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Wednesday, 10 May


Australian government is hit with class action lawsuit over Covid vaccines "IndyWatch Feed National"

A landmark Covid-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines regulator. The nation-wide suit, which reportedly has 500 members including three named applicants, seeks redress for those allegedly left injured or bereaved by the Covid-19 vaccines. One of the applicants who suffered a severe heart condition after getting the Pfizer jab is even claiming there was 'cover-up' during the vaccine rollout which hid the potential risks. The federal government, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Department of Health - in addition to a number of senior public servants - are all named as parties to the class action, which was filed in the New South Wales Federal Court. The named parties are accused of negligence in their approval and monitoring of Covid-19 vaccines, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office. Instructing solicitor Natalie Strijland, of Brisbane law firm NR Barbi, said the action would argue the TGA caused considerable harm and damage by failing to regulate the COVID-19 vaccinations properly. The class action names three applicants, one of whom is 41-year old father-of-two Gareth O'Gradie. Mr O'Gradie, a teacher from Melbourne, was left with a 20-centimetre scar down his chest after developing severe pericarditis inflammation of the lining around the heart following his first Pfizer vaccination in July 2021. In February 2022 doctors performed open heart surgery to remove his the pericardial sac lining his heart.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on coronavirus vaccines from reliable major media sources.

Lockdowns, school closures and limiting gatherings only reduced COVID mortality by 0.2% at 'enormous economic and social costs', study finds "IndyWatch Feed National"

The original coronavirus lockdowns had 'little to no' effect on pandemic death tolls in the US, UK and Europe, a controversial report suggests. Economists who carried out a meta-analysis found draconian restrictions imposed in spring 2020 including stay-at-home orders, compulsory masks and social distancing only reduced Covid mortality by 0.2 per cent. They warned that lockdowns caused 'enormous economic and social costs' and concluded they were 'ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument' going forward. The review, led by a Johns Hopkins University professor, argued that border closures had virtually zero effect on Covid mortality, reducing deaths by just 0.1 per cent. There has been a growing consensus that draconian restrictions have led to a rise in non-Covid deaths, thought to be people whose conditions worsened during the pandemic when they could not access healthcare. In the latest report, the researchers admit their review does not answer 'why' lockdowns didn't achieve their ultimate goal in saving lives but they float a number of explanations. They claimed the best explanation for differing Covid death rates in countries was 'differences in population age and health' and the 'quality of the health sector. But they could not rule out 'less obvious factors, such as culture, communication, and coincidences'. Covid deaths are also skewed by the volume of testing each country carries out, which many scientists have highlighted as the driving factor behind Britain's large toll.  

Note: Why did other major media completely ignore this vitally important news? You can find this critical study on the Johns Hopkins University website at this link. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on the coronavirus from reliable major media sources.

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Tuesday, 09 May


Queensland's Minister for Women says anyone can be a woman. #MinisterForAnyone "IndyWatch Feed National"

QLD Minister for Women @ShannonFentiman answers Q what is a woman? Lets be inclusive. Anyone that identifies as a woman is a woman...It's not one group advancing at the expense of another." Tell that to the actual women whose rights you are giving away under self-ID laws. Rachael...


The ABCs panel of regular Australians to assess the Budget. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lets assemble a panel of regular Aussies to test the impact of the budget The ABC has assembled, three women (of course): 1. A Triple J announcer - abc cool leftist 2. Georgie Dent - a left wing feminist activist running a Parenting website that gets its funding from...


Establishment of the US Department of Defence All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media release

On 20 July 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense published a media release titled "DoD Announces the Establishment of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office." The text of the release reads:

"On July 15, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence [DNI], amended her original direction to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security by renaming and expanding the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group [AOIMSG] to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office [AARO], due to the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, which included a provision to establish an office, in coordination with DNI, with responsibilities that were broader than those originally assigned to the AOIMSG.

Today, USD (I&S) Hon Ronald S.  Moultrie informed the department of the establishment of AARO within the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and named Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, most recently the Chief Scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency's Missile and Space Intelligence Center, as the Director of AARO.

The mission of the AARO will be to synchronize efforts across the Department of Defense, and with other US federal departments and agencies, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in, on or near military installations, operating areas, training areas, special use airspace and other areas of interest, and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security. This includes anomalous, unidentified space,...


A Nation That Slaughters Its Children Cannot Survive, Let Alone Thrive "IndyWatch Feed National"

If youd told me at the start of 2020 that before the middle of the year, the streets of all of the worlds great cities would be empty and billions of people would be locked in their homes, sometimes for months on end, I would have told you that was unthinkable.

But thats the funny thing about unthinkable things. Theyre only unthinkable until unthinkable things happen, then theyre extraordinary, before theyre ordinary.

With that in mind, the notion that the United States of America might collapse under the weight of its own violence is also hard to imagine. Its been the worlds only superpower since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. But history tells us at least two things about great empires: They all, eventually, fall; and the rot almost always comes from within.

Over the weekend, there was yet another mass shooting in the US. A man aged in his 30s opened fire outside a shopping mall in the community of Allen, in the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. In a matter of minutes, eight people were dead, including at least three children. The shooter, an extremist with ties to right wing hate groups and white supremacy, was killed by police.

Twitter purchased earlier this year in service of free speech by the worlds richest man was soon awash with the blood of those children. Three different videos, all of them unedited, dominated the gore: the first showed the gunman opening fire at the mall; the second, with blood everywhere, zoomed in close on the victims and featured what looked like the brain matter of a small child on the footpath; the third video showed close-up footage of the dead gunmen, shot in the head by police, with a large pool of blood seeping from the back of his skull. More than 48 hours after the slaughter, the videos were still being widely tweeted.

Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter boss Elon Musk. (IMAGE: Daniel Oberhaus, Flickr)

Elon Musk sacked about 80 per cent of his staff when he took over Twitter,...


ACT Government delays raising the age to 14, defying advice from Aboriginal, legal and human rights organisations "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ACT Government has been criticised for its failure to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14 right away, with justice advocates saying the welfare of 12- and 13-year-old children cannot wait until 2025.

The ACT Government has today tabled a Bill that would see the age of criminal responsibility raised from 10 to only 12 years old, in a delayed process to eventually raise the age to 14 in July 2025 with exceptions.

Medical, legal, and human rights experts have been unequivocal in calling for governments to raise the age to at least 14 with no carve-outs. Yet the ACT has flagged that children accused of serious offences will continue to be subject to police investigation including strip-searches, being dragged through courts, and locked in prisons.

By keeping the age of criminal responsibility as low as 12 until 2025 and neglecting to protect all children from a harmful system, Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Attorney-General Shane Rattenbury have failed some of the ACTs most marginalised children. 

Prison has devastating impacts on childrens and young peoples health, development, mental health and wellbeing. Evidence shows that the earlier a child is locked up in jail, the more the child is at risk of being entrenched in the justice system and re-engaging with the system later in life. 

Instead of locking up kids in prison, Chief Minister Barr and the ACT Government must fund community-led solutions which are supported by evidence and keep our children and communities safe.

Karly Warner, CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT):

In the extremely rare instances when a child does something seriously wrong, its because theyve been let down and need our help. We have abundant evidence that locking up children causes ongoing harm for them and their families, and the whole community. The ACT Government is well aware of this evidence. Politicians have no excuse to sacrifice 12 and 13-year-old children for political expediency.

Lets be clear: by failing to raise the age to 14 urgently and without exception, the ACT Government is failing Aboriginal children. Aboriginal kids are over-represented at every stage of the system, from police to court to prison. The ACT imprisons Aboriginal children at 12 times the rate of non-Indigenous children. Its Aboriginal kids and families who will be most harmed by the governments refusal to fully accept the evidence about what works. 

Cheryl Axleby, Co-Chair, Change the Record:
While the commitment from the ACT to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility is a promising step, it is disappointing that yet again our little children must wait. Governments have the capability of acting now and raising the age to 14 now and adding exceptions for certain offences is deeply worrying. The ACT's commitment t......


NRL makes a major tactical error. #GoWokeGoBroke "IndyWatch Feed National"

Football fans have all different views about all different things but the one thing they are mostly united on is the love of football. Stay out of politics.


Stew Peters Goes Head-to-head with BBC Reporters "IndyWatch Feed National"


The idea that BBC reporters could maybe discredit the film Died Suddenly and Stew Peters spectacularly exposes the BBC. It is hard debating the truth with BS.</p> <p>The post <a href= "" rel="nofollow">Stew Peters Goes Head-to-head with BBC Reporters</a> appeared first on <a href="" rel= "nofollow">Gumshoe News</a>.</p>


European action against ISDS in the Energy Charter Treaty needs to be universal "IndyWatch Feed National"

May 9, 2023: An article from Project Syndicate reports that over the past year, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Denmark have all withdrawn from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), or announced their intention to do so. Italy left in 2016.  The ECT includes Investor-State Dispute Settlement ISDS) rules. These allow foreign energy investors to sue national governments for losses caused by policy changes. The  ECT can prevents countries from delivering on their commitment to meet the Paris Agreement targets and can also be used against plans to tax oil and gas companies windfall profits.

Yet while EU member states are leaving the ECT, a growing number of African countries, including The Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, and Eswatini, have been persuaded to join it. And while EU governments are protecting themselves from being sued through the ECT, developing country governments are being pressured  to put themselves at risk through bilateral investment treaties.

The ECT was set up in the early 1990s and its ISDS provisions were designed to protect western investments in fossil fuel industries in former Soviet-bloc countries. As of June 2022, at least 150 ISDS cases have been brought under the ECT.

There are also around...


Huge waves yesterday at Coogee Beach, Sydney. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Surf's up Coogee! This mornings monster waves have been captured crashing down by an Australian surf photographer.#9News : skymonkey5 9News Sydney (@9NewsSyd) May 8, 2023


Will tonights budget bring gain or pain? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

On the eve of the federal budget, a great deal is being made of the expected $15 billion surplus, something that hasnt been seen for 15 years. How can this be when the demands on the governments responsibilities are rising, along with the gap between this and the revenue coming in? More on this later.

The details have not been public yet. But custom has been followed with some telling leaks. so far there are few gains and the promise of a lot of pain.

Even with some small improvements for the parenting payment, and a small increase in the Jobseeker base rate for those over 55, the rising poverty faced by those on social security will not be addressed. They will continue to fall further below the poverty line.

Photo by Lukas Coch/AAP: Treasurer Jim Chalmers will deliver the budget tonight.

The bigger issue is the matter of the rising cost of living. A $4 billion package over four years is included in this budget. This includes rebates up to $500 for households on government payments, or $9.60 a week, which goes nowhere near covering the recent surge in energy prices. There is the additional low-income and rental household electrification package, forced on by the Greens during negotiations. A small improvement in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will be provided. A change in the dispensing rules will make it possible for pharmacists to sell up to two months worth of certain medications under a single prescription.

Most of the unemployed, those on disability support,...


Australias corrupt medical system has blood on its hands? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Quite simply put, the hospital, that being the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, that has refused a life saving operation for a mother of two, Vicki Derderian, aged 47 should be sued.

Not only that, but also the persons responsible for this decision should also be charged criminally, never to practice medicine ever again.

The reason that Ms Derderians life is not being saved is stated by the hospital that it is because she has not taken a drug advertised as a COVID-19 vaccine.

Irrespective from which manufacturer, in Australia the drug that many persons have taken is not a vaccine.

For it to be a vaccine the drug must confer immunity, which it does not.

See U.S. Supreme Court Document from the 4th of November 2021, within the link:

It was distributed to the general population under EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation), where the general populations data was part of the trial, as stated by the federal Health Minister Mr. Greg Hunt, on a government website on the 21st of February 2021.

Even Israel was surprised and disappointed that the drug did not stop transmission.

On the 5th of May 2023, the WHO stated that the so called virus is no longer a global health emergency.



Alan Fisher and CityNerd to Join Strong Towns at the National Gathering "IndyWatch Feed National"


Alan Fisher (left) and Ray Delahanty (right).

Alan Fisher and CityNerd are likely household names to anyone with a passive interest in urban design and a YouTube account. With over 300,000 subscribers between them, both channels have carved out an online community not only questioning the North American development pattern, but mobilizing to make change where they live. 

Strong Towns is thrilled to welcome both YouTubers to the Strong Towns National Gathering (May 3031) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Alan Fisher and CityNerd will join Tiffany Owens Reed of Cities Decoded, who has likewise been a regular Strong Towns contributor asking tough questions and offering thoughtful answers. Also on the panel is John Simmerman of Active Towns, which puts out podcasts, videos, and other media to inspire the creation of communities that promote a Culture of Activity for All Ages & Abilities. 

These creators will share their experiences reaching people using video, social media, podcasts, and other forms of media to build a movement. In a panel moderated by Strong Towns video producer Mike Pasternock, youll learn how to get started on content creation, with pro tips to leverage various platforms and content types to reach new audiences receptive to the Strong Towns message.

Learn about the panelists below and get your tickets to the National Gathering here.



Link "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Photo: InFocus2022 Compact Category winner Coastal Emus Walking, by Joy Hayman, depicts the emu projections with the Clarence River in the background. IMAGE: Clarence Valley Council Notice Board

The Building Bridges Emu Projection is shortlisted as one of eight finalists for the 'Events, Exhibitions and Tours' category in the 29th annual National Trust (NSW) Heritage Awards.

Events, Exhibitions and Tours

  • Building Bridges Emu Projection entered by Clarence Valley Council

  • CAPTI...

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Monday, 08 May


The Practical Impossibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Steve Goreham | MasterResource | May 2, 2023

CCS has been slow to take off due to the cost of capture and the limited salability of carbon dioxide as a product. Thirty-nine CCS facilities capture CO2 around the world today, totaling 45 million tons per year, or about one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of industrial emissions produced globally.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on a new rule that would set stringent limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from US power plants. Utilities would be required to retrofit existing plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology or to switch to hydrogen fuel. Others call for the use of CCS to decarbonize heavy industry. But the cost of capture and the amount of CO2 that proponents say needs to be captured crush any ideas about feasibility.

Carbon capture and storage is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from an industrial plant before it enters the atmosphere, transporting it, and storing it for centuries to millennia. Capture may be accomplished by filtering it from combustion exhaust streams. Pipelines are proposed to transport the captured CO2. Underground reservoirs could be used for storage. For the last two decades, advocates have proposed CCS to reduce emissions from coal plants and steel, chemical, and other hard-to-decarbonize industries in order to fight human-caused climate change.

CCS has been slow to take off due to the cost of capture and the limited salability of carbon dioxide as a product. Thirty-nine CCS facilities capture CO2 around the world today, totaling 45 million tons per year, or about one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of industrial emissions produced globally. Of these, 20 reside in the US or Canada, six in Europe, and five in China. Twenty-four of these facilities use captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Captured CO2 is injected into oil wells to boost oil output,

The news from these facilities is mixed. Many are not meeting their carbon-capture goals or are incurring costs well over budget. Nevertheless, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, the US, and nations of Europe now offer billions in direct subsidies or tax breaks to firms for capture of CO2 emissions and to build pipelines and storage. Over 300 large and small capture projects are...


Cold front delivers snow, hail to large parts of Australia - Record cold May temperatures recorded in parts of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory "IndyWatch Feed National"

The calendar may not have ticked over yet, but the wintry weather has arrived and forecasters say the frosty conditions are far from over. Large parts of southern-eastern Australia were plunged into freezing conditions on the weekend, as icy air from Antarctica was pushed across the eastern states by a strong cold front. The strong winds disrupted flights in Sydney, while people from New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania took to social media to share photos of the swathes of hail and snow blanketing the streets and mountain tops.


Australia PM Says No Point in USs Continued Pursuit of Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The post Australia PM Says No Point in USs Continued Pursuit of Assange appeared first on Global Research.


PODCAST: Antipoverty Centre and Kristin OConnell on a mission to break the poverty machine #RaiseTheRate "IndyWatch Feed National"

KRISTIN OCONNELL AND her colleagues at the Antipoverty Centre are on a mission to break the poverty machine. OConnell talks to No Fibs about pre-budget kite flying, raising the rate and explains what the poverty machine is. I wish I could say something optimistic on that front. Im a very cynical person and I feel []


A Better Way - #SolutionsWatch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Tess Lawrie is a medical doctor and research consultant based in the UK. She is the CEO of Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy and she sits on the steering committee of the World Council for Health.


Sydney is ground zero for housing shortage "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Lowest building approvals in a decade

It was another very subdued report for building approvals in March, declining slightly further to a seasonally adjusted 12,686 for the month.

Clearly there's a major issue brewing in the largest capital cities as the Aussie population is set to gap upwards by 1 million plus. 

Greater Sydney saw the approvals of just 14,672 houses over the year to March 2023, with the number trending even lower as developers increasingly struggle to make projects work. 

There were a couple of brighter spots in the capital cities.

Across Greater Melbourne, where access to land supply is typically a little friendlier, detached house approvals may now have turned upwards.

Looking ahead, about  of the Build to Rent sector dwelling supply will also go to Melbourne, although this will take time to hit the market. 

In Brisbane there's a desperate shortage of housing, with anything decent under $1 million being snapped up in no time with multiple offers...except, that is, for development sites, which are often languishing without much competition. 

Unit approvals are at least on the rise again in Brisbane, after bottoming out in October 2022. 

Sydney's unit approvals, on the other hand,...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Ali Breland [Twitter]. Ali writes about the internet, politics, and disinformation for Mother Jones. His most recent contributions to the zine include The Website That Wants You to Kill Yourselfand Wont Continue reading



User Answers

I may or may not be seeing things correctly, so that's  why I'm filing this one under the "You Tell Me" category.  But the

The post TEXAS INVESTIGATING GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH appeared first on The Giza Death Star.



User Answers

Apropos of today's main blog, you'll want to check out these stories shared by V.T., Nation Half of U.S. Tax Payments from Income Tax

The post TIDBITS: APROPOS OF TODAYS MAIN BLOG. appeared first on The Giza Death Star.


AFTINET submission to the Implementation Agenda for the Strategic Economic Cooperation Arrangement (SECA) between Australia and Thailand "IndyWatch Feed National"

May 8, 2023: The Implementation Agenda for the Strategic Economic Cooperation Arrangement (SECA) between Australia and Thailand (SECA) will sit alongside the existing Thai - Australia FTA agreed in 2005, which is not being reviewed. Instead the strategy will develop new areas of cooperation for expanding trade and investment.

Our submission notes that the strategy makes no mention of human rights, labour rights or environmental standards, which were not included in the FTA. It argues that the strategy should include the Governments goals consisting of justice and equality, sharing the benefits of increased trade and investment, and the need to reduce carbon emissions,. The submission notes that Thailand is also involved in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). This is also not a traditional trade agreement. However, human rights, labour rights and environmental standards are included in the IPEF negotiating goals,

The submission provides evidence of deficits in both commitments and implementation of human rights and labour rights in Thailand. It suggests why and how both countries should make commitments to these standards. The submission recognises that Thailand may require cooperation and support to implement these standards over time, including specific support from Australias Official Development Assistance programs. Ultimately these and environmental standards should be included in the Thai-Australia FTA.

See the full submission here.


Queensland Minister for Women says it's hateful to be called a woman. "IndyWatch Feed National"

I dont stand for these sort of views Im proud to be working with trans and gender diverse Queenslanders Im proud to be Queenslands Minister for Women.....regardless of any stickers on my office or hateful comments Insanity.


The Climate Confection "IndyWatch Feed National"

Edvard Muncks recurring theme from 1893

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Amongst the appointed experts, peak climate hysteria appears to have been reached, with the unexpected cold snap we are experiencing.

Krakatoa exploded in mid-1883 and the micro-particle pollutants spread around the world causing unusual sunsets including as far away as Norway. One or more of these sunsets deeply affected the painter Edvard Munch during a period of alleged psychological fragility but from his visual record, it appears to have created anxiety widely among the God-fearing people of the time. There was no TV and no parade of experts to explain that the sunsets originated in the biggest volcanic explosion of modern times, so left to the popular imagination they became an other-worldly threat.

More rugged individuals obviously would feel less concern than the highly strung.

The weather this year, 2023 seems to be the coolest in the long run of cooler years since 2016.

Have a look in real-time at the wintry weather being thrown off Antarctica during what was formerly known as Autumn:



Steps taken to save our native dingoes "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shire is home to dozens of dingoes that play a vital role in the health of our native ecosystems, and have a vital place in the creation stories of some of our First Nations people.

But these native animals are too often dismissed as wild dogs and, in some cases, are caught up in trapping and other culling practices that target non-native species.

Now, steps are being taken to walk the fine line between protecting our dingoes without allowing feral dogs and foxes off the hook.

Motion recognising that dingoes are native

Byron Council passed a motion at last weeks meeting, recognising that dingoes are native to the Shire, have an important ecological role, and are worthy of protection and care.

Councillors will hold a dedicated workshop in the coming weeks to explore non-lethal tools and practices to manage dingoes on private property.

The workshop will also explore ways to avoid trapping, baiting, shooting and otherwise killing dingoes whilst still controlling other animals that are pests or are creating environmental damage.

Significance of dingo in creation story

During the public access section of the meeting, Minjungbal descendant, Lionel Currie, spoke of the significance of the dingo in his creation story.

The dingo is a very significant animal for my people, Mr Currie said.

Independent councillor, Sama Balson, who moved the dingo protection motion, described them as a keystone species in the Shire. 

She told the chamber, When we kill and trap dingoes, we are also taking out the apex predator that helps keep down the fox and feral cat population.

Councillor Alan Hunter, also an Independent, said that local farmers needed to be part of the conversation.

I dont think were truly representative here theres not enough representation of the farmers whove had to deal with dingoes for a long time, Cr Hunter said.

The post Steps taken to save our native dingoes appeared first on The Echo.


The always-future revolution: on Matthew Balls The Metaverse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Months before Zuckerbergs big announcement in October 2021, Dave Karpf explained that virtual reality was the rich white kid of technology: no matter how many times it failed to live up to expectations, it would always get another chance and more investment. Just as the VR hype has come and gone multiple times in the past, the metaverse looks to be following the same trend. I wonder how long until it rears its head with another set of inflated promises for how it will forever transform society.

The post The always-future revolution: on Matthew Balls The Metaverse appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Brave Tracey suspends Long Covid for morning TV appearance. "IndyWatch Feed National"

They rarely come more courageous than this: Left-wing activist, man-hater and committed unionist Brave Tracey Spicer has been on the Long Covid bandwagon for a while. But its OK. Long COVID and the mask wearing has been put on hold for TV appearances and a chance to slander men and...


Australias PM Frustrated US Wont Drop Charges Against Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dave DeCamp Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has expressed frustration over the Biden administrations efforts to convict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, an Australian citizen....

Australias PM Frustrated US Wont Drop Charges Against Assange


ABC journalist advocates for two violent thugs to be released. "IndyWatch Feed National"

It all seems so horrible and racist - and perfectly within the ABC's "Australia's a rotten place" narrative. A sob story about two brothers held in immigration detention because of a lingering decision by the very mean Scott Morrison government. Very ABC: Detention has cost $5m so far Dinka...


US Congressional Democrats want ISDS removed from trade deals "IndyWatch Feed National"

May 8, 2023: Dozens of Democrat members of the House and Senate sent a letter on May 2, 2023, to US Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, asking the Biden administration to remove Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions from existing and future trade and investment agreements.

They argued that ISDS disputes are handled not through the judicial system but by industry-friendly tribunals that have no set procedures, precedents, or standards of evidence and allow mistruths or exaggerations [to] go unpunished. These provisions tilt the playing field even further in favour of large corporations, the letter said, incentivizing offshoring and undermining the sovereignty of the United States and other governments.

President Biden committed during his presidential campaign not to include ISDS in any future trade agreements, and USTR Tai said early in her tenure that she would pursue a trade agenda in line with that commitment.

However, the lawmakers believe ISDS should be removed from existing agreements as well, because large multinational corporations are weaponizing ISDS to benefit their own interests at the expense of workers, consumers, and small businesses globally. For example, they said, governments in Latin America have been ordered by ISDS tribunals to pay close to $28 billion to corporations, with far more in pending ISDS claims simply for putting in place sound public policy to protect the environment and the health and economic well-being of their communities.

The lawmakers therefore called on the Biden administration to investigate and pursue an effective path to removing consent to ISDS arbitration by the US and our treaty partners in existing bilateral investment treaties and free trade agreements. Noting that ISDS liability was largely removed in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, they also urged the White House to ensure that the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity it is negotiating with 11 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America does not include ISDS provisions and to address such provisions if and when it updates FTAs already in place with eight of those countries.

The policy of the Albanese Labor government is to exclude ISDS from future trade agreements, and to remove it from existing trade agreements by negotiation. Clive Palmer registered his company in Singapore and has initiated a...


Koalas are hanging out at East Coraki "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

but they need more trees

Koala hanging out at East Coraki. Photo Ina Egermann.

Friends of the Koala is excited to have been granted $199,980 from the Australian Government for its Hanging out at East Coraki: koalas thriving in an agricultural landscape, project and to be running the first Community Tree Planting Day on Saturday May 20.

Project Manager, Maria Matthes said the area is being overpopulated. There are so many koalas living in the East Coraki area and there is not enough koala food trees to sustain the local sub-population.

It is an area where Friends of the Koala rescue several koalas with extremely poor body condition, often as a result of not enough quality leaf available.

Weed control in koala habitat

Ms Matthes said the project includes weed control in koala habitat along the river and tree planting koala habitat on several properties, as well as koala habitat assessment, and monitoring of the koalas. Many of the favourite food trees suffered during the drought, and then many of the smaller trees were hammered by the flood.

These riparian areas are critically important to the koalas during dry times, with mo...


Vale Magpie Currie "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Magpie Currie. Photo Tree Faerie.

Magpie Currie passed away peacefully.

Magpie was born into Kuku-yalanji (Cape York) and Minyungbal (Tweed) bloodlines, freshwater and salt water Mother and Father. 

He grew up in both areas, surrounded by extended family, and spiritual and cultural people. Magpie spent his life learning, practising and sharing Culture. 

For decades, Magpie was a Cultural Consultant, artist, Elder and Songman. 

Throughout his life and career, he worked for Minjungbul Museum and Cultural Centre, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park (Cairns).

He collaborated, co-organised events, sung and danced, performed smoking ceremonies and Welcome to Country for community events such as Kinship and Renew Fest, and major festivals such as Bluesfest, Falls Festival and Splendour. 

His daughter, Lillian Currie, was often under his wing.

Magpie always said: Our stories and songs run right through nature so nature has always been an art teacher....




As a nation we have forgotten our heroes and the legacy that was purchased at great cost. once you have read this posting, please share what you have read with as many people as possible so that the vision and the legacy of our nations heroes may be restored.

URL short link:


Will and should the Voice referendum succeed? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Glen Davis

Referendums in Australia are notoriously tricky to succeed. You need a majority of votes in a majority of states, for a yes vote to get up. In Australian history, only 8 out of 44 referendums have succeeded.

We remember the failed 1999 attempt at a republic. The last referendums succeeding in Australia were in 1977 when Australians voted yes on the following issues: Senate Casual Vacancies, allowing residents of Australian territories to vote in referendums, and introducing 70 as the retirement age for judges.

Will the coming referendum be the next successful one?

Very soon well vote on an alteration to the Australian Constitution to allow an indigenous Voice to the Federal Parliament, and Government, on matters impacting on indigenous Australians. Not a particularly radical proposal, and something that should have been in place a long time ago.

Much of corporate Australia, and leaders in civil society support a yes Vote for the Voice. Should we, the overwhelming majority of Australians go along with this?

Leading the opposition appears to be role for the News Ltd Media, and the usual rag-tag bunch of parliamentary reactionaries, and their hangers on. This does not deny there are many Indigenous Australians who want a no, as they consider a Voice limited, preferring Treaty. In their view, the referendum is a distraction.

A considerable proportion of Frist Nation Australia is opposed to the referendum for genuine reasons mostly ignored by the media

At this point it appears the yes vote has the stronger support...


Boaters: stay off the water today "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Marine Rescue NSW Sydney State Communications Centre. Photo supplied.

With the Bureau of Meteorology issuing wind and hazardous surf warnings for much of the NSW coast today, boaters are asked to play it safe and stay off the water as low pressure system deepens.

Marine Rescue NSW Acting Deputy Commissioner Darren Schott says that boaters planning to cross shallow waters and ocean bars should consider changing or delaying their voyage. Boaters already on the water should carry the appropriate safety equipment and always wear a lifejacket.

Log On with Marine Rescue

Boaters should remember to Log On with Marine Rescue via the Marine rescue app or via their local radio base.

Storm Force wind warnings are in place for the Hunter, Sydney, Illawarra, Batemans and Eden Coasts today with southwesterly winds forecast to reach up to 50 knots (92km/h) offshore.

A Gale Warning is forecast for the Coffs and Macquarie Coasts while strong winds are expected for the Byron Coast and Sydney Enclosed Waters.

The Marine Rescue NSW Acting Deputy Commissioner said hazardous surf is also expected with warnings in place for the Byron, Coffs, Macquarie, Hunter, Sydney, Illawarra, Batemans and Eden Coasts.

Hazardous surf conditions

Hazardous surf conditions and high winds will be present across the state which creates a higher risk for boaters, said Mr Schott.

Please be careful and avoid going boating if possible.

Significant wave heights of five to six metres are also possible. Spring tides may also compound the wave impa...


The MoWs Coastal Culture: Gold Coast to Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

<figure class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_327146" style="width: 1440px;"><a href= ""><img alt="" class="wp-image-327146 size-full" height="1141" src= "" width="1440"></a> <figcaption class="wp-caption-text" id="caption-attachment-327146"> The Museum on Wheels, aka MoW. Photo supplied.</figcaption> </figure> <p>In what looks like a cross between the Partridge Family and an art gallery, the Tweed Regional Museums colourful Museum on Wheels, aka the MoW, will be a star feature at the Flotsam Film & Photography Festival on the Goal Coast this weekend.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the history of coastal culture born by dipping into a unique gallery of images some taken by local photographer Mal Sutherland that capture the essence of the coastline and the people who have called it home.</p> <h4><strong>Jaw-dropping surfboard collection</strong></h4> <figure class="wp-caption alignright" id="attachment_327145" style= "width: 2200px;"><a href= ""> ...</a></figure>


INTERVIEW: Basil Valentine Kremlin Drone Strike + Impeachment of Joe Biden "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><p><img alt="" class= "attachment-thumbnail size-thumbnail wp-post-image" height="150" src= "" width="150"></p> <p><strong><em>Putins assassination attempt in the Kremlin may have just heightened the state of nuclear alert in Russia and the West.</em></strong></p> <p>In this episode of the <a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b>Patrick Henningsen Show</b></span></a> on TNT Radio which aired on May 4, 2023, Patrick talks with our roving correspondent for culture & sport Basil Valentine, about the drone strike on Putins residence in the Kremlin which has further inflamed tensions between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the NATO in general. The conversation shifts to the politicisation of the DOJ and the FBI in the US, and the looming impeachment of President Joe Biden in relation to his shady trade deals and bribes involving foreign powers. They also touch on the growing popularity of Presidential candidate RFK. All this and more. <em>Listen:</em></p> <p><em><strong>More from Basil:</strong></em><br> <em><strong><a href= "">Twitter</a></strong></em></p> <p><strong><img alt="" class="emoji" draggable="false" src= ""> TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):<br></strong> <a href= ""><strong></strong></a></p> <p><strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">READ MORE RUSSIA NEWS AT:</span> <a href="">21st CENTURY WIRE RUSSIA FILES</a></strong></p> <p><strong><span style="color: #000080;">ALSO JOIN OUR</span> <a href="">TELEGRAM CHANNEL</a></strong></p> <p><strong><em>SUPPORT OUR INDEPENDENT MEDIA PLATFORM  <a href="">BECOME A MEMBER @21WIRE.TV</a><br></em></strong></p> <div class= "ad-480x320 adsanity-480x320 alignnone adsanity-alignnone" id= "ad-157532"> <div class="adsanity-inner"><strong><em><a href= "" target="_bank" title= "Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN"><img alt="Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN" border="0" height="320" src= "" w...

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Sunday, 07 May


Why Are there No Democrats on Mt Rushmore? "IndyWatch Feed National"

COMMENT: The reason there are no Democrats on Mount Rushmore is because they are anti-American, by pretending to be fair, they seize the wealth of everyone who has more than they do. You are right. The United States will fall. As Abraham Lincoln stated, a house divided cannot stand. Marx has destroyed civilization. I sold everything and leaving this hell hole called California.


ANSWER: Oh, it gets worse. There are people in Australia talking about it is not fair that you leave your children more wealth than the guy next door. The solution, all wealth is to be confiscated and put into a fund for everyones retirement and everyone should start from zero.

The problem, a farm cannot continue beyond the founder or a small business. Nothing would ever become like General Motors or Ford if everything must be confiscated to be fair.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


Anyone who votes for socialism is against the very founding principles upon which this nation was established. This is also why the United States will collapse. It is deeply divided and we will see secession as this agenda toward authoritarianism progresses. I have also actually...


FED NOW Launch July 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"


QUESTION #1: why no information on CBDC. Need help fast. Feds are suppose to call in the dollar in July.

COMMENT #1: This whole thing reminds me of the movie The Omen and we will be accepting the number of the beast and without it we will not be allowed to buy or sell. I dont know about a person being the infamous anti-Christ, but it sure looks like the government is trying hard to fulfill that role.


ANSWER: The FedNow is the system that will be for CBDC and the elimination of all paper money. However, they will not cancel the dollars in July not just yet. This is why they are rushing 5G before testing to see if the radiation is harmful. This is all about total control and 100% tax collection. They will be able to turn off the ability to buy and sell categories as well as individuals.

I will do a private post on the timing for the end of paper money. That is coming. It is part of their authoritarianism into 2032.



Scott Morrison and Australias Lobby Complex "IndyWatch Feed National"

The former Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been somewhat of an absentee in the Federal seat of Cook. Since losing the May 2022 election, he has been aggressively chasing up contacts and deals on the consultancy circuit, bellyaching about the usual talking points: the gruesome China menace; defence matters; and, just to round it off for good measure, additional iterations of the China menace.

In March, he proved particularly jingoistic, telling Sky News Australia that Canberra needed, not only its own capability but the interlocking alignments and alliances that actually provide the counterbalance to the threat. This was code for a further renting of Australian sovereignty, a concept that has become increasingly irrelevant.

Morrisons movement to the world of the consultant-lobbyist is a seamless one, unsurprising given his innate incapacity to understand the broader public interest. It is even questionable whether he ever left that cosmos, being very much a colluder and conniver in murky, unaccountable transactions forged in a mates world.

From the other side of the policy aisle, he engaged the Liberal Party lobby firm Crosby Textor in 2005 during his disastrous stint as director of Tourism Australia. Crosby Textor also gained much during Morrisons prime ministership, having its advisors, including Yaron Finkelstein, posted to positions in the Prime Ministers office. For Finkelstein, access to the PM was plum and exclusive.

If recent reports are are correct, Morrison is staying true to form, heading to work for a UK business with ties to the defence sector. As one source put it, He wont go until it is locked in but it is fair to say he is actively seeking life after politics. That same source also revealed that the defence business was involved in the AUKUS space.

When asked to comment on the issue, the habitually mendacious MP for Cook claimed to be very engaged with things in my local electorate and enjoying being back in my local community. Such enjoyment was evidently being shared alongside his role as advisory board member for the US-based Hudson Institutes China Centre, a position he was appointed to in December last year.

The latest revelation...


A very nice touch from HM King Charles - a letter to his old Royal Navy Crewmates "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you to our own Royal Australian Navy veteran Garry Goldsworthy for this:


THE VOICE OF DECEPTION: How The Voice will be used for the Globalist Invasion of Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT XYZ Originally published at Stephen Reasons Substack. By Stephen Reason NOTE: this...


The Gun Control Interview That Goes Horribly, Terribly Wrong "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you thought Prince Andrews now infamous BBC interview where he was quizzed about his sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl was a train wreck, then youre definitely going to marvel at comedian Jon Stewarts interview with a US state senator on gun control.

It is, to put not too fine a point on it, the mother of all train wrecks. Where the BBC took almost an hour to unravel and then annihilate Prince Andrew, Stewart executes Oklahoma state Senator Nathan Dahm in under 10 minutes. Its quite something to watch particularly if you consider who Stewart is, or rather, who he is not.

Stewart, in case you dont know him, was the long-time host of the US comedy program The Daily Show. Were using air quotes here because The Daily Show was also once one of the highest rating news shows on cable television. And were using air quotes again because well, Stewart is a comedian and The Daily Shows lead-in program used to be Crank Yankers, a foul-mouthed US adult puppet television show.

Stewart retired from the program in 2015, just as Donald Trump was ascending the throne to the US presidency, prompting widespread (and increasingly desperate) demands for Stewarts return. He finally did come back, in September 2021, with The Problem with Jon Stewart. And the problem with that? The show is only available on Apple TV, one of the smaller of the online streaming services.

Even so, you can occasionally get some of his better interviews on Youtube. And on that note, without spoiling any of the one liners, its over to Stewart, who delivers what is almost certainly one of the truly great interviews of 2023 and were not even halfway through the year.

The post The Gun Control Interview That Goes Horribly, Terribly Wrong appeared first on New Matilda.


National Students Union Calls for Uni Boycott Of $368 Billion AUKUS Subs Program "IndyWatch Feed National"

The National Union of Students the nations peak union for university students has called on the nations tertiary education sector to boycott the provision of training or technology for the AUKUS submarine program.

NUS Education Officer Xavier Dup, said the partnership increased the risk of war or nuclear environmental damage, and universities should not participate in it.

The AUKUS deal escalates the threat of war in which students and workers will suffer, Mr Dupe said. The government wants universities to provide research and skilled workers for this war drive, but students have a right to education thats for the public good, not an arms race that threatens our future.

In March, the Albanese government formalised its support for the development of a new security partnership between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. It followed the cancellation by the previous Morrison government of a $90 billion French contract to build military submarines in Adelaide.

The AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine pathway means that in partnership with the US and UK, Australia will become one of only seven countries world-wide the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France, India and Australia to operate nuclear-powered submarines.

In a joint Australia-US-UK statement, the governments claimed the pathway would deliver significant long-term strategic benefits for Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It strengthens the combined industrial capacity of the three partners, with increased cooperation making trilateral supply chains more robust and resilient, the joint statement read.

It will also cost Australia hundreds of billions of dollars: eight nuclear-powered submarines will be built in Adelaide, to begin service in the 2040s, and the Albanese government has revealed the full cost, including maintenance, will run anywhere from $268 billion to $368 billion, by 2055.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Richard Marles MP speaks to the media during a visit to HMAS Stirling, Western Australia in March 2023. (IMAGE: LSIS Ernesto Sanchez, Royal Australian Navy)...


Magnificent, when boys knew they were boys. "IndyWatch Feed National"

No gender confusion with these boys in a social experiment in 1965 ISI (@4Mischief) May 6, 2023


Albaneses New Net Zero Body Gets Green Light From Key Union, Climate Council "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Albanese governments new National Net Zero Authority a body that will help workers in fossil fuel industries to transition into other employment has won high praise from two key bodies that savaged past governments over their climate change policies.

The Mining and Energy Union, which represents workers most affected by a reduction in fossil fuel mining, and the Climate Council of Australia, an independent community-based organisation, have both thrown their weight behind the federal governments announcement that it will create a new authority to help smooth the transition to renewables.

On Friday, the Albanese government announced the creation of the Net Zero Authority to ensure the workers, industries and communities can seize the opportunities of Australias net zero transformation.

The role of the Net Zero Authority will be to:

  1. Support workers in emissions-intensive sectors to access new employment, skills and support as the net zero transformation continues.
  2. Coordinate programs and policies across government to support regions and communities to attract and take advantage of new clean energy industries and set those industries up for success.
  3. Help investors and companies to engage with net zero transformation opportunities.

General President of the Mining and Energy Union (MEU), Tony Maher described the Authority as a game-changer and said it would have workers backs at a time of rapid change in the energy sector.

Workers in coal-fired power stations and associated coal mines are living with the reality that the timeline for closure of coal-fired power stations is accelerating, Mr Maher said. Until now, co-ordinated federal support for coal-power workers and communities has been the missing piece when it comes to climate and energy policy.

General President of the Mining and Energy Union, Tony Maher.

[Fridays] announcement means that the future of workers in emissions-intensive facilities facing closure wont be simply left up to patchy employer programs and struggling local jobs markets.

The Authority will have powers to support workers into new jobs and to facilitate investment in affected communities to create the good jobs of the futur...


Planning a Plandemic Covid-19 Researcher Required in Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tedros in thought

Introduction by DM:

It is becoming so overt. We reported before on the Covid-19 Diagnostic tests bought in 2018; and now Redacted reports on the hiring of a Covid-19 Researcher in November 2019. (Wow, and these researchers get fat salaries!). And then Ivan Hecko comments on Tedros trying to search the bat cave for the origins of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Researcher in...




To His Majesty King Charles III,

On the coronation of my liege, I thought it only fitting to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to commemorate this momentous occasion by visiting your very own kingdom within a kingdom: His Majestys Prison Belmarsh.

You will no doubt recall the wise words of a renowned playwright: The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.

Ah, but what would that bard know of mercy faced with the reckoning at the dawn of your historic reign? After all, one can truly know the measure of a society by how it treats its prisoners, and your kingdom has surely excelled in that regard.

Your Majestys Prison Belmarsh is located at the prestigious address of One Western Way, London, just a short foxhunt from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. How delightful it must be to have such an esteemed establishment bear your name.

One can truly know the measure of a society by how it treats its prisoners

It is here that 687 of your loyal subjects are held, supporting the United Kingdoms record as the nation with the largest prison population in Western Europe. As your noble government has recently declared, your kingdom is currently undergoing the biggest expansion of prison places in over a century, with its ambitious projections showing an increase of the prison population from 82,000 to 106,000 within the next four years. Quite the legacy, indeed.

As a political prisoner, held at Your Majestys pleasure on behalf of an embarrassed foreign sovereign, I am honoured to reside within the walls of this world class institution. Truly, your kingdom knows no bounds.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to feast upon the culinary delights prepared for your loyal subjects on a generous budget of two pounds per day. Savour the blended tuna heads and the ubiquitous reconstituted forms that are purportedly made from chicken. And worry not, for unlike lesser institutions such as Alcatraz or San Quentin, there is no communal dining in a mess hall. At Belmarsh, prisoners dine alone in their cells, ensuring the utmost intimacy with their meal.

Beyond the gustatory pleasures, I can assure you that Belmarsh provides ample educational opportunities for your subjects. As Proverbs 22:6 has it: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Observe the shuffling queues at the medicine hatch, wher...


Stan Grants ABC Coronation tanks. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Once the ABC was the place to turn for major events - like last nights Coronation. The Stan Grant Australia hating attitude has ended that. ABC last night was a flop. Stan bullied his way on to the ABCs coverage because it needed an Aboriginal voice. Weakling executives like ABC...


Remember Kate Ellis, the Rudd era Minister for Shallow? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nothing has changed. Bill Shorten certainly rates her.


Everybody Knows, Part 9: What, Pray Tell, Justifies a Suppression Order? "IndyWatch Feed National"


 by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Readers, the Russell Pridgeon case is moving fast. He was arrested in October 2018 and for two years it moved too slow but as of February 2021 he was committed for trial. The trial will begin on June 5, 2023 at the Brisbane District Court.  I am very hopeful that the charges will be dropped before then. Already 5 of the 7 charges have been withdrawn. The two remaining have to do with conspiracy.

This is not to say that success is guaranteed. Dr Pridgeon thinks he may end up doing the Jailhouse Rock for many years. So he needs your support, please.  In the article at hand, I discuss yet one more illegal trick of the authorities, this time concerning a suppression order. It is described in Pridgeons book,...


Mining Union Backs Albaneses New National Net Zero Authority "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Albanese Governments new National Net Zero Authority has been praised as a game-changer for workers and communities affected by the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, according to the Mining and Energy Union (MEU).

The new statutory authority, announced on Friday, is aimed at providing support to workers in emissions-intensive sectors and energy regions to help them access new employment, skills, and other support as needed.

MEU General President Tony Maher said that the new Authority would provide a coordinated federal support system for coal-power workers and communities during a time of rapid change in the energy sector. He added that the future of workers in emissions-intensive facilities facing closure would not be left up to patchy employer programs and struggling local jobs markets.

The Authority will have powers to support workers into new jobs and to facilitate investment in affected communities to create the good jobs of the future, Maher said. The Government has listened and taken action to make sure that workers and communities reliant on emissions-intensive industries arent left to bear the brunt of national efforts to address climate change.

The Net Zero Authority was designed based on extensive consultation with workers, unions, and community representatives in energy regions already grappling with the massive changes caused by decarbonisation.

The MEU General President said workers in coal-fired power stations and associated coal mines were living with the reality that the timeline for closure of coal-fired power stations was accelerating, and until now, coordinated federal support for coal-power workers and communities had been the missing piece when it comes to climate and energy policy.

With [Fridays] announcement, Australia is setting out on a path of doing energy transition well. The benefits of the Net Zero Authority will flow through our regional communities in terms of jobs, economic activity and positive social outcomes for generations. We look forward to contributing positively to the Authoritys work in the years ahead, Maher said.

The post Mining Union Backs Albaneses New National Net Zero Authority appeared first on New Matilda.



Microsoft takes 5 years to fix Defender 'bug' should be in the courts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Microsoft not only should be in the courts for anti competitive behaviour but also fined for it.

Microsoft has (deliberately) not addressed a piece of code that was killing Firefox performance.

MANY people may have thought that Mozilla's Firefox product was inferior in quality to the alternative Microsoft product or that the programmers were lazy or incompetent.

The truth was that Microsoft was (deliberately) sabotaging Mozilla's product.

Too many calls to the Windows kernel were stealing Firefox's thunder.

Why it matters: Microsoft has released a crucial bug-fixing update to its Windows Defender antimalware application. Its arrival means that some unlucky Firefox users should now get a much smoother and better-performing experience while browsing the web.

Update (April 11): The Mozilla developer who worked on fixing this performance issue and reported it to Microsoft added the following on a Reddit thread, clarifying the nature of the bugfix:

"The impact of this fix is that on all computers that rely on Microsoft Defender's Real-time Protection feature (which is enabled by default in Windows), MsMpEng.exe will consume much less CPU than before when monitoring the dynamic behavior of any program through ETW (Event Tracing for Windows)."

"For Firefox this is particularly impactful because Firefox (not Defender!) relies a lot on VirtualProtect - which is monitored by MsMpEng.exe through ETW. We expect that on all these computers, MsMpEng.exe will consume around 75% less CPU than it did before when it is monitoring Firefox."

For more than five years, the security protection provided by Microsoft Defender was negativel...


CDC Ignores 75 Autopsies Linking Death To COVID Jab, modRNA Lie & The Anti-Disinformation Industry "IndyWatch Feed National"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/6/23).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");


Rumble("play", {"video":"v2jtwsw","div":"rumble_v2jtwsw"});

Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 2.58.41 PM.png (22481480)
(12) Chief Nerd on Twitter: "A foreign adversary should not be allowed to purchase ANY land in the United States" / Twitter
Florida bill banning Chinese citizens from buying land passes, moves to Gov. DeSantis
New Tab
(11) Jessica Conard on Twitter: "I showed NS rep at the assistance center these photos as well as his supervisor and to the police officer who escorted me out." / Twitter
(5) Jessica Conard on Twitter: "My son is currently on 4 medications for his eyes for an unknown irritant and I get a rash when I shower." / Twitter
East Palestine Archives - The Last American Vagabond
New Tab
Australian excess deaths at record highs due t...


The Tampax King and His Vessel "IndyWatch Feed National"

In December 1936, love won out for the British king Edward VIII, and he gave up the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite.

What is socialite? According to Google Dictionary: a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. Typically, this term is applied to a female. Think Paris Hilton, Ghislaine Maxwell and their social activities.

Regardless of Simpsons vocation, Edward abdicated his throne as a penance for marrying a divorcee.

This was considered a no-no for the royal family back then. Nowadays, we have a divorced king/adulterer married to his divorced queen/adulteress. No pejorative is attached to the terms adulterer or adulteress. This merely signifies that they were not faithful to their wedding vows. But, oh, how times have changed.

Probably the biggest argument for keeping the inegalitarian institution of the monarchy extant is tradition. When Charles married his first wife, Diana, she had to submit to a gynecological examination to verify that she was a virgin. Man, how times have, indeed, changed.

With the modern monarchy we became privy to Charless secretly recorded fantasy of being Camillas Tampax. Camilla responded mirthfully to Charless bawdy words of vaginal habitation: You are a complete idiot! (Laughs) Oh, what a wonderful idea.

The coronation of Charles has been revealed to cost 250 million (US$316 million). How many homeless people in Britain would that have housed? It was reported in January 2023 that at least 271,000 people are recorded as homeless in England, including 123,000 children. Priorities?

How did these two salacious characters attain status as the heads of state in not only the United Kingdom but also Canada, Australia, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Jamaica, and ten...


President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese exposed for hypocrisy on Julian Assange and US journalist Evan Gershkovich "IndyWatch Feed National"

US President Joe Biden has been exposed as a hypocrite for continuing with the persecution of Julian Assange based on trumped-up espionage charges while at the same time Biden is accusing Russia []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Protesters in Port Sudan Call to Expel UN Envoy

May 4, 2023 (PORT SUDAN) A group of demonstrators largely made up of former regime supporters held a protest in the Red Sea capital calling for UN envoy Volker Perthes to leave Sudan, before storming his office.

Perthes has been operating from Port Sudan since the eruption of armed conflict in Khartoum between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces on April 15, 2023.

The demonstration began at the Alumni Club and ended at the Coral Hotel, where the UN envoys headquarters is located. Protesters chanted slogans against the UNs involvement in Sudanese affairs and demanded the envoys departure.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that the majority of protesters were affiliated with the former regime, while others belonged to the tribal body of the Supreme Council of Beja Chiefdoms and independent groups.

Sources also reported the involvement of remnants of the former regime in the Red Sea State, who had previously organized several protests in Khartoum after the October 25, 2021 coup against the UN envoy.

Sayed Abu Amna, the spokesperson for the Beja tribal body, has refuted any connection between the council and the group that stormed the residence of the UN envoy in Port Sudan.

The Supreme Council is a peaceful civilian organization that does not condone violent means and respects the United Nations and its institutions and missions, Abu Amna added.

He pointed out that their objection to Volkers presence in the region was due to his exclusion of the regions representative in the political process, which was limited to a few fictitious individuals and entities that do not represent the diverse peoples of Sudan.

The UN envoy is part of a facilitation panel that includes the IGAD and the African Union. The role of the Trilateral Mechanism is limited to facilitating the political process, which is led and run by Sudanese parties.

Mohamed Terik, the head of the Beja Chiedoms Council, is a member of the People...


Legacy of Death -- New Uranium Mines Target Navajos at Church Rock and Australian Aboriginals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Warning sign at United Nuclear spill site at Church Rock, N.M.Canadian company now endangering Dine' in New Mexico, and Aboriginals in Australia, with new uranium miningBy Brenda NorrellCensored NewsApril 3, 2023French translation by Christine Pratt: Dine' in Church Rock were not told about the new uranium miningRead the update at NM Political Report:https:


Haw haw haw "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ken Ham was asked if Muslims are going to hell. His answer:

Well, it doesnt matter if one is a Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Mennonite, Muslim, Methodist, Hindu, Sikh, Orthodox Jew, or any other denomination or religious groupif a person has not repented of sin and received the free gift of salvation offered through the Lord Jesus Christ (being born again), they will be separated from God for eternity in a place the Bible calls hell. And sadly, the majority of people will go there as Jesus warned, Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many (Matthew 7:13).

Shorter Ken Ham: yes.


Link "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The Saturday Paper, Post, daily news email, 4 May 2023:

A centrepiece of next weeks budget will be a $11.3bn commitment to raise aged care workers pay by 15%.

What we know:

  • During the election, Labor promised to provide a wage increase to aged care workers, and the Fair Work Commission last year decided this should be 15% (SMH).


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Saturday, 06 May


It is all out of my hands now "IndyWatch Feed National"

My exams look nothing like this. I must be doing them wrong.

Ive been giving open book, open notes, online exams with no proctors, no timing, nothin but heres some questions, have fun answering them for the last few years, prompted in part by the pandemic. I like it this way. It de-emphasizes rote memorization and requires them to understand the concepts (it also requires me to ask questions that cant be answered with a recitation or regurgitation.) I also encourage them to study together and collaborate on figuring it all out although they are required to write answers in their own words, no copying and pasting.

Anyway, all of my final exams are now written and posted to our Canvas site, and I have nothing more to do. Until Friday at 6pm, that is, when all these exams come winging back to me, demanding my immediate attention.

I think Ill go for a walk.


Unions to march against nuclear subs, citing health risks over jobs "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Angus Thompson, May 5, 2023

Labors red-shirted rank and file will join a coalition of unions to protest against a major container port south of Sydney becoming a nuclear-powered zone under the AUKUS deal.

Representatives from the Electrical Trades Union, Maritime Union of Australia, Australian Services Union and Unions NSW are among those who will on Saturday rally against the possibility of Port Kembla, near Wollongong, becoming a nuclear submarine base.

NSW Electrical Trades Union secretary Allen Hicks, who represents a workforce that would be expected to work on the future fleet, should it be docked at the commercial port, said his members were resolutely opposed to nuclear propelled submarines in Australia.

Electricians and engineers have deep and long-standing health and safety concerns about nuclear technology, said Hicks, who is scheduled to speak at the May Day march.

The Australian Services Unions NSW...

Unions to march against nuclear subs, citing health risks over jobs "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Angus Thompson, May 5, 2023

Labors red-shirted rank and file will join a coalition of unions to protest against a major container port south of Sydney becoming a nuclear-powered zone under the AUKUS deal.

Representatives from the Electrical Trades Union, Maritime Union of Australia, Australian Services Union and Unions NSW are among those who will on Saturday rally against the possibility of Port Kembla, near Wollongong, becoming a nuclear submarine base.

NSW Electrical Trades Union secretary Allen Hicks, who represents a workforce that would be expected to work on the future fleet, should it be docked at the commercial port, said his members were resolutely opposed to nuclear propelled submarines in Australia.

Electricians and engineers have deep and long-standing health and safety concerns about nuclear technology, said Hicks, who is scheduled to speak at the May Day march.

The Australian Services Unions NSW secr...


Port Kembla rally to demand NSW site be ruled out as Aukus nuclear submarine base "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

March organisers say delaying a decision on the location one of three flagged as possible will deter renewable energy investment

Guardian, Daniel Hurst 6 May 23

Labor members are set to join unionists at a rally in Wollongongs Port Kembla on Saturday to urge the Albanese government to rule out the location as a future base for the Aukus nuclear-powered submarines.

Rally organisers say the debate is a proxy battle for Australias future and warn the delay in making a decision will only deter renewable energy investment in Port Kembla.

The former Morrison government named it as well as Newcastle and Brisbane as three potential sites for a new east coast base, with reports earlier this year suggesting Port Kembla was favoured by defence planners.

But in the wake of the defence strategic review, the Labor government has delayed a decision on the location and has signalled it will not limit itself to the Morrison government-era shortlist. It also now talks about a facility, not necessarily a base.

A spokesperson for the defence minister, Richard Marles, said the government would develop a process to consider all feasible options for an east coast facility to support Australias future submarine capability.

A decision would be made late in this decade, the spokesperson said..

The South Coast Labour Councils annual May Day march has been moved from Wollongong to Port Kembla to shine a spotlight on opposition to the proposed base..

Rorris said locals had grave fears that the prospect of a submarine base would crowd out potential energy investors.

That is why we are asking the federal government: rule it out, take it off the table and say that it will never be a nuclear base. Until that happens, economically and industrially, we have a major and unacceptable problem..

Rorris said it was a choice between the industries of the future to save the planet versus the war...


ABC Australia bashing elderly again and encouraging social conflict - Article by Sally Pepper "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC again - interest rates now.  After multiple interest rate rises from the Reserve Bank, the effects are biting into the living standards of ordinary Australians trying to pay off their housing mortgages. The banks pass on the rises very rapidly to mortgage holders who are impelled to find the extra money. There is no mercy as far as I know .  Those with bank deposits gain a little as their interest earnings increase. Many holding term deposits, however have to wait until maturity of their term deposits to lock in a higher rate of interest. This could be months away. 

Typically older people are the ones earning interest on bank accounts and term deposits, which is considered a relatively safe (notwithstanding  the ravages of inflation) way of providing retirement income.

Those holding bank accounts and therefore earning the extra interest  are being characterised, particularly on the ABC as being 1. old and 2. ecstatic about their higher earnings 3. uncaring about the effects of high interest rates on borrowers.

The ABC does this by providing a platform for callers to vent their dislike of older people (termed baby Boomers) - a highly visible group.  The ABC would not give this platform to expressions of dislike of any other group in our society. The Age does it also. Here is a letter published in The Age on May 4th 2023  expressing an oft repeated opinion and one which is heard over and over on the ABC. .  This letter (May 3rd 2023) characterises a whole generation of people as unfeeling and unaware of the effect of interest rate rises on borrowers. It paints them as gleeful about a few extra dollars due to interest rate rises over which they have no control. 

"One group takes the hit
About 37 per cent of the population have home loans. This group takes the hit for all of us in trying to bring inflation under control. That is unfair. Contrast this with millions of Baby Boomers who own their own homes and celebrate interest rate increases.


The Reserve Bank should be given more tools (other than lifting the cash rate) to share the burden across the population.
Andrew Barrington, Barwon Heads"

It's a very divisive conversation setting  one generation against another.  Mortgage repayments are now huge because loans have to be huge to buy any property at all, so any increase in interest rates really bites into household budgets for those with mortgages. Wages are stagnant, so people have little room to move.  Already, typ...


Hypocritical Commemorations "IndyWatch Feed National"

Selected days for commemoration serve one fundamental purpose. Centrally, they acknowledge the forgotten or neglected, while proposing to do nothing about it. Its the priests confession, the chance for absolution before the next round of soiling.

These occasions are often money-making exercises for canny businesses: the days put aside to remember mothers and fathers, for instance. But there is no money to be made in saving writers, publishers, whistleblowers, and journalists from the avenging police state.

World Press Freedom Day, having limped on for three decades, is particularly fraught in this regard. It remains particularly loathsome, not least for giving politicians an opportunity to leave flimsy offerings at its shrine. These often come from the powerful, the very same figures responsible for demeaning and attacking those brave scribblers who do, every so often, show how the game is played.

Every year, we see reactions often uneven, and almost always hypocritical. The treatment of US journalist Evan Gershkovich is the stellar example for 2023. Here was the caged victim-hero scribbler, held in the remorseless clutches of the Russian Bear.

It gave US Secretary of State Antony Blinken an opportunity to do the usual cartwheel. Far too many governments use repression to silence free expression, including through reprisals against journalists for simply doing their jobs, goes his May 3 press statement. We again call on Russian authorities to immediately release Wall Street reporter Gershkovich and all other journalists held for exercising freedom of expression. What, then, of the Australian publisher and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange?

With unintended, bleak irony, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) also thought it fitting to rope in the Secretary at a World Press Freedom Day event organised in conjunction with the Washington Post. Talking to his interlocutor, the Posts David Ignatius, Blinken spoke of efforts to fight back and push back around the world to help journalists, who in one way or another, are facing intimidation, coercion, persecution, prosecution, surveillance. This seemed grimly comical, given that the United States, through its agencies, has engaged in intimidation, coercion, persecution, prosecution and surveillance against Assange, whose scalp they continue to seek with salivating expectation.

In the course of the event, Ignatius and Blinken encountered Code Pink activists Medea Benjamin and Tinghe Barry. Both were keen to test the Secretarys lofty assessments about Washingtons stance on free expression and journalistic practice. Excuse me, we cant use this day without calling for the freedom of Julian Ass...


Changes to Austinmer to Wollongong bus timetable "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

BUS passengers are to benefit from extended services connecting Austinmer to Wollongong on Friday nights and new services on Sunday mornings, starting this weekend.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said, local bus operator Dions, alongside Transport for NSW, amended its timetable based on customer demand, and to provide more benefits to passengers.

These changes will better service our passengers travelling between Wollongong and Austinmer, and help improve timetable consistency across the week, the spokesperson said.

All Friday and Saturday late night Route 90 services will now operate to/from Austinmer.

Route 90 between Wollongong and Austinmer will have an additional two Sunday morning services, arriving inbound to Wollongong earlier at 8.50am and outbound to Austinmer at 8.07am.
As part of these changes, and due to low patronage, there will be two fewer Friday and Saturday late night services on each day. On a Saturday night the last bus from Thirroul will leave 16 minutes earlier.

Passengers are encouraged to visit to view updated timetables and plan their trip.

Free sub...


Maximizing Your Winnings: 5 Tips for Understanding and Mastering Toto Betting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you an avid sports fan who loves to bet on your favorite team? Or are you just looking for a way to make some extra cash while enjoying the thrill of the game? Either way, TOTO betting might be the answer youre looking for.

TOTO is a popular form of sports betting in many countries around the world, particularly in Asia. It involves picking the winning teams or outcomes of multiple sports events, with the chance to win big payouts if youre successful. And with the rise of online betting sites, its easier than ever to get started with TOTO.

But if you want to maximize your winnings and become a master of TOTO betting, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind. Here are some key strategies to help you succeed:

1. Do Your Research

Before you place any bets, its important to do your homework. This means researching the teams or players involved in the games youre betting on, as well as any other relevant factors like weather conditions or recent injuries. The more you know about the sport and its players, the better equipped youll be to make informed betting decisions.

2. Understand the Odds


In TOTO betting, odds determine the payout for each bet. Understanding how odds work is essential if you want to maximize your winnings. Essentially, odds represent the likelihood of a particular outcome happening. The higher the odds, the less likely that outcome is, but the greater the potential payout if it does occur. Conversely, lower odds indicate a higher likelihood of a particular outcome happening, but a smaller potential payout.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

One of the most important aspects of successful TOTO betting is effective bankroll management. This means setting a budget for how much youre willing to spend on betting, and sticking to it. It also means being smart about the size of your bets and not risking more than you can afford to lose.

4. Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions



Do it for the gays but not for the King. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Yes - the inner suburban leftists have taken over NSW. The lighting of the Opera House has become one of the Sydneys big virtue signaling sites. But not for the new Monarch - King Charles III Sydney celebrated the rainbow alphabet political movement just a few months ago. But it...


Market Talk May 5, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"



High prices are starting to put pressure on small and midsize businesses in Japan, forcing a record number of them into bankruptcy as the country lags behind the West in passing along the increased costs to customers.  Fiscal 2022 saw 463 companies file for bankruptcy over rising prices or an inability to pass along costs, according to Teikoku Databank. The figure was 3.4 times the 136 cases of fiscal 2021. This March alone had 67 cases a record high for a single month. Comparing the July-September quarter of 2020 with the October-December quarter of 2022, the pass-through rate in Japan was 20.3% less than half of the 48.5% in the U.S. and the 58.1% in Europe.



The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today:

  • NIKKEI 225 closed
  • Shanghai decreased 15.96 points or -0.48% to 3,334.50
  • Hang Seng increased 100.58 points or 0.50% to 20,049.31
  • ASX 200 increased 26.90 points or 0.37% to 7,220.00
  • Kospi closed
  • SENSEX decreased 694.96 points or -1.13% to 61,054.29
  • Nifty50 decreased 186.80 points or -1.02% to 18,069.00


The major Asian currency markets had a green day today:

  • AUDUSD increased 0.00627 or 0.94% to 0.67557
  • NZDUSD increased 0.00261 or 0.42% to 0.63041
  • USDJPY increased 0.407 or 0.30% to 134.677
  • USDCNY increased 0.00126 or 0.02% to 6.91626


Precious Metals:


Gold decreased 34.85 USD/t oz. or -1.70% to 2,016.26

Silver decreased 0.431 USD/t. oz or -1.65%% to 25.635


Some economic news from last night:


Caixin Services PMI (Apr) decreased from 57.8 to 56.4


Home Loans (MoM) increased from -1.2% to 6.5%


Some economic news from today:


Bank Loan Growth increased from 15.7% to 15.9%

Deposit Growth remain the same at 10.2%

FX Reserves, USD increased from 584.25B to 588.78B

Hong Kong:

Foreign Reserves (USD) (Apr) decreased from 430.80B to 427.40B





The European economy avoided recession over the winter and pic...


Scientists Against Science: RCTs Which Give the Wrong Answer on Masks Are the Worst Way to Answer the Question "IndyWatch Feed National"


Paradigm shifts in science are rare, but it seems we may have just had one. The RCT (randomised controlled trial), an experimental method used to test if medical procedures and drugs work, has long been considered the gold standard method of establishing the relationship between cause and effect. But it may just have been knocked off its perch and usurped by a new approach to seeking evidence.

Based on the first such study by James Lind in 1774 when he rid the Royal Navy of scurvy, the method in its simplest form involves giving one group of people a treatment and withholding it from another group and seeing if the treatment group fares better than the other (control) group. There is no evidence that Lind randomised the sailors on which he tested lemons as a cure for scurvy; randomisation, to avoid bias in who does and who does not receive treatment, was introduced much later. There are many modern variations on the theme of the RCT but, essentially, they are all designed to achieve the same thing.

As an experimental method for trying to settle whether treatments worked, the clinical trial took a while to catch on with the first RCT being published in 1948. Until that time, what was purported to work was based on power and opinion and, therefore, largely on who said it. Other, weaker designs based on observation and correlation abounded but, eventually, were superseded by the RCT.

Of course, not every RCT produces the same results due to an annoying phenomenon called regression to the mean whereby observed effects are often obtained one day and inverse effects are obtained on another day. To account for regression to the mean, it is considered necessary to combine the results of similar studies to be able to pinpoint, at any time, where the true effect lies. Thus, the science of meta-analysis arose which does precisely that and the most rigorous repository of such analyses is considered to be the...

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After years-long pandemic mandates, German Health Ministry admit they have no idea whether or to what degree masks prevent SARS-2 infection at all "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

As on several prior occasions, liberal Bundestag vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki has used his parliamentary prerogatives to put a question to the German Health Ministry, and compel an answer. He asked what study results the Ministry could cite to demonstrate the efficacy of face masks. Lauterbach's crack team of virus understanders responded that, uh, it is a very complicated problem, and, in truth, well, actually, nobody really knows what effect masks really have. This is because "the effectiveness of individual measures ... cannot be examined in isolation, but only in conjunction with the other measures in place at any given time." In other words: they got nothing. After years of making kids mask for hours on end in school, and imposing arbitrary but quite obnoxious mandates on airplanes and public transit and clinics, they have no idea whether it did anything, and no plans even to find out whether it did anything. Suddenly all that manic masking enthusiasm has just evaporated....


Something is rotten in Schmutzig Switzerland "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In a 'business deal of the century' brokered by the Swiss government, Switzerland's largest bank and its financial pride and joy was acquired by its smaller rival USB for a meagre $3.2 billion. The current affairs sections of the leading news agencies have recently been populated by the breaking news that Credit Suisse had to be sold but to the lowest bidder this time or so it seems. Though this takeover deal, brokered in such a frantic haste over the course of just a few days by the Swiss government stands in silent testimony of this colossal collapse, there is a question hovering in mid air, why did Credit Suisse have to be sold so suddenly 'at such short (banking) notice', given that the giant bank has existed for 166 years with a superb banking tradition among other cutting-edge world banks? If we want to answer this question, we need to bear in mind that the bank at the moment of its acquisition had more than $100 billions in its assets so its financial balance was rather...


INTERVIEW: Dr. Ahmad Malik Fear Drove Covid Lockdowns and Vaccine Debacle "IndyWatch Feed National"

During the Covid hysteria, weve lost nearly all of our basic principles of medical ethics, and thats only the beginning. 

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 1, 2023, Patrick talks with Dr. Ahmad Malik in a stunning interview as Dr. Malik speaks frankly about his experience as a medical professional during the Covid-19 global pandemic, and the repercussions he faced after speaking out against the Covid narrative whilst many doctors remained silent or compliant fearing for their livelihood. Dr. Malik goes on to give his take on mandatory vaccination mandates by breaking down the basic pillars of medical ethics and emphasising the importance of informed consent. All this and more. Listen:

More from Dr. Malik:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):





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