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Wednesday, 20 July


Wake Up World: Is Your Highly Conscious Life Going Nowhere? "IndyWatch Feed National"

20th July 2016 By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World âŹSWhy canâŹ"t I get this to work?âŹÂ Those were the words IâŹ"d ask myself when IâŹ"d recognize that, once again, what I so longed to create simply wasnâŹ"t happening. I felt stuck⏌ in life⏌ because this thing that I was pouring my heart and ...Continue Reading - Is Your Highly Conscious Life Going Nowhere?


Wake Up World: Why Thyroid Health Is Completely Dependent on Selenium "IndyWatch Feed National"

20th July 2016 By Dr. Edward Group Guest writer for Wake Up World The thyroid is essential to some of the bodyâŹ"s most critical processes, including the development of the nervous and skeletal systems.[1] For the thyroid to function normally, it must receive the right nutrition, and that means getting enough selenium. Selenium is an ...Continue Reading - Why Thyroid Health Is Completely Dependent on Selenium

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Tuesday, 19 July


Kangaroo Court of Australia: Sexual harassment complainant sacked by Channel Seven on Ryan Stokes’ watch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Channel Seven have sacked journalist Amy Taeuber after she complained to News Director Graham Archer about being sexually harassed by fellow Channel 7 journalist Rodney Lohse. The cover-up is in full swing right up to board level at Channel Seven’s owners, Seven West Media, and the parent company Seven Group Holdings whose CEO is Ryan Stokes. […]


TRUNEWS: German Ax Terrorist Reveals ISIS Ties> "IndyWatch Feed War"

Police have found a hand-painted Islamic State flag in the room of a young Afghan refugee who attacked passengers on a train in southern Germany with an axe, a state minister said on Tuesday.


ThereAreNoSunglasses: 14 Turkish Naval Ships and 2 Helicopters Loaded With Special Forces Missing Since Coup "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkish naval ships & choppers missing since botched coup, fears of Greece defections grow


FILE PHOTO, Turkish frigate F-495 TCG Gediz. © Wikipedia
Turkey’s navy is still unable to account for 14 ships, while two helicopters with 25 Special Forces troops are also missing since an unsuccessful coup plot against the government. There are now fears the military personnel could be seeking asylum in Greece.

With suspicions growing that the commanders of the vessels could have been behind a coup plot against the Turkish government and are now seeking asylum at Greek ports.

The ships were on duty in either the Aegean or the Black Seas on Friday before the coup to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took place. However, they have failed to return to port, though in theory radar and satellite tracking technology should be able to determine their locations, according to a report in the Times newspaper.



Signs of the Times: Starved seabirds found dead on Washington beaches "IndyWatch Feed World"

Seabirds have been washing up dead on beaches in Washington and British Columbia this summer. Something is taking a toll on a funny-sounding, peculiar-looking seabird. Julia Parrish studies seabirds at the University of Washington. She says volunteer beach-watchers on the Olympic Peninsula and across the water in Victoria have seen dozens of auklets wash up dead. A few of the bodies have been sent off to a federal forensics lab. "These birds are severely emaciated. So they starved to death," Parrish said. But scientists don't know yet why the birds starved. They're working to answer that question.


The Daily Sheeple: War Is Coming and the Global Financial Situation Is a Lot Worse Than You May Think "IndyWatch Feed World"


On the surface, things seem pretty quiet in mid-July 2016.  The biggest news stories are about the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, the stock market in the U.S. keeps setting new all-time record highs, and the media seems completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s love life.  But underneath the surface, it is a very different story.  As you will see below, the conditions for a “perfect storm” are coming together very rapidly, and the rest of 2016 promises to be much more chaotic than what we have seen so far.

Let’s start with China.  On Tuesday, an international tribunal in the Hague ruled against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.  The Chinese government announced ahead of time that they do not recognize the jurisdiction of the tribunal, and they have absolutely no intention of abiding by the ruling.  In fact, China is becoming even more defiant in the aftermath of this ruling.  We aren’t hearing much about it in the U.S. media, but according to international news reports Chinese president Xi Jinping has ordered the People’s Liberation Army “to prepare for comb.....


Public Intelligence Blog: Berto Jongman: Irresponsible Journalism & Information Technology Displace “The Truth” "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

How technology disrupted the truth

It seemed that journalists were no longer required to believe their own stories to be true, nor, apparently, did they need to provide evidence. Instead it was up to the reader – who does not even know the identity of the source – to make up their own mind. But based on what? Gut instinct, intuition, mood? Does the truth matter any more?


The Event Chronicle: Route 66 becoming green with charging stations, solar panels "IndyWatch Feed World"

Route 66 becoming green with charging stations, solar panels

Route 66, the historic U.S. highway made famous for attracting gas-guzzling Chevrolet Bel Airs and 1957 Cadillacs traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles, is turning green.

By Russell Contreras

The Mother Road has seen in recent months a growing number of electric car charging stations along the 2,500-mile path, and some states even are pushing for solar panels and electric buses.

In Illinois, where Route 66 begins, the state has installed a network of electric vehicle charging station from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. BMW, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are supporting the $1 million effort with technical help from the University of California at Davis. Officials say it the project will cover eight cities, and each site will have at least one fast-charging station.

“This infrastructure has the clear potential to save drivers money while delivering environmental benefits to the state and the nation,” Gustavo Collantes, with the UC Davis Policy Institute and lead of the Zero Emission MAP initiative, said at the time of the project’s announcement.



: Russian Fighter Jets Destroy ISIS Units in Homs Province "IndyWatch Feed War"

File photo: Reuters

File photo: Reuters

Russian fighter jets have been pounding ISIS units in Syria’s Homs province with special attention to areas near the ancient city of Palmyra.

ISIS had been contentrated a significant number of manpower and military hardware along the highway between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor to strengthen the group’s ongoing advance on the ancient city. However, heavy air strikes of Russian fighter jets don’t allow terrorists to use the advantage in the manpower.

Menawhile, Syrian warplanes destroyed terrorists units near the town of al-Salamiyah in Hama province, claiming lives of “scores of terrorists,” according to pro-government sources.

The intensification of air raids in Homs and Hama came amid heavy clashes in northern Latakia and near the city of Aleppo where the Syrian army is trying to breach the terrorist defenses.

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Signs of the Times: Corbyn maintains massive lead over coup rivals Smith & Eagle: Labour members new poll result "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite sustained attacks from Blairite MPs and mainstream media outlets, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's political stock has soared among the membership, with polls indicating he'd beat either of his challengers by 20 points. The poll carried out by YouGov in collaboration with the Times found the socialist leader would get 54 percent of the vote in a leadership contest, compared to 21 percent for challenger Angela Eagle and 15 percent for Owen Smith, who is being framed as a left-leaning candidate. Angela Eagle, whose voting record includes backing the war in Iraq, served as shadow business secretary under Corbyn before making a tearful resignation. It later transpired she had registered an 'Angela for Leader' website two days previously. Welsh MP Owen Smith was not in parliament at the time of the Iraq War, so is untainted by its legacy. He has also sought to position himself as an anti-austerity candidate of the soft-left. On Monday he somewhat controversially declared himself as "normal" because he has a wife and children. It is unclear whether he was delineating himself from Eagle, who is openly lesbian.


Signs of the Times: House hit twice by lightning moments apart near Bend, Oregon "IndyWatch Feed World"

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but one couple who live in the Alfalfa area east of Bend said their house was hit by lightning twice Monday morning. "It hit twice, almost simultaneously," said ersident Kathy Nash. She said the storm started around 7:30 a.m. Monday morning, and at 8 a.m. lightning hit their home twice. Kathy was inside and her husband Randy was in the yard when the storm hit. "I was on the way back in through the barnyard when the first lightning hit, and it was right there above my head," Randy Nash said. "You could actually hear the crackling of the bolt and the thunder at the same time.". Kathy said she knew something unusual was about to happen because her dog started acting up.


Signs of the Times: Are organisms quantum machines? "IndyWatch Feed World"

If there's any subject that perfectly encapsulates the idea that science is hard to understand, it's quantum physics. Scientists tell us that the miniature denizens of the quantum realm behave in seemingly impossible ways: they can exist in two places at once, or disappear and reappear somewhere else instantly. The one saving grace is that these truly bizarre quantum behaviours don't seem to have much of an impact on the macroscopic world as we know it, where "classical" physics rules the roost. Or, at least, that's what scientists thought until a few years ago.


Dear Kitty. Some blog: Northern flicker woodpeckers in nestbox in the USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers Feeding Babies

15 July 2016

The Northern Flicker nestlings are growing fast – one has left the nest box and two remain. Like the Red Bellied Woodpeckers, the Flicker kids are really big babies – spending almost a month in the nest box – and feeding them is not for the faint of heart!



The Mind Unleashed: An Open Letter to our So-Called Leaders #Occupyemail "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dear (insert name of politician, journalist, community representative or celebrity),

I am writing to raise information with you that is important for everybody to know. It doesn’t appear that you’re aware of it because if you were, I would like to assume that you’d share it through your networks to assist achieving the real change that we need.

Before I continue, I note that you appear as a genuine man/woman who really wants the best for your community and human family. However, when you’re focusing on the wrong problems, how can you expect to find the right solutions? There’s no need to be ashamed either; the public at large have been led astray from the real questions, and therefore the real answers, which is obviously one of the problems that will be identified below.

The many issues I’m referring to can generally be captured in a few primary areas. If we deal with these challenges, then the rest of the peripheral ones will be much easier to tackle.

1) The first problem area is the corrupted money supply.

It is a complex system (or at least purposely designed to be perceived that way), but simply described it is a debt-based model where so-called governments of the world, and therefore its people, loan money from a transnational banking monopoly and then pay it back with interest.

This is in contrast to sovereign nations which used to, and still can if they choose to, issue their own currency to create an honest and productive supply of money for its people. In layman’s terms, governments don’t need to borrow money, they can make it themselves (just like the private banks do) in an economically sound way, so that it directly benefits the people. This includes ensuring the hidden tax of inflation does not occur.

2) The second problem area is private banking.

This mechanism should be publicly owned for the public good, but it’s not. Money is created...


Alternative News Network: Gold Holds Near Two-Week Low as Risk Appetite Rises on U.S. Data "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Gold has consolidated near the low of the past two weeks following on from its Brexit rally.

Having increased by 25% since the beginning of the year the pause in its rally comes as Barnabas Gan, an economist at Singapore-based Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp observes that “Market risk-on sentiment seems to have gone back” on the table, as reported by Bloomberg today.

Recent positive economic data out of the U.S. including positive retails sales, consumer prices and employment statistics have lured investors back in to the equity markets and trimmed the rally in gold. However, this recent positive economic news needs to be viewed against the backdrop of it being an election year in the U.S. and the desire of the White House to create a connection between positive economic sentiment and the democratic administration.

You can read the full article here

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: 257 Staffers of Prime Minister Office Ousted After Turkish Coup Attempt "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim chairs a cabinet meeting in Ankara, Turkey, July 18, 2016. Image by: HANDOUT/ Hakan Goktepe/Prime Minister's Press Office / REUTERS

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim chairs a cabinet meeting in Ankara, Turkey, July 18, 2016.
Image by: HANDOUT/ Hakan Goktepe/Prime Minister’s Press Office / REUTERS

The Turkish government has ousted 257 staffers from the Prime Minister’s office following the failed  coup attempt, Hurriyet has reported.

The staffers’ property were confiscated.

Late on July 15, the Turkish government said that a coup attempt was taking place in the country. The Erdogan regime repelled the attempt by early Saturda. Thousands of military, judiciary and civil service members have been detained or removed from the office in Turkey.

Turkish President has accused Fethullah Gülen of orchestrating the failed coup and called on the United States to extradite him to Turkey. Gulen has denied any involvement in the coup attempt.

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Dear Kitty. Some blog: European Union demands more austerity in Spain, Portugal "IndyWatch Feed World"


By Alejandro López and Paul Mitchell:

EU demands more austerity after Spain and Portugal fail to cut deficits

19 July 2016

For the first time in its history, the European Union (EU) is threatening fines and other sanctions on Spain and Portugal for failing to keep their budget deficits below the 3 percent of GDP target. Last year, Spain’s deficit was 5.1 percent and Portugal’s was 4.4 percent. This year, they are forecast to remain above the target.

The European Council of EU heads of state said the two countries, whose economies have been devastated by years of EU austerity, have until July 22 to come up with new proposed cuts.

According to Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers, “zero sanctions” are another possibility—that is, a symbolic penalty while more budget cuts are prepared. Payi...


Signs of the Times: Antibiotic resistance raising the specter of 'untreatable gonorrhea' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new federal health surveillance study says gonorrhea is becoming resistant to azithromycin - one of the duo of antibiotics recommended for treating the sexually transmitted disease in the United States. The study, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is published in the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae that infects the genitals, rectum, and throat. Gonorrhea occurs in both men and women, and is one of the most common STDs in the U.S. It is especially common among young people of 15-24 years of age. The CDC estimate that every year, around 800,000 gonorrhea infections occur in the U.S., although more than half are undiagnosed. The number of American men diagnosed with gonorrhea has gone up in recent years.


: Syrian army kills 8 ISIS Terrorists in Aleppo and Destroys Terrorists’ Sites in Homs "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Syrian army hit ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra positions in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and the countryside of Homs. Terrorist and their military hardware in the districts were destroyed; a number of terrorists were killed and injured.

Photo: AP Photo / Alexander Kots

A Syrian army unit killed 8 ISIS terrorists and destroyed a cannon and two cars used by militants to convey weapons and ammunition in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the Mehr news agency reported on July 18, citing an unnamed military source.

Another unit of the army hit Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS positions in Homs.

The military source said, that the Army’s air forces targeted ISIL movements and gatherings in the surroundings of al-Shaer oil field and Huweisees village in the eastern countryside of Homs. As a result, ISIL vehicles and positions were destroyed.

Army airstrikes also hit a gathering of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the vicinity of al-Ghajar village, 30 km north of Homs city. According to the source, terrorists’ dens in the site were destroyed and a number of the terrorists were wounded or killed.

As South Front reported last week, airstrikes on the facilities of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria’s districts east of Palmyra and the Homs province were also delivered by the Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces.



: Report: Fox News CEO to Be Fired Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Everett Numbers | ANTIMEDIA The henhouse is kicking out the fox. Anonymous sources cited by New York Magazine claim Roger Ailes will be fired from his position of CEO at Fox News. The report says the termination comes at the request … Continue reading


Signs of the Times: Sun makes nervous face with hole in its head [VIDEO] "IndyWatch Feed World"

The sun has been making some anxious faces lately — but you'd be worried, too, if a huge hole had just opened up on your head. The sun's apparent nervousness crops up in photos captured over the past few days by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO); you can see the gorgeous images compiled into a video here. The sun's "eyes" are actually active regions, which serve as launch pads for solar flares and the eruptions of superheated solar plasma known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs). And the anxious, crinkly mouth is a coronal hole, a relatively cool and dark region where the sun's magnetic field lies open to interplanetary space.


The Event Chronicle: Empowerment Through Sensitivity: The 10 Types Of Empaths "IndyWatch Feed World"

Empowerment Through Sensitivity: The 10 Types Of Empaths

By Dylan Harper

Our sensitivity can empower us in ways we can’t quite understand. Find out what kind of an empath you are and how you can become a better person through simple awareness.

In today’s society, sensitivity is viewed as a weakness, which is kind of ironic because our sensitivity can be quite empowering.

So, how can we become empowered by a trait that makes us soft and delicate, in a world dominated by loud and overpowering people? Yes, it is true that many empaths may seem weak and even get overpowered, but there is another aspect to this sensitivity.

Deep down, way beyond the veil of our superficial personas, all empaths have something distinctly quiet and quite powerful. This power doesn’t dominate or overpower people but rather empowers one in an extremely useful way.

This gift allows empaths to benefit in the long term by gathering psychological, emotional, and physical information from their surroundings. This information is usually inaccessible to the unreceptive mind.

Although it is indeed correct that empaths cannot bully...


Signs of the Times: Zika virus mystery: New Utah case stumps researchers "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a puzzling case, a person in Utah became infected with the Zika virus, but health officials can't figure out how the person contracted it. The infected person was a caregiver for an elderly man who had Zika. But the case is mysterious: As far as health officials can tell, the caregiver wasn't exposed to Zika in a way that would transmit the virus, at least from what's currently known about Zika. So far, the only way Zika was thought to spread from person to person is through sexual contact, and the caregiver did not have sexual contact with anyone who had Zika. "Zika continues to surprise us," and there's still a lot we don't know about the virus, Dr. Satish Pillai, incident manager for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Zika response, said at a news conference today (July 18).


Dear Kitty. Some blog: Hare, spoonbills, other Voorne island wildlife "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 16 July 2016 video about Beninger Slikken nature reserve on Voorne island in the Netherlands shows a hare, spoonbills, a young shelduck and other wildlife.



TruthTheory: GPS Eggs Will Be Used To “Crack Down” On Endangered Turtle Poaching "IndyWatch Feed World"

3223281782_aa708deaea_bby Luke Miller Truth Theory A group of conservationists have created 3D printed turtle eggs which contain a GPS tracker. The idea is set to […]


Signs of the Times: Storing data on the atomic scale - Rewritable device built [VIDEO] "IndyWatch Feed World"

Delft University of Technology researchers combined a copper surface with chlorine atoms to build a device with "information density as high as 500 terabits per square inch." Tiny 'Atomic Memory' Device Could Store All Books Ever Written


TruthTheory: A Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence "IndyWatch Feed World"

28287507986_f6e4d7b6e4_zby Jim Naureckas via Common Dreams The New York Times (7/15/16), writing about the man who reportedly killed 84 people in a truck attack in […]


BlogFactory: Young Axe-Wielding Afghan Attacks Train Passengers In Germany As American Police Car Is Firebombed In Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

Crazy people committing random acts of senseless violence is rapidly becoming the “new normal” in the western world.  On Monday, a police vehicle was firebombed in Daytona, Florida by someone that was enraged by the recent shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  And over in Europe, an axe-wielding Islamic terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he started wildly attacking passengers on a train in southern Germany.  Authorities say that the young man was originally from Afghanistan, and according to the Mirror he was shot dead before he could flee the scene of the attack…

The horror began at around 9mpm local time when the teenager stormed a train that was traveling close to Wurzburg in southern Germany.

He then shouted “Allahu Akbar” – which means God is greatest – before launching into the terrifying attack on innocent passengers and then attempted to flee.

News outlets in Germany have claimed the crazed attacker was shot dead by armed police as he tried to escape.

Even though this 17-year-old Afghan terrori...


Signs of the Times: Loud explosion reported over north Oxfordshire, UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

We've had a couple of enquiries from viewers about a loud bang over Oxfordshire on Saturday evening. We're trying to get to the bottom of it but did you hear it? Becca Myram contacted to say ' Last night, late evening about 9pm there was an incredibly loud bang over north Oxfordshire. I live just outside Banbury on the Stratford on Avon side. 'Bang was like an explosion or whip cracking, I thought something had landed on the conservatory roof but it was just a sound. Was it a sonic boom?' Well, we're trying to get to the bottom of it- but please leave us a message on our Facebook page if you have the answer!


Dear Kitty. Some blog: Child poverty in Britain rising "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

6 February 2016

A part of Dispatches collection, Breadline Kids asks daring questions about food poverty in the UK, asking children what it’s like to live when the cupboards are bare, and what desperate measures parents take to feed their kids.

By Joe Mount:

Child poverty soars in Britain

19 July 2016

The number of children living in poverty in the UK has surged by 200,000 in recent years, as austerity measures and economic crises have driven down the living standards of millions of working class families.

On Tuesday, the Department for Work and Pensions published the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics for 2014/15. They reveal that 3.9 million children now live in families that struggle to make ends meet—29 percent of all children. An individual is considered to live in relative poverty if their income is below 60 percent of the median household income. The poverty threshold for a family with two children is a miserly £435 per week.

As with official figures generally, the number of children living in poverty is most certainly an underestimation.

A separate analysis of the new data was performed by the Resolution Foundation. It reported a 9 percen...


Signs of the Times: Ancient logbook documenting Great Pyramid's construction unveiled "IndyWatch Feed World"

A logbook that contains records detailing the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza has been put on public display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built in honor of the pharaoh Khufu (reign ca. 2551 B.C.-2528 B.C.) and is the largest of the three pyramids constructed on the Giza plateau in Egypt. Considered a "wonder of the world" by ancient writers, the Great Pyramid was 481 feet (146 meters) tall when it was first constructed. Today it stands 455 feet (138 meters) high. The logbook was written in hieroglyphic letters on pieces of papyri. Its author was an inspector named Merer, who was "in charge of a team of about 200 men," archaeologists Pierre Tallet and Gregory Marouard wrote in an article published in 2014 in the journal Near Eastern Archaeology.


: Paul Ryan Distributes Mailer Filled with False Propaganda Voters should Reject "IndyWatch Feed War"

Every member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election in November. Taking their track record into account, one can expect to see plenty of “smoke and mirrors” campaign rhetoric, flyers and mailers. Out of the shoot for the … Continue reading


TruthTheory: Transparent Bubble Tent Lets You Sleep Underneath The Stars "IndyWatch Feed World"

inflatable-clear-bubble-tent-house-dome-outdoor-3by Paulina tikunova via Bored Panda If you thought the glass igloo hotel in Finland was cool, then you’ll love this unique tent. The wizards […]


Signs of the Times: Fracking associated with increased risk of asthma attacks "IndyWatch Feed World"

People with asthma who live near bigger or larger numbers of active unconventional natural gas wells operated by the fracking industry in Pennsylvania are 1.5 to four times likelier to have asthma attacks than those who live farther away, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research suggests. The findings, published July 18 in JAMA Internal Medicine, add to a growing body of evidence tying the fracking industry to health concerns. Health officials have been concerned about the effect of this type of drilling on air and water quality, as well as the stress of living near a well where just developing the site of the well can require more than 1,000 truck trips on once-quiet roads. The fracking industry has developed more than 9,000 wells in Pennsylvania in just the past decade.


TruthTheory: We Already Know How To Reduce Police Racism And Violence "IndyWatch Feed World"

maxresdefaultRecent research has shown cities what works. For starters, hire more female police officers. by Kate Stringer via Yes Magazine After being pulled over for […]


: Mainstream Admits Hitler Never Killed Himself, Was Allowed to Escape — Died an Old Man "IndyWatch Feed War"

Long considered the purely fictitious musings of conspiracy theorists, rumors Adolf Hitler did not die in a murder-suicide pact with his newlywed, Eva Braun — but instead escaped to live under the radar in South America — might actually hold … Continue reading


Alternative News Network: eBay Stock: What to Expect When eBay Inc Reports Earnings "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Patrick Brik BAS

EBAY Stock Earnings Preview
eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) stock is expected to report its first-quarter earnings on July 20, 2016 after market close.

Once a quarter, management reports earnings. On a scheduled conference call, EBAY stock management outlines the company’s current state of affairs and provides guidance regarding its future business prospects. The conference call also presents an opportunity for analysts to discuss the current results in an open forum. This event has had a history of causing significant volatility in EBAY stock.

Swings post-earnings are.

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Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines: Samantha Bee on the 41st ‘And Possibly the Last’ Republican National Convention (Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The “Full Frontal” host gave fast, clever and funny introduction to “conservatella 2016” on Monday night and interviewed 2 people in charge of organizing elements of the RNC who had very different opinions about just how screwed the host city Cleveland, Ohio, will be during the convention.

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: Council Member: French Citizens Are “Getting Ready For War” "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gun club memberships quadruple after terror attacks as mood turns nasty A city councilor in southern France warns that some French citizens are gearing up for civil war as memberships of gun clubs explode in the aftermath of three massive … Continue reading


Alternative News Network: Tesla Motors Inc: This Is the No. 1 Reason to Bail on Tesla Stock "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Alessandro Bruno, BA, MA

Tesla Stock Is Too Overpriced
Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) wants to revolutionize the automobile with 100% electric cars and advanced technologies. However, its efforts have been undermined by a recent series of snags. Don’t let the frequent bullish runs in Tesla stock charm you. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sings a siren song and many investors risk crashing their portfolios against sharp rocks in the long run.

You see, dear reader and likely Tesla stock contemplator, Tesla stock is simply too expensive. Its valuation is several times above book value—how does 31 times.

The post Tesla Motors Inc: This Is the No. 1 Reason to Bail on Tesla Stock appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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Alternative News Network: 279%+ Upside for Direxion Daily Jr Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Robert Appel, B.A., B.C.L., L.L.B

More Upside for Direxion Daily Jr Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF?
This is my sixth consecutive (monthly) update on the longshot pick Direxion Daily Jr Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF (NYSEARCA:JNUG) stock. I originally highlighted this pick for Profit Confidential readers during the third week of January 2016.

Looking carefully at the accompanying chart below, the following observations come to mind:

Based on the Friday, July 15 close, the potential gain from time of selection would be approximately 1,098%. This is not too shabby, even in the context of the greatest (and arguably most.

The post 279%+ Upside for Direxion Daily Jr Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF? appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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: #NeverTrump Delegates Disrupt Convention in “Last Ditch Effort” to Block Nomination "IndyWatch Feed War"

So far the RNC convention has produced an unruly cadre of delegates who made a rowdy display of stopping Trump, and forced a roll call state by state. These are the desperate voices of the old line establishment hoping in … Continue reading


Alternative News Network: MSFT Stock: 1 Reason to be Bullish on Microsoft Corporation "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC

The Outlook for MSFT Stock
Earnings season is in full swing, and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is back under the microscope after the closing bell on Tuesday. A lot of seemingly negative things happened in the second quarter, but MSFT stock could surge if the company beats forecasts…

Analysts are forecasting earnings between $0.58 and $0.60 per share, which is slightly less than a year before. Although the company has a long history of outperforming these estimates, they fell short last quarter, which led to sharp stumble in MSFT stock.

The share price fell.

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JULY 18, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Wherever the American regime and the genocidal Zionist entity are engaging in skullduggery anywhere in the world, the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness and its UAE partner are usually right around the corner. And now thanks to Mujtahidd, the infamous Saudi “royal” Twitter activist with a secret identity who […]


Alternative News Network: Cisco Systems, Inc; This Could Be a Game Changer for CSCO Stock "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Alessandro Bruno, BA, MA

CSCO Stock is Hitting New Records
Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has offered some of the most reliable returns in 2016. Cisco stock has risen 12.91% year-to-date. In short, Cisco has strong intrinsic qualities. Its valuation appears attractive and its financial situation and profitability offer assurances for investors, considering Cisco stock. A majority of analysts have listed it as a ‘Buy’.

Technically, Cisco stock has crossed upwards the $29.90, setting a new record.

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Dear Kitty. Some blog: Dragonflies, other wildlife of Voorne island "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 15 July 2016 video shows butterflies, a male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly, other dragonflies, and other wildlife in the Mallebos woodland of Voorne island in the Netherlands.



: Axe-Wielding Terrorist Attacks Train Passengers In Germany And A Police Car Is Firebombed In Florida "IndyWatch Feed War"

Crazy people committing random acts of senseless violence is rapidly becoming the “new normal” in the western world.  On Monday, a police vehicle was firebombed in Daytona, Florida by someone that was enraged by the recent shooting deaths of Alton … Continue reading


: Ohio: Muslim Man Guns Down Woman Police Officer – Mainstream Media SILENT "IndyWatch Feed War"

The mainstream media does everything it can to cover for Islamic jihadis, and for Islam itself. Here a Muslim fired upon a police officer with an AK-47 — and the mainstream media is silent. It’s beyond shameful. This is why … Continue reading


: Rove-Romney-Kasich plot against Trump in Cleveland? "IndyWatch Feed War"

The 2016 Republican National Convention that began yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio, promises to be that rare GOP Convention that’s boycotted by the party’s super luminaries. Neither of the former President Bushes will attend, nor will former Republican presidential nominees John … Continue reading


Perth Indymedia: Black Lives Matter Here Too "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to cause reverberations throughout the United States, exposing the racist core at the heart of the world’s most powerful nation. But racism is integral to the functioning of capitalism in Australia too, as Aboriginal deaths in custody, Islamophobia, and hatred of refugees continue to leave a dark stain on […]


Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines: The Best Reporting on Mike Pence Through the Years "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Sarah Smith / ProPublica

Through accountability stories and other in-depth reports, we took a look back at the career of the Indiana governor who Donald Trump has picked as his running mate.

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JULY 16, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah It’s official. Call the Turkey coup EXACTLY what it is: A Zionist-CIA conspiracy. Erdogan said outright that the putschists took their orders from Pennsylvania–a direct reference to the residence of exiled Turkish cult leader Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan’s arch-nemesis and the CIA’s favorite Turkish destabilization agent–and now it has […]


Alternative News Network: NATO: Agent for the Provocation of Perpetual War; Poland Occupied by Foreign Armies "IndyWatch Feed World"

By admin


By Julian Rose

NATO: Agent for the Provocation of Perpetual War

Poland Occupied by Foreign Armies

Poland, a Country repeatedly occupied by foreign armies in the past, is once again suffering the humiliation of foreign troops encroaching upon her sovereign territory. Only this time, the occupying armies are under the flag of NATO and the agenda is the establishment of an ostensibly anti Russian ‘war theatre’ – a logistical bridge-head in preparation for a possible Third World War.

Not surprisingly, I am deeply troubled by this manoevring. As a British citizen working in Poland for the past fourteen years, I feel a keen sense of the injustice being perpetrated upon the Polish people. Most fail to realize that the nation is being led down a road which could end-up establishing a dangerous precident: a near permanent US led foreign army on Polish soil.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this ‘occupation’ is that it is being welcomed with open arms by the Polish government, which appears obsessed with the notion that the Russian Federation may be planning to invade Poland. But any realistic evidence for this is entirely lacking, rendering the entire exercise nothing short of criminal.

The degree of carefully controlled NATO propaganda being put out by the national government is unprecedented in recent history. It resembles, but is far more efficient, than the techniques used by the Communists during their occupation of pre 1989 Poland. This resemblance is reinforced by that fact that the present...


: France Becomes Constant Subject of Jihadists "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US will squeeze NATO to the end, at which point the Alliance will fall apart



Interview conducted by Antoinette Kiselincheva with Boyan Chukov, a former two term adviser to the former Bulgarian Prime Minister on issues of security and international politics. Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Mr. Chukov, why did France once again became the object of terror? Can we look for systematic targets in the actions of terrorists?

France is in one of the top places in the statistics, when it comes to this. Very close to it ranks Belgium. Brussels and Paris are like “chained vessels” in terms of European jihadists. These are two countries in Europe that have huge and uncontrolled by the Special Forces, Arab diasporas. They are irradiated by the propaganda of the Islamic State and many other radical Islamist organizations. Belgium is a “rear base” of jihadists operating in France. Some time ago, al-Qaida had a branched network on French territory, which gradually transformed into the Islamic state. The personnel is the same. Jihadists in France have well-organized “affiliates” in the Maghreb and the Levant. France made a fatal mistake. Under external pressure, Paris refused to be a full partner of Moscow in the battle against jihadists in Syria. But France and R...


Perth Indymedia: Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie on the Pokemon Go phenomenon "IndyWatch Feed National"

We speak with Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie, Adjunct Research Fellow with Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts and founder and creative director at Games We Play about the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. A bit of editorial (aka ranting) from some of the Indymedia team who couldn’t help but also weigh in […]


The 4th Media: Europe after the Brexit – Hell is Other People "IndyWatch Feed World"

Europe after the Brexit, NATO summit in Warsaw and Turkish geopolitical vertigo A freshly released IMF’s World Economic Outlook brings no comforting picture to anyone within the G-7, especially in the US and EU. The Brexit after-shock is still to reverberate around. In one other EXIT, Sartre’s Garcin famously says: ‘Hell is other people’. Business […]


Giza Death Star: BEAR WITH ME… TODAY’S BLOG WILL BE LATE "IndyWatch Feed War"

Folks please bear with me today. Today's blog will probably appear some time tonight as several things have landed all at once: the Turkish coup attempt has flooded my emails, so I've been behind going through…

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: My research - stepping back into the shadows for a while "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

After 48 years of researching the phenomenon, I am about to make a few changes to my research program and methodology, effective 1 August 2016, in order to re-focus my available time and finances.

1. I recently gave a series of talks and workshops in Sydney, New South Wales.

I have decided that these will be the last physical talks/workshops I will undertake. While talks and workshops have, over the years, proved a very useful way to share information and network, I can see that today's digital world which we all live in, provides other means of communicating my research findings and interacting with other researchers.

2. I will be integrating my two blogs, this one and 'Magonia Down Under' and publishing material solely on this blog. In addition, I will be ceasing publishing blog posts on new books on UAP, as these posts do take up quite a bit of my time.

3. Many people I have spoken to, find that publishing material on UAP on Facebook, is a most unsatisfying experience. However, for whatever reason, be it vanity, or fear of missing something, few have quit using Facebook for this purpose. I personally have found that keeping track of the contents of some 45 Australian Facebook pages on UAP, is both time consuming and, ultimately of very little research value. So, I am taking a personal stand and ceasing usi...


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog: New UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a “very outspoken friend of israel” "IndyWatch Feed War"

New UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a “very outspoken friend of Israel” ALSO Watch: New UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledges loyalty to Israel   Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes: Boris Johnson, Britain’s newly appointed foreign secretary, is best known for his buffoonery, but beneath his clownish exterior lurks a deadly serious […]


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog: israel on verge of civil war: Herzog "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel on verge of civil war: Herzog Israeli politicians inciting hatred, racism: Israeli opposition leader Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog has warned of “growing hatred and racism” being incited by right-wing politicians in Israel. “We are on the verge of an uprising of hatred, racism, darkness and upcoming killings and […]


Echonetdaily: Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box: Dying to be funny "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Apparently I am likely to die prematurely. Well, at the very least a few years sooner than comedic or serious actors. A recent study shows that the funnier you are as a comedian, the shorter your lifespan is. Standup comedians don’t do well in the longevity stakes.

I heard this reported on Radio National when driving to a gig the other night. I almost drove into an oncoming truck. I thought, if I do that it means that I’m really funny. Like totally piss-funny. Drop-dead funny. Now, if I live to 89, or beyond, it will be proof that in the funny arena, I wasn’t even pulling a below average. That’s a pretty harsh performance review.

To be successful you have to leave the spotlight for the big light. I mean, when you are driving to a gig you don’t want to hear that if you were really talented you need to die. I’m already working in a bowling club. In a regional village.
I’m only a few rungs up the career ladder and to truly succeed I need to fall off.

I have to admit that standup comedy is not a career path that encourages good habits. For a start, you only work an hour a day a few times a week at best. You spend most of your time talking about yourself. And not reall...


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog: Israel’s Wolf-Crying about Iran’s Bomb "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel’s Wolf-Crying about Iran’s Bomb Despite Israeli and neocon-led doomsday talk, the year-old Iranian nuclear agreement has achieved its principal goal of stopping Iran from getting the Bomb and has even quieted alarums from Israel, writes Trita Parsi. By Trita Parsi A year has passed since diplomats from Iran and the P5+1 (China, France, Russia, […]


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog: America’s Failure to Protect Voting, ” The best democracy money can buy” "IndyWatch Feed War"

America’s Failure to Protect Voting America may call itself democracy’s gold standard, but it fails to guarantee the right to vote and permits the dominance of political money, a shameful anomaly that requires a constitutional amendment, writes William John Cox. By William John Cox With their government under the control of corporations and special interests, the People of the United States […]


: Military situation in Syria’s Manbij – Map Update "IndyWatch Feed War"

The map depicts the military situation in Syria’s Manbij

Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: Would security agencies be interested in Australian UAP groups? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Back in 1956

The short answer is yes, they have been. As long ago as 1956, the Commonwealth Investigation Service, retained a file titled 'The Australian Flying Saucer Research Society.' It can be viewed on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website, file series A1533, control symbol 1956/2773. The two pages are a file cover, and a newspaper article. The article included the statement that 'The Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS) will have its telescopes trained on the planet (Mars)...'

Onto 2004
In 2004, I located a second security file, this time on the Queensland Flying Saucer Bureau  (QFSB). NAA file series A6122, control symbol 2155 has a date range of 1959-1973. It originated with the Australian Security Intelligence Service (ASIO).
The file features:

- A 1959 'secret' report on the group which in part stated 'There is some communist influence in the Bureau.'
- A listing of individuals who attended a 1959 'Play Reading' evening.
- A 1960 memo forwarding a letter from Adelaide UFOlogist Fred Stone.
- A 1961 memo concerning an employee of the Weapons Research Establishment.
- A 'secret' 1962 memo forwarding a report on the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society.
- Two 1963 Department of Supply memos about an individual involved in Scientology.
- A 1971 memo about the 1963 Scientology individual.
- A 1972 memo about Adelaide UFOlogist Colin Norris.

No further security files concerning Austr...


The Vineyard of the Saker: Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/07/19 … Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed War"

2016/07/19 06:00:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Echonetdaily: Earth’n’Sea Pizza 40th anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Remember a time back in 1976 when it seemed like Earth ’n’ Sea pizza and Mexican Mick’s were the only two places in town? The pizza place, started by Bill Wheatley and Ian Hamilton 40 years ago, and immediately popular with surfers, has been part of the fabric in the growth of Byron, and current owners David and Denise will be celebrating in style this August, in the restaurant at the corner of Fletcher St and Byron St.

‘When we took over from Bill in 2003, I remember his turning back at the door and saying, “It’s your job now, don’t fuck it up”,’ laughs Denise. ‘I remember those words quite clearly! Because we’ve been here so long, we’ve seen it all… people on their first dates, people proposing and even marrying in the restaurant…’

David recalls serving a table of Finnish people who, ten years previously, were all around the table as friends, and then returned ten years later with all their own children. ‘It’s almost an evolutionary thing where people come as kids, and then return with their own kids,’ David says. ‘We find a lot of local people, whose children might have shifted away to Sydney, often return to Earth ’n’ Sea with three generations as that’s a place they all remember.’

The purchase of Earth ’n’ Sea was completely fortuitous. Denise says, ‘We were sitting in Mokha one day when David spied Earth ’n’ Sea over my shoulder. “That’s the business for us,” said David, but it wasn’t listed for sale anywhere.’ Approaching Chris Hanley, from Byron Bay First National, the only real estate agent in his office over Easter, they found that he had only one business on his books, Earth ’n’ Sea, that Bill had put on the market only two days previously.’

Added to that, in an amazing coincidence, Denise’s father and Bill Wheatley later discovered that they’d met on a ship from Hong Kong in 1972. ‘There’s a big world out there,’ says Denise. The couple have run restaurants on the island of Lesbos and 16th-century pubs in England, an...


Echonetdaily: Special recipe "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

By Julie Ray

I was told by a friend that you can get a delicious recipe for dinner just by entering all the ingredients that you have in your fridge into a program on a website that she gave me.

I was so excited, so I entered:

• Decomposed bean sprouts
• Petrified mushrooms
• Limp carrot
• A potato with more eyes than a fly
• Mushy tomato
• Slimy celery
• Mouldy zucchini
• And sour cream that was once pouring cream.

And it came back with compost.

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Echonetdaily: A forage then a feast "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sample Food Festival’s opening ticketed lunch is now on sale. Always a popular lead-in to the festival (of which The Echo is again a proud sponsor), this year’s lunch will be one to remember.

Harvest’s ‘chief forager’ Peter Hardwick has been given the job to source the finest local ingredients for the region’s best chefs to prepare a grazing-style menu under the marquee on Bangalow Showground.

The lunch chefs this year are:

Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy (Three Blue Ducks), Sarah Swan (100 Mile Table), Katrina Kanetani (Town), Bret Cameron (Harvest), Monique Guterres (Seaweed Cuisine) and Clayton Donovan (Jaaning Tree).

Expect several courses with matching wines by Devil’s Corner, Tasmania, and beer by Byron’s own Stone & Wood. $120 per person all inclusive. It sells out quickly – book early!
Info: Friday 2 September midday on Bangalow Showground. Reservations by email:

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Echonetdaily: Jemma’s spiritual ceremony "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Jemma from Naked Treaties, having just returned from taking groups with her teachers on spiritual pilgrimage through the Andes of Peru, will be sharing a sacred Mayan cacao ceremony at Splendour in the Grass in the Bohemian Lounge.

‘Working with the medicine of cacao in a traditional and ceremonial way allows us to dive deep into our hearts and reconnect to the joy, truth and love of who we really are, activating our highest potential in a safe, easy and fun way,’ says Jemma.

Jemma will be sharing the ceremony, combined with music from local musos, after the Gyuto monks and our Indigenous peoples’ closing ceremony in the Bohemian Lounge at Splendour.

Jemma Gawned from Naked Treaties in ceremony in the ancient ruins of Puma Marka

Jemma Gawned from Naked Treaties in ceremony in the ancient ruins of Puma Marka

The post Jemma’s spiritual ceremony appeared first o...

15:00 Original: Should Police Use Bombs To Kill Criminals? "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the wake of the two seemingly outrageous slayings of African American men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana and the equally heinous retaliatory killings of five police officers in Dallas by a black former Army Reservist, questions have been raised in all three cases about excessive police behavior. Police surrogates on the cable TV […]

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15:00 Original: 9/11: 28 Pages Later "IndyWatch Feed War"

In December of 2002, Congress released its report on the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.” Part of that report, anyway: 28 pages remained classified until July 15, 2016, when they were finally presented to the public with significant redactions. Why the long wait, and […]

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13:42 Computer Memory Technology Uses Single Atoms to Store Data "IndyWatch Feed War"

This atom-scale memory technology will probably ship around the same time that the Mr. Fusion does, but it’s an interesting read anyway. Back in the real world, the upcoming 3D XPoint (aka Optane) technology will become mainstream in a couple of years and that offers 1000x faster performance and 10x the density of existing SSDs. […]


Aidan Ricketts: Hung parliament: An outbreak of democracy. "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As the dust settles on an extraordinary federal election; we came very close to a hung parliament as nearly a quarter of voters rejected the two major parties.

Despite the duopolistic commentary flowing from the big old parties, I personally don’t see a hung parliament as a bad outcome. A hung parliament is [...]



: Syrian Army advances in thei Turkmen Mountains of Latakia: map "IndyWatch Feed War"

AlMasdarNews reports: The Syrian Marines, backed by the Desert Hawks Brigade (Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra), reportedly captured three hilltop villages from the jihadist rebels of Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) in the Turkmen Mountains of northern Latakia tonight.

According to a media correspondent that is embedded with the Desert Hawks Brigade in northern Latakia, the Syrian Armed Forces captured the villages of Ruwaysat Rasho, Sher Al-Dab’aa, ‘Ayn Bidda after a fierce battle with Jaysh Al-Fateh near the key hilltop of Tal Qal’at.

Despite the good news for the Syrian Armed Forces at the Jabal Turkmen axis, the situation at Kinsibba is repeatedly very tense as Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda group) attempts to recapture this imperative mountaintop town in the Kurdish Mountains.

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Uprootedpalestinians's Blog: Andrew Korybko analysis of Turkish coup attempt "IndyWatch Feed War"

  Andrew Korybko left a link to his latest Turkish analysis in our comments section. I have copied the article in full here. I communicated with Saker and it was decided that the article should be published under commenter’s corner for greater reader exposure. Original link  saker-webmaster   by Andrew Korybko The aftermath of the […]


TRUNEWS: Turks blockade U.S. nuke base: American airmen without electricity and water> "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vero Beach, FL - (TRUNEWS) Turkish police have unofficially blockaded Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, according to a military source inside the joint NATO installation. According to the source, who’s


Dissident Voice: Roots to Social Democracy/Capitalism, Socialism "IndyWatch Feed War"

This series sprang from discussions I’ve had with several people regarding the Danish/Scandinavian model of social democracy, or socialism as Bernie Sanders contends. Some well intentioned persons view the Nordic Model as a solution to greedy capitalism, while others view its role as a seditious savior of exploitative capitalism. Many Cubans I knew when living there (1988-96) and visiting since see the Nordic Model as a way out for their failing revolution, gone the way of a bureaucratic state. Some Spaniards backing Podemos hope to emulate Scandinavia, whose social democracy is also failing, unbeknownst to many foreign admirers.

I have been encouraged by Podemos activist Pepe Crespo; Bernie Sanders supporter and colleague Dave Lindorff; Left socialist William Hathaway, author of Radical Peace; Marxist-Leninist communist Klaus Riis; and my companion Jette Salling. Without their urgings I would not have delved into these complex themes.

Hathaway put it this way. We are witnessing:

the death of social democracy in Europe coupled with the rise of pseudo-left parties that exist to channel potentially revolutionary energy into reformist dead-ends…the crackdown on social democracy is inevitable under capitalism. These progressive measures were only allowed to stimulate consumption because the main consumer market then [Europe 1920s-70s and USA in Keynesian time, 30s-70s] was in the home countries. Now the market is global, and the corporations have to slash costs to compete with the emerging capitalist countries, which have lower wages, so social democracy has to go. But this crackdown may finally make the workers in the West realize their class position and start fighting back.



Byron Bay Blog: Wardrobe Warriors market day, 10am-2pm Sunday 24 July at the Cavanbah Centre Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Wardrobe Warriors is a way to buy, sell pre-loved, second hand clothes in a market environment all while donating entry fees to charity & we are coming to Byron Bay for the first time ever with our 40+ stalls of preloved fashion for men, women and children!

At every event we donate all proceeds of our gold coin entry to a different charity! (Charity for our July event is Friends With Dignity)


Shop from over 40 stalls of preloved clothing, shoes and accesorries from different sellers of different genders, sizes, shapes, styles and prices!

Bring your family, friends and co-workers together to shop for a new wardrobe without hurting the environment or your bank account!

Make sure to subscribe to our email notifications for our future events here:

To shop on the day all you need to bring is a gold coin donation and some comfy shoes because there is LOADS of bargains to be had! (Please do not wear any shoes that could possibly scratch floorboards!)

Make sure to invite as many people as possible so that we can continue to grow and share the love that is Wardrobe Warriors Market!



Echonetdaily: Man dies after collapsing at Byron Bay beach "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man who collapsed as he went for a swim at Byron Bay’s main beach this morning has died.

The local man, as yet to be identified, apparently went into cardiac arrest soon after going into the water at The Pass.

He was pulled from the water around 9am.

Northern NSW Lifeguard coordinator Scott McCartney told media it’s believed the man suffered a massive heart attack.

A member of the public saw him and alerted lifeguards, who performed CPR on the man till paramedics took over.

APN Media reported the man was pronounced dead shortly after 10am.


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Echonetdaily: Thousands of trees to be planted across region "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Duck Pond has been transformed from a jungle of weeds to a community space. (supplied)

The Duck Pond has been transformed from a jungle of weeds to a community space. (supplied)

Communities across the north coast are gearing up to plant thousands of trees to celebrate National Tree Day on 31 July.

In Lismore the focus will be on the ‘Duck Pond’, behind Union Street, where the local Landcare group has spent the past two years transforming the site from a weed-infested jungle into a community space.

Further north at Tumbulgum, the community will kick-off celebrating their town’s 150 year history with a community tree planting in Bluey Hill Park from 10am.

The Lismore planting is being supported by the South Lismore & Duckpond Landcare Group, the Wilsons River Landcare Group with support from Lismore Lions, Lismore City Council, Richmond Landcare Inc., the Northern Rivers Science Hub, Wetland Care Australia & Inspiring Australia.

The day will include music, food and information stalls, with more than a thousand trees ready to be planted by volunteers.

Access to the site will be from behind the Duckpond Café on Union Street, or from Ostrom Street.



Echonetdaily: Byron hospital chiefs reject nurses’ union safety claims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Central Hospital management has rejected nurses’ claims that a lack of staffing at the new hospital could put patient safety at risk.

The hospital, opened just five weeks ago, could face its first industrial action after the nurses’ union warned they would consider that course if their concerns weren’t addressed.

(See previous Echonetdaily story at

But in a bid to allay concerns, chief executive of the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD), Wayne Jones, told media that staff were continuing to ‘adjust to the new working environment and level of care provided at the new facility’.

Mr Jones said management was ‘very aware of the heightened emotions and transition issues being experienced by our staff as they adjust to the change of two independent hospitals being merged into one state-of-the-art facility that has a higher level of care required, despite a reduction in the actual number of patients’.

‘While year-on-year activity levels between the new Byron Central Hospital (BCH) and the combined activity levels of the old Mullumbimby District Hospital and Byron District Hospital actually shows a reduction in patient activity this year, there have been changes to the models of care and mix of patients,’ he said in a statement.

‘The new BCH has an upgraded Emergency Department from a Level 2 at the Shire’s old hospitals to a Level 3, with the added inclusion of a CT scanner.

‘The inclusion of a CT scanner at BCH has meant that a range of complex presentations that previously would have been transferred to either The Tweed Hospital or Lismore Base Hospital, are now able to remain at BCH.

‘While this is an enormous benefit to the residents of the Byron Shire community, it has resulted in our existing workforce at BCH being asked to care for a d...


Echonetdaily: Hanson sparks social media meltdown "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sydney [AAP]

Australian social media has exploded as controversial Queensland senator-elect Pauline Hanson voiced her opinions about Islam on ABC TV.

Appearing on the Q&A panel on Monday, the One Nation leader was forced to justify her quest for a royal commission into Islam and her response sent Twitter into meltdown.

‘There’s freedom of speech and then there’s hate speech. #PaulineHanson crossed that line tonight and QandA allowed her,’ Mariam Veiszadeh tweeted.

Ms Hanson is under fire again for her anti-Islam stance after saying Australians are too scared to walk in the streets because of the threat of terrorism.

The Queensland senator-elect made the comments during the fiery appearance on Q&A about her calls for a royal commission into Islam and ban on Muslim immigration.

‘We are a Christian country and I don’t believe that Islam is compatible with our culture and our way of life,’ Ms Hanson said.

‘People in Australia are in fear because they can’t walk in the streets. They’re in fear of terrorism which is happening around the world. Why? Because of Islam.’

More than 200 anti-Hanson protesters rallied outside the ABC’s Ultimo studios while the show was under way.

Q&A audience member, Cronulla man Khaled Elomar, said he explained Islamophobia to his son by showing the 11-year-old videos of Ms Hanson.

‘You are creating a dysfunctional country by isolating a religion, 20 years ago isolating a race, and if you keep on going down this track I will fear for my wife’s life, I will fear for my kid’s life,’ Mr Elomar said.

Ms Hanson was asked by host Tony Jones if she could offer the young boy hope that she considered him an equal citizen, replying: ‘He is an equal citizen as long as he wants to give his loyalty to this country and is not torn by an ideology that has hatred towards the west or infidels.’



Echonetdaily: Louisiana gunman targeted cops: police "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In this security video frame grab made available by the Louisiana State Police, Gavin Eugene Long dressed in black appears to take aim while in a shopping center in Baton Rouge, La. (Louisiana State Police via AP)

In this security video frame grab made available by the Louisiana State Police, Gavin Eugene Long dressed in black appears to take aim while in a shopping center in Baton Rouge, La. (Louisiana State Police via AP)

Baton Rouge [RAW]

The black US Marine Corps veteran who shot dead three police officers in Louisiana’s capital specifically targeted them, police say, as the United States reels from the latest deadly violence involving police and black people.

Following Sunday’s shootings, Baton Rouge police officers took steps to increase their own security. Baton Rouge police spokesman Sergeant Don Coppola on Monday said, ‘We usually ride solo. We’re riding in pairs for now.’

The city had been the scene of repeated protests against police violence following the July 5 fatal shooting by officers of Alton Sterling, a black man, outside a convenience store.

The Baton Rouge gunman has been identified as Gavin Long, a 29-year-old from Kansas City, Missouri, who served in the Marines for five years, includi...


Echonetdaily: Turkey widens post-coup purge "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

People chant slogans and wave Turkish flags as they gather in Taksim Square in Istanbul, protesting against the attempted coup on Monday. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

People chant slogans and wave Turkish flags as they gather in Taksim Square in Istanbul, protesting against the attempted coup on Monday. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Istanbul [RAW]

Turkey has purged its police after rounding up thousands of soldiers in the wake of a failed military coup, and says it could reconsider its friendship with the United States unless Washington hands over a cleric Ankara blames for the putsch.

Nearly 20,000 officials from the police, civil service, judiciary and army have been detained or suspended since Friday night’s coup, in which more than 200 people were killed when a faction of the armed forces tried to seize power.

The broad crackdown and calls to reinstate the death penalty for plotters drew concern from Western allies who said Ankara must uphold the rule of law in the country, a NATO member that is Washington’s most powerful Muslim ally.

Some voiced concern President Tayyip Erdogan was using the opportunity to consolidate his power and further a process of stifling dissent which has already caused tensions with Europe.



Echonetdaily: Vic Liberal to be punished over theft "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Victorian detectives will investigate the alleged embezzlement of $1.5 million of Liberal Party funds by former state director Damien Mantach. (AAP Image/Facebook)

Victorian detectives will investigate the alleged embezzlement of $1.5 million of Liberal Party funds by former state director Damien Mantach. (AAP Image/Facebook)

Melbourne [AAP]

Former Victorian Liberal party state director Damien Mantach could face more jail time when he is sentenced for taking more than $1.5 million from party coffers.

Mantach pleaded guilty in May to 15 charges of dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage and has been behind bars since late 2015.

He is due to be sentenced in the Victorian County Court on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old used fake invoices for work that was never done to take $1,558,913 from the party’s coffers between 2010 and 2015.

Mantach gave full details of his crimes to the Liberal Party and police once his deception was discovered.

The thefts started in June 2010, continued until January 2015 and were discovered in August last year.

His wife Jodie – whom he bought a cafe for with more than $600,000 of the stolen money – left him the day after he admitted the fraud to Liberal Party invest...


Echonetdaily: Writers sought to finish A Wandering Tale "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Festival director Edwina Johnson is inviting writers to take part in the A Wandering Tale competition. Photo Jeff ‘Paragraphs of Shame’ Dawson

Festival director Edwina Johnson is inviting writers to take part in the A Wandering Tale competition. Photo Jeff ‘Paragraphs of Shame’ Dawson

Elements of Byron is gearing up to host the 20th Byron Writers Festival and as a part of their contribution they will again hold the A Wandering Tale short story competition.

Last year over 200 writers from near to far signed up to take part, with 30 final entries submitted.

A Wandering Tale sets a selected writer loose on the 200 acre site on which Elements of Byron sits, with the intention that the land will inspire a story.

From this 1,000 word story budding and experienced writers are encouraged to create an ending of up to 500 words.

This year 26-year-old Byron Bay writer Nick Couldwell has crafted the unfinished tale, which he describes as “a bit like a dreamtime story”.

‘I wanted to write about the land and the people that inhabited it from early on, before Elements of Byron and before Byron Bay,’ he said.

Any person who attends the festival can sign up to the free competition.

They then have two weeks to submit their...


Echonetdaily: Streamlined support for domestic violence victims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

: Snr Constable Tara Wood, Ben Franklin MLC, Det Insp Cameron Lindsay, Minister Pru Goward, Ela Foster (Regional Coordinator, Northern Rivers Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service) Thomas George MP. (Supplied)

: Snr Constable Tara Wood, Ben Franklin MLC, Det Insp Cameron Lindsay, Minister Pru Goward, Ela Foster (Regional Coordinator, Northern Rivers Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service) Thomas George MP. (Supplied)

A new streamlined support service for domestic violence victims has been announced for the Richmond Local Area Command, but it won’t launch until next year.

Lismore MP Thomas George was joined by the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Pru Goward at the Lismore police station to announce the Safer Pathways service.

The program aims to ensure every domestic violence victim across NSW receives a consistent and effective response regardless of where they live.

‘Following the success of Safer Pathway’s first six sites, the NSW Government has committed $53 million over four years to expand Safer Pathway statewide, with 21 new locations rolling out in 2016-17,’ Ms Goward said.

The Richmond Local Area Command will be one of the first areas to roll out the service.

Safer Pathway brings together local representatives including police,...


Common Ground North Coast: Bernard Fanning: Civil Dusk "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As an artist in continuous motion,  new Byron resident Bernard Fanning has accumulated one of the most celebrated and distinct songbooks on the Australian rock spectrum; charting a course from creation to an interactive live experience like no other. With his solo career now spanning 10-plus years, Fanning has firmly cemented his position as one of Australia’s finest songwriters and lyricists. From the country folk-tinged charm of his multi-platinum debut solo album Tea and Sympathy (#1 ARIA Debut) to the rock grooves and horn breaks of its follow up Departures (#1 ARIA Debut).

Join Bernard and his band and discover, Civil Dusk – a collection of songs by an artist who is not satisfied with settling, but rather using his life’s own rear-view mirror to question his choices and to deal with the consequences. Whatever they may be.

Civil Dusk will be released on August 5th as part one of a series of two albums. The second instalment Brutal Dawn will follow in early 2017. Enjoy!


Echonetdaily: Environment merger ‘could signal change’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Canberra [AAP]

Environment groups are optimistic merging the federal energy and environment portfolios could transition Australia away from dirty power to renewables.

But some are warning appointing a minister formerly in charge of the mining sector could be a disaster for the nation’s environment.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull revealed on Monday former resources minister Josh Frydenberg would take on an expanded energy and environment portfolio as part of a post-election reshuffle.

Mr Frydenberg picks up environment from Greg Hunt, who has overseen the portfolio for almost a decade and will now focus on boosting innovation, science and Australian industry.

The Climate Institute is one of several environment groups which had pushed for the portfolio merger.

Chief executive John Connor said the two areas were ‘critically interrelated’ and their coupling would require Mr Frydenberg to face up to the impact of one on the other.

‘What we’ve seen in the past has been a hodgepodge of policies that has actually impacted investment,’ he told AAP on Monday.

It’s a move also welcomed by the clean energy sector, which believes the merge ‘makes a lot of sense’.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton reckons energy must be front and centre of Australia’s efforts to deliver on international climate change commitments.

‘It’s a smart move,’ he told AAP.

‘Obviously there’s plenty of challenges in the two portfolios but there’s a lot of interaction between them.’

The Australian Conservation Foundation is hopeful the move could signal a change in policy direction, but warns Mr Frydenberg must throw his energy into renewables.

‘If this government fails to lead on climate change this country is in very big trouble,’ chief executive Kelly O’Shannassy told AAP.

‘There’s not a real choice on transitioning...


Echonetdaily: Anti-Trump delegates protest at convention "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Cleveland [RAW]

The Republican National Convention is in uproar after opponents of presumptive US presidential nominee Donald Trump failed in their effort to hold a roll-call vote in opposition to his candidacy.

The anti-Trump forces at the Cleveland convention started shouting ‘Roll Call’ on Monday after the party leaders approved by acclamation rules at the start of the convention that barred them from registering their opposition.

Party leaders declared there was insufficient support to allow for a roll-call vote that would record the number of delegates opposed to Trump, a New York businessman who has never held political office and has struggled to win over many mainstream Republicans.

Some delegates walked out of the convention in protest at the leaders’ ruling while others chanted loudly, demanding a roll-call vote take place.

Trump last week declared the so-called ‘Never Trump’ movement dead, tweeting that ‘#NeverTrump is never more.’

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Echonetdaily: WWF fishing licence aims to protect sharks "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Brisbane [AAP]

The World Wildlife Fund’s buy-up of commercial fishing licences should not be viewed as trying to shut the industry down, says its Australian director.

The WWF has spent $100,000 on one commercial Queensland fishing licence and is starting another campaign to buy a second.

Its aim is to protect the future of hammerhead sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, where the species is believed to be in serious decline.

WWF Australia conservation director Gilly Llewellyn says studies indicate the hammerhead population has declined between 63 and 80 per cent in 50 years on the reef.

‘We are not against sustainable fishing, and we support the 60,000 jobs that depend on a healthy reef. A healthy reef needs sharks, dugong, turtles and dolphins,’ Ms Lewellyn told AAP.

The Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) is sceptical about WWF’s agenda.

QSIA’s chief executive Eric Perez says the WWF is meddling in a heavily regulated industry that focuses on sustainable fishing.

He’s concerned that if the WWF continue to buy licences it will, in the end, have a detrimental effect on the industry.

‘They don’t have a point. They are trying to interfere with fisheries management by stealth,’ Mr Perez told AAP.

‘They can’t force their way into regulating the industry the way they want to, so they get cashed up individuals with a green tinge or bent … which is a way to undermining us.’

Ms Lewellyn said their actions would not lead to businesses closing or job losses.

‘The aim is to stop licences that were fishing for sharks returning to shark fishing and impacting on shark populations, particularly hammerheads, but we’re also concerned about dugongs, dolphins and turtles killed as bycatch.’

The post WWF fishing licence aims to protect sharks appeared fi...


Echonetdaily: Wikileaks ‘ to release Turkey documents’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Berlin [DPA]

Wikileaks says it is preparing to release more than 100,000 documents related to the Turkish government in the wake of a failed coup in the country that left hundreds dead, thousands injured and more than 7,000 in custody.

‘Get ready for a fight as we release 100k+ docs on #Turkey’s political power structure,’ the organisation posted on Twitter.

Founded by Julian Assange in 2006, the Wikileaks whistle-blowing group is best known for its release of classified US diplomatic cables in 2010 that embarrassed Washington and its allies and risked undermining US diplomacy.

Al Jazeera reports that Wikileaks has announced that the first batch will contain 300,000 emails and 500,000 documents and  most of the material will be in Turkish.

The organisation also claimed that the Turkish government will attempt to censor the distribution of the documents, and urged the Turkish public to be ready to bypass any government attempts at blocking access to the material.

‘Turks will likely be censored to prevent them reading our pending release of 100k+ docs on politics leading up to the coup,’ the organisation said on Twitter.

‘We ask that Turks are ready with censorship bypassing systems such as TorBrowser and uTorrent. And that everyone else is ready to help them bypass censorship and push our links through the censorship to come.’

WikiLeaks later shared a link for a torrent browser.

The announcement caused excitement in Turkey with thousands of Twitter users sharing the organisation’s tweets. But public opinion on the subject was divided.

While many people celebrated the announcement and argued that the leaks may “finally shed some light on the coup attempt”, others questioned the timing of the release.

Some claimed that the documents will likely be ‘fake’, and will be used to make President Recep Tayyip...


Common Ground North Coast: Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life – Win a double pass! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

William Finnegan 1964 Falcon in South Australia 1979 copyright William Finnegan copyBarbarian Days book cover

US author and surfer William Finnegan and former Tracks editor and surfer Sean Doherty talk about their surfing lives.

Sat 6 August, 7pm

Lennox Head Cultural and Community Centre

Presented by Byron Writers Festival in partnership with Lennox Arts Board

William Finnegan first started surfing as a young boy in California and Hawaii. His book Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life has just won one of the world’s most prestigious literary awards, the Pulitzer Prize. His book tells of his life spent travelling the world chasing waves through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa and beyond.

Barbarian Days is an old-school adventure story, a social history, an extraordinary exploration of one man’s gradual mastering of an exacting art. It is a memoir of dangerous obsession and enchantment.

Finnegan is coming out to Australia for a national tour and will be appearing at Byron Writers Festival as well as the special event at Lennox Head with Sean Doherty.

TO WIN A DOUBLE PASS tag who you will take with you on either our Facebook or Instagram and we will let the winner know on Sunday 31st of July....


Byron Bay Blog: Mullum Music Festival 2016 – 1st Artist Announcement! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ahead of its ninth iteration this November, Mullum Music Festival have dropped a ripper of a first announce for punters to dig into, led by internationals such as Canadian blues duo The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer and Americana singer/songwriter Ellen Jewel and local favourites Henry Wagons & The Only Children, Tash Sultana and Olympia.

Other acts helping to transform the small coastal town of Mullumbimby into a music, arts and creativity haven include Tennessee’s Julien Baker, Juno Award-nominated blues singer/songwriter Matt Andersen, The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard, soul man Lior, country blues duo Hat Fitz & Cara, Jordie Lane and Bobby Alu & The Palm Royale.

The festival will descend upon Mullumbimby for four days from 17 to 20 November, taking over 12 venues scattered around the town. The vibrant festival have yet to announce more acts — stay tunes for the full announcement on 1 August.

For further information visit


The post...


Echonetdaily: Cinema Review: The Legend of Tarzan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The best thing about this movie comes near the end when millions of wildebeest, so long the hapless prey of hungry carnivores, get to have their moment of glory. In a thundering stampede, they ransack the coastal town of Bom, where slave-traders and other bad guys are taking their tea in the sun. The second best thing is when Christoph Waltz, that scene-gobbling show-off, is eaten by crocodiles. This happens at the same time as a boat that Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) is on gets blown to smithereens, only for the Ape Man to emerge with what used to be known in the old cowboy flicks as a mere ‘flesh wound’. John Clayton (aka Tarzan) has been persuaded to return to Africa from his digs in Belgravia to sort out a problem that the Brits are having in the Congo with Belgium’s King Leopold. Jane (Margo Robbie) insists on going with him, as does George Washington Williams (Samuel L Jackson), representing the Great Republic. The screenplay, which includes a chief who wants to take revenge on T because T killed his son (fair enough, I would have thought), and Waltz doing his mental Nazi thing as Leopold’s empire builder, might have been lifted directly from a comic book, so breathless and shallow is it.

The CGI is impressive at times – I loved the bit where T is reacquainted with the lions he once knew, but was disappointed to see the gorillas, which too often looked like blokes in hairy suits, portrayed as aggressive, predatory creatures – but the cartoonish realism feels too camp for the subject, and the fights, of which there are numerous, are ridiculous. Skarsgård certainly has the torso for the part, but he is as charismatic as a carved broom and cannot hold a candle to the great Johnny Weismuller, Robbie is excellent at being little more than a beautiful damsel in distress with a hint of new-age girl power about her,...

03:20 Guess Who’s Getting High Now? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: Guess Who’s Getting High Now? For more content like this visit

by PAUL FASSA More and more senior citizens are using medical marijuana and throwing out most, if not all their pharmaceuticals. Senior citizens are defined as 55 and over generally. And most of them have been under the spell of doctors most of their lives, gladly suffering the side effects of their prescriptions to fell […]

Source: Guess Who’s Getting High Now? Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


North Coast Voices: Turnbull Government Second Ministry: and the stupid it continues..... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Well here you have it.

The Turnbull Government Ministry for the 45th Australian Parliament was announced on 18 July 2016 and, added to the list of usual suspects, there is now a climate change denier heading the resources portfolio, an individual heading the environment portfolio who thinks nuclear energy, coal seam gas and coal are the greatest things since white bread, a person mentioned in a 2015 NSW ICAC investigation becoming the minister dealing with urban infrastructure and, a former ministry reject recalled to the assistant ministry to join Barnaby Joyce's secondary circus.



North Coast Voices: Former Australia Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb - moved from parliament to private sector without a pause "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Andrew Robb with Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng and former prime minister Tony Abbott
at the signing of the China trade agreement in 2015. Alex Ellinghausen

Former Liberal Member for Goldstein and former Australian Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb officially retired when the federal election was called on 9 June 2016 after around twelve years in the House of Representatives.



SaneVax, Inc.: Gardasil in Colombia: Protesting parents make progress "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Norma Erickson, President SaneVax Inc,

Our primary contention remains: The new medical conditions being experienced by the minors is a result of the application of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

Our primary contention remains: The new medical conditions being experienced by the minors is a result of the application of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. (Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio)

Last week, the parents of hundreds of girls experiencing new medical conditions after Gardasil administration blocked classes in educational institutions by padlocking the entrances to local schools. These families claim hundreds of affected girls have been left without treatment for two years while the government refuses to acknowledge the HPV vaccine could be causing serious side effects. They were asking to be heard by national, departmental and municipal health authorities.

After a four day stand-off, government authorities decided to convene a working group to try and address the problem. The Governor of Bolivar, Mr. Dumek Turbay, organized a face-to-face meeting with repre...


Retraction Watch: Author loses 2nd paper on supposed dangers of chemtrails "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Against the author’s wishes, a journal has retracted a paper about chemtrails, a long-standing conspiracy theory about the dangers of cloud trails released from jet planes. After the paper was scrutinized on librarian Jeffrey Beall’s blog and social media last week, Frontiers in Public Health issued an expression of concern (EOC). The paper was published June 30, and retracted […]

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Echonetdaily: Murdoch, Coalition go in guns blazing against wind and solar "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The Murdoch media, which now includes daily newspapers across the northern rivers, along with conservative Coalition parties, have ramped up their attacks on renewable energy.

This follows the big spike in electricity prices in South Australia this week, with Murdoch’s News Corp papers blaming wind and solar solely for the state’s electricity problems.

Power prices spiked sharply again this week, but energy analysts say that wind and solar are not at fault, pointing out that gas prices have jumped to record highs, and the inter-connector to Victoria was constrained due to delayed work on network upgrades.

Pelican Point gas plant.

Pelican Point gas plant.


But this has cut no mustard with the Murdoch media and the Coalition, who have used the incidents of the past week to renew their usually skewed attacks against the high levels of wind and solar in the state.

‘SA’s reliance on wind and solar power is responsible for these absurd prices,’ thundered The Advertiser, Murdoch’s monopoly daily newspaper in...


North Coast Voices: Lismore City Council quarry fined for failure to conduct ground water assessment before rock extraction "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A business unit of Lismore City Council, with an annual turnover of around $12 million and a licence to extract 600,000 tonnes of aggregate per annum until 2039, has been caught breaching council’s consent conditions.

NSW Planning and Environment, media release, 4 July 2016:

The Department of Planning and Environment has fined Blakebrook Quarry $15,000 for failing to undertake a ground water assessment before commencing extraction in the quarry’s South Pit, in accordance with their conditions of approval.

A spokesperson from the Department said compliance officers have liaised with the company on numerous occasions since 2011 about the failure to submit the required groundwater assessment, which was due by 30 June 2010.

“Despite the Department issuing a Notice of Intention to Give an Order in September 2011, a subsequent Warning Letter in January 2012 and a Draft Order in March 2013, the company has not submitted the required ground assessment,” a spokesperson said....


Wake Up World: Zero Gravity: Don’t be Afraid to Let Go! "IndyWatch Feed National"

19th July 2016 By Mary C. Batson, MA Guest writer for Wake Up World Recent conversations have centered around the seemingly growing chaos we see around the globe. I would suggest that the chaos is not growing, but rather, our conscious awareness of it, and the possibility that more and more dirt is being hidden under ...Continue Reading - Zero Gravity: DonâŹ"t be Afraid to Let Go!


Wake Up World: 5 Things I Learned From Having a Chronic Illness "IndyWatch Feed National"

19th July 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing writer for Wake Up World Seven years ago, when I emerged from the doctorâŹ"s office after having my worst fears confirmed, I knew that I had some big decisions to make. With the words âŹSmost likely Multiple Sclerosis⏠reverberating around my mind I felt shaky and nauseas. I wanted ...Continue Reading - 5 Things I Learned From Having a Chronic Illness


new illuminati: Understanding the 24 hour Chi Cycle "IndyWatch Feed National"

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...


Wake Up World: Mind Virus Wetiko: The Collective Shadow of Humanity "IndyWatch Feed National"

19th July 2016 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World The existence of a mind virus that plagues all of humanity ⏠every man, woman and child ⏠at first may seem like a far out concept, but itâŹ"s an idea that has been around a long time in a lot of different cultures. ...Continue Reading - Mind Virus Wetiko: The Collective Shadow of Humanity

Monday, 18 July


Retraction Watch: Journal taking second look at paper on campus rape "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A journal is reviewing a paper about trends in rape at U.S. colleges after the author realized a mistake. Although the journal Violence and Gender hasn’t issued any editorial notice about the paper, Inside Higher Ed published a correction July 14 to its original news story about the topic. “Dangerous Colleges: Associations Between School-Level Factors and the Risk […]

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SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: “Dark And Distressing Time Has Descended”: Violence Grips Nation In Chaos "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

Editor’s Comment: The frequency and shock of killings, and the open hostility between police and the black community is reaching a dangerous point. There is too much chaos for anyone to follow it all in the news, and high profile campaign events are inviting further chaos. How will police and security respond to protesters in Cleveland this week, and how will police regard potentially suspicious black individuals, or anyone else who may pose a threat?

There is no way to tell, and every sense that things could come unraveled at a moments notice. What is coming next?

Baton Rouge, Nice, Dallas, Orlando – A Dark And Distressing Time Has Descended Upon The Civilized World

by Michael Snyder

Does it not seem as though events are starting to accelerate significantly?  Since I warned that something “had shifted” and that things had “suddenly become more serious“, we have seen the worst mass shooting in U.S. history...


Water N Woods: Man Finds A Dangerous Surprise Hiding In His Shoe "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Before putting on his shoes during the rain season, this man checks to make sure there are no hidden guests in them.

In the video below he shows one such guest that made his shoe its home. He uses a small stick to poke and prod the inside of the shoe, discovering a baby cobra in the process.

The little stowaway strikes at the stick and resists all efforts to get him to leave his new home, but after a while he finally leaves.

Good thing he checks his shoes, even a cobra that size can be lethal.

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Water N Woods: Fools FAIL When Pulling A Boat From The Water "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I don’t know what these people were thinking when trying to pull this boat from the water. They had the boat hooked to the town hitch of an SUV, but then had the SUV attached to another SUV with a rope.

The lead SUV punched the accelerator and the second SUV did the same, causing both vehicles to spin their tires as they drove off.

The boat trailer came unhooked as the two vehicles climbed up the boat launch and rolled backwards towards the water. Unfortunately, the boat didn’t roll straight backwards and veered into a truck that was unloading a boat.

Not only did these idiots damage their boat, but they caused damage to someone else’s property as well.

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Water N Woods: Baby Bison Fights For Its Life Against A Hungry Wolf "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When trying to cross a powerful river, this baby bison got separated from its herd. Stranded and alone on a tiny island in the middle of the river, the little guy began trying to find a way back to his family.

That’s when things went from bad to worse. A young wolf spotted the bison and decided to try and make a quick meal of him. The bison refused to go down without a fight and made a stand against the wolf.

The two clashed for a bit and the bison did a good job holding his own against the wolf before it was saved by an adult bison that had found the baby.

The wolf had no choice but to retreat, as it couldn’t possibly stand up against the charging adult. Check out the video below.

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Water N Woods: Motorcycle Stunt On The Highway Goes VERY Wrong! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This genius decided that it would be a great idea to do some high speed tricks on his motorcycle while speeding down the highway.

He manages to pull off a wheelie without incident, but when he ups the ante and tries to ride his handlebars while doing a wheelie things go south.

The bike stands straight up and loses balance, throwing him off the back and crashing into the ground. While the bike skids off the road, the rider slams into the pavement and tumbles down the middle of the road.

Luckily the traffic behind him came to a stop before reaching him. This could have been much worse. Check out the video below.

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Water N Woods: The Bombardier Beetle: A Living Chemical Weapon "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The bombardier beetle is an interesting insect that is equipped with an interesting defense mechanism. When threatened, the beetle releases a burst of boiling hot, stinging poison from its rear.

The poison is a combination of three different chemicals, that when mixed together cause the toxic burst the beetle defends itself with. Two of the chemicals are stored in seperate chambers in the beetles abdomen, while the third is used as a catalyst when the beetle engages its defense.

It’s pretty crazy that the beetle evolved this way instead of developing a less complex for of defense. Check out the video below to learn more about this unique insect.

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Ronald's space: Australia’s other “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity: The Chilcot Report on the unauthortized invasion of Iraq. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia’s other “irrelevant”

Crimes against Humanity.

[The short link URL for this posting is:  ]

The invasion of Iraq was never ever justified as these Pearls of Truth  from the English Parliament’s July 6th 2016 Iraq Inquiry, i.e. the Chilcot ReportExecutive Summary, make very, very clear:

573. …the [US] Intelligence Community was dead wrong in almost all of its pre-war judgments about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. This was a major intelligence failure.

 574. The evidence in Section 4.4 shows that, after the invasion, the UK Government, including the intelligence community, was reluctant to admit, and to recognise publicly, the mounting evidence that there had been failings in the UK’s pre-conflict collection, validation, analysis and presentation of intelligence on Iraq’s WMD.

576.  Almost immediately after the start of the invasion, UK Ministers and officials sought to lower public expectations of immediate or significant finds of WMD in Iraq.

 The lack of evidence to support pre-conflict claims about Iraq’s WMD challenged the credibility of the Government and the intelligence community, and the legitimacy of the war.

  1. The Government and the intelligence community were both concerned about the consequences of the presentational aspects of their pre-war assessments being discredited...



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: Give Papua more freedom "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"
Give Papua more freedom
Mon, July 18 2016 | 07:09 am
Indonesia could claim a diplomatic victory over those who have for decades been offering international support for Papuan independence after the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) denied full membership to the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) last week. But that would not change anything in Papua, where discontent and distrust toward Jakarta is still rife. 

Sadly, heavy-handed approaches, which have proven to be ineffective and obsolete, have remained the only option available to deal with the dissatisfaction and grievances of Papuan people, as seen in the arrest of dozens of people in Papua and Yogyakarta for throwing their weight behind ULMWP over the past week....

21:25 RSS Feed: RELOADING STEP 1, GET A MANUAL "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

By Andrew Skousen – via The World Affairs Brief 

Learning to reload ammunition yourself can be daunting. After all, we are talking about assembling cartridges for a controlled explosion that will launch a bullet at high velocity. But there is more than just safety in the learning curve. There are many brands and varieties of reloading materials including the various weights, shapes and material used for bullets of even the same caliber. If that wasn’t enough there is a lot of technical details to making accurate ammunition including balancing the complicated physics involved. Not...

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"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": : NEW MUSIC: Lucy Roleff – Aspen "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Melbourne folk artist Lucy Roleff has just released her new album This Paradise and to draw you into her acoustic world of ornate melodies, that sound both intimately fragile and dreamily otherworldly, we give you the clip for the beautiful first single Aspen. This Paradise was recorded with Tony Dupé (Holly Throsby, Grand Salvo) at … Continue reading

21:12 RSS Feed: July 18, 2016 Miscellany News Brief "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

1.) Racist hate group “Black Lives Matter” strikes again: Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Cops In The Bullseye Across America. How long will it be before they start targeting unarmed white people in general…

2.) ISIS Will Detonate a Weapon of Mass Destruction: Author Tom Horn says the Islamic State has a weapon of mass destruction they will detonate in the next year or two.

3.) “Helicopter Money” Won’t Fix What’s Broken: The problem with helicopter money is that it cannot fix what’s broken in the economy–and even...

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Modern Survival Blog: What To Do In A Riot And How To Get Out… "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Rule #1, don’t be in a riot. With that said, lets say that you are NOT there to antagonize or disrupt, but your circumstances have you caught up in a riot. What do you do? How do you get out of a riot safely? Here are several tips to help you get out of a […]


Ready Nutrition: The Keto Diet: Health Benefits Beyond Weight Loss "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

keto diet
The following is a list of health issues and the way that the Keto Diet brings about positive effe...


Forgotten Origin: Mayan Peace Talks – The Origin of the Greys By Xchelita "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mayan Peace Talks âŹThe Origin of the Greys

 By Xchelita (Little Rainbow)

Author’s Facebook page: Xchelita Michelle Recchia


A Warning to Mankind


According to Mayan legends, the Greys were known as the âŹSTormentors and DeceiversâŹ. They have a very long history on Earth.


The Greys were present during the sinking of Atlantis, and the last Shift of the Ages. They have been on our planet for at least 400 thousand years. The Greys live in underground cities, and...

18:51 The Right Kind of Cinnamon Enhances Memory, Improves Learning Ability And Can Reverse Parkinson's "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Eating one of the tastiest household spices may also improve learning ability, memory and even reverse Parkinson's Disease according to new study results published online in the July issue of the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Album of the Week – Shout Until Our Lungs Turn Blue by Mother Jack "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



‘Shout Until Our Lungs Turn Blue’ by Mother Jack is Eastside Radio’s album of the week.

Last week our featured album here at the station was an artist’s debut record and this week we bring you yet another debut album from an emerging duo act. Being a debut album some may expect it to be a little rough around the edges, not so professionally sounding, well be corrected as Mother Jack’s brand new release is of stand out quality and talent. With two artist’s bringing a combination of vocals and double bass they have produced their own unique experimental sound of Alternative Indie with touches of Jazz and Funk.

Mother Jack is made up of Casey Moir and Johan Moir who are based in Gothenburg, they have been making stamps across the Alternative, Jazz and specialty music scene for a few years now, having played numerously on stages in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Estonia and of course our music loving country of Australia. It was back in 2012 that they were awarded “most promising up-and-coming band” at the Melbourne Fresh Showcase. One year later and we got to hear the pairs EP titled ‘Presents..’ which was received very well by fans and new listeners. Two years later again in 2015 they have released their first album ‘Shout Until Our Lungs Turn Blue’. It has gone down a success in their home country of Sweden and I am sure fans will love it here also as it has that bold naked sound of real music.

With eight tracks we ar...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Watch the New Passenger Video “Somebody’s Love” "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Passenger Is there a singer-songwriter more prolific than Passenger? The UK superstar has just released his brand new video “Somebody’s Love” which is the first taster of his upcoming album Young As The Morning Old As The Sea, due for release on the 23rd September. The video was shot on a lake […]


Articles: Choline: Why You Should Eat Your Egg Yolks and Take Krill "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Nearly two decades ago, scientists unveiled the potential of a nutrient that had been all but forgotten: choline, first discovered in 1862.1 In 1998, the Institute of Medicine revealed that choline is actually essential for optimal health, meaning it can’t be produced by your body but must come from an outside source.

Although a small amount of choline is produced by your liver, the rest must come through what you eat. Unfortunately, an estimated 90 percent of the U.S. population is deficient in choline.2 According to Netherlands-based health information authority

“Choline is used in the synthesis of specialized fat molecules in our bodies, called phospholipids. The most common of these is phosphatidylcholine, also known as lecithin, which is a critical component of human cell membranes.”3

Choline: What It Is and What It Does for You

Choline is sometimes grouped with vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12) because their functions, such as how your liver, brain, muscles, nervous system and overall metabolism work, also help maintain optimal health and stave off disease.

For instance, studies show higher choline intake to be linked to a decreased heart disease risk,4 as well as a 24 percent decreased breast cancer risk among...

Articles: What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

One of the most in-demand drinks on the planet, green tea is outrageously good for you. You may have heard about its benefits, such as increased ability to lose weight and combat heart disease.

The interest lately is so hot that an exodus from the coffee camp to a mass of matcha groupies has made matcha “the drink” of choice during New York Fashion Week for the past few years.1

The trend is gaining ground for several reasons. One is that matcha may be even more beneficial for your health than regular green tea. Plus it tastes good.

Compared to green tea, matcha has been described as having a “grassy” flavor and slightly bitter tinge. Powdered matcha is often prepared as a latte-type drink, served with milk and either honey or stevia, but I’d suggest leaving out the milk and honey if health benefits are what you’re after.

Matcha, which means “powdered tea,” besides being authentically green, has several fundamental differences that set it apart. First of all, regular green tea involves soaking the leaves, loose or in a bag and then discarding them. When you drink matcha, you’re drinking the actual leaves, which are ground micron fine.

Tea, Green Tea and Matcha History

All tea varieties, including white, green, oolong and black tea, grow from a plant with the botanical name Camellia sinensis, which originated in Southwestern China.

Tea as a diffusion was discovered by chance nearly 5,000 years ago, when tea leaves blew into the steaming cup of water...

Articles: Fermented Foods Gaining Popularity as Health Benefits Become More Widely Recognized "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

As noted by Epoch Times,1 consumer behavior is changing in regard to food. Many are getting weary of processed fare and the dubious health claims that go with them, and are embracing more traditional foods and relearning ancient culinary methods such as fermenting.2 According to the featured article:3

"This change in our relationship with food can be explained by the rise of 'diets of enlightenment.'

In his book 'The Omnivorous Mind: Our Evolving Relationship With Food,' author John S. Allen,[Ph.D.], looks at how certain consumers are ... focusing more on holism, emotion, personal opinion and experience when it comes to their food ...

[P]ersonal paths to enlightenment are leading shoppers to shun the 'marketi[z]ed science' of the food industry, in favor of homemade, experiential, and locally sourced options ...

A significant number of people now seem to be choosing their approaches to eating for reasons less to do with nutrition and more to do with wellness, sustainability and the search for identity. So goes the saying, you are what you eat."

Your Body Is a Conglomerate of Microorganisms

In more recent years, scientists have discovered just how important your microbiome is for health.

Indeed, some have suggested your body can best be viewed as a "super...

14:41 Notes for Monday – July 18, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The vast majority of recent headlines about the Islamist Bastille Day terror attack in Nice, France mysteriously seem to have missing words. “Truck rams Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, killing at least 84” shouts the Washington Post. The Philadelphia Star headline proclaims: “Bastille Day Horror: Terror Truck Kills 84 in France.” And The New York Times headline reads: “Scores Die in Nice, France, as Truck Plows Into Bastille Day Crowd.” The missing words are of course: “Islamist terrorist driving a…” America’s leftist journalists seem to have selective blindness. And when they write headlines, they are selectively mute. Journalists consistently attribute sentience and ill will to inanimate objects like knives, guns, and trucks. But those are simply tools, and they do not operate autonomously. Nay, they must be wielded by a human being, and it is up that human to decide whether to use those tools for good or for evil.

When you see slanted journalism like this, please take the time to contact the editors of those publications and insist that their staff writers stop attributing inanimate tools with murderous intent. Remind them that donuts and Big Gulps are not responsible for obesity. (It take a human being with an appetite to accomplish that.) Knives, guns, baseball bats, and trucks are not responsible for murder any more than laptop computers are responsible for libel. – JWR

o o o

Seed for Security is having a fantastic sale. Their Super Survival Pack is now 20% off. This pack includes four pounds of survival seeds and two pints of healthful grains. All of their seed is heirloom and non GMO, and none is hybrid. Their 4-page detailed Seed Saving Guide is included. Also included are six metallized polybags with each pack ordered, en...

14:40 Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I used to test and write about a lot of Gerber knives in the past. However, for whatever reason, Gerber rarely sends any writers knives for articles. I guess business must be good and they don’t need the free ink. Last time I toured the Gerber factory was back in the early 1990s, and it was busy. I understand that these days many Gerber knives are made in China, so let’s get that out of the way. The knife under review today is their Big Rock Camp Knife, and the model number is 22-01588. I can live with some products that are made in China, if the quality is there. Otherwise, I pass if I can find similar products made in the USA at a comparable price and quality. As I have stated in the past, you get as good as you want from China. If you want a 50-cent knife, you can get one. If you want a thousand dollar knife, you can get one of those, too. And, Gerber doesn’t use slave labor in the factory that makes their knives.

I’m always on the lookout for great bargains when I’m out shopping. I rarely shop at Walmart, because of the low quality of many of the products they sell; many are made in China. However, our local northwest small box store, Bi-Mart, is my favorite store to shop at. It is a membership only store. I just pay $5 for a lifetime membership and can’t beat that with any other membership store. I’ve been a member for more than 35 years. The department manager in the sporting goods department knows that I’m a writer and that I love guns and knives, so he showed me the Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife. He knows how to sell products. He puts it in a customer’s hand and goes from there.


14:38 Recipe of the Week: Teriyaki Steak "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


  • 2 to 2½ lbs boneless chuck steak
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 Tbsp oil
  • ½ cup soy sauce
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed


  1. Cut steak into ¼-inch thick or smaller slices.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl.
  3. Place meat in a slow-cooking pot and pour the sauce over it.
  4. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.
  5. Serve with rice

Makes 5 to 6 servings.

o o o

Do you have a favorite recipe that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers? Please send it via e-mail. Thanks!

14:37 Letter Re: Water Cans "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Hello Hugh,

In regards to the Reliance water cans leaking, I had the same problem with mine as well. After I found the USGI water containers from this source, I never looked back. They work great. – J.S.

14:36 Economics and Investing: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

White House: Budget deficit to rise to $600B – An increase of $162 Billion over last year’s tally. – G.G.

o o o

Oil prices little changed as market shrugs off Turkey coup bid

o o o

Buy Gold To Hedge Dollar Debasement

o o o

Video: Bank of England Signals August Stimulus as Rate Kept at 0.5%

o o o

SurvivalBlog and its editors are not paid investment counselors or advisers. Please see our Provisos page for details.

14:35 Odds ‘n Sods: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Over at Notes From The Bunker, our friend Commander Zero has some great comments on self defense and the importance of situational awareness in the context of the Bastille Day transport par chariot attack in Nice: French Stuff.

o o o

Too Big to Jail – Thanks to reader MtH for the link

o o o

A consulting client recently asked me for advice on selecting for an off-road vehicle and expressed an interest in buying a surplus Humvee. I recommended that he watch the auctions at GovPlanet, and wait to find a M1114 (the up-armored HMMWV variant) at a reasonable price.- JWR

o o o

Four headlines from Sunday:

Baton Rouge shooting: 3 officers dead; shooter was Missouri man, sources say – (CNN) – Reporter notes that it is unknown why the shooter did this.
Three Baton Rouge Officers Killed, Three Injured in ‘Ambush’ – (NBCNews) – The shooter identified as a Marine.
Gunman Identified in Shooting That Killed 3 Baton Rouge Officers – (ABCNews) – The shooter identified as a Marine.

14:35 Jim’s Quote of the Day: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

“When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly.” – Glenn Harlan Reynolds


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: South Golden Beach Community Centre sign stolen "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

image1Sadly, some joker thought it would be a good idea to steal our newly erected sign at South Golden Beach Community Centre.

Senseless acts such as this are disappointing but our passion for our community still burns brightly.

We recognise that the majority of our residents respect our community facilities and encourage residents who wish to contribute to the care and management of our community centre to consider nominating for the S355 management committee.

See for more info or ring Byron Shire Council on 6626 7000.

We live in hope that a random act of conscience will yet return the sign to its rightful place.

Angela Dunlop, chairperson management committee, SGB Community Centre

The post South Golden Beach Community Centre sign stolen appeared first on Echonetdaily.


AFTINET: Vice President Biden talks up TPP in Australia as Congress Republicans say it will not pass this year "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release, July 18 2016: “US Vice-President Joe Biden may talk up the TPP in his speech at Sydney University today. But US Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who controls the numbers in the U.S. Senate, declared last week in the Washington Post that the TPP legislation is unlikely to pass Congress this year. He said that the new President should reject or re-negotiate the deal 2017,“ Dr Patricia Ranald, Convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

Read the full media release here.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Child approached at Murwillumbah: police warning "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Police are appealing for public help as they investigate a report that a 14-year-old boy was grabbed by the arm in the street at Murwillumbah last week.

They say that around 1.30pm last Friday, the boy was riding his scooter along Murwillumbah Street, near Nullum Street, when a black LandCruiser stopped near him.

The boy told police that as he went to pass the 4WD, a man in the back seat opened his door, reached out and grabbed his arm.

He said he managed to pull his arm free and the vehicle drove away.

Police from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command were not alerted until the following day, and an investigation is now underway.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact them at Tweed Heads Police Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The vehicle is described as being a late-model black LandCruiser with a spare wheel on the back but no rear number plate.

The passenger is described as being of Caucasian appearance, aged about 30, with brown hair. At the time the man was wearing a sleeveless red top.

Police are urging anyone who saw the incident to call Tweed Heads Police Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Meanwhile, the incident has again prompted police to encourage parents to discuss the ‘Safe People, Safe Places’ messages with their children, including;

  • Make sure your parents or another adult you know knows where you are at all times.
  • Always walk straight home or to the place you are walking to. Walk near busier roads and streets or use paths where there are lots of people.
  • Know where safe places are – a shop, service station,....


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: Real World Gardener "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

5 – 6pm Wednesdays
Want to know what herb is dried commercially using a jet engine? All is revealed in Spice it Up with herb and spice expert Ian Hemphill from Herbies . Custard and apples goes together and weâŹ"re growing that combo in Vegetable Heroes, part 5 of climbing plants in Design Elements and growing fairy flowers in Plant of the Week.
For all show information visit If you like gardening, like our page


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: The Mullum Music Festival Announce First Lineup for 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Eilen Jewell The Mullum Music Festival has long been held up as one of the country’s best and it has a long history supporting of folk, country, roots and Americana artists throughout the years. It looks like 2016 is going to be another cracking festival with the first round of artists announced […]


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: There Goes That Song Again "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

2-4pm Tuesdays
Three OâŹ"Clock Special will continue the series on female singers who started out with Big Bands who went on to have successful solo careers. This week features two of Benny GoodmanâŹ"s female singers: continuing with Martha Tilton who was with Benny from 1937 to 1939, and Helen Ward, who preceded her from 1935 to 1937.


Health Impact News: 1-Hour Old Newborn Baby Kidnapped at Kentucky Hospital because Parents Refused to Take Parenting Classes "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Evans' newborn

Ausia and Jarvis’ new baby girl, taken into Kentucky State custody at 1-hour old. Photo supplied by family.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Ausia and Jarvis had their 1-hour old newborn breastfed baby removed by Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) on Friday 7/15/16 from the Medical Center of Bowling Green. The family has been fighting for the return of their other 2 children which have been in foster care for over 2 years, based on what they believe are false Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) allegations. The parents claim they are innocent, and refuse to take parenting classes which they believe would be an admission of guilt.

Read the original story here:

Kentucky Family Falsely Accused of Child Abuse – Children Medically Kidnapped to Cover Corruption

Ausia explains,

I was able to breastfeed my child after she was born for 30 minutes & I was able to hold her for an hour after she was born. They took her to the on-call pediatrician and sent me to a postpartum room after delivery. I was on medications that had made me sleepy so I kept her in the nursery until I could get an hour of sleep to be able to be up with...



Medical Kidnap: 1-Hour Old Newborn Baby Kidnapped at Kentucky Hospital because Parents Refused to Take Parenting Classes "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Evans' newborn

Ausia and Jarvis’ new baby girl, taken into Kentucky State custody at 1-hour old. Photo supplied by family.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Ausia and Jarvis had their 1-hour old newborn breastfed baby removed by Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) on Friday 7/15/16 from the Medical Center of Bowling Green. The family has been fighting for the return of their other 2 children which have been in foster care for over 2 years, based on what they believe are false Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) allegations. The parents claim they are innocent, and refuse to take parenting classes which they believe would be an admission of guilt.

Read the original story here:

Kentucky Family Falsely Accused of Child Abuse – Children Medically Kidnapped to Cover Corruption

Ausia explains,

I was able to breastfeed my child after she was born for 30 minutes & I was able to hold her for an hour after she was born. They took her to the on-call pediatrician and sent me to a postpartum room after delivery. I was on medications that had made me sleepy so I kept her in the nursery until I could get an hour of sleep to be able to be up with her. Jarvis...



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Major Prize Draw Winners Announced! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



Thanks again to everyone who became a supporter during the Radiothon last month- our radio station thanks you! As part of our thanks, we give away a variety of fabulous major prizes, and you can see the winners listed below!




1st Prize – The Ultimate Getaway: a 7 night getaway to Cayman Villas in Port Douglas courtesy of Boutique Collection and return air fares with Virgin courtesy of Jones & Turner!

Congratulations to Bill Tucker from Bondi!

2nd Prize – Albums of the Week: a copy of every single one of Eastside’s albums of the week from the past year.

Congratulations to Simon Beardsell from Manly!

3rd Prize – JoJo’s Jetty Fine Wine – a case of 6 bottles of fine wine from JoJo’s boutique winery.

Congratulations to Sebastiaan De Jonge from Lapstone!

4th Prize – Cucina Italiano: cooking classes from the original and best Italian cooking school in Sydney.

Congratulations to Marilyn Endlein from Oatley!

5th Prize – Sydney Theatre Company: two tickets to the 2016 season of Sydney Theatre Company’s award winning productions.

Congratulations to Meron Wilson from Leichardt



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Community Billboard July 6 – July 13 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

City of Sydney

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the

future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected.


As part of their environmental action plan, the City of Sydney has turned a previously unused intersection at Colbourne Avenue into a plush nature oasis. It is now a lush, green space with around 2,000 native plants, 11 trees, and an additional 300 square metres of garden beds.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore praised the city’s tree team for their continued effort to find pockets of underused city space and transforming them into natural, green spaces for the community to enjoy.

“The City’s growing urban forest adds to our city’s beauty and character, as well as improving air, soil, and water quality,” the Lord Mayor said. “We’re creating great public spaces and adding to our urban forest by planting the appropriate trees for parks and streets and increasing the diversity of species in our local area.”

The City plans to increase the urban canopy by 50 percent by 2030, with that work well underway. This much increase in canopy would have a huge impact on reducing air pollution – almost more than cutting cars. A study by UTS showed that not only would air quality be improved, but that it would result in a huge number of community health benefits.

“Street trees can also improve wellbeing an...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Bandaluzia Flamenco’s Return! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

bandaluzia 2

Bandaluzia Flamenco is an acclaimed modern flamenco ensemble led by guitarist Damian Wright. Known for their powerful performances, unique sound, and explosive displays of dazzling musicianship and virtuosity, Bandaluzia is a great success at festivals and theatres across Australia.

In addition to Damian Wright, the band is made up of flamenco dancer Jessica Statham, guitarist Ben Hauptmann, percussionist James Hauptmann, and pianist Matt McMahon.

Bandaluzia was recently awarded “The Pick of the Sydney Fringer” at The Sydney Fringe Festival and performed in the Sydney Opera House as an invited artist to TED X Sydney 2014. They have also headlined at The International Gypsy Music Festival and The Global Carnival and were on Musica Viva’s national touring program.

And now, after two sold out shows earlier this year, Bandaluzia Flamenco is returning with special guest and dance legend Johnny Tedesco (Arte Kanela) to Venue 505 for another exciting performance.

Don’t miss your chance to see this band in action!

Who: Bandluzia Flamenco and special guest Johnny Tedesco

What: a special performance sure to thrill you!

Where: Venue 505 in Sydney

When: August 5th and 6th

For more information about Bandaluzia Flamenco click HERE and to book your tic...

10:13 A Facebook Post About Our Luciferian Loving Leaders "IndyWatch Feed National"

Have any of you noticed how sickly our leaders seem to be looking as a whole lately? How their skin looks pasty, their eyes look drawn, and how tired they look? There is a reason for this- and why this is occuring to all of them as a WHOLE.

They are being consumed by the darkness from the INSIDE. They aren’t telling anyone- but their dreams are FILLED with constant nightmares- and STRESS is beginning to consume their every thought.

They believed that THEY were the ones in charge- that no one was more powerful than them. But they- as a whole- are beginning to realize the folly of their ways, because THEY had no real power. Delusions of grandeur- egos the size of an entire universe- but the power they fed upon WAS NEVER THEIRS.

Now- they are being claimed. And funny- although they would deny it-it seems their victims have FREE REIGN to terrorize them any time they feel the need. Esp. In their sleep.

The “shell” they created learned how to become a “doorway” and has made it possible for the other side to come back and forth at will. And it makes no difference WHO believes this- it won’t change anything one bit. It isn’t dependent on public opinion- and THEY know this to be true, which is the only thing that matters.

No sleep- and if they sleep- NO REST. And this is just the beginning of their fun. A prelude, if you will, for what awaits them.

Heaven doesn’t appreciate what they have done. In fact- as a result- Heaven is 100% focused on WRATH. And since the spell has already been cast- there is absolutely NO GOING BACK.

They should enjoy what they have while it lasts- because it isn’t going to last for long. The darkness that that is eating them alive from the inside is getting ready to claim them- and OH WHAT WONDERS it has in store for them.

But keep a close watch on them- you will see what I am saying is true. They taught the wrong person th...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Nurses fear for patient safety at new Byron hospital "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nurses at Byron Bay’s new hospital say they hold grave fears for the safety of patients due to lack of staff, and have warned of industrial action if their concerns aren’t addressed.

At a combined meeting of the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) and members from the Mullumbimby War Memorial and District and Byron District Hospital branches, it was unanimously agreed to go public with their concerns.

NSWNMA general secretary, Brett Holmes, said ‘the facade and physical resourcing of Byron Central Hospital would lead the community to believe that it is a state of the art hospital equipped to provide safe effective patient care but the branches believe the community has been misled’.

‘There is one vital ingredient missing – adequate nursing staff levels,’ Mr Holmes said.

‘The clear mismatch between nursing staff and patient numbers does not provide safe care for the number and complexity of the patients admitted,’ he said.

‘Nursing staff are stressed, exhausted, frustrated and extremely concerned about patients missing care.

‘These concerns have been voiced to management with no acknowledgement or action to address the issues.’

Mr Holmes said the nurses ‘needed community support to help highlight the issues and improve the situation’.

‘We’re calling on the public to send a message to the Baird government that ignoring their right to safe patient care is completely unacceptable,’ he said.

‘The nursing staff, therefore, have no alternative but to request community support to increase staffing levels in all areas of Byron Central Hospital so that they can do what they do best – provide safe, effective nursing care for their communities.’

The branches will meet again early next month and have threatened ‘escalated industrial action to protect the community’ if the state health authority or...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Crowd-funding campaign hopes to save Rappville Pub "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Rappville Pub. (Facebook)

The Rappville Pub. (Facebook)

A crowd-funding campaign is underway to help the owners of the Rappville Pub near Casino keep the business going.

The campaign target of $60,000 would enable the hotel owners comply with orders from Richmond Valley Council to upgrade the kitchen and comply with fire regulations.

Hotel owners Peter and Jayne Fitzpatrick announced on the pub’s Facebook page last week that the hotel would close on Sunday, 24 July as a result of the council orders.

But a groundswell of support has led the owners to start the crowd-funding campaign in order to keep the hotel open.

Meanwhile, Richmond Valley Council’s media officer has issued a statement to ‘clarify a few issues as I believe Council has unfairly been cast as the villain and nothing could be further from the truth’.

‘We know how important the Rappville Pub is to the community and we want it to continue to operate,’ Ms Davidson said.

‘We have been working with Jayne and Peter for about 18 months, providing advice and solutions for them to meet the required fire and food safety standards at least cost.

‘The fire safety standards relate to the pub providing upstairs accommodation, while the food safety standards relate to the standard of the kitchen.’

Ms Davidson said there was no obstacle to the pub operating as a licensed premises but it would be restricted from offering accommodation or food until the orders had been met.

‘The good news is that Jayne and Peter have now submitted a DA, which we will process as a priority to enable the required work to be complet...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: US police officers shot dead in another ambush "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Baton Rouge police officer Randy Bonaventure takes a bouquet of flowers at the Our Lady of the Lake Hospital where the police officers were brought yesterday morning, (Sunday). Multiple law enforcement officers were killed and wounded Sunday morning in a shooting near a gas station in Baton Rouge. (Henrietta Wildsmith/The Times via AP)

Baton Rouge police officer Randy Bonaventure takes a bouquet of flowers at the Our Lady of the Lake Hospital where the police officers were brought yesterday morning, (Sunday). Multiple law enforcement officers were killed and wounded Sunday morning in a shooting near a gas station in Baton Rouge. (Henrietta Wildsmith/The Times via AP)

Baton Rouge [AAP]

A gunman has killed three police officers and wounded three others in Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge.

It comes just days after the fatal shooting of a black man in the city sparked nationwide protests and led to the massacre of five Dallas policemen.

The officers in Baton Rouge were responding to reports of a man carrying a gun on Sunday when shots were fired at around 9 am local time. Two Baton Rouge police officers and a sheriff’s deputy were killed.

The gunman, identified by a US official as 29-year-old Gavin Long from Kansas Ci...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Watch the New Tom Stephens Video “Down To Rest” "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Tom Stephens Last week Sydney based singer-songwriter Tom Stephens premiered his wonderful new video “Down To Rest”. The video was directed by Cate Hartmann and features fellow Timber and Steel favourite Julia Jacklin (as well as some other familiar faces) in a staring role. Check out Tom Stephens’ video “Down To Rest” […]


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Turkey rounds up plot suspects "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Members of Turkey’s armed forces are escorted by police for their suspected involvement in last Friday's attempted coup. Photo Tolga Adanali/Depo Photos via AP

Members of Turkey’s armed forces are escorted by police for their suspected involvement in last Friday’s attempted coup. Photo Tolga Adanali/Depo Photos via AP

Istanbul/Ankara [AAP]

Turkish authorities have rounded up nearly 3,000 suspected military plotters and ordered thousands of judges detained after thwarting a coup by rebels using tanks and attack helicopters to try to topple President Tayyip Erdogan.

For several hours overnight on Friday violence shook Turkey’s two main cities, as the armed faction which tried to seize power blocked a bridge in Istanbul and strafed the headquarters of Turkish intelligence and parliament in Ankara.

At least 265 people were killed. An official said 161 of them were mostly civilians and police officers, while the remaining 104 were coup supporters.

But the coup attempt crumbled as Erdogan rushed back to Istanbul from a Mediterranean holiday and urged people to take to the streets to support his government against plotters he accused of trying to kill him.

‘They w...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Thai sex industry under fire "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Posters of sex industry tycoon and alleged women’s-rights advocate Lena Jang-janja fronted by dancers and supporters during her 2004 run for mayor of Bangkok. AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong

Posters of sex industry tycoon and alleged women’s-rights advocate Lena Jang-janja fronted by dancers and supporters during her 2004 run for mayor of Bangkok. AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong

Bangkok [RAW]

Thailand’s infamous sex industry is under fire, with the tourism minister pushing to rid the country of its ubiquitous brothels and a spate of police raids in recent weeks on some of the largest establishments providing sex services in Bangkok.

Those who work in the industry say curbs on commercial sex services would hurt a flagging economy that has struggled to recover after political turmoil took the country to the brink of recession in 2014.

Thailand is home to an extensive sex industry, largely catering to Thai men.

Hordes of tourists also flock to the bright lights of go-go bars and massage parlours in Bangkok and main tourist towns.

Thailand’s beaches and temples have been the poster child for Asian tourism for decades and the country expects a record number of arrivals in 2016....


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Vietnam police detain dozens in protest "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Vietnamese protesters congratulate the Philippines on its win in The Hague. Photo

Vietnamese protesters congratulate the Philippines on its win in The Hague. Photo

Hanoi [AP]

Dozens of Vietnamese who gathered for an anti-China protest in central Hanoi have been taken away by police as they tried to rally support for an international tribunal’s ruling rejecting Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.

About two dozen people were bussed away by police from around the landmark Hoan Kiem Lake in the capital on Sunday even before they began their protest.

The rally was organised by a group opposing China’s expansive claims in the South China Sea.

It came after The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration last week issued the ruling in a case initiated by the Philippines, which together with Vietnam is one of the claimants in the disputed waters.

Vietnam’s Communist authorities have clamped down on such protests before, fearing they could stir dissent.

China rejected the tribunal’s ruling and refused to take part in the arbitration.

The UN tribunal ruled that China violated international maritime law, specifically the Philippines’ maritime rights by building up artificial islands that destroyed coral reefs and by disrupting fishing and oil exploration.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Melb CBD standstill for Black Lives Matter "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Black Lives Matter protesters raise their signs as thousands rally in Melbourne on Sunday. AAP Image/NewZulu/Richard Iskov

Black Lives Matter protesters raise their signs as thousands rally in Melbourne on Sunday. AAP Image/NewZulu/Richard Iskov

Kaitlyn Offer

Melbourne [AAP]

Parts of Melbourne’s CBD came to a standstill on Sunday with thousands converging for a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally.

Police in high-visibility vests were out in force and no arrests were made during the three-hour demonstration on Sunday.

The rally was held to express solidarity with African-Americans experiencing racial injustice and to shine a light on Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Crowd estimates for the rally vary between 1,200 and 3,500 protesters.

More than 6,000 people had flagged their interest in attending on the event’s Facebook page.

The rally started at the State Library on Swanston Street before a march to the front of Flinders Street station for speeches.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Biden praises US, Australian optimism "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

US Vice President Joe Biden (centre) with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (back right) is shown one of the research labs by Associate Professor Sherene Loi (left) during a tour of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Melbourne on Sunday. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

US Vice President Joe Biden (centre) with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (back right) is shown one of the research labs by Associate Professor Sherene Loi (left) during a tour of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Melbourne on Sunday. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Daniel Flitton

Melbourne [AAP]

US Vice-President Joe Biden has praised what he calls irrepressible ties of ‘optimism’ linking Australia and America.

Mr Biden was guest of honour at a Government House dinner in Melbourne on Sunday night hosted by Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews, federal trade minister Steve Ciobo and opposition leader Bill Shorten were among about 90 local dignitaries to attend.

Musician Archie Roach performed a song as an Indigenous welcome to country.

Mr Biden told the audience after a 40 year career in public office – and havin...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Greyhound ban on Richmond Valley Council agenda "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Photo AngMoKio, Wikimedia Commons

Photo AngMoKio, Wikimedia Commons

The Richmond Valley Council wants the state government to provide support for members of the local greyhound industry if a proposed ban on racing goes ahead.

The council will tomorrow consider a notice of motion calling on the state government to take into account the impact a ban would have on locals involved in the industry.

The motion comes amid calls from Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak for National Party MPs to either cross the floor or leave the National Party over the proposed ban.

Lismore Nationals MP Thomas George has been asked to comment.

Meanwhile, Richmond Valley mayor Ernie Bennett has said that while he understood the importance of making sure people were doing the right thing by the animals in their care, he did not believe an outright ban was the answer.

He said some of the local businesses to be affected by the ban included veterinary services, pet food and rural supplies, catering and fast food, fuel  and service stations, to name a few.

‘I understand greyhound racing in NSW needed to be cleaned up but is banning necessary?’ Cr Bennett said.

‘The NSW Government could take control of the industry to clean it up, or if it proceeds with the...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Ageing council urges govt on super reforms "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



Sydney [AAP]

The Council on the Ageing is calling on Monday’s coalition party room meeting to reject pressure to water down superannuation reforms.

Chief Executive Ian Yates says the fact the prime minister and treasurer are under pressure from backbenchers to reverse sound policy based on election results would be ‘laughable if it wasn’t so serious’.

Mr Yates says any negative impact at the polling booth associated with the super reforms was due to misinformation about how the policy affects the vast majority of voters.

‘The fact is only those at the very top end will lose out, the vast majority in the middle wont be impacted and those at the lower end will be better off,’ he said in a statement.

Mr Yates said the coalition now has an obligation to the majority of the electorate that voted it in and supported a superannuation policy that ‘finally puts an end to wasteful, unfair tax expenditure’.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has flagged changes to his controversial plans for superannuation tax concessions, insisting he has already listened to peo...


Doom and Bloom (TM): Under The Heat Dome "IndyWatch Feed Health"

This summer is turning out to be a real scorcher, with the formation of a “heat dome” bringing some of the hottest weather so far this year to large swaths of U.S. territory this week. Many consider a heat wave to be just a time to put an extra ice cube in the lemonade, but it’s a deadly natural disaster. More people die in heat waves in the U.S. than just about any recent weather event short of hurricane Katrina.

[... Continue Reading]


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Fanning finishes the job a year after shark attack "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Mick Fanning celebrates his win in the final of the JBay Open. Picture: WSL/Kirstin Scholtz

Mick Fanning celebrates his win in the final of the JBay Open. Picture: WSL/Kirstin Scholtz

By Craig Jarvis,

‘The first thing was just getting out there again,’ Tweed’s world-champion surfer Mick Fanning said of his highly anticipated return to Jeffreys Bay.

As fate would have it, one year after a shark knocked Fanning off his board in the final here, he found himself in the first heat of the event. Fittingly, he caught the first wave of this year’s tournament, immediately putting the past behind him.

‘It was definitely emotional, even just paddling out,’ he said. ‘But how could we not have come back to J-Bay?’

Going full circle, on Saturday Mick caught the last wave of the event, capping a masterful performance that had all the appearances of destiny. ‘I just wanted to right the wrongs from last year,’ he explained.

The three-time World Champ sprinted into his fourth consecutive J-Bay Final with his textbook carves, and came away with the win.

The 5’9 channel-bottom swallowtail he rode would help him greatly in that effort. It might have looked a bit short at times,...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Police seek help over Casino hit and run accident "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Police are seeking public help over a hit and run accident last week at Casino in which left a 14-year-old boy suffered a head injury and possible fractures.

The accident happened at around 6.30pm last Thursday at Centre Street, Casino, near the intersection of Escles St.

The vehicle left the scene.

The boy is currently in hospital with a head injury, lacerations and possible fractures.

If you have any information, contact the Far North Coast Crash Investigation Unit on 02 6681 8699) or Crime Stoppers (1300 333 000).

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"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: ULMWP accepts MSG decision and calls for greater support of West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"
ULMWP accepts MSG decision and calls for greater support of West Papua
BY: Anonymous 16:00 July 17 2016
The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) remains positive despite the Melanesian Spearhead Group’s (MSG) decision to defer its application for full member...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Common Ground North Coast: The 9th Annual Mullum Music Festival 17-20 Nov "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

PhotoCredit_KirraPendergast-1990Henry Wagons 1 Photo by Taylor Wong copyEilen Jewell (USA), The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer (CAN) Julien Baker (USA), Henry Wagons & The Only Children, Olympia, Gareth Liddiard, Matt Anderson (CAN), Tash Sultana, Suzannah Espie, William Crighton, Lior,
Epizo Bangoura (West Africa), The Meltdowns, Bobby Alu and the Palm Royale, Sahara Beck, Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson, Jordie Lane

At Mullum Music Festival this year its beard meets banjo, flannelette meets fiddle, and double denim bluegrass inspired Americana meets a rocking roll call of emerging and established Australian talent. One of the country’s hippest festivals, Mullum Music, now in its 9th year is set to unleash its finest line-up yet on the pubs, clubs, halls and streets of the NSW north coast town of Mullumbimby from 17-20 Nov. While ‘schoolies’ rages in nearby Byron Bay, locals and visitors in-the-know get on down in Mullum town.

Internationals for Mullum Music Festival this year include a little bit of Idaho when Americana inspired singer songwriter Eilen Jewell rides her ‘Half-Broke Horse’ into town with vivid lyrics and steel guitars; Vancouver duo The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer cook up some mean and dirty blues; Tennessee singer-songwriter Julien Baker breaks our hearts with ethereal beauty as part of her 2016 national tour; and the big man of Canadian blues, Mr Matt Andersen makes honest men and women of us all.

Australian highlights include the dynamic 20 year old Tash Sultana; Melbourne’s ultra cool Olympia; outlaw country rock b...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Byron at Byron Introduce Cheese and Wine Nights "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Celebrate Byron Bay’s finest produce with no distractions!

The Byron at Byron are now offering Cheese and Wine nights, adding to their vast food and beverage offering to the Byron Bay community.

The Cheese and Wine Nights are offered daily from 4pm during winter to guests, with a cheese board and two glasses of wine starting from $38 for two people.

Who doesn’t love cheese and wine in winter? Check out the menu below.

Cheese board and two glasses of wine
$38 for two people

Selection of three cheeses, lavosh and muscatels. Wine from the selected menu.

More cheese? Additional 50g per board – $10
Selection of Salumi – $15
Selection of homemade dips and bread – $10
Marinated olives – $10

Something Sweet
Dessert tasting board – $26

Wine List
2015 Cork Cutters Merlot, Adelaide Hills SA
2013 Petaluma Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra SA
2015 Stonier Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula VIC
2013 Torbreck Juveniles Grenache Shiraz Mataro, Barossa Valley SA

2014 Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Gris, Central Otago NZ
2012 Huntaway Reserve Chardonnay, Gisborne NZ

2011 Stonier Sparkling, Mornington Peninsula VIC

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
Quiet Deeds IPA

Available until 31st August. Call The Restaurant on 02 6639 2111 to book your spot on the lounges.

For further information visit

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Mad In America: Falling Through the Cracks "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I am an award-winning singer/songwriter with a number one record to my credit. I also owned several small businesses and founded a 501c3 non-profit for women's health. I ate healthy, swam and cycled every day and had a very active lifestyle. This was before benzos came into my life. Since withdrawing from benzodiazepines five months ago, I still cannot play one of my own compositions all the way through without a mistake.

My benzodiazepine journey began in 1999. I was in the rat race like most Americans, working long hours and recovering from the death of my mother. In July I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing out of control. At the time I didn't realize that it was horrific anxiety, which would soon become a household word in America. I had numerous ER visits followed by a cardiac workup and a huge assortment of other tests that "ruled out" any major health problems.

I was never told that these were classic menopause symptoms. I had been going non-stop in a high stress business and not addressing underlying life issues that most of us face these days. The end result is poor adrenal function, and a life that spirals out of control from too much stress.

After a month with no sleep, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital where the doctor placed me on lorazepam. It worked like a miracle, and after sleeping for three days in the hospital I was sent home with a refill on the prescription. I was never given any instructions about the drug, and I was never told that I shouldn't use it long term. As I look back now, I know I was most likely physically dependent on the drug within a few days. The doctors just kept refilling it, and I went on with my life thinking that it was working and all was well.

Two months after starting the lorazepam, I contracted a severe vaginal infection (which I had never had in my life,) and was given an antibiotic called Cipro. I had a severe reaction to the Cipro and had to stop it after just......


Mad In America: Merry Citoli — Long Bio "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Merry Citoli is an award-winning singer/songwriter and screenplay writer whose life went into a downward spiral after being put on lorazepam for insomnia and anxiety. She is now working to expand a medication taper program for others who are suffering from the same pain she endured. Her upcoming book "Falling Through the Cracks" is about her journey through benzodiazepine dependency and how it impacted her career, friendships and finances.


SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


In a previous article on the U.S. backing Russia into a corner and provoking a response that can lead to WWIII, we referenced the following report from the Daily Mail: Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge.

The information is important, because the article details the importance of Kaliningrad, the westernmost Russian military staging base on the Baltic and the hub of a tremendous amount of posturing by Russian forces to counter the US-NATO buildup in the area.  Kaliningrad is detailed in purpose and history, and this in itself is important to understand in order to follow future movements and deployments by Russia.  There is another, subtler reason the article’s information is critical to understand: the mind of a Russian leader who was “brought up” and schooled in the Soviet system of warfare.

Past articles pertaining to Russia have mentioned the work “Inside the Soviet Army,” by Viktor Suvorov, (true name Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun) who during the 1980’s author...


Mad In America: Merry Citoli — Short Bio "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Merry Citoli is an award-winning singer/songwriter and screenplay writer whose life went into a downward spiral after being put on lorazepam for insomnia and anxiety. She is now working to expand a medication taper program for others who are suffering from the same pain she endured. Her upcoming book "Falling Through the Cracks" is about her journey through benzodiazepine dependency and how it impacted her career, friendships and finances.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Cinema Review: Central Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

If there is anything more American than apple pie, it’s the bloopers that you get during the end credits of lightweight farces such as this (they’re the ultimate ego trip). I knew they’d be coming and I hoped that they would be funnier than the movie itself – but they’re not. Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson and comedian Kevin Hart are Bob and Calvin, former school buddies. Calvin, the boy most likely to succeed, is now a ‘mere’ accountant, whereas Bob, who has sent him a Facebook friend request, is a leviathan CIA operative. Bob the fat kid was humiliated at a class presentation, so he is dead keen to attend the twenty-year reunion, but Calvin is mortified by his lowly status and doesn’t want to go. They buddy-up when Bob, wrongly accused of treason, enlists Calvin to decipher computer data that might reveal who it is that has stolen state defence secrets. It’s a game of chasings after that, as the two stay one frantic step ahead of Agent Harris’s (Amy Ryan) CIA pursuers. As a fan of Johnson, I appreciate his unwillingness to take himself too seriously, but Hart’s manic, squealing delivery drove me up the wall.

The twists and turns move rapidly, the stunts are good and there is a hell of a lot of playful shooting – but it’s only windows and walls that get dinged, because guns don’t kill people, do they. What leaves a galling taste, however, is the cock-eyed preachiness of its anti-bullying theme. In an early setup, you can’t wait for Bob to kick the butts of a crew of thugs in a bar where he is drinking with Calvin, but later he turns into a wimp when confronted by Trevor (Jason Bateman) who reminds Bob of the fat slob that he was. Bob will ultimately tell those at the reunion that the most important thing is to be yourself – the hero of your own story – but at 6’6” and 120 kgs, with muscles on muscles, it’s easy for hi...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: Independent Artist Of The Week: Medicine Voice "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Medicine Voice 5 - Photo by Jessica Chapnik Khan

Photo by Jessica Chapnik Khan 

Sar Friedman is the multi-talented woman behind Medicine Voice. Her sedative, soaring vocals meet with shamanic drum, harmonium, piano, organ and percussion in her latest six-track LP, I And Thou.

Her lyrics use concepts drawn from mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘Monomyth‘, and philosopher Martin Buber’s pursuits in understanding the “Other”. Having previously performed under the Heartswin moniker, Friedman has played in an array of experimental groups for over ten years, including Pink Mountaintops, Leopard Leg and Melodie Nelson.

Featuring the likes of Oren Ambarchi and Joe Tahlia, I And Thou showcases a raw, minimalistic and depth of emotion that lingers with you long after listening. It’s available now through independent Sydney label Provenance Records.

WHO: Medicine Voice
WHAT: “I And Thou” launch
WHERE: The Factory Floor, Factory Th...

03:45 How To Make Your Own Marshmallows That Are So Healthy You Can Eat as Many as You Want "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: How To Make Your Own Marshmallows That Are So Healthy You Can Eat as Many as You Want For more content like this visit

Marshmallows are a longtime family favorite. Often considered a staple for camping trips, hot cocoa, Thanksgiving classics, and desserts, these sugary treats aren’t doing you any favors. Even though marshmallows are fat-free, they are packed full of sugar. One regular marshmallow contains about 4 grams of added sugar. But as many of us know, very rarely […]

Source: How To Make Your Own Marshmallows That Are So Healthy You Can Eat as Many as You Want Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


Health Impact News: Lawsuits Against HPV Vaccines Mounting In Japan "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Women who suffered side effects from vaccines against cervical cancer are seen in March, when they announced their suit. The initial group of 12 plaintiffs has now grown to 64. Image Source.

Health Impact News Editor Comments

Unlike the U.S. where people who suffer from vaccine injuries and deaths cannot sue the drug manufacturers who enjoy legal immunity from the harm caused by their products, women in Japan have started taking legal action against the pharmaceutical companies that produce the HPV vaccine, which includes Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The Japanese government has withdrawn their support of the vaccine, and hence they are named in the lawsuits as well.

You are not likely to read this news in the U.S. mainstream media anywhere, because all negative news regarding vaccines is heavily censored.

64 women to sue in three Japanese courts over health woes from cervical cancer vaccines

The Japan Times




(We) can do better: Video: in interview by mainstream media, Syrian President demolishes their lies "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this 43 minute interview, previously published on 15 July 2016 on Syria News as most important points Dr. Assad cleared in latest NBC interview, the elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad confronts and demolishes the lies peddled to public of Australia, the United States, Britain and their allies about the Syrian conflict.

This is the man that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition leader Bill Shorten have labeled a murderous tyrant. It would be interesting to see how they would stand up to a similar degree of scrutiny. If they were ever similarly interviewed about their own actions towards Syria, including Australia's economic sanctions, which have doubtless cost many of the 350,000+ Syrian lives lost since March 2011, they would surely be torn to shreds.

Excerpt: President Assad explains that only Syrians can decide whether or not he will remain President


Full 43:05 minute interview




SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: Watch This Chilling Animation Show How Flight MH17 Over Ukraine Was Ripped Apart By Buk Surface-To-Air Missile "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


Speculation abounded when Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine in 2014.

Initial media reports indicated that separatist forces loyal to Putin were responsible. But that was quickly disputed by Russia, who claimed that it was the Ukrainian military who fired the fatal blow. Satellite photos provided by the Obama administration were immediately disputed. It has been suggested that the entire incident was a false flag designed to lay blame on the Russian President at the height of the Ukraine conflict.

Of interest is the fact that Vladimir Putin himself was reportedly flying over the area in an airplane whose colors resembled that of the Malaysian flight, suggesting that Ukrainians may have been taking a shot at the highest-level target possible at the time.

The following animation and report from Dutch officials in The Hague doesn’t shed new light on the origins of the missile, but it does provide details of how the flight was brought down and shows a Russian-made Buk Surface-to-Air missile approaching its target and then detonating its deadly payload, killing the pilots instantly. The airplane then broke up between business class and economy class and fell to ear...


Vaccine Impact: Lawsuits Against HPV Vaccines Mounting In Japan "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Women who suffered side effects from vaccines against cervical cancer are seen in March, when they announced their suit. The initial group of 12 plaintiffs has now grown to 64. Image Source.

Health Impact News Editor Comments

Unlike the U.S. where people who suffer from vaccine injuries and deaths cannot sue the drug manufacturers who enjoy legal immunity from the harm caused by their products, women in Japan have started taking legal action against the pharmaceutical companies that produce the HPV vaccine, which includes Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The Japanese government has withdrawn their support of the vaccine, and hence they are named in the lawsuits as well.

You are not likely to read this news in the U.S. mainstream media anywhere, because all negative news regarding vaccines is heavily censored.

64 women to sue in three Japanese courts over health woes from cervical cancer vaccines

The Japan Times


A gro...


SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: Raw Footage Of Shoot Out: Cops Gunned Down In Baton Rouge: At Least Three Confirmed Dead: Multiple Gunmen "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


Earlier this year an elite special forces insider warned of serious civil unrest this summer. It appears those predictions were quite prescient.

The war on the streets of America continues.

UPDATE: Police say three officers have been killed. One gunman has been killed but police say a second gunman has barricaded himself into a building. Police are looking for a third suspect.


Witnesses reported seeing a sus[icious man with an “assault rifle” walking down a Baton Rouge, Louisiana street when they called police. As officers approached the individual he reportedly opened fire, killing at least three and injuring up to 7 others.

The gunman has reportedly been killed by police, though the area remains an active scene as more information becomes available.

Raw Footage of the shooting – multiple gunshots in rapid succession can be heard near the end of the video:

Another angle:


01:46 Finally a Real Lawsuit Against Enforced Vaccinations in California "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: Finally a Real Lawsuit Against Enforced Vaccinations in California For more content like this visit

BY PAUL FASSA There have been a few failed attempts at stalling California’s SB 277 or getting rid of it completely. According to California resident health freedom activist Tim Bolen of the, the lack of positive results has been due to poor leadership and in fighting among those who sought to lead. Now an […]

Source: Finally a Real Lawsuit Against Enforced Vaccinations in California Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.

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