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Tuesday, 30 May


Another traumatised victim of Tracey Spicer goes public, his trust and confidentiality horribly betrayed "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've exchanged correspondence with James and have spoken with other media industry figures who confirm his story. Tracey Spicer has a lot to answer for. Reading about the recent Phillip Schofield ITV scandal in the UK has stirred up deep emotions. Its eerie familiarity has been deeply triggering - as...


Please bear with us as I work with Typepad to fix our comment problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'm going to give the tried and trusted old comment system (ie where you can reply to others) another go. I'd really appreciate any feedback on how it goes. Thank you, Michael UPDATE The plot thickens. In my location in Indonesia all comments are showing properly. In London, all comments...


Labor's $845,650 p.a. stooge who can't recall how much she's paid. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Meet Employment Department Secretary Natalie James. A Labor Party favourite and a big money public servant. She has a key job in tough times, tinkering with the labour market and dancing the dance with the unions. Yet she struggles answering a straight question ... like this today in a Parliament...


Larry Perkins to renounce Motorsport Australia membership over its support for The Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to motoring publication V8 Sleuth - and reader Paul F for the tip.


Thunderous Affidavit From British Army Insider "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Former Canadian G-G, David Johnston, (C) King Charles' equerry Major Johnny Thompson, (R) Kevin Annett(L) Former Canadian G-G, David Johnston, (C) King Charles equerry Major Johnny Thompson, (R) Kevin Annett

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

I have just received an email from Republic of Kanata, related to the innovative work of Kevin Annett of Canada. Annett has, for 24 years, been running tribunals peoples tribunals against officials of church and state. He is also a leader in the fight against satanic rituals, in which children are sometimes killed.

Today, 29 May 2023, Annett announced that an insider has come forward with testimony that the then Prince of Wales, in late December 2010, ordered the murder of a whistleblower named William Combes in Canada. Combes had stated that back in 1964 he saw Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip choose, and take away, 10 kids (7 boys, 3 girls), from a residential school for indigenous kids in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The dramatis personae in the Insiders affidavit are as follows:

King Charles (at the time, Prince Charles);

William Combes, th...


Police criminality hidden in all court cases, right to a 'fair hearing' impossible! "IndyWatch Feed National"

The system is broken, no its not, its functioning perfectly the way it was designed.

The legal system is stacked against you (the serf) even before you enter the premises of a court, let alone a court room.

The colonys police forces are organisations that commit criminal activities every single day, but the general population is blissfully oblivious to this fact, and with the help of the media, their crimes are kept from the public eye. 

If police are committing criminal offences, then its up to the people to catch them out, just like motorists are criminals and its up to the police to allege this before a court, but you (the motorist/serf) will never get a fair hearing, in this case being Victoria.

Keeping in mind that Victorian premier Dan Andrews' vehicle struck a cyclist where no criminal offence has been recorded by police. 

Police acting under dictation?

According to the law motorists commit criminal offences and not civil ones.

In criminal law, the burden of proof is on the accuser, where first and foremost there is a presumption of innocence.

Not so lucky, when youre a motorist, as you're guilty until proven otherwise under strict or absolute liability, at law which is unlawfully enacted.

Absolute liability is that youre guilty and a penalty will be enforced,

Strict liability is that youre guilty and you must prove otherwise.

Another unlawfully enacted piece is something called owner onus, where the scope of this is outside of this post.

Many aspects of law come under an action called a question of law, but that is generally kept from the 'client' by the legal profession if you're represented, i.e. a mute in the eyes of the court. 


Talking Palestine with the South China Morning Post "IndyWatch Feed National"

My interview with Alex Lo from the South China Morning Post newspaper about my new book, The Palestine Laboratory. Many interesting conversations here but particularly about Chinas potentially growing role in the Middle East and how this could impact the Israel/Palestine conflict.

The full interview transcript is below:

Israel has occupied Palestinian territories for more than half a century. During this time, a militarily enforced system of repression has been refined with new technologies of surveillance and spying. As a result, according to investigative journalist and bestselling author Antony Loewenstein, the country has developed a hi-tech surveillance industry whose technologies are being sold to autocracies and democracies alike.

What happens in Palestine does not stay in Palestine, he warns, and the never-ending occupation not only concerns Palestinian human rights and self-determination, but has implications for the right of privacy of citizens around the world.

1. Lets start with the title of your new book, The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World. What do you mean by laboratory? And what kinds of surveillance and control technologies have been selected for export to other countries?

After running the longest occupation in modern times, 56 years and counting in Palestine, Israel has developed a variety of tools an...


Australia must let go of reliance on a declining United States to secure our future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The elite that dominates the United States is running scared. Two prominent issues reveal this. One is the fear of the rise of China, and the other is what is the future of the economy and politics at home. The second one is at present being fought out in the battle over the government debt ceiling. Both are signs of the new uncertainty.

Australia is caught up in this. There would be no massive expenditure on nuclear submarines and military participation in the South China Sea and the Pacific. there would be no trade skirmishing with China otherwise. Julian Assange would not be languishing in prison, nor would Australian citizen, Daniel Duggan, be languishing in a Sydney cell waiting for extradition to the United States, to be accused of training Chinese pilots. He faces the prosect of 60 years imprisonment.

Australia would not be still mimicking American economic policy. A change of government from the Morrison Coalition to Albanese Labor has brought about little change. Australia is treated like a vassal and our on political elite enthusiastically accepts it, even if it comes at considerable economic and political cost.

We are being dragged down an abyss because the United States finds itself to be a declining power. This is the outcome of self-made failures and not the fault of an imagined enemy.

Economically, the United States has for too long and too heavily depended on debt created by being the worlds lender. It has overextended itself, and the engine of its past growth is slowing down. Part of this is transforming from a nation to which the world once owed a huge sum, into one that now owes the world. The United States owes the governments of other countries around $US6.9 trillion. Its debt to the private sector, mainly big business, is $US24.64 trillion. There is no way this can be paid this back. The financial system shows signs of increasing instability.

The following image by Julie Peasley shows how many one-dollar bills it would take to stack up to the total U.S. debt of $31.4 trillion. This help to visualise how serious this debt is.



Mark 'I Am A Total Rockstar' McGowan's glowing self-assessment. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today, I am announcing that I will be stepping down as Premier and as the Member for Rockingham I was elected as Premier of Western Australia in March 2017 more than six years ago now. Prior to that, I served as Opposition Leader for more than five years. All...


Weed Control "IndyWatch Feed National"

Several different approaches are needed for weed control since eradication is difficult and can be expensive. Preventing weeds from establishing

This content is for Member, Friends of Sustainable Gardening Australia (FOSGA), and GIFT MEMBERSHIP Members and Friends only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.
The post Weed Control first appeared on Sustainable Gardening Australia.


Prevent Pests in Your Garden "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you can prevent pests in your garden and you will save time, resources and money as well as helping

This content is for Member, Friends of Sustainable Gardening Australia (FOSGA), and GIFT MEMBERSHIP Members and Friends only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.
The post Prevent Pests in Your Garden first appeared on Sustainable Gardening Australia.


We Bury Our Mistakes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Boris Karloff

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Weve all heard so much about Long Covid lately, the blood clots and heart problems associated with Long Covid, the excess deaths and so forth attributed to this controversial disease which seems to have mutated from a respiratory virus to mostly exhibiting as a type of thrombosis, it has the experts deeply puzzled, they seem to have moved on to other things. The new combined Covid-Influenza mRNA treatments do not appear to treat the existing Long Covid with blood clotting symptoms, but wearing the paper mask and getting more boosters is highly recommended.

So since academic conclusions about Long Covid are at a dead end, lets look at something much older and more common to see how the authorities and experts handle that.

One in six Australians experience back pain, so what is the medical establishment recommending?

We can go to a well-respected authority, Johns Hopkins University, a much-cited major medical research organisation operating an hour drive from Washington DC...


#BradfieldVotes PODCAST: Nic Boele and Carey Francis on the Bradfield for Yes campaign for The Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

ON JUNE 19 last year at the Lindfield Football Club debrief for volunteers, Nicolette Boele announced that Voices for Bradfield had re-endorsed her as its candidate for the next federal election. After all, an all-volunteer campaign on a tight budget in the Indi Way tradition had achieved the biggest swing against a sitting Liberal MP []


So this Australian Winter was expected to be drier and warmer than the median mark, but now it seems twice as likely a rainfall suppressing El Nio event will also start this year "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

During the multi-year Millennium Drought from 1997 to 2010, south east Australia experienced its lowest 13-year rainfall record since 1865 over the years 2006 to 2010.

Temperatures were also much hotter than in previous droughts and temperature extremes peaked during the heatwave and bushfires in early 2009. This culminated in the loss of 374 lives in Victoria and many more over the larger southeast in the heatwave leading up to Black Saturday. There were 173 lives lost in the fires.

The years 2015 to 2016 saw El Nio combined with a positive Indian Ocean Dipole in the second half of 2015 further suppressing rainfall, so that rainfall was the equal fourth-lowest on record for Australia during September, Tasmania had its driest Spring on record and mean temperatures were also highest on record for October to December 2015. This El Nio also contributed to an early start to the 2015-16 southern fire season.

By 2017 Australia was again in the grips of a multi-year drought. Very dry conditions in the cool season were followed by only a limited recovery in the OctoberDecember period in 2017 and 2018. This meant record-low rainfalls over various multi-year periods.

By June 2018 more than 99% of NSW was declared as affected by drought. The most extreme rainfall deficiencies over multi-year periods occurring in the northern half of New South Wales.

In June-July 20...

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Monday, 29 May


Henningsen: Identity Politics Has Gone Bonkers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Another tell-tale sign that Western civilization is in terminal decline.

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 24, 2023, Patrick explains why the identity politics game is getting out of control, and a total farce in the increasingly insane culture wars. More marginalised groups are now popping up everywhere. Whether its Trans rights or the rights of those who identify as Furries, or human rights laws for AI and robots it seems that Western civilization is in terminal decline. All this and more. Listen:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):




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INTERVIEW: Kevork Almassian What Was Zelensky Doing at The Arab League? "IndyWatch Feed National"

NATO-backed chutzpah: Zelensky criticized Arab leaders for not condemning Russia enough.

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 22, 2023, Patrick talks with Kevork Almassian from Syriana Analysis about NATOs little green action man, Volodymyr Zelensky jetting down to Saudi Arabia for the Arab League summit, where the Ukrainian comedian turned President proceeded to berate Arab leaders for not condemning Russia enough, as well as begmanding for their support in the Wests proxy war against Russia. What did Zelensky and the West hope to gain? And what was Zelensky then doing at the G7 afterwards? All this and more. Listen:

More from Kevork:
Twitter Kevork
Twitter Syriana Analysis

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):






Exploring the Differences: Bluestone VS Travertine Pavers "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia, bluestone and travertine are two of the most popular natural stone pavers used for both residential and commercial homes. Both of these stones are often used for outdoor paving, indoor flooring, stepping stones, and sometimes wall cladding.

Since both have amazing functional and aesthetic qualities, it can be difficult to choose between the two.

To help you make a choice, were going to take a look at the main features of each of these stones. Well go through each important characteristic, from thermal resistance to ease of maintenance. By discussing all the main advantages of these two stones, hopefully we can help you decide which product is more suitable for you and your property.

What is Bluestone?

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne

In Australia and New Zealand, bluestone is the commercial term used to describe basalt. Basalt is a fine-grained igneous rock made from low-viscosity lava. It is mainly composed of oxides from silicon, magnesium, iron, potassium, aluminum, calcium and titanium.

Since it has a high concentration of augite and dark pyroxene minerals, basalt typically has a dark bluish hue. However, due to varying mineral composition, sometimes basalt has a much lighter tone.

Basalt typically has vesicles (small holes), which are created by the dissolved gasses released by the lava. These vesicles often leave a subtle texture on the surface of the finished paver. Basalt has also high density as well as a decent thermal resistance.

Benefits of Bluestone Pavers

  1. Durable and DenseThe density of basalt ranges from 2.8 3.0g/cm3. By comparison granites density is measured at 2.5 2.8g/cm3.

    Because of its high density, basalt is often used as an outdoor paver. The density of the stone will protect your pavers from minor surface scratches, moisture damage (including stains) and heat.

    Bluestone pavers are perfect for pergola flooring, outdoor stepping stones, front yard pathways, fireplaces, and so on. Essentially, any area that is exposed to the outside elements and extreme temperatures would benefit from high quality bluestone pavers.

  2. VersatileNot only is bluestone versatile functionally, it is also ve...


ABC presenter "I'll leave that there...." yeah, because Warren's talking for the 'NO' case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Underminder. Warren Mundine has accused the ABC of bias during a fiery interview over the Voice to Parliament. Clown Down Under (@clowndownunder) May 29, 2023


Breaking news: His Majestys Government is not going to investigate excess deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tom Jefferson Trust the Evidence May 27, 2023

A while ago, we stated that there were MPs who were doing the job they were elected to do.

One of them is the Right Hon. Esther McVey MP, who continues to ask questions prompting now routine escape and evasion answers from HMG. They must have taken a master class from the Great Houdini or undergone SAS selection, where you must withstand interrogation if caught.

Here is the latest example answered by no less than the MP who openly persecuted us on a website because, amongst other peccadillos, we dared to question the rules of six (remember that?).

HMG and Mr OBrien MP announced that they have absolutely no intention of investigating the causes of excess mortality in England and Wales. Instead, they ran for cover behind the usual waffle of F&C words and sundry conditions and will set out a strategy. A bit too late for those who have left us; the Minister, however, was careful not to mention statin starvation and lack of BP monitoring, so at least they have stopped making fools of themselves. Maybe.

But there you have it, young or old, black or white, poor, very poor or very very poor, hot or cold, you can die before your time, and its ok with HMG.

A truly democratic set of principles.

Despite the official attitude, we will continue to keep this public health drama in the public eye, but we need your help, all of you, your friends and your contacts.

Think of what we have been through in the last three years and what the families of those who died must feel.

Trust the Evidence is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support our work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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THE VOICE OF REASON "IndyWatch Feed National"

The manner in which the Albanese Government is conducting The Voice referendum is just as unlawful as the way in which the Liberal-National Coalition under Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison ran the appallingly lethal Robodebt scheme.

Posting shortlink:

At the present time, thanks to the strident criticism and vilification of people who are opposed to this $100 million waste of taxpayers money, which does very little except disenfranchise 96.8% of voters, the one-sided debate is little more than a media-hype talkfest (with slagging on the side) that has no relation whatsoever to the correct way to run a constitutional referendum, which should be based upon community education and debate, and  objective facts, instead of the biased, vested interest drivel that we are being hit with.

QUESTION #1: Where is the local community public education about the issues and informed community debate, which is a core requirement for determining the community views for and against the referendum proposal?

Heck How many people in Australia have a copy of the referendum poposal that is stuck on the fridge with a magnet?

ANSWER:  No fridge magnet and no copy of the proposed change, goes hand-in-hand with no objective informed community-involvement in the debate.

Why is this so?

Could it be because of the fact that during the last election Anthony Albanese promised the referendum  without apparently bothering to either read the Constitution or ask the Australian Electoral Commission what is proper process is when conducting a constitutional referendum, e.g., Can I just throw bags of taxpayers money at the mass media, and slag anyone and everyone who has the nerve to disgree  with my proposal, or do I have to have informed community involvement?...


North Carolina bus driver sacked after shooting attacker armed with a pistol "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sacked because he didn't 'de-escalate' a man with a gun. *We originally reported this mistakenly as happening in Chicago, thank you to Seeker of Truth for pointing out the error. Other passengers were caught in the crossfire. ABC 7 Chicago (@ABC7Chicago) May 28, 2023


US Senator Lindsey Graham gloats to Zelensky "Russians are dying, it's the best money we've ever spent" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The Russians are's the best money we've ever spent." Imagine what the United States response would be if Russia was saying this about American citizens! Jackson Hinkle (@jacksonhinklle) May 27, 2023


IPEF supply chain agreement announced but no text available "IndyWatch Feed National"

May 29, 2023: Trade Ministers from the 14 member countries of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) announced in Detroit on May 27 that they had substantially completed negotiations to create more diverse, secure and fair supply chains amongst themselves, known as Pillar II of the four Pillars of IPEF. They are continuing negotiations on the other three Pillars.

IPEF is an initiative of the United States to diversify supply chains away from China. IPEF members include the US, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Fiji and Vietnam

After further consultation and legal review, the Pillar 2 text will be signed and only then released for review by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT).

There have been reported disagreements between IPEF members, especially about the inclusion of labour rights as requirements for supply chains, which have delayed the completion of the agreement. It is not clear how the agreement will be enforced. The incentives for developing countries appear to be technical assistance and possible investments from business.

AFTINET recently coordinated a letter from 28 diverse community organisations asking the Australian Government to support strong and enforceable human rights, labour rights and environmental standards in all IPEF agreements.

The Statement says the agreement will seek to enable IPEF partners to:

  • Exchange information of significant supply chain risks, and improve crisis coordination, response to supply chain disruptions and respond to minimise them, and identify, manage, and resolve supply chain bottlenecks, including by strengthening supply chain logistics and infrastructure;
  • facilitate cooperation, mobilize investments, and promote regulatory transparency in sectors and goods critical to national security, public health and safety, or the prevention of significant or widespread economic disruptions;
  • respect, promote, and realize, in good faith, labor rights in IPEF partners supply chains, in recognition of the essential role of workers in achieving greater supply chain resilience;
  • ensure the availability of a sufficient number of skilled workers in critical sectors and key goods, incl...


Climate morons - how good's the boom camera operator!!!! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Camera 1 - Climate Loons.. Timjbo (@Tim_jbo) May 29, 2023


The jungle, Chicago "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today, on the first day beaches were opened for the season in Chicago, a shooting takes place at the popular North Avenue Beach as about 80 to 100 teenagers gathered. Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) May 26, 2023


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.25 AUD


Pushing-Up for mental health in June "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Push-Up Challenge is set to go for 2023.

Australias largest fitness-based mental health event, The Push-Up Challenge, is back in 2023, encouraging Australians to push for better mental health.

Participants will take on 3,144 push-ups across 23 days in June, putting the spotlight on the tragic number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2021.

Thousands of Australians from all ages and walks of life participate in the event which engages people in mental health through connection, physical activity and education.

Founder of The Push-Up Challenge, Nick Hudson, said The Push-Up Challenge is a great way to get fit, connect with your community and do something positive for your mental health, all while honouring lives tragically lost to suicide.

Everyone will likely experience a mental health issue

Its likely everyone will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives, so by pushing up and learning about mental health, we hope to break down the stigma attached to mental illness so that Australians dont think twice about reaching out for help.

The Push-Up Challenge is a free event, and participants can choose to fundraise and support beneficiary partners Lifeline or Movember, or the charity which runs the event, Push for Better Foundation.

Fundraising is an optional part of the event.

With our focus on men...


Recommending The Palestine Laboratory "IndyWatch Feed National"

My new book, The Palestine Laboratory, is out in Australia and New Zealand on 30 May.

It was released in the UK and US last week.

Every week, the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age write an email about the latest news and views in the literary world and this weeks edition features the highlights of June. My book was the top title listed:

In his provocative new book, the Australian journalist, who lived in East Jerusalem between 2016 and 2020, argues that Israel exports around the globe the techniques and technologies it has deployed during the Israel/Palestine conflict. Palestine, he says, has been a testing ground for weaponry and surveillance, and Israel has become a global leader in their development.

The post Recommending The Palestine Laboratory appeared first on Antony Loewenstein.


Universities as tools of apartheid "IndyWatch Feed National"

In his new book Boycott Theory and the Struggle for Palestine: Universities, Intellectualism and Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield, 2023), Nick Riemer mounts a comprehensive argument for the institutional academic boycott of Israel. This edited extract outlines the central rationale for the boycottIsraeli universities institutional role in enabling apartheid, occupation and anti-Palestinianism.

The post Universities as tools of apartheid appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Joint media release on proposed new anti-protest laws: undo 22 minutes of bad lawmaking "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 29 May 2023

It took only 22 minutes for anti-protest legislation to pass one of the two houses needed for it to become law - and now a number of SA's leading civil society groups are calling for the SA Government to spend another 22 minutes or even less this week to send the bill to committee for proper review.


A gem among the many incredible natural wonders of the Northern Rivers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The view over Bean Creek Falls a place that Janelle Saffin MP calls A gem among the many incredible natural wonders of the Northern Rivers. Photo supplied.

The Member for Lismore Janelle Saffin called a local tourist spot is a gem among the many incredible natural wonders of the Northern Rivers as she announced two reserves in the Lismore region will be upgraded.



Imagine waking up to this "IndyWatch Feed National"

Warning: loss of IQ points ahead Matrix Memez (@MatrixMemez) March 12, 2023


WHO do you think you are? Outrage over 'unprecedented land grab' that 'could see World Health Organization force Britain, the U.S. and Australia into lockdowns in future pandemics' "IndyWatch Feed National"

WHO do you think you are? Outrage over 'unprecedented land grab' that 'could see World Health Organization force Britain, the U.S. and Australia into lockdowns in future pandemics' --The WHO could order governments to impose rules in future disease outbreaks --Tory MPs have called for a block on powers that would dictate UK health policy | 28 May 2023 | New powers could potentially plunge Britain, the US and Australia into lockdown measures at the whim of the World Health Organization, it was claimed today. The UN agency -- heavily criticised for how it [mis]handled Covid [by killing as many people as possible, per Gates and Schwab] -- is considering 300 amendments to its legally binding rulebook. One measure floated, MPs and campaigners fear, opens the door for member states to be made to comply with any advice orders issued during future pandemics, such as enforcing vaccine passports and border closures. It states that countries vow to "undertake to follow WHO's recommendations in their international public health response." Critics today described the proposal -- which still has to be voted on before ever cropping up in real-world policy -- as an "unprecedented land grab."


Vale George Davidson OAM former Tweed Shire Councillor "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

George Davidson OAM. Photo supplied.

A funeral will be held today for George Davidson OAM who was once a Tweed Shire Councillor and a passionate advocate for the Tweed.

Mr Davidson passed away in Brisbane on May 12, where he has lived in recent years following 16 years of community involvement in the Tweed. He was 85.

Mr Davidson received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)  in the General Division in 2010 for his service to the Tweed community through a range of local government, sporting and veterans organisations.

Mr Davidson served the Tweed as a Councillor from 1999 to 2004. He was Deputy Mayor in 2002 and 2003.

Active in the community

He was active in the Tweed Coast community in particular and was president of the Cabarita Beach/Bogangar Residents Association from 1997 to 1999.

Mr Davidson will also be remembered by many for his role as chairman of the Cabarita Beach Sports Club for a number of years in the 1990s.

Current Councillor Warren Polglase served on Council with Mr Davidson, he said George was very professional in his dealings in local government, reliable and sincere, with a good sense of humour. He supported growth and opportunities at that time. He also strongly lobbied for improvements to Les Burger Field at Bogangar and was instrumental in its rejuvenation and the facility we see there today.

Former Tweed Shire Council General Manager Mike Rayner who was Director of Engineering during Mr Davidsons time as a Councillo...


Mayor Alexander-Basta lays wreath at the Bolingbrook Time War Memorial (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bolingbrook Mary Alexander-Basta laid a wreath at the Time War Memorial to honor those who died before the Men in Blue erased the invaders from the timeline. Some of the formally deceased watched the ceremony.

The Bolingbrook Time War occurred in 1984 when a military force from the year 3000 appeared and attacked Bolingbrook. Despite facing a force with far superior technology, the Village of Bolingbrook repelled the invasion. After a Martian Colonial gunship delayed the invaders, then Mayor Ed Rosenthal sent a team of Men in Blue were sent to the future to destroy their time machine prototype. The MiB succeeded, and time 

I still get a weird feeling attending my memorial, said Jessie X. Armstrong, who was a police officer. Still, it beats being a ghost. Its more like I got a second chance at life.

Alexander-Basta delivered a short speech after the ceremony, praising them for their temporary inconvenience.

Some of you willingly made the ultimate sacrifice. Some of you were caught off guard. But thanks to all of you, Bolingbrooks residents can enjoy our newest eatery, Afternoon!

After reading a poem composed by the villages secret AI, BrookBot, she looked down at her phone, then smiled. Florida just banned the poem I just recited. That means it must be good.

She concluded her speech by saying, Twitter users want to know how to win a time war. The answer is in front of me. All of you are the reason Bolingbrook won the time war.

After her speech, a veteran recited Mark Twains War Prayer, then walked offstage.

Also in the Babbler:

Village rejects Trumps ultimatum to move the Golf Club closer to OHare Airport.
Editorial: Good bye Turkish Democracy
Canadian billionaire offers to buy Bolingbrook for $1 million
God to spare Bolingbrook during Memorial Day week

Note: This is a work of fiction. All opinions expressed are my own. They do not reflect the views of any organization I work for or of my employer. 

Want to support my creative work? Check out my Urban Fantasy series, the Bolingbrook Babbler Stories....


Voir Dire, Part 2: Judge Clare Demands Name Suppression! "IndyWatch Feed National" shows you how to pixelate a donut

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Reader, if you are following the child-trafficking business, please check this out. Its about a judge asking for suppression of info on the Internet.  Looks to me like a major screw job and we ought to be doing something about it

The business of suppression of names has a rightful place. If someone rapes Angela Smyth-Jones, over age 18, and is on trial for it, Angela has a right to privacy.  After all, the description of the rape in open court could be pretty gory; it could harm her dignity forever. The court case can omit her name; just call her the victim or Ms X.

When the victim is a child, the standard way to handle it is by giving pseudonyms to the various players. In my May 12, 2023 article, at, I showed the case of Argyle v Thomas, the mum and dad in a custody dispute.  That is not their real names at all, but it helps give privacy to their k...


Conflict of interest means the AFP should not be investigating the PwC tax scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

The scandal engulfing consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Australia and its misuse of confidential government data to help clients avoid tax is escalating, and a week ago, senior management agreed to stand down those who were alleged to be directly involved in doing this. This appears to be way to for the company extricate itself from a sticky situation through putting the blame on these individuals. But it is unimaginable that such behaviour could take place without a conspiracy and approval. If not direct participation from the top.

We know that PwC has been advising a range of major corporations on how to avoid paying tax and could have misused information it was not entitled to have for leverage. Former tax expert at PwC, Peter Colins, was deregistered by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) for failing to act with integrity and for sharing confidential government briefings in January. He played a major role for a decade in securing government contracts. since then, Tom Seymour, the corporations CEO, has stepped down over the matter.

Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty: CEO Tom Seymour stepped down over the scandal

After the scandal broke out, Treasury referred the matter to the police. It is obvious that the misuse of government data could not have happened without the involvement of people on the inside of the contrasting out department.

Last week, the close association between the NSW Police Commissioner Reece Matthews and PwC partner Mick Fuller was revealed during question time in the Senate.

Another revelation has been to the extent that the public service has become short...


3.8ML earthquake hits Melbournes northern suburbs "IndyWatch Feed National"

The town of Sunbury is about 41 kilometres north west of Melbourne. Image Geoscience Australia

Residents in Melbourne and the northern suburbs were woken in the middle of the night as a magnitude 3.8 earthquake shook the darkness radiating out from the town of Sunbury, about 41 kilometres north west of the city.

Reports came from across the region from residents saying they had been shaken awake by the tremor. The governments Geoscience Australia website at 9am had almost 24,320 felt reports, most of those between Sunbury and Melbourne this figure continues to rise.



Anti-abortion meme: Crystal bellies? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A couple of days ago, I ran across a pro-life (as in, anti-abortion) meme on Facebook:

For those of you who cant see it, its a picture of a crystal statue of a pregnant woman in the hand resting on belly pose. In her abdomen, curled into fetal position, there is what appears from the development level and general cleanliness to be a baby from some point after birth but which I full-term fetus. The caption reads: Imagine a world where a mothers belly is made of crystal. Would this make a difference? (No, I dont quite get what the deal is with the random emphases.)

My first thought, as always on seeing the transparent abdomen meme, was Well, if getting naked together meant getting a good look at a womans internal organs, then there would probably be less heterosexual sex happening, hence fewer unplanned pregnancies, so I suppose in that sense thered be a difference. Because this meme specified crystal as opposed to non-specific transparent material, I went on to have a few more thoughts:

  • But crystal cant stretch. Wouldnt pregnant people all just end up miscarrying somewhere early in the second trimester, when the fetus had no room to grow?
  • Also, for this meme to work at all, we have to hypothesise that part of the pregnant persons uterus would be crystal as well. Crystal cant contract either. Wouldnt this end up with either the crystal being shattered by uterine contractions, or the rest of the uterine wall ripping away from the crystal segment and causing a uterine rupture? Neither sounds like a good thing to have happening inside someones abdomen.
  • Also holy crap, are pro-lifers actually passing around a meme aimed at getting us to picture women as fragile ornaments who literally have no internal existence other than gestating? Seriously?

But, yes, yes, I know; none of this is addressing the point the author of this meme actually wanted to make. So lets rewrite it in a way that gets at the point a little better, then answer that.

If pregnant people could somehow see exactly what the embryo or fetus within them looked like, at every point throughout gestation how would that affect the chances of them seeking abortion?

Im not sure this would work out quite the way that the pro-lifers passing along this meme would like to think.

First of all, of course, theres the fact that a lot of the people seeking abortion are desperate enough that knowing wha...


Ist euch eigentlich schon aufgefallen, wenn ihr hinter ... "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ist euch eigentlich schon aufgefallen, wenn ihr hinter einem E-Auto hinterher fahrt, dass die manchmal krass bremsen, ohne dass die Bremslampe hinten angeht?

Hier ist ein sehenswertes Youtube-Video darber.

Update: Das Video sagt, dass das ein USA-Problem ist, und in der EU nicht auftritt. In der Tat ist das in der EU geregelt, dass auch bei rekuperativem Bremsen die Bremslichter angehen sollten. Ich habe kein Auto mehr und sitze daher nicht auf einem Erfahrungsschatz dazu. Mehrere Leser haben mir jetzt geschrieben, dass bei ihren E-Autos die Bremslicher angehen, wie sie sollten.

Ich habe allerdings von mehreren Leuten gehrt, dass sie hinter Teslas auf der Autobahn Abstand halten, weil die ohne Bremslichter krass verlangsamen knnen. Kann sein, dass das eine Urban Legend ist, oder vielleicht war das frher nicht verlsslich?


The USAF Chief Said That F-16s Wont Be A Game-Changer For Kiev So Whys The Kremlin So Upset? "IndyWatch Feed National"


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko recently warned that the Wests possible shipment of F-16s to Kiev is fraught with colossal risks for that de facto New Cold War bloc, shortly after which his boss Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described this scenario as an unacceptable escalation. The Kremlins assessment clashes with the Pentagons, whose Air Force chief Frank Kendall claimed last week that its not going to be a dramatic game-changerfor their total military capabilities.

Bidens support at the G7 Summit for training Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16s and some countries like the UKs plans to assemble a so-called jet coalition for their Eastern European proxy suggest that these opposite predictions will be put to the test after some time unless a ceasefire is reached first. Considering this possibility, its timely to weigh the merits of each sides assessment in order to get a better idea of whether the Kremlins or the Pentagons will more closely reflect reality in that scenario.

Sky News explainer that was published on Sunday provides a good starting point for answering this question. According to military analyst Sean Bell, Kiev will likely receive old F-16s that are heavily dependent on spares and urgently in need of being updated with modern equipment. Anything less than Modern air-to-air missiles married to a modern F-16 radar, which he said would pose a credible threat, risks emboldening the Russian Air Force.

Before reaching his conclusion, Bell also informed readers that In addition to radar, modern fighters also need state-of-the-art electronic warfare, defensive aids, infrared sensors, link-16 datalinks, and a computer system to programme and deliver the latest generation of high-tech air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, not to menti...


Single mega complex for Murwillumbah public schools gone for good as Saffin fulfils her election promise of demerger "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Echo, 26 May 2023:

The significant issue of a merger of several Murwillumbah schools has been ongoing since 2020 when the then State Government announced via Sarah Mitchell MP that four public schools would be amalgamated into a single Kindergarten to Year 12 campus at Murwillumbah High.

It was clear from the outset that this was not something that any of the school communities wanted, yet the government continued to foist it upon students, teachers and families in the Murwillumbah area, but the government was determined to push ahead saying there was plenty of support for the project.

An election promise

Murwillumbah High School the site of the mega campus.
Image supplied

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Sunday, 28 May


Henningsen: Another Pandemic for the 2024 Presidential Election? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Will the Democrats repeat their winning formula from the 2020 presidential elections?

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 23, 2023, Patrick asks the question: How can Joe Biden win in the 2024 election? It seems that the only logical answer has to be for the Democrats to repeat their winning formula from 2020: election rigging and declaring another pandemic. Patrick works with his science team in the TNT listeners Chat Room to figure out which virus could be marketed as an anointed microbe choice to allow Democrats to ramp up mail-in voting again in 2024. All this and more. Listen:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):




Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN


Australians shiver through the coldest May EVER as temperatures plunge across the country "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians have woken up to freezing temperatures, with some towns recording their coldest May morning on record. Widespread frost was reported in parts of Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia on Sunday morning. The Bureau of Meteorology recorded minimum temperatures as low as to -2.7 degrees at Injune Post Office in Queensland. Records were broken in Hughenden, Queensland, where residents woke up to -1.4 degrees, while Bankstown and Penrith each had their coldest May temperature ever, hitting 0.7 degrees and 0.6 degrees respectively. Tamworth also recorded its coldest May morning with -4.8 degrees.


"IndyWatch Feed Enviro" "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><div class="wp-caption alignleft" id="attachment_45540" style= "width: 268px;"><a href= ""> <img alt="" class="size-full wp-image-45540" height="188" src= "" title="5C8B41B5-AF5E-4820-9D86-87B4BB6F330C" width="268"></a> <p class="wp-caption-text">Over 40,000 fish killed over essentially the entire length of Dunkard Creek</p> </div> <strong>Remembering the 40 Mile Dunkard Creek Fish Kill of August 2009 in WV & PA

From the Blog of Betsy J. Lawson, Monongalia County, WV, May 31, 2019

Dunkard Creek wanders above and below the Pennsylvania-West Virginia state line for much of its forty-three miles, seeming to taunt the rigidity of man-made boundaries. It was one of the most ecologically diverse streams in either state. But in August of 2009, people who lived along the stream witnessed an unimaginable sight: thousands of fish were trying to leap out of the water.

During the next month, about 22,000 fish washed ashore, many bleeding from the gills and covered in mucous. Some estimates say as many as 65,000 died. Three-foot long muskies washed up along the riverbanks. The die-off marked one of the worst ecological disasters in the regions history. <strong>Some 161 species of fish, mussels, salamanders, crayfish and aquatic insects were wiped out.</strong></p> <p><a href= "">Department of Natural Resources officials from both states arrived at the crime scene to find answers.</a> Golden algae bloom was the cause. The algae releases a toxin that ruptures the tissue cells in the mouths and gills of fish, depriving them of oxygen and suffocating them. Algae bloom only lives in very salty waters.</p> <p>The DNR found that Consol Energy had been discharging acid mine drainage directly into Dunkard Creek for decades. In the spring of 2010, one of Consols primary contractors, Allans Waste Water Service, a wastewater hauling company, was charged with multiple counts of illegally dumping toxic waste, including Marcellus Shale-produced wastewater into Dunkard Creek and its tributaries. Wastewater from fracking is ten to twenty times more saline than sea water.</p> <p>In more recent years, hydraulic fracturing wells had been removing huge quantities of fresh water from the stream and dumping the wastewater back into the stream. Low water levels, high salt content from fracking wastewater, and especially high sulfate levels, typical of AMD, led to the algae bloom. Such a bloom had never been seen north of Texas and Florida before. How did the golden algae get to the temperate freshwater of West Virginia and Pen...


Come as you art "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Today I had an "open" studio for the Art Trail around Leeton Shire

I'd installed my Organ Donor sound sculptures in the front yard and could overhear a few comments from people passing on the street.

It was a last minute decision to set up a studio, since I wasn't sure I'd have any visitors.

A couple of people came to have a look and I amused myself by recording this cover of Nirvana.


Fantasy Farming "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bucolic fairytales are a threat to life on Earth.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 26th May 2023

No issue is more important, and none so shrouded in myth and wishful thinking. The way we feed ourselves is the key determinant of whether we survive this century, as no other sector is as damaging. Yet we can scarcely begin to discuss it objectively, thanks to the power of comforting illusions.

Food has the extraordinary property of turning even the most progressive people into reactionaries. People who might accept any number of social and political changes can respond with fury if you propose our diets should shift. Stranger still, theres a gulf between ultraconservative beliefs about how we should eat and the behaviour of people who hold such beliefs. I have heard people cite a rule formulated by the food writer Michael Pollan Dont eat anything your great-great-great-grandmother wouldnt recognise as food while eating a diet (Thai one day, Mexican the next, Mediterranean the day after) whose range of ingredients no ones great-great-great-grandmother would recognise, and living much the better for it.

Something is blocking us, a deep repression that stands in the way of honest conversation. It pushes food writers, celebrity chefs and some environmentalists to propose answers to the planetary crisis that are even more damaging than the problems they claim to address. Their solutions, such as pasture-fed meat, with its massive land demand , are impossible to scale without destroying remaining wild ecosystems: there is simply not enough planet. What is this inhibition and how does it arise?

Its now a year since I published Regenesis, a book that has incited levels of fury shocking even to me. Ive spent much of this time trying to work out what makes people so angry. I think its because the book challenges what the cognitive historian Jeremy Lent calls a root metaphor: an idea so deeply embedded in our minds that it affects our preferences without our conscious knowledge.

The root metaphor in this case is exemplified by King Charles IIIs love affair with Transylvania, explored recently in the ...


A FATAL SILENCE "IndyWatch Feed National"

<h1><strong><a href= "" rel="attachment wp-att-12415"><img alt="" class= "aligncenter size-full wp-image-12415" height="627" src= "" width="640"></a>The following text is a textbook case of <em>reading the riot act</em> to Western Australias Corruption & Crime Commission (WA-CCC) for staying silent whilst people have died. The text of the email to the WA-CCC is posted here to circumvent the use of Legal & Confidential</em> or the iniquitous <em>parliamentary privilege</em> as a means to to suppress or censor this Public Interest Disclosure.</strong></h1> <h2><strong>URL Shortlink: <a href="" rel= "nofollow"></a></strong></h2> <h1 style="text-align: center;"><span style= "text-decoration: underline;"><strong>A FATAL SILENCE</strong></span></h1> <h2><strong>Western Australia Corruption & Crime Commission Via email:</strong> <a href= ""><strong></strong></a></h2> <h2><strong><u>CC: The Assistant Director-CDPP (Adelaide)  </u></strong></h2> <h2>...</h2>


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.20 AUD


McGoohans Blues sunbathing in the rain "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

All along the ancient wastes the thin reflections spin
That gather all the times and tides at once we love within
That build the edges round the shrouds that cloud the setting sun
And carry us to other days and other days to one

Roy Harper, The Same Old Rock

It mustve been May 1969. A cold, wet and windy day in Hull, Yorkshire. Id hitch-hiked from Reading in Berkshire to London and then northwards on the A1 to visit an old school chum in the Humberside port city. And it is there, in a student share house that I first dropped Mescaline, a derivative of peyote, an hallucinogenic psychotropic favoured by Mexican shamans of yore. In our circles, it was prized for its visual and aural delights rather than the more head trip, mood-manipulating and psychologically unpredictable and potentially unsettling lysergic acid. And that evening, headphones on, I first listened to McGoohans Blues.

This eighteen minute digression from the concept if not the plot of an iconic if indecipherable sixties television series (thats the featured picture), was the penultimate track on Folkjokeopus, the third album of English folk singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Roy Harper. The song was indeed the whole point of Folkjokeopus its raison dtre- the rest of the album was  predominantly light-weight, comedic psychedelia with the exception of the bleak and bitter but nevertheless captivating love gone wrong song Shes The One.



Pretty to watch!!!!! Lidia Thorpe to lodge Human Rights racism claim against The Greens "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've experienced racism all my life in every workplace, and the Greens were no different. Of course you have. Independent senator Lidia Thorpe has revealed she will lodge a claim in the Australian Human Rights Commission against the Greens over allegations she was subjected to racism in her former party....


Hip Hip Hooray! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Graduation-caps-congrats-5047671By Cathy Jameson

With all five kids home after my daughters college graduation, we enjoyed some extra family time.  Sitting in the living room together one evening, my youngest asked, Mommy, when would Ronan be graduating college?  I looked at her but didnt answer right away.  Ronans not been in a classroom setting for quite some time now.  Even though she doesnt remember some of the struggles Ronan faced while he was enrolled in school, she knows we took him out of the special education system for several reasons, to include seeing seizure activity increase. 

Every now and then I wonder if taking him out, and keeping him out, was the right decision.  I dont dwell on that thought for too long because we provided many meaningful opportunities for him while he was out of the classroom.  But questions like the one Ronans youngest sister asked brought up things Id long forgotten. 

Do I miss the IEP meetings?

Do I miss the worry I sometimes felt after dropping him off?

Do I miss the phone calls from the school nurse telling me of another seizure?

No.  I dont miss any of that. 

I do miss some of the hope that some of Ronans teaching staff shared with us.  I do miss the thought of a someday graduation for him, even if it wasnt going to be the same kind of diploma his siblings would receive.  But I dont miss the stress that school was causing my son.  I didnt need to share all of that or any of that in my reply to my daughter, so I focused simply on what shed asked.  She just wanted a date, even if random, that Ronan would be graduating.

It would be next year.  Think about when Charlie would be graduatingwhatever year he is in school is when Ronan would also be in school, I told her.

A friends typical son, I had always hoped that Ronan would one day be mainstreamed with typical peers like Charlie.  Hes a great kid doing really great things.  I dont see him much anymore because hes off to school in another state, but when I get updates from his parents, I cant help but smile.  Ronan wont experience any of what Charlie will, but I dont begrudge him or any other kids who find success in school. 

School isnt for everyone.  It can be an enormous struggle.  Without proper supports, simple tasks can become frustrating.  Th...



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Officials: UN Chief Shocked by Letter from Sudans Military Ruler Demanding Removal of UN Envoy


People gather at the home of a volunteer, where they can charge their mobile phones, in Khartoum, Sudan, Thursday, May 25, 2023. The fighting between Sudans military and a powerful paramilitary force has displaced more than 1.3 million people, the U.N. migration agency said Wednesday. (AP Photo)

CAIRO (AP) The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was shocked by a letter from Sudans military ruler, demanding the removal of the U.N. envoy to the country, Sudanese and U.N. officials said Saturday.

The letter by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, Sudans top military official and head of the ruling Sovereign Council, comes as Sudan plunged into further chaos after worsening tensions between military rivals exploded into an open fighting last month.

The Secretary-General is shocked by the letter he received this (Friday) morning, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. The Secretary-General is proud of the work done by (U.N. envoy) Volker Perthes and reaffirms his full confidence in his Special Representative.

Dujarric didnt reveal the contents of the letter. However, a senior military official said Burhans letter asked Guterres to replace Perthes who was appointed to the post in 2021.

According to the official, Burhan accused Perthes of being partisan, and that his approach in pre-war talks between the generals and the pro-democracy movement helped inflame the conflict. The talks had aimed at restoring the countrys democratic transition which was derailed by a military coup in Oct. 2021.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief media.

Perthes declined to comment neither on the letter.

Burhan accused Perthes last year of exceeding the U.N. missions mandate and of blatant interference in Sudanese affairs. He threatened to expel him from the country.

The ongoing fighting broke out in mid-April between the military and the powerful Rapid Support F...


High octane crazy blood! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blood is life, you know. Thats been the lesson from science documentaries like Dracula and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Remember creepy weird Bryan Johnson, the middle-aged Silicon Valley techbro who want to live forever by gobbling down lots of supplements, slathering on the skin creams, and eating a strangely specific diet? Now he has decided that vampirism is the answer.

An anti-aging zealot who spends $2 million a year in a quest to turn back time has dragged his teenage son into being his personal blood boy.

Bryan Johnson, the 45-year-old tech tycoon who wants to keep his internal organs, including his penis and rectum, functioning youthfully enlisted 17-year-old Talmage to provide blood transfusions, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

At a clinic near Dallas last month, Johnson, his 70-year-old dad, Richard, and Talmage showed up for an hours-long, tri-generational blood-swapping treatment, the outlet reported.

Johnson usually receives plasma from an anonymous donor, but this time Talmage provided a liter of his blood, which was converted into batches of piece parts a batch of liquid plasma and another of red and white blood cells and platelets.

Ugh. This is creepy child abuse although they did it in Texas, where they hate children, so hell probably get away with it. Even if this worked, I wouldnt ask my children to ever do this for me.

I also notice the icky Elizabeth Holmes-style pose. Its all quackery.


Know Thy Enemy and Its Not The Virus "IndyWatch Feed National"

Introduction by DM

The Australian Senate

Deaths of suspected 30,000 mRNA vaxx victims will not be investigated by a senate inquiry (Cairns News)

A motion put to the senate by Senator Ralph Babet on May 24 to establish an inquiry to investigate an excess, non-covid related death rate of 17 per cent, or some 30,000 suspec...


"IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica" "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p>Welcome to <a href= "" rel= "nofollow noopener" style="color: #ff0000;" title= "This link will take you away from">The Daily Wrap Up</a>, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/27/23).<br> As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.<br> (<a href= ""></a>)(<a href=""></a>)<br> <br> !function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");<br> <br>  <br> <br> Rumble("play", {"video":"v2ntfd6","div":"rumble_v2ntfd6"});<br> <br> Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)<br> <br> <br> <br> <a href= ""> (34) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "So it looks like the deep fake agenda is indeed about to kick off for real. Wonder why it took this long. (In case that is unclear THIS IS A DEEP FAKE & it has some crude comments for those with kids around.)" / Twitter
(28) COVID MODE on Twitter: "They're all like this It's the only reason anyone plays that game anymore Never should have gone bipedal" / Twitter
(28) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "As I have been saying, the age of deep fakes is upon us. Or more accurately, has finally been released upon us." / Twitter
(52) Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis on Twitter: "Twitter has destroyed my account with almost half a million followers. It happened over night. My followers cant even change settings to view my posts. And now this. @elonmusk @ellagirwin @twitter you are not answering my e-mails." / Twitter</a><br> <a href= ""> (20) M...


AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller set to cover-up the PwC tax dodging scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, who now works for PwC, have already had private communication about the PwC tax dodging scandal that is now being investigated []


NO REFORM without the crash and burn "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: So you do not think anyone running for office in 2024 will succeed in making any difference?


ANSWER: No. We have crossed the Rubicon on that score. Trump would at least fight hard against them, but our computer does not show that there is anyone coming in on a white horse to save the day. We simply have to crash and burn and then we get to redesign a new form of government. You get NO REFORM without the crash and burn.

Just look at the debt ceiling nonsense. All this is about is reducing the amount of deficit spending. It is IMPOSSIBLE to run a balanced budget or return to some gold standard. You would have to extinguish politics as we know it. There can be no running for office and promising all sorts of free stuff and the NEOCONS could wage their endless wars that never win. Politicians would not know how to even campaign. Anyone who believes the 2020 election was NOT rigged, is just a fool.

Getting rid of Trump was not a Democrat v Republican conspiracy theory, it was a strategic movement to seize control of the state. Why would they even push Biden to run again when his polls have collapsed to 30%? You will see, he will win and the entire world will see how corrupt it has all become. We are living in a Deep State coup of unelected bureaucrats ruling what your life will be. Digital currencies will control every aspect of how you spend. You will not even be allowed to donate to any reform party. Look at Trudeau and the Truckers.

The post NO REFORM without the crash and burn first appeared on Armstrong Economics.


The US and Never-ending War "IndyWatch Feed National"

John Rachel, in his book The U.S. and Perpetual War: Interviews and Commentary (Independently published, May 16, 2023, available at Peace Dividend/Books and Amazon) has compiled a unique, concise and astonishingly compelling collection of leading left, liberal, conservative and heterodox thinkers each answering the same fifteen precisely composed questions. The questions concern the current nature of the US empire, putative US democracy, and, most important, what is to be done.

The distinguished roster of 22 respondents from politics, academia, media, law, and social activism includes Noam Chomsky, Larry Wilkerson, Paul Craig Roberts, Mark Skidmore, Coleen Rowley, William J. Astore, Abby Martin, Dan Kovalik, Lee Camp, Finian Cunningham, Michael T. Klare, Cynthia McKinney, Scott Ritter, Joe Lombardo, Bruce Gagnon, Norman Solomon, Peter Kuznick, Ajamu Baraka, Margaret Kimberley, Matthew Hoh, Garland Nixon, and Dennis Kucinich.

Rachels 15 question topics are: 1. The Atomic Scientists doomsday clock; 2. The US as a force for peace, justice, etc., or not; 3. The reasoning behind Russian and Chinese military action; 4. The US need for empire, or not; 5. US national electoral politics since 2014 and the demonization of Russia; 6. Taiwan and the possibility of war between US and China; 7. Syria and the US occupation; 8. Citizen influence on foreign policy; 9. Democracy and hidden government operations (CIA operations, psyops, regime-change ops, etc.); 10. Government abuses of power and the possibility of legal redress; 11. Who in fact makes foreign policy; 12. The nature of US foreign relations and the US practice of demonizing target countries; 13. Military spending; 14. What changes in US policy and priorities need to be made; 15. What options are there for change if US policy makers are in fact indifferent to what US citizens think.

What makes this book unique is that it departs from the usual organization of such anthologies. Instead of a collection of separate interviews, the responses to each of Rachels fifteen questions are presented together, question by question. In other words, Question #1 is followed by all the responses to Question #1, then Question #2 is followed by all the responses to Question #2, and so on. This lets the reader consider and compare answers. It a...


Link "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


It was brief, to the point and supported by Clarence Valley Councils Climate Change Advisory Committee and Council in the Chamber.

Ordinary Monthly Meeting of Clarence Valley Council held on 23 May 2023, Minutes, p.16:



This report forwards a recommendation of the Clarence Valley Climate Change Advisory Committee

requesting that Council consider declaring the Clarence Valley a nuclear free zone.


That Council support the Climate Change Advisory Committee recommendation and declare the Clarence


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Saturday, 27 May


222 scientists agree: This is the biggest threat to future generations "IndyWatch Feed National"

The devastating bushfires that scorched Australia in 2020, claiming over 30 lives and leading to widespread smoke inhalation and psychological distress, emphasized the stark reality of climate changes impact on human health. The rising threat of climate change and its multifaceted repercussions were analyzed in the report, Our Future on Earth, 2020, published by the global sustainability research consortium, Future Earth.

Drawn from a survey of 222 eminent scientists from 52 countries, the report identified five most consequential global risks:

  1. Failure in climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  2. Extreme weather events.
  3. Major biodiversity loss leading to ecosystem collapse.
  4. Food crises.
  5. Water crises.

These interconnected threats pose a significant risk to planetary health the well-being of human civilization and the sustainability of the natural systems upon which it relies. Each risk exacerbates the others, potentially leading to a cascading global systemic crisis. This understanding is crucial to move beyond isolated solutions, such as mere vegetation removal to combat bushfires, as sometimes suggested by politicians.

Our collective urgency in reducing our ecological footprint will determine the continued prosperity of humanity on Earth.

Progress Amidst Global Challenges

Beyond identifying global risks, the report also sheds light on progress made in areas such as technology. Digital innovations are utilized not just for economic growth but also for safeguarding ecosystems and promoting fair societies. For example, digital technologies can enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and empower people to monitor and protect ecosystems.

Despite the substantial pressure on Earths systems due to the great acceleration of economic growth in the latter half of the 20th century, theres an opportunity to channel investments towards sustainable development through financial instruments like green bonds and sustainability-linked loans.

Health as a Unifying Lens

Linking these global risks is the lens of human health, providing a practical perspective for policymakers. By viewing sustainable development through this lens, the urgency and personal nature of these risks become clear. Were already seeing tangible health impacts; smoke from the 2020 Australian bushfires exposed about half of the countrys population to hazardous levels of air pollution for weeks, causing a rise in anxiety levels.

Despite the urgency of these risks, the transition to su...


You Have 8.6 Years Left Politics of Fools "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Dear Martin,
DeSantis announced his run for the Republican candidacy. Youve mentioned several times he would be eaten by the career politicians in Washington. What if he becomes Trumps running mate? Would that be a good course?
Sincerely, Martijn

ANSWER: That would be the only way I would see DeSantis as having any real influence. As I have said, I was asked if I would talk Trump out of running and join the advisory team for DeSantis last year. I declined. I replied that everything has changed and that they would just eat him for lunch as they did to Trump when he first walked into Washington.

Washington has declined so much so, that the fools on the Hill now think just switching to a Republican will make it all better. The Biden administration has inflicted so much political damage as well as division among the people, the USA must fall. It cannot stand as one nation with such division. And it is not even Biden who is the real symbol of the Fool on the Hill. He is only the puppet just like the last emperors of Rome.

I do not care that the propaganda claims the election of 2020 was not r...


Should Everyone Be in Therapy? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Everyone should be in therapy.

Its a sentiment I heard just about every day when I was in graduate school to become a therapist. But its also something I hear now from friends, acquaintanceseven stand-up comics.

Should everyone be in therapy?

Its a difficult proposition to test. Those who dont think they need therapy, or who dont think therapy is useful, are not particularly likely to go to therapy. Any study of therapys usefulness, therefore, contains only people who need therapy (or think they do) and who already think therapy is helpfulthe very people for whom therapy is probably useful (or for whom the placebo effect is largest, since they expect to improve in therapy). Existing studies generally focus on people with specific psychiatric diagnoses, and usually those who have pretty severe symptoms.

Everyone should be in therapy is a statement that assumes a lot. First, theres the neoliberal assumption that no matter how good youre doing, no matter how content or even happy you are, theres always something you should be working on. And then, even if there is perhaps something you could work on, the assumption that therapy can help. For instance, theres a meme floating around the internet that men will do anything but go to therapy. But has there ever been even a single study testing whether therapy can reduce toxic masculinity or promote healthy masculinity? (Answer: Not that I could find.)

Theres really no evidence base for the idea that everyone should be in therapy. But proponents will also tell you that theres no real downside. Therapy can only help, so why not give it a try?

But is that so? There are some obvious harms: wasting your time and money, of course. But researchers since the 60s have noted that therapy can also cause psychological distress, problems with existing relationships, and even relaxation-induced anxiety and panic. Even our current darlings, like mindfulness, can lead to increased anxiety, pain, and dissociative states like depersonalization and derealization.

Proponents of therapy argue that many of these effects are transient and that the positive effects of therapy overshadow these potential harms. And some of these....


Stella Assange at Sydney rally: Its not just Julian who has lost his freedom, but all of us "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The whistleblower noted the comments of Australian Labor Party Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who has made extremely tepid statements expressing concern over Assanges plight. Albanese has said that enough is enough in relation to the Assange case. He claims to have made private representations to the US and British governments on behalf of Assange, but has stopped far short of any public demand for the Australian journalists freedom.

Albanese has recently hinted at the prospect of a plea deal in the Assange case. Kenny forcefully rejected this course. Is there a Hicks solution? Why should there be? He has not committed any crime. He should not be forced to plead to anything. We need our prime minister to stand up, not just say enough is enough.

Oscar Grenfell@Oscar_Grenfell, 24 May 2023

Some 800 people attended a protest in Sydney yesterday morning demanding the immediate freedom of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. People came from across New South Wales and from around the country to attend the rally, which was one of the largest demanding Assanges freedom yet, despite being held on a weekday.

Speaking at the demonstration, Stella Assange, Julians wife, declared that the protesters were at the forefront of a global movement for justice. A global movement that converges on one man, but the meaning of which goes far beyond Julians freedom. Its not just Julian who has lost his freedom, but all of us. Because in order to keep Julian in prison, they have had to corrupt their own rules and their own principles.

Stella, visiting Australia for the first time, noted that her tour had initially been planned to coincide with a scheduled visit of US President Joe Biden. He had been set down to attend a summit of the warmongering and anti-China Quadrilateral Strategic Dialogue this week in Sydney.

Biden cancelled, however Stella proceeded with the visit. She explained the crucial importance of the fight within Australia to securing her husbands freedom. Assange is detained in Britain and faces extradition to the US, where he would be tried on Espionage Act charges carrying 175 years imprisonment for exposing American war crimes.



Nuclear Turns Fashionable "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Should nuclear power really circumnavigate the planet with mini-power plants?

BY ROBERT HUNZIKER, CounterPunch 26 May 23

Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are the new nuclear craze, especially with the U.S. Congress, as Americas representatives see SMRs as a big answer to energy needs and reduction of greenhouse gases, advertised as a green deal for clean energy that skirts the heavy costs of paying the Middle East billions upon billions. However, the devil in the details is dangerously overlooked.

Notable nuclear accidents: NRX (1952) Kyshtym (1957) Windscale (1957) SL-1 (1961) Wood River Junction (1964) K-27 (1968) Three Mile Island (1979) Constituyentes (1983) Mohammedia (1984) K-431 (1985) Chernobyl (1986) Tokai (1997, 1999) Fukushima (2011) but wait, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Small Modular Reactors (nuclear SMRs) are about to pop up around the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Multiple and unexpected failures are built into societys complex and tightly coupled nuclear reactor systems. Such accidents are unavoidable and cannot be designed around. (Charles Perrow, Normal Accidents (Princeton University Press, 1999)

On dozens of occasions because of human error or technical miscue or active threat, the world has come dangerously close to the brink of nuclear conflagration it is a terrifying history of which most people remain ignorant. (Julian Cribb, How to Fix a Broken Planet, Cambridge University Press, 2023.)

Should nuclear power really circumnavigate the planet with mini-power plants?

For Germany, which closed its last three nuclear plants in April 2023, the countrys Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management conducted a study: SMRs have been the subject of repeated discussion in recent times. They promise cheap energy, safety, and little waste. BASE commissioned an expert report (in German) to evaluate these concepts and the risks associated with them. The report provides a scientific assessment of possible areas of application and the associated safety issues. It concludes that t...


NATOs military-industrial complex has its sights firmly set on the Asia-Pacific region "IndyWatch Feed National"

NATO is rushing towards the Asia-Pacific region

Anticipating the collapse of the Ukraine project, NATOs military-industrial complex is rushing towards the Asia-Pacific region to spark a new conflict in order to satisfy its financial demands.

NATOs post-1991 history is the history of an organization that has outlived its usefulness. The threat of world communism that NATO cited as justification for its 40-year existence isno longer present. NATO was desperately searching for an understandable purpose for its existence to justify enormous expenditures for the military-industrial complex following the fall of the Warsaw Pact. In the late 1990s, NATO found what it believed to be the greatest answer, namely to militarization of human rights in order to utilize this narrative to target the policies of unwelcome states throughout the world. Fancying themselves as the new superheroes, NATOkept its guns and bombs ready to defend the human rights from the tyrants who oppressed them, wherever there was injustice, as stated by Washington propagandists.

Representatives of the US military-industrial complexcould not have been happier. All of the think tanks that they generously fund have finallyfound a win-win solution for keeping money in the pockets of the US and European military industries.

In 1999, the renewed NATO conducted its first test run in Yugoslavia. It was a dreadful, inexcusable tragedy for everyone except Washington and Brussels. Seventy-eight days of bombing a country that did not pose a danger to NATO resulted in the killing of hundreds of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure, and the legacy of depleted uranium weapons that would go on to poison Serbians for decades.

Then, NATO backed the Arab Spring in North Africa and was directly involved in the overthrow of the Gaddafi government in Libya. The Western-controlled press had spread the myth that destroying the country, killing its people, and removing the government would address all of Libyas human rights concerns. As expected, NATO airstrikes have exacerbated rather tha...


Centrelinks service degrading over the years and they dont care "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A trend in many industries, be it medical or welfare and to a lesser extent retail, is that customer service is going downhill, period.

Customers/clients/recipients are now forbidden to complain, about the poor service they must endure, as a result of signage when one walks into a premises that states that no aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.

The operative word there is obviously aggressive, where this can be interpreted as the customer not being happy that he/she cannot get through as a result of a poorly installed phone system or as a result of the staff not being bothered to answer the call.

The federal governments welfare system under not one name but many guises from a true government department, that being the DSS (Department of Social Security) to businesses under the label Centrelink to now Services Australia  has been deliberately failing vulnerable Australians over the decades.

One of the more recently publicised so called failures (which was deliberate by design) was that of Robodebt, where many vulnerable recipients committed suicide as a result of government extortion and unlawful demands, remembering the Towards Zero road campaign in Victoria, where the so called modus operandi is that if it just saves one life its worth it.

At the end of the day, the government hates [financially] poor people, as they are a liability and not an asset that brings in the tax dollars for the coffers of those in government and keeping their precious 'economy' going.

Also the government wants/needs an unemployment pool where control over the population is wielded where full employment is not on any government agenda.

An interview with a person who works within what is now called Services Australia has unearthed some abhorrent practices and attitudes towards welfare recipients.

We just dont care about the people calling us stated the source, further...


Aussies Say No to Nuclear Sub Base at Port Kembla "IndyWatch Feed National"

An international day of action was held on May 5 against a US nuclear submarine base in the Australian Port Kembla. Rallies took place at Port Kembla and in San Francisco against the base and the Australian, UK, and US military alliance (AUKUS). Several speakers representing Veterans for Peace, union activists, and others spoke of their opposition to the build-up of a war with China, along with using Australia as a pawn in that effort.


Why the idea of western civilization is more myth than history "IndyWatch Feed National"

One weekend, I found my younger son at the kitchen table, carefully writing out everything he knew about the Olympian gods for his school homework. His brow was furrowed, and he trained his eyes on the page with a level of concentration that I wish he would pay to his maths homework. So I asked him casually, I thought why he was so interested in the ancient Greeks. He beamed up at me with an angelic smile and answered, "Because that's what you study, Mama." At this point, my heart nearly burst with parental pride. I am a Professor of Classical Archaeology and the ancient Greeks are, quite literally, my bread and butter. But my heart sank when my son added as an afterthought, "and because the Greeks gave us Western Civilization." Buckle up, kid, I thought, you're in for a lecture. I wanted to tell him that the ancient Greeks did not give us Western Civilization. That there is no golden thread, unfurling unbroken through time from Plato to NATO. That we in the modern West are not...


INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton The MSMs Nordstream Conspiracy is Ridiculous "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why MSMs official Nordstream conspiracy has descended into a farce.

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 24, 2023, Patrick talks with independent French researcher and journalist Freddie Ponton, about the Western establishment and its mainstream medias official Nordstream conspiracy theory about a pro-Ukrainian crack team of scuba enthusiasts and a sailboat, and why its ridiculous in the extreme. Also, Freddie gives an insight into NATOs precarious position with its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and why Europe can only lose by carrying on with Washington and Londons failing geopolitical project. All this and more. Listen:

More from Freddie:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):






Eigenbeschuss im Halbleiterkrieg "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Erste Erfolge

Fr die Bundesregierung zeichnen sich bei ihrem Versuch, neue Halbleiterfabriken in Deutschland anzusiedeln, inzwischen Erfolge ab. Wie berichtet wird, knnen der deutsche Autozulieferer ZF und der US-Chiphersteller Wolfspeed wohl damit rechnen, dass die EU die fr ihre gemeinsame Chipfertigung im Saarland in Aussicht gestellten Berliner Subventionen noch im Juni genehmigen wird.[1] Damit stnde dem Vorhaben nichts mehr im Weg. Das Dresdener Halbleiterwerk des Dax-Konzerns Infineon wird mittlerweile fr rund fnf Milliarden Euro erweitert; es handelt sich um die grte Investition in der Geschichte des Unternehmens.[2] Der US-Konzern Intel plant weiter eine Chipfabrik in Magdeburg, pokert allerdings noch um die Hhe der Subventionen. Nun wird zustzlich bekannt, dass TSMC aus Taiwan der Entscheidung, ebenfalls eine Halbleiterfabrik in Dresden zu bauen, nher rckt. Vorstandsmitglied Kevin Zhang erklrt, das Vorhaben mache inzwischen gute Fortschritte; zwar stehe noch nichts fest, ein Beschluss im August sei allerdings wahrscheinlich.[3] Wie Beobachter konstatieren, ist Zhangs uerung die positivste, die bisher von TSMC zu hren war. Man drfe dies als gnstiges Zeichen fr eine Ansiedlung des Konzerns in Dresden werten, heit es.


Ungeachtet der Erfolge werden immer wieder auch kritische Stimmen laut. So monieren Halbleiterhersteller, die Tatsache, dass die Energiekosten in Deutschland erheblich etwa ber denjenigen in den Vereinigten Staaten liegen ein Ergebnis nicht zuletzt des westlichen Wirtschaftskrieges gegen Russland , erschwere es doch sehr, Chips zu konkurrenzfhigen Preisen in der Bundesrepublik zu fertigen. Darber hinaus treibt der Subventionswettbewerb, in dem sich die Vereinigten Staaten und die EU befinden, die Staatszuschsse in die Hhe; Intel etwa, dem die Bundesregierung bereits stolze 6,8 Milliarden Euro zugesagt hat, verlangt inzwischen zehn Milliarden Euro.[4] Berlin muss schon jetzt gewaltige Summen aufwenden: Allein fr das Projekt von Wolfspeed und ZF wird eine halbe Milliarde Euro bereitgestellt; Infineon fordert eine Milliarde Euro. Auch TSMC beansprucht riesige Betrge. Dabei decken die derzeitigen Vorhaben noch lngst nicht alle wichtigen Schritte in der Chipproduktion ab. So werden, wie Beobachter konstatieren, bislang nur sogenannte Frontend-Fabriken in der EU errichtet; das sogenannte Backend aber Verpacken und Testen der Halbleiter werde, weil es beraus personalintensiv sei, weiterhin in Asien durchgefhrt.[5] Die Ansiedlung von Frontend-Fabriken in Deutschland beende also die Abhngigkeit nicht.

Zu wenig Spezialisten

Nicht zuletzt fehlen in der Bundesrepublik die fr die Halbleiterproduktion dringend bentigten Spezialisten. Wie das Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) aus Kln im Mrz in einem Gutachten feststellte, gab es zuletzt in Berufen der Halbleiterindustrie in der Bundesrepublik im Jahresdurchschnitt rund 62.000 Fachkrft...


Bureau Capitulates: But Overseas Model Unlikely to Solve All Temperature Measurement Issues "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has only taken ten years, that is how long a few of us have been detailing major problems with how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology measures daily temperatures.


Market Talk May 26, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"



Core consumer inflation in Tokyo, Japans capital, slowed down in May. However, an important inflation index that excludes the impact of fuel reached a four-decade high, indicating increasing price pressure. This could potentially maintain expectations of a withdrawal from the current loose monetary policy. The Tokyo core consumer price index, which excludes volatile fresh food but includes fuel costs, increased by 3.2% in May compared to the previous year, aligning with the market forecast of 3.3%. Although inflation decreased from the previous months 3.5%, it remained above the Bank of Japans target of 2% for a full year, supported by steady food price gains counterbalancing the decline in fuel costs. Additional data revealed that the prices charged by service companies to each other rose by 1.6% in April compared to the previous year, marking the 26th consecutive month of gains. This was attributed to the reopening of the economy after pandemic restrictions, which boosted tourism demand.


The major Asian stock markets had a green day today:

  • NIKKEI 225 increased 115.18 points or 0.37% to 30,916.31
  • Shanghai increased 11.24 points or 0.35% to 3,212.50
  • Hang Seng closed
  • ASX 200 increased 16.60 points or 0.23% to 7,154.80
  • Kospi increased 4.12 points or 0.16% to 2,558.81
  • SENSEX increased 629.07 points or 1.02% to 62,501.69
  • Nifty50 increased 178.20 points or 0.97% to 18,499.35



The major Asian currency markets had a mixed day today:

  • AUDUSD increased 0.00089 or 0.14% to 0.65149
  • NZDUSD decreased 0.00171 or -0.28% to 0.60449
  • USDJPY increased 0.507 or 0.36% to 140.557
  • USDCNY decreased 0.01805 or -0.25% to 7.07275


Precious Metals:

  • Gold increased 3.90 USD/t oz. or 0.20% to 1,944.24
  • Silver increased 0.475 USD/t. oz or 2.08% to 23.245


Some economic news from last night:


Tokyo Core CPI (YoY) (May) decreased from 3.5% to 3.2%

CPI Tokyo Ex Food and Energy (MoM) (May) decreased from 0.7% to 0.2%


Retail Sales (MoM) (Apr) decreased from 0.4% to 0.0%


Some economic...


Huge hailstorm cut power to 2100 homes after it hit Newcastle, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A major regional city has been pounded by hailstones as an intense storm struck, leaving thousands without power and hundreds needing SES help. Newcastle was in the firing line for some of the worst of the storm, with large hail stones raining down over the city's centre and suburbs including Merewether, The Junction, Bar Beach and Cooks Hill. NSW SES received an influx of calls during the storm, with 420 incidents reported. "Over the span of 15 minutes alone, we received 45 jobs for hail and roof damage, with an additional 40 jobs waiting in the queue," the SES said.


Twitter Files reporter Matt Taibbi was visited by the IRS on the same day he testified before CongressJim Jordan demands answers "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Wednesday, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sent a letter to Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Daniel Werfel demanding to know why journalist Matt Taibbi was visited by IRS agents the same day he testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Jordan wrote that in response to a March 27 letter seeking information on the IRS' visit to Taibbi's home, documents obtained through a letter received from the agency on May 6 "raised more questions than they answer."


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Russian Forces Hit Ukrainian Ammo Depots by Precision Strike, Top Brass Reports

It is also reported that Russian combat aircraft, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems destroyed over 60 Ukrainian troops, a motorized artillery system and two howitzers in the Krasny Liman area in the past day

Russian Defence Ministry Press Office/TASS

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. Russian forces delivered a multiple strike by airborne long-range precision weapons against the Ukrainian armys ammunition storage sites in the past day during the special military operation in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov reported on Friday.

"Last night, the Russian Armed Forces delivered a multiple strike by airborne long-range high-precision weapons against the Ukrainian armys ammunition storage sites. The goal of the strike was achieved. All the designated targets were hit," the spokesman said.

Russian forces destroy 35 Ukrainian troops, howitzer in Kupyansk area

Russian forces destroyed roughly 35 Ukrainian troops and a howitzer in the Kupyansk area in the past day, Konashenkov reported.

"In the Kupyansk direction, artillery of the western battlegroup struck the Ukrainian army units in areas near the settlements of Dvurechnaya and Kislovka in the Kharkov Region. In addition, the activity of two Ukrainian subversive/reconnaissance groups was thwarted near the settlements of Masyutovka and Ivanovka in the Kharkov Region. The enemys losses amounted to 35 Ukrainian personnel, three motor vehicles and an Msta-B howitzer," the general reported.

Russian forces destroy over 60 Ukrainian troops in Krasny Liman area

Russian combat aircraft, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems destroyed over 60 Ukrainian troops, a motorized artillery system and two howitzers in the Krasny Liman area in the past day, Konashenkov reported.

In the Krasny Liman direction, army aviation and artillery of Russias battlegroup Center inflicted damage on the enemy units in areas near the settlements of Kuzmino in the Lugansk Peoples Republic and Yampolovka in the Donetsk Peoples Republic, th...


Powerful words from David McBride at Hyde Park Protest: Julian Assange will be revered for generations to come as Albanese is forgotten "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the Sydney protest for Julian Assange last Thursday 25 May, David McBride, the former SAS officer who exposed the murder of unarmed Afghans by Australian troops, spoke alongside Stella Assange and Scott Ludlum. McBride's speech is included immediately below, whilst Stella Assange's speech is included further below. (These speeches can also be viewed directly on the GongSteve YouTube Channel - .) Stella Assange, the mother of Julian Assange's two children, flew out to Australia from England to protest against the scheduled visit of US President Joe Biden, which was cancelled. She also tried to speak to the Australian Prime Minister about her husband, but Albanese refused, claiming he had other priorities that he held to be more important than meeting Stella about Julian Assange. Scott Ludlam is a former Greens Senator.

The Albanese government has has chosen to disregard the enormous benefit that has been achieved by the whistleblowing of David McBride and Richard Boyle and has deemed them both to be criminals, for having broken the law against any internal government information being revealed to the public, and has launched prosecutions against both of them. They both face many years of life behind bars if found guilty.


David McBride, the second of three speakers



Stella Assange, the third of three speakers



Scott Ludlum, the first of three speakers


The article above is in response to a question contained in a recent . He asked which whistleblowers are being persecuted by the Albanese g...

Friday, 26 May


Nuclear Turns Fashionable "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are the new nuclear craze, especially with the U.S. Congress, as Americas representatives see SMRs as a big answer to energy needs and reduction of greenhouse gases, advertised as a green deal for clean energy that skirts the heavy costs of paying the Middle East billions upon billions. However, the devil in the details is dangerously overlooked.

Notable nuclear accidents: NRX (1952) Kyshtym (1957) Windscale (1957) SL-1 (1961) Wood River Junction (1964) K-27 (1968) Three Mile Island (1979) Constituyentes (1983) Mohammedia (1984) K-431 (1985) Chernobyl (1986) Tokai (1997, 1999) Fukushima (2011) but wait, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Small Modular Reactors (nuclear SMRs) are about to pop up around the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Multiple and unexpected failures are built into societys complex and tightly coupled nuclear reactor systems. Such accidents are unavoidable and cannot be designed around. (Charles Perrow, Normal Accidents, Princeton University Press, 1999)

On dozens of occasions because of human error or technical miscue or active threat, the world has come dangerously close to the brink of nuclear conflagration it is a terrifying history of which most people remain ignorant. (Julian Cribb, How to Fix a Broken Planet, Cambridge University Press, 2023.)

Should nuclear power really circumnavigate the planet with mini-power plants?

For Germany, which closed its last three nuclear plants in April 2023, the countrys Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management conducted a study: SMRs have been the subject of repeated discussion in recent times. They promise cheap energy, safety, and little waste. BASE commissioned an expert report (in German) to evaluate these concepts and the risks associated with them. The report provides a scientific assessment of possible areas of application and the associated safety issues. It concludes that the construction of SMRs is only economically viable for a very large number of units and poses significant risks if widely deployed.

Yet, resistance to nuclear power is starting to ebb around the world with support from a surprising group: environmentalists This change of heart spans the globe, and is being prompted by climate change, unreliable electrical grids and fears about national security in the wake of Russias invasion of Ukraine. (Source: Why Even Environmentalists are Supporting Nuclear Power Today, NPR, August 30, 2022)

U.S. senators recently introduced a nuclear energy bill called the Advance A...


"IndyWatch Feed World" "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Mermaid, handcrafted by Rock Bottom from driftwood in Port Antonio, Jamaica (now in Escazu, Costa Rica)

June 15, 2011 was the day we first posted on this platform, and while we have evolved multiple times since then we have remained constant and consistent in a few ways.

In the daily search for something worth sharing, photos of birds from around the world have been the most constantas in, every day since the first photo was shared by this old friend who got us started on that habit.

Consistent have been the shared convictions that environmental conservation, no...


Why Wes Anderson refuses to watch his TikTok memes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Director Wes Anderson wont watch the AI remakes of his movies that are taking over TikTok and YouTube. Why? To protect his creative sanity.

Like Bill Murray hiding from the world behind his answering machine, Wes Anderson is actively avoiding TikTok to protect his mental sanity from the waggish microcosm of Andersonian social media videos that were born from the depths of his very own creative womb.

Read Full Story


Maisie Fook: A Chinese, born and living in White Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

In 1968 and 1969, Maisie Fook from Sydney had three readers stories published in Australias best-read womens magazine, the Australian Womens Weekly. The first of these told the story of her recent adoption of two Korean orphans, the second recounted the story of her obstetrician brother Teds rise from grocer boy to star doctor, while


IRS Opened Investigation Into Journalist Matt Taibbi On Christmas Eve, Following Government Censorship Reporting "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | May 25, 2023

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examined independent journalist Matt Taibbis 2018 tax returns on December 24, 2022, which was a Saturday and Christmas Eve. It was soon after Taibbi published the first batch of Twitter Files, internal Twitter documents exposing how federal government agencies pressured Twitter to censor content.

The timing raised eyebrows and many believed it to be an act of retaliation for sounding the alarm on government-backed censorship.

The House Judiciary Committee obtained the details after the IRS was criticized for visiting Taibbis home in March about the tax filing, on the same day the journalist testified before Congress about the Twitter Files.

In a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, chair of the Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said the documents the agency provided raise more questions than they answer.

The IRS defended the review by saying it was trying to determine that Taibbi was not the victim of identity fraud. It further claimed that in 2019, it wrote to Taibbi to explain that there was a discrepancy in his 2018 tax return. However, the documents obtained by the committee show that the IRS opened a review of the tax return on Christmas Eve last year.

Additionally, Taibbi did not owe the IRS. In fact, he was owed a refund, according to the documents obtained by the Committee.

The IRS asserted to the Committee that it sent a letter to Mr. Taibbi on October 24, 2019 nine days after Mr. Taibbi filed his 2018 tax return asking Mr. Taibbi to verify his return because it met identity theft criteria and could not be processed until he confirmed, Jordan wrote.

The IRS alleged that it sent a second letter to Mr. Taibbi on March 23, 2020.

However, according to Mr. Taibbi, neither he nor his accountant received either of these letters or any other notification that there was an issue with his 2018 tax return that is until the IRS conducted a field visit at Mr. Taibbis home three years later.

The IRS also failed to produce these purported letters to the Committee.

Jordan added: The IRSs production shows that the IRS opened its examination of Mr. Taibbis 2018 tax return on December 24, 2022. Not only was this date Christmas Eve and a Saturday, but it also happened to be three weeks after he published the first Twitter Files detailing government abuses and the same day that Mr. Taibbi published the ninth segment of the Twitter Files, detailing how federal government agencies from the State De...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Calls for Unity Dominate Africa Day Celebrations

FILE - Leaders gather for a group photo at the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Feb. 18, 2023. Calls for unity dominated the 60th anniversary celebrations on Thursday, May 25, 2023 for the continent-wide organization preceding the African Union (AU) but critics say the AU has become a paper tiger where there's plenty of talk, but not much much real clout to enforce its mandate. (AP Photo, File)

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) Calls for unity dominated Thursdays 60th anniversary celebrations for the continent-wide organization preceding the African Union (AU) that represented 55 member states. But critics say the AU has become a paper tiger where theres plenty of talk, but not much much real clout to enforce its mandate.

Africa Day events across the continent honored the founding of the AUs predecessor - The Organization of African Unity (OAU) -- whose original purpose was to fight colonialism before evolving in 2002 to incorporate the aims of defending its members sovereignty and independence as well as encouraging their socio-economic integration.

In Addis Ababa where the AU is seated, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underscored that unity is no more a catchphrase but a means of survival in an increasingly complex world. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa echoed Abiy, appealing for unity and to uphold the bonds that frame our destiny.

In his address, Abiy argued for the need of an African permanent seat at the UN Security Council and proportionate representation at the G7 and G20. Ramaphosa urged for improved governance across the continent amid the conflict in Sudan as well as previous coups in Chad, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

We use Africa Day to reaffirm the importance of consolidating democracy and consolidating good governance across Africa, Ramaphosa said.

Critics say the AU has failed to achieve some of its objectives, but supporters argue that its powers are restricted so as to allow the members heads of state to remain in control.

Kenyan pol...


Jack Teixeira, the Deep State, and Captured Media "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Thomas Eddlem | The Libertarian Institute | May 25, 2023

Suspected Pentagon documents leaker Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Dighton, Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, allegedly released classified documents without permission about the sobering U.S. intelligence assessment of Ukraines prospects in the Russo-Ukrainian War (i.e., Ukraine cant win, despite public official pronouncements about their imminent battlefield victories). Those documents he allegedly leaked also revealed several dozen U.S. soldiers were operating in the war zone (the equivalent of two special ops teams), despite official denials, along with CIA operatives already known to be calling missile and artillery strikes in the war.

Just days after his April 13 arrest, local Boston television news stations were broadcasting Teixeiras high school disciplinary record. He was suspended in high school for threatening language, dont-cha know?

Its like the old joke about the principal telling a kid that this is going on your permanent record, except its now reality. If only Teixeira could have cut a deal like Bart Simpson, we wouldnt have to be having this discussion right now.

What does Teixeiras high school disciplinary record have to do with his revelations about official lies and secrets about Americas involvement in a war with the worlds other nuclear superpower?

Nothing at all. Zip. Zero. Nada. A whole number between -1 and 1.

Theres no journalistic value in the story that Teixeira was suspended in high school for threatening language (he said he was describing a video game at the time). It has no relationship to the story about Ukrainian war lies, and has as much journalistic value as my own high school disciplinary record (or yours). Such dirty laundry in decades past used to be relegated to discussions of celebrity divorces in supermarket tabloids.

But it has a lot of value if your goal is to engage in a general character-assassination using compliant media.

So it brings up a couple of questions: Why is the news media reporting this? And how did they get this information?

The second question is the easiest to answer: The U.S. governments executive....


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(36) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "Unbelievable. Staggeringly brave work FDA, aside from the fact that most have already been forced to take them, even while we were all screaming about this for years while you called us dangerous spreaders of misinformation. There needs to be legal accountability here." / Twitter
(37) Tweet / Twitter
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Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 10.41.49 AM.png (25461174)
modRNA Archives - The Last American Vagabond
(21) Orwell Huxleys Ghost on Twitter: "2019 NIH awarded a grant entitled, Genetically Engineered Anterograde Monosynaptic Viral Tracers for Multi-Species Neutral Circuit Analysis, to the University of California, Irvine (Irvine).3 Pursuant to this grant, on December 17, 2019, Irvine made a subaward to the WIV." / Twitter


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We all know about the danger of a future society where were all tracked everywhere we go every single day in real time by our phones or devicesbut actually, its worse than that! Youre already being tracked everywhere you go, every day, and it doesnt matter whether you leave your phone at home just as

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