from my grasp.

I thought that would be the end of it, but turns out eating a carrot without opposable thumbs and a strong jaw is harder than it looks. The doe could only really nibble on the carrot. I helped her out by holding the carrot as she gnawed away on it, holding it especially still when she was ready to snap a piece off.

When she did, I cheered. Teamwork!

The tourists that had gathered around me laughed. Some took pictures. Maybe I would be called the Deer Whisperer in some corner of the internet no one ever saw. I didnt mind.

In Nara, there are also wild deer but theyre not quite as abrasive as the Miyajima deer, because they are encouraged to be fed. You can buy special deer crackers to feed them at 150. When I first arrived in Nara, I didnt want to feed them because I didnt want to be one of those tourists. By the end of the day, I was having a bit of FOMO, so I caved and bought the crackers. Like a bad omen, suddenly the once heavily populated deer park was empty. The two deer I did find refused to eat my crackers because they were already well full.

This was much better. Me and Nellie (I had now named the doe) were in this relationship together, having the most beautiful spontaneous interaction. These are my favourite experiences.

The carrot was gett...


A hard day for koalas and protesters "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dawn Walker at Gibberagee State Forest yesterday. Photo supplied

NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker has been fined for protesting against a logging operation that has been caught out destroying koala habitat in Gibberagee State Forest, south of Lismore yesterday.

Koalas were the focus of protests on the north coast as part of a National Forest Uprising and Ms Walker was part of a multi-pronged action yesterday that saw protests at Coffs Harbour and Wauchope Forestry Corporation offices, in Gibberagee State Forest (near Whiporie), in Wang Waulk State Forest (near Coolongolook) and at Parliament House in Canberra.

Conservationist Dailan Pugh looking for traces of koalas in Gibberagee State Forest. Photo supplied

NEFA has also obtained satellite imagery showing the destruction of an Area of Local Koala Significance, known as a Koala Hub, in Wang Wauk State Forest on the mid-north coast.

NEFA spokesperson Susie Russell says this destruction is a crime against the future.

This is not an isolated example, she said. Another image shows logging in a Koala Hub at Ingalba State Forest near Kempsey.

No doubt we will find other examples now the technology is becoming more accessible. Logging of koala home ranges has been going on for years across the region, probably across the State.

Ms Rus...


Morrison government diverts embarrassment with return to Howard era response to asylum seekers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero.

The passing of the Medical Evacuation Bill was a defeat for the Morrison government. Sort of anyway. The minister can intervene and prevent a medical evacuation and the new law does not apply to new arrivals.

On the other hand, this has been a political setback, underlining the perception that this government is continuing to lose control.

The Medical Evacuation Bill came out of exposures and pressures mounted by doctors on the scene and Manus, and they made the government look particularly brutal in Australias eyes. It has proved to enough to worry and win over the crossbench.

The need to act was pushed in the parliament by new high profile independent Karen Phelps.

Its time had come, because ongoing disclosures and changing public opinion had already forced the process of closing Manus and wanted more.

Acutely aware of its political embarrassment, the Morrison government has tried to cover its position by promising the sky will fall in, via a new flood of boat people and that national security is under an emerging threat.

To underline its claim, the prime minister called a press conference to tell Australia he had convened the national security committee of cabinet to strengthen the capacity of Operation Sovereign Borders, in line with the so-called emerging threat.

Through this use of dishonest politics, Morrison has moved to create the image of a national crisis and hide the details behind a wall of secrecy.

Governments dont do this, unless there is a genuine crisis of some sort, or they are planning to whip up a scare campaign to achieve questionable political objectives. Questionable is the appropriate word here, because a government that has nothing to hide, doesnt have to use subterfuge. It has more to gain by being honest and relying on the trust of the people. What we are going to get, if the attempt doesnt fall over first, is that Australias borders are in peril and this means that extraordinary measures must be taken.

In comes the re-opening of detention at Christmas Island. Offshore detention will not come to an end. It will be rebuilt. To do this, the government is gambling on its ability to create enough fear and division within the Australian community, in the style of John Howard in the 1990s.

It is a political diversion, aimed at saving saving the long running detention policy. But most of all, it is an effort to save a government staring at a major defeat in the coming May election.

Since Morrison took the helm, the public perception of an indecisive, out of control and divided government has only deepened.  Morrison is trying to correct this with the image that he is...


Court battle looms over Mullum retreat centre plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Paul Bibby

A Land and Environment Court battle is looming over plans for a sprawling wellness retreat centre and campsite on the edge of Mullumbimby.

The owner of the Coolamon Scenic Drive property, Mark Franklyn, wants to create a retreat complex with a day spa, hall, 12 cabins and 122 campsites on the 16.6 hectare site.

But Byron Council has refused his development application on the grounds of ecological impacts and bushfire risk.

The council also says the proposal is inconsistent with the Byron Local Environment Plan (LEP) which specifies that rural tourism can only be approved if it is small scale.

Mr Franklyn has now appealed this decision to the Land and Environment Court.

In a report to Councils planning committee meeting, council staff recommended in favour of defending the appeal, setting the scene for a what could be a long and costly court battle.

Not defending the appeal will allow it to be determined solely on the applicants case, councils major projects planner, Rob Van Iersel said.

Given the significance of the issues associated with this application, this option is not recommended.

Mr Van Iersel notes in the report that the external solicitors engaged by Council to act on its behalf in the matter provided a fee estimate of $43,900.

Councils General Manager has the authority to pursue legal proceedings on the councils behalf in matters where the cost will not exceed $50,000.

The matter has already come before the courts once, on January 21, when Council was successful in a pre-trial dispute.

While Council deems the current development proposal to be too large, it is a significant reduction in size from Mr Franklyns first application, which involved 239 campsites and a day spa building with a different design.

Both applications were the subject of hundreds of letters of objection from the community while on public exhibition, with the most recent proposal drawing 269 letters of objection and 28 letters of support.

Councils planning committee meeting will consider the matter on February 21.

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Community survey: a mixed report for Byron Council "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Most students get their report cards at the end of term, but Byron Council has been given its marks early this year in the form of results from its bi-annual community satisfaction survey.

And its fair to say there will more than a few things to discuss come parent-teacher night.

Lets start with the good news.

A solid 64 per cent of the 400 respondents to the survey were at least somewhat satisfied with the overall performance of Council over the past two years.

And 68 per cent of residents who made the effort to personally contact Council over that period said they were at least somewhat satisfied with the way their contact was handled.

Unfortunately thats about as good as it gets.

The overall level of satisfaction with the council fell five per cent from the last survey in 2016, which isnt great when you consider that that earlier survey covered one of the most tumultuous periods in the councils recent history.

Satisfaction down

The new satisfaction rating of 2.76 out of 5 is, in the words of the authors of the survey report, significantly lower than the NSW regional benchmark and the all-of-NSW benchmark.

While there was an increase in satisfaction in one area of Councils operations coastal management satisfaction fell in eight other areas, including roads, future planning, tourism management and recycling.

No gold star for guessing which aspect of Councils activities were deemed most important: the regions roads remain at the front of many locals minds.

However, financial management was a somewhat surprising entrant into the top three concerns, with affordable housing close behind, providing yet more evidence that the affordability crisis is really starting to bite.

Sound management

Deputy mayor Michael Lyon said he believed financial management was at the forefront of peoples minds because of the councils recent rate increase.

Through the special rate variation process the backlog of infrastructure became known, Cr Lyon said.

People started to question whether our financial management was sound.



Government grant needed to build Ballinas ocean pool "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lennox based artist, Mark Waller has created a painting of what an ocean pool at Ballina could look like.

An ocean pool at Ballina has been high on the wish list for locals for many years.

The Ballina Ocean Pool Committee have been working to complete the necessary planning reports over the last four years and have announced that the engineering, ecological, traffic/parking study and community engagement reports have now been completed.

According to proponents, ocean pools provide a safe ocean swimming experience for the whole community. They are free to use, open all year round, have minimal maintenance costs and would be a major attraction for our local area with both residents and tourists.

There has been a wading pool incorporated into the final design for the proposed Ballina ocean pool, along with ramp access into the pool for wheelchairs and those who are less mobile. Now the committee are hoping for a government grant to make the pool a reality.

With the NSW State Elections only six weeks away and the fact that the seat of Ballina is one of the most marginal electorates in the state, the committee say that now is the perfect time to let the candidates know that you support the Ballina Ocean Pool Project.

Organisers are suggesting that if you would vote for an ocean pool, then let the candidates know, by writing to Labor candidate Asren Pugh, Nationals candidate Ben Franklin and Greens candidate Tamara Smith asking for them to support the Ballina Ocean Pool for Shelly Beach rock shelf.

Email addresses are,,

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Dare to be informed: meet the candidates "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The NSW state election is on Saturday March 23, 2019. Photo NSW Electoral Commission

The state election is weeks away and the electorate of Ballina is a marginal seat.

These are exciting times and you have the opportunity to take part in them.

COREM, Bay FM and The Echo are joining together to give you a chance to meet all the candidates for the electorate of Ballina Monday March 18 at the Byron Theatre 6 till 8pm.

This pre-election candidates forum will help get you up to speed on who is planning what and how they plan to do it.

Candidates will give you their pitches before fielding questions.

The question is will this crop of politicians put money on the table, invest in our local expertise, and support the visionaries in our area to lead the country in community renewables and sustainable technologies? Lets make sure they do. Come and experience firsthand the power of community engagement.

Valentines Day forum

If you cant wait until then, or are of a particularly unromantic bent, you can meet three of the Ballina candidates Tamara Smith (Greens), Asren Pugh (Labor), and Ben Franklin (Nationals)  at the Macadamia Castle tonight (Thursday February 14) from 6pm.

The forum will be MCed by local real estate agent and Byron Writers Festival founder Chris Hanley.

Email or sign up on the Facebook events page to attend.

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Tabulam fire burns over 4,000 hectares "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The fire at Tabulam was billowing smoke last night that could be seen over 80 kilometres away in The Channon. Photo Tree Faerie.

The out-of-control bush fire which is burning near the Bruxner Highway, west of Tabulam, has destroyed more than 4,000ha after spreading further since yesterday.

Overnight, the fire has spread quickly on the north-western edge towards Sugarbag Road. The fire has impacted on a number of properties in this area.

Easing conditions has seen the threat to properties in this area reduced. Firefighters continue to work in the area in an effort to slow the spread of the fire.

Yesterday a local woman was charged with starting the fire after attempting to burn rubbish in her yard.

Authorities ask that if you are in the area of Sugarbag Road, continue to monitor conditions and take advice from firefighters on the ground.

If you are in the area of Old Bruxner Road and Paddys Flat Road and Tabulam, continue to monitor the situation. Ensure you know what you will do if the situation changes.

Bruxner Highway is closed between Tambulam Road and Bruxner Road.

An evacuation centre has been established at Bonalbo Bowling Club on Woodenbong Road.

A number of schools are closed on Thursday including Tabulam Public School and Drake Public School.




Take a bus ride to go Car Free "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ride the bus for free on February 28 to participate in the Car Free project. Photo supplied.

Its not always easy being without a car in the Northern Rivers, but could you go one day without your car?

That is the challenge being laid down by the creators of Car Free Feb in the Northern Rivers this month.

Social Futures Chief Executive Tony Davies said they are teaming up with local bus companies to encourage people to think about alternatives to one-occupant car travel.

We are programmed to jump into the car and drive wherever we need to go in regional areas, said Mr Davies. But sometimes catching a bus, riding a bike, walking or carpooling could be viable options and this is the perfect time to try them out.

Northern Rivers residents are invited to try public transport for free on Thursday 28 February, with seven bus companies from across the region coming on board.

The free public transport day is a great opportunity to give your local bus service a try, says Davies. Theres no need to register, just jump on the bus; transport is free for the whole day.

Tony says that Car Free Feb creates awareness of transport options other than commuting by car with a single occupant. You can also walk, ride, skateboard, scooter or car pool.

There are great prizes to be won including 12-month Premium Spotify vouchers and $120 credit for travel with a participating bus companies to get you where you want to go.

Simply post a picture of yourself going Car Free on the Social Futures Facebook page any day in February to enter.

If you have...


Two charged in Lismore after break-in and pursuit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Two people will appear in the Lismore Local Court today following a pursuit yesterday.

The pair have have been charged with offences after it is alleged that at around 9am yesterday morning a home at Bungawalbin, south of Lismore, was broken into.

It is alleged the occupant was threatened with a knife before two males fled in a Toyota Yaris, believed to have been stolen from Queensland.

Officers from Richmond Police District were notified and commenced inquiries.

Just after 10.45am, the Toyota Yaris was seen by police travelling north on the Pacific Highway at Broadwater.

The Toyota allegedly failed to stop, and a pursuit was initiated, before being terminated shortly after due to safety concerns.

A second pursuit was initiated when the Toyota was seen travelling west on the Bruxner Highway.

Officers attempted to use road spikes; however, the Toyota continued into the Goonellabah area at Lismore.

The vehicle was abandoned on the highway and two males fled into nearby bushland.

Following an extensive search by officers, with the assistance from Traffic & Highway Patrol Command and the Rescue Squad, two Queensland males, aged 20 and 16 were arrested and taken to Lismore Police Station.

The Keperra (QLD) man has been charged with aggravated break and enter with intent armed, two counts of police pursuit not stop drive dangerously, drive conveyance taken without consent of owner, possess property stolen outside NSW, driver never licensed, negligent driving (no death or grievous bodily harm), drive with unrestrained passenger, enter enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, and possess prohibited drug.

The Daisy Hill (QLD) teen has been charged with aggravated break and enter with intent armed, be carried in conveyance taken without consent of owner, enter enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, and possess prohibited drug.

Both have been refused bail to appear at Lismore Local Court today.

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Have you seen this man? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

With the possibility that the alleged offender has left the area, police have released CCTV images of a man following investigations into an armed robbery at an ATM in Tamworth on Tuesday (12 February 2019).

A 35-year-old man was using the ATM at a shopping complex on Robert Street just before 4pm, when he was approached from behind.

A man, described as being Caucasian, 18-25 years-old with a slim build, with short brown hair and a tattoo on his right shoulder and wearing a black Everlast singlet, green shorts and black joggers, allegedly threatened the man with a machete and demanded cash.

The man at the ATM complied with the demand before the machete-wielding man left the scene.

Investigators have released CCTV images of a man they believe may be able to assist them with inquiries.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Tamworth police on 6768 2999 or Crime Stoppers.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

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Bruns author recounts her life-changing experience "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Emma Scattergood with husband Darryl is back in Byron Shire after ticking off the first bunch of items from the bucket list. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Everyone has a bucket list dont they? Brunswick Heads author Emma Scattergood does.

Emma was introduced to the world of travel when, at the age of one, she was thrown into the back of a motor caravan and transported from England to Australia along the scenic route via Afghanistan and India.

Once planted here, she grew up on a Mullumbimby commune, with all its peace, love and mungbeans, and she became one of the first hippy children to attend Mullum High.

Dreaming of escape

Rather than have a big white wedding, Emma convinced her husband Darryl to elope to Thailand together with their two children. Much to their surprise, they found themselves backpacking through Vietnam and other Asian countries with young children so much like her own childhood.

Emmas passion for travel has never abated, and for the past 20 years a laminated bucket list has lived in her wallet.

Emmas first book Bucket Lists and Walking Sticks explores reasons for having bucket lists, the truth of which Emma and Darryl discovered when a shattering accident left Darryl with life-changing injuries.

Adventure of a lifetime

With their priorities rearranged, Emma and Darryl pulled out the old laminated bucket list and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

A trip around the world ticking off list items: from drinking Singapore Slings to viewing ancient Petra, kissing Irelands Blarney Stone and looking for the home of Doc Marten.

Meandering throughout Asia and then Europe, Emma describes their adventures on the high seas and in high-speed trains, in mouth watering detail, pulling the reader headlong into the sights, life, culture and beauty of each place they visit.

This j...


Woman charged over Tabulam bushfire "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As fires continue to burn out of control across the Northern Rivers, a Tabulam woman has been charged in relation to a blaze which has so far burned over 4,000 hectares and destroyed several homes.

Police will allege about 8am yesterday (Wednesday, 13 February) the 40-year-old woman set fire to rubbish located in a large steel container in her backyard.

The fire was then left unattended and proceeded to spread to bushland behind her home.

When the woman discovered the fire had spread, she rang Triple Zero (000) and unsuccessfully attempted to extinguish the flames with a backyard hose.

The woman has been charged with intentionally causing fire and being reckless to its spread and setting fire during a total fire ban.

The woman is due to appear before Casino Local Court on 27 February 2019.

Police are reminding the public that NSW remains the subject of a total state-wide fire ban. If you see any unattended fires please report them quickly to Triple Zero (000).

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Newest Threat On YouTube Interview "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the newest threat left for me on one of my YouTube interviews.

As my sister said- who has recieved numerous death threats in the past month- and had her car vandalized- these predators sure are using their threats.

And sad enough- there is no help in site. Except God- but then that is the ONLY help.


PERTH $40000 fine for WA iron ore mine accident "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

$40000 fine for WA iron ore mine accident .

February 13, 2019 at 07:27PM .

of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety said after the penalty was handed down to Karara Mining Ltd in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday. .


PERTH Perth textual content rip-off tycoon in one other bail bid "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth textual content rip-off tycoon in one other bail bid .

February 13, 2019 at 12:48AM .

Lawyers for a technology tycoon who is in jail in Perth as US authorities prepare extradition proceedings over a text message scam have urged the .



How the National Party of Australia attempted to ruin Australias largest river system "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

IMAGE: Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.

Former Accountant and banker, Nationals MP for New England (NSW) Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce was deputy Prime Minister of Australia from 18.2.2016 to 27.10.2017and again from 6.12.2017 to 26.2.2018
.  He was also Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from 21.9.2015 to 27.10.2017 and returned as minister once more from 21.9.2015 to 27.10.2017.

This particular politician is likely to go down in history as one of the worst leaders that the National Party of Australia ever had.

The Northern Daily Leader, 9 February 2019:...

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Wednesday, 13 February


Their ABC News - "Sending El Chapo to jail won't do much, he was just meeting community demand for drugs" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Poor old El Chapo, just a struggling businessman according to their ABC and mates. . @emilyepalmer says El Chapo being sent to jail won't change much, because he is just "one man doing something that...was simply meeting a demand that's here in America" @bevvo14 #TheWorld ABC News (@abcnews)...


No way. You will never come to Australia. Until Labor & The Greens get power. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is one of the original Abbott Government videos fronted by General Angus Campbell warning illegal boat people about coming to Australia. There is "No Way" to Australia for illegal boat people. When Turnbull took over and made his promise to increase Syrian refugee intake, the ad was reworked. The...


UK war hero falsely jailed in UAE since Oct - horrifying police misconduct "IndyWatch Feed National"

Andy Neal isn't a female Saudi teenager with a Twitter following. He's not an Arab refugee soccer player. He wears 17 British medals on his chest. He has a commendation for saving another man's life. And he's being held in a Middle Eastern hell-hole. Brit war hero and father of...


The Defense Intelligence Agency and the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program "IndyWatch Feed National"

Freedom of Information Act

Given the lengthy delays in getting responses from US government agencies, under the US Freedom of Information Act, a number of individuals have been pursuing other avenues of obtaining information about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.)

On 3 April 2018, US researcher John Greenewald, received an email response from Andricia Harris of the Pentagon, which provided a few details about the AATIP. The following month, on 3 May 2018, Swedish researcher Roger Glassel, also received an email from Harris, which provided yet more details about the program. Glassel's response, which was the longer of the two responses, read:

"AATIP was funded in the July 2008 Supplemental Appropriations Bill (a Sen Harry Reid add). Its mandate, as outlined in a 2009 letter from Reid to DSD, was to assess "far-term foreign advanced aerospace threats the United States," including anomalous events (such as sightings of aerodynamic vehicles engaged in extreme maneuvers, with unique phenomenology, reported by U.S. Navy pilots or other credible source). AATIP terminated in 2012 due to lack of real progress and concerns about the viability of the program."

Glassel asked Harris where the statement "...including anomalous events (such as sightings of aerodynamic vehicles engaged in extreme maneuvers, with unique phenomenology, reported by U.S. Navy pilots or other credible source)" came from? Harris responded that she had no additional information to provide to Glassel.

Approach to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

In early February 2019, Glassel then decided to approach the Office of Corporate Communications of the DIA, rather than taking the lengthy FOIA process to attempt to resolve what should have been the simple matter of where Harris' additional information came from. I wish to thank Roger Glassel for his permission to quote from his email exchange with the DIA Office of Corporate Communications.

Glassel received an emailed response dated 12 February 2019 from that Office, which read:

"Mr Glassel - Here is the information DIA has shared about the program. The purpose of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies. The gaol was to help understand the threat posed by...


Their ABC tries to blame Morrison government for Labor/Greens/Phelps/Hinch border weakness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Their ABC's first reaction yesterday was to check in with their favoured constituents on Manus.


Senator David Leyonhjelm's Valedictory Speech - we will miss him. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senator David Leyonhjelm's Valedictory Speech Valedictory speeches are a bit like arguing with your wife you feel its important to have the last word. And there is also the humbling thought that if you dont sing your own praises, nobody else will. Ive already given three speeches setting out...


I STOPPED THESE! NO YOU DIDNT! How Scott Morrisons campaign to turn back the boats actually destroyed Aussie ships & almost saw sailors die "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: With immigration and asylum matters back in the headlines and the Federal Government doing what it does best in demonising refugees, True Crime News Weekly can finally reveal the inside details of how Scott Morrison's campaign to "stop the boats" during his term as Immigration Minister was more about destroying his own ships. As well as almost costing the lives of Australian sailors.


Australia: Aboriginal protesters explain motivations behind Canberra sit-in "IndyWatch Feed National"


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders protesting in the Marble Foyer at Parliament House in Canberra.

About 100 Indigenous people and supporters called for an end to fracking, coal mining and water sharing.

NITV, Feb. 13, 2019

Bradley Farrar had never been on a plane before he made the journey from the Northern Territory to Canberra to join a sit-in about environmental issues.

The clan leader of the Alawa tribe felt compelled to come and represent his people, who he says will suffer if planned gas fracking projects eventuate.

Me and my people, we live off the land. We get fish from the water, we get kangaroo and turkey off the land seeds, we grind them up and make flour, Mr Farrar said.

If they do fracking in my land, everything wil...


Emergency warning issued over Bruxner Highway fire "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The fire swept through Jubullum village yesterday, coming perilously close to houses. Photo NSW Police

Updated, 10pm, Wednesday November 13:  The fire burning to the west of Tabulam continues to burn on the northern and western edge.

It is spreading in bushland near Sugarbag Road and properties are under threat.

Firefighters continue to work in the area in an effort to slow the spread of the fire.

Advice as at 10pm

If you are in the area of Sugarbag Road, it is too late to leave. Seek shelter if the fire impacts on your property or location. Protect yourself from the heat of the fire.

If you are in the area of Old Bruxner Road, Paddys Flat Road or Tabulam, continue to monitor the situation. Ensure you know what you will do if the situation changes.

Bruxner Highway is closed between Tambulam Road and Bruxner Road.

An evacuation centre is being set up at Bonalbo Bowling Club on Woodenbong Road.

A number of schools will be closed on Thursday including Tabulam Public School and Drake Public School.

The Bruxner Highway is now closed in both directions between Tabulam and Tenterfield.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area.

Motorists can consider using the New England Highway, the Gwydir Highway and Summerland Way as an alternative route.

Emergency services and traffic crews remain on site.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow directions of emergency services and traffic crews as conditions can change quickly.

For the latest traffic information, visit

Updated, 2pm, Wednesday November 13: There is an increase in fire activity across the western edge of the Bruxner Highway fire this afternoon, with more than 2,700 hectares burnt out in the last 48 hours.

Strengthening winds are pushing the fire across the Timbarra River in the direction of Ogilvie Drive.

Emergency alert text and phone messages have been sent to people in the area a...


Council failed to engage community over transport hub, say residents "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shire Council has been accused of poor community consultation over plans for the proposed Byron Bay transport hub (pictured). Photo supplied

The Byron Bay Residents Group called three times for the opportunity to discuss the proposed transport hub and interchange on exhibition for the site opposite Byron Bay Railway Station. They claim they were actively refused the opportunity to contribute to the proposal.

This is a dreadful indictment on Council, said Paul Jones, president of the Butler Street Community Network.

He claims that Council refused the communitys attempts to engage on the project and that they left residents out of the planning process.

We were blindsided, he said of the latest plans that are on exhibition by Transport for NSW.

Residents called a meeting last week to see how they could be included in the discussion. Both Greens member for Ballina and Labor candidate Asren Pugh attended to hear the communitys concerns.

No right of appeal

According to Mr Jones the only way that the residents now have to contribute is through Heritage NSW.

We have no rights of appeal in relation to the proposal put forward by Transport for NSW, he said.

Our only avenue now is through Heritage NSW because they must give approval for the development to go ahead.

While the residents believe that there are better options for the transport hub they have decided to look at how the bus interchange could be better located in the railway precinct. They are asking for it to be moved 100m north of the currently proposed site.

We are asking for positive intervention that improves both local and traveller experience with moving this site to this new location, he said.

Responding to questions from The Echo MLC Ben Franklin said he had taken advice from Council on what the community wanted in relation to the transport hub and even taking mayor Simon Richardson to Sydney to meet with relevant ministers including minister for Roads Melinda Pavey.

My view is that we worked closely with Council and we have listed to them as the voice of the community, said Mr Franklin.

Pugh tackles Nats

But Labor c...


PENNY ARCADE: The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Created by Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner | Conceived, Written and Performed by Penny Arcade | Designed and Directed by Steve Zehentner and Penny Arcade

A new play in development with Richard Jordan Productions.

I am nothing if not the dutiful daughter of New Yorks criminal intellectual, homosexual, psychedelic avant-garde

Penny Arcade is New Yorks undisputed queen of the underground and the grande dame of downtown performance art.

Hot on the heels of Adelaide Fringe sensational revival of Penny Arcades infamous sex and censorship show Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, Penny returns to Brunswick Picture House after her sell-out appearance in 2016 for an exclusive showing of her newest work, now in progress.

The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love blends personal memoir and oral history with the rich tapestry of art and criminality that was New Yorks queer underground. From teenager on the mean streets of 1960s New York City, to the stages of The Playhouse of the Ridiculous and into the mythology of Andy Warhols Factory where she became a real-life Superstar, Arcades evocative and aural experience evokes fabulously disenfranchised worlds of queers, junkies, poets and queens, and the magic and memory of the gay men who raised her.

Set in a fomenting time in modern culture, where the ridiculous met the sublime, criminality forged with intellectual innovation, low art met high art and where the outsider status of homosexuality created a threshing ground for unique world views. Presiding over this disappearing world were the old queens: flaming creatures who were self-individuated, erudite and uncompromising.

The Faghag and Her Friends in the Summer of Love travels from 1967 Summer of Love Provincetown; to the gay cafes and night clubs of New York City; to the milieu of New Yorks celebrated demimonde; and later its AIDS ravaged streets: where tragedy and transformation walked hand in hand and created a breeding ground for revolutionary thinking and artistic innovation.

At the peak of her powers after an unbeatable 50-year career, expect Arcades classic blend of trenchant wit and political humanism.

Penny Arcade climbed out of her window at the age of 13 to live on the streets of New York. By the age of 20 she had thrown bricks at the Stonewall Riots and become a darling of Andy Warhols Factory. Part of the counter culture rock n roll circle of Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and the Velvet Underground, Penny Arcade was named by Quentin Crisp as the woman he most identified with. 50 years since Stonewall and her debut with Andy Warhol and John Vaccaro, Arcade, the little sister of the American avant-garde, remains among the most influential performers in the world.



February 13 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1790 - Less than three months after Bennelong's capture, on 13 February 1790, Phillip passed on the names and locations of eight coastal clans in a dispatch to Lord Sydney at the Home Office in London. Bennelong also told Phillip that one-half of those who inhabit this part of the country had died from smallpox.[1]

1855 - A shortage of tenors on the Australian colonial operatic stage often meant that women had to perform male roles; Sara Flower, described by the Melbourne Press as 'the modern Sappho', 'the Queen of song' and 'the Australian Nightingale'  sang Edgardo on this day in the first Australian performance of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.[2]

1905 - Marjorie Jean Lyon, surgeon and prisoner of war, was born on this day; she was described by Lady Mountbatten as 'an outstanding woman doctor . . . whose work . . . will make history, and who succeeded in commanding and controlling the Japanese and seeing that they carried out her orders!' [3]

1930 - The first Protector of Aboriginals to be based in Mount Isa was appointed on this day. [4]

1965 - The Freedom Ride bus arrived in Wellington, NSW.
"Houses of tin, mud floors, very overcrowded, kids had eye diseases, had to cart water (very unhealthy) from river Jim S and a few others came across some discrimination in a pub. An aboriginal was allowed in only because he was with us. The publican said he only prevented aborigines from coming in "if they were disorderly" Left Wellington and arrived in Dubbo about 6.30 pm. Had tea, went for a swim, then to the Dubbo hotel. We noticed a sign above the doorway of the halfway hotel - "Aborigines not allowed in the Lounge without the Licensee's permission".
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides. [5]

1971 - It was announced that Aboriginal people hoped to set up 13 settlements throughout Victoria in an effort to claim land, the first having been established in Sherbrooke Forest near Belgrave and the second to be at Framlingham Reserve, near Warranambool. [6]

1974 - It was announced that the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC) had backed down in its dispute with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and agreed that the body would stick to that of an advisory role. [7]
1981 - Cinderella Jane Simon , Aboriginal leader, evangelist and storyteller, passed to the stars. [8]

2003 - The Commonwealth Government implemented steps to combat the problem of some merchants using Indigenous Australians electronic bank cards as security for store credit. [9]

2008 - Today marks the 13th Anniversary since Australians watched a live broadcast of their government apologizing for policies that degraded its indigenous people. PM Rudd said Australians had re...


The Defense Intelligence Agency and the AATIP - further information "IndyWatch Feed National"

Freedom of Information Act 

Given the lengthy delay in getting responses from US government agencies, under the US Freedom of Information Act, a number of individuals have been pursuing other avenues of obtaining information about the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP).
On 3 April 2018, US researcher John Greenwald received an email response from Andricia Harris of the Pentagon, which provided a few details about the AATIP.  Next month, on 3 May 2018, Swedish researcher Roger Glassel, also received an email from Harris, which provided yet a few more details about the program. Glassel's response, which was the longer of the two, read:

"AATIP was funded in the July 2008 Supplemental Appropriations Bill (a Sen Harry Reid add). Its mandate, as outlined in a 2009 letter from Reid to DSD, was to assess "far-term foreign advanced aerospace threats the United States," including anomalous events (such as sightings of aerodynamic vehicles engaged in extreme maneuvers, with unique phenomenology, reported by U.S. Navy pilots or other credible source). AATIP was terminated in  2012 due to lack of real progress and concerns about the viability of the program."

Glassel asked Harris where the statement:

"...including anomalous events (such as sightings of aerodynamic vehicles engaged in extreme maneuvers, with unique phenomenology, reported by U.S. Navy pilots or other credible source)." 



No agreement reached in West Byron mediation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Chris Dobney & Aslan Shand

The locals (R&D Group) plan for West Byron. Image supplied

Yesterday the Land and Environment Court (L&EC) conducted a mediation meeting over the West Byron R&D development application (DA) that is currently before them as a deemed refusal.

After the court conducted a site inspection and heard from a range of objectors against the proposal, the developers and Byron Shire Council staff met in closed session for the court ordered mediation.

Back to court

A Council spokesperson told Echonetdaily this morning that as no in-principle agreement could be reached on the expert evidence the conciliation conference was terminated.

The matter will now go to back to the Land and Environment Court for a further directions hearing, the spokespersons said.

The application was last week refused on 20 grounds by the Northern Regional Planning Panel (NRPP previously known as the JRPP).

But L&EC commissioner Paul Adams told those present at the site inspection that the NRPPs decision would have no bearing on the courts decision, according to BayFM journalist Jim Beatson, who attended.

Mr Beatson said the L&EC have made it clear that the court will be judging the case on its merits.

Objections restated

However, key speakers at the mediation, including Dailan Pugh, were able to re-state their arguments against the DA.

They specifically highlighted the fact that the developers had not addressed the causes of concern particularly in relation to the lack of water control and management issues.

Dr Mary Gardners presentation (read by Veda Turner on her behalf) focused particularly on the changed hydrology and water conditions across the West Byron site.

One of the issues since the reports were made eight years ago is that the hydrology across the Byron site is different and it is not clear what the current picture is, according to Ms Gardner.

The post No agreement reached in West Byron mediation appeared first on Echone...


In the wake of a Leviathan: The Eastern Australian Current and the future of our oceans "IndyWatch Feed National"

The EAC is just one of many sleeping serpents stirred up by our warming world, a friendly force made unfamiliar. When we talk about climate change, this is its face.


Mortgage brokers campaign is dishonest and hides the hand of the banks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

The banks have fired their first shot in their fight back against the revelations of the Banking Royal commission.

It takes the form of adds by mortgage brokers, using a graphic Grim Reaper type campaign, which claims to defend competitive interest rates.

Mortgage brokers have been willing partners with the banks, taking a share of years of rip-offs from customers. Now they claim they are protecting the interests of the same customers.

One of the recommendations from Commissioner Kenneth Hayne is that mortgage lenders should no longer be allowed to accept trailing commissions provided by the banks and provide an incentive for widespread abuse.

An add called Dont kill the Competition says it all. Contained within it is the threat that, if they are restricted and the market is not allowed to operate freely, people will be paying more on their mortgage.

The campaign, carried out in the name of the Mortgage and Finance Association, claims that they will be driven into the arms of the banks. Its a clever distortion to manipulate discontent with the banks, to hide what is really going on.

The television advertisement begins with a family walking down a dark corridor with doors labelled non-bank lender, leading credit union and regional lender, slamming shut before them.  The truth is that the banking Royal Commission recommendations are not directed at these.

If the mortgage brokers cant make enough without double slinging their customers, through high direct commissions and the trailing commissions that their customers are ultimately forced to pay, the mortgage lenders are not doing a good job and invite much greater regulation than is the case at present.

This fear based campaign is calculated to scare people away from supporting changes that bring greater regulation to the finance industry, and this includes the banks.

Australia must see this scam for what it is. We must not be duped into forgetting what we have learnt over the last few years.

Dontt kill the competition add

Video by the Mortgage and Finance Association



New video resources help rural communities with drought-related stress "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The CRRMHs Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) has produced two new video resources for rural communities.
The first video, Managing Stress, has been designed for use in medical practices or health care facilities and is for individuals who may be feeling stressed. The video provides information on how to manage stress and what to do if you need further help. 
The second video Understanding Drought-related Stress, is for health professionals to better understand how to support patients who are impacted by the drought.


A Systemic Problem Explaining the Money System "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Editors Note: Bernard Lietaer passed away nine days ago, aged 76, on the 4 February, 2019. He was the author of The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity and New Money for a New World. He was active for nearly 40 years in  money systems. His post-graduate thesis was at MIT in 1971 (which included a description of floating exchanges) and the Nixon Shock which eradicated the Bretton Woods system.]


Eminent economists warn against new e-commerce initiative for WTO "IndyWatch Feed National"

February 13, 2019: Chakravarthi Raghavan, an esteemed author of several books on the WTO, and Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development, have issued a sharp warning to developing countries about the e-commerce initiative recently launched at Davos by a group of rich country governments, including Australia.

They warn first that the idea of an agreement between a minority of World Trade Organisation members on e-commerce, which has not been endorsed by the majority, would be unlawful and undemocratic, allowing a small group of WTO countries to impose their view on the majority.

They warn that the initiative aims to consolidate the power of global technology corporations to gain access to new foreign markets, secure free access to others data, accelerate deregulation, casualise labour markets, and minimize tax liabilities. The negotiations are intended to diminish the right of national authorities to require local presence, a prerequisite for the consumer and public to hold suppliers accountable.

Global corporations want to divert more business through e-commerce platforms. They argue that this will not only reduce domestic market shares, as existing digital trade is currently dominated by a few TNCs from the United States and China, but also reduce sales tax revenue which governments increasingly rely upon with the earlier shift from direct to indirect taxation.

Instead of this threat of data colonialism, Raghavan and Jomo are urging developing countries and civil society organisations to create a development-focused and jobs-enhancing digitization strategy.

Developmental digitization will require investment in countries technical, legal and economic infrastructure, and policies to:

  • bridge the digital divide; develop domestic digital platforms, businesses and capacities to use data in the public interest;
  • strategically promote national enterprises, e.g., through national data use frameworks;
  • ensure digitization conducive to full employment policies;
  • advance the public interest, consumer protection, healthy competition and sustainable development.

They urge international institutions like the WTO to support this approach, which could also apply in other agreements...


Sue Higginson, Environmental activist and lawyer in Armidale "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 17 Feb; 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. ] A conversation with Sue Higginson Meeting Room, Legacy House, 89 Faulkner Street, Armidale 2350 2-3pm Sunday 17 February, 2019 Sue Higginson is a former CEO and Principal Solicitor of the Environmental Defenders Office NSW. As a litigator, she was responsible for many high profile public interest environmental legal cases; including acting against Rio Tinto, which resulted in their massive open [...] full article 


Moonlight Movie returns to Corrimals Ziems Park this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

moonlight-movies-corrimal.jpgMOONLIGHT Movies are back for 2019 with The Never Ending Story to play on the big screen this Saturday February 16 at Robert Ziems Park, Corrimal.

The cult classic was adapted from Michael Endes childrens book and follows the adventures of Bastain Balthazar Bux. Released in 1984, the much-loved adventure film for kids of all ages tells how young Bastian used his imagination to save a dying fantasy land.

Bring a picnic blanket, friends and family and snacks for a fun night out for the whole family. Gates open at 6.30pm and the film will screen from sunset (8pm), with food and drink available to purchase onsite.

Headphones and/or hearing loops are available for use for people who are hearing impaired and can be booked via Wollongong City Councils events team on (02) 4227 7111. This is an alcohol-free event.

For more information about this and other Moonlight Movies, visit the Councils website or call the Council on (02) 4227 7111.

  • The NeverEnding Story (PG)
  • Saturday February 16 2019, gates open at 6.30pm
  • Robert Ziems Park, Corrimal
  • Sponsored by Corrimal Chamber of Commerce

Thirroul Beach Reserve will be the venue for another Moonlight Movie night on Saturday, April 6 from 5.30pm with the screening of Coco.


Western Australia finally delivers marriage equality for transgender people "IndyWatch Feed National"

Transgender people across Western Australia are celebrating today, following the WA Parliament finally removing outdated laws forcing them to divorce the person they love in order to update their birth certificate.

The changes come following a report by the Law Reform Commission of WA recommending a series of improvements to LGBTQI+ rights, including protections against discrimination based on gender identity and intersex status and removing sex classification from birth certificates. But it has been a long journey for advocates who have been campaigning on this issue since marriage equality was legislated in 2017.

Associate Professor Sam Winter, a long time advocate for transgender equality, and Perth rock guitarist and trans advocate Jaime Page, outside the Western Australian Parliament House.

Associate Professor Sam Winter, a long time advocate for transgender equality, and Perth rock guitarist and trans advocate Jaime Page, outside the Western Australian Parliament House.

On the wonderful day that same-sex marriage become law, I watched with pride as the public gallery celebrated, said Perth rock guitarist and transgender woman Jaime Page.

To me it was one of the most touching scenes ever witnessed in Parliament, as divisions disintegrated and love was all around, barring a few isolated sad faces.

But there was one other slightly sad face - me. After everything we did to get there, I was feeling left out, I was not equal, and neither were many of my sisters and brothers.

We had a new challenge on our hands. We celebrated for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community and hoped for an early resolution to this anomaly, said Ms Page.

Lee Carnie, Director of Legal Advocacy at Equality Australia, said the reform is a significant step in removing discriminatory laws, but theres more to be done.

"Its fantastic to see the Western Australian Government taking steps to remove this discrimination against married trans and gender diverse people, said Lee Carnie.

No one should be forced to choose between being legally recognised for who they are, or staying married to the person they love.

We urge the Western Australian Government to carefully consider the Law Reform Commissions report and introduce laws removing the remaining discriminatio...


The Green New Deal approach would be good for Australia as well as the United States "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

In less than two weeks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposal for a Green New Deal has gained a great deal of support form the public, and it has generated the ire of the Washington establishment and chiefs of Wall Street.

But what is it?

The Green New Deal takes a leaf out of Franklin Roosevelts New Deal, which began a massive period of infrastructure building to provide work and build the economy during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was a time of crisis, calling for a bold new approach, sufficient to meet the challenges of the day.

Roosevelts package included an Economic Bill of Rights, providing rights for employment, medical care, housing, education and social security. This part of the New Deal was never implemented. Opposition from vested interests was too strong and the onset of World War Two put the final end to it all.

With only a partial application, the New Deal still managed to improve the lives of many and contributed to planting the seeds for future economic growth.

This makes it very relevant to todays conditions of a new economic decline and the real threat of climate change, which demands a new crisis response

The document Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presented to Congress, with the backing of Senator Ed Markey, calls for new national, social, industrial and industrial mobilisation, linking the Plan to rights for clean water, healthy food, adequate health care and education, to the need to build a sustainable economy.

There are calls for new buildings to have to meet strict maximum energy efficiency and for old buildings to be upgraded, and transport to be overhauled to eliminate greenhouse gases.

Lowering carbon emissions is tied to the need to guarantee a job with a family sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations and retirement security for all the people of the United States.

This is not about handouts to a passive population. In turns on the mobilisation of people as well as resources, creating conditions favourable for greater democratic participation than has ever been the case before. Democratic participation in turn, can become a force to unleash the enthusiasm, involvement and initiative to push it all forward.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs proposal is not only relevant to the United States.

A Green New Deal approach to meet the challenge of approaching crisis is equally important for Australia. Similar measures deserve to be hot topics of public debate.

Like in The United States, the approach in A...


Debunking: 33 Billion "IndyWatch Feed National"

When it comes to Indigenous people and free things, many Australians have a lot to say: "Indigenous people get free cars", "Indigenous people get free houses", "Indigenous people get free University education." These one-liners are thrown around just as frequently as Indigenous Leader. So, I've decided to debunk the Indigenous freebie myth. I recently saw a post on social media ...


ABC now running Twilight Zone scenarios as news "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just published by the $1BN PA taxpayer funded Australian national broadcaster of last resort. Here's another "What if?" scenario for the ABC. If Bill Shorten gets in and the boats start up, how many more Lindt Cafe/Bourke St Mall massacres should we expect?


El Chapo convicted for running Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel - faces life in prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

Reading this material from the US Department of Justice really shows what President Trump is up against in trying to secure the USA's southern border. Joaquin 'El Chapo Guzman, Sinaloa Cartel Leader, Convicted of Running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise and Other Drug-Related Charges Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera, known by various...


Police Mistake Crypto Mining Rigs For Drug Den in Raid Gone Wrong "IndyWatch Feed National"

Police in Adelaide, Australia raided the home of Rob Butvila expecting to find a marijuana grow room, but instead they found an elaborate crypto mining set up, complete with a ventilation system to keep heat the miners generate at bay.

Butvila is now considering taking legal action against the local police department after they left the mans home in shambles and are refusing to respond to requests to help with damages.

Police Destroy Mans Home In Search for Drugs, Discover Crypto Miners Instead

Police and other government agencies use a number of tactics to sniff out marijuana growing operations, both at large scale and even in individuals homes. These tactics can include using an infrared heat detector to locate potential light sources emitting heat, watching out for skyrocketing energy bills, or searching for ventilation systems that allow airflow around marijuana plants and help to contain strong odors emanating from grow rooms.

Unfortunately, for crypto enthusiasts, an advanced crypto mining setup can also cause an increase in heat, energy consumption, and a need for complex ventilation that could be mistaken for a grow operation, as Rob Butvila of Adelaide, Australia found out the hard way.

Related Reading | Estate of Columbian Cartel Kingpin Claims Tether Crypto Is Untrustworthy

Butvilas home was raided by the South Australia Police (SAPOL) force over suspicions the home was actually a front for a grow operation. Butvila claims that he arrived home to find everything from gates, doors and fence panels removed and broke, so police could forcefully gain entry to the home.

To make things worse they left the place wide open and a hard drive is now missing and the security camera cable has been cut, he explained, continuing that it would be at least [in] $1000 damage.

Crypto Mining Confusion: YouTube Video Demonstrates Damage Done to Home

Butvila shared a video walkthrough of his home on...


US Senate Intelligence Committee - no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee admits no collusion between .@realDonaldTrump & Russia. This is why .@RepAdamSchiff is looking into the finances. Attempting to find anything he can against a sitting President. Priscilla (@LucetVeritas) February 12, 2019 Senate investigation finds no Russia collusion by @RealDonaldTrump. Shut Mueller special counsel...


Clinton lawyer's email to FBI "call me ASAP, this is worse than transparency" after Comey reopened email server investigation "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Friday 28 October 2016 James Comey wrote to the Chairmen of various US congressional committees to advise them that the FBI was reopening the Clinton email investigation. Comey also sent this internal email to FBI staff. At 1.46PM that afternoon, within minutes of Comey's letter to the congressional committees,...


MACKAY Questions still linger after NYE death "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 12, 2019 at 04:00PM ,

Questions still linger after NYE death

February 12, 2019 at 04:00PM ,

All four will reappear in the Mackay Magistrates Court for committal-mention on April 9. A Queensland Police spokesman confirmed yesterday that

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Rumours Of A Fourth Shark Attack At Cid Harbour Slammed "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 12, 2019 at 05:07AM ,

Rumours Of A Fourth Shark Attack At Cid Harbour Slammed

February 12, 2019 at 05:07AM ,

activated the fire hydrants of the hotel racking up a half a million dollar damage bill. He is due to face Mackay Magistrates Court on 11th March 2019.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


PERTH Perth text scam tycoon in another bail bid "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth text scam tycoon in another bail bid .

February 12, 2019 at 08:04PM .

Last month, Perth Magistrates Court magistrate Joe Randazzo rejected Tsvetnenkos bail application, saying he posed a flight risk. On Tuesday, the .



Australian Tax Office Excess Franking Credits: When people next receive their dividend refund cheque from the government, remember the government has had to borrow that money "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Australian Government's public debt stood at an estimated $541.73 billion and growing on 8 February 2019.

On 8 February 2019 in Sydney economist Stephen Koukoulas made a short three minute statement before the House of Representatives Economics Committee inquiry into the Labor Federal Oppositions policy to eliminate excess franking credits.

Excess franking credits are refundable to a shareholder who receives a dividend but has no tax liability to use those franking credits against. 

It is free money - money for jam - granted to shareholders for the last eighteen years under a Liberal-Nationals federal government tax policy.

By 30 June 2015 these excess franking credit refunds were costing the federal government an est. $2.54 billion annually and, are currently estimated to be costing the Australian Government well in excess of $5.9 billion each year.

Below are the notes Koukoulas used for that oral ...


Australian Marine Life: lovely to look at but do not touch "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ABC News. 10 February 2019:

A striking blue dragon sea slug, that eats bluebottles and can give a powerful sting, has been washing ashore and capturing the imagination of residents on the north coast of New South Wales.

The unusual, soft-bodied nudibranch is sometimes described as resembling a dragon in flight, a Pokemon or a blue lizard, and goes by the official name of glaucus atlanticus.

Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service director, Dr Lisa Gershwin, said it was a fascinating little creature..



Video: Enrique Tarrio of Proud Boys Talks Political Persecution "IndyWatch Feed National"

Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, grants Sarah Corriher an in-depth interview about the political persecution that he has been experiencing personally, as well as the persecutions of his friends. Chronicled is how in boardrooms from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Marxist managers have declared war against American values and America itself. Enrique gives first-hand details of what has been happening on the front lines.

You may watch this on YouTube if there are any problems watching the video at this site.

Tuesday, 12 February


Adam Bandt - refugees first, Andrew Wilkie - ban offshore processing, Kerryn Phelps - plenty of fans on Manus "IndyWatch Feed National"

In their own words - from the cross-bench today. Former Lib and Turnbull operative Julia Banks "so proud and happy" about dismantling border protection. Adam Bandt putting "refugees" first - Australians can apparently go to buggery. Andrew Wilkie is triumphant - for now - but he wants a complete ban...


Lawyer for Covington schoolboys Todd McMurtry tells Sky News Australia he's considering lawsuit against ABC "IndyWatch Feed National"

About a week ago I wrote to Todd McMurtry, the lawyer representing the Covington schoolboys to advise him about a horrible defamation against his young clients. This is the video in question - neither the ABC nor its presenters have retracted or apologised for their inaccurate, misleading and horribly defamatory...


Vacancy rates in January "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Vacancy rates seasonally lower

Vacancy rates fell everywhere in January, except for Hobart which is already remarkably tight with a vacancy rate of only 0.5 per cent, or 144 vacancies. 

In Sydney the vacancy rate fell from 3.6 per cent to 3.2 per cent in January, but the trend has been strongly higher over the past year as the construction cycle peaks, especially in regions such as Epping and the Hills District, Parramatta, and south-western Sydney. 

Notably Perth is now tightening apace, with a lower vacancy rate than Sydney, while Adelaide looks set to reach a tight rental market some time later this year. 

Brisbane looks set to balance out this year as apartment construction slows down. 

Melbourne is the most interesting market to watch this year, and we're already hearing of multiple tenant applications on inner-ring houses, but the apartment market is often an altogether different story. 


PERTH No such thing as a free lunch! Serial dine and dash queen is sentenced to two years behind bars "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

No such thing as a free lunch! Serial dine and dash queen is sentenced to two years behind bars .

February 12, 2019 at 04:00PM .

Perth Magistrates Court heard Lois Loder, 45, went on a crime spree that saw her rack up thousands of dollars in unpaid bills between May 2017 and .


PERTH Silver Lake cops fine for worker injury "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Silver Lake cops fine for worker injury .

February 12, 2019 at 05:41PM .

Silver Lake Resources has been fined $58,000 in Perth Magistrates Court following an incident in 2014 that seriously injured a worker at its Murchison .



PERTH Serial dine and dasher Lois Loder sentenced to two years jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Serial dine and dasher Lois Loder sentenced to two years jail .

February 12, 2019 at 01:36PM .

to me that there should be a period of immediate imprisonment, Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said at Perth Magistrates Court this morning. .



Labor votes to weaken border protection - they've learnt nothing, forgotten nothing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi Michael, This evening Bill Shorten - and every one of his Labor MPs - voted to weaken Australias border protection. By voting to undermine offshore processing, Labor has sent a dangerous signal to people smugglers. Over the last five years our government has fixed Labors mess - stopping the...


Control over spending is a fundamental responsibility of government "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'm told by someone very close to the action in the parliament today that this is the essence of the Solicitor General's advice regarding the Phelps/Shorten/Greens illegal Centrelink Seeker medical travel-to-Australia bill. (Great photo from The Australian - speaks a thousand words) The Senate Amendments are unconstitutional. The amendments establish...


Watershed moment in refugee politics and Australian history "IndyWatch Feed National"

Refugee and human rights organisations rejoiced today as the House of Representatives overturned decades of tradition and a toxic debate to vote authoritatively to deliver medical care to the refugees who have spent almost six years detained offshore.

A coalition of MPs made up of the ALP, key crossbench members, Dr Kerryn Phelps MP, Andrew Wilkie MP, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Julia Banks MP, Cathy McGowan MP and the Greens today agreed on clarifications to a Bill that was written with considered input from across the political spectrum and with the advice of both legal and national security experts.

The legislation comes in response to an acute medical crisis in Australias offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru, which has seen 12 people die in the last five years and numerous incidents of suicide and self harm.

The Human Rights Law Centre, together with the National Justice Project, a coalition of pro bono lawyers and case workers at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre have continued to take legal action to evacuate men, women and children to receive urgent life-saving medical care.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, GetUp, Human Rights Law Centre, Welcoming Australia, the Refugee Council of Australia and World Vision congratulate the Members of Parliament who worked together to create this consensus Bill.

The Bill will now be sent to the Senate, and the refugee sector is sure the broad spectrum of Senators that voted for the original Bill last year will stand strong in addressing the continuing medical crisis by passing the amended Bill this week.

Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director with the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

Today we saw politics at its best with MPs across the floor working together to ensure a humane solution. The current medical transfer system is broken. People needing urgent medical assistance have severely deteriorated and even died. Notably, the coroner found that the death of young man, Hamid Khazaei, was caused by medical failure and delays. We need to stop risking lives. We now call on the Senate to pass this bill as soon as possible.

Kelly Nicholls, Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) spokesperson, said:

The safety of lives must always come first. Doctors have been ignored for too long. People have died as a result. Pregnant women with complications have had to wait dangerously long to receive the treatment they need. Rape survivors have to had to have traumatic late term abortions due to government blocks. This bill changes the response to medical emergencies in offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru.

Kon Karapanagiotidis, CEO, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said:

Today is a landmark day. It i...


The R Word "IndyWatch Feed National"

Theres much to be learned from the recent furore over Kerri-Anne Kennerleys racist outburst, particularly for Kennerley herself, writes Dr Melinda McPherson.

The recent heated on-air screen exchange between Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Yumi Stynes in which Stynes called Kennerleys comments racist has received a great deal of media attention.

There is something about use of the r word in Australia that sparks hyperbolic reaction and offence from its recipients. Almost nobody accused of racism accepts or even contemplates the accusation may contain truth.

For this reason, calling out individual and institutional discrimination is a brave act. Such accusations are usually met with denial and demeaning of the accuser.

Consider Michael Longs experiences in the AFL and his eventual response to the behaviour of Damien Monkhurst. The AFL tried frantically to mediate the issue in private, delegitimising Longs experience by coercing him into a conciliatory publicity shot with Monkhurst. Longs continuing dissatisfaction led to systemic change at the AFL.

Each time an accusation of racism is denied, its targets learn that that their experiences are tangential to the hurt feelings of the accused.

In this most recent case, Kennerley embarked on what can only be described as a vitriolic attack upon protestors whom she claimed were doing nothing practical for Indigenous Australian women. When Stynes asked for evidence of Kennerleys perspective, Kennerley took the surreal step of demanding that Stynes disprove her view.

Stynes moved on to frame as racist the link drawn by Kennerley between Aboriginality and sexual abuse. Kennerly sidestepped that question and returned to her focus on the moral hypocrisy of protesters. Stynes persisted, questioning Kennerleys assertion that protestors, none of whom you know personally, are all lazy and idle. In another outburst, Kennerley replied, I did not say that. Stynes clarified, Youre asking if theyve ever done anything, as though its clear that they havent.

Despite Kennerleys objections, Stynes was spot on. To quote Kennerley, Youd [the protesters would]be better off actually going doing something positive.

At this point, the panel host intervened with a request that things be taken back a notch, stating were all educated people here. Kennerleys perspective can hardly be described as educated. In Moynihans words, everyone may be entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts. Not only did Kennerley fail to engage with the actual topic of discussion about the merits of keeping Australia Day on 26 January (and ergo the merits of a protest) but, having created her own topic, she provided no evidence to support her views. Her attempts at debate were a litany of d...


PERTH Charges laid over Meadow Springs, San Remo pursuit "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Charges laid over Meadow Springs, San Remo pursuit .

February 12, 2019 at 02:07PM .

stealing a motor vehicle, possessing a firearm and possessing a controlled weapon. He is due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today. .


PERTH Homeless man to face court following pursuit through Mandurah "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Homeless man to face court following pursuit through Mandurah .

February 12, 2019 at 01:56PM .

A 30-year-old man is set to appear in Perth Magistrates Court facing a string of burglary and reckless driving charges today, after being arrested .



PERTH Further warning to festival-goers after Perth scammer nets $10000 from fake tickets "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Further warning to festival-goers after Perth scammer nets $10000 from fake tickets .

February 12, 2019 at 10:27AM .

Police have joined those warning ticket buyers to be wary of purchasing tickets online amid rising fraudulent sales. Hannah Valentine, aged 19, from .


PERTH Notorious dine and dash woman sentenced to two years jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Notorious dine and dash woman sentenced to two years jail .

February 12, 2019 at 01:56PM .

Loder, who has been in custody since August, pleaded guilty in Perth Magistrates Court to 80 offences including fraud, stealing and possessing .


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