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Wednesday, 19 July


The American Resistance has many faces and tweeters are just some of them (11) "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The New York Times, 11 July 2017:

WASHINGTON A group of Twitter users blocked by President Trump sued him and two top White House aides on Tuesday, arguing that his account amounts to a public forum that he, as a government official, cannot bar people from.

The blocked Twitter users, represented by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, raised cutting-edge issues about how the Constitution applies to the social media era. They say Mr. Trump cannot bar people from engaging with his account because they expressed opinions he did not like, such as mocking or criticizing him.

The @realDonaldTrump account is a kind of digital town hall in which the president and his aides use the tweet function to communicate news and information to the public, and members of the public use the reply function to respond to the president and his aides and exchange views with one another, the lawsuit said.

By blocking people from reading his tweets, or from viewing and replying to message chains based on them, Mr. Trump is violating their First Amendment rights because they expressed views he did not like, the lawsuit argued....

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Tuesday, 18 July


Australia's PM attempting to sabotage the Constitution? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian authorities are getting pretty edgy with regards to the masses being aware that the people in government MUST abide by a document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

Very briefly ALL laws MUST be checked against the 'Constitution'.

This means the laws that are used to issue you fine by an 'unreliable witness' called a red light camera, or a speed camera.

This also includes a parking fine from your friendly local council / city council / superannuation fund / information booth business or whatever other dodgy 'unconstitutional' authority they claim to be.

As always the people in government a working VERY hard to deceive the general population.

So the propaganda machine is in FULL swing to deceive the masses.

Australia's current Prime Minister, (who's role is NOT defined in accordance with the 'Constitution') goes by the legal name of Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull a member of the Liberal Party (another 'unconstitutional' entity).

On social media, Turnbull is commonly referred to as Malcolm Turdball, or Turncoat or even Halal Mal, wants to change the Constitution, which is ONLY allowed to be done so in accordance with Section 128 of that Act, in order to have the 'politically correct', warm n fuzzy feeling to include an "indigenous voice" within the Act.

WTF is an "indigenous voice" ??? !!! ???

Why not the "Indigenous people" ??? !!! ???

Because the Indigenous people are ALREADY included in the Act.

"Whereas the people", as the opening words within the Act.

These words were carefully chosen by the framers to be non-discriminatory also including the Indigenous population.

Do NOT fall for this deception, by Turncoat.


Stop Fluoridation: It's Ineffective & Harmful, Say Chilean Researchers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Water and milk fluoridation haven't reduced tooth decay but is potentially harmful, report researchers from Chile (Medical Journal of ChileFebruary 2017,Translated with Google Translate). They recommend the government of Chile change its laws to stop adding fluoride chemicals into drinking water and milk in all regions of the country.

They show how fluoride intake can cause bone, thyroid, neurological and skin damage without reducing tooth decay. For example, they explain that, in the 1950s, fluoride was used to depress or reduce overactive thyroid glands (hyperthyroid) at doses which corresponds to the doses in drinking water of some fluoridated areas.(between 2 and 5 mg per Liter per day)

So it's not surprising that a recent study found a link between fluoridation and hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)

Unnecessary fluoride chemicals are added to public water supplies, in a failed effort to reduce tooth decay in tap water drinkers. Many theories which gave birth to fluoridation in the early 1900's have been scientifically disproved making fluoridation a waste of money and a detriment to health.

The Chilean researchers report, The fluoridation of drinking water does not significantly impact on caries prevention... effectiveness is rather a topical and non-systemic effect, as demonstrated by countries that do not fluoridate drinking water, and do not use milk or fluoride salts," yet have s...


MACKAY Helping hydro, Nebo "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 18, 2017 at 04:33PM ,

Helping hydro, Nebo

July 18, 2017 at 04:33PM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on August 17. Drug producers will go to extreme lengths at times to conceal their offending, though the

, ,

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Over 1,000 antidepressant users describe how their personal life has been affected "IndyWatch Feed National"

Survey examines adverse personal and interpersonal effects of antidepressants and the impact of polypharmacy New research, published in Psychiatry Research, features personal accounts of antidepressant users and their experiences of negative side effects related to sex, work, socializing, and physical health. John Read and a team of researchers in the U.K. further explored informed consent and the impact of polypharmacy. Staggeringly high rates of antidepressant prescriptions continue to climb. In England, prescriptions have doubled since 2005. Similarly, antidepressant use doubled in Australia between 2000 and 2014 becoming the most commonly used medication taken by 1 in 10 Australians each day. By 2005, antidepressants were the most widely prescribed drug in the United States, and by 2012, one in eight adults had incorporated their usage into their daily routine.


Australias Minister for Resources Needs to be Re-educated "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senator Matt Canavan by Dee McLachlan On Monday night National Party Senator Matt Canavan was on the panel of ABCs Q&A program. British (Al Jazeera English)  journalist Mehdi Hasan, and columnist for The Intercept, was also on the panel. Sen Canavan is our RESOURCES Minister After listening to these two men debate, it was soon evident []


George Pell braces for first court appearance amid accusations of Salem witch hunt and slaughter of lambs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Cardinal Geoge Pell

 Australian Cardinal George Pell will get a fair trial, and if hes guilty hell go to prison.

Nine News

George Pell braces for first court appearance amid accusations of Salem witch hunt and slaughter of lambs


Jul 17, 2017

George Pell braces for first court appearance amid accusations of Salem witch hunt and slaughter of lambs

Cardinal Pell will face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 26.

People who...


Imbeciles: Mark Latham slams Sydney University academics who say Sharia law should be recognised in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The University of Sydney teaches students how Sharia law fits in Australian law. 

Media commentator Mark Latham has blasted the university he graduated from for teaching its students that Sharia law is compatible with Australias legal system. Read More


Poisoned water and dead babies in Flint, USA "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Flint Water Crisis: A Pediatricians Job Lewander Lecture (Hanna-Attisha) 5/24/17

Presented by Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP
Director, Michigan State University Hurley Childrens Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative

The Flint Water Crisis is an ongoing manmade public health disaster. In a cost cutting move, the Flint water source was changed without proper corrosion control treatment. The crisis has wrought widespread lead exposure, outbreak of Legionnaires disease, an increase in pneumonia mortality, skin disturbances and community-wide trauma and distrust.

Lead is a potent irreversible neurotoxin with no safe level. An environmental injustice, the Flint Water Crisis disproportionately impacted a poor and minority population and illustrates the role of pediatricians as clinicians, scientists, advocates and educators. Lessons will be shared, especially in light of the current political climate.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees of this session will be able to:

1. Describe the background of the Flint Water Crisis
2. Recognize the role and scope of lead exposure mitigation
3. Identify the many roles of a pediatrician

By Carlos Delgado in the USA:

Michigan researchers investigate connection between Flint water crisis and high infant mortality rate

18 July 2017

Health officials in Michigans Genesee County are investigating a connection between the...


Perth & Darwin rents still falling "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Mining malaise

My housing supply dashboard showed how dwelling completions have been tracking well ahead of population growth in Western Australia. 

And now SQM Research has reported that vacancy rates in Perth rose again to 5 per cent in June, in turn suggesting that Perth's property downturn still has a way to run.

Indeed, vacancy rates edged higher in most cities in June, Adelaide and Darwin excepted.

The below chart smooths vacancy rates on a 6mMA basis. 

While not a true reflection of 'trend', since it doesn't account for the higher vacancy rates typically experienced over the Christmas period, it does show that Perth and Darwin have experienced consistently elevated vacancies since the peak of the resources construction boom. 

Asking rents for houses in Perth have declined by 6 per cent over the past year, while in Darwin the equivalent figure is as high as 11 per cent. 

Record apartment completions have taken some heat out of asking rents in Sydney and Melbourne -with Melbourne vacancy rates bouncing off 7-year lows - though apartment rents remain higher year-on-year in both of the most populous capital cities by 3 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.


Second Green Senator gone - Larissa Waters resigns over citizenship "IndyWatch Feed National"

Statement from Senator Larissa Waters MEDIA RELEASE LARISSA WATERS 18 JUL 2017 GENERAL SHARE It is with great shock and sadness that I have discovered that I hold dual citizenship of Australia and Canada. As people would know after the recent departure of my dear friend and former colleague Scott...


More evidence that Australia is failing on youth justice "IndyWatch Feed National"

More examples of the serious mistreatment and harm to children in Australian youth detention centres have been detailed in damning reports from Western Australias independent Inspector of Custodial Services and Queenslands Youth Detention Inspectorate

Shahleena Musk, a Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre and former senior youth justice lawyer, said governments around Australia are failing in their response to children because of a tendency to embrace policies that treat children like adults.

Warehousing all of a states kids in one super prison, as occurs in WA, was always going to lead to trouble. This is a complex policy area populist solutions wont work. We need smart and targeted policies that acknowledge that a one size fits all approach will continue to fail our kids. The focus needs to shift from punishment to helping kids get their lives back on track, said Ms Musk.

According to the Inspector of Custodial Services, in 2016 there were 196 incidents of young people self-harming in WAs Banksia Hill youth prison, and 76 incidents in the first quarter of 2017. The Inspectors report also documented that:

  • A girl had been left to soak in her own urine for 72 hours after being confined in an observation facility alongside boys
  • Flash bombs and pepper spray were used to control children
  • Some children were being kept in their cells for more time than legally permitted
  • The use of restraints and armed guards had increased
  • Food was restricted as a behavioural management tool.

Ms Musk said the report reaffirms the recommendations the Inspector made in 2013, which called for a clear and consistent philosophy of rehabilitation, trauma-informed practice and for improvement in the level of services provided to kids in detention.

The decision to make Banksia Hill the only youth detention facility for all of Western Australia has been a policy failure. Its time to learn the lessons from the mistakes and mistreatment we are seeing right across Australia and ensure governments pursue evidence based policies. Small, age-appropriate facilities located close to communities that support connection to family and replicate positive aspects of li...


Amber Harrison says Seven case a wake-up call for women experiencing workplace bullying, discrimination "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC News Australia

Amber Harrison says Seven case a wake-up call for women experiencing workplace bullying, discrimination

18 July 2017


Amber Harrison has slammed the boys club in corporate Australia after losing an ugly court battle with the Seven Network and being ordered to pay the media giants legal bills.

Key points:

  • Ms Harrison admits she made mistakes, claims case sends message to other women
  • Seven took Ms Harrison to court after she broke confidentiality agreements
  • Ms Harrison tells AM that she stood little chance against the legal might of Seven

The former executive assistant, an ex-lover of Seven West Media chief executive Tim Worner, remains defiant despite being castigated by a New South Wales Supreme Court judge for breaching confidentially agreements with Seven.

Speaking to the ABCs AM program, Ms Harrison admitted she had made mistakes but claimed the case sent a message to other women who feel they have been bullied or discriminated against in the workplace.

At some point the boys club that dominates and defines Australian business are going to wake up and realise they are no longer in control, Ms Harrison said.

My case is a wake-up call for them and I hope it changes things and changes culture and how individuals are treated against the system.

In t...


Cop who killed Justine Damond was already under investigation for 'assault and battery' of another woman "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cop who killed Justine Damond was already under investigation for 'assault and battery' of another woman - as chilling audio captures Australian victim's last moments | 17 July 2017 | A rookie police officer who shot dead an Australian woman outside of her Minnesota home was already under investigation for 'violently' forcing a woman to hospital, court documents allege.


Island Leaders Penned in by "Five Eyes" Intelligence Bloc Die Suddenly "IndyWatch Feed National"

Even the leaders of Americas surrogate enforcers in the Pacific are not immune to dying suddenly after crossing swords with Washington. New Zealands Labor Party prime minister Norman Kirk was a vocal critic of the United States for everything from its nuclear armed ships in the Pacific and its war in Vietnam to Washingtons involvement in the 1973 coup in Chile. In 1974, Kirk, 51, died suddenly after suffering a heart attack. Later, Labor Party president Bob Harvey called for a Royal Commission to investigate whether Kirk had been assassinated by the CIA with a contact poison. Based on President Lonsdales more recent death, such investigative commissions should also be established in Vanuatu, Nauru, Palau, the Marshall Islands, and Guam (Guahan)...


Can we get to 350 ppm? Yes, we can "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In a recent post, I made the optimistic argument that, despite all the obstacles thrown up by rightwing denialism, the world is on track to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050, on a trajectory that would hold atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases below 450 ppm. On current models, that gives us a 67 per cent chance of holding the long term increase in global temperatures below 2 degrees. Warming of 2 degrees would not be cataclysmic for humanity as a whole but it would be a disaster for many people and also for vulnerable ecosystems such as coral reefs. Thats why wants to reduce concentrations to 350 ppm from current levels above 400 ppm.

Is that even possible?
And, what would it mean for global warming?

In this post, Ill argue that the answer to the first question is definitely yes. Im going to start with the assumption (based on this post) that we can reduce emissions from fossil fuels to zero by 2050, and keep concentrations below 450 ppm at that point. What are the options to reduce concentrations over the following fifty years? In the absence of some new technological fix (not implausible, but theres nothing in sight as of 2017), there are three main possibilities

* Reducing methane emissions and concentrations. Methane emissions arise mainly from agriculture (paddy rice and ruminants), with some possible addition from fracking. It appears feasible, though not trivial, to greatly reduce these sources at fairly low cost. And because methane has a short residence time, a reduction in emissions will lead fairly rapidly to a reduction in concentrations. The conversions are very tricky, but the radiative forcing associated with methane is currently about 0.5 watts, compared to 1.94 for CO2. So, if methane concentrations were reduced by 40 per cent, that would be equivalent to a 10 per cent reduction in CO2, or about 40 ppm.

* Natural absorption. Only around 50 per cent of the CO2 we emit (the so-called atmospheric fraction) ends up as increase in atmospheric concentrations, with the rest being absorbed by oceans. After that initial addition to sink, CO2 stays in the atmosphere for a long time. However, there is still some additional absorption by sinks. Yale Climate Connections suggests that around 50 per cent is absorbed in 50 years, and around 70 per cent in 100 years. So, by 2100, an additional 20 per cent or so of the CO2 emitted around now will have been absorbed by sinks. A rough estimate would be 0.2*(450-280) or 35 ppm, where 450 is the peak concen...


Holistic healer, Dr. Justine Damond, killed by police in Minneapolis "IndyWatch Feed National"

'Holistic Healers Death Toll' surpasses 60: Holistic healer, Dr. Justine Damond, killed by police in Minneapolis | 16 July 2017 | On Saturday night, Dr. Justine Damond, 40, a well known Australian healer and former veterinarian from Sydney, was shot 3 times by police from their car with a rolled down window (some say right through the door) while standing outside at her own home in her pajamas.


Harlem, Bleeding Knees Club, and Colleen Green announce triple-header tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ahead of their shows at this years Sounds Of The Suburbs festival in Sydney, local legends Bleeding Knees Club have teamed up Americas Harlem, and Colleen Green, for a triple-header tour that youre not going to want to miss.

Dubbed the Triple Trouble YAll tour, Bleeding Knees Club with give both Harlem and Colleen Green a guided tour of our fine country, as they hit up Melbourne, Byron Bay, and Brisbane in the days leading up to Sounds Of The Suburbs on September 3rd.

This tour is also going to be a pretty special one for Harlem, since its not only their first ever Aussie tour, but also their first shows in five years, after having gone on hiatus back in 2012. So just in case you needed another selling point, youll be witnessing a piece of musical history with these shows.

All three acts are renowned for putting on some pretty amazing live shows, so this is one tour youre going to be getting tickets for ASAP. (Except for Brisbane, bit start lining up now just to be safe!)

Check out tour dates below, and give Bleeding Knees Clubs most recent single, Chew The Gum a spin below.

Triple Trouble YAll Tour

Harlem (USA), Bleeding Knees Club, & Colleen Green (USA)

Thursday, August 31st
The Curtin, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: John Curtin Hotel

Friday, September 1st
The Northern, Byron Bay, NSW
Free entry

Saturday, September 2nd
The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets: Oztix/The Foundry

Also appearing at Sounds Of The Suburbs

Sunday, September 3rd
Sutherland Carpark, Sutherland, NSW
Tickets: Sounds Of The Suburbs


New car sales break records "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Moody's reported that mortgage arrears fell in the eastern states, but increased further in Western Australia.

And we're seeing similarly divergent trends in most data right now, with the national economy generally improving, driven forward by Sydney and Melbourne. 

New motor vehicle sales blazed to their highest ever level in June, with a seasonally adjusted 102,275 units shifted. 

An enormous result! 

The result was driven by yet another surge in Sports Utility sales, with a record 40,395 sales recorded in the month of June. 

At the state level the boom was initially driven by a combination of tax breaks on asset purchases and a thriving Sydney economy, with annual sales in New South Wales surging. 

Lately, the boom has been driven by Victoria, following an explosion in population growth. 

On the flip side, production volumes continue to drop, with annual production...


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 - 3:23pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I was just in the chemist shop, waiting for a prescription to be filled. I became aware of a customer behind me, asking an assistant if she had anything to help with insomnia. She said she was very, very stressed, and having trouble sleeping. I am not a psychologist (and in fairness nor was the shop assistant), but the lady was clearly not in a happy place, psychologically. So did the shop assistant at least suggest that the customer pop in to see her GP to find out if there was anything they might recommend?


The USS Liberty and Malcolm Frasers Last Interview "IndyWatch Feed National"

USS Liberty by Dee McLachlan  When I interviewed Australias former prime minister the Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser nearly three years ago, he had just written the book Dangerous Allies  about Australias dependency on America. As he had recently been on Jon Faines ABC radio show, I directed the conversation to the deliberate attack on the USS []


Holly Throsby Announces Intimate NSW Tour this October and November "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Holly Throsby Celebrated Australian singer-songwriter Holly Throsby has announced plans to head out on tour this October and November. The tour is being billed as An Intimate Evening with Holly Throsby and will see Throsby in a number of smaller, more intimate venues around New South Wales. Holly Throsby released her sixth []


Uhlmanns Trump Problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its all well and good to huff at the current President of the United States, who has managed to get under more irritated skin than an army of dedicated leaches.  The immersion of the White House into the reality television show of Trumpland has set people on edge, lighting volatile fires and driving some commentators, quite literally, around the bend.

There is much to set the traditional group of political vultures on edge.  It could be Donald Trumps stance on climate change, his indifference to Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential elections or, for that matter, Russia at all. He cares little for institutions the only one that ever mattered was his family as a brand name.

For Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann, a veteran of the national broadcaster, the G20 summit in Hamburg proved to be the last straw, perpetuating his blast that reflects the Weltanschauung of a wounded traditionalist long accustomed to a conventional spectrum of political reporting.

His piece on the Insiders program on July 9 was termed a two-minute takedown of the US president.  For Uhlmann, Trump had shown no desire and no capacity to lead the world.  (Because, naturally, states in an environment of sovereign equals must be led).

When the analyst fails, enter the opprobrium of the ad hominem attack.  Donald Trump has a particular, and limited, skill set. He is a character drawn from Americas wild west, a travelling medicine showman selling moonshine remedies that will kill the patient.

For Uhlmann, the Trump performance signalled the decline of US power, and one could almost sense the tear ducts watering.  Where was the G20 statement on North Korea, one that would have put pressure on China and Russia?  Trump was, essentially, in a unique position to defend the values of the West.  And there, you have it.

Some of these views can be attributed to Uhlmanns background: a former trainee priest deemed by his wife (who else?) a moral figure and senior advisor for the conservative Christian independent Paul Osborne, one with whom he ran on the ACT Legislative Assembly ticket in 1998.

What duly unfolded was a phenomenon that itself characterises the state of a moribund fourth estate: the journalist as instantly minted celebrity, the hot streak of social media that is measured in hits and likes rather than reflective reading and sober digestion.

The engine room of celebrity, was, as ever, taken as the United States.  If you have not made it there, you have not made it...


ISDS is Indias nightmare at RCEP talks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Foreign Investor rights to sue governments is a hot button issue at the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) talks underway in Hyderabad, India, on July 17-28, 2017.

Indias Mohdi government wants to be a champion of globalisation and free trade, and India wants more Foreign Direct Investment. But India is hurting from cases already mounting against it.

Investment arbitration suits of at least $7,000 million have been filed against the central and state governments since 2011.

In December 2016, the investment authority of Ras Al-Khaimah, a member of United Arab Emirates (UAE), filed a suit of $44.71 million against the central government and the government of Andhra Pradesh because Andhra Pradesh cancelled an approval for a bauxite mine.

This claim is dwarfed by the UK-based Vedanta group suing for $3 billion in 2016, and Devas multimedia suing for $1 billion in 2015.

Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and South Korea are pushing hard for the foreign investor right to sue government (ISDS) and so India is looking for support from Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, to get more safeguards against these huge claims.

India has proposed a new model Bilateral Investment Treaty which requires that the national judicial system be exhausted before an investor could take an ISDS action. This is likely to be its proposal on ISDS. This might slow down, but would not prevent future cases. The Philip Morris tobacco company proceeded with its ISDS case against Australias plain packaging law despite having lost in the Australian High Court.


Cam Walker of Friends of the Earth Melbourne on the battle to maintain Deductible Gift Recipient status for environmental groups "IndyWatch Feed National"

Karun Cowper speaks with Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth Melbourne on the battle to maintain Deductible Gift Recipient status for environmental groups as the Turnbull government renews their attack. Those inspired to make their voice heard in dissent to this please head to


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0003 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 2.95 AUD


Homeland insecurity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today the cabinet is meeting to consider whether to create a new super-department along the lines of the British Home Office or the US Department of Homeland Security. The new portfolio would merge the Immigration department already boasting its own paramilitary in the form of the Australian Border Force with the Australian Federal Police and spy agency ASIO. And Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is the man who will oversee the new department.


Holistic Doctor, Working Against Big Pharma, Shot Dead By Police "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian holistic healer and former veterinarian, Dr. Justine Damond, has been shot dead by Minneapolis police, as the community of physicians seeking to operate outside the confines of Big Pharma continues to be decimated. Dr. Damond, [...]


BREAKING NEWS: Larissa Waters Second Greens Senator To Resign Over Dual Citizenship Bungles "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last week, West Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam resigned from Parliament, after it emerged he was a dual citizen.

Under the Australian Constitution, dual citizenship makes you ineligible for parliament.

In an extraordinary development, this afternoon a second Greens Senator Larissa Waters, of Queensland announced her resignation. She was born in Canada, and was apparently unaware of her enduring Canadian citizenship (she left aged 11 months).

Waters issued this statement a short time ago.

It is with great shock and sadness that I have discovered that I hold dual citizenship of Australia and Canada. As people would know after the recent departure of my dear friend and former colleague Scott Ludlam, section 44 of the Australian constitution means I cannot hold office in the federal Parliament.

I left Canada as a baby, born to Australian parents studying and working briefly in Canada before they returned home. I have lived my life thinking that as a baby I was naturalised to be Australian and only Australian, and my parents told me that I had until age 21 to actively seek Canadian citizenship. At 21, I chose not to seek dual citizenship, and I have never even visited Canada since leaving at 11 months old.

However after Scotts shock discovery, I immediately sought legal advice, and was devastated to learn that because of 70 year old Canadian laws I had been a dual citizen from birth, and that Canadian law changed a week after I was born and required me to have actively renounced Canadian citizenship.

I had not renounced since I was unaware that I was a dual citizen. Obviously this is something that I should have sought advice on when I first nominated for the Senate in 2007, and I take full responsibility for this grave mistake and oversight. I am deeply sorry for the impact that it will have.

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to resign as Senator for Queensland and Co-Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, effective today.

I apologise wholeheartedly to all those who have supported me and helped me to become a representative for the wonderful people of Queensland over the last six years.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to represent my values and speak for Queenslanders who want a fairer and cleaner world. There is no greater honour than to be entrusted with that responsibility and I have discharged it to the best of my ability, with the support of many.

The Queensland Greens have never been stronger. Despite todays events, Queensland will still have a Green voice in the federal Parliament. And I am confident that we will continue to grow by...


Latest Clinton-linked death shakes establishment "IndyWatch Feed National"

Developing: Clinton-Linked Death Shakes Dems, Media Panics BY BEN MARQUIS ON JULY 17, 2017 AT 12:22PM There is a running conspiracy regarding the astonishing number of people who have mysteriously ended up dead either through odd accidents or suicide after becoming involved with or threatening to expose the...


Tuna catch monitoring enters the electronic age "IndyWatch Feed National"

A new electronic approach to monitoring tuna fishing fleets is being tested to improve the timeliness and accuracy of catch data, the transparency of tuna supply chains, and the safety of on-board observers. Key to the new approach are a set of electronic reporting apps for fishing boats and port officials developed in response to this persistent problem. Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing results in overharvesting and an annual loss of US $600 million for the region. A report by the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency found that licensed vessels hauling in unreported and unregulated fish stock comprised most of the regions IUU fishing. The Pacific Community (SPC), a regional scientific and technical organization focused on development, created the Onboard e-Reporting app for ship captains to electronically report effort and catch data. [caption id="attachment_197360" align="aligncenter" width="768"] A shoal of skipjack tuna, a key species for fisheries in the western and central Pacific. Photo credit: NOAA, CC[/caption] A corresponding Observer e-Reporting App, developed by the Integrated Fisheries Information Management System (iFIMS), is for use by on-board fisheries observers in the Pacific. The apps are being tested by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), a regional body that manages shared tuna resources, including the world's largest certified sustainable tuna purse seine fishery. The western and central Pacific Ocean, where the PNA operates, is home to a variety of tuna species that supply markets around the world and roughly 60 percent of global tuna catches. This initial adoption of electronic reporting will


The Failure of Peer Review "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brendan D. Murphy, Guest
Waking Times

Today Science is up on a pedestal. A new god has appeared; his high priests conduct the rituals, with nuclear reactors, moon-probing rocket ships, cathode tubes and laser beams. And their territory is sacrosanct; laymen are denied entry. Bruce Cathie

The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)

The defects in the peer review system have been the subject of a profusion of critical editorials and studies in the literature over recent years. The notion of peer review occupies special territory in the world of science. However, investigation of suppressed innovations, inventions, treatments, cures, and so on rapidly reveals that the peer review system is arguably better at one thing above all others: censorship. This can mean censorship of everything from contrarian viewpoints to innovations that render favored dogmas, products, or services obsolete (economic threats) depends on circumstances. The problem is endemic, as many scientists have learned the hard way.

The failure of peer review is one of sciences dirty secrets.

[P]eer review is known to engender bias, incompetence, excessive expense, ineffectiveness, and corruption. A surfeit of publications has documented the deficiencies of this system. Dr David Kaplan[i]

Australian physicist Brian Martin elaborates in his excellent article Strategies for Dissenting Scientists:

Certain sorts of innovation are welcome in science, when they fall within established frameworks and do not threaten vested interests. But aside from this sort of routine innovation, science has many similarities to systems of dogma. Dissenters are not welcome. They are ignored, rejected, and sometimes attacked.[ii]

Electric universe researcher Wal Thornhill stated plainly in our GFM Media interview that the peer review system amounts to censorship. Fellow independent scientist Gary Novak is also scathing, stating: Peer review is a form of censorship, which is tyranny over the mind. Censorship does not purify; it corruptsThere is a lot of junk science and trash that goes through the peer review process.[iii]......


Streets x Portraiture at aMBUSH Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Streets x Portraiture, a brilliant new solo exhibition from Sydney-based artist Matt Bourne (pictured), will be opened on Thursday July 20 at aMBUSH Gallery at 4 A James Street, Waterloo from 6pm to 9pm. Curated and produced by Bourne and presented by aMBUSH Gallery, Streets x Portraiture is a passion project 15 months in the []


The Bean Project Announce Album Launch Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of The Bean Project Melbourne based jazz-folk quintet The Bean Project released their debut album Naked Trees last month and are about to kick off a East Coast tour this Friday. The tour will see the brass driven folk band visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and a bunch of regional dates in between. Check []


International award for SCU reasearcher "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

SCU university ecohydrology research Dr Damien Maher

SCU university ecohydrology research Dr Damien Maher

Ecohydrologist Dr Damien Maher has been recognised internationally as the recipient of the 2017 Cronin Award for Early Achievement by the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation.

The Cronin Award is an international biennial prize that recognises the significant accomplishments of an estuarine scientist in the early stages of their career development. The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) is the largest global association of coastal scientists.

Damiens strong scientific leadership, positive personality, and professional collaboration have helped create a positive environment and contribution to the scientific community at large, said Professor Robert Twilley, President of CERF.

Damiens colleagues, and the Cronin Award Committee, have been deeply impressed by his professional contributions to the estuarine scientific community.

Dr Maher will travel to Rhode Island in the USA in early November to collect his prize at the 24th biennial Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation conference.

This is a great honour, and really highlights the outstanding work that our Ecohydrology Group is doing, said Dr Maher.

While this is an individual award, it really belongs to our entire group. I express my sincere gratitude to our team, in particular all of the students who Ive been fortunate enough to work with over the years. I am also deeply thankful for the outstanding research support that Southern Cross University provides, and for the funding that Ive received from the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Professor Isaac Santos, a recipient of the 2011 Cronin Award and the Southern Cross University Ecohydrology Group leader, nominated Dr Maher for the award.

Dr Mahers work has profound societal effects and is a significant contribution to major public debates in Australia, Professor Santos said.

His collaborative research has not only empowered regional communities to protect some of their vital water resources but his work has been featured on mainstream national and international media and labelled highly significant.

Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research Professor Geraldine Mackenzie...


Need your support to keep going "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'm travelling today to see an important witness and to follow up on my 22 June visit to the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Your support means so much. It's the only reason we're still here, posting about the scandal that put Julia Gillard in The Lodge. My expenses...


State approves $6 million for Tweed rail trail "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Photo Flickr/RailWA

Photo Flickr/RailWA

The state government yesterday stumped up $6 million towards the cost of converting the Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek section of the track into a trail, pending an expected dollar-for-dollar federal government grant by the end of next month.

Tourism Minister Adam Marshall visited Murwillumbah for the funding announcement yesterday.

Mr Marshall told media the state government was reserving $6.3 million and hopefully the Commonwealth will match that funding.

The project was initiated by Tweed Shire Council, which has made a contribution of just under half a million dollars.

TSC General Manager Troy Green welcomed the announcement, saying the rail trail would bring an extremely valuable economic boost to the Tweed, as well as major health and social benefits.

The experiences of similar rails trails throughout Australia and overseas clearly demonstrate how popular they are in bringing tourism, job creation and long-term financial boosts to the towns and villages along their routes, Mr Green said.

With the incredible beauty of the land along the disused Murwillumbah to Casino rail corridor and the many attractions the rail trail will link, were confident this will be one of the most successful rail trails.

This is supported by independent evaluations of the project and the feedback were receiving by users of rail trails around the world, he said.

Lismore MP George (Nationals) praised Tweed Shire Council and the Northern Rivers Rail Trail Inc, who he said have been for some years now trying to obtain funding for this project to go ahead.

Theyve continually, as two organisations, been pushing this as one.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest (Nationals) praised the efforts of Northern Rivers Rail Trail Inc in crowdfunding $75,000 for a feasibility study recently

There has certainly been a tangible and measurable statement of support for the rail trail from the community, theres n...


MACKAY Man throws handgun in Sydney St shop after argument "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 18, 2017 at 09:15AM ,

Man throws handgun in Sydney St shop after argument

July 18, 2017 at 09:15AM ,

stealing, dangerous conduct with a weapon and breaching a bail condition. He is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court later this morning

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Man charged over Sarina Hotel robbery "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 18, 2017 at 07:45AM ,

Man charged over Sarina Hotel robbery

July 18, 2017 at 07:45AM ,

Michael Gordon Gilmont, 58, of Greenmount, appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. He faced one charge of robbery while armed with a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Camping in the Sahara Desert "IndyWatch Feed National"

oIt was 7am in the Sahara Desert, the sun was about to rise and I was going to miss it because I could no longer feel my toes; I was convinced frostbite had set in. I hadnt expected a trip to the desert would require thermals, but then again, I hadnt expected to ride a camel deep into the middle of nowhere and spend a night under the stars with only a local guide, my boyfriend and two very nippy camels for company.

A few days earlier, we had arrived in Marrakesh with nothing booked except one nights accommodation and a flight out of Fez the following week. We knew we wanted to spend a night in the middle of the desert, but had few ideas on how to make that happen. After a couple of lacklustre phone calls to local tour companies, the owner of the Riad we were staying in helped us secure a route and driver out to the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara Desert. Located close to the village of Merzouga, these dunes border Algeria and held the promise of adventure, blissful silence and the ability to live out my Star Wars fantasies.

We rose early the next morning and left the comfort of our Riad, bellies full of mint tea and heads full of sandstorms. We met our driver Muhammed, who quickly cemented himself as one of my favourite people. He had an easy laugh, spoke multiple languages and had the two of us worked out by the first day. Jack you need to always stop for the bathroom and Rowan you need to eat and sleep a lot. Our first day on the road, we sped through the outskirts of cities, the houses and highways giving way to vast stretches of sand dotted with the occasional camel.

We were travelling during winter, which meant crisp mornings and jumpers, not an image traditionally associated with the sandy warmth of Morocco. It also meant fewer tourists, so when we finally arrived in Merzouga, we left our bags in an empty hotel and walked to the lip of the desert alone. Not a tour group or selfie stick in sight. We greeted our new four-legged transport with some nose scratches and set off across the horizon, trying to beat the slowly sinking sun to our camp.

After a snap-happy 10 minutes, we lapsed into silence save for the soft pad of camels, as our camp slowly came into view and the rolling dunes surrounded us on all sides. At the bottom of the dunes was a ring of canvas tents surrounding a communal carpeted space, the sand obscured by woven rugs and blankets. Designed to hold 100 guests but sheltering just the two of us, we grabbed the sandboards kept for the adrenalin junkies and chased the fading sunlight up the nearest dune.




"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thunderstorms almost spoiled this view of the spectacular 2011 June 15 total lunar eclipse. Instead, storm clouds parted for 10 minutes during the total eclipse phase and lightning bolts contributed to the dramatic sky. Captured with a 30-second exposure the scene also inspired one of the more memorable titles (thanks to the astrophotographer) in APOD's now 22-year history, "Lightning Eclipse from the Planet of the Goats."

Click image for larger size.
Of course, the lightning reference clearly makes sense, and the shadow play of the dark lunar eclipse was widely viewed across planet Earth in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The picture itself, however, was shot from the Greek island of Ikaria at Pezi. That area is known as "the planet of the goats" because of the rough terrain and strange looking rocks.


Education Officer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Education Union


Steven Olivers Poem Real, Tops 2 Million Views. And Then Theres Hate He Said, About To Nudge Half A Million #changethedate "IndyWatch Feed National"

We had a strong reaction last week, to this poem from Aboriginal writer and performer Steven Oliver. And so, with that in mind

Real a poem about Australian racism has been going viral for a while, with the NITV footage of the performance from the 2015 NAIDOC Awards now surpassing two million views.

Seems folks cant get enough of the Cloncurry born Aboriginal writer and performer.

So, with that in mind.

When New Matilda posted the story last week about Real, we were contacted by a reader whose father has memorized a poem he saw performed by Oliver, and delivers every year on January 26.

Its called Hate, He Said, and was penned by Oliver to explain another way of thinking about Australia Day celebrations. Its appearance on Kindred Surprizes Facebook page has had almost half a million views. Heres the original version, which appeared on the Brisbane Indigenous Media Associations Vimeo page.

Writings from the Dark 1st Night, Hate He Said from BIMA on Vimeo.

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FixedIt: no euphemisms for alleged sexual violence "IndyWatch Feed National"

According to this article in the Cairns Post, this man was charged with attempted rape.

Sexual violence is real, traumatic and far too common. Hiding it behind euphemisms is not journalism, its minimising mens violence against women.

And women are not defined by their relationship to the people they care for. Shes a person, not just a mother.



Police appeal for help in locating mother and child "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A mother and daughter are missing and police need help locating them. (supplied)

A mother and daughter are missing and police need help locating them. (supplied)

Police have issued an appeal to the public to help find a mother and her child who are missing from the Far North Coast of NSW.

Tarryn Leigh Corlet, 43, and her four-year-old daughter were last believed to be in the Kingscliff area on the Far North Coast of NSW, but may be travelling and have possibly headed south to Melbourne, Victoria.

Police, family and friends are concerned for the welfare of Tarryn and her daughter.

Local police have made inquiries to locate the mother and child without success.

Its believed Tarryn may be driving a gold Toyota Corolla sedan with NSW registration QMC732.

Tarryn Leigh Corlet, 43, and her four-year-old daughter were last believed to be in the Kingscliff area on the Far North Coast of NSW. (supplied)

Tarryn Leigh Corlet, 43, and her four-year-old daughter were last believed to be in the Kingscliff area on the Far North Coast of NSW. (supplied)

Tarryn is described as Caucasian in appearance, 150cm to 155cm tall, with a thin build and short brown/ginger hair.

Police are urging anyone with information on this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

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Hello Im moving to NZ. (at Sydney Airport) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hello Im moving to NZ. (at Sydney Airport)


Richmond Rivers D minus score to be explained "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The water quality in the Richmond River is of poor quality, and the experts are coming to Ballina to explain why. (pic supplied)

The water quality in the Richmond River is of poor quality, and the experts are coming to Ballina to explain why. (pic supplied)

An information session next week will bring two scientists to Ballina to explain why the Richmond River copped a D- score in a 2014 study into river catchment health.

Dr Sarah Mika and Dr Ben Vincent from the University of New England (UNE) will provide an explanation of the poor score at a session at the Ballina Surf Club on Wednesday, 26 July, from 6pm.

Their independent Ecohealth assessment examined key environmental indicators throughout the Richmond River catchment including water quality, riparian (riverbank) vegetation, geomorphic (channel) condition and macroinvertebrates (water bugs), and reports on their condition.

Data was applied to regional and national guidelines for healthy rivers, and then a scorecard given.

In the Wilsons River catchment, Leycester Creek received an F, Coopers Creek  a D+, Byron Creek  a D- and Wilsons Creek a C-..

The University of New England have been looking at various river catchments over the past six years, using the same investigation framework to classify river health, said Dr Mika.

This event will give the community an opportunity to learn more about the diverse environmental factors affecting the health of the Richmond River.

The presentation will also explore what the scores mean in particular catchments, focusing on the results gathered from within Ballina Shire.

All community members are welcome, however seats are limited. Please RSVP either on 6686 1210 or email to secure your place.


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Sense and senselessness in transport policy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ive been doing various pieces of work on transport. Heres a quick update:

* Ill be speaking at a one-day seminar organised by the Institute for Sensible Transport in Sydney on 8 August. It should be a good event for those with a professional interest in road pricing and related topics.

* For those with a general interest, I have a section over the fold from my book-in-progress, Economics in Two Lessons. Comments and criticism much appreciated.

* While I was a Member of the Climate Change Authority, I put a lot of work into a report the Authority did on vehicle fuel efficiency standards. With the rejection of just about every other policy measure to reduce CO2 emissions in Australia, this was the governments last chance to do something useful. Naturally, Turnbull and Frydenberg went to water the moment the denialists who dominate the LNP raised an objection. Perhaps, now that the laws of mathematics have been subordinated to Australian law, Turnbull can solve our problems by simply decreeing a change of sign, so that an increase in emissions becomes a decrease.

5.3 Road pricing

For much of the 20th century, the road was a symbol of freedom, at the centre of cultural productions as diverse as Jack Kerouacs On the Road, Thornton Wilders The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden and the vast Hollywood output of road movies. But roads are not free. The costs of road construction and maintenance represent a major share of the budget at all levels of government (local, state and national), and attract a fair amount of attention. Even larger, but more rarely considered are the opportunity costs of the road network.

The capital tied up in roads represents a large share of the stock of investments owned by governments. This capital investment comes at the expense of alternatives like schools, hospitals and, most notably, public transport systems. The opportunity cost of land dedicated to roads is larger still .

Turning from roads to vehicles, road users impose costs on each other in the form of traffic congestion and crash risks, as well as the general annoyance that has given rise to the term road rage. These costs arent symmetrical; big vehicles and fast drivers contribute more to crash risks, while slow vehicles may cause more congestion. A whole book could be written (and probably/inevitably has been) on the conflicts between motorists and cyclists.

Finally, road users impose costs on others through noise, air pollution and the crash risk faced by pedestrians and ot...


More details on the Thiess contract with Carmen Lawrence's Government for the Dawesville Channel "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Seeker of Truth without whom so much of the details of this matter would still be hidden away. I've found some information on the contract for the Dawesville Channel. It came up in a court matter where Thiess Contractors were claiming a rebate for diesel fuel used for "agricultural...


Arts funding hoax: $100m promise down to $25m a year "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Shadow Arts Minister Walt Secord. Photo AAP Image/Mark Graham

Shadow Arts Minister Walt Secord. Photo AAP Image/Mark Graham

The Opposition has damned the NSW Governments regional arts funding promise as another cruel hoax after it was revealed a $100 million in grant funding promised earlier in the year only converts to a quarter of that figure per anum.

NSW Labor says the fine print of the long awaited regional cultural fund shows a mere $25 million spread across rural and regional communities this year.

NSW Shadow Arts Minister Walt Secord described the so-called Regional Cultural Fund earmarked for rural and regional NSW arts organisations as pitiful compared to the $600 million being spent in Sydneys CBD.

He likened it to other areas of government expenditure, where he said, all of the funding is going to Sydney with country areas fighting over a miniscule funding pool.

In the June budget, the NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro and NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin boasted that they were providing $100 million in funding for regional and rural art galleries, museums and community halls.

But yesterday arts bureaucrats sent an email to organisations revealing that the amount available in 2017-18 is only $25 million.

The amount was revealed in a call for applications by State Governments Create NSW.

Mr Secord said in response, that the state Liberal-National government boasted that rural and regional communities would get their fair share; today, we see otherwise.

Sydneys major cultural institutions receive more than $600 million, but rural and regional NSW only gets $25 million.

Once again, rural and regional areas are forced to fight over the scraps.

Mr Secord added the detail further penalised community groups in that they were not allowed to apply for funding for staff or on-going operational expenditure.

Sadly under the Nationals, rural and regional families are not getting their fair share from the state government; and this needs to change.

There was much excitement about the fund, but that has turned to disappointment, he said.

Applications for the Regional Cultural Fund are open until September 4.


Private estate opened up for Buttery fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The Centre at Linnaeus Estate, venue for The Buttery Fundraiser on the afternoon of August 13.

The Centre at Linnaeus Estate, venue for The Buttery Fundraiser on the afternoon of August 13.

The unique and usually very private Linnaeus Estate at Broken Head will be open to the public on the afternoon of Sunday August 13 for a special ticketed event to raise funds for The Butterys free Family Counselling program.

The event features a line-up of entertainers together with catering by Harvest Caf, fine wines and an opportunity to bid for auction items, including artworks by leading local artists.

Since its inception in 2010, The Butterys Family Counselling program has helped almost 1,000 families in the Northern Rivers region and farther afield who face the challenge of supporting a family member who is addicted to drugs and or alcohol.

The program is supported entirely by donations from individuals and foundations, including The Northern Rivers Community Foundation.

The Byron School of Art is curating a collection of works for the auction by distinguished art authority and auctioneer, Robert Bleakley. Artists represented include the BSAs Michael Cusack, Christine Wilcox, Angus McDonald, Meredith Cusack and others.

Event organiser, Courtney Cook has been busy sourcing items for the auction including a weekend in Sydney, accommodation at a local beach house and a golf package for four with a flag autographed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus.

It will be a unique event in an amazing setting for a fantastic cause. Theres only a limited number of tickets, so I encourage people to book now, Courtney said.

Tickets are sold on a first come basis and are available on-line through Eventbrite:


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Volunteers prepare for National Tree Day at the Duck Pond "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A gathering of people in in the Duck Pond at South Lismore at last year's National Tree Day. (Picture Darren Coyne)

A gathering of people in in the Duck Pond at South Lismore at last years National Tree Day. (Picture Darren Coyne)

Lismore City Council has partnered with the South Lismore and Duck Pond Landcare Group to host a National Tree Day event on Sunday, 30 July from 10AM.

But prior to the event, volunteers will be on site this coming Saturday for a working bee to prepare for the influx of eager tree-planters.

The Duck Pond in South Lismore is a 27 hectare site with its own 1 hectare wetland on Leycester Creek that volunteers have been restoring for around three years.

The site hosted National Tree Day last year, with about 200 people turning up to plant around 2000 trees.

Weed control, tree planting, an access road and staircase, and the installation of picnic tables has made it a community friendly site popular for picnics, walks and bird watching. Around 50 species of birds have been recorded at the site to date.

Early this year the group was awarded a Fish Habitat Action Grant from the Recreational Fishing Trust to restore a further hectare of the site along Leycester Creek and the northern edge of the wetland with work well under way by professional bush regenerators.

The Duck Pond has been transformed from a jungle of weeds to a community space. (supplied)

The Duck Pond has been transformed from a jungle of weeds to a community space. (supplied)

While the opposite riverbank and elsewhere took a batteri...


North Koreas Nuclear Missiles: The Fantasy and the Reality of Australias Response "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 4 July 2017 North Korea fired a missile from their territory that landed in the Sea of Japan.  Western commentators immediately labeled it an ICBM with the capability of reaching Alaska, and by implication, the north of Australia.

The threat posed by North Koreas missile test has dominated the strategic commentaries ever since.  It was personified by a major article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 8 July 2017 by political editor Peter Hartcher.  Hartcher quoted a number of defence experts, all of whom assumed:

  • That it was, in fact, an ICBM;
  • That North Korea had, or would shortly have, the capacity to fit a nuclear warhead to the missile;
  • That such a development posed an existential threat to Australia; and,
  • That Australia had no current defence against such a development and there was therefore an urgent need to acquire an anti-missile defence system to protect Australia.

In support of that last point, Hartcher quoted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying that North Korea is a threat directly to Australia, and former G.W. Bush adviser Mike Green, now of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, that Australia should absolutely be considering setting up a missile defence system.

There is an acknowledgement, quoting Labor defence spokesman Richard Marles, that there is doubt that the Defence Department has any confidence in the efficacy of American anti-missile defence systems, and that for Australia the risk is too small and the cost too great.

The North Korean missile test raises a number of geopolitical and defence issues, none of which have been adequately addressed.  Some of the more important of those issues will now be addressed within the framework of the four assumptions (a) to (d) above.

  • Was it an ICBM? Despite the claims of the Americans in particular, and the assumptions of the Australian commentators, there is doubt that the missile was, in fact, an ICBM.  In a report provided to the UN Security Council, the Russian Ministry of Defence stated that the missile flew only 535km and reached an altitude of 510km before falling into the Sea of Japan.

Confirmation or rebuttal of the Russian claim is readily available, not least from the Americans themselves from their satellite and radar tracking facilities, but they have neither confirmed nor denied the Russian report.  Instead there has been an escalation of tensions, with US warships being dispatched to Korean waters, and American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley issuing direct threats of unilateral US military action....


Acupuncture punctures period pain: study "IndyWatch Feed National"

Acupuncture can help women with period pains.

Acupuncture can help women with period pains.

Acupuncture can help combat period pain in sufferers, as well as relieve associated headaches and nausea, a study by Australian and New Zealand researchers has found.

A small pilot study of 74 women aged between 18 and 45 found that more than half had at least a 50 per cent reduction in the severity of their period pain after undergoing acupuncture treatment for three months, with the effects lasting for up to a year.

Many of the women also reported less need to use painkillers to treat their period pain and an improvement in secondary symptoms, including headaches and nausea , according to the study published in the international journal PLOS One.

Known in medical circles as primary dysmenorrhea, period pain is most common in women aged under 25 and the most common gynaecological problem among women generally, with four in five encountering it during their reproductive years.

The researchers from Western Sydney University and the University of Auckland also found that manual acupuncture, where thin needles are inserted at certain points on the body, provided more relief than electro-acupuncture, which involves a small electrical current passing through the needles.

Our pilot study found that using manual stimulation of the needles, rather than an electrical pulse, commonly used in many Chinese studies for period pain, resulted in reduced need for pain-relieving medication and improvement in secondary symptoms such as headaches and nausea, said Dr Mike Armour, a postdoctoral research fellow at Western Sydney Universitys National Institute of Complementary Medicine.

The latter was unexpected and will be explored further in future, larger trials.

During the study, the women kept a diary and underwent one of four types of manual or electro acupuncture treatments.

Twelve treatments were carried out either once or three times a week over three menstrual cycles.

The women reported significant reductions in peak pain during the first three days of their period and in average pain experienced over their entire period, with the effects sustained for 12 months.

Many also experienced improvements in PMS-related symptoms such as mood swings.

Treatment timing appears to play a small role, with high frequency of treatment provid...


Shorten negotiates on climate policy "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Shorten. (file pic)

Bill Shorten. (file pic)

Bill Shorten says the delay in bringing in a long-term national policy to cut carbon emissions is pushing up power bills and action is needed before the years end.

The opposition leader will use a speech in Sydney on Tuesday to propose a bipartisan approach to climate policy.

If the economic and environmental case stacks up, were not going to get stuck in a hair-splitting argument about the difference between an emissions intensity scheme and a clean energy target, Mr Shorten will tell the Australian Clean Energy Summit.

Labor took to the 2016 election the policy of an EIS covering the electricity sector, but a report by chief scientist Alan Finkel recommended a CET.

The government has adopted 49 out of 50 recommendations from the Finkel review, but not the CET.Average wholesale electricity prices have doubled over the past year.

Until this policy uncertainty ends, prices will keep going up. Its time for the parliament to commit to a price on pollution, Mr Shorten will say.

Everyone knows this is inevitable if we continue to delay, we are risking investment after the RET winds down in 2020, despite the good economics of renewable energy.

Mr Shorten says Labor wont write the government a blank cheque and would demand involvement in the policy design and the drafting process.

He urged Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to hold talks with Labors Mark Butler as a starting point.

Lets get to work on a price on pollution now. Lets get the legislation into the parliament and through the parliament this year, so its not buried or derailed by an election campaign.

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MH17 memorial brings closure for family "IndyWatch Feed National"

The reconstructed front of the Malaysia Airlines plane that was downed by a missile over Ukraine, killing 298 people, Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base, The Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2015. Parts of the cockpit and business class were reconstructed from wreckage retrieved from Ukraine and brought to the Netherlands where the crash investigation was based. (AAP Image).

The reconstructed front of the Malaysia Airlines plane that was downed by a missile over Ukraine, killing 298 people, Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base, The Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2015. Parts of the cockpit and business class were reconstructed from wreckage retrieved from Ukraine and brought to the Netherlands where the crash investigation was based. (AAP Image).

Wilma van Duyn, who lost her sister in the MH17 disaster, says being at the opening of a memorial near Amsterdam brings the final piece of closure she needs.

Yvonne Ryder and her husband Arjen, from Albany in Western Australia, were among 298 people killed when the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down by a Buk missile over Ukraine three years ago.

The van Duyns on Monday attended the opening of a memorial near Amsterdam featuring 298 trees planted for each victim.

Of those killed, 38 were Australian citizens or residents.

Ms van Duyn told AAP before the ceremony it was good to come and see how the Dutch, who lost 196 people on MH17, paid tribute to those lost.

Its good for me because its the final piece of closure because this was where she last was, Holland.

We are a very Christian family so we have that strong belief and comfort that they are in a better place.

The van Duyns brought banksia, kangaroo paw and other favourite flowers of the Ryders to lay by their memorial trees.

During the ceremony more than 50 relatives read out the names and ages of those lost, many in tears with their voices breaking with emotion.

MH17 Disaster Foundation chairman Evert van Zijtveld, who lost his two children on the flight, told the gathering their loved ones went on a journey in July 2014 and this memorial forest symbolically unites them again.

He said the foundation would not give up or be silenced until those who are responsible have been brought to justice.

The Dutch king and queen were to lay flowers at the site along with 17 local schoolchildren to open the memorial.

The monument is in the...


Referendum Council wants indigenous voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson has described the recommendation for an advisory body 'a bit of a bolt in the dark'. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson has described the recommendation for an advisory body a bit of a bolt in the dark. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Australians would be asked to vote on whether to enshrine an indigenous voice to parliament in the constitution under a proposal being considered by the major political parties.

The Referendum Council, which was tasked in 2015 with finding a way forward on constitutional recognition of indigenous people, recommended establishing the indigenous advisory body in a report released on Monday.

Council co-chair Mark Leiber told political leaders including the prime minister and opposition leader there were only two options available in pursuing a referendum.

You either adopt our recommendation or alternatively you put constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on the backburner for the moment and put it off maybe for the next 20 years, he said.

The councils proposal would establish a constitutionally-entrenched indigenous advisory body to the federal parliament, whose powers would be legislated.

The prime minister was non-committal when he sat down with the council, describing their recommendation as a big idea short on detail.

He and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten both vowed to give the proposal careful and thorough consideration.

Mr Leibler said some details of how the representative body would operate needed to be fleshed out before a referendum was held, but most could be finalised afterward.

Labor senator and Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson described the councils proposal as a bit of a bolt in the dark, saying handing down a single recommendation made things pretty hard.

Senator Dodson believes the nature, function and purpose of the indigenous advisory body need to be clearly understood and explained to the public, to ward off any potential scare campaigns at a referendum.

Hes concerned the country is going around in circles on indigenous rights, and is not convinced the Turnbull government will back the Referendum Councils proposal, believing bipartisanship is critical.



Sydney Man Wows Country Chinese Restaurant by Requesting Chopsticks "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A Sydney man last night left the staff at a country Chinese restaurant gobsmacked when he pushed aside the default knife and fork and called for the chopsticks.

The owner of the Chinese restaurant said this was the first time the chopsticks have made an appearance in the restaurant and it took them a good 30 minutes to find the ancient tools of the Orient.

We thought he was having a laugh at first, the restaurant owner said. But the way he used them to devour a mixed entre bordered on sorcery.

People lucky enough to dine in the presence of the man said they were in awe.

We werent expecting dinner and show, one diner said. But watching him perform made me feel like it was variety night at the RSL. My wife wanted to go home with the gentleman.

The restaurant was also caught off guard when the man didnt order the staple of spring rolls, honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, and fried rice, forcing the chef to study old Womens Weekly Chinese cookbooks before frying up the strange order.


Justine Damonds last moments recorded "IndyWatch Feed National"

Justine Damond.

Justine Damond.

LOS ANGELES, AAP Chilling new audio has emerged of the moments around the fatal US police shooting of Australian spiritual healer and meditation coach Justine Damond in a Minneapolis alley.

The officers are heard communicating with their dispatcher over the police radio, including calling for back-up and their attempts to perform CPR on Ms Damond.Shots fired we have one down, one of the officers says.

Ms Damonds death in the alley outside her Minneapolis home just before midnight on Saturday has devastated and outraged family, friends and left the Minneapolis community upset about the latest police shooting in their city.

Her partner, Don Damond, said he was being kept in the dark about the incident.

Sadly, her family and I have been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived, Don Damond told reporters outside their home in suburban Fulton on Monday local time.

We have lost the dearest of people and we are desperate for information.

He said Ms Damonds death was a loss to everyone who knew her.

Our hearts are broken and we are utterly devastated by the loss of Justine, he said.

It is difficult to fathom how to go forward without her in my life.

Officer Mohammed Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police Department a little over two years ago, has been identified as the policeman who fired multiple shots at Sydney-raised Ms Damond from the passenger seat of his vehicle.

The police audio was posted on the Minnesota Police Clips website.

Ms Damond, 40, called police after hearing a possible sexual assault taking place in an alley behind her Minneapolis home in what has been described as the safe, middle-class neighbourhood of Fulton.

The police audio begins with the description of a female screaming behind the building, believed to be what Ms Damond told the dispatcher in her initial 911 call.

Ms Damond, dressed in her pyjamas, reportedly approached the drivers side window of police car when it arrived in the alley and officer Noor shot across his partner at Ms Damond more than once from the passen...


Broken Head Quarry owners fined $15,000 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Broken Head Quarry. Photo

Broken Head Quarry. Photo

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued Leadshine Pty Limited with a fine of $15,000 for ongoing poor erosion and sediment controls at its Broken Head Quarry, near Byron Bay.

Examinations of the quarry repeatedly found it had inadequate sediment controls and inadequate capacity in its sediment control basins.

The authority went on to accuse the company of incompetent environmental management of the site and a spokesperson said that despite the authority working with the company since last year to improve standards, fundamental deficiencies remained.

Its not the first time the quarry has been in the news in recent years, with a proposal to build a new suburb on the degraded site, rejected by Byron Shire Council in 2014 and the Land and Environment Court last year.

EPA Regional Director North Adam Gilligan said Leadshine has a responsibility to ensure that appropriate erosion and sediment controls are in place to prevent impacts on the surrounding environment.

The EPAs inspections of the Broken Head Quarry repeatedly found that sediment and erosion controls at the site were inadequate, Mr Gilligan said.

Erosion and sediment controls were poorly designed and constructed, and were not being properly maintained.

Leadshines Environment Protection Licence requires that activities are carried out in a competent manner. Clearly this was not the case.

The EPA issued Pollution Reduction Programs to the company in July and December 2016 requiring Leadshine to review and improve the sediment and erosion controls at the quarry.

Mr Gilligan said the EPA has not been satisfied with the companys actions in response to the Pollution Reduction Programs.

It is disappointing that the EPAs requirements for the controls to be improved have not been complied with.

The EPA has been working with Leadshine since 2016 in seeking to have the sites sediment and erosion controls upgraded to acceptable st...


Goldman Sachs and News Corp tax tricks as Canberra claims battle won "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following is by Michael West (26 June 2017) and part of an ongoing GetUp sponsored investigation into the web of corruption that involves corporations and the political machine in Australia. In this instance, News Corp and Goldman Sachs, the American finance giant are examined.

Peering at the local accounts of Rupert Murdochs News Corp and Goldman Sachs is the governments claim to have sorted multinational tax avoidance correct? As they gaze down from their glass eyries, partners of the Big Four accounting firms must be chuckling.

The government took out newspaper ads earlier this month boasting of unequivocal victory in the fight against multinational tax avoidance.

It is no small irony that taxpayers have forked out for this bald-faced lie. Multinational corporations earning Australian dollars now pay their fair share of Australian tax, decreed the ad.

Hardly. Fair share suggests a social licence to operate. It suggests they pay something like the huge chunk of tax from their income which ordinary Australians pay. While it is true that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the federal government have reaped more income tax from multinationals this year than they had earlier anticipated, this is a fight which has only just begun. It has not been won.

Were it not for increasing community awareness of multinational tax avoidance the worlds biggest rort and rising concern over tax fairness, things would be worse. So the positive perspective is that, yes, inroads are being made via the diverted profits tax, the ATOs tax avoidance task-force and the Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law (MAAL) which was enacted late in 2015.

Tax Office people privately confide too that another $2 billion may drop this year, $2 billion on top of earlier expectations that is: $1 billion from tightened enforcement and another $1 billion from behavioural factors: better behaviour by some multinationals in other words. Meaning, instead of $2 billion being raised by enforcement, $4 billion may be raised.

As the swathe of December year financial reports have flowed through this month and last, it is evident that some companies such as Google and Facebook have been paying more tax, albeit slightly more and still well-short of reasonable amounts.

Others, such as oil giants Exxon, Shell and Chevron, digital players, Airbnb, Expedia and eBay, and assorted others such as American Express are up to their same old tricks. We are presently analysing Big Pharma, a sector which is swimming in taxpayer subsidies thanks to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and then has another bite of the taxpayer cherry via transfer pricing shenanigans as well.



Meeting of firearms owners tonight "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The NSW Police Force Firearms Registry is convening a public meeting to discuss firearm related issues including the National Firearms Amnesty in Lismore tonight (Tuesday July 18).

The community forum from 5pm will address issues related to the local shooting community, review submissions from other stakeholders regarding the National Firearms Amnesty, and make recommendations to NSW Government on legislation or policy changes.

Representatives from the NSW Police Force firearms registry and the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services, together with Lismore MP Thomas George (Nationals), and senior officials from key shooting associations, will be in attendance.

The meeting will be held from 5pm to 7pm at the Lismore Heights Sports, Recreation and Community Club located at 181a High Street, Lismore Heights.

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The GMO Agenda Takes a Menacing Leap Forward with EPAs Silent Approval of Monsanto/Dows RNAi Corn "IndyWatch Feed National"

The GMO Agenda Takes a Menacing Leap Forward with EPAs Silent Approval of Monsanto/Dows RNAi Corn | GMO_RNAi_dangers | GMOs Science & Technology Special Interests

Without much more than a whisper from the mainstream media, Monsantos newest Frankenfood has received full EPA approval and will be arriving on dinner plates by the end of the decade. The implications of this are harrowing, to say the least. 

While you may not have made up your mind on the dangers of GMOs, you likely feel entitled to know when youre consuming a food that is the product of laboratory research. For this reason, I am reporting on Monsantos latest food technology, unfortunately, already in the pipeline. And quite silently so. I write this with a certain degree of solemnity, if not also a tinge of regret, because, for three years, I have heard rumblings of Monsantos next project RNA interference technology. It was actually the late Heidi Stevenson, my friend, colleague, and founder of the platform Gaia Health, who first alerted me to the dangers of RNA interference-based tinkering with our food supply when she reported on the near disastrous approval of GMO wheat using RNA interference technology in Australia. Thankfully a few brave scientists and informed public stood up and, together, averted the disaster. But since then, both the dangers and the breakneck speed of development of this technology have gone largely ignored, even among activists deep in the non-GMO movement. In order to truly appreciate the gravity of the situation, and why the EPAs approval of RNAi corn intended for human consumption, is so concerning, it will first require a little background information on the fascinating topic of non-coding small RNAs, and their formidable relevance to our health.

How Non-Coding, Small RNAs Link Together The Entire Biosphere

One of the most important discoveries of our time is that all pla...


Queensland war exercise aimed at north Korea and China "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Adam Carlton

Right now a massive military exercise is taking place in north Queensland, involving 30,000 American and Australian troops. Contingents from New Zealand, Japan and Canada have been invited to take part

Some 10,000 troops have been already involved in the biggest beach landing since World War Two.

The army, navy and air force are involved in a series of mock battles at a number of sites on land and the Timor, Coral and Arafura seas. A number of cities are also involved.

This is a continuation of a regular series of exercises since 2005, known as Talisman Sabre, under American command and aimed to prepare Australia for involvement in American instigated war against other countries.

It is the reason why there is a growing call in Australia to pull out and for Australia to act as an independent nation, favouring the promotion of peaceful relations between nations that is based on mutual respect.  There is a call for rejection of the bullying and sabre rattling that is characteristic of the gunboat colonialism of the nineteenth century.

All the more so, at a time when north Korea is being targeted for continuing with its nuclear program, in the face of ongoing American presence and military provocation in the region of the Korean Peninsula.

There is also the tension over the South China Sea that involves an effort to encircle and contain China, as well as secure a key shipping lane. This is a matter for the nations in the region to resolve and others have no business interfering.

Both scenarios have the potential of plunging the world into a major conflict. The american led strategy is dangerous and even more so under the loose cannon Donald Trump administration in Washington.

An important aspect of the Queensland exercise is to show the perceived enemies that the US led group means business. This puts Australia at greater risk.

Australia is being put at risk by this.




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Cop Who Shot Justine Damond Identified; Many Questions About her Death Remain "IndyWatch Feed National"


Earlier today, we reported that Justine Damond, an Australian woman, was shot by a police officer in Minneapolis after she called 911 to report hearing a possible assault in the alley behind her home.

Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the drivers side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the drivers side door, sources said.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension confirmed that there is no body camera footage because neither officer had their camera switched on. As of now, it is being reported that there isnt any dashcam footage of the incident either. And, no weapons were found at the scene.

Both officers involved in the incident have been placed on paid administrative leave.

The name of the cop who shot Damond has been released, reports the Star Tribune:

The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed a 40-year-old woman in the alley behind her home Saturday night has been identified as Officer Mohamed Noor. Meanwhile, state investigators have confirmed that they did not find any weapons at the scene.

Noor, the first Somali police officer to patrol the 5th Precinct in southwest Minneapolis, joined the department in March 2015.

But this is not the first time in his brief stint as a cop that hes been in trouble. He is the subject of a pending federal complaint.

The open federal case in the United States District Court, District of Minnesota was filed against Noor, two other police officers, and the City of...


Trillions of dollars missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD "IndyWatch Feed National"

Trillions of dollars missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD

The same forces have also looted our nation

By SGT Report

Former US Assistant Housing Secretary and Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts joins me to discuss the TRILLIONS of dollars missing from the coffers of the DOD, NASA and HUD.

Catherine says that the same forces the have looted our nation are also interested in destroying the US Constitution. Fitts explains:

The people who run this country want to implement slavery. They believe in slavery. They practice slavery. They will chip you. They will take your kids and use them for pedophilia, they will try to make pedophilia legal.

Catherine Austin Fitts continues:

So were talking about a group of people whose values are what we would define as completely Luciferian. If we let them tear up the Constitution, any decent life that youve ever known, you can just kiss it goodbye.

And be sure to stay tuned until the 33:20 mark for a shocking 60 Minutes Australia expose that exposes the elite pedophile ring within the highest echelons of the Australian and UK governments, including MI-6.

Check out to subscribe to Catherines amazing, pro-humanity and very insightful Solari Report.

Catherine Austin Fitts: How to Save Our Nation & Our Lives Before Its Too Late

This article (Trillions of dollars missing from DOD, NASA, and HUD) was originally published on SGT Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


The Forum & Comedy Club + Splendour adds The Science Tent "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Forum

Purveyors of podcasts, digesters of documentaries, lovers of laughs and slayers of science, gather round!

The Forum is back for another stimulating stint at North Byron Parklands in 2017, serving up three jam-packed days of brain-broadening entertainment.

Drop by The Forum tent between 10am-4pm and prepare to rub shoulders (and minds) with some of the coolest and most remarkable personalities to hit Australia, as they tackle topics from all corners of the social spectrum.

From computer worms called WannaCry and election hacking, to understanding indigenous youth and deciphering what really matters in life or is it all just #FakeNews? Ponder all this and more at the Forum!

This year you can calm your qualms in-between sessions with our newly appointed Splendour Forum Artist-in-Residence, Shannon Doyle, wholl be painting up street art panels on stage daily. Youre welcome!


Music? Check. Art? Check. Science. Check! Splendour in the Grass is excited to mix science into the festival experience this year! The inaugural Science Tent is set to go off in an explosion of imagination, curiosity and cool shit because #SCIENCE.

Weve teamed up with Future Crunch, Inspiring Australia and some of the countrys best communicators to create the ultimate detour into the far reaches of the imagination. Connect with science in fresh ways through awesome presentations, musical performances and interactive experiences across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Think zombie outbreaks, the science behind BDSM, how to eat insects and avoid sharks, and so much more. Expect the unexpected and consider your mind = BLOWN at The Science Tent!


Before there were memes and gifs, there were real life funny people tasked purely with the job of bringing the lols to life! The Splendour Comedy Club is back in 2017 with the countrys finest comedic geniuses bringing you real, unadulterated and raucous rolling-on-the-floor moments across each evening in the Forum tent.

Start and finish your weekend right with the king of breakfast banter and triple j alumni Matt Okine. Hell be jumping onstage both Thursday and Sunday nights with his award-winning stitch-inducing stand up!

International comedy phenomenon The Umbilical Brothers, known for their wicked mix of theatre, slapstick and stand-up will take on Friday night, with the likes of Mel Buttle, Dave Callan, Gen Fricker and Tom Gleeson keeping you in stitches across the weekend.

Friday 21 July, Saturday 22 July and Sunday 23 July
North Byron Parklands
Tweed Valley Way, Wooyung (15 mins north...


Community Demands Answers After Australian Healer Shot Dead By U.S. Police "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Americans have been increasingly groomed to accept the most egregious forms of injustice from police. While the media stirs people up into a frenzy over acts of terrorism and mass shootings the startling truth is, that police kill more Americans in one year, than all mass shootings of our history combined. Think about that

So what happens when senseless police violence inexplicably happens so often that an unsuspecting foreigner becomes the latest casualty behind occupied U.S. lines?

Australian Justine Damond, aged 40, was a natural, spiritual healer and yoga teacher who helped people heal their lives through meditation and health coaching. She forged a strong relationship with the Minneapolis community of Minnesota through her meditation workshops at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. She also had veterinary experience in a previous home of Sydney, Australia. She was said to live in Minneapolis for the last few years and took the last name of her fiance, Don Damond, whom she was to marry this August.

Now, her family, friends, the community, the Minneapolis Mayor and perhaps Australias government want answers after Ms. Damond was shot dead in an alley late Saturday night by Minneapolis police, who had their body cameras turned off and the patrol car cameras out of view from the incident. They are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.



Paul Davies is not a medical doctor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hes not a biologist either, and in fact has no training in the life sciences at all. He keeps saying things that are flat out wrong, yet somehow, hes treated as a credible authority on cancer. Which means he gets a lengthy, credulous puff-piece in Newsweek in which he gets to claim a new theory on cancer: what we know about how it starts could all be wrong.

Over the course of several years spent pondering cancer, Davies has come up with a radical approach for understanding it. He theorizes that cancer is a return to an earlier time in evolution, before complex organisms emerged. When a person develops cancer, he posits, their cells regress from their current sophisticated and complex state to become more like the single-celled life prevalent a billion years ago.

Oh, alsoDavies is not an evolutionary biologist, and he gets evolution all wrong, too.

The evidence that cancer is an evolutionary regression goes beyond the ubiquity of the disease. Tumors, says Davies, act like single-celled organisms. Unlike mammalian cells, for example, cancer cells are not programmed to die, rendering them effectively immortal. Also, tumors can survive with very little oxygen. To Davies and his team, which includes Australian astrobiologist Charles Lineweaver and Kimberly Bussey, a bioinformatics specialist at ASU, that fact supports the idea that cancer emerged somewhere between 1 billion and 1 and a half billion years ago, when the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere was extremely low.

Ive been covering this bullshit for years, do I need to cover all the details again? In short:

  • A standard defense against damaged or infected cells is triggering cell death. It is not surprising that cancers that survive have mechanisms to defeat the most common defense. It is also not true that all mammalian cells are programmed to die; germ line cells are also effectively immortal. Cancer does not need to roll back a billion years to find a way around apoptosis and senescence, but only have to activate genes already present for in all cells for contemporary purposes.

  • Tumors can survive in little oxygenbut this is a capability of healthy cells, too. This is not an atavistic property. Go exercise; your muscles will be starved for oxygen, and those tissues will be under low oxygen tension. Your muscles dont die under anaerobic exercise. Brain and retina cells also have high metabolic demands, they dont die every time you think, but just carry on with glycolysis.



In move to recognize Palestine, South Australia has overwhelming majority of Aussies behind it "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is a federation of six states which, together with two self-governing territories, have their own constitutions, parliaments, governments and laws. The state where I live, South Australia, has a long and proud history of firsts especially in the area of social justice.  In 1856 South Australia was the first state to introduce universal male suffrage. In an Australian first, women were admitted to degree courses at universities in 1882. It was a world first in 1895 when women were able to vote and permitted to stand for Parliament in South Australia.

This proud history gained a new entry on June 22, 2017, when the South Australian Parliament passed a landmark motion calling on the Australian government to recognize the State of Palestine just as it recognizes the State of Israel.

This historically significant vote came about at the instigation of a member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo, and was successful largely due to the persistence and dedication of the Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA) and its active membership.

Over the last 13 years an extremely focused group of pro-Palestinian advocates in South Australia have spent countless hours each week educating and lobbying politicians on the issue. At the same time deeply committed and persistent members of AFOPA have used public lectures, cultural events, street activism and social media to educate the general population about the human rights abuses occurring in Palestine and how they can help improve the situation for the Palestinians. These actions have resulted in a major shift in public opinion as almost 75 percent of South Australians are favor of the Australian government recognizing the State of Palestine.

Throughout the world currently, Palestine is recognized by 138 states including, most recently, Sweden and the Vatican. The British and French parliaments have voted in support of recognition by their respective governments. Recognition of Palestine by the Australian government is supported by 73 percent of Australians and, given that we already recognize Israel, would signal a more evenhanded approach by Australia. It would also signal to the government of Israel our commitment to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

While state governments in Australia have no direct influence in international...


Minneapolis cop who shot Australian woman identified as Officer Mohamed Noor "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a 40-year-old Australian woman in an unexplained incident has been identified as Mohamed Noor, the precinct's first Somali-American officer. Justine Ruszczyk, also known as Justine Damond, was shot and killed in the alley behind her house Saturday evening, after she called police to report a possible assault. At one point, the officer in the passenger seat of the police cruiser shot her through the driver's side window, according to local media reports. Damond was unarmed.


Never call the police! Holistic doctor killed by Minneapolis cops after calling 911 to report disturbance "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Saturday night, Dr. Justine Damond, 40, a well known Australian healer and former veterinarian from Sydney, was shot dead by police while standing outside in her pajamas. The police were there because she had just called 911 to report a disturbance she heard in the alley way outside her home. At the time of the shooting, which happened in the city's Fulton neighborhood, her fiance (who she was planning to marry in August) was out of town. The mayor has said the incident made her "heartsick."


New Study Proves Artificial Sweeteners Linked To Weight Gain and Diseases "IndyWatch Feed National"

Results from new study will upset many consumers of diet soft drinks who thought they were going to lost weight and avoid certain diseases by using diet products.

The chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity are linked to consuming artificial sweeteners, according to the new large-scale study on the effects of the sugar substitute, reported The Independent. The research was conducted by scientists from the University of Manitoba, Canada and reviewed data from 37 studies which analysed more than 400,000 people for an average period of 10 years.

The results showed a statistically significant association between consumption of artificial sweeteners and higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, as well as increased weight gain, lead author of the study, Dr Meghan Azad told the Press Association.

Soft drinks industry executives defended their product by saying artificial sweeteners were deemed safe by health regulators including the US Food and Drug Administrations approval. Unfortunately, they did no have the facts when they chose to deem the products safe for us.

Artificial sweeteners are synthetic food additives that provide a sweet taste without the calories of sugar. With fewer calories, people ignore any other details and make the flawed assumption that they will lose weight and be healthier overall.

Despite the fact that millions of individuals routinely consume artificial sweeteners, relatively few patients have been included in clinical trials of these products, says the Canadian Medical Institutions Professor Ryan Zarychanshi.

Other research has previously found negative health impacts, such as greatly increased chances of stroke and dementia, from the artificial substance.



Australia: Muslim leader compares extermination of Jews in Holocaust to how Muslims are treated now "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is not just an insult to the memory of the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. Its also a common Leftist talking point. Many, many others have made this claim, including Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders; the notorious non-Muslim Islamic apologist Karen Armstrong; Jeffrey Goldberg, journalist at The Atlantic; Leftist media darling Reza Aslan; []


Dog attacks have increased by 57% in Australia since 2003 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dog attacks in Australia are increasing, with more than 2000 people seriously injured every year. The sharp rise in dog attacks is leaving children with horrific facial injuries and comes despite crackdowns on dangerous breeds. New research reveals that since 2003 the rate of dog attacks has increased by 57 per cent. The Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania found dog attacks hospitalised 31,218 people in 12 years with children injured at twice the rate of adults. "Legislation has been introduced to restrict ownership of dangerous breeds in Australia yet rates of dog bites have increased," Associate Professor Leigh Blizzard said. Prof Blizzard warned underreporting masked the true extent of the problem. "People are trying to avoid being investigated because their beloved pooch has bitten the baby," he said. NSW had the lowest rates of dog attacks.


US & Australia test launch multimillion hypersonic missile (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed National"

A hypersonic glider capable of moving at a speed eight times faster than sound has launched from a rocket range in the town of Woomera, South Australia. The launch was performed as part of a research project which features the US military and Boeing. The rocket blasted off through Australian skies on an unspecified date in early July.


There was an association between total phthalate concentration and non-communicable diseases and chronic inflammation in men. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Environ Res. 2017 Jul 4 ;158:366-372. Epub 2017 Jul 4. PMID: 28686951 Abstract Title:  The association between total phthalate concentration and non-communicable diseases and chronic inflammation in South Australian urban dwelling men. Abstract:  OBJECTIVE: To investigate associations between urinary total phthalate concentration, chronic low-grade inflammation and non-communicable diseases in a cohort of South Australian men.METHODS: 1504 men aged 39-84 years who provided a urinary sample at the follow-up visit of the Men Androgen Inflammation Lifestyle Environment and Stress (MAILES) study, a randomly-selected group of urban-dwelling, community-based men from Adelaide, Australia (n = 2038; study participation rate: 78.1%). Total phthalate concentration was quantified in fasting morning urine samples. Chronic diseases were assessed through self-report questionnaire or directly measured using standardised clinical and laboratory procedures. Inflammatory biomarkers were assayed by ELISA or spectroscopy. Multivariable linear and logistic regression models were applied to determine associations of log-transformed urinary phthalate concentration with inflammation and chronic disease.RESULTS: Total phthalates were detected in 99.6% of urinary samples; geometric mean (95% CI) was 114.1 (109.5-118.9)g/g creatinine. Higher total phthalate levels were associated with higher levels of hs-CRP, IL-6 (all p

read more


Norm Gallagher, Hugh Morgan, Rob Elliot - now Max Ogden, Gillard and the Victorian Workplace Reform Association "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julia Gillard and the 1990 Workplace Reform Association Incorporated. Yes, 1990 - 2 years before Bruce Wilson. Thursday, 29 August 2013 New information has come to light today that throws immense doubt on Julia Gillard's claims that she simply took instructions from Bruce Wilson about what she characterises as his...


Hugh Morgan, Norm Gallagher, Max Ogden and Rob Elliot are all important in understanding Gillard's role in the AWU Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

(Former HSU Secretary Rob Elliot, who chose not to spend his life looking over his shoulder) To put the AWU Workplace Reform Association in perspective, we need to examine the history of Wilson/Gillard/Ludwig working together. In 1989 Slater and Gordon started working for the AWU Victoria Branch. By October 1989...


United States police kill Australian woman veterinarian "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

Australian Woman Justine Damond Killed By Police In Minneapolis

The shooting of an Australian woman by US police has raised serious concerns after it was revealed the officers did not have their body cameras turned on.

Justine Damond, aged 40, was shot dead in Minneapolis about 11:30pm local time on Saturday after two officers responded to a report of a possible assault.

Ms Damond, originally from Sydney and also known as Justine Ruszczyk, was a trained veterinarian who worked as a meditation teacher and spiritual healer who worked with people with cancer, depression and alcoholism.

She was engaged to Minneapolis local Don Damond and they were due to marry next month.

Her stepson Zach Damond, 22, said she called police after hearing a noise in the alleyway near their house in the suburb of Fulton.

At one point an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman, the police department said.

Officers were dispatched. When officers responded, an officer-involved shooting occurred, which resulted in one adult female victim who is deceased and which has prompted our callout to the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension].

The BCA will now further be conducting this investigation, this officer-involved shooting, from this point forward.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement that she was heartsick and deeply disturbed by the incident. Im seeking answers to the questions we all have, and will make sure to keep the communication flowing, she said.

Ms Hodges said she understood the police body cameras and squad camera, which were introduced to the Minneapolis Police Department last year, were not switched on when the shooting occurred.

The two officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

A rally...


TAS Significant Firearms Seizure "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 4:13 pm.

As part of an ongoing investigation, Tasmania Police has confiscated a large number of firearms and ammunition from an address in New Town.

The items seized include in excess of 250 firearms and firearms parts and several hundred kilograms of ammunition.

Several of the firearms seized were prohibited under the Firearms Act 1996, these included two assault rifles and two shortened rifles.

The investigation relates to the sale of firearms and other items contrary to the provisions of the Firearms Act 1996. A person must be an authorised dealer under the Act to buy and sell firearms and ammunition.

The enquiry into alleged breaches of the Act is continuing and it is likely that charges will be laid in the future.

The firearms licence of the person involved has been suspended.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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TAS Toyota EE0102 Located "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 4:55 pm.

Update at 16.55 22/04/2015

Police would like to thank members of the public for their assistance in looking for a silver Toyota corolla.

Police conducted extensive searches in the Geeveston area today and located the vehicle late this afternoon. Unfortunately the occupant of the vehicle was deceased, when located by police.

Search CrimeView For EE0102

11.55 22/04/2015

Police are currently conducting searches in the Kingborough and Huon regions after a concern for the welfare report was received yesterday.

The vehicle Police are hoping to locate is a 1999 silver Toyota Corolla sedan registration EE0102. There are concerns for the health and welfare of the vehicle occupant.

Anyone who has information on the current whereabouts of the vehicle is asked to contact police on 131 444.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Australias Catholic Church Paid $213 Million To 4,445 Children Sexually Abused By Pedophile Priests "IndyWatch Feed National"

These days, the Roman Catholic Church is synonymous with child sexual abuse. We owe nobody an apology for saying this. Its the truth. Cases of child sexual abuse and subsequent  Full Article


So you think it's OK to keep voting for your local Liberal or Nationals MP ? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

So you think its OK to keep voting for your local Liberal or Nationals MP and return them to the federal parliament next year?

That all people on Centrelink income support need to do is pull up their socks and get on with it because many of those Coalition MPs have told their electorates that the best welfare is a job?

Perhaps it is time to pause and think about the possible relationship between states with low employment opportunities as well as high unemployment levels and states with high working-age suicide rates and then consider the effect of those punitive welfare policies that first the Abbott and then the Turnbull governments have created or expanded.

Starting with this policy debacle......

ABC News, 15 July 2017:

Fines imposed on welfare recipients in a controversial work-for-the-dole scheme have soared to 300,000 in under two years, prompting renewed claims of poverty and hunger in Aboriginal communities.

Jobless people in remote Australia must work up to three times longer than other unemployed people to receive benefits.

The overwhelming majority of participants in the Community Development Programme (CDP) are Aboriginal.

The latest figures reveal about 54,000 financial penalties were slapped on participants in January, February and March alone f...


PEOPLE POWER: gas pipeline resistance in the corn "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

HuffPost, 9 July 2017:

If the management team at Williams Partners was having flashbacks on Sunday, it was by design. The Oklahoma-based pipeline company has met stiff resistance to its proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline since it was first announced in 2014. On Sunday, hundreds of opponents of the project congregated in an outdoor chapel in Columbia, Pennsylvania on property owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an order of Catholic nuns. Among those in attendance were representatives from another order, the Sisters of Loretto, from Kentucky who helped defeat Williams Bluegrass pipeline in 2014.

Lancaster Against Pipelines, a grassroots group dedicated to stopping the nearly 200-mile natural gas transmission pipeline, constructed the chapel on a grove just feet from where the pipeline would cut through a corn field. The field and nearly cloudless blue sky above provided the backdrop for the simple wooden altar facing a few rows of wooden benches.

Williams Partners tried to stop the dedication. Last Thursday, the company submitted a 45-page emergency motion to a federal district judge in an attempt to take immediate possession of the property and get permission to deploy U.S. Marshals on the nuns and any third parties authorized by the sisters to be on the property.



Woman Fatally Shot by Minneapolis Police After Calling 911 to Report Assault "IndyWatch Feed National"

A woman living in Minneapolis, Minnesota was fatally shoot by police after she called 911 to report a possible assault in an alley behind her home Saturday night.

Justine Damond, 40, who originally hails from Sydney, Australia, lived with her fianc in the citys Fulton neighborhood, reported the Star Tribune.

Details of what happened that night are not exactly clear, but three sources with knowledge of the incident told the Tribune that two officers in one squad car pulled into the alley in response to the 911 call. Damond, unarmed and in her pajamas, went to the drivers side door and spoke to the driver.

The officer in the passenger seat then pulled his gun and shot Damond a yoga and meditation teacher through the drivers side door, the sources said.

Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S. just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a news release that did not offer any extra details. At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman.

As expected, the officers body cameras were turned off during the fatal shooting, and the squad car camera did not capture the incident.

The BCAs investigation is in its early stages. More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete. The officers body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident. Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists.

Following standard procedure, the two officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, along with assistant Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and City Council Member Linea Palmisana, who represents the 13th Ward, he...


TAS Witnesses sought in relation to Rokeby hit and run crash "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 2:05 pm.

Approximately 8:45pm on Saturday 18th April 2015 police attended a hit and run crash involving a Metro bus and an unidentified vehicle in Free Street, Rokeby.

The bus sustained damage to the front drivers side panel.

The offending vehicle was being driven without lights and is believed to be a white or light blue coloured Ford Laser or similar. Police are seeking witnesses and information in relation to this incident and/or the vehicle and identity of the driver involved.

Search CrimeView For 61732732

Information can be provided to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or direct to Bellerive Police on 61732732.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Monday, 17 July


TAS Trafficking Charges at Forth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 4:22 pm.

Shortly after 10.00pm on Monday 20 April 2015 Police executed a drug related search warrant at a rural property on Perrys Road, Forth.

Members of Western Drug Investigation Services, Road and Public Order Services (RPOS), Devonport CIB and Devonport Uniform conducted the operation based on intelligence developed over several days and right up to the time of police action.

Police will allege that around 1.5 kilograms of cannabis and around 3 ounces of methylamphetamine (ICE) was located during the search of the residence. It will also be alleged that other items were located, including scales, deal bags and a substantial amount of cash.

A vehicle at the residence was also searched and a firearm was located.

As a result of the operation a 36 year old man from Forth was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance. He appeared in the Devonport Magistrates Court today and was remanded in custody to appear in the Launceston Magistrates court at 2:15 tomorrow.

Four other people from the Ulverstone area will be proceeded against for a range of drug, firearms and traffic offences.

Detectives and uniform Police were at the residence for some hours with enquiries continuing today.

Detective Senior Sergeant Richard Chugg said, This is a good result for all the personnel involved and a positive move interrupting the supply of illicit substances in this area.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Aussie woman killed by police in Minneapolis after dialing 911 to report disturbance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Police officer in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, shot dead a 40-year-old woman from Sydney shortly after she dialed 911 to alert of a possible alley assault. The woman's family now demands answers for what they say was unprovoked violence. In the wake of the shooting, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension issued a statement confirming that two officers were responding to a 911 call implying that an assault could have been taking place in in the alley off West 51st Street, between Washburn and Xerxes Avenues, around midnight on Saturday. "At one point one officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman," it said in a statement, without revealing any further details on what provoked the police to use a deadly force against the woman. The officers were wearing bodycams at the time the altercation unfolded, but they were not turned on, according to the statement.


Australian Woman Shot Dead By Police After Calling For Help In Minneapolis "IndyWatch Feed National"


The shooting of an Australian mother by a police officer in Minneapolis was shocking considering the woman called 911 to report hearing a noise in her home. The shooting was not caught on video because the cops body camera was turned off.

Justine Damond was shot around 11:30 pm local time on Saturday. Minnesotas public safety department said that her death by cop took place after two officers responded to a callout about a possible assault. Damonds stepson said, my mum was shot for reasons I dont know, expressing a sentiment of many. As is the case with most other police officer shootings, Damonds family likely wont ever get the justice they deserve either.


Chalk memorials cover the street and sidewalks near the Minneapolis home of Justine Damond, who was shot and killed by police after calling for help.

Damonds stepson, Zac Damond admitted that she had called police after hearing a noise near her house. I just know she heard a sound in the alley so then she called the police and the cops showed up and she was a very passionate woman, she probably thought something bad was happening and then next thing I know they take my best friends life.

Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S just before 11.30pm Saturday, the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement, according to the Star Tribune. At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman. The BCAs investigation is in its early stages. More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete ...


TAS Burned out vehicle found near Guildford "IndyWatch Feed National"

Friday, 17 April 2015 10:18 am.

At about 3:25pm on Thursday the 16th of April 2015 Tasmania Police responded to a report of a burned out vehicle near Guildford, in the states North West.

A body was found in the vehicle.

The vehicle was registered to missing Wynyard man Neville Austin (aged 70).

While forensic examinations continue to determine the identity, there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding this incident.

Mr Austins family have been informed.

The matter is being investigated by Burnie C.I.B.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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TAS Structure Fire at Groom Street St Marys "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 16 April 2015 12:40 pm.

At 01:00am on Thursday 16th April 2015 Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service were called to attend a structure fire at a property on Groom Street, St Marys.

Upon arrival, services found that the large wooden shed was engulfed in flames and the entire structure was alight. The fire was extinguished however the shed was completely destroyed. The shed is believed to have been over 100 years old.

Early indications are that the fire appears to be suspicious and investigations are continuing.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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MACKAY An early morning chat leads to charges, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 17, 2017 at 01:45PM ,

An early morning chat leads to charges, Mackay

July 17, 2017 at 01:45PM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on August 14 to have the matters heard. If you see any suspicious activity in your area, whether

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Dont come to America "IndyWatch Feed National"

Honestly, if youre thinking of moving here or even just vacationing here, dont. Youll get shot. By the police.

Theyre out of control. Theyre armored up, loaded with weapons, and poorly trained. 661 people have been murdered by the police this year, so far. Its insane.

The latest incident occurred nearby, in mild, liberal Minneapolis. An Australian, Justine Damond, was shot for no good reason. She had apparently called the police to report a disturbance in an alley.

Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the drivers side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the drivers side door, sources said. No weapon was found at the scene.

Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S. just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a news release. At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman.

The BCAs investigation is in its early stages. More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete. The officers body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident. Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists.

So, like, he just accidentally fired his gun across the car, past his partner, through the door, and into a woman in pajamas? He drew a weapon, but conveniently forgot to turn on his camera?

No, really, dont come here. And if by some frightful series of events you happen to end up here, under no circumstances should you call the police theyll just show up and randomly spew bullets. Its all they know how to do, and they arent even particularly competent at that.


TAS Concern for Welfare of Missing Person Neville Austin "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 7:48 pm.

Police are concerned for the health and welfare of Neville Charles AUSTIN, 70 yrs, of Wynyard who was last seen by his family mid-afternoon on Monday 13th April when he left his home to travel to Somerset.

Neville was driving his 1995 Bronze Ford Falcon Sedan registered number C04UF when he left. Nevilles disappearance is very much out of character.


Neville is described as being 182 cm tall, solid build, fair complexion with white hair and beard. He was wearing black jeans, blue flannelette jacket and black boots.

Should anyone sight Neville or his vehicle Acting Sergeant Snooks asks that you contact Police on 131444 and pass on this information.

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TAS Arson at Upper Montrose Road "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 3:31 pm.

Detectives from Glenorchy CIB investigating a house fire at the end of Upper Montrose Road (near the entrance to Wellington Park) are hoping you can assist with some information.

The fire occurred at approximately 8.30pm on Thursday 17th March 2015 and investigations to date, have determined it was deliberately lit.

A white coloured older model sedan, possibly a Camry, was seen in the area at the time and police are hoping to speak with the driver.

The driver was thought to be a young man, aged between 18 and 25, who was wearing a cap.

Search CrimeView For 61732682

If you know anyone who was driving a similarly described vehicle in the area at the time, police would like to hear from you.

Anyone who has information in relation to the incident or the identity of the driver is asked to contact Detective Adams at Glenorchy CIB on 61732682 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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TAS Protestors arrested outside pregnancy termination centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 3:10 pm.

On Tuesday 14th March 2015, police were called to a report of protest activity outside the Pregnancy Termination Centre in Victoria Street, Hobart. The centre is a licenced day procedure clinic operating under Specialist Gynaecology Centres.

Police arrived about 8.30am and met with a small group of protestors outside the entrance to the centre who were waving placards and attempting to hand out brochures. Police also spoke to the operators of the centre.

After some attempt to negotiate, the protestors were directed to leave the area as they were committing an offence.

The Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Act 2013 prohibits anyone from engaging in prohibited behaviour within 150 metres of premises where terminations are provided; Prohibited behaviour can include a protest in relation to terminations and footpath interference, said Inspector David Plumpton.

The protestors refused to leave the area outside the centre and were arrested for failing to comply with the direction of a police officer. A 61 year old man and a 56 year old woman from Geeveston were charged and bailed to appear in court at a later date.

Another man, aged 59 years who is believed to reside in Queensland was charged and held in custody to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court later today.

All three offenders will face charges under the provisions of the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Act and the Police Offences Act, Inspector Plumpton said.

CrimeView: These cranks need to stay out of other folks Medical decisions.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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TAS Final Investigation Update on Deaths at Wilmot "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 13 April 2015 3:05 pm.

Police report that the post mortems of both deceased have been completed and findings are consistent with the police investigation.

Detective Inspector Kim Steven stated, The findings of the post mortems are consistent with what we believed occurred at the property late last week, we have now concluded our investigation at the scene and will be handing the property back to the next of kin later today.

Detective Steven further stated, We will be obtaining a number of statements from family members and associates over the coming days and preparing a report for the coroner on the deaths.

There will be no further police comment.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Ukraine wants Russia held to account over MH17 downing Russia has been getting away with murder. "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP/File | International investigators have said the Boeing airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was blown out of the sky over conflict-wracked east Ukraine on July 17, 2014 by a Buk missile system brought in from Russia

KIEV (AFP)  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday insisted Russia must be held to account over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, three years on from the tragedy that killed 298 people.

International investigators have said the Boeing airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was blown out of the sky over conflict-wracked east Ukraine on July 17, 2014 by a Buk missile system brought in from Russia and fired from territory held by Moscow-backed rebels.

The probe being led by The Netherlands which suffered the majority of losses is focusing on some 100 people suspected of having played an active role in the incident, but the investigators have not publicly named any suspects.

The West and Kiev are adamant that all the evidence points to the insurgents and Moscow.

Russia and the separatist authorities it supports, however, continue to deny any involvement and have sought repeatedly to deflect the blame onto Ukraine.

It was a barefaced crime that could have been avoided if not for the Russian aggression, Russian system and Russian missile that came from Russian territory, Poroshenko wrote on Facebook.

Our responsibility before the dead and before future generations is to show to the aggressor terrorists that responsibility is unavoidable for all the crimes committed.

Officials announced this month that the trials of any suspects arrested over the shooting down of MH17 will be held in the Netherlands.

The countries leading the joint investigation Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, The Netherlands and Ukraine agreed that any trials will be carried out within the Dutch legal system.

Poroshenko said that he was convinced that the objectivity and impartiality of Dutch justice will complete this path.

It is our shared duty in the face of the memory of those whose beating hearts were stopped exactly three years ago by a Russian missile, he wrote.

No official events are planned in Kiev to mark the third anniversary but local residents are expected to gather for a small religious ceremony at the crash site in rebel-held territory.

Russia and Ukraine have been locked in a bitter feud sinc...


Stream a 24 Hour Playlist of Charles Dickens Stories, Featuring Classic Recordings by Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles & More "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Children, cast off your fingerless mitts and gather round the mercifully cold hearth for some old timey, seasonally inappropriate listening.

Spotify has pulled together 67 Charles Dickens audio classics into a massive playlist for your summertime listening enjoymentnearly 24 hours worth. That should last the long cross-country drive to see grandma.

Big gorillas like Oliver Twist and Great Expectations figure prominently. Sir Laurence Olivier, preparing to step into the part of Mr. Micawber, calls David Copperfield a novel which I think must be almost the most famous ever written.

Still true half a century later? Immaterial. Olivier's use of "I think" and "almost" leaves room enough for a sort of genial, general agreement.

Some of the introductions give unintentionally hilarious added value, such as host Frank Cravens attempt to contextualize a Lux Radio Theater presentation starring Orson Welles as Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities excerpt. The authors work was often published in serial form, he tells listeners:

Records tell us of how crowds thronged the wards of New York City to receive news of their favorite heroine or hero. For already, the names of Dickens characters...


Adelaide University finds South Australia's deaths from hypothermia per capita higher than Sweden "IndyWatch Feed National"

How could a government do this to its own people? Higher rate of hypothermia deaths in SA than in Sweden Wednesday, 12 February 2014 South Australia has a higher rate of deaths from extreme cold compared with the northern European nation of Sweden, according to new research from the University...


Servant Leadership Resonating with Tulsi Gabbard "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Julius Skoolafish Every now and then, someone comes to our attention that we simply resonate with.  What is it about them that creates this resonance?  Perhaps they exude a certain simplicity and truthfulness and have qualities that go with that empathy, compassion and goodwill towards all other people, creatures and the planet itself. []


Man rescued from base of Protesters Falls "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A paramedic was winched down to Protesters Falls earlier today (July 17) to treat a man who ran into trouble. Photo Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service.

A paramedic was winched down to Protesters Falls earlier today (July 17) to treat a man who ran into trouble. Photo Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter had winch inserted a New South Wales Ambulance paramedic to the base of Protesters Falls around 2pm Tuesday afternoon (July 17) to access a 37-year-old male walker who had fallen onto rocks as a result of a medical condition.

The man was treated by the paramedic for minor injuries and was subsequently able to be walked out of the reserve and transported by road ambulance to Lismore Base Hospital in a stable condition.

The post Man rescued from base of Protesters Falls appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Talk: Censorship, Anarchism and Underground Publications 1969-1973: Revisiting Tharunka to Thor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 2:00pm

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, Jura is pleased to once more host a talk by radical journalist and researcher Wendy Bacon. Wendy will give a presentation, followed by discussion.

From 1970 to 1973, NSW police issued more than forty summonses and made several arrests over the contents of the UNSW student newspaper THARUNKA, and its successor underground papers THOR and THORUNKA. The charges alleged obscenity and indecency. Wendy Bacon and John Cox between them served three weeks in prison during two trials. The publications drew participation and support from students, Sydney libertarians, radical activists, writers, lawyers and others as they waged a relentless campaign against the authorities.

The campaign contested the idea of obscenity and the legitimacy of the legal system itself. The newspapers campaigned on the war in Vietnam, Aboriginal land rights, womens and gay liberation, and the violence of the criminal justice system. By 1973 the censorship regime in Australia was broken. Nearly all the charges were dropped.

Facebook event


Pete Murray Camacho Tour Photo Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Pete Murray is back on the road, embarking on an epic tour spanning thirty-three shows around Australia. His first port of call was a captivating performance at Lismore City Hall, focussing rather heavily on his brand new album Camacho which was well received by his loyal fan base. The band finished with well-known hits from past albums, giving fans the best of both worlds.

Photographs by Lisa G Photography






The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, and more to kick off new Aussie summer festival "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

If theres one thing Australia will never say no to, its an Aussie music festival. With music festivals seemingly declining in recent years, its always refreshing to see a new one pop up, especially when the lineups are fresh, and youre bound to get some good vibes from the experience. If thats the sort of thing that gets you excited, then it sounds like youre going to love the new SummerSalt festival, which is set to kick off later this year.

As Noise11 reports, SummerSalt festival is set to kick off in November, hitting up New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia with a distinctive summery lineup.

The bulk of these summer shows will see The Cat Empire and Xavier Rudd teaming up for a distinctive blues and roots-styled set of shows. Having toured together earlier this year, the two bands know how to deliver a good show, and it looks like thats what audiences in the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Margaret River, and Perth are set to receive.

At this stage, no dates have been announced for capital cities such as Brisbane or Melbourne, but well keep you updated if that changes in the future. Tickets look set to go on sale next week, but in the meantime, register for the ticket ballot at the SummerSalt website.

SummerSalt 2017 Tour Dates

The John Butler Trio & Missy Higgins

Saturday, November 18th
Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, SA

The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd

Saturday, November 25th
Hope Estate, Hunter Valley, NSW

Saturday, November 26th
Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

Saturday, December 2nd
3 Oceans Winery, Margaret River, WA

Sunday, December 3rd
Hotel Rottnest, Perth, WA


Perpetrators of MH17 Crash May Be Tried in Absentia, Says Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Malaysian air crash investigator inspects the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo) in Donetsk region, Ukraine, July 22, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev/Files

A Malaysian air crash investigator inspects the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo) in Donetsk region, Ukraine, July 22, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev/Files

Sydney: The perpetrators who brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014, killing all 298 aboard, may be tried in absentia,...


A RIPPER OF A DAY "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sometimes everything just seems to go right.  This last weekend was one of those.

We finally had a planting location where we could use the ripper.  This is my big project for this year a big windbreak on Adnamira which will connect a gully with the existing ridgetop windbreak.

Last year we had a similar project, but it was rocky and steep, and each hole for each tree had to be dug by hand.   Also it took a lot more trees than Id estimated.  This year I tried not to be caught out that way, so Id estimated we needed 850-900 trees for the windbreak.

The weekend before, on a freezing cold, windy day, Craig drove over the Bobkitten with its wonderful ripping attachment designed and hand-built by James, the Bobcat Master and created row after row of rip lines in the soft, non-rocky soil.  We did our best to work out where the contours ran on the tilting land.  Craig ripped each row three times just to make sure they were wide and deep enough, and easy to convert into planting holes.ripping lines

We also placed caches...


'Coldest temperature in years' across Australia's south east "IndyWatch Feed National"

TEMPERATURES plummeted to a record breaking -12C this morning as winter made its presence felt across Australia's south east. AUSTRALIA may have just recorded its coldest temperature of 2017 as a series of cold fronts barrelled across the country's south east on Sunday. NSW and Victoria both had a freezing start to the day dropping to -12C in the mountains. Qantas has been forced to de-ice planes at Melbourne a task usually only needed in Canberra and Hobart. Sunday will still be chilly for Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart but temperatures will rise further north. South of the Murray, the mercury in Ballarat fell to -2.1C, in Bairnsdale to -3.5C and at Mount Hotham to -7.8C. But that's nothing on NSW and the ACT where residents of Orange woke to a low of -6.3C, and Canberra fell to -7C. But the mountain resort of Perisher knocked it out of the winter ballpark slumping to -12.1C at 3.30am.


US police kill Australian woman "IndyWatch Feed National"

  An Australian woman has been killed by a US police officer responding to a 911 call in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (BCA) said police responded to a call of possible assault when at one point an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman. The BCA is investigating the Saturday incident []

The post US police kill Australian woman appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


What fresh Hell is this?- a 2017 account of life in Melbourne - Article by Sally Pepper "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sally, who in her youth described the cities of her travels to her parents, now writes to them as ancestors, describing the Melbourne of today, a place which would be quite unfamiliar to them. It is a cold winter and she cannot afford adequate heating in her middle class home.

Dear Mum and Dad ,

I am writing to you from what we used to call the future but for me now it is the present. I'm in fact living in 2017, yes 17 years beyond the turn of the century that we used to think of as so far ahead in time. I am living in Melbourne still, in one of the reasonably well- heeled areas in the suburb of ***** where yesterday I saw 2 beggars sitting on the footpath along the shopping strip. Now there are thousands of homeless people sleeping rough on any night of the week in Australia . Melbourne is particularly bad because housing and rents are so expensive. You wouldn't believe this but the house we used to live would now fetch around $2 million!. Young people attempting to buy a home are forced into flats or "apartments " as they now called or out to the remote edge of the sprawling city. Craigieburn, the town we used to pass as we headed north to Sydney is now a suburb of Melbourne!

It's really freezing at the moment 13.5 degrees maximum today. Remember we used to have central heating and topped it up with radiators? This winter we have been told that power bills will shoot through the roof so I have tried to economise by using only one heater and wearing more clothes inside. Dont worry, I'm not poor but I have to be careful as we don't know what surprises are in store for us in the way of bills.

Electricity and gas distribution have been privatised . We were told this would be good for the customer as it would force providers to be competitive and prices would fall as they competed for our custom. No such thing has happened . You would find it intensely irritating as I do to have electricity sellers coming to the front door usually just as you are preparing dinner asking you to go and find your last electricity bill as they are sure you are paying too much and will sign you up with their company at a cheaper rate. This door to door job or the job of doing it by phone seems to fall to newly arrived migrants or backpacking young overseas travelers.

The other...


Hugh Morgan - a key witness not called to the TURC "IndyWatch Feed National"

To understand Part Two of the Letter to Bob Kernohan series, it's important to understand Hugh Morgan's history. Hugh Morgan, Norm Gallagher and Max Ogden (of the AMWU) all give context. Wilson's protection racket did $35 million in 1991/2 dollar damage to Western Mining Corp - Hugh Morgan, former CEO...


TAS Series of overnight homes burglaries at Lindisfarne "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sunday, 12 April 2015 7:48 pm.

In the early hours of Sunday the 12th of April 2015, a number of homes were entered by an unknown offender. Various amounts of portable property (laptops, iPad, mobile phones) and cash were stolen. At the time the occupants were asleep in their houses with two of the properties having unlocked doors which the offender took advantage of.

Police are seeking information from members of the public who may have observed any suspicious activity in the Sherwood Court and Robin Court area of Lindisfarne.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

It is also an opportunity to remind members of the public to lock their doors and windows to make it harder for would be unwanted visitors to gain entry into your homes.

Bellerive Police can be contacted on 61732318 or Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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TAS Deaths at Wilmot Investigation Update "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sunday, 12 April 2015 4:43 pm.

Investigations are continuing, the forensic examination of the scene has been completed but police will maintain possession of the property until at least midday tomorrow, pending the completion of the post mortems which are expected to be done tomorrow morning (Monday).

At the request of family members, police will not be releasing the names of the deceased.

There will be no further police comment tonight.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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JURA 40th Anniversary - 3 Day Anarchist Mini-Film Festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 4:30pm to Monday, July 31, 2017 - 11:00pm

JURA 40th Anniversary

3 Day Anarchist Mini-Film Festival

(in association with the Inner West Film Forum)

As part of our celebrations of Juras 40th anniversary celebrations the Jura Collective presents:

Women, Anarchism, and Revolution

Saturday 29th July 2017 (screening at Jura Bookshop) 4.30 p.m. for a 5 p.m. start

Free entry

ALL OUR LIVES (De Toda la Vida)


Directors: Lisa Berger and Carol Mazer

55 min

This 1986 documentary, directed by Lisa Berger and Carol Mazer, two young American filmmakers, using the traditional interview format, with contemporary photographs, tells the story of Mujeres Libres, the first independent womens organisation in Spain.

All of the women in the film were members of the CNT (Confederacion Nacional de Trabejo), the anarcho-syndicalist trade union, the main representative of the working class movement in Spain in 1936. These women actively participated in the social revolution during the Spanish civil war, and appear as dynamic in their 80s as they were in their youth.

The Mujeres Libres, a distinctly anarchist womens organization, was founded in May 1936, with the aim of engaging women in the revolutionary struggle. Spanish women at this time found themselves bound by the triple enslavement of women to ignorance, to capital and to men.

Women were effectively subordinate...


TAS Death of two people at Wilmot "IndyWatch Feed National"

Saturday, 11 April 2015 10:22 am.

Shortly after 4pm on Friday 10 April 2015, acting on information received Police units attended at a property on the outskirts of Wilmot. There they located two deceased people.

At this time the people have not been officially identified but police believe they are the male and female couple that lived at the property but the names will not be released yet.

While the investigation is ongoing and forensic teams and detectives are still at the scene, the indications at this stage is that no other persons have been involved in the deaths and it appears to be a tragic family violence incident.

Police are still trying to piece together the movements of both persons in the days prior to the deaths and anyone with any information is asked to contact crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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An American Airport at Dawn "IndyWatch Feed National"

5:45am, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta

Theres a kind of politeness thats so polite its impolite, you know? Like you can tell the person talking to you isnt actually talking to you, but is really watching themselves talking to you and admiring how much they sound and look and move and smile like their dad or their boss or some TV Chef or whichever sleazebag they picked this schtick up off.

Good morning sir, how are you doing today?
I sneezed in the toilets and one of my eyes rolled back into my head.

It came back.
And where are you off to today, sir?
Mexico. Me-hee-co. Thatll be Terminal C, leaving eight, fif-teen a-m, sir.
Thanks man.
Okay sir, you have a pleasant day now.
What, right now? Why the rush?

A mum and her teenage daughter with hayish hair from too much peroxide face inwards on the escalator and scroll through Instagram. Sport pic, liked, new house pic, party pic, party pic, liked. There are three types of people to remember in this world: the ones who helped you when you were in trouble, the ones who ignored you when you were in trouble, and the ones who put you in trouble. Liked. Exactly who was it that said that? Mark Twain? Leo Tolstoy? Sport pic, sport pic, liked, pool party pic, liked, inspirational sneaker ad, family photo. If someone can sleep soundly at night knowing that youre hurting for them then that says a lot about how that person feels about you. Oh I know that one! That was definitely Goethe. Liked.

A man hops to attention over my right shoulder, startling me severely.
Sir, come on! Where are you going?
Terminal C, Heil!
Which terminal is that, sir?
C for Charlie.
Very good, sir. Have a nice day.

There is a special species of idiocy reserved for people who with full and conscious choice join the army. Not only do such people not want to use their intelligence, but they even go so far as wanting to outsource that intelligence to an inhumane system of clipped vowels and right-angles perfectly willing to corrupt it to such a point that they can look other human beings in the eye and, at a word, shoot them.

BANG! Here come the ladies. A bazooka of black women, all lipstick and laughter, wearing matching black shirts smeared with glitter cocktails in red glitter yellow glitter blue glitter green glitter and in silv...


Ralph Blewitt is not the only the only person to have made admissions in the AWU WRA Inc case. "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is not only Ralph that has made admissions that could constitute evidence. Normally any statement made which is to be used as proof of what it asserts is hearsay. However Admissions and Confessions are admissible as evidence of their truth and may constitute the sole and sufficient proof for...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0004 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 2.80 AUD


Old Liberal Thinking Betrays Australias Seniors "IndyWatch Feed National"

Renewables could cut pensioners energy bills if the government had the ticker. Instead, Craig Kelly scapegoats them for the Liberals seniors policy failures, writes Tom Allen.

To summarise Craig Kellys latest prognostication on renewable energy into a three-word slogan that Liberals love so much: Renewables kill seniors!

This is, of course, 100% true. Honest. How could it not be coming from a veteran statesman like the member for Hughes, and chair of the backbench environment and energy committee? (No, Im not joking).

To be fair, when Kelly let rip on ABCs AM, he sugar-coated his dire warning as follows: People will die!

On one, well, level, hes right: people will, especially those at the end of their mortal coil. But on all other levels, Kelly is tilting at turbines. If this was a desperate attempt to scapegoat renewable energy for his governments failure to deliver better outcomes for Australias seniors, it didnt do much for his credibility.

Liberal and Federal Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly.Liberal and Federal Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly.

If Mr Kelly genuinely cared about the welfare of seniors, renewables wouldnt make his to-do list. What Mr Kelly failed to acknowledge is that Australia isnt a great place to grow old. A third of pensioners live in poverty. Its not solar panels that are to blame, its government policy. (In fact, you can tell he doesnt really care about elderly Australians because hes happy to exploit them with crackpot fantasy scaremongering rather than actually change policy to benefit them.)

In fact, solar panels on seniors roofs could save them millions. Imagine if the government had the ticker to rollout a scheme like this one nationally? There could be pensioners like June and Colin across the country who could be cosier and financially better off. This is the case in many other countries.

How does Australias senior care compare internationally? At the risk of exploding Kellys head, the countries with the best care for seniors are, almost without exception, also leaders in renewable energy. Its almost as if good energy policy and good seniors policy are related or...


Holistic Healer/Dr Justine Damond killed by police in Minneapolis "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Saturday night, Dr. Justine Damond, 40, a well known Australian healer and former Veterinarian from Sydney, was shot by police in her pajamas outside her home in  making Justine had made a call to police to report a disturbance in an alley way she heard outside the home. Her fiance was out of town


Philip Morris leaks reveal use of trade deals to undermine tobacco control "IndyWatch Feed National"

July 17, 2017: Leaked Philip Morris documents for the years 2009-2016 reveal its massive effort to neutralise the United Nations Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, as well as Australias plain packaging law.

The documents shed light on one key objective in Philip Morris' FCTC campaign: Keep tobacco within the ambit of international trade deals, so that the company has a way to mount legal campaigns against tobacco regulations. The company lobbied both governments and individual delegates to UN conferences.

At the 2014 biennial conference of the FCTC in Moscow, one proposal initially called for carving out tobacco from trade deals. Trade deals include provisions like protection of trademarks that Philip Morris has used to challenge anti-smoking measures. If tobacco were taken out of the treaties Philip Morris could be deprived of many such legal arguments.

An early draft asked parties to support efforts to exclude tobacco from trade pacts and to prevent the industry from "abusing" trade and investment rules. After frantic lobbying, the final decision only reminded parties of "the possibility to take into account their public health objectives in their negotiation of trade and investment agreements." There was no mention of excluding tobacco.

Philip Morris executive Chris Koddermann, in his email to colleagues on the last day of the conference, declared victory, describing the change as "a tremendous outcome." Overall, the company achieved its "trade-related campaign objectives," including "avoiding a declaration of health over trade" and "avoiding the recognition of the FCTC as an international standard," he wrote.

The win was significant. A former Philip Morris employee said the company has routinely used trade treaties to challenge tobacco control laws. The aim, he said, was "to scare governments away from doing regulatory changes." Even though the tobacco industry has lost a series of major legal battles, its suits have served to delay regulation and yield years of unimpeded sales.

Philip Morris lost its ISDS case against Australias 2011 plain packaging law after almost five years, but not before five countries, encouraged and funded by tobacco companies, filed complaints against Australia on the same subject at the World Trade Organization. The WTO has yet to announce a decision in the matter.

The Australian c...


Recent Deathbed Confessions from MI5 and CIA Agents "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deathbed confessors (L)  Hopkins, the MI5 guy, and (R) Howard, the CIA guy (Whats with the blue pillow and the yellow bedspread?) by Dee McLachlan A month ago there was the deathbed confession of an 80-year-old retired MI5 Agent, John Hopkins. The article was entitled: I Killed Princess Diana. Then, a few days ago, a flurry []


Stitched up: on what she was wearing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Clicking from source to source, Im not surprised to find the same detailed descriptions of her clothes over and over. She is believed to be aged in her 20s wearing a black long sleeved top, blue denim shorts and white runners I wonder what I am supposed to deduce from this information.


CULTURE GUIDE JULY 17 23: Dream Machines, TEITA IWABUCHI + the art of the Philippines "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney.


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Australian government moving to further restrict democratic rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Queensland

In a move that is of no surprise to anybody, Malcolm Turnbull has announced two new measures that are said to be necessary to combat the threat of terrorism.

One thing he has failed to mention is that both impose on all of us and because of this, they are wrong. Nor will they be effective at countering those who might commit acts of terror.

The first is to legislate to make it easier for the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) to take on a civilian policing role. According to Turnbull, the role is to prevent offenders from from leaving the scene of an incident. There is also an intention to embed military personnel in the police forces and use ADF personnel to train police as paramilitaries.

These changes are significant. They

The stated motivation for the militarisation is the coronial report on the Lindt Caf siege. The report questioned the police handling of the case and it are3suggestions that the perpetrator had a personality disorder. No evidence was provided that he had participated in an attack planned by a group.

Lone wolf acts will not5 be stopped by militarising society. It may be legitimate to take preventative action and deal appropriately with perpetrators. But the solution is more complex than waving a big gun. Experience of other countries that have gone down this road suggests that this approach leads to more attacks not fewer.

Once the military is used as a means for civilian policing, its application will be expanded further and aimed at others than those currently designated as terrorists. Failure to provide a clear definition of the term, makes the prospect even more likely. Anyone can be called a terrorist.


Countries experiencing terror attacks are involved in overseas wars and are seen by the populations of these countries as conquering invaders. Terror groups exploit this and carry out attacks that are aimed to create precisely this militarisation of society, in the belief that the wider population will eventually be suppressed and they will turn against their governments.


The second measure is to legislate to force internet companies, such as Apple and Facebook, to hand over the contents of encrypted messages. If it comes to pass, this will not and cannot be restricted to only those who are clearly involved in the planning of a major crime. Everyone will be affected.

Can we trust government not to use personal information for political purposes, or sell it off to someone for commercial profit? Not if the track record is anything to go by.

The Queensland Liberal National Party Conference this weekend, passed motion to ban head scarves.

It has been said more tha...


A trip to Vietnam with Harvest Newrybar July 22 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Harvest Newrybar is proud to announce our World Tour Lunches in our historic Old Bakery.

This series of lunches are inspired by the great cultural diversity of the Harvest Team! Join our talented Vietnamese chef Si as he takes us on an interactive journey through the streets of Vietnam including matched beverages with a Vietnamese twist.

Harvest 4


rice noodles in rich beef broth w sprouts coriander, onion, pepper and spring onions

hanoi crisp parcels : pork, carrots, black fungus, eggs, glass noodles, shallots served with traditional fish sauce

marinated beef wrapped in betel leaves, toasted peanuts

bbq pork, rice vermicelli, pickled daikon, carrots, rice paper roll green pawpaw salad, chilli garlic air dried beef

caramelised fish, palm sugar, ginger, chilli, pepper, steamed rice

banana & sago pearls, coconut cream, pandanus leaves crushed peanuts, sesame seeds.

FROM 1PM, Saturday July 22 | $85 PP (with matched beverages)

email: or call: 02 6687 2644 for your reservation

Learn more at at



Why the Eco-City Needs to Be a Just City "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

File 20170711 13828 i39l02 Why is it easier to imagine a green ecocity than a just city where everyone belongs? the yes man/flickr, CC BY Stephen Healy, Western Sydney University
This is one of a series of articles to coincide with the 2017 Ecocity World Summit in Melbourne.

Why is it easier to imagine an ecocity full of lush green spaces and buildings, footpaths and bike lanes, outdoor goat yoga and dog parks than a just city where everyone belongs? Why is it difficult to imagine a city where there are no great disparities of income or of access to convivial life because these have been equitably distributed?

The prospects for rebuilding the city along ecological lines is enchanting. But ecocities, like smart cities, frequently devolve into a techno-fetishist fantasy, (un)wittingly abetting gentrification from the sell-off of public housing in cities like Sydney to violent informal housing eradication in places like Jakarta.

Part of whats required here is to connect the currents of imagination shaping the ecological future of cities with other conversations that are more focused on the future of employment and industry and the possibilities for greater equity. Thinking these disparate ideas together will take some work. Fortunately, its well under way in cities around Australia and the world.

The Centre For Future Work and the Australia Institute organised a...


Rebel With A Cause Prize Draw Winners! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A big congratulations to the following new and renewing Rebel supporters of Eastside Radio who have been lucky enough to win one of our amazing prizes from our Business, Gold and Major Prize Draws! Thanks to all our prize donors for generously giving us such unique gifts this year. Of course, everyone who supports Eastside Radio is a winner and is eligible to win any number of brilliant giveaways we offer all year round!


Major Prize Draw

1ST PRIZE The Getaway Two tickets to The Huntington Estate Music & Wine Festival at Mudgee, with a two-night stay in the Queens suite accommodation at the Vintage Forgandenny House as well as a case of the Estates wine! Esther Wakil from Bronte

2ND PRIZE Tickets to Woodford Festival Two-weekend adult camping passes! Phillip Thompson from Bellevue Hill

3RD PRIZE Mullum Music Festival Two Weekend Passes! Pamela Kermond from Sans Souci

4TH PRIZE Byron Bay Bluesfest One day Double Pass! Joseph Littlefield from Lilyfield

5TH PRIZE City Recital Hall 2 Tickets to the Diva performance! Helena OLeary from Wolli Creek


Gold Prize Draw

 1ST PRIZE A Night on the Town Exclusive tickets to Bradley Scotts Post-Modern Jukebox @ Sydney Opera Ho...


Nike City Fast Terms & Conditions "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



1. Entry is open to FBi Radio supporters (aged 18+)

2. Employees, immediate family members of employees, employees of any company associated with the Promotion are ineligible to enter


3. The Promotion will be open for 2 x 48 hour periods. These periods will commence on 10:00 13/07/2017 and 10:00 20/07/2017 respectively (Competition    Period)

4. To enter, Eligible Entrants must email with CITY FAST in the subject heading during the Competition Period. Entrants must include       their FBi Radio supporter number, contact details and date of birth. Entry to the Promotion is strictly 18+

Prizes and winning

5. The random prize draw will take place on 17/07/2017 at 2:00pm & 24/07/2017 at 2:00pm at 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria (Prize Draw).

6. Each winner will receive one prize (Prize) consisting of entry for the winner [plus a guest] to the FBi RADIO PRESENTS: NIKE CITY FAST event at Oxford Art Factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, on Wednesday 26 July from 7pm (Event). There is no nominal prize value.

7. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

Prize Conditions

8. Winners will be notified by email within two business days of each Prize Draw confirming the registration link for the Event and providing two unique entry passcodes. Entry passcodes are unique to each winner and their plus one. Unique entry codes are valid for 72 hours. Each winner and plus one must register separately for the event. Any entry codes not used within 72 hours will be forfeited and no replacement code will be supplied.. The Prize is subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the Prize provider available at the registration link above and Winners must accept these terms and conditions

9. If a Prize is not claimed and registration as set out above completed by within 72 hours of each such notification, the relevant winners entry will be deemed invalid and the Promoter reserves the right to conduct such further draws as are necessary to distribute the Prize/s

10. In the event that a winner elect does not accept the Prize and/or attend the Event, such winner will be afforded no additional compensation in exchange therefore and/or forfeit the Prize. Winners are responsible for any an...


Aboriginal Online Health Portal (Cancer Council NSW) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Cancer Council NSW has a new online Aboriginal Health Portal specific and tailored cancer information for Aboriginal communities.

The portal is divided into community information, information for health workers and research findings on Indigenous cancer. There is also information about a research project Cancer Council NSW funded and conducted called APOCC (Aboriginal Patterns of Cancer Care).

Links to the Cancer Council NSW main website also provide a wealth of further information.


ABC Journalist, Emma Alberici, Peddling False Information on Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed National"

17 July 2017

On 26 June 2017, Emma Alberici, wrote a story for the ABC titled Why do politicians get away with peddling porkies and alternative facts.This is interesting because she is demonstrating the answer with her own misinformed story. The health of a community is at risk when journalists are no longer held accountable for the misinformation they provide on health and environmental subjects.

In Emma Albericis story she states that Senator Hanson suggested there might be a link between vaccination and autism only to apologise for her remarks. In fact, Pauline Hanson didnt apologise for this statement she apologised for suggesting there was a test that children could have to see if they will react to a vaccine. The statement that vaccines might cause autism is completely true and it is supported by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). A causal link has also been found by the US CDC. This data is presented in the film Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catastrophe that will be screening in eastern Australia over the next few months. There are also many scientific studies linking vaccines as a plausible cause of autism, but Emma Alberici, has falsely claimed that Senator Hanson apologised for this statement.

This journalist concludes by saying You need only look to the tobacco industry. Think of how many people died believing smoking cigarettes did not cause cancer. She should have added that this was because doctors were promoting cigarettes as healthy products for many decades.

Emma Alberici should note that doctors are also claiming that vaccines are safe and effective even though there is no empirical study that proves vaccines do not cause autism or other chronic illness. Ms Albericis article is misinforming the public about a Senator Hansons comments on vaccines hence she is the one who is providing porkies to the public about a very important health issue.

Dr. Judy Wilyman PhD


Stallholders supporting the Tornado Twister "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore Car Boot market stall holders Donna and Mel helped with the collection for Jim and Jenny. Photo Eve Jeffery.

Lismore Car Boot market stall holders Donna and Mel helped with the collection for Jim and Jenny. Photo Eve Jeffery.

Eve Jeffery

The Northern Rivers market stall family have come together to embrace a much loved member who was badly hurt at work.

Tornado Twisters Jim Liston had an accident on Saturday July 8 at the Byron Beachside Market late in afternoon at the end of food service. As he was packing up, there was a mishap with the oil and Jim was badly burned.

Market neighbour Donna Peyr from Pocket Curries said she heard Jim cry out and when she rushed over she could see he was in trouble. Donna says her assistant Gypsy knew how to handle the burns and as they we rushing Jim to the showers, a man who happened to be a doctor from a Sydney hospital burns unit also came to the rescue.

Gypsy was the one who knew exactly what to do, said Donna at the Lismore Car Boot on Sunday. She had gone to get water then she said we have to get him under the shower.

The doctor saw what was happening and reassured Jim telling him he would be fine. He was very calm with Jim and just kept saying mate, youre going to be ok. He was amazing. And Gyspy was amazing, said Donna. This young girl, she just knew how to help.

Lismore Car Boot Market Manager Marny Bonner says the tightly knit market family are all pitching in to help. Everyone here is a valid member of the market community. Were one big tribe and we like to look out for each other. We are taking up a collection at todays market because Jim and Jenny have lost their livelihood for some time.

Stall holder Mel Solecki instigated a collection with tins around the market. Mel says that in the few years she has been in the area she has always felt welcome and supported. We are an amazing market community, said Mel. Jim and Jenny are the most wonderful caring people and we all love them. This whole market community is very supportive of each other.

Jims partner...


The burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia: a detailed analysis of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This report presents findings from the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011 on the burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia. Musculoskeletal conditions were the 4th leading contributor to total burden of disease in Australia, with back pain and problems, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis being the greatest contributors to the musculoskeletal burden. The burden due to musculoskeletal conditions generally decreased over time, varied by condition severity and by population group, and some of the burden was attributed to modifiable risk factors such as overweight and obesity.

Download report: The burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia: a detailed analysis of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011.


The burden of chronic respiratory conditions in Australia: a detailed analysis of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This report presents information on the disease burden of chronic respiratory conditions using data from the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011. Respiratory conditions were the 6th leading contributor to total burden of disease in Australia, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and upper respiratory conditions being the greatest contributors to the respiratory burden. The burden due to respiratory conditions generally decreased over time, varied by condition severity and by population group, and some of the burden was attributed to modifiable risk factors such as tobacco use.

Download report: The burden of chronic respiratory conditions in Australia: a detailed analysis of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011.


BDS: Driving Global Justice for Palestine "IndyWatch Feed National"

All Australians have a responsibility to learn about the Boycott, Divestments Sanctions movement, writes Professor Stuart Rees.

A national conference, BDS: Driving Global Justice for Palestine, will be held at Sydney University on the 28th and 29th of July. BDS refers to the international, non-violent Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement to end the Israeli occupation and to promote Palestinians rights to self-determination.

To their considerable credit, the University of Sydney authorities have not tried to close the conference. That stand is welcome, given that the letters BDS usually send the Zionist lobby into a frenzy. On cue, they claim that the BDS movement is anti-Semitic and aims to destroy Israel.


Fomenting Fear

To foment fear, BDS supporters can be defined as potential or actual terrorists. Any polemic will do.

Following signs from the Zionist lobby, most Federal and State politicians dare not mention BDS, let alone express their support. In Federal parliament there have been brave exceptions, such as Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou and former Labor MP, Melissa Parke.

Senator Lee Rhiannon, pictured in federal parliament shortly before her maiden speech in 2011. (IMAGE: Greens MPs, Glenn Lockitch, Flickr)Senator Lee Rhiannon, pictured in federal parliament shortly before her maiden speech in 2011. (IMAGE: Greens MPs, Glenn Lockitch, Flickr)

It is difficult to know why cowardice persists, in parliaments, in mainstream media and elsewhere. On Australian university campuses, the only staff group for BDS is at Sydney. Under business models for running universities, authoritarianism does make academics fear for their jobs. But even if Chief Cop Peter Dutton rules in Canberra, Australia is not a police state.

Why do academics fear to take a stand on a major human rights issue? A couple of years ago, the supposedly radical union the NTEU, opposed support for BDS, albeit by a small majority of voting members. Opponents of BDS argued that it was not the right time, that if the unions image was tarnished, it would be more difficult to represent members interests.


Eroding Free Speech

The organizers of the Sydney conference have thrown down a gauntlet. Are you interested in justice? Do you support human rights and the rules of international law? Will you refuse to be intimidated by the Zioni...


The disgraceful state of Australias politics and media on clean energy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

It is an absurd situation we find ourselves in. The public support for these new technologies is overwhelming, as it is in business (apart from those seeking to protect stranded assets), and among most politicians even many in the Liberal Party, as NSW energy minister Don Harwin revealed late last month.

Yet here we are: Short-term policies; a patchwork of rules on energy efficiency; the worst building stock in the world; the most inefficient and polluting cars; and the worlds most expensive and dirty grid, soaring emissions, and rising temperatures.

And two years after obtaining power, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is still defending policies he once describes as bullshit, too afraid to call out the nonsense spread by those keeping him in power.  

How did Australia get this stupid about clean energy?, By Giles Parkinson on 14 July 2017, Just when you thought that the public debate around clean energy in Australia could not possib...


Australian home ownership has decline over three decades "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

According to research carried out by the Grattan Institute, an Australian think tank, home ownership has been falling in Australia for three decades.

This mainly effects those under 55 who make up that age group that would have been the main buyers of new homes during the period.

the demographic of those who would be buying their home during the period.

But is the 25 to 34 age group that are the hardest hit. Back in 1986, some 58 percent were living in their own home. Now it is down to 45 percent. Most of the drop has been in the past decade. Home ownership has also fallen for the older group. It is only the large numbers reaching retirement age who had purchased their homes in an earlier era that is keeping the overall number from falling further still.

The Grattan Institute has data shows that home prices have gone up by 40 percent over the last two decades, suggesting that  home ownership  is now out of reach for many Australians.

However, any suggestions that only those pushed out of home ownership are affected are wrong. The median measurement covers up that in reality,  many low and middle income earners are close to the wire and have to pay a significantly higher proportion of their income. Rents have also been pushed up, completing the picture of growing housing unaffordability.

Buying a home requires at least two incomes coming in. The housing bubble has also pushed up rents. This is not only ensuring home ownership is unreachable, but that growing numbers are living close to the wire.

Blaming the problem on a lack of housing supply is wrong. There is no housing shortage. Prices have not gone up because of excessive demand. The fall in the proportion of the population buying indicates that this is the case and insisting on this line of argument denies that the problem is a bubble, which means that prices are pushed up because housing has become a major means of speculation, when there is trouble across the whole economy.

Australias major urban centres, where most of the population growth is occurring, are filled with unoccupied residences. The owners are not putting them on the market. Why? Because they are not in the hands of owner occupiers, but in the hands of businesses that can use the benefit of negative gearing payouts and corporate capital gains tax exemptions. It can be more profitable to leave them empty and cut down maintenance and administrative expenses, while still securing a good profit.  So long as this remains, there is no real housing shortage that will resolved by building more properties that are going to be used in the same way.

In these urban centres, roughly 60 percent of housing, is not purchased as a home, but as an investment property,  take advan...


A Look Inside Australias Most Insidious Cult, The Family "IndyWatch Feed National"

Yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne began one of the most notorious doomsday cults of human history in the 1960s. According to Byrne, as she was under the influence of LSD, she needed to collect children because a massive world war would one day eradicate the human race.

She held the children captive at a deserted school which was referred to as Uptop, in Victoria, Australia. With over 28 children and around 500 followers, the cult would trick unwed mothers into believing the children were going to a loving home.

The children of The Family pictured sporting the blonde hair that they were forced to have as a part of the cult. 

Byrne walking with some of the children. Many of the cults children were given by their parents willingly, while others were given by unknowing mothers. 

Instead, cult members would inject the forcibly blonde children with LSD as a part of their initiation. Such horrific treatment was carried out by cult members known as Aunties, that lived alongside the children to raise them. The children were then forced to believe they were brothers and sisters that had been separated from their true parents, Anne and Bill Byrne until the cult was later broken up by police.

And while her various claims were outrageous, they did not stop with the above. Byrne also claimed to be the female reincarnation of Jesus Christ, despite her mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity in her teachings.

Byrne called her organization the family, which represented a master race which could instruct the world through Armageddon. The cult continued into the...


Supermarkets take up plastic free challenge, but not state govt "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Naomi Amber has planet saving in the bag with the inaugural Lismore

The inaugural Lismore Boomerang Bags sew-in earlier this year is hoping to make a move away from any plastic shopping bags. Photo Jenni Law.

Eve Jeffery

In a welcome tit-for-tat move last Friday, Australias grocery giants Coles and Woolworths announced within hours of each other, that they will be phasing out single-use plastic bags in New South Wales over the next 12 months.

Greens MP delighted

Greens MP for Ballina, Tamara Smith said she was delighted with the announcements. This is a great decision for our environment, said Ms Smith. I congratulate the supermarkets on taking action themselves and recognising that consumers are ready for this change and in many cases demanding it.

Its particularly apt that this announcement comes during Plastic Free July, where the public is challenged to reduce their consumption of throw away plastics by bringing their own bags to supermarkets, bringing their own cups for takeaway coffee or refusing plastic straws or cutlery when eating on the go.

Though technically, the plastic-free move is more of a single-use to multi-use plastic project, both supermarket chains will still provide a plastic bag and are set to make a profit from the switch. The the free single-use plastic bag will be replaced with the offer of a multi-use plastic bag for purchase at the check-out for those who need a bag but havent brought their own. 

Ultimately, the best thing for the environment are reusable cloth bags made from scraps and remnants  la Boomerang Bags Lismore and other reusable shopping bag projects.

But, the ban is a step in the right direction.

Ms Smith says she has written to the NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to ask when single use lightweight plastic bags will be banned. I am glad to see that businesses such as these two big supermarkets havent...


For the love of Col, please fix Byrons roads "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Well known Byron identity Col Hadwell. Photo supplied

Well known Byron identity Col Hadwell. Photo supplied

Byron political commentator, journalist and broadcaster Jim Beatson has used part of his weekly Bay FM segment Byron Buzz to call on the state government and shire council to work together to once and for all fix the potholed local roads.

Mr Beatsons think-piece was motivated by the recent death of Byron cyclist Col Hadwell on the narrow, fast, windy Bangalow Road where he is believed to have hit a pothole.

He said Mr Hadwells accidental death deserves more than the clich tragic.

Col had been a model Byron Shire citizen. He was engaged in supporting many community activities, was an engineer in life, loved sports like surfing and cycling for at least 55 years. And was an acclaimed bush poet, Mr Beatson said.

His death leaves messages for many. Who?

First, the NSW state government, who spend millions promoting our shire as a tourist destination and who, at the same time, keep Byron Shire poverty stricken. Through gifting roads to Byron Shire  and then providing no maintenance money for their upkeep. Through providing inadequate funding to offset the damage done and cleaning up after visitors to the public facilities and parks which Col loved. Through not providing Byron Shire with a slice of the registration fees from the large number of buses and trucks that punish roads in this shire of 14,000 ratepayers, and two million tourists annually. And for pushing endless housing developments infrastructure costs onto our tiny rate base.

Two: Byron Council staff and politicians for not demanding money in the form of special tourism grants, and a bed tax, from our state government for our pothole-filled roads.

And three, finally, to a growing number of mostly young cyclists and skateboarders, who think its cool to ride on our roads at night in dark clothing. And without lights.

But a special big thanks go out to un-named dedicated individuals who devote time and money to paint colourful circles around potholes. With warning arrows before the holes. Actions which, I expect, have been effective in reducing accidents.


The post For the love of Col, please fix Byrons roads appeared first on...


MACKAY Sarina mum flees from police with two kids in tow "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 17, 2017 at 09:26AM ,

Sarina mum flees from police with two kids in tow

July 17, 2017 at 09:26AM ,

Rhiannon Sue Cabban, 35, appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to failing to stop for police, stealing, supplying dangerous drugs

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Local News Headlines, 17th July 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 16, 2017 at 08:29PM ,

Local News Headlines, 17th July 2017

July 16, 2017 at 08:29PM ,

A 58 year old man is due to front the Mackay Magistrates Court today, charged with robbery, deprivation of liberty and an unrelated charge of robbery.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Daggy Man Announces Headline Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Daggy Man Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Daggy Man has a nice amount of buzz swirling around him since the release of his debut album A Lazy Kind of Pain last month. To celebrate its release Daggy Man is heading out on tour this August with intimate shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Check out []


Heres what QOTSA played on the first stop of their Aussie tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

With QOTSAs gigs coming up later this week, along with their set at Splendour in the Grass, were all wondering how many tracks well be hearing from upcoming LP Villains. Now, with the first Darwin show done and dusted, weve got an idea of what we can expect in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron later this week. (via Music Feeds) has revealed the 18-track set that took place at the Darwin Convention Centre, and featured only two tracks from Villains, the already-revealed The Evil Has Landed and The Way You Used To Do, so perhaps we shouldnt expect any sneak peeks.

Not the end of the world, however, when the set in question kicks off with You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire and brings things to a close with A Song For The Dead, packing a string of classics in between.

If you missed out on tickets to the shows, youve still got a chance to spend some quality time with QOTSA this week as they play special DJ gigs in each city, including a pizza and beer night at Frankies Pizza in Sydney tomorrow night.


Cannabis cookie monsters arrested at Larnook "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One man has been charged and another man issued a future court attendance notice after police raided a home at Cawongla on Thursday (July 13), seizing cannabis, cookies and unregistered firearms.

Just before 9.30am Thursday, police will allege they found a 67-year-old man in possession of prohibited drugs, unregistered firearms and ammunition at a property on Cawongla Road, Larnook.

Police raided the property and seized cannabis, cannabis cookies, a number of firearms, a suppressor and ammunition.

The 67-year-old man attended Lismore Police Station on Friday (July 14) where he was charged with possessing a prohibited drug, possessing unregistered firearms, not ensure safe keeping of pistol, three counts of possessing firearms while unlicensed and possessing ammunition without a licence.

He will appear before Lismore Local Court on Monday August 21.

A second man, 57, also attended Lismore Police Station today where he had his firearms licence suspended and was issued a cannabis caution.

Investigations continue.


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Police pissed off woman urinating in park "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police have arrested a 30-year-old woman they say was caught urinating in Byron Bays Railway Park on Thursday afternoon (July 13) and who subsequently stole a sign belonging to the Visitor Information Centre.

At about 4pm, police were called to the Visitor Information Centre on Jonson Street where the woman was allegedly urinating out the front, and in full view of the centres users and staff.

The female was asked to leave the area and upon leaving stole a sign used by the Centre. The woman then decamped from the scene, according to police, who subsequently spotted her and issued her with infringement notices for offensive behaviour and larceny.

Drug dog Astro

On the same day, in the same park, police drug dog Astro led officers to around half an ounce of marijuana. After speaking to several people in the park, at the indication of Astro, police arrested a 54-year-old man allegedly carrying 16 grams of cannabis on his body. The drug was seized and the man issued with a court attendance notice to appear before Byron Bay Local Court on August 10.


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Soldiers may join cops on streets "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Commandos. Photo

Australian Commandos. Photo


Australias defence laws will be overhauled the smooth the way for soldiers to be deployed to assist local police dealing with terrorist threats.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull will on Monday announce the changes, which follow a review into the 2014 fatal Lindt Cafe siege.

Special Forces soldiers will provide specialised training to state and territory police forces and some may be embedded to improve cooperation.

Justice minister Michael Keenan says the changes build on an already strong relationship between the military and police, but are more flexible.

In 2005 we never imagined Australia would be under the current terrorism threat that it is, he told ABC radio.

We need to make sure that the call-out powers are appropriate for the current circumstances.

Local police will still take the lead in responding to terrorist incidents.

There would only be limited circumstances in which the niche military capabilities that we have would be required, Mr Keenan said.

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Adani output to cost NSW $10.2 billion "IndyWatch Feed National"

Knitting Nannas Against Gas-Byron Shire protest last Friday at Mullumbimby, northern NSW, against Commbanks funding of Adani.

Knitting Nannas Against Gas-Byron Shire protest last Friday at Mullumbimby, northern NSW, against Commbanks funding of Adani.


Coal royalties earned by the NSW government will fall more than $10 billion between 2023 and 2035 if Adanis Galilee Basin project and others begin production in Queensland.

Economic modelling by resource analytics firm Wood Mackenzie shows new projects in the Galilee Basin will impact upon NSW coal exports to the tune of 80 million tonnes a year, and cut the price of coal by 25 per cent, Fairfax Media reports.

It said the Australia Institute think tank analysed Wood Mackenzies modelling and concluded development of the Galilee Basin will cost the states economy $10.2 billion to 2035.

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Heathcliff, its me, Im Cathy Im in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever co-organiser Donna Starr-Walker with her uncle

Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever co-organiser Donna Starr-Walker with her uncle Aunty Cathy Ray and dancing Diane. Photo Tree Faerie.

Eve Jeffery


Unite or risk Labor win: Liberals president "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner, right, with then Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey at Mr Greiner's book launch in Canberra in July 2013. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner, right, with then Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey at Mr Greiners book launch in Canberra in July 2013. AAP Image/Alan Porritt


Tony Abbott needs to stop stirring dissent within the Liberals if they want to continue running the country, says new federal party president Nick Greiner.

The former NSW premier says the party will lose the next election if it doesnt present a unified face to the Australian public, which has watched a month of infighting led by the former prime minister.

It is as simple and as stark as that, Mr Greiner warned on Sunday.

He told Sky News that while the government was talking about itself, Labor and opposition leader Bill Shorten were totally escaping scrutiny.

He said he planned to talk to Mr Abbott, who has been particularly vocal about the direction of the government, in the next week or so.

I think we have got to be adults about it, he said.

I think everyone understands a prime minister who loses his position in the way it happened has all sorts of human emotions and has responded in a particular way which is very open and public.

However, he also conceded the infighting was an issue for the parliamentary party.

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Tyre comes off car during police pursuit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On Friday (July 14) at about 3.10am Police from Murwillumbah were involved in a short pursuit with a silver Mitsubishi Lancer sedan. The pursuit was terminated after a short time.

Soon after police from Tweed Heads noticed the same vehicle travelling along Pottsville Rd at Sleepy Hollow.

When the vehicle turned onto Tweed Coast Road Hastings Point, another pursuit was initiated. The vehicle failed to stop and continued driving at an estimated speed of 90 to 100km in a 60km area.

Around 300 metres south of Sandalwood Road, Bogangar, one of the front tyres became dislodged and rolled across the road resulting in sparks from the wheel.

The vehicle attempted to negotiate the roundabout but the male driver lost control of the vehicle and collided with the gutter.

The man violently resisted requiring police to use approved leg kicks to subdue and handcuff him.

He was arrested and charged with being an unlicensed driver, being in possession of an illegal drug and ammunition, plus police pursuit offences. He will appear before Tweed Heads Local Court on August 21.


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Minneapolis Police Kill Woman Who Called 911 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Minneapolis, MN Late in the night of July 15, 2017, Justine Maia Ruszczyk called 911 after she heard a sound in the alley of her Southwest Minneapolis home. That call turned into her death. Two Minneapolis Police officers responded to the 911 call in the upper scale neighborhood at 51st Street and Xerxes Avenue South around 11:30 p.m. Minneapolis Police officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed the 911 caller from the passenger seat of the squad car.

[UPDATED with names of killer, victim, and more details 9 pm CDT July 17, 2017]

Justine Ruszczyk, a.k.a Justine Damond, was a 40 year old Australian native who was engaged to the vice president and general manager of Little Six Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota, 50 year old Don Damond.

Justine Ruszczyk (Damond), Don Damond, Zach Damond

Justine had been living in the Minneapolis area for three years and did a wide variety of spiritual healing and neuroscience work, including teaching yoga classes at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Southwest Minneapolis (see the screenshot below).



Alternative Health : Yuri Orlow Classical Homeopath "IndyWatch Feed National"

We introduce Yuri Orlow, a Classical Homeopath from Australia and a truly wonderful and committed human being.       Here is an overview of what Homeopathy is;


Independent Artist Of The Week: Jikuroux "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney-based producer Jess Lavelle aka Jikuroux creates stunning soundscapes built upon scattered percussion and shimmering synth. Playing with multiple textures, her music is spacious and cavernous, elegantly articulating lucid introspection.

Lavelles experimental approach is capturing the ears of many just last month she made her European debut with a show at Berlins infamous Berghain. Playing as part of the DECISIONS showcase, she also recently released her Cradle Bay EP on the Air Max 97 run label.

Her latest single Themed Break is a complex track that reveals itself in a very minimal manner. Its four and a half minutes of pure intensity, where jolting drums are balanced out by gentle vocal harmonies. Thats something Jikuroux has truly mastered balance. Each moment of darkness is levelled out by a consistent sense of calm amongst the chaos, or as she puts it, reimagining anxiety as something beautiful.

Cutting lose from the more typical house and techno constructs, Jikurouxs scattered beats arent your regular club tracks, yet are still at home on the dancefloor. Equal parts delicate and intense, metallic and human, its music to get lost in.



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Suffer in Ya Jocks! Turnbull Scoffs at Disaster Funding "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A natural disaster has hit Rockhampton every two years since 2008. When a Prime Minister thinks natural disasters are not a national issue, he needs to go.  The Prime Minister has made another attempt to divide Australians and pit state against state. Frustratingly, he has turned his back on Queensland by refusing to assist with Disaster

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Tweed River health odd at both ends "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

New water assessments have found varying results in the health of the Tweed River.

New water assessments have found varying results in the health of the Tweed River.

Opposite ends of the Tweed River are at opposite ends of the river health spectrum, according to two recent water quality studies.

Tweed Shire Councils waterways program leader, Tom Alletson, said that down towards the river mouth, the lower estuary is a healthy and well-functioning ecosystem and gets an A for water quality compliance,.

But he adds that in contrast, the Rous River and creeks feeding the broadwaters have poorer water quality.

Council commissioned the two assessments as background studies for a new Tweed River Estuary Management Program.

Both examined compliance with aquatic ecosystem protection targets for the Tweed River and Terranora- Cobaki Broadwaters between 2012 and 2016.

Water samples were collected monthly at approximately 30 sites, from the river mouth to Murwillumbah, up the Rous River to Kynnumboon, and from Boyds Bay up into the broadwaters, Mr Alletson said.

Water in the lower estuary is highly influenced by the ocean during daily tides, whereas the upper reaches of the estuary are more influenced by the quality of runoff from developed land.

Unfortunately degradation of small streams in our upper catchment has a detrimental impact on water quality downstream.

Mr Alletson said additional evaluations of the Tweed Estuary ecosystem would include assessments of seagrass and river side vegetation.

This will complement last years survey of community values and uses of the river.

Together, they will ensure a broad range of management actions can be devised and implemented through the new river management plan.

The Water Quality Assessment includes strategies to improve water quality in the Tweed River estuary over time, and increase public awareness of the issues.

Actions to be considered for inclusion in the management plan include:

  • Working with floodplain land owners to improve the quality of water in agricultural drains
  • Reducin...


TAS Drug Trafficking and Firearms and Wildlife Offences detected "IndyWatch Feed National"

Friday, 10 April 2015 1:08 pm.

In the early hours of Wednesday 9 April 2015 uniformed police officers intercepted and searched a vehicle in the Brighton area. As a result of that search a number of wildlife and firearms offences were detected.

A residence in Brighton was subsequently searched during which further firearms offences were detected and a number of firearms located and seized.

Six long arm firearms were seized, one of which is believed to have been stolen. Some of the firearms were loaded and most were incorrectly stored.

Also during the search a substantial quantity of crystal methylamphetamine (ICE) and methylamphetamine (speed) was located.

Police allege the estimated the street value of the drugs seized to be approximately $120,000.

As a result of investigations a 21 year old man from Brighton has been charged with Trafficking in a controlled substance, firearms and wildlife offences and a 28 year old woman from Brighton has been charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and firearms offences. A 22 year old man from Triabunna has also been charged with firearms and wildlife offences.

All three have been bailed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates court at a later date.

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TAS Police appeal for return of Military Service Medals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Friday, 10 April 2015 12:48 pm.

Detectives from Glenorchy CIB are conducting investigations into the burglary of a residence in the Northern Suburbs. The burglary occurred between 12pm on Sunday 5th April and 4pm on Wednesday 8th April 2015.

The victim of the burglary is a disability pensioner and a former member of the Australian Defence Force.

During the burglary various items of property were stolen including jewellery and electrical items, which included a black notebook computer and a flute.

Of note the victims military service medals, clasps and badges were also stolen. There were three medals in total which included, Australian Active Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Australian Defence Medal. The attached image of the medals is an exact replica of the three originals. The first two medals are attached together with the third separate. The medals are engraved on outer edge with the victims name and service number.

The medals have no value to any person however; hold great sentimental value to the victim, especially with the approach of Anzac Day. The medals are irreplaceable.

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Tasmania Police are appealing to the people responsible to have the medals returned to their local police station.

Anyone who may have knowledge of this matter is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Glenorchy CIB on 03 61732881.

View images of stolen medals

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TAS House Fire at Dover Street Mowbray "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday, 1 April 2015 9:30 am.

Tasmania Police and the Tasmania Fire Service attended a house fire on Dover Street, Mowbray in the early hours of Wednesday 1st of April 2015.

The fire has been deemed suspicious.

The vacant residence was extensively damaged and an occupied adjoining unit had damage caused within the roof cavity.

No-one was injured. Investigations into the cause of the fire are continuing.

If you saw any suspicious activity, vehicles or people around the area at the time of the fire, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS ATV Accident at Richmond "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 10:33 am.

At approximately 3.15pm police were called to a private property in Richmond to reports of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) crash.

A 22 year old Taiwanese woman was seriously injured and taken to RHH. It is believed that she was a passenger on the vehicle and had not been wearing a helmet.

She had sustained a serious head injury when she fell from the vehicle.

Crash Investigation and Forensic Services attended the scene. WorkSafe Tasmania were notified of the incident. Investigations continue.

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TAS Arrests for Burglaries in Cradle Mountain area "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 4:36 pm.

In the early hours of Tuesday 24th March 2015, unknown offenders have made attempts to enter three accommodation premises in the Cradle Mountain area.

Shortly after midnight three offenders were disturbed by staff in the office area of the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village. Minutes later they were disturbed again trying to gain access to the reception area of the Cradle Mountain Hotel.

Later they were allegedly able to gain entry to the office area of the Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat and escape with a quantity of property.

This morning Detectives from the Devonport CIB and Devonport Uniform Police attended addresses in Devonport and took a female youth and two men into custody.

One, a 20 year old man from Devonport was sought in relation to the burglaries at Cradle Mountain and in the Devonport area. He and another 22 year old man from Devonport were subsequently charged with a number of counts of aggravated burglary, burglary and stealing matters and will appear at an out of hours sitting of the Devonport Magistrates Court this evening. The female youth will be dealt with by way of Youth Justice Diversion.

A large amount of property was recovered. Enquiries are continuing and Detectives expect that other people will be charged in relation to these matters.

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Detective Senior Sergeant Richard Chugg said, This series of crime in the Cradle Mountain area is a very rare event. The timely manner in which the alleged offenders were located was largely due to information provided by members of the community. As always, we are appreciative of any information relayed.

Anyone with information in relation to this matter is asked to contact Devonport CIB on 64784036 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Concern for Welfare of Moira Adderley "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 23 March 2015 11:23 am.

Police are concerned for the welfare of 18 year old Moira Adderley from Rosetta.

She was last seen on Friday 20 March 2015 and she could be in the North Hobart area.

Ms Adderley is Fijian and has short dark curly hair.


Search CrimeView For 61732777

There are concerns for her welfare as it is unlike her to not return home and to not
contact her parents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Glenorchy Police Station on 61732777.

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Laos: No Progress on Rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian officials should press the government of Laos to respect human rights at the Australian-Laos human rights dialogue, scheduled for July 18-19, 2017, in Vientiane, Human Rights Watch said today in a submission to the Australian government. Key areas of concern in Laos are freedom of speech, association, and assembly; enforced disappearances; abusive drug detention centers; and repression of minority religious groups. The Lao government's suppression of political dissent and [...]


Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in England today "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from England says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn arrives at Tolpuddle 16th July 2017

Not the best video, but I was up a tree.

This video from England says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyns speech at the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival in Dorset, 16th July 2017.

THOUSANDS cheered as Jeremy Corbyn joined celebrations at the anniversary of the Tolpuddle Martyrs who laid the foundations of Britains trade union movement. The Labour leader addressed the three-day annual festival in Dorset yesterday, following a range of socialist speakers and entertainers celebrating the six farm workers who, in March 1834, tried to form a trade union. The six were sentenced to transportation to Australia for having the audacity to band together to campaign for better wages and conditions: here.

  • ...

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